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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  May 22, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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the case of missing bay area teenager. >> 15-year-old sierra la mar missing and now considered murdered. good evening. >> we have live team coverage tonight. >> we go first to receive news nick leif at the sheriff's office in san jose. >> good evening. tonight a man sits in jail facing one count of murder and one count of kidnapping in the disappearance of sierra la mar. 21-year-old garciator east of morgan hill being held in santa clara county jail tonight. sheriff's deputy arrested torrez around 6 tonight. investigators say torrez is the owner of the red vw jet take collected with la mar disappearance. torrez was arrested at the safeway store where he works on tenth avenue in morgan hill. investigators questioned him for several hours. they seized the red vw early this month. t has been just more than two months since 15-year-old sierra la mar van issued after leaving her home for school in morgan hill.
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past two days they sorted through tips that came in last week ep sotd of america most wanted that featured her case. now a sheriff's spokesman says some you will kaingers reported seeing the read volkswagen back live santa clara county sheriff smith is hear right now. filling news with information. i'll take of and we'll jump in here. >> can you talk to us about that. >> as far as dna and other physical evidence we'll talk about that tomorrow. rate now i think it's just important that we let you know that we have made an arrest the person booked into jail. >> why did you make the move this evening? why this evening? is. >> he was arrested today because this is how we thought the arrest should be done and public safety is our main concern. we don't want anyone else hurt. we don't want any more little girls taken. >>reporter: have you reached out to the family and what are they saying. >> this is very have i difficult for the family. they have been very supportive all along. they understand. we kept them apprised of everything that has happened
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with the investigation all along we think it's important they know. it's very difficult for them. tomorrow when we do the press conference the family will be there. >> has he been under survillains for some time and if so how long. >> again we will address that many to. he has been under survillains. we'll fill you in on a lot of details with the press conference. >> are you confident that -- >> he has been charged with murder that means we believe we have probable cause to believe that he committed the kidnapping and murder of sierra la mar. >>reporter: back here. i'm telling you that she will give us more information tomorrow t.santa clara county sheriff's says she will have a press conference tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. of course my colleague corrina has more information on her end. i'll send it back to you. we are live in san jose, 7 news. >> thank you nick. >> man arrested was taken into custody at the safeway where he works in morgan hill. >> corrina from live tonight with eyewitness account of what
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happened. corrina? >>reporter: right. the arrest happened here where sheriff keep ty did arrest 21-year-old garcia torrez earlier this evening. he worked at the safe waechlt he has been arrested as nick said for one count of murder and one count of kidnapping. he apparently had been under surville's for some time. police sheriff's deputy specifically had identified his red jet a as being a vehicle of interest in connection with the march 16 disappearance of sierra la mar. the red jetta was identified to the public on may 7. captured several times on videotape and tonight one of the witnesses to the arrest hear at the safeway talked to us the bob fox who works at near by business. >> about 5:30 i was at work and we just saw a bunch of cops and guns drawn and i couldn't see
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anyone. took him away all the cops. just cops and cop cars. >>reporter: okay. again as we heard from sheriff smith she's not releasing details yet. 21-year-old garcia torrez is the sole person wanted in a connection with apparently the murder and kidnapping of 15-year-old sierra la mar. this has been a case that has gallivanizeed this community. thousands of people have literally turned out for community volunteer searches. sheriff's deputy swelts fbi has spent thousands of hours on this case searching for sierra la mar all with the hope she welcome back found alive and returned to her family. marlene la mar her mother. as well as steve la mar her fathe father. her sister danielle lar may all set up a web site find sierra la they have been working vigilantly
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with the community and with sheriff detectives for the last two months in hopes that this young girl would be returned to her family safely. apparently that will not be the happy ending they hoped for. one count of murder. one count of kidnapping. one suspect in custody. we'll have much more on this case as it develops. again news conference to be held at 8 only tomorrow morning at the sheriff's department reporting life in morgan hill, corrina, abc 7 news. >> thanks crane a. >> again this all began march 16 as she was on her way to school bus stop near her home in morgan hill. first of dozens of searches by the sheriff's department and hundreds of volunteers began almost medley. first conclude found her purse with some clothes and in different location her cell phone. reward fund quickly grew reaching 25,000 dollars. search expanded to include grounds around gilroy including
