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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 14, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. >> good evening. it's been 20 months since pg&e gas line exploded and devastated san bruno neighborhood. tonight after all that time a major milestone. city leaders honor the first wave of residents who finished rebuilding their home. city host add ceremony to welcome resident back to the area near clairemont drive
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between glen view and fairmont. lillian is live at the crest more neighborhood with more on this must have been emotional for people. >>reporter: certainly dan and this is one of the homes that have just been completed. city leaders say it's a significant step to rebuilding the community. the new home here nothing like his house that burned down year and half ago. everything is different. from the floor plan to the finishes. but the memory of whether happened on september 9, 2010 is still very vivid. >> emotion are still going to be there. l remind you of what happened. the trauma. but at one point you just have to move on. >>reporter: bernard is one of 3 homeowner honored by the city of san bruno tonight. they are the first to rebuild and manufacture back to the crest more neighborhood after the pg&e pipeline explosion n.all 38 homes were destroyed. about 2 dozen are still in the planning or construction stage stages. >> this is a good evening for us. today is the day that we
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have waited for, for a very long time. a day where we can celebrate the return of many residents to the crest more neighborhood. >>reporter: they chose to use the same exact floor plan from before and even then the whole process of rebuilding and going through the i hope insurance company is exhausting. >> i don't know people at work able to did. that im retired and it was like a full time job doing this. >>reporter: time consuming as it was this family made sure they got the dream home out of the all the trauma they went through. expanded the room by more than 1,000 feet. they are now in debt but it feels good to be back in the neighborhood she says. >> i will never forget what happened but i also accept what happened. and tham right there is a big part of letting yourself heal. >>reporter: city leaders plan to hold similar ceremony every 3 to 4 months to honor each wave of residents that move back in the neighborhood. live in san drawn 0, 7 news.
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nice gesture by the city. thank jew this was the scene outside today pg&e shareholder meeting. group of protestors showed up with 3000 signatures opposing the installation of smart meters. they say the new wireless units could pose a health hazard and also upset that the utility is charging monthly fees to anyone opting for the old fashion oned analog meter. >> thousands and thousands and thousands office people are suffering from their health and we have to pay to keep ourselves healthy? it's ridiculous. bully. extortion. >>reporter: group was able to deliver the petition to pg&e. spokesperson for the utility says the opt out fee were set up by the california public utilities commission and any complaints about them should be addressed to them. so far 28,000 customers opted out of the smart meter program. >> jerry hill represents san bruno and chose the day of the shareholder meeting to introduce a bill that punish top utility executives if the
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company violent safety regulations. measure includes requiring top management to return performance bonus if the company is penaltyize for safety violations. subjecting executives to fines of up to 1 million dollars for each safety violation. and banning rate payer money to be used for executive bonuses. governor brown new budget on the table. some will like it others not. his challenge is to deal with bigger than expected deficit of nearly 16 billion dollars. capitol correspondent annette is in sacramento to explain how he intends to do that. >> i'm laying out some pretty tough cuts. >>reporter: governor brown broke the bad news californian californians. the state financial picture has worsened since the original budget proposal in january. >> we have to cut deeper. but cutting alone doesn't really do it. that's why i'm linking these serious budget reductions
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real increased austerity with a plea to the voters please increase taxes temporarily. >>reporter: thanks mostly to overly optimistic tax projection and the federal government rejecting some of last year budget cuts, the deficit jumped to almost 16 billion dollars forcing the governor to propose deeper cuts which now include cutting state worker pay by 5 percent. shutting down most state operations for one day a week and reducing the number of hours seniors and the disabled get at home by 7%. disabled advocate say cutting the home care even further makes it harder to avoid nursing homes. >> my cooking cleaning and bathing would be affected. i would get less services which those services are vital to me staying at home. >>reporter: state engineers don't want to see smaller paycheck. >> i don't think anybody wants to take the a pay cut particularly when the members work is out sourceed at more than twice the cost. [ yellin
