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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> i don't think i have to aid or help for this to happen. >> in an exclusive interview today with 7 news. the gang member convicted of killing 3 members of one family claims he
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is innocent and that justice has not been served. >> good evening. this is a story you will see only from abc 7 news. our carolyn tyler spoke to ramos in jail house interview found guilty yesterday as we reported. he says the real killer of the family is still walking the streets. stichltd ramos spent 4 years in the san francisco county jail and now faces life in prison. for a crime he says he did not commit. >> i don't think i have to out bid anything to aid or help for this happen so how can i feel bad. >>reporter: it was sunday afternoon june 2008 when 48-year-old tony and his sons 20-year-old michael and 16-year-old matthew were killed in a drive-by shooting. case of mistaken identity. ramos says he was behind the wheel and friend and fellow gang member alfredo reyes pulled the trigger. let me ask you ed win
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what responsibility do you take for what happened to the would loan family. >> sear. none. >>reporter: ramos accuses the judge and the media of bias and prosecution of hiding evidence. but the lone survivor of the multiple murder andrew identified ramos as the shoote shooter. and in the end the jury convicted the 25-year-old. not for pulling the trigger but still for both murder and attempted murder. >> i think the reason why the jury find me guilty primarily is because weren't to give the family closure. >>reporter: the family wore t-shirts to court yesterday with the words justice is finally served. >> god answered our prayers. i miss my son and my grandkids l. i'll never see them again. >>reporter: ramos says he could care less what the public thinks of him but during the interview he expressed sadness
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several times for danielle who lost her husband and 2 sons. >> felt really bad for that lead. i have to figure something to say to her. something nice. what can you say. >>reporter: ramos now faces life in prison without parole. he will be sentenced next mont month. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. santa cruz police released pictures of the person who may have vandalize a church early sunday. the photos show man with distinctive neck piece. police would like to talk with him certainly about the daniel done to holy cross catholic church. someone spray painted graffiti on statue, doors and fountains. baptist mall font brought to santa cruz there in 17 91 was broken into several pieces can you believe it. they destroyed. >> if you know who did this you are asked to call santa cruz police medley. >> san francisco police are explaining why they had to kill a murder suspect last night
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right after a 3 hour stand off. >> suspect continued to shoot out of the apartment through the ceiling, the floor, the walls, into adjacent apartment apartments, hallways and staircases. >>reporter: we were on the air live with that as it happened right here last night. man who held police at bay and fired all the shots was wanted for the murder of his own mother 66-year-old diane hues was bludgeoned to death in her home in rohnert park. her son dennis was tracked down at his girlfriend's apartment if san francisco last night. vick lee with what happened from there. >>reporter: rohnert park police found the body of diane news her home tuesday night. she had been beaten to death. family members told investigators her son dennis lived with her and was missing. they also said his girlfriend lived in this apartment building in san francisco. detectives knocked on her door. at about 9 last night. >> mary the girlfriend came to the front door. she was ashen.
