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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 22, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> this is the man authorities say kidnapped and murdered sierra la mar. morgan hill teenager who went missing in march. >> this is worst kind of crime stranger abduction to young girl. >> it's a shock. >>reporter: suspect family says authorities have the wrong man. while her family says they are not giving up hope.
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>> i believe there's a reason why she wasn't found. so i'm not we are not giving up on that. >> they are not. good evening. >> sierra family cling to the possibility at she's still alive but the arrest of homicide suspect makes it very clear sadly that authorities are convinced she has been murdered. as you can see from search crew return to the rest voyeur at morgan hill where she lived. hard to imagine they are looking for anything but her body. our coverage begins at morgan hill where lisa is live for us tonight. lisa? >> this search center behind me will be packed in just 11 hour hours. filled with people looking for sierra. and this center is normally closed. all day tuesday. but today volunteers open their doors to anyone seeking solace or information about sierra and the latest arrest. last night sheriff's deputy arrested garcia torrez. 21-year-old is
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accused of kidnapping and killing sierra la mar. detectives found sierra dna and the suspect's dna on her discarded clothes found 2 days after her disappearance and inside of his red jetta. >> it's my belief this was purely random. it was an absolute stranger abduction. no information that we have of any type that the two know each other. have had any contact. we believe this is the worst kind of a crime. >> until there's a body we are not going to believe otherwise. >>reporter: at this time is that hope that the 15-year-old is still alive. that is driving this community. sierra family also believes she's alive. they expect tomorrow's volunteer search to be one of the biggest yet. several people have already signed up. now there are 10 different search locations spread throughout morgan hill and the doors here at the search center will open at 8:00 a.m. live in morgan hill tonight, lisa abc 7
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news. >> thanks very much. now finding sierra la mar is of course important to her family but legal analyst dean johnson reminds us that it's also critical to investigators. >> this is a critical time in a homicide investigation because the suspect apparently is still talking to the police. and those police want an answer to one question. where is sierra la mar. if the suspect can give a truthful answer to that question, may very well save himself from the death penalty. >> now the man arrested for sierra murder has lived in morgan hill most of his life. in a a addddddioioiotototo m m d kidnapping he's suspect entered safeway parking lot assault three years ago. he was convicted and arrested for but never charged with having sex with a minor in 2010. but nonetheless his family claims he did not kill sierra. 7 news reporter vick lee with that part of the story. >>reporter: garcia torrez
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her son last night after his arrest defer tell you that he was involved with any of this. >> no. e.t. say that he wasn't surprise for hit. he say he never see at the time girl. >>reporter: but as arrest last night at morgan hill safeway parking lot should have come as no surprise to the 21-year-old. it was culmination of months of investigation and surveillance by sheriff's investigators. at the time suspect mother says they even put attracting device in both their cars. >> find one in my car too. that's why they know where he going and everything. >>reporter: torres talked to her son last night after his arrest. she says he spoke only about his child emily. >> i need to be strong because i need you help. you need you you taking care of my fv kid emily don't let emily alone. >>reporter: sheriff's deputy
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even searched the mobile home where torres, his wife, 19 month old child and his mother live. we spoke with his sister if who told us he had been cooperating with investigators. >> you would think that he would, i don't know, go away or try to run away or something. he has been nothing but xlipt with the police. given 2 dna swab. >>reporter: in 2009 2 women were assaulted here and this sketch of the suspect then. resemblance to torrez uncanny. they say his dna is linked to at least one of the cases. >> other 2 cases are still under investigation. and we are seeing if we can't tie him into those 2 as well. >>reporter: torrez was arrested at the safeway where he used to work. his mother tells us he's now a tree trimmer. he refused our request for a jail house interview. he will be arraigned later this week on murder and kidnapping charges. vick lee, 7 news. >> all right. our coverage of
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the la mar case continue thes at 9:30. laura anthony talked with her friends about how they learned the latest development in that case. stay here with us agent later on in the hour for more on this story. but moving on to the other big story tonight. questions swirling around facebook debut on the stock market last week. there is word that the banks may have shared confidential information with their bigger customers. and "wall street journal"says this man facebook chief financial officer may have increased the number of shares being offered in advance of the i p o. and that may have inadvertently ensured a stock slide for facebook. more from dan harris. >> let's do it. >>reporter: when thousands of individual investors raced to buy face back stock, key piece of information being withheld? tonight the government top stock market regulator is calling for a review of the fizzle i p o. >> there are issues that we need to look at specifically with respect to facebook. >>reporter: one of those