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yelling]. >>reporter: the 8 million dollars in cuts is double the cuts governor brown proposed earlier in the year. major reduction to the medi-cal health care program. welfare. subsidized child care still on the table reminding protestors governor brown is like governor schwartz we go. she couldn't work with the state didn't take care of her child. >> i would have to go back on welfare and the money that the state pay force my child care is less than the money for me to get on to welfare. >>reporter: if california voters do not approve the governor temporary tax hike on high income earners and sales tax public schools are slated to be cut 5 and a half billion dollars which is equivalent to shortening the school year by 3 weeks. tax opponent say that's just a scare tactic. in sacramento, abc 7 news. many judge today ordered a school nutrition worker to stand trial on 2 dozen felony charges related to string of sexual assaults. police arrested 32-year-old frederick
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dose in january. prosecutors claim dna evidence link him to 3 attack in the mission district. this surveillance camera recorded a man reassembling him near the scene of one of the crimes. attack took place between june and december of last year. he's being held tonight without bail. santa clare county sheriff's deputy used a new tool, special 3d sonar system today in the search for the missing teenager la mar. she vanished after leaving her home in morgan hill for school on march 16. today search comes after sheriff's divers have already searched the coyote reservoir and other bodies of water with another type of scan sonar. the new 3d see sunken object in greater detail. they plan to use it again tomorrow. >> all protest trors gone from a 10 acre plot of land in albany after uc berkeley police cleared the property this morning. about 100 officers many in riot gear swept through the gill tract around 6:30 this
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morning. they arrested 2 people inside a fenced off portion of the property and 7 others on the sidewalk for unlawful assembly. there you see it being taken away. this guy one tried to water the crop one last time before being chased away by police. >> i arrived. i saw about 80 to 100 cops all in riot gear to try to disband what we had already disbanded. obviously impossible to do good science when you have a few dozen unwelcome untrained guests roaming around what is an open air laboratory. >>reporter: uc berkeley uses the land for the research and says it needed the property cleared by this week. investigators tonight trying to figure out what started a fire that spared a home in redwood city. video sent to us you report feature. firefighters from as far away as san mateo were called to help put out the flames at the home on the corner of mere avenue and taft street. it was just a smokey mess. flames still coming from the solar panel covered roof when sky 7
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hd arrived on the scene took these pictures. we are glad to tell that you despite terrible damage no one was hurt. most important thing. after 40 years in the east bay city officials are hoping to lure the golden state warriors back to san francisco. the mayor and supervisor signed a letter urging the team to leave oakland suggest ago new arena could be built at the foot of the bay bridge. laura has that story. >>reporter: san francisco mayor lee is putting a full court press on the golden state warriors. with direct appeal to owner joe and peter. in a letter hand delivered by lee he urges the warriors to build a new home in san francisco. quote in time for the 20 17 nba season. and he says san francisco offers significant of advantages. that no other city can match. san francisco proposed site is sports entertainment facility on the waterfront.
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>> competition. i love chuck reid but plan to keep all three times. >>reporter: oakland mayor kwan believes her plan to build a new coliseum city for the a's raiders and warriors will win out in the end. >> coliseum city is probably one of the most exciting ideas in long time and it's based not just on the sports team but making money as major convention and destination and of itself. >>reporter: the warriors reiterated the position they took last december. quote we appreciate the outreach exhibited by mayor lee and other city officials as they continue to show their enthusiasim and interest in the warriors building a new state of the art multi-purpose arena in san francisco. at this point we continue our due diligence next mroring all potential sites in the bay are area. >> again oakland is actual center of the bay area. not san francisco. >>reporter: chris heads east bay group trying to keep all 3 oakland teams in oakland. >> we have bart right here. we have amtrak. a lot of good public transportation. if you look at the population center
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of the bay area east bay basically the center of that and oakland in the winter. we have great weather but not today. best place for the warriors to stay. >>reporter: this comess oakland told by the state it must return 3 and half million dollars in redevelopment funds. money city leaders were hoping to use for planning coliseum city. in oakland, 7 news. >> all right more to come this monday. staple of san francisco food scene is getting a big upgrade. you have never dined here but it is very possible that your food has passed through here. ahead. city major investment in this food source. >> also. police get in on the case after 4-year-old runs up a test ty library fine. >> ooh, ing up and then cooling down both in the next two days. i have the forecast coming up. >> then california company prepares for a historic launch. next big step in space travel. stay with u