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she seemed very nervous and anxious. >>reporter: the rohnert park detectives while still outside the apartment unit began to talk to deny is in hughes who was hiding inside. >> at some point during the conversation some rounds were fired. we believe from dennis through the wall. >>reporter: the detectives got mary out of the way and called san francisco police for back up. monica kelly lives in the apartment building. >> we were sitting in the apartment and all of a sudden you heard a gunshot and then that's when we heard all the s.w.a.t. team and the cops all the just running in our apartment building. >>reporter: san francisco homicide lieutenant hector sign tells us what happened next. >> the suspect continued to shoot out of the apartment through the ceiling. the floo floor. the walls. into adjacent apartments. hallways and staircases. >> police say hughes had 2 firearms with him. 9mm. pistol and dane inger. mean
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time police began evacuating residents from the apartment and adjacent buildings as well. they say he may have planned for a long stand off. l. >> active shooter barricaded himself within the apartment and fortified his position with furniture. about an hour in the suspect let one of the bedrooms afire. good fire going fire. >>reporter: if light of the fire and growing danger to the public, police officials made the decision to shoot hughes. >> sf pd sharp shooter fired a shot and eliminated threat to the public safety. >>reporter: sharp shooter fired from a roof top on neighboring building. right into this window. hitting hughes in the head. is now police say that dennis hughes was apparently having some kind of issue with his mother. some problem with his mother. family members told police that she was trying to get him to move out of the house so that may have triggered what happened here. the abc 7 news. >> late word tonight that a
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massive man hunt is over for alleged double murderer. man who kidnapped 2 young girls from tennessee. >> girls found alive and appear to be unharmed. >> police say adam mays killed this people after killing mother and older sister. they say mays committed suicide in gun town, miss situation. >> preliminary report show he shot himself in the head and later pronounced dead at area hospital. >>reporter: mays apparently thought the 2 girls were his daughters. it's not clear whether that is true. police have been lacking for mays and the 2 girls for two weeks. mitt romney is apologizing for bullying gay classmate during high school. apology comes after post article in which 5 former classmates at the republican presidential candidate described various incidents of harassment. they say romney was among a group of boys who held down a classmate most thought was gay then cut off his long hair. romney says he does not recall the incident. >> i have seen the reports. not going to argue with that.
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there's no question about that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. and obviously if i hurt anyone by virtue of that i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >>reporter: romney wife often describes her husband as pranksters during teenager years. romney stressed that he's a different person now than he was in high school. mean time other side of the political aisle president obama declaration in sport support of same sex marriage triggering campaign to nation. he and motorcade arrived in los angeles tonight to hob nob with the hollywood he let. on his way to george clooney house. the fundraiser could total 15 million dollars. here's jake the. >> hollywood tonight premier stars. crystal. downey junior. murphy and barbara. all turning out for obama campaign and democratic party fundraiser. catered by puck and hosted by george and part of blitz expected to raise north of 12 million dollars.
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hope hea democrat and supporter has a very good, i hope he has a successful election. >>reporter: he's one of 3 fundraiser the president is attending today. whatever poll battle ground states may say gay friendly hollywood tonight the president is finding a reaccepttive audience for his newly stated support for same sex marriage. even if he was pushed to the sudden announcement by his chaty vice president who on sunday said he was perfectly comfortable with same sex married couple. >> probably got a little bit over but out of generosity of spirit. >>reporter: seeming perhaps a bit irritated the president told roberts he's always intended to announce his change of position. eventually. >> if would i have preferred to have done this in my own way, sure. but all is well that ends well. >>reporter: that's jake reporting. he says vice president biden apologized to president obama direct hi for
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getting ahead of him on this issue. there is more to come this tenth day in may as we continue 40 years ago. a shocking photo of the vietnam war incensed the world. tonight the photographer takes us back to that terrifying moment. >> i'm in sacramento. governor brown turned in more than 1 million signatures today to get his tax initiative on the november ballot. hard part now is to convince you to vote for it. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center hoping for sunny warm mother's day. you might get your wish. stay tune for my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you spencer. >> the search engine lagging behind google. what it is mom? hmm?
