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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  May 29, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. developing news in san jose. police investigating the discovery of a bed in hey pond as a possible -- of a body in a pond as a possible homicide. police pulled the body from the pond this morning. it is the perk ponds. police got a call last -- last night reporting a friend was missing. officers found nothing on land eventually they found the victim in the pond. divers pulled that body out of the pond and now authorities are trying to determine how the person died, homicide detectives take over the case. major announcement on
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crime was made in oakland. federal and local law enforcement officials and political leaders are gathered now at the federal building, that's where katie marzullo joins us live. >> reporter: it was called operation gideon three, it took place over 120 days during which operation wrts played out in oakland in an effort to get weapons and career criminals off the streets. we saw one incident play out in richmond in mar: otis mobley was one of three -- three arrested. after exchanging in gunfire with law enforcement after the three suspects tried to sell a grenade launcher to an undercover agent this morning mayor quan, chief jordan, u.s. attorney and atf agent in charge of this operation announced the full outcome. that involves 60 suspects being arrested, 92 firearms off the street as well as drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth
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and march -- and marijuana. >> to combat violent crime in oakland, to take guns off the street and target and infiltrate robbery crews involved in dangerous confrontations that in er innocent and not so innocent people. through the partnership atf has removed some of the most violent career criminals from the streets. >> reporter: some of federal charges that the suspects face include using acé]z gun during a crime of violence or drugs. also dealing guns and assaulting federal agents. it looks like the news conference has wrapped up. laura anthony was inside as well, she will be bringing more details later in our broadcast. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a 6-year-old boy has died from injuries he suffered in a drunk driving crash in berkeley earlier this month. his mother was killed at the
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scene. her boyfriend was critically injured. police say the boyfriend's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he crashed into a tree on california street. the boy died at children's hospital oakland. his mother was on track to graduating from uc berkeley in august with a degree in social welfare. for the first time today, facebook stock has fallen below $30. right now the stock is down to $28.90 a share, 21% drop since its debut. the menlo park company's initial offering was priced at $38 a share. facebook along with the investment banks that led the ipo are facing shareholder lawsuits accusing them of withholding negative forecasts from the public. facebook says the lawsuits are without merit. assemblyman jerry hill unveiled new legislation he says would save customers 600
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million dollars. pg&e has set aside 200 million dollars as a down payment on fines that it expects as a result of several investigations into the 2010 deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. hill wants the money from the fines to pay for the first phase of upgrading the pipeline system. pg&e has asked that customers pay 95% of the upgrade costs. currently, all fines imposed by the state have to be deposited into the state's general fund. developing news in northern italy. powerful earthquake has killed at least 15 people, dozens are buried in the rubble. the 5.8 quake hit near bologna and felt as far north as austria. diana perez has more. >> reporter: victims who lost everything in the massive 6.0 quake on may 20th, were shocked as another quake hit their region. i was inside fortunately we tie the beams it was really
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bad. the quake hit tuesday morning at 9 a.m. local time. it sent people running from their homes and offices and local stores and schools were evacuated. the death toll continues to rise going from five to now at least 15. there are reports that a number of buildings were destroyed, including factories, warehouses and at least one church. [ speaking italian ] >> we will do everything possible to assist citizens and make them safe. this tremor hit 25 miles north of bologna, where seven people were killed and thousands left homeless nine days ago. today, rescue teams to search for more victims, possibly still buried in the rubble. those who survived are trying to figure out how to return to normal. something that may prove to be impossible. >> i will never feel safe, because we have -- we are still having quakes, so every