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fresh produce coming into the city markets and restaurants. grocers and vendors on hand as mayor lee announced 100 million dollar make over of the san francisco whole sale produce market. market began 170 years ago near the waterfront and
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then moved to the present location in the bay view 50 years ago. 30 whole sale vendors operate here. most 650 employees work off hours to keep san francisco well fed. this is a busy, busy market. doesn't look so now but you come down here at 11:00 o'clock at night and most of us are just finishing off the day, this is when the day gets started. >>reporter: 4 of the market warehouses will be renovated and surrounding streets will be upgraded as part of the projec project. all right. crack the case. police in pennsylvania closed the door and closed the book on case involving a 4-year-old girl and overdue library book. the little girl book due last october. she faced a fine of about 81 dollars. the 43 port library receives no federal funding and rely on membership donation and secondhand shop to survive. after several attempt to retrieve the book they called in the police. >> did turn the file over to
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the police department. police handled it from there. so you had no control over how they would handle it. >> no. that's their decision. it's a rare incident but it does occur. >>reporter: officers made a courtesy call to the chilled's home that afternoon the girl's mother returned the books. paid a fine and apologized. sometimes in western pennsylvania police do get involved in case where is books are long overdue. 4-year-old hardened criminal. >> brought to justice. >> all is well that ends well. bit cooler. >> yes and friday and saturday it will warm-up gradually next couple days. here's the sutro camera out over san francisco on a night that is becoming partly cloudy. very pleasant. lovely evening around the bay area following what was a lovely day. here's look at live doppler 7 hd loop from earlier in the evening up to now. showing we still have thunder shower activity in the sacramento valley and rather intense in the afternoon hours
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and quieted down now but still activity and give you a little view of it. here in the bay area right now temperatures generally in the 50's although we have a few locations antioc antioch, concord, fremont, mountain view and readings of 60 degrees or higher and these are our highlights. low clouds and fog will continue to develop over night. see mostly sunny mild conditions next two days especially inland and around the bay. cooler pattern settle in thursday and friday. here's look at the satellite radar composite image upper level low passing over the central valley right now. sacramento valley is what attribute the thunderstorm activity. heading eastward out over the sierra and away from california. meanwhile high pressure building in already. bring us warmer weather in most areas tomorrow and wednesday and while we are in the pacific travel counsel to the south a bit. tomorrow is first day of hurricane season in the eastern pacific may 15 and already there's a tropical storm tropical storm let several hundred miles off the mexico coast moving to the west 12 miles per hour. max winds 40 miles per hour posing no threat
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at the moment in any land area and strengthening slightly to weaken over the next several days. overnight back in the bay area we see low clouds and fog pushing locally across the bay inland. low pressure generally in the upper 40's to low 50's overnight and then tomorrow will be lovely day sunny skies mainly sunny. some low clouds clinging to the coast line but in the south bay high pressure in the mid upper 70's. 76 at san jose. cupertino. 77. campbell and saratoga. peninsula 69 degrees in san mateo o. 73 redwood city. 74 palo alto. upper 50's to low 60's on the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay downtown san francisco will see a high of 65 tomorrow. 60 in the unset district up in the north bay 76 at santa rosa. 78 calistoga. 76 nap a.75 novato. newest bay high 70 oakland. san leandro hayward. inland east bay milder with mainly upper 70's. 76 at walnut cree creek. 78 pittsburgh. 77 livermore and down near
9:19 pm