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issues may the news first reported by some that 3 of the bank behind the deal determined in the final hours that facebook earnings were likely to be lower than expected. reportedly the bank didn't share that information with the public only with insiders. >> if i'm a regular investor and i bought this stock and didn't know what the insiders knew, should i object upset. >> if people with more power and money to invest got a different set of facts and information and analysis than the average retail investor, then yes. that's trouble. >>reporter: troubling enough that mackenzie has now issued a subpena to one of those banks. morgan stanley. tonight the bank issued a statement saying it broke no rules. as the stock tanked lots of little guys are getting whacked including college senior tvl who bought 50 shares on opening day. >> ended up selling my shares 11 percent loss. >>reporter: as facebook stock swoon consider the case of amazon which tanked after it debut in 1997. but after it
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proved that on line shopping could be profitable the stock is now up 1200 percent. l so while the man in the hoodie is sucking wind tonight don't count him out. dan harris abc news, new york. in the mean time facebook price fell another 9 percent today to 31 dollars a share. california is expecting a facebook tax windfall based on price of the 35 dollars a shar share. remember it opened on friday at 38 dollars a share. san francisco semi con gold dust lounge is leaving union square for fisherman wharf according to sentinel. 47-year-old bar was set to close after losing its lease in a contentious public battle with its landlord then came today nounlts. owner will close the gold dust by saturday and reopen on fisherman wharf by september. but they did not say exactly where. from her hometown of
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venzuela miss lopez speaks out against the release of video that could help remove her husband as san francisco sheriff. during the criminal domestic violence case against mirkarimi the district attorney office released still from the video showing a bruise on lopez arm. we showed you that on the news. now mayor lee pushing for the ethic commission to receive the video and release it fully to the public. >> if i really were a woman in domestic violence situation, if i were really a woman who is terrified f-how this can help me? this could committees industry me completely. if i am in san francisco how can you deal with that if i were really a victim? >>reporter: dan exclusive interview with lopez airs tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. please tune in for that. speculation turn to fact
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today. coming up next. >> it has been 41 years since >> it has been 41 years since the ssz
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san francisco may lose 49ers but they gain another professional sports team. warriors made it official toda today. they are leaving oakland and plan to build an arena along san francisco waterfront. carolyn tyler is there. >> this has been a remarkable journey for us. >>reporter: just 18 months ago joe and his business partner peepter bought the warriors. today with much pomp and circumstance and with nba commissioner david stern looking on, they announce a move across the bay. mayor lee says now the hard work begins.
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[applause]. >> i'm very committed. this is in my opinion, my signature legacy if you will. 590. i would like to get this done for the whole bay area but also for future generations. >>reporter: envision is 500 million dollar state of the art high tech arena. 0for ban. concerts and conventions. it will sit at the tip of pier 3 30-32 just down from the giants ballpark. investors are lined up to privately finance the project. but still in san francisco there are always road blocks and political challenge challenges. >> there are risk is. always a risk when you do anything like this. this is a very, very big project. massive gamble. >> the city believes the facility will create thousands of new jobs and bring in revenue from a boom in business around the arena. fans want to know is will the move attract big name players. to create a winning team?
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>> this is incredible location and i think it only makes us that much more enticing when you talk about the rest of the sports world. commitment is winning. >> former basketball superstar and now team executive al l a little is part of warrior history from phillies to san francisco to oakland. >> someone told me years ago the reason it became the golden state warrior they always remain in business. this happened now. >>reporter: i asked co-owner peter about a possible name change and he pointed to this tiny pin that he was wearing on the lapel. it says 20 17 golden state warriors. if san francisco, pier 30-tloo. >> see if it holding up. warriors decision is not sitting well over in oakland. a lot of dispointed fans. nick smith has the fan reaction.
