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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  May 19, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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the virus. >> it goes around and goes around. >> be cautious and wash your hands. >> good advice. an outbreak of the norovirus has hit two schools. >> as many as 100 students may have gotten sick. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. both of the affected schools are in pacifica. the san mateo health department confirms it hit ocean elementary and/or day go elementary. nick smith has more. nick? >> carolyn and dan, good evening. san mateo county health officials tell abc news that they have a confirmed outbreak of norovirus at ocean shore elementary school. and now the administrators are doing all they can to stop it in its tracks. they have a policy here, if you throw up, you go home. >> and that's what happened to his son. they sent a lab sample to the state and it was confirmed there was an outbreak of the norovirus. but this dad knew something was up because the virus didn't stop with the son.
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>> my daughter got it, and she stayed home, same thing. . >> to date there are at least 105 students affected by the flu-like symptoms ranging from diarrhea to stomach cramps. tyler avoided getting sick because he listened to his teacher. >> you touch anything that might have germs and you have to go and wash your hands. >> most of the students who got sick were students at ocean shore elementary. but there were a few reported cases here at ortega elementary. administrators say the students from the two schools played together and signs of the virus first appeared about 10 days ago. since then they worked to rid all surfaces of the virus, giving everything a thorough scrub down. >> we are swabbing down the desk tops and the chairs and everything commonly used by multiple children. >> today was the second day of a school-wide cleaning, steps they say they are more than happy to take. >> it is a community here. we all try to do what we can.
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>> two things. one teacher tells me they have stayed open the entire time because parents have been pro active in keeping sick children at home. the second thing they say, if you have any symptoms of the virus stay symptom free from 48 hours to 72 hours before you send your kid back to school. nick smith, abc7 news. >> nick, thanks. good information. after all of the hype, the facebook ipo was more of a fizzle than a pop. mark zuckerburg wearing a hoo di e and ringing the -- hoodie rang the bell. the stock ended the day where it started at $38 and a little change. but it turned facebook instantly into a billion-dollar company. and with all of the wealth there is bound to be drama with it. wedding planners and divorce lawyers are ready for what is bound to come.
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ama dates is live in menlo park with that story. ama? >> dan, the facebook employees can now afford many things including the wedding of their dreams. all of that money doesn't necessarily guarantee wedded bliss. >> it is wedding and event consultants that looked into the crystal ball. >> i would see lavish weddings. ease special lea lots of flowers -- flowers and big gowns. >> now that facebook has gone public, the employees are in for a wind fall and couples who were waiting to get married because they couldn't afford it may make the leap. >> it is because the bride and groom have come across the financial money. >> the average wedding for 100 guests costs between 40,000 and -- $40,000 and $50,000, but some pray fer an affair in the $200,000 to $300,000 range. >> people are comfortable in spending a little more money.
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>> the wedding industry may not be the only one seeing a boost. >> money is the hugest stressor. >> she is a family practice attorney. >> without question in the family life setting we see a relationship between financial tensions and increasing the risk of divorce. >> she says new wealth is a wonderful opportunity that allows a person to live out their dreams, but couples have to communicate. >> i encourage them to talk about what their goals are so that they don't have to pick up the phone and call someone like me. >> they don't expect to see a dramatic increase in divorces. what they do expect to see is a lot of modifications to spousal support as the newly rich adjust for their income. ama dates. >> a bay area attorney is under arrest tonight suspected it in the fatal hit and run. spencer freeman smith is charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. 57-year-old bo-ho was killed
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walking his bike in dub bin. police traced the serial numbers on pieces of the car left at the scene and determined the vehicle was a new mercedes possibly belonging to smith. police say they found smith's mercedes in his garage with extensive front end damage. a horrible tragedy. a pedestrian was crushed in san jose after being crushed between two parked cars at a chp chase. they tried to pull the car over yesterday. investigators say the driver ended up veering into a parked car which hit another parked car. the victim was pinned in between them. and this is cell phone video shot by an abc7 news viewer a few minutes after the suspect crashed and his car burst into flames. police pulled 23-year-old taylor from the wreckage. he was arrested and being held without bail on dui charges. facial recognition charges
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and what is the ratio from men to women. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live for the launch of the app known as scene tap. >> reporter: we are here at the launch party of scene tap. someone other than scene tap can tap into their facial recognition program and follow you from bar to bar. >> very creepy. it is a very creepy idea. >> reporter: this is what he thinks is creepy. these cameras in the marine you you -- identify the gender and approximate age of everyone who walks in. it is anonymous facial detection software. they then feed the information to the app. rachel haley didn't know she was being monitored in the bar. >> you can have a lady's night and you say let's go where the guys in our age range are. >> reporter: but they think using the facial recognition
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of who is in a bar and when is concerning regarding privacy. they are worried if they store any of the facial recognition data it can be accessed by others. the application is the brainchild of coles harper. he thought it would be helpful to determine what bar to patronize. harper says the only data they keep is gender and age. >> facial detection tracks the data points as opposed to 36. but do you keep the data mapping . he has made every effort to assure people that privacy is not at risk. >> whether it is overly technical or not. >> cole harper says the san francisco launch has been the toughest. in the seven cities, 25 businesses originally signed up and only 19 remain because of privacy concerns.