monterey bay look for upper 60's interthe bay watsonville santa cruz upper 70's to low 80's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast 2 more days of graduate warming then we cool did you know on friday. thursday and friday within land high only in the mid 70's and just mainly 60's around the bay but start to warm-up again over the weekend back into the low 80's inland mid 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. pleasant week ahead. just few up and down in the old thermometer reetiond there. >> thank you spencer very much. >> as we continue premier cycling race kick ing into high gear. look at the second of 3 challenging day peddling through the bay area. also ahead. race to space. california company high hopes of making private space travel a reality. spencer already has [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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>> california company prepared to reach a milestone in private space travel. they are set to launch the dragon capsule to the international space station this saturday. test flight unmanned cap sooul some will access the abilities to carry cargo. they intend to use a version of the drag on to eventually carry passengers to low earth orbit. they created the rocket to carry the capsule. rocket launch from the air force station in florida and it's based in southern california. the company is. now this is company video of earlier drop test of the drag on capsule. they have a 1.6 billion dollar contract with nasa to reply the space station. see how it goes over the weekend. >> biggest cycling event in the world happening right now in the bay area. cyclist in the tour of california log more than 100 miles today. the stage 2 route started at the
9:24 pm
marina green on the bay then headed down the san mateo county coast up and over the santa cruz mountains beforeening at a cabrillo college. many wayne caught up with the riders. >> to fully appreciate long distance bicycle race one must be there to see it but beware everything about spectating in the sport happens after long waits. >> who are we waiting for. >> well george hasn't come out yet. >>reporter: that's him in the flesh. crowd favorite after 19 years of professional racing and 5 olympic games. what other major sport allows fans to get so close it's too bad a guy can't autograph an i-phone. >> that would be cool. >>reporter: fortunately for those racing the weather was cool as they left san francisc francisco. moved through the presidio then down highway 1 where pockets of fans line the route. nancy and ken applauded anyone passing by on 2 wheels. >> there were dude old dude going down to mexico. that is cool. some peoe pulled in
9:25 pm
caravaning from spits land. >>reporter: amateur from southern california who started ahead on the court but knew he would finish behind they are probably going to pass you. >> you are kidding. how discouraging. >>reporter: you are going to begin it briefly. >> oh, no. for about 20 seconds. >>reporter: here's one of the better advantage points. the turn from highway 1 going up l 8 miles at 10% grade. people waited hours to see this. people wait entered traffic too as the chp closedor safety. >> i missed it by a couple of minutes so i'm told i have to wait another hour. he. >>reporter: 117 miles later. large clump of riders head long into the breach. crowd held the breath. nobody fell. it was tight. it was clean. it was more than close enough for comfort and it was worth the wait. wayne abc 7 news. >> look at the crowd. well attendance. here is tomorrow
9:26 pm
stage 3 event. starts in north san jose goes to livermore then blackhawk before a grueling climb up mount diablo and outskirts of walnut creek and concord loops around byron and mountain house and back to livermore. another 115 miles tomorrow. l when we continue tonight, 2 billion dollar blunder by j p morgan chase. look at how it happened despite greater oversight. new man in charge of yahoo what are the chances the interim ceo could get a permanent spot at the top. >> president explains some of the reasoning for his decision to come out in support of same sex marriage. another half sex marriage. another half hour of news
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>> good evening again. thanks for tuning in. here's the headlines tonight. governor brown released his rae vaseed budget plan today to close a widening state deficit. plan includes more than a billion dollars in cuts and tax hike initiative. governor wants state work investigators take a 5 percent pay cut and also seek cuts to health care and social services. >> san bruno ceremony to welcome back the neighbors who decided to the rebuild after the city deadly pipeline explosion 2010 the. 8 people died and 38 homes were destroyed when the pg&e pipeline ruptured. about 2 dozen homes are being rebuilt. returning neighbors 7 proclamation from the city commending them for their resilience and dedication. >> 9 people face charges of trespassing unlawful assembly after early morning raid at farm used by uc berkeley for agriculture research in albany. group of people that occupied the gill tract for 3 week in the name of urban agriculture. uc berkeley uses the land for
9:31 pm
research and says it needed the property cleared by this week. so they moved it. headlines tonight. >> well more tonight on the 2 billion dollar blunder at j p morgan chase. echo of the financial crisis that sent the nation economy into a tail spin. that was an epic miscalculation and what does it mean for your money? david muir is tracking the fall out. >> it was the 2 billion dollar bob bomb shell from j p morgan. money lost in 6 week. one of the complex better that spiraled out of control. and tonight the first face to go. 30 years at j p morgan gochbility made 15 million dollars last year and she oversaw the division that should have stopped the bet from going bad. c cechl ochl kimd tried to reassure investors and every day customer. we made a terrible mistake. almost no excuse for it he said. but american taxpayers who came to the rescue said bailout of the bank now asking was there supposed to be greater oversight after the financial collapse?