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five minutes. >> reporter: after this morning's quake strong aftershocks registering more than 5.0 have been felt this is the same region that has been feeling aftershocks since that first quake nine days ago. diana perez, tphauz nays, new york. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will be back in court a few hours from now for another ethics hearing today's hearing will address rules and procedures for future proceedings. the commission will recollection to the board of supervisors whether mirkarimi should be reinstated or his suspension should be upheld. he pleaded guilty in march to a misdemeanor charge involving with his wife on new year's eve. mitt romney is poised to clinch the republican nomination after tonight's gop primary in texas. the former massachusetts governor is campaigning in the colorado town of craig. he is 58 delegates shy of the 1144 needed to become the
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nominee the texas primary offers 152 delegates. he will celebrate with donald trump tonight in las vegas. he will be in the bay area tomorrow appear tending a fundraising event. the obama campaign is out with a new ad attacking romney's refusal to stand up against trump and those still pushing false claims that the president wasn't born in the united states. it shows john mccain brushing aside the issue at town hall meetings then asked, why won't mitt romney do the same? as recently as today romney has refused to -- >> many commuters are getting to work using alternate transportation because muni has shutdown two lanes for repairs. the entire n judah and parts of the j church light rail are closed for construction it will continue for the next six days. construction includes
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replacing mimi tracks. -- replacing muni traction. -- tracks. an inconvenience buses are usually more crowded and they don't stop at the same stops so i have to transfer somewhere in the middle. >> the n judah will resume june 4th. right now traffic is zipping along on the dumbarton bridge. the bridge reopened 3:00 this morning, two hours ahead of schedule after closing friday night for a weekend of seismic retrofit work. caltrans replaced a joint on the menlo park side with a new design that will better absorb shaking from an earthquake. political and cultural icons and a california labor active are among the people receiving the nation's top civilian honor today. welcome home party for a bay area 7th grader. she is not your average
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6-year-old what the youngest person ever to compete in the national spelling bee says about her new fame.
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week. amy hollyfield is at the school live. >> reporter: the attention seems to make him a little uncomfortable. but it looks like he's starting to accept his new celebrity status. local celebrations and national attention is becoming the norm for the 7th grader who just returned from the national geographic bee in washington, d.c. and is trying to keep pit in stride. >> before the flight at washington, d.c. i got a bit tired -- i think the fame is worth it. >> reporter: his teachers and classmates couldn't be prouder of him. >> saw one of our 8th graders pull him aside and put his arm around him and go you were awesome, you looked so good on tv, you did a great job. >> reporter: he took third place coming home with $10,000 which he plans to put towards the cost of college. >> i would like to go to harvard. i haven't thought about a
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career. >> reporter: as he settles back into normal life he says he can't help think about what he could have done differently to win the top prize. >> maybe if i had studied a bit more i may have come first place. but it is hard to remember all the like lakes and stuff maybe. yes, really hard to know where they are. >> reporter: he studied six to eight hours a day for two weeks. he says he would like to try to find other contests to enter. >> i don't feel proud or embarrassed, i feel in the middle. not too proud like boastful, but content. >> he's handling things very well. he's keeping himself in check. he'll be good. >> reporter: watch out alex trebek. he says he would like to one day go on jeopardy. he's also working on grooming his 5-year-old sister who he says is starting to show an
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interest in geography. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> from geography to spelling now. right now best spellers in the nation are in washington, d.c. taking part in the first rounds of the national bee. among the nearly 300 spellers is 6-year-old laurie ann madison most of the contestants are twice her age she is the youngest ever to qualify she started reading at age two and come an meeting at age three. >> it is not as big and not really like yeah, i'm more like it is fine. i'm hoping i will make night semifinals. i'm really, really -- hoping a decent, nice trophy. >> maybe bigger than her. when she grows up she says she wants to be an olympic swimmer or astro biologist you can be both. >> why do i have a feeling she
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will be a fan favorite if she makes it into the semifinals. flight arrival delays over at sfo a lot on the east coast heading to new york or detroit. building warming trend on the way i'll show you where the 90s will be. medicines you take to fight pain may also protect from you the deadliest form of skin cancer. very die-hard cup fans are going to the distance for their team. why they think a goat can