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>> the up and down of the stock market is costing the nation biggest bank millions of dollars. j p morgan chase announced that this afternoon that it has taken 2 billion dollars in trading loss during the past 6 weeks. bank ceo blames sloppiness and bad judgment in the way they managed its portfolio to design the company against risk it takes with its own money. j p morgan shares plunged almost 7% in after hours trading today. state audit has uncovered serious financial problems in the city of hercules. state
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controller says it's the worst set of city accounting records he's ever seen. and he's seen a lot. more than two million dollars in grants and transportation funds from 2009 to 2010 are unaccounted for he says. large chunk in housing and community development fund funds, auditors requested 107 documents. city only could provide 15. current city officials defend themselves saying they took over city in turmoil after the mayor resigned and 2 city council members were recalled last year. mean time. governor brown today called the state budget a screwed up incredible mess. his words. he's hoping voters support his tax initiative that would help him fix it. it's on the november ballot. we have more on the personal appeal tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: with first dog sutter in tow governor brown hoisted boxes himself and turned in some of the million and a half signatures for his tax initiative that aims to
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stabilize the fragile state budget. >> giving the people a chance to raise income taxes on the very highest income earners and quarter cent sales tax for 4 years. it's balanced. it's fair and it will take a major step forward inputting california in a very solid position. >>reporter: competing proposal by wealthy attorney and california state pta turned in this their signatures early this week but their version raises the income tax on sliding scale on californians who earn at least 7300 a year and gives the money directly to schools. brown measure will bring in about 8 to 9 billion dollars to state coffer in the first year to save education and public safety from deeper cuts. >> i need to get this initiative passed. that's my focus and all the other people involved in other things god bless them but i have my job writ here. >>reporter: if both tax initiative qualify the choices worry people lick professor the
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mark who think both proposal could be voted down. >> when people see that tl there are charges they may move toward 1 and not vote for the other. it spreads out the vot vote. that's the problem. >>reporter: governor brown campaign team has already begun shooting commercials to sell his temporary tax hike to voters. but the opposition is ready to take him on. >> just lake the lottery did for education decades ago we saw a lot of existing educational funds side phoned away to pay for other things. this initiative is another vl example of that. >>reporter: if they approve both proposal the court will have to decide which one will take effect. in sacramento, abc 7 news. bart new rail cars will be made by a canadian company. agency board of directors unanimously voted to to award a contract to build 4 10 cards to bombard expected to be ready for the year 20 17 at cost of 900 million dollars. the cars
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will replace bart existing fleet of 40 yrld cars among the oldest anywhere in the nation. board ignored late push to reject baa bomb pwartd bid because only 66 percent of the car component will be made in the united states. microsoft bing search engine making big changes. company announced revision that is will tie it into the social networking world. new system will work with facebook and twitter with recommendation from friends and tweet relateed to search topic. bing is hoping the new format will help loosen google hold on the search mavrjt 6 billion dollar loss since debut in 2009. bring it on. >> bing it on. very good. not bad. >> spencer here with catchy slogan and the weather. >> i should have copyrighted it. too late now. out there. >> once again. >> it's in the universe. live
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view from the mount tam camera looking on to the bay on mainly clear night. fog developing along the coast overnight but at the moment we are mainly clear and pretty mild speaking of mild how about today high pressure. high as 88 at ukiah. 87 at clover dale. 85 at antioch and livermore. warm weather all around even upper 70's and low 80's around the bay and 71 was the high here in san francisco and at this hour we have several locations holding on to the warmth 75 degrees san rafael. 74 in antioch. 54 here in san francisco. clear tonight with some morning coastal clouds. very warm conditions inland. friday and saturday and we see slightly cooler but still very pleasant mild weather on sunday which is mother's day. now state radar composite image shows center of high pressure to the north. center of low pressure to the south east and combined circulation around these 2 systems will continue to bring us flow of cry air out of the north much like what we
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had today. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock this evening and notice we see development of coastal clouds and maybe even spots of moisture in those low coastal clouds but by mid afternoon tomorrow coastal clouds complete much gone and the warming will continue around the bay and inland. it's really going to warm-up as we mav into the weekend. over tonight tonight pretty mild again. with low pressure generally in the low 50's although few location especially in the north valley, santa rosa, napa dropping into upper 40's and likely possible at half moon bay and santa cruz. generally low in the 50's and then tomorrow another warm day even warmer than today. south bay high in the mid to upper 80's. temperature up to 85 cupertino and san jose 88 at los gatos. peninsula upper 70's to mid 80's 78 at san mateo. 83 palo alto. 85 at loss at oing os on the coast mild tomorrow. high of 61 at pacifica. skoer half moon bay.
