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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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a stranger abduction of a young girl. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. it came down to a dna match. investigators have been watching 21-year-old garcia torres around the clock since identifying his dna on clothes found in see sierra's purse. john alston is outside garcia torres' home in morgan hill to begin our team coverage. >> this is where garcia torres lived until he was arrested. tonight he in the santa clara county jail without bail on suspicion of murder and kidnapping. news of the arrest was still sinking in at the mapleleaf rv park where the suspect lived with his wife, his 19-month-old child and his mother who did not want to believe her son was involved in the sierra lamar disappearance. >> i don't think so for him doing something. it is my son. what mom believes one of their kids doing something wrong?
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>> 21-year-old garcia torres was taken into custody monday night at a safe way parking lot in morgan hill. investigators had been keeping an eye on him for months. his mother says they found tracking devices on their cars. she spoke to her son after his arrest, and he denied any involvement she says with the girl's disappearance. >> he say he just passing clothes for his job. >> but never saw her? >> he say that. >> at one point step tees searched the mobile home. his sister said torres was cooperating with investigators. >> you would think that he would , i don't know, go away or try to run away or something. he has done nothing but comply. >> in 2009 three women were assaulted at the two safe ways in morgan hill. >> i just threw myself in the car. i could see his shadow overtaking the car. he was running and i slammed down on the rock and after that he grabbed on the ham and he tried to get in. i sped away.
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>> police released this sketch of the suspect which bears some resemblance to torres. police say torres' dna is linked to at least one of those cases. >> the other two cases are still under investigation, and we are seeing if we can't tie him to those two as well. >> torres is due in court on thursday afternoon on the murder and kid thapping case. -- kidnapping his. his mother says she has an appointment tomorrow to meet with investigators. john alston, abc news. >> thanks. mark klass' daughter helped volunteer search efforts foresee yarr raw. he says it is critical to find her as soon as possible. >> we need to find sierra so that he is not in a position to bargain for his life or bargain for a reduced sentence. we need to find sierra because her parents deserve to know where she is. >> to that end searchers will be out in force tomorrow looking once again foresee yarr raw. for sierra. our team coverage continues in
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morgan hill. >> she will be here. she will be here. all of these people here will be here. >> hope foresee yarr raw lamar -- for sierra lamar fills this search center. searchers sign up and they are ready for tomorrow's search. they and so many in this community believe see sierra lamar is still alive. >> as a mother i still am hopeful because her body has not been found, and that gives me hope. >> we have adequate facts, in fact strong facts. >> but according to the evidence, the -- according to the sheriff, the evidence speaks volumes. it starts with garcia torres and ends with sierra's death. >> it is an absolute stranger abduction. there is no information we have that the two know each other, have had any contact.
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we believe this is the worst kind of a crime. >> garcia torres is the only suspect. detectives focus owed him days after the march 16th disappearance when they discovered sierra's dna and his dna on her discarded clothes found two days after her disappearance. evidence was also found in his red jetta. >> there is no weapon. they didn't find any blood. it still gives us the hope. >> meantime the dive team will continue checking area reservoirs and waterways using state of the art side scan sonar. the search will begin tomorrow here at 8:00 a.m. 10 different locations throughout morgan hill will be checked. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. our coverage of the sierra lamar case continues on the morning news with the latest developments at 4:30 a.m. things got out of hand at
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a commission meeting in oakland. occupy oakland members shouted down the committee forcing them to adjourn before they could vote on a controversial proposal. it would ban tools of violence that includes shields, sling shots, hammers, paint balloons and other tools during the -- that were used during recent demonstrations. several protesters argued that some abs are needed to protect themselves from police. >> the deepest, deepest problem and you will set a precedent on the preemptive policing of protesters. this ordinance makes it a crime to items that in and of themselves are not illegal. >> if was so broad it would define cameras and water bottles as tools of violence. they have not said when they will take up the issue again. federal regulators will look at facebook's of onerring