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>> i think it's going to kill the fan base. >>reporter: warrior fan mike is disappointed by the team plan. >> i think when they first bought the team l that was their whole intent moving to san francisco. >>reporter: new fan base but some think the game is not over yet. >> reality is that it's not a slam dunk. >>reporter: joe harper cautious excitement is one thing. reality another. >> takes a lot of time, money and will it be a pencil out business decision that remains to be seen. >>reporter: city hall still dreaming of new sports complex called coliseum city. development they already committed millions to. response today predicted warrior new plan wouldn't fly. in the end we will leave space for the warriors after they are exhausted from the california environmental quality act litigation and cost increase required to be on the san francisco waterfront. >> they will be financially responsible. >>reporter: councilman also sits on the coliseum board. warriors current landlord.
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>> i think our job is to make sure that they do their obligation. >>reporter: in 1996 100 million spent to the remodel for the warriors. still unanswered how the debt paid if the team leaves. >> then they become responsible for portion of. that too early to tell. definitely is not like they are just going to close the door and walk away on the other side and forget about oakland. tl not going to happen. >>reporter: the coliseum authority will have to approve any change made to the original agreement. board is scheduled to meet next on june 15. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> all right on to the weather spencer christian is here mild throughout but awfully breezy. wind in some spots. >> you are right. gust over 40 miles per hour some location so it is indeed down right wine. high definition sutro camera lacking at san francisco on the
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clear brisk breezy evening. all around the bay area brisk and breezy. today pretty mild in some spots in terms of our high pressure but we did have breezy conditions especially near the coast. high reach 80 degrees today at fairfield and antioch. gilroy 83 at santa cruz. 81 santa rosa so we did have a few warm spots but at the moment the wind is our big concern. we have gusts to 47 miles per hour. sfo right now 38 miles per hour gust in oakland. 24 santa rosa. 30 fairfield. all around the bay area windy at this hour. temperatures generally in the 50's although we have few inland location that is have readings in the 60's and these are the highlights. sunny breezy tomorrow cooler and windy still on thursday. with slight chance of showers. so thinks indeed unusual week for late may. satellite radar composite image shows cold front sweeping through the northern part of the state which includes of course the bay area. reinforcing the breezy pattern we already have and riding the jet stream we have other disturbance stacked
9:19 pm
up in a row that will bring us even cooler and windy conditions on thursday and friday. so let's start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. see the front sweep on through. showers to our north. just windy conditions here. low clouds fog pushing in overnight and then blown away from the coast tomorrow end up with sunny breezy day again tomorrow. overnight tonight look for some low clouds fog to push locally inland and across the bay at some spots but not very wide spread. low pressure will drop that the upper 40's in cooler inland location. low 50's for most of the remainder of the bay area. then tomorrow winds still rather brisk. we see mainly sunny skies. high pressure in the south bay mainly low to mid 70's up to about 73 san jose. 74 at campbell. on the peninsula high of 67 san mateo o. 70 appease at redwood city and palo alto on the coast breezy cool with high in the 50's at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 62 tomorrow. sunset district
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57 degrees. north bay high mainly in the mid 70's but upper 70's at some spots. 77 santa rosa and nap a.76 at sonoma. east bay high 67 berkeley 69 oakland 68 newark 70 castro valley and inland east bay a little bit milder not much. mid upper 70's. 77 at concord and livermore 75 in dublin and monterey bay see high in the low 70's at watso watsonville and santa cruz near the bay and mid upper 70's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling continues friday when we have very cool day with high only in the upper 60's to about 70 inland. and slight chance of showers and mid 50's on the coast. start warming up over the weekend. memorial day weekend by the way and warmest day of the forecast period. warmest day will be monday and tuesday appropriately enough. so start to get back into more seasonal range of temperatures. >> not bad. >> not at all. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. all in the hands the san francisco start
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up that is eliminating the need for a keyboard or even a mouse. >> plus 5 minutes match making. we take you to a start up speed dating party. 7 news at 9:00 continues right after [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney, it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving. let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way.