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sunset district. toasty up in the north bay with high generally in the mid upper 80's as far as north look for 88 at clover dale and 87 at clear lake. 84 at sonoma. nearest bay high will be mainly in the upper 70's. probably see 80 castro valley fremont. 77 in oak land. inland east bay mid upper 70's. 88 at antioch and brentwood and down near monterey baylow 70's near the bay. mid upper 80's inland. here's 7 day forecast on saturday. high pressure inlan inland. top out at 90 degrees. low 80's around the bay. mid upper 60's on the coast. cool down few degrees on sunday mother's day but beautiful day and warm one with mid 80's inland then for the remainder of the 7 day period dry mild sunny skies and warm weather. >> study as she goes. >> that's tonight thanks spencer. >> as we continue tonight. bay area barber shop that are
9:21 pm
offering more than a haircut and shave. tonight what they are doing that could save live lives. >> as we go to break. note about mother's day this sunday. usa bouquet says they sell two million arrangement for the holiday. day started in 19 08 and founder was complaining about its commercialization by the 1920's. we'll be back in the 1920's. we'll be back in just a moment.
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>> university of california is taking tougher steps to cut off access to the occupy encampment set up on agricultural land in albany. today they informed the protest tr no longer allowing them to enter the abl able. you can leave the area. the university saysi it will tray to clear the demonstrators by mid may so university
9:25 pm
researchers can begin their work. clock apparently is ticking. >> this saturday group of bay area barber shop will be offering more than just a cut and shave. these shops are in the black community and that's the reason they are chosen as site for health ceengs aimed at african american men. eric has the story. >>reporter: at the new chicago barber shop in san francisco fill more district it's hard to find someone who doesn't have high bloop. >> borderline but high side a little bit. >>reporter: knows someone who does. >> i don't but i have family members that do. >>reporter: that was just too much for dr. bill ruvter ford to swal o. the southern california physician came up with the idea of screening for high bloop and diabetes at the one place you are guaranteed to fine groups of african american men, black barber shop. >> barber knows what is happening in the community. now we are leveraging that relationship in our community to propagate health message
9:26 pm
about eating healthy. exercising. and identifying those people that have diabetes and high bloop. >> cdc says more than 26 percent of brack men have hyper tension. black men also twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than whites and twice as likely to die from it. that stems from diet high in salt fat and sugar that lead to obesity. conversation in the barber shop tend to be free wheeling and wide ranging health talk is not out of place to. find black men to get your information across where you find them at. >>reporter: use them to spread the word. >> i would tell them to go get a screening because a lot of people are dying from strokes. orchid any failure. diabetes. >> we have conversation about his politics. we talk about our families. we talk about relationships sports and now we are talking about our health. >>reporter: health screenings
9:27 pm
run this saturday from 11 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. for list of the bay area barber shop taking part go to our web site. abc 7 news. quite a welcome home for marine in north carolina. his 6-year-oldas c p and doctors not optimistic about him being able to walk again. when staff sergeant area my returned from afghanistan he saw for the first time that michael's future looks suddenly a whole lot brighter. >> michael. the ♪ hochlt whether a moment that is. michael and his dad. when 7 news at 9 continues here tonight.