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as the price continues to slide. it dropped 9% today tumbling from a price of $38 on friday to $31 at the close of trading today. investors blame the decline on a last moment expansion of the offering. the "wall street journal" reports that days before the ipo facebook decided to boost the number of shares by 25%. adding to the commotion, three of the banks behind the deal reportedly told insiders that facebook's earnings were likely to be lower than expected, but did not share that information with the general public. >> there are issues we need to look at with respect to facebook. >> another complication one facebook shareholder is suing nasdaq for a technical glitch that delayed the ipo about a half an hour. all of the issues are costing mark zuckerberg. he has lost $3.6 billion in the last two days. san jose voters will decide what the city's minimum wage should be. the city council approved
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putting a minimum wage initiative on the november ballot. the minimum wage would increase from $8 to $10 with annual increases tied to the consumer price index. it is council voted against the new minimum wage. the boyfriend of a woman killed in an accident last week has been charged with her death. 22-year-old lopez, seen here in a facebook photo with her son, was a new uc berkeley graduate when she died. today her boyfriend was charged with vehicular manslaughter according to the san francisco chronicle. police say he was drunk and speeding when his cadillac hit a tree with this disasterous result. lopez's six-year-old son is reportedly paralyzed and on life support. developing news, a wildfire has gutted seven homes near carson city, nevada. and tonight authorities say the 1800-acre fire threatens more homes in douglas county. so far no injuries are reported. choppers, air tankers and about 250 firefighters are
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battling the fire. it is moving rapidly northeast with no containment in sight. and investigators are looking for the cause of a brushfire that burned near a popular walking path in vaw knee shaw. the roughly seven-acre fire broke out near 1:30 and then quickly spread. firecrews had to tear down a five-foot section of fence to get to the fire. nobody was hurt. stay with us. abc7 news i team reporter -- okay, sorry, we got our signals crossed. let me proceed with this. a tour bus will have a new set of rules to follow. tonight the city's board of supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance that requires open air sightseeing buses to turn down the volume so they are not audible from a distance of 50 feet. pa second ordinance will -- a second ordinance will have buses that exceed time restrictions at a bus stop. they are expected to get final approval next month. abc7 news i team report reporter dan noyes is back
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from caracas where he spoke to i will lyanne gnaw -- iliana lopez. >> she is speaking out for the first time and holding nothing back. >> if i were really a woman who is terrified, how this can help me? this could destroy me completely. >> up next, what she told me about what got her husband, the sheriff, in so much trouble. >> and the new palace for the warriors. larry beil with the big announcement that may take some of the sting out of losing the 49ers. >> and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline, it is revenge on-line and it is for real. nude photos being up loaded exe. how public humiliation is totally legal. and the red-hot "dancing with the stars" finale. what it really takes to win. that's on "nightline." >> abc7 news at 11:00 >> abc7 news at 11:00 continues here in 60 seconds. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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granted her first interview to the i team. >> and she is not holding back. the i team's dan noyes traveled to caracas and you have this report. >> reporter: iliana lopez answers all of my questions. she talks about the domestic violence case that may cost the sheriff his job, what lead to the angry quarrel, and whether she will ever come back to san francisco. caracas, venezuela was a world away from the scandal that consumed ross mercurimi and his wife. she came with her son to escape the spotlight and be with her family and consider her future. >> maybe i will get divorced with ross. but i am very close with him in this fight. >> after years of acting on stage, television and film, iliana became an activist. she met ross at an
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environmental summit in brazil. >> he was following me during the conference. >> he was smitten. he liked you. >> yes. he was following me. >> it was a quick romance. both were ready to start a family. she gave birth to a son theo at home in san francisco. she had so many adjustments to make, a new culture, new language and a husband who worked long days as supervisor and then campaigned for sheriff. >> the most painful thing, it is like don't be close family. >> you were wanting to come back to venezuela to share your motherhood. did that bring up tension between you and ross? >> i think so. >> it clearly means a lot to you. >> yes. >> the tensions came to a head this past new year's eve when the family headed out for a pizza lunch. they argued about eight na wanting to -- iliana wanting
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to visit her family again. >> security was a concern. there were several high-profile kidnappings in caracas and the son of a well known actress and american politician could be a target. she said the argument was so heated that ross turned the van around to turn back home. >> then we come back home and i said, okay, we cannot talk. he grabbed my arm and in this moment i said stop. he react like, oh my gosh. i said, okay, let's go inside. >> he understood that he shouldn't touch you and he let go? >> immediately. when i said stop, he stopped. >> i want to understand. at any po is nt -- point are you afraid for your safety? >> never. >> were you uh -- afraid for theo's safety? >> he was especially upset when she said she was talking to a divorce attorney about her custody rights. >> did it come to that?
