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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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he. >> stock end up 1 26 points up today. that is despite a major drop by facebook. good evenin
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evening. more trouble today for the social network. >> let's do this. >> mark rang the bell on nasdaq s ago. since that momentous occasion facebook has shed 25 billion dollars in value. the company stock fell to a new low today closing at 28.84 a share. in all facebook stock has dropped about 24 percent below the initial public offering price of 38 dollars a share just week and a half ago. but facebook executives don't seem too worried at least not tonight. focus this evening is city council meeting to expand the company. here's business technology reporter david loui louie. >>reporter: while mark enjoys the honeymoon the continuing slide in facebook stock price is suggesting the social network should be working on a business plan not an expansion plan. >> i think there's a real problem when a company l at 100 billion dollars loses market cap in the order of 40 billion
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in a week or so. i think that is a system the ick problem. i don't think it's a nasdaq issue or market issue. i think something is very wrong with the company and how it is perceived itself. >> menlo park is moving ahead to expansion to accommodate 9,000 employee. more than a 4 fold increase. besides expanding the 57 acre campus face back wants to develop 22 acre across the street to be linked by underground tunnel. the city already has a plan to address traffic congestion. >> instead of looking at the number of people we have given a trip cap amount so 15,000 trip day with specific from 7 to 9 am, 2600 trips and 4 to 6:00 p.m. 2600 trips. then 15,000 for the whole day. >>reporter: menlo park resident sea don't seem too alarmed by the numbers. >> 101 is already a disaster. hard to imagine it could get worse. >>reporter: you are not concerned the fact that there might be 9,000 people working on opposite sides of the bay front express wait a minute not
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a concern. >>reporter: neighboring town of atherton supports the project but worried about the addition of second left turn lane at marsh and middle field road. while planning proceeds with the expansion the daily erosion and stock price seems to reflect investor concerns and perhaps about the need for a new campus medley. >> we haven't seen any earnings or actual business performance and so a lot of people are making the trade based on trying to guess what the future is going to be. >>reporter: that is david reporting. these are pictures from tonight city council meeting. decision on the expansion planned by face back is not expected until june 5th. city of oakland safer tonight. police and federal agents have taken nearly 100 guns off the street and arrested dozens of people suspected of violent crimes. all part of a 4 month long undercover operation. more tonight from l laura anthony.
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>> between the federal atf and oakland police. one top official believe is already made the city safer. >> in just under 120 days operation gideon klab aretive operation between atf and o pd resulted in rae move of over 90 firearms on the streets of oakland. >> this group has given the neighborhood a breather and the community needs continue to work with this. >> 90 arrest in all. 60 face federal charges. 30 state charges. these twin brother christian and francisco deltor row charged with selling guns out of the east oakland body shop. police seized scene of them including high powered rifles. >> with this amount of guns being sold on the street, i think you can kind of connect the dots to why we have the number of firearms latest shootings and homicides we do. >> 3 suspects arrested in richmond including month pwlichlt he and 2 other men were allegedly trying to sell grenade launcher to undercover
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atf agent but instead according to prosecutors they pulled a gun and tried to rob him. shots fired in the parking lot of a busy restaurant. once they go to trial, he and the suspects nab on federal charges face long prison sentences. >> in federal prison you get 86 percent of the time that you are sentenced to so on 10 year sentence you do over 8 years. >> resident in oakland and throughout the entire region these are safe and liveable neighborhoods. >> we are watching. we will find you. we will prosecute you and removed from the community. >>reporter: in fact this convicted in federal court many of these offenders could end up serving prison time out of the bay area and out of california. for instance if they are sent to federal prison in minnesota they would serve their time there and then be paroled to that community. they would have to stay there for a number of years after theory leased. abc 7 news. >> pg&e tonight says it will
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support using fines levy to pay for upgrade saving rate payers you and me from picking up the cost. that plan has been put forth by 2 will you makers assemblyman hill and senator leno. money would go in the state general fund leaving pg&e with the option of passing repair cost on to its customer customers. >> minimum expected fine of 200 million dollars if applied toward pipe replacement would save rate payers about 6 60 million dollars. >> we don't have position on assemblyman hill bill specifically but generally we are supportive of the concept. and in fact we have registered our support for a similar bill that senator leno introduced. >>reporter: state regulators are requiring pg&e to upgrade the pipe lane system at estimated cost of 5 billion dollars over 50 years. >> if you paid extra for special california license plate to help victims of 9/11 