9:32 pm
retiree robert of dallas heard twovt billion dollar loss. >> i think not again. >> you really worry about the little guy. like us. us little people. >>reporter: reality financial experts say is that the big bank in many ways are still at it. it's nearly impossible for anyone trying to police them to keep up. >> like riding tiger the way our financial system works. regulators they were aware of some of these trades but apparently they didn't have the grasp on how quickly it could turn against them either. >>reporter: but they say even with the loss of 2 billion dollars the bank is still rock solid. after all they made 19 billion dollars in profit last year alone. the bank as a whole today worth 137 billion. but even as the bank weather the storm what about our 401(k) in the middle of it. the stock is down more than 12 percent in just two days. wiping 20 billion dollars in value. >> every invest investor needs to care about this. this is another example of the kind of event that could knock down
9:33 pm
401(k) portfolio. >>reporter: it's also believed 2 more high rking executives could go and also questions about a london trader nicknamed the london whale because of the size of the bet. it's believed he could go as well. and shareholder meeting the annual meeting couldn't come at worse time. tomorrow. lots of question about his that big bet gone bad. abc news new york. >> new ceo in place at yahoo for now one day after the former boss forced in and out a resume scandal. if thompson is replaced whose biography and resume says he had a degree he never received. he joined yahoo as executive in charge of global media. he could get the job full-time if the circumstances warrant. >> i think he has very good skills if yahoo media company. if they decide to be a technology company he doesn't have a computer science degree
9:34 pm
either but not his forte. it's question of where the company wants to go and who will lead it. >> thompson stepped down yesterday after 4 months on the job. "wall street journal"reports thompson told yahoo board that he's being treated for thyroid cancer after the explanation began to unravel about the embellished resume sky here's wall street reaction to all this yahoo stock rose 2% today closing at 1550 a share up 31 cents. 6 week after the deadly shooting rampage at oakland university the school nursing program is now in jeopardy. the board of vocational nursing psychiatric technician has placed the university on provisional approval the equivalent of probation. regulators are monitoring several deefficiency with low pass rate on listening exam by the university graduate. they need to fix the bad pass plate 2 year time or lose the nursing school license all together. 5 days after coming out in
9:35 pm
favor of same sex marriage president obama told reporters supporters it was the right thing to do. >> i want everybody treated fairly in this country. we have never gone wrong tl when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. doesn't weaken family it strengthens families. [applause]. >>reporter: the president was speaking at fundraiser in new york hosted by singer ricky martin. prior to last week president obama said that his views on same sex marriage were evolving. mean time newsweek magazine cover story on same sex marriage stirring up controversy. shows the president with a rainbow halo declaring him the first gay president. magazine hit news stands today. many one more note about politic. texas congressman ron paul favorite of libertarian and tea party said today he's done spending money campaigning in the primary. the decision effectively ends paul's campaign for the republican nomination with 104 delegates
9:36 pm
niece fourth place but has no real chance of over taking former massachusetts governor and front runner mitt romney. and despite raising more than 36 million dollars paul has yet to win a single primary or caucus. romney expected to wrap up enough delegates to get the nomination later this month. as we continue. group of bay area scientist has come up with new way to harness the energy of your body. just ahead the new discovery that could mean charging your cell could mean charging your cell phone with every stepppp
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>> oakland halfway through the annual pot hole blitz and so far city workers have patched more than 1500 potholes. for one month each year the city puts double the number of public work crew on the streets to repair potholes. it's a short-term fix for bumpy roads
9:40 pm
that simply need to be completely repaved. >> yes we are into our third week and to date we have filled not counting last week, about 1500 potholes. >> so the local streets have really been capped and it's really hard in hard times for to us find the extra money so we have to make the best out of what we have got. >>reporter: oakland admits the city has 4 50 miles of roadway that could use repaving. it's not of that you hear something good about a virus but tonight we have a lack at a special virus being studied at the lawrence berkeley laboratory. that could one day add years to your life and as 7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, add hours to the life of your cell phone battery. >> there's no battery. >> not not all. >> the little science experiment could be harolding big things to come. by pressing down on this thin rubber film professor lee is generating electricity. enough to power a small digital
9:41 pm