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lakes and reservoirs. first solid break appeared to come two week ass ago when investigators found a red volkswagen jet a linked to her disappearance. we continue the coverage of the nar this case. morning news starts at 4:30. >> questions raised over the berkeley police chief possible abuse of resources. several detectives worked over time to find the chief's sons stolen i-phone. lillian is live at the berkeley police department with more on the story. lillian? >>reporter: in a span of just 2 and a half months the chief may finding himself in hot water for the second time. berkeley police chief michael once again defending himself. this time over the bay he handled his son's stolen i-phone. his son intend berkeley high. somebody stole it from its locker. he ordered his dpebingts to track it did you know. they followed the signal from berkeley to 55
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street in san pablo avenue north oakland. couldn't find it. effort ended up costly berkeley taxpayers 2 hours of over time for the each of senior. many were surprised at the number of resources used. >> that does sound excessive. >> if everybody is allowed to get their cell phone that way, that would be great. >>reporter: spokesperson says using detectives to track down cell phone not unusual. sergeant mary wrote berkeley police department long recommended that community members use tracking software on the devices. low tech software in order to support investigation and possible recovery of stolen property. chief is already under scrutiny for sending officer to reporter house back in march. changes to a story. ongoing investigation into that
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incident. review commission says he still gives the chief the benefit of the doubt. >> by all the accounts and stories and he's done a good job of doing his crime in the city and reorganize the police department and the dealing with the serious issues that any city of this size has. the. >>reporter: commissioner sherman said there may have been a very good security reason to retrieve the phone. may have contained personal information of police department employee. abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. >> plane made a crash landing in southern california tonight he missing a home by near fit feet. pilot reported engine movements before it bent down. it knocked out power to the neighborhood. pilot the only person on pwovrmentd he was injured but is reportedly in stable condition tonight. >> we may find out tomorrow that the goeld warriors are leaving oakland and jumping the
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bay to san francisco. nobody on the team or it's city is talking to. but as explains signs it's a done deal. >> yes they definitely have plans to put the rooch a right here on the end of the pier. >>reporter: the owner of this story says president of the golden gate warrior told him yesterday they are going to build a rye shun pats says they plan to build. >> they wanted to talk to me about how they put the arena here. >> what did they say. >> they said they are coming. they are developing coming. >> disappointing because something here for so many years. >> but in oakland there was no hint of a move today as the warriors started the pre-draft workouts. >> at this time we are not prepared to make any comments or announcements. >> even san francisco may ed
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lee full court press on the warrior owner was tight lipped. >> we put everything we can and best foot forward for the warriors to consider san francisco and we are going to apparently witness for the the their decision. >>reporter: if it happens mayor lee says it would be a privately financed at&t park any way. i think homeowners and condo owner are l great for their prot when there's a giant gamealready can not make it out of here. you cap not make it open to the freud within 30 minutes already. >>reporter: tent and chair set up at the pier today but "newsnight"of the events staff or anyone from the city or wore your seen the possible announcement of warrior move to san francisco. abc 7 news. wife of san francisco
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sheriff its setting record state in app exclusive interview with dan. he influence to lopez hometown of talk about the domestic violence case against her husband the sheriff. f. >> all that was going outside that is not true. that never happened. >> where does that come from. >> i don't know. imagination of someone. >> exclusive interview with miss lopez tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. just ahead. meat glue. >> i'm dan noise with 7 new it heals paces of meat tossed out. >> 7 news at 11:00
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i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program. join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way. if. >> we have new information about another kind of meat glu glue. product that binds bits and pieces together to look
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like whole steak. as dan explains, you may not even know you are eating it. >>reporter: we are looking at one midwestern company that is helping processors remake meat unsellable and steak for restaurant table. this is reality in the meat industry. innovation. efficiency and yield really coming to their old. this corporate video proud in 1995 to market this to meat processors we found it on you tube. it shows how small piece office meat tumble through a production line are turned into whole fillet. >> any shape or semi-finished product used. >>reporter: it's made from protein isolated and extracted from cow blood pure sued. it's a dog atlanta same things that
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follows pieces of meet that would be discarded back together. it's a picture of different most pro. use of fiber means a significant reduction. >> those unl l saleable parts are the tougher meat left over after processors cut the best parts of a beef tenderloin. stus met. the company that makes this and the dutch business partner defen the practice saying repurposeing all that trim reduces waste. company owner recently talked to journalist by phone. >> what these people are getting is the same if i label meant. it's proud in a different way. but it's the same type of muscle. >> christian also told reporters where stake are made
