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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  May 18, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. sky 7 hd is overhead on lincoln avenue in san jose due to possible bomb scare. police investigating suspicious package containing a threatening note found at a business this morning. >> that package reported before 9:00 in the 1300 block of lincoln avenue bomb squad on scene neighboring businesses evacuated the nearby elementary school ordered to shelter in place. >> within the past few minutes the shelter in place orders have been lived. but, there is still two blocks shutdown. we'll continue to follow that breaking news. in the meantime, good morning i'm is. and i'm cheryl jennings. other top story of the day exciting and historic day for facebook.
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>> the social networking company public this morning becoming one of the hottest and most valuable initial public stock offerings in u.s. history. mark zuckerberg rang the bell from facebook headquarters and became the 29th wealthiest person on earth. >> many employees and invited guests -- [ unintelligible ] sky 7 hd was over the campus and its so-called hacker's square this morning. zuckerberg wearing the hoodie is in the middle of the crowd. you can see employees taking photos and shaking his hands. dollar signs the new friends of mark zuckerberg and company. ipo means facebook is worth 112 billion dollars. more than and disney. amy hollyfield joins us from facebook headquarters. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg has the status update that all
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of us can only dream about he became a billionaire today here in an enthusiastic menlo park. mark zuckerberg rang the nasdaq opening bell remotely from his menlo park headquarters this morning in his trademark hooded sweatshirt. fellow workers say it was the perfect wardrobe choice. >> i think it is great. why change a thing it has worked so far. >> reporter: the big moment treated a lot of excitement in menlo park with even the mayor paying a visit to the headquarters. she leaves this moment will put her city on the map. >> i think we'll have new people who will be shopping at the shops and downtown area i think it helps the whole area. >> reporter: facebook employees celebrated behind closed doors. pictures of the all-nighter they pulled released by facebook no news crews were allowed in. they called the party a hack-a-thon it included coding,
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brainstorming, deejay and red bull. >> i think it is great. it was a way for all the employees to get to the and do what they've been doing for a lot of years and bask in their success. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg is now worth close to 20 billion dollars. if you average his employees' shares each employee has an average worth of about 2.9 million. experts say this is not a time to be green with envy. >> this is the american dream come true we should be thinking about how to emulate the model we have here in other places instead of feeling jealous about it. >> reporter: a lot of start-ups here in silicon valley hoping to be the next facebook. the big question is did you invest? i asked the mayor of menlo park, she refused to tell me. i asked a silicon valley expert here and he says he hopes to beg,d steal to buy stock. it seems to be the question everyone is asking today, buy
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stock? will you buy stock? a lot of buzz. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the state of california is also excited over today's face -- facebook ipo they stand to collect two billion dollars in taxes not 1/2 save cuts to education and other public services but the state says it will take anything it can get. how might the social network change now that it is public? katie marzullo has been looking in that and following facebook's stock since public trading began. >> reporter: i have the big board up live now this is the nasdaq you can see that the stock is trading up more than 7%. keep in mind that's for the big guys, banks and initial investors who paid $38 a share they are making a little money because it is trading at almost $41. if you look at this graph, initially for the investors started trading this morning at $42.05 and plummeted
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initially. now it is rebounding. if you bought it at $38 you are making money. take a look at this video released by face back side the typically low profile company. it signals a new era of openness. mark zuckerberg is going to have to now answer to share holders. some experts say the company needs to figure out how to better sell advertising without alienating users who don't want to be bombarded with ads. i just talked with a professor, he does not have a crystal ball as to how the stock will perform but he does have insight into the company's future. >> ordinarily, i would say buyer beware in this case it is user beware. the user is not facebook's client, it is now going to be the investors who are going to pressure facebook's management to raise the bottom line. the only way they can do that
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is by charging for all the services they have. >> reporter: charging for services. he's talking about messaging. he calls that a potential likelihood. back to investing, studies show on a hot ipo like this it takes three days to see it maximum return maybe that will help investors feel better. back live at the big board you can see facebook shares still trading around $-- just under $41. the professor told me, buy low, sell high. our coverage of the facebook ipo continues later today beginning at 4:00. we'll have reaction from investors and how the stock performs when the trading day ends. we'll shift gears now to berkeley this morning police say the victim of a deadly car crash was a woman in her 20s two others seriously injured when their cadillac crashed
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into a tree after 1:00 this morning on california street and alston way in central berkeley. a child and the man driving were taken to trauma centers they are listed in critical condition. there was no other car involved. the cause is under investigation. dublin police arrested a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run. spencer free man was realized at his san ramon home after police tracked him down based on witness descriptions. police say the vehicle was in the garage and had extensive front end damage. freeman is accused of hitting a bicyclist tuesday in dub:the victim died at the scene. right now in marin county are wondering when their power is going to be restored knocked out last night after high winds blew over a utility pole and two power lines. >> reporter: the goal now is to have power back up for those 550 or so customers by 2:00 this afternoon.
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take a look now you can see crews work down there trying to get that pole that you see at an angle out, a new one in. it has been this way since last evening reminding us how badly we need electric genevieve and her father headed out of their home this morning. for her no laughing matter. >> i felt sad. >> reporter: why did you feel sad? >> because, i can't see anything! i just had my flashlights and i have that annoying one! >> reporter: genevieve had to break out that thrash light after power went out 6:30 last night knocking over 8,000 people off-line. sparks touched off a couple small grass fires neighbors took care of those. the wires carried 60,000 volts through the neighborhood. jeff found out how badly he needs a fraction of that power to live. >> how do you find out digital
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age when you have -- need electricity for all this stuff. >> reporter: that did not sit well with his cocker spaniel. >> i need it for my dog so he can watch some television. >> reporter: what kind of shows does he like? >> dog channel, animal planet >> reporter: lucy did not care about animal planet or power lines but the owner d >> it is fine, it didn't bother me, except that i -- worried about things in my freezer. >> reporter: pg&e crews were oblivious of all that too busy restoring power to the people. after they take the pole down they are going to take it to their forensics lab. i didn't know they had one. do you think genevieve cares about that? all she wanted was her lights back on. they should be back on by 2:00 this afternoon. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. still to come, good news on the local jobs front.