circuit. >> then as you can see no. 1. >> what is more remarkable what the film is made of. >> we use this virus. >>reporter: not as scary as it sounds can i get sick from thi this. >> not at all. this is totally non-toxic and. >>reporter: virus that you say cost nothing because they manufacture themself just add water. >> then next morning him if the virus particle and. >>reporter: microscopic level lee explained the virus are long and skinny lick pencil. if you drop a bunch of pencil in the dish and shake them. they line themselves up. virus line themselves up the same way until someone puts pressure on them. causing them to scatter and create a spark. tiny spark that for lee was like fireworks going off. >> i was very surprised and excited. >>reporter: the amount of power this prototype generates isn't very much. only about a quarter of what comes out of the triple a battery but once
9:42 pm
it introduces important power the possibility could be more endless. >> 5 or 10 year later we can continue to make very small personal electric generator. >>reporter: that could charge your smart phone. >> by walking. jogging. typing. you can basically collect all your mechanical movements as electricity. >>reporter: or save your life. >> implant your body and then separate sustainable electric source. >>reporter: create a pacemaker that is charged by the very heart that it protects. >> yes exactly. >>reporter: at the national laboratory jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> isn't that amazing. we continue. san francisco neighborhood are not putting out the welcome mat for tourists. >> we will continue our journey through san francisco today. >> some people don't want their neighborhood to be a stop on the journey. it's the battle over the tour bus and it could lead to a new law. that story as the news at 9:00 continues. as the news at 9:00 continues. stay here with us.
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lawmaker take aim at noisy tour bus operators disturbing the peace in a number of neighborhood and the big bus blocking driveway and traffic. tourism may the city no. 1 industry but resident demand a little consideration. carolyn has the story. >> we continue our journey. >>reporter: more than 16 million tourists visit san francisco every year. and they spend 8 and a half billion dollars making tourism the city no. 1 economic engine. but if you live near the famous painted lead would you want to deal with this all day every day? >> many neighborhoods and constituent have complained about noise. about parking issues. idling and other quality of life concerns. >>reporter: board president david chu held a hearing today on his proposal that open air
9:47 pm
sight seeing bus turn down the volume so they are not audible from a distance of 50 feet or more. tour bus operators say they are willing to compromise. but don't weren't to switch to head phones. >> more about the experience. it's about tour guide and it's about interaction with the customer so we are just trying to keep the noise reduced. >>reporter: with some 100 tour buses now driving through the city, noise is just part of the problem. residential streets in north beach are supposed to be off limits. but gale says many operators ignore that. >> vl there are injuries to neighbor a neighbor had the foot run over at an intersection. >>reporter: police plan to step up enforcement and also proposed measure to regulate passenger loading and unloadin unloading. the san francisco travel association is closely monitoring the impact new restriction could have on the city bread and butter. >> all of san francisco benefits from tourism. each
9:48 pm
year the spending represents or amounts or results in 5 25 million dollars that goes into the city general fund and those dollars are used to subsidize the park, the roads. >>reporter: the supervisors will vote on the proposal next tuesday. if approved the voice ordinance would take effect october 1st. in san francisco at fisherman wharf, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. all right while talking about tourism yosemite national park has new option tonight if you cap not be there at least you cap see there. you can now enjoy the view of the yosemite falls 24-7 on high def web cam launched today. it's part of 4 park web feed including half dome, el captain and sierra nevada range. we have link to the yosemite web cam under see it on tv. so peaceful. let's go back
9:49 pm
to talk to expense ber the forecast. >> start with a little time lapse view from the sutro camera this afternoon. golden gate. blue sky late afternoon hours just few cloud around. expect to see few more clouds overnight tonight then tomorrow state wide mainly sunny conditions although parts of the coast line will see some clouds. nice and warm interior section of the state a little cooler at the coast of course. as will be the case here in the pay area. see inland high in the upper 70's to just about 80 degrees in warmest location. 60's, 70's right around the ba bay. 61 on the coast at half moon bay and look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have couple days of graduate warming coming our wait a minute low 80's inland on wednesday. cooling down rather sharply thursday and friday and start the to warm-up over the weekend within land high in the low 80's. mid 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. pleasant but up and down in the temperature range. >> san francisco glide foundation hoping to cash in
9:50 pm
big on warren buffet private lunch auction. xwlid would love to see the winning bid top two million dollars. foundation provide social services to the poor and homeless. last year winner spent 2.6 million dollars to have lunch with buffet. the billionaire ceo and prominent philanthropist. that person now work force buffet by the way. bidding on ebay runs through june 3rd through l through june 8th. >> much smaller scale if willing to pick up the tachbility larry has lunch with you. new program burger for biel. >> the that's fine with me. >> work force larry. >> i think l they are getting what they pay for. in terms of my financial adviceing. >> maybe less. >> more affordable than warren buffet. giants ask eternal question. where is our offense? dan is offense. here it is. here's the offense. it's greg.