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>> doing business in silicon valley is a bit different. perhaps even unorthodox. getting people to buy into a brand new idea can be about the pitch. is jonathan goes deep inside one of the tech community longest running tradition. >> the talk is good. makes you miss some things. >>reporter: like in speed dating you have 5 minutes. in the a second more. >> can't get your point across if 5 minutes you have work to do. we roll out next week and
9:25 pm
hope you find security. >> right on we are out of time. >>reporter: then come the question. >> savvy crowd. i was actually quite well warned about what to expect with the questions. >> how are you going reassure users that data is secure. >> when the data is being recorded on the phone it's all encripted locally. it's not social but is that the end game for that. >> we don't want to go in social direction. that's not our dna. >>reporter: survive the grilling and you could be like xavier. >> white house actually used. >>reporter: cool enough for the president and oprah social media tool debut here last year and since raised two million dollars. now the young ceo is back to inspire l young people he thinks can change the world. >> better future ahead of us. just have to shape it. entrepreneur hacker are the one who will shape the future. >>reporter: in san francisco jonathan. abc 7 news. >> in the mean time san francisco start up is long past
9:26 pm
the 5 minute stage. leap is into motion control with just the wave of a finger you can scroll through the computer screen and compose handwritten notes or sign an official document right there in the ai air. leap motion work was technology similar to that of microsoft x box game system but leap motion says the device is 200 times more accurate. it should be available by the end of the year. >> when 7 news at 9 continues here tonight. passenger claims she was surgically enhanced for terrorism. bizarre note that forced an emergency landing. that's ahead. >> plus students at la mar high school. why they are staying optimistic about the missing teenager. >> and the fancy green machine that is leaving the prius in [ mechanical humming ]
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. more complication with facebook initial public offering. there is word that morgan stanley may have shared an analyst negative report with institutional investors but not others. ahead of facebook i p o last week. >> the warriors made it official. they want to build a new arena on the san francisco waterfront and move the team from oakland in 20 17. officials say san francisco will have a tough time getting by the environmental litigation and the other costs associated with the project. and sheriff's officials have arrested garcia torrez avila mary dna was found in his vehicle and his dna was found in sierra's bag. his family say he's wrongly accused of kidnapping and killing the missing 15-year-old teenager. >> in the mean time sierra friends and classmates are trying to remain optimistic in the face of the latest development. sierra and her
9:31 pm
family moved from fremont in the fall and has close friends in both communities. laura spoke with one student who found herself nearly face-to-face with the suspect seconds before he was arrested. >>reporter: despite the latest do feelment in the la mar case, the miller family of morgan hill have no plans to remove the messages from the suv. any time soon. >> i'm not ready to quit. my heart my mind every fiber in my being says we are going to keep the faith and keep looking until we find her. >>reporter: she said her family had her mother and boyfriend over for dinner last night. 15-year-old mat miller is a teammate of sierra on all star cheer leading squad. this shows sierra and other girls in happy times competing in tournament last december. >> my thoughts and my hope is she's still alive. until we know for sure you can't say anything different. >> we pulled in the parking lot and that's when he washed off my window. >>reporter: this is sierra school mate happened to witness the arrest of suspect garcia
9:32 pm
torrez at morgan hill safeway monday night. >> guy walked past my window and he was like 2 inches from it and then all of a sudden like all the undercover cops came and stuff and they were lick get on the ground get on the ground. >>reporter: the friends at this high school are trying to stay positive despite the latest difficult news. >> it's hard to hear utility being talked about all day at school but we are just staying positive and hanging in there. >>reporter: this parent says she is at least a little relaevd. that an arrest has been made. >> when i hope they have some solid evidence you know that this really is the guy because i have to say i have been pretty uneasy. >> i'm glad they found something and found somebody. i just, i pray for the family. >>reporter: the counselors brought in here at the high school to help students deal with the latest developments. same is true up in fremont and washington high where sierra attended up until late last
9:33 pm
year n.morgan hill, abc 7 news. >> and stay with us and our web site we'll have continuing coverage as the la mar investigation continues to develop. . tonight we learn the boyfriend of woman killed in an accident last week has been charged now with her death. 22-year-old lopez seen here on facebook photo with her son was a brand new uc berkeley graduate when she died. today her boyfriend was charged with vehicular manslaughter. according to san francisco chronicle article his blood alcohol content was double the legal limit when his cadillac hit a tree. lopez 6-year-old son is reportedly paralyzed and on life support. >> the runway at philadelphia international airport temporarily closed today when a pilot thought he saw a flare shot into the sky. listen to the air traffic control. >> was there a flare being shot up say at you. >> yes. probably no more than 50 feet off the right wing.