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with profit sold the provide it retailers as well as restaurant chance and smaller restaurants. >> that's where things get complicated. federal government says meat treated with meat glue safe to eat but has labels. that doesn't aplay to residents. you wouldn't know you are eating it. that could the pose a health risk if you eat it rare. on normal steak inside is steroids doesn't have to be thoroughly kicked but on a glut steak bacteria gets in while processing. that's okay to say it's just safe. has to be something that l we wanted in this place something we have to deal with. they provide legal help to whistle blowers and how this makes its way to the
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consumer. not to meat glue. there's a power of knowing and incredible of power in act and incredible of telling them that you are not interesting these products he. >> steve banking on backlash against mass proud meat. if this ace company in the san francisco ferry building. miss model here is to his tries and swallow like meet glaw wrist nationally con investigated it quhebing. cost more here but the business is 35 customers willing to pay for a peace of the pie. >> if you are concerned where you are coming from me in particular if you spend more money on higher quality product equity you can change the quality of food on your taim table for your family. contacted dozen chain restaurants in california to try to pin down who uses meat
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glue. no surprise many restaurants did not reresponsibility. but some are stepping to they are azizler out there walk children and bd. 7 news back to you. >> all right. thanks move on and talk about the weather forecast. >> sandy is hear now with that. >> yes. this is what you may facing tomorrow morning for the commute. this is a time lapse from the high definition emer emeryville camera. low clouds really have spread across the bay area and areas of fog causing poor visibility in pockets as you can see here. temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's. today high pressure the livermore went from 91 yesterday total 73 degrees today to so cooler. area wide and looking at for tomorrow. cloudy breezy patchy fog overnight. turning sunny mild tomorrow and we look at windy and cooler weather wednesday through friday so really in for a cool pattern
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just a slight bump up tomorrow in the afternoon. for the temperatures. away from the coast. here's a cold front showers staying to the north of us. but what the front does is continue to deepen our marine layer and possibly even produce spotty drizzle for morning commute. fog first thing in the morning. breezy temperature low mid 50's and tomorrow afternoon you look at slightly warmer day bay side inland go with 76 in santa ros rosa. 80 fairfield. concord livermore sfichbility 76 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. 58 degrees in half machine bay. for the monterey bay 63 in monterey. up to 81 in gilroy. 79 in morgan hill. 7 day forecast a little bit milder bay side inland tomorrow. windy and cooler for your wednesday through friday time period. only low 70's in the warmest location friday but warming trend coming from memorial day weekend lovely weather for the long holiday weekend. mike will be in first thing tomorrow morning starting
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at 4:30 and he will be tracking any late development in the with beings is that all right thanks. >> update on the arrest of the sierra la mar case. sierra la mar case. >> we'll be right back óñ
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>> we bring you the latest on breaking news disappearance and arrest in disappearance of 15-year-old sierra la mar. >> nick smith is live at the sheriff's department. nick this is now a murder investigation. >>reporter: absolutely. this has been developing all evening. in fact the sheriff tells us she will have mr. information for everyone tomorrow but writ now they wanted to let everyone know that suspect has been taken off the street. they believe responsible for the death and disappearance of sierra la mar. the man sitting in jail is 21-year-old angel torrez from morgan hill held in the santa clara county jail. he was arrested 6 tonight. he's the owner of the red vwjetta believed to be connected to la mar disappearance. he was arrested at the safeway store where it is believed he works 0over on tenth avenue. investigators questioned him for several hours. seized the
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red car earlier this month. been more than two months since she vanished after leaving her home in morgan hill for ask. during the past few days investigators sorted through tips that came in from last weekend episode of america most wanted. now detectives tell me that one of the things that led to the brake in the case was the discovery of that car. when they had the car they were able then to gather more information. whether saw the car. when did you see the car. very pleased with the way things have turned out. tomorrow we will learn details about dna evidence that may or may not have been found. in the car, back to you in the studio. >> reporting live san jose tonight thanks nick. >> another big story we have been following tonight in the world of sports. has to do with the warriors. >> maybe coming across the bay. may find out as soon as tomorrow. >> impending nounlts we think. warriors about to close the door in oakland. and the thought on the fans there. 14
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innings in 4 and a half hours. comes down to this swing by the is the before is.
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>> good evening. giants open 7 game road trip in milwaukee. opened with a homer and back up sanchez closed it with a homer 4 and a half hours later wearing the sunday best. in milwaukee. giants they need more power and buster provides it right here. 3 run homer in the first off wolf. 3 nothing giants in a flash but one score for another 13 innings. many curbing 3rd inning of wolf and then harsh and get nothing and like it. baumgarner struck out 10. 3-1 in the eighth. reigning mvp he gnaw it was gone. 2 run homer. baumgarner chased we are tied all wait to the 14. 3


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