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♪ an icon of the california labor movement is among more than a dozen people who will receive the nation's top civilian honor today. president obama will award 83-year-old the presidential medal of freedom for her contribution to american life. she and chavez co-founded the american farm workers union. madeleine albright john glenn and pat summit and bob dylan. turning over to mike now. here's a look at san jose
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sunny this morning, beautiful picture downtown. a lot of sunshine everywhere you turn on our tower cams and satellite. hey eric -- do you know which one? >> i'm sorry i can't tell from here? 63, yeah that would be the nimitz. >> that is. looks nice. always wanted to takeoff from one of those on a plane and land. >> no you don't. >> i think that would be awesome. >> 0 to 160 miles an hour in three seconds. >> child's play. [ laughing ] >> here's what is going on outside. you can see just a few clouds still hanging around daly city, pacifica down towards half moon bay and monterey. you will get your sunshine in the next hour or so you can see the temperatures still in the mid to upper 50s, redwood city, oakland, san rafael,
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san francisco, livermore 59, a lot of 60s from the coast. monterey 54 with the clouds, 59 santa cruz. a lot of sunshine everywhere this afternoon. a little breeze off the ocean our final cool push from that breeze warming trend starts tomorrow and will hit all of our neighborhoods. we'll have breezy but seasonal temperatures back down to average for the weekend. today, two degrees warmer in oakland, three san francisco, four fremont, san jose five, concord and santa rosa, 75 and 76, six degrees warmer than yesterday sunset 8:28. south bay low to mid 70s today with santa clara and cupertino 71. low 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito mid 60s low to mid 70s north bay valleys upper 50s north bay
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beaches mid 60s most of the east bay richmond and fremont low to high end low to mid 70s throughout most of the east bay valleys same around morgan hill, gilroy hollister. quick look at central valley mid 80s to 67 tahoe, 100 century mark at palm springs giants back to normal starting time. 7:15 first pitch clear 62, drops down to 57 by the time the game ends. let's hope we pull off another win like last night. four to eight degrees jump tomorrow another two to four degrees thursday we hang out near 90 inland thursday and friday mid to upper 70s around with the bay low to mid 60s at the coast temperatures tumble a little through the weekend back to average, breezy once again for the weekend. >> i'm in trouble with my navy friends the nimitz was y eight, not 63 that's the number on the side that you saw.
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>> i didn't know. -- >> that's what i'm here for. >> thank you. medical news. common painkillers may protect against skin cancer in a new study people who have taken aspirin and ibuprofen were less likely to get skin cancer especially if they took high doses for years at a time the findings add to the growing evidence that long term use of those medicines may help protect people against skin cancers, including melanoma. so far, so good for hikers hoping to remove a decade's operated curse from the cubs. five friends and a goat arrived in the windy city yesterday after walking 1300 miles from mesa, arizona the goal to raise money for a cancer center and crack the curse that the owner of the billy goat tavern placed on the cubs in 1945. fans appreciate the effort and support cause.
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most don't buy into the curse. >> nothing has worked, lighting candles, i don't believe in a curse. >> forget the goat bring me a cleanup hitter and good pitcher and we'll do all right. >> defense too. the cubs are 1-0 since the goat arrived. the team is expected to make a donation so far the guys have raised $20,000 towards their $100,000 goal. >> that guy isn't allowed in the stadium. >> that's how they are in wrigley. cardinals fan we don't need to see the curse broken yet. >> right. >> up next we are going to >> up next we are going to celebrate one of our
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who doesn't like options? choose at&t and personalize a bundle that fits your life. ♪ today michael finney looks at cars that save you at at pump. and where money collected from these california license plate was go and where it went instead. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. what were you doing 40 years ago? one of our colleagues was unpacking and moving in for a long stay. >> david louie doesn't look that different celebrating his 40th anniversary here at kgo-tv he's been sharing great stories throughout the past four decades, first film, videotape, digital media and now tweeting.
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>> we will honor david in a special story tonight right here on abc7 news at 6:00 and as you saw he covered them all, loma prieta earthquake, you name it, david has been there >> front row view to history. he was telling how they used to have to edit film and then they put in the sound track after. it took so long. >> i was very complicated. we still use those terminologies in the business today. >> we invite to you check out david's bioon abc7 news it is amazing. -- congratulations david. >> i was 11 when he started, i guess he doesn't want to her that. from all of us, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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