9:34 pm
looked like a flare gun. >> okay. wow! >> police received 911 call about a flare gun being fired near the airport but officers never found any evidence of that. but the pilot is certain that he saw something. another dramatic incident in the sky today. plane from paris to north carolina passenger handed a note to a flight attendant. message was so alarming that fighter jets were scrambled. plane diverted and fbi agents waited for it when it was forced to land in maine. here's lisa stark. >>reporter: the crew of the airways flight didn't want to take any chances. the woman was reportedly acting suspiciously when she passed a note to the flit attendant. sources say the note written in french did not mention a bomb. but did claim the woman had a surgically implanted device of some kind. this just weeks after abc news reported that several authorities are beefing up security over concerns that al qaeda might use surgically
9:35 pm
implanted body bombs to target u.s. flights from over seas. the crew on this flight was so concerned it asked for any doctors on board to examine in the woman for any recent scars. they found none. but the pilot still decided to get on the ground and fast. bangor maine was the closest airport. student alexis on flat flight told us that the passengers had no idea of the real drama unfolding. >> the pilot came over at the time intercom and said that we needed to make a landing because we were low on fuel. >>reporter: at the same time 2 fighter jets were scrambled out of a base in massachusetts to intercept the flight. >> if shadow these guys. >>reporter: agents boarded the flight and removed the woman. it was only then that the pilot told passengers what was really going on.
9:36 pm
>> they were all pretty shocked. surprisingly they didn't freak out and start screaming but tl jaw drop. >>reporter: woman taken in custody. she was thoroughly questioned and examined. there was no explosive device. but officials are praising the action of the crew saying they made the tough decision to land and the right one. lisa stark, abc news, reagan national airport. still ahead tonight. she inspired a movie and now the bay area real life alien hunter is taking on a new job. >> also tonight at 9:00. today historic rocket launch. >> it's a great day for america u.the for us it's like winning the super bowl >> hear more from the man behind the historic rocket launch. a lot of irons in the
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>> cars and conservation. porsche unveiling the new 9 18 spider that goes 200 miles an hour and still get 94 miles to the gallon. more economical than the prius. goes into production next year and will cost a little more than the prius. 1.5 million dollars. >> same time word about tesla the company will deliver the first mass proud car from palo alto. at the end of june. first mass proud electric car. it's owned by the man who celebrates tonight. his other company space x rocketed into history today with the first commercially launched rocket to the international space station. lisa has more on tha that. >> 2, 1, zero, >> after years of effort and months of delays history in the making. for the first time privately built rocket space
9:41 pm
capsule heading to the international space station. >> nasa turns to the private sector. >>reporter: space x with the capsule named dragon is the dream of billionaire who made his fortune launching pay pal. it's one of a number of companies buying to get into space. >> more like the dawn of new era of space exploration. >>reporter: with the shuttle park at museum and u.s. relaying on the russian to ferry astronauts and cargo to the space station, nasa is turning to private companies to fill the gap. it paid space x 400 million dollars for 2 launches. >> they now are going to be primarily responsible for building and operating and we are going to buy the service from them. purchase the service from them. >>reporter: dragon job to catch up to the space station and pull alongside. if all goes well, it will link up with the station so astronauts can unload 1200 pounds of food and supplies. the capsule is also carrying the ashes of 308
9:42 pm
people. including james hunt scotty from star trek. ashes in a canister will be jettison into space. lisa abc news washington. l one more note about space. everything that could be in it. the astronomer who was the inspiration for the movie contact is retiring. of. >> talk to me guys. moving. >>reporter: that is foster playing a character based on the real life jill carter. she spent 35 years as head of the institute in mountain view actively looking for signs of intelligent life. now she will work behind the scenes expan expanding research opportunities and raising money. . next. voices from the bay area historic past. you hear from the workers who built the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge. recorded
9:43 pm
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>> pair of honors for milk what would have been his 82 birthday. in long beach civic leaders broke ground on the premenade park. it is the first park ever to be named for the gay civil rights leader and today in san diego officials named the first street after him. california has declared may 22 harvey milk day. this weekend marks the 75 anniversary of the golden gate bridge and as you might expect surviving men who helped build the bridge are few and far between these days but many of their voice were his recorded for posterity years ago. tv transportation reporter heather has their story. is sfchl ♪ .