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were you thinking it was over? >> i didn't think it was over, but i was getting some thoughts maybe if we don't looking for help, maybe we will end in a divorce, yes. >> the next day eliana says her neighbor, ivory madison offered advice and implied she was a lawyer. madison's bio on her publishing website says "trained as an attorney." madison was editor-in-chief at her laurie view and served as a law fellow. but eliana didn't know she was not licensed to practice in california. when she suggested making a video of the bruise. >> she understand the word. she said this is confidential. this is your property. this is going to be safe here. you cannot have this evidence with you. this is confidential just in
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case he wants to take theo to you. >> madison said she called police and she turned over the video. >> i came out of the house because i was looking for the car. i was on my cell phone and i saw her in front of me. iliana you are going to kill me. i called the police. >> eliana is fighting the videos released so is hesitant to comment on the contents. but on on the recording she says this is the second time this is happening. >> what did you mean by that? did he grab you before? >> no, no, no. >> she said she was referring to their last big argument the year before when they discussed divorce. he was charged with misdemeanor violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. he plea bargained to a lesser charge of false imprisonment.
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eliana believes people in power are coming after her husband because of his bright future. >> they want to fight him. >> lopez knew madison was not an attorney and says didn't go to her for advice. and tomorrow on abc news, we go deeper into the video and discuss the impact on the family and the question on everybody's mind. >> the big question is are you coming back to san francisco? >> it is interesting to hear what she is thinking. >> absolutely.
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>> it is blustery out there. >> quite windy. >> the wind is howling. you can see the cameras bouncing around and the cameras are gusting to 42 miles an hour from our cameras. you can see the san francisco area in the background. this is keeping the atmosphere well mixed. westerly winds gusting to 41 at sfo. northerly wind gusting to 28 miles an hour in half moon bay. still going in concord, westerly to 20 and nava dough is gusting to 24 miles an hour e. the winds have been strong. it was shot a short time ago. pacheco boulevard and you can see a tree was knocked down. so far no one has been injured, but certainly blocking pacheco boulevard in
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mart marts president the winds could continue to cause problems through the night. let me show you the current temperatures. the winds are not expected to drop off anytime soon. we are going with 50s right now and a few 60s at this hour. really a few patches of clouds out there. the wind is keeping the atmosphere stirred up. cooler for your thursday and friday and there is a slight chance of showers coming your way friday. i know it is late in may, but san francisco usually gets greater than a hundredth of an inch four days in the month of may. the average rainfall for the month of may is .70 of an inch in san francisco. it is not unheard of to get wet weather here. here is a look at the satellite and the radar. breezy pattern continues. the higher pressure over the pacific and lower pressure inland. not much changing there, but we will pick up gustier winds. this trough will bring cooler weather for those two days, and that's when we are expecting the possibility of showers on friday. the cold front goes through and the clouds will be around
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first thing in the morning. but they clear away. it is a sunny and breezy wednesday afternoon. the trough develops and drops down along the coastline. tomorrow morning you might want to bundle up. it is going to be breezy out there. areas of low clouds upper 40s to mid50s. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures are similar to today. 62 in san francisco and 58 half moon bay. upper 70s santa rosa. head out toward antioch and 73 degrees in san jose. 60 in money -- 60 in monterey. accu-weather seven-day forecast turning windy and cooler on thursday and friday. mid50s to low 70s. a slight chance of showers. and then we bring uh warming trend in time for the memorial day holiday weekend. picnics and barbecues are all looking good. starting at 4 oocht 30.
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4:30. >> up next, the warriors' big announcement. their plan to move across the bay. >> and the exciting finale on "dancing with the stars." stay with us. larry beil is up next with sports. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right ♪ ♪ if being right means being without you ♪ [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way.
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warrior. >> this could be a palace by the bay. >> 50 years ago the warriors moved from philadelphia to san francisco, and in dash 2017 they will be moving back. the team unveiled plans for a new $500 million privately financed arena. the warriors making the announcement this morning at pie rz 30 and 32. that's where it will be built. it is a site right on the water. you have magestic view and across the bay from oakland that the warriors have called home for decades. >> we intend to build the most spectacular arena in the country. all bay area residents, not just san francisco, but all bay area residents can be proud of. a significant building on truly an iconic site. >> we will play here in 2017. take that as a promise that we will fulfill.
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>> no details on how the ownership group will pay for all of this or what tickets will cost or specifics on parking. but it could take two and a half years to get all of the necessary permits. this is far from a done deal right now. more sports coming up ahead. two all world defensive plays. one from the giants and one from the a's. josh donaldson, spectacular.
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they came up with five hits, but they made the most of them. it was one of the best throws you will ever see. the bottom half and he lit up with a triple and then there is a flyball and cabrera -- i mean you couldn't do any better if you hit this thing with a rifle. that is right on the money to buster posey. a sweep tag, move to the fourth and aubrey huff on first and arias gone off sean


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