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>> we felt the heat. >> we'll take you on remarkable journey back in time to vietnam and images that changed histor history. >> able to demonstrate that anything touched by someone else actually made the person sick. >> until now, very contagious disease traced to unwashed grocery bags. stay with us. another half hour of news another half hour of news begins
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>> couple important health items tonight. the first drug to prevent hiv infection was given the okay for government approval. fda advisory board recommended approval of the daily pill here. it's for
9:32 pm
people who are at high risk of contracting hiv virus of course that causes aids. this includes gay and bisexual men and heterosexual couple with one hiv positive partner. the fda must still approve the drug use. not cheap. it says for about 900 dollars a month. and new research shows that one reusable grocery bag was the source of outbreak in portland in 2000 nichbility entire soccer team got sick from one player. here's what happened. one soccer player got sick and spent 6 nours a bath room but there was a bag of cookies inside stored in the bathroom. the bag was then taken to the a room with the rest of the tee. everybody bad it around and ate the cookies and got sick. tracing the tl outbreak is a significant breakthrough. >> everybody knows norovirus goes up in the air lands on things and if you touch those things it makes you sick. everyone suspected that but nobody is able to demonstrate that touching the door handle
9:33 pm
or the tooth brush actually made the person sick. >> or touching reusable bag. scientist didn't test the bag for two weeks and when they did it still had nor 0virus on it. >> here's a story you will not soon forget. 50 years ago a vietnamese photographer shocked most shock image of the vietnam war era. 9-year-old girl running naked horribly injured her life shattered by war. tonight tl david of our sister station in los angeles has the remarkable story behind l that remarkable photo. >>reporter: what is it about a photograph that draws us in. frozen moment that allows us to immerse ourselves in the split second. we can study it. live it feel it. split second where everything comes to a halt. this photograph taken june 8, 1972, won the pulitzer prize but impact is im measurable. >> you know the i show being
9:34 pm
what happened that day. >>reporter: he took this picture. he's working in la for more than 3 decades but he's from vietnam. 40 years ago he was standing on highway 1 outside of a small village tran bang and snapped the photo of 9-year-old girl kim clothes burned off the body by napalm. l to mark the 40th anniversary i accompany him back to tran bang. >> like every other newsroom where is the girl. >>. >>reporter: joined by former british tv reporter also there that day. while he photographed for prints, wayne's crew captured it for television. innocent victims always been a part of war but never before had such a vivid example been captured. what happened that day to the small village happened 1,000 times before in the war but this time there was somebody there to shoot it and show the world.
9:35 pm
this is wayne's first time back since that day. reunited journalist noticed so much has changed. >> where were you when the napalm went. >> right here. >>reporter: but one go through the village memory come back in in vivid detail. >> he came in from there and over shot. >>reporter: 2 slowly piece together the event that unfolded that day. >> north vietnamese trying to take hold of the truth defen defending and temple focal point of the incident still here. the family and oroville acknowledger inside the temple thinking they were safe but then the bombers moving in dropping the bombs. you can see the explosion going on around the building. that's setoff a pattern. they ran out the doors through this great right here and kept running in that direction l do i know
9:36 pm
highway 1. >> we could see them pouring out of the temple running towards us and that was when the second plane came in. dropped at the time chemical straight down. and the effect was like somebody opening an oven door. we were a good 400 yards away and felt the heat and it was one of the blessings i have ever seen. >>reporter: out of the smoke horrific scene unfolds. villager running a carrier. 2 women carrying babies desperate for help. there was none. both children terribly burped. what appears to have charred clothes hanging off the body. that is actually skim. neither child survives. is 2 minutes would go by. then nick would spot the silhouette of a young girl. >> i look black smokey saw show
9:37 pm
picture of him running. >> what i remember is they were absolutely silent. no sound trouble until they saw us then they started to cry. until that point, subpoena once you pass the camp ray saw the at the time pwawchlt it wasn't so bad. i don't want no more pictures. >> i'm dying i'm kiing i'm dialing and i need some water. would water her body. i want to help her. right away. >>reporter: even the army dropped the ball so their own villager made no xhevrt to hel help. journalist could help. >> i gave her a drink of water. if she wants to recognize me
9:38 pm