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breaking news, sky 7 hd live over cato road in fremont the results of a fatal accident that involves a cement truck and big rig the crash happened 8:30 this morning. you can see the truck down there the driver did not make it, unfortunately and has died. cato road will be closed between benicia and auburn for the next couple of hours. the scene is not clear police still finishing their investigation. be aware of that. we have encouraging news now unemployment fell in california and 2/3 of all u.s. states last month evidence that modest economic growth is boosting hiring in the country. a year california's unemployment rate was 11.8%. still has the third highest in the country. twitter will begin
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offering users a do not track option to better protect privacy. the company announced the new feature today users who opt in will have tweets and follower lists protected out of the hands of advertisers. ad agencies use that information to target ads and collect research. new research out this morning shows pregnant women who put themselves on a calorie-controlled diet can prevent excessive weight gain and complications during childbirth. women lost an average of 9 pounds after labor compared with women who did not diet women who contlled what they ate had fewer complications from childbirth. we turn our attention to meteorologist mike nicco the weekend is just about here. >> a lot going on whether it is the bay bridge series or beta breakers or the eclipse we'll have the forecast for all of that. tell you how warm it is going
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to be and who sees the biggest jump in temperatures this weekend. it is going to turn light into darkness this weekend warning from astronomers. are you feeling overworked? you are not alone. americans at the bottom of the list when
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this weekend you can catch a glimpse of a rare partial annular solar eclipse when the moon passes between the earth and the sunblocking everything self the sun's corona leaving a visible ring of fire sunday night at 5:25 prime viewing after 6:30 here we'll see a partial eclipse more like a c than a halo staring at the sun is dangerous. it is recommended you have special eclipse glasses. >> they are mylar coated with aluminum on both sides. designed to save your eyes. you can buy those glasses
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at a telescope shop. the eclipse will be visible meteorologist mike nicco with where we can get the best look and when. i have a graphic made for you. you can see the pass running through reno, chico, reading and towards eureka that's where it will be 100% and you will see that ring of fire. towards the bay area you will look west this is what you will see starting at about 5:13 it will peak at6:, about 84% coverage. the best viewing from about 6 to 7:00. after that, it goes away. hopefully, you get a chance to see it. that's one of the many things to do this weekend. bay bridge series starts this weekend i think we'll have a lot of sunshine sunscreen needed it will smell like at
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the beach at the park. here's a look at what is going on, a few high clouds marine layer clouds gone winds starting to pick up not as fast as yesterday but still brisk this afternoon west gusting up to 23 at sfo now. most of news the 60s at the coast into san francisco upper 50s low 70s fairfield antioch and los gatos upper 50s santa cruz and monterey. as we go through the afternoon sunny, warmer still breezy. fastest winds along the coast in the bay shoreline gusts higher at times we have a small craft advisory until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. mild and calmer through the weekend especially sunday dry the entire for cast cycle. today everybody is warming up santa rosa two, three san francisco and san jose six in fremont the biggest jump, fremont will hit 70 today. mid to upper 70s inland 80
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antioch upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco monterey bay 59, 70 santa cruz mid 70s inland. here's today's forecast for the bay bridge series giants hosting a's first pitch 7:15, 61 dropping to 55°. sunday morning beta breakers 7:00, we start on the bay 52 partly cloudy as you run through san francisco warming up to 56 by the time you get to the coast with a southwest wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour. sierra sunny 60 today, 73 by the end of the weekend tahoe 81 in yosemite one last stop southern california a lot of sun low to mid 70s l.a. upper 60s for san diego. at home here's your forecast, low 80s inland the next couple of days low to mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast a
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dip monday and tuesday it could be warmer once day thursday morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun temperatures a little above average most of those days no rain in the forecast. feel like you don't have enough vacation time? a new study validates that americans are an overworked bunch. a study found more than 50% of american workers do not use all of their time off. most of them leave 11 days unused every year. u.s. law does not require companies to give employees paid vacation time unlike the united kingdom where companies must give workers 28 days off every year. germany and japan require at least 20 days off. this week's perfect pet just ahead. >> mike will introduce us to castro the cat.
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today, royal insiders say there is good reason will and kate haven't started a family yet and warn the wait will be
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longer. >> and the statewide problem that slowed dmv offices forcing appointments to be rescheduled. all the frustrations will melt away when you see today's perfect pet. >> mike is here with new friends. >> jackson back from the animal planet he's brought a cat with him we'll talk about his book and mojo workshop tomorrow but first the cat. >> this is castor, 5-years-old, a buddy, they were surrendered twice one because somebody went into assisted living, second time because the couple split up they need to go home together. he's a nice lap >> we'll try to fan him a home. tell us why you are here? >> tomorrow we are doing what i call the cat mojo 101 workshop at 201 alabama, 12:30 to 2, do some book signing after that >> cat daddy. >> that's right
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>> good luck tomorrow. >> thanks. >> all you fans go out and see jackson and look at castor and find a cat or another animal to call your home call the spca in san francisco. from all of us here thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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