9:47 pm
>>reporter: this gelleden gate bridge district video shows the great human energy that went into building the bridge in the depression era. district interviewed original bridge work inter2007 who remembered earning 5.50 a day. >> very fortunate if you had a steady job those days. what i did was just manual labor. whatever had to be done t.most difficult job i had was cable came up couldn't rub on the steel. so they put a big wooden block underneath and i had to get underneath and screw it up. that was the scary job. but most of the time we pushed concrete around. big anchor block would pour a full day.
9:48 pm
create. you were up there with your hip boots pushing it around because you just had to keep tamping tapping it to the set the concrete prop recall. >>reporter: legendary bridge iron worker left the bay bridge project to work on the golden gate. we talked to him for the 50th anniversary in 1987. >> the had magic some kind of magic to it. i don't know. we just wanted to good out there. i probably would have worked for half the money i got. to be there. >>reporter: union iron workers like he were paid a premium. >> most guy would get 20 dollars, $25 a week. we were getting 55. it was good money at the time. >>reporter: jensen worked on the bridge for all 4 years of the project. >> dangerous. windy. >>reporter: 2007 district interview he told the current bridge superintendent about tossing coins that the concret concrete. >> pouring concrete you threw money in. okay. . why did you do that?
9:49 pm
>> for the hell of it >> for the hell of it that's good reason. okay. >> may 28. 1937. opening day. >>reporter: today the bridge stands as monument to the men who built it. heather, abc 7 news. >> the 75 years this weekend. all right let's go back and update the forecast. spencer watching the forecast big celebration this weekend. >> yes. i took the day off from school for that grand opening. let me show you nice picture submitted just by him if over beautiful morning even with the cloud. tomorrow state wide sunny skies except for few clouds way up in the northwest most corner of the state. mild in the interior section and hot down in the desert. here in the bay area mainly sunny skie skies. breezy and cool and high pressure mainly in the 70's inland. 60's right around the bay and 50's on the coast. and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. windy and cool wednesday thursday and friday. friday is the coolest day of
9:50 pm
the forecast period within land high only up to about 70 degrees. 50 on the coast but we start to warm-up over memorial day weekend and by monday tuesday we'll be looking at milder readings temperatures in the low 80's inland. mid 70's around the bay. >> thanks spencer. >> all right. >> larry here with all the sports of course and warriors flying the coop. want to come to san francisco. >> i tell you pretty exciting. the plans they have. we get into that and more on the arena plans in san francisco plus l finding the stroke in milwaukee plus a throw that you have got to see to believe. sports is to see to believe. sports is next ♪
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>> coming up tonight 7 news. things get tense in oakland. meeting about occupy oakland. what happened tonight that forced police to shut it down. >> and signs of the fire season in the east bay. those stories and more one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. mr. mr. beall is here with all the sports. again the big news
9:54 pm
today about the warriors. >> it's very exciting. people in oakland obviously are pretty frustrated because it appears they are going to lose one maybe 2 maybe 3 teams before all done but we'll see. meanwhile the warriors tip off the 20 17 season they are playing in a waterfront palace in san francisco if all goes as planned. privately financed 500 million dollar arena that will be state of the art. mike was in the ceremony today where even was upbeat about the jump shot across the bay. >> winning remains our no. 1 priority. and this arena is about winning. the. >>reporter: joe making a big splash today at pier 30 and 32 site of the new arena set to open in 20 17. >> we will play here in 20 17. take that as a promise that we will fulfill. we'll be a world class entertainment venue. we are all in. >>reporter: warriors front office may all in but what about the loyal oakland fwhoons