then look at the watch. i a little wear my watch on the inside and can see that. >>reporter: in this photo chris is seen kneeling in front of can of other members in the media lack on in disbelief. driver to the hospital. even though a stlibingt deadline all he could think of was saving the little girl. taken a photo with enormous take being pwachlt fire storm of ouch rage over ground. picture that would force the rest of the world finally see the innocent victims of war. vims who now have a face. for nick, it meant a prize. for history it meant most iconic and powerful meant most iconic and powerful images of the 20th century of. >> that was david with our sister station in los angeles k abc. tonight david talks to the girl in that photo o. grown woman now of course who
9:39 pm
lives with the pain of her scars every day. >> that's why i thought i never have a boyfriend or get married or even have a baby. normal life. >> powerful report. 11:00 o'clock on channel 7. well as we continue. it's the aviation equivalent of tut too many. frozen in the desert for 70 years so what happened to thelot. plus the new housing development helping people move out of the system and into normal life. so. >> weather report gets a royal touch. sta
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oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. skusz you. >> generally speaking opening the door into apartment complex
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is not that unusual an occurrence but for more than a dozen people struggling with mental health issues in san mateo county new building could be life changing. 7 news health science reporter carolyn johnson l has this. >> oh, my. >>reporter: it has been a long road home for bridgett and many of the detour have been painfu painful. >> i went to prison. >>reporter: she spent a total of 16 years behind bars. ultimately diagnosed with mental illness. >> i have polly substance abuse which means many drugs. and i have bipolar and ptsd. >>reporter: but now workers move heavy furniture 14 mental health patients are preparing to move into the newly built supportive housing facility in redwood city where resident 7 on site service from his counseling to medication management. the 5 million dollar for construction cost were could be eled together from 13 different funding source because experts say housing patients with mental health issue is actually more
9:44 pm
cost effective than having them cycle through the system. >> the people that will be living here are people who struggle with repeat emergency room visits, hospitalizations, very, very costly care that wouldn't be necessary if they had stable affordable housing. so in the end of the day what we find is that these investments pay off in spades. >>reporter: resident are required to pay 30 percent of their income for the furnished studio apartment. for bridgett that comes out of disability check. she see this is unit as her last best chance to finally live a normal life. >> i see a future. this is my last opportunity to have a future. first time i'll have had a home. you can have a house but this is a home. >> all the difference. in addition to on site counseling resident have access to region stertd nurse and occupational therapist as well as on site activity hosted in the community room. if you with like to help support this effort go to our web site and look under see it on tv. they are calling it an
9:45 pm
aviation time capsule. world war ii plane has been found frozen in time 70 years later. the kittyhawk p 40 found almost perfectly preserved in the sands of the western desert in egypt. pilot 24-year-old from britain is thought to have survived the crash back in 1942 after studying the wreckage experts say he likely tried to fix the engine and spent several nights under his parachute. his remains could be anywhere in a 20 mile radiuss way out. aircraft was discovered by chance by polish oil company workers. well it is always good idea to be nice to your neighbor. you never know what he will do if you make him angry. about what is the deal? what is the deal? find out after this. )
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>> tv snrurs scotland did a double take when they watched the news. >> this afternoon it will be cold wet and windy across most of scotland. we are under the influence of low pressure and this weather l oh, yes low pressure indeed. britain prince charles and his wife camia took a turn at presenting the weather on bbc. the 2 were visiting the studio to mark the 60 year anniversary of the network there. the jolly good sport he is. he's not royalty but i can personally vouch for the fact he's a prince of a guy. >> thank you dan. i hope my forecast is spot on. here's nice picture sent to us today showing assign sky over ocean beach here at san francisco. we had a beautiful day. today is a beautiful day tomorrow. state wide top to bottom sunny sky and mainly warm except eureka cool with high of 59 degrees. not unusual for there this time of the year. sunny again tomorrow warm inland with
9:50 pm
high pressure in the upper 80's in some spots. mid 80's low to mid 80's i should say at the location near the bay. 71 here at san francisco. high of 64 in half moon bay and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. heading into mother's day weekend it's a lovely weekend saturday it's quite warm within land high around 90 degrees. cooling off just a tad on sunday but still sunny warm mother's day all over the bay area. good looking 7 days ahead. >> nice job. british accent would add something. >> i'll work on it. >> let's elevate this. the driver of the car sped through the small town in poland once too often. neighbors got together to hire a crane operator. put the car in the tree. driver says okay i got the message. i will slow down. >> wow! >> that's a prank. >> he is on a lot slower from there. because t.larry is here. >> how much does randy moss really have left?