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harper hopes after this launch those concerns will disappear. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thomas, thank you. a group of vietnam veterans was at oakland international airport to receive the body of a u.s. soldier killed in afghanistan. 30-year-old staff sergeant thomas dp ogger -- foggerty was killed south of kabul. his parents, wife and sons were there to receive the casket. the group of vets who are motorcycle riders was there. >> we are veterans and it is our job to honor them whether it is good or bad. >> he was going for the third time, and we didn't even get a chance to find out much about where he was. he passed away three weeks after he got in country. >> the motorcycle group escorted the casket to the funeral home. the governor ordered the flag at half staff at the state capital on tuesday to honor the soldier from alameda. a 17-year-old high school
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senior is being called a hero after finding a woman who had been missing for four days in monterey county. on monday 54-year-old janice morosco did not return from walking her dogs. she was found thursday morning by nicole reeder off robinson canyon road. morosco was suffering from dehydration. reader was a volunteer with the search and rescue team. she says it is an incredible feeling saving a life. well, coming up, you can see them everywhere. it is a slice of serenity in the busy city. but some say it is a bad idea that has to go. >> and the new brood of baby swans makes a splash. >> that's coming up and then on "nhtline." >> i'm bill wier. coming up on "nightline" facebook finally goes public, but could it change your page and should you buy in i set out in search of a sick -- dash a seng gel share. and lady antabellum plays a
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like a good idea. but some san francisco residents say it isn't. and abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler takes a look at the growing pains of the city's growing park land problem. >> this is a parking spot that turned into an urban oasis. there are big lawns like these near union square and smaller ones like this one on fill more more -- filmore street. >> it was not just good for our business, and it is a great thing for the community. it was fun and it slows people down. >> residents along busy valencia street say there are already too many in their mission district neighborhood. five parklets were installed within three blocks. some right across the street from each other and two more are planned. >> for the most part, there is cafe seating for the
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businesses near them. they are sidewalk cafes. the question is how many do you need? >> the first in the city were created as temporary spaces in 2005. five years later the city jumped in to help make them more permanent structures. they were so popular other cities including new york, portland, seattle, philadelphia and chicago have some advice from san francisco on building their own. >> the whole idea is to look differently at how we use our streets and not just for cars, but pedestrians for walking and for boiking and hanging out. and for biking and hanging out jie. there are currently 27 park lets in the city and another seven approved. and 33 more are proposed. more than 70 people have expressed interest in installing one. >> when you look at the total sum of the spaces removed, it is not a huge amount of parking.
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what it gives back to the community is so much more. >> businesses pay up to $20,000 for the construction, planning and permits. and then they pay the city $200 a year to keep it there. >> i love the park land. it has been very good to us. >> they say the parklets add a european flare to the neighborhood by providing more sidewalk seating. >> business is up 35 to 40%. so in the past year my numbers are great. >> he says the increase in business equals more tax revenue for the city making up for any revenue lost by taking out parking meters. but not all of the parklets are so well used. some are empty during the day. according to a study released last year by the san francisco great streets project, some of the parklets increase foot traffic in the neighborhood, but not all. in fact, foot traffic went down on sunday. people who live near parklet says the city needs to make
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sure that parklets get installed where they will be most beneficial. they get december street and start taking spots they don't fit in. >> city planners say they are monitoring the growth of the program, but so far they don't see to many. >> if we have four on a block that may be too many. we'll look at that. i don't think we are there yet. >>- q. i in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> adding to the beauty of the palace of fine arts in san francisco, some newborn swans. they were brought out by their mom and dad branch and blue boy. they hatched just yesterday, but they already have a run of the park. they look adorable. >> it looks cute. sandhya patel is here with
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what we can expect. >> mild to warm weather for the bay area. let me show you a time lapse from our high definition south beach camera. 8:16 and a few whispy clouds as we look to the west. the skies are pretty clear except for a couple of patches of fog forming around half moon bay. the temperature is and one of the coolest locations at this hour. we have a 65-degree reading in antioch. pretty much everyone else in the 50s. half moon bay 57 and got all the way up to 83 in fairfield. the temperatures are going up as we hit the weekend. patches of fog overnight and warmer days this weekend. we will see windy and cooler weather by the middle of next week. temperatures begin to rise today . they will continue to rise as we hit the weekend. this area of high pressure will provide us with mild to warm weather for the upcoming weekend. so really no problems as far as the events happening in the
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bay area. we start with the beta breakers first. as the race gets way under 7:00, clear skies at the start line, 54 degrees. expecting 57 at the midpoint at 10:00 a.m. and then racers are coming to the finish line at noontime. sunshine is really just comfortable weather. it is not going to be warm. it is not going to be chelly either. a nice looking weather for the beta breakers. now, there is another big event happening. this is the path of the annual eclipse on sunday night. the partial solar eclipse where the moon will cover 84% of the sun and the eclipse begins at 5:13 p.m. and it peaks at 6:33 p.m. once again you don't want to look directly in the sun. you definitely want to use the special glasses for the solar eclipse, or what you could do is get under a tree and just look down. you will see crescent-shaped sun beams there on the ground. so really nice looking conditions for the viewing.