9:55 pm
have supported this team for the past 30 years. >> i would say that they are going to l have another venue in which to express their support. which i hope is as easy for them to get to as the oracle arena is for san francisco fans to get to. >>reporter: this venue should enhance the team ability to attract free agent to san francisco. >> i think when a player perspective player we may looking at lacks at something like this and project like this what they should see is ownership group committed to winning. >> big step forward in the future here. another way to attract free agent. really increasing our fan experience to go to games. >>reporter: head coach jackson joked he may not be around in 5 years to know joy the arena. >> 20 17 is a long way away. as player and coach so we want to continue to do the things we are supposed to do to put us in the position to not just be proud of a great building but be proud of what we are
9:56 pm
building. >>reporter: ground work lid for the new arena but still the golden state warrior bay area basketball team n.san francisc francisco, mike, abc 7 sports. >> f all right addition to basketball the new arena will host concerts and conventions. joe the co-owner says there will be plenty of parking and ferry service to the games. now up next environmental impact reports and maybe up to 100 million dollars just to shore up those pier which are in disrepair. well see. long way to go here. warrior news on the court. rookie team today thompson took on a bigger role after the trade. 12 avr and a half points per game and let rook naes shooting percentage. on to baseball. giants came up with 5 hits tonight in milwaukee but they made the most of them. game featuring the best throw that you will ever see f.sparky 1
9:57 pm
and sparky 2 enjoying souvenir. on the board 1st inning yesterday. 3 run homer instea instead. ground ruled double. the score. giants score twice in the top of the first. bottom half f.lead off triple then about to test the left arm of cabrera. mistake. perfect strike. many he's not blocking the plate. cain gets out of the inning unscathed beautiful tlochlt manufacture to the fourth. off first. the hammers shawn to the club goodwill facade. first of the year. made it 4 nothing giant giants. here's the sixth. finding the power stroke in milwaukee and then some. off the base of the miller light score board dead center. sixth of the year. and first start in quite some time here. coming back from the anxiety issue. nice scoop there at first base. help cain get the win. giants win and won 8 of the last 11. a's tonight.
9:58 pm
godfry aka wolverine on the hill for oakland. he looks just like him. he's an x man. early trouble. rbi single and in the third pool with a rare sight for him this year. fourth homer of the year but gave them a 4 nothing lead. defensive player of the year for the a's. look at him. diving stop. throws from his wallet. to gun down t t.are you kidding me? vl yes. that is nice. but no offense in the game for the a's and they last to the angels 5 nothing. that was great. things getting kind of nasty between the miami heatdiana pact galore in game 5 of the play off series. pick up in the second quarter. we have got blood shed here. tyler going for the block on duane weighed but gives them the hay maker. few minutes later. retaliatio retaliation. that isn't a foul. police call that assault generally. as for the actual game. lebron dominating.
9:59 pm
hello. 30 points. 10 board. 8 assist. flash goes for 20. and lebron falling out of bounds here look at the pass. one motion to wade. spectacular at times. all heat 115-83 and take a series lead. to the ice game 5. coyotes. kings. lack out. tied 3-3 in overtime. brown taking out michael. no call. hit him in the shoulder there. moments later kings make a push. dustin knock home the rebound in front here. right there it is. that wins the series 4-3 kings. advance to the stanley cup final for the first time in 19 years. 4-1 series victory. >> exciting action all around. >> thaevrngs that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. the for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7. goodbye an hour on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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