9:51 pm
take a lack for yourself. rookie and veteran
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 you. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. crash of russian super jet just one american was on board and tonight his by area family is desperate for answers. >> "time"magazine goes for shock value. story behind the picture. the stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. mr. beall is here. >> a's at home and very long 3rd inning turns into kind of short night of work for pitcher and detroit tigers erupted for 8 runs in the third. this was the inning that would not end. former tigerer pre-game hug. tl hanging pitchers over the middle of the plate. 1st inning. andy solo homer 1 nothing tigers f.home run hitter. taste of hawaiian power we would say on the islands he has the mana. first of the year. whatever that means. it means the spirit. the power, dan. this is not
9:55 pm
the spirit. this is the unraveling in the third. the couldn't field it. dirk score 3-2 tigers. a's made a couple errors. he gotta too. the a double. grand slam but tigers lead in the eighth. giants the night off. 49ers the sign 6 of the 7 draft pick today. roo rookies get on the field tomorrow in santa clara a.second round pick james. part of a draft designed to turn the niner offense into a blur. james electrifying in oregon. stanford went crazy because his speed made him impossible to catch. few miles away from those stanford oregon battle. james reflected on his college days today trying to beat teams coached by his new coach jim harbaugh. >> him if in palo alto and up in eugene intense battle and tremendous coach i can see the fire in his eyes. if side line
9:56 pm
make a little eye contact with him i'm as intense as he is but tell loves the game i love the game. >>reporter: staring down harbaugh. moss didn't play in the nfl last year but at age 35 t he's as fast as ever. dread lock are gone. new sleek aerodynamic look. t smith a threat. the kind of receiver smith has never had with the niners. >> tough to tell he missed a year of football. i certainly don't see any rust. probably better question for him but from my perspective i don't see anything. running well. catching well. tl he's a pro and already has a really good understanding of the play book. >>reporter: off the field trouble for raiders receiver hayward. charged with drunk driving after incident last month. stopped on the lower deck of the bay bridge on april 7 at 2:00 a.m. police say he was speeding and weaving in his lane. he failed a field so bright test. court date for may 31. to golf. tiger woods
9:57 pm
called ate weird day in the first round of the championship. he had 5 bogey. 3 birdie and couldn't do anything on the par 5. final hole of the day was no. 9. tell pulled the tee shot then same thing on the second shot. find the bunker. par the hole finish 2 over 74. 9 off league. could miss the cut for the second straight week. par 317. shoot up t.cabrera spit them out. tee shot short of the drink. hitting 3. this is failing to commit. the took a shot here. in the drink again. same spot hitting 5 now. oh, forget it. take a 9. finish 6 over and promptly withdrew. 2 men top the leader board. minus 7 an pwoulter opposite cabrera because he birdies 17 to get to receive un. boxing news. if preping for the next fight july 28 here at hp pavilion san jose him if
9:58 pm
against minityson. guerrero coming back from shoulder injury says he's ready to good now. >> i'm always up for the challenge especially against undefeated fighter. captain wait to give him the first loss. lifts you up and make you work harder because you know he doesn't want to lose. comes game coming to win. >> 3 nba play off games. bulls with the back to the wall in phillies. omar missed couple free throw with chicago up one. fouled with two points left in the game make both free throw for a lead. former warrior watson no time out desperation hooev as time runs out. 76 ers knock off the bulls injury depleted l 4 games to 2. so they move on. game 6 celtics and hawks. this is josh smith. this is with authority. 77-76 hawks. 30 seconds off the big ticket. garnet 2 of the 28. boston up 1. johnson. side of
9:59 pm
the backboard. missed. gets 2. missed the first. made the second. paul pierce hits a pair. 83-80. as jeff collision in the back court but no call. move on 4 games-2. meet phillies in the east semi n.denver the nugget on the verge of forcing game 7 with the likeers. lawson unstoppable to the hoop. scored and fouled minute later 3 ball. he has 32 on the night and denver is flat out whoopin whooping. what is going on out here? 101-73. so they force a game 7 tv back in la. the many sportscast i felt like that. what is happening. lakers blown out in denver. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news. coffee tv 20 what is happening? for all of us here, appreciate your time.


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