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clear skies are expected for viewing. tomorrow morning though not perfectly clear. we will see mostly clear conditions except for a few patches of fog. it will be cool to start off your saturday, much like this morning. 45 in napa and 46 in santa rosa and 46 santa cruz. you can see upper 40s livermore, fremont, palo alto, san mateo and half moon bay. san jose 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon it is an 81-degree day in san jose. 84 in los gatos. 77 palo alto and 73 in san mateo. low 60s coast side. downtown san francisco, south san francisco mid60s. we are going to bring you warm weather in the north bay. 83 in santa rosa. get out toward the east bay, oakland 73 degrees. mid80s concord, livermore. 86 in antioch and around the monterey bay. it is beach weather. santa cruz, 75 degrees. mild to warm this weekend. cooler on monday for all areas. by the middle of next week it is a bigger cool down with windy conditions developing on
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wednesday and thursday. so take advantage of this beautiful weather, carolyn and dan. >> we will, thank you, sandhya. coming um, a new chapter in space history is about to be written. >> the commercial spacecraft that is taking over where thas
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a commercial rocket maker will make history as they have their other carrier to the spacestation. it contains a capsule carrying supplies likely food and clothing and science experiments for the spacestation. if it all times out the spacestation crew will use a robotic arm to haul the capsule aboard. the falcon is scheduled to liftoff from cape canaveral in about three hours. >> keep your fingers crossed. hope that works well. on to sports and the giants and a's tonight. >> larry beil is here with quite a series. >> it is quite a game. giants and a's squaring off in the bay bridge series opener. barry zito did it with his arm and believe it or not at the plate as well kind of. sports is next.
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the giants open the 15th year of open league play at at -- at&t park. barry zito the hitter came through. it was in honor of cabrera. the giants up 2-0 and donaldson is hitting .082 coming in. he crushes one off zito. zito goes 5 and a third and struck out five of the the a's were down 2-1. things unraffle for oakland. crawford with a drive to the alley and in comes bolanco. giants up 3-1. blevins in for parker and bases loaded and he walks zito forcing in a run. they walked zito twice tonight. they fear his bat. giants go up 8-1, but they could not stop the dangerous josh donaldson. the bases loaded and this is a three-run double. 8-6 game and donaldson with five r.b.i's. two on and two out and threatening caw see yaw and gets weeks on the ground ball
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to end it. giants hang on 8-6. ncaa softball and cal is number one in the nation and opening up with a victory in five innings. the mercy rule invoked. after blowing game two desperation time and a must win scenario against oklahoma city tonight in game three. the playoff series, though physical, russell westbrook and metta world peace mixing it up. he didn't do much. durant trying to crush the laker spirits to the hoop and with authority. it is 31 and kc is down three at the break. kobe bryant is trying to will the lakers to the win. high off the window and kobe with 36. lakers would take the lead. durant for three in the tie. the lakers take game three, but they still trail two games to 1. sixers and celtics in philly and rondo and along -- a little french pastry to
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himself. 15 points and 15 assists. in the third and paul pierce and three of his 24 points. celts were up 18. you would think game over, right 1234* no, the sixers storm back. he had 16 and the new ai huge down the stretch and sixers win and they tie the series at two. stage six was rough. he said he was starting to go cross eyed and was racked with cramps. and he was the winner. 115 miles and palmdale to big bear lake. george out front in this mountain climb in just over five hours. he bounced back nicely and he took second place. he is still up by 34 seconds. they were going out in style and wood came in to face and struck him out and then instantly retired. a great scene at the end. >>er


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