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here's the offense. it's greg. and that's
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. erasing the wrichbing el. new app that helps you navigate the local bar scene. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here with all the sports. >> start with the giants. offense showing some signs of life over the weekend giants back home tonight against the struggling rockies. rookie pitcher just second major league start. christian freed rick. l happy anniversary to you. all she wanted to go to the game. done. brian fantastic again. one mistake. here it is. high deep and goodbye. 1 nothing colorado. bottom 4. 2 on for buster. here it comes and it doesn't go very far. double playen the inning. but l greg first homer 0th year. solo shot to right off freed rick 7 innings. ties
9:55 pm
it up and that's where we are right now. 1-1 presently in the eighth. a's open a two game set with the angels in anaheim. fans like the bailey trade. man acquired in the deal. josh with the 9th homer of the year off former a dan harris 1 nothing. 2 nothing in the sixth. smith. second doub of the night. cliff comes does reddick. 4 nothing a's. ross was brilliant on the mound. split sirping -- finger fast pwawchlt hitting under 200 presently. right now the a's leading 5 nothing in the 9th. tvl general manager a role previously held by gm bob myer myers. on the court tonight. sixer fan in boston. game 2. boston ties at 69 over 3 minutes left. rhondo and garnet. chip on the rim. they let them hang around. holiday
9:56 pm
about sixers up by 2. then scoop to the hoop. phillies steals it ties the series a game appease fans watching out on big board. the elbow to james. suspension 3 week ago. hit the 3 but not a factor. kevin with authority. thunder up 15 at the break and blow it up in the third. west brook on the up with 27. do you remember rand with 3. 25 for the fv game not close at all. before takes game 1 t one, 119. tom hopes to be in london in the pool alongside michael phelps. mike has more on the swimming phenom from atherton. >> hear comes michael fell inspects lane 5. >> cramer would be tom cramer from aftererton. he was anything at phelps heal two
9:57 pm
months ago in ohio. took second behind him in the butterfly final but what he did prior to that race that had people talking. >> i actually beat him in prelim which is probably one of the coolest things done swimming. >> the community knows what amazing athlete he is so when word got out he beat phelps everybody can recognize resonate with. >>reporter: cramer peaking at exactly the right time. if this past weekend he set 2 records at the international swim center. he extinguished morales 29-year-old record in 100 meter butter play prelim then set a new mark in 100 meter back stroke. all of this recent success has him thinking london olympic but not for the united states. >> almost all of my family lives in israel. i visited there for about a month he have
9:58 pm
year or half month. since i was burn. almost like my home away from home. so i would be just as proud either way. >>reporter: he understand the chance of making the is israeli team far better than the u.s. squad. that's why this coming weekend european championship in hungry is his personal olympic trial. >> l top 12 in the championship and then them raced with phelps with and so we are hoping. >> never count him out. any mark he has been asked to did he's hit. >> that would be the best outcome. even if i go slowest leg on the relay last place i don't care. so great to go. >>reporter: in santa clare, mike, abc 7 sports. stage 2. tour of the calf ended up lick stage 1. peter first across the finish line. started the tour california peddling 11:00 a.m. in the marina. 117 miles down the
9:59 pm
coast to santa cruz. involved in massive pile up over from a miles. big crash. injured his shoulder but he's okay. more problems with flat tire with 18 miles left. the cruise at the finish. 5 hours, 2 minutes winning time. from slow vobingia with 8 second lead on behind rick. >> great athlete. always amazing to see them whizzing by at the speeds they travel. >> tomorrow they go up mount diablo. >> amazing climb in walnut creek is that thanks larry very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20. stay secretaryed -- connected 24-7. from all of us here thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always hope to see you in an hour on channel 7 at 11:00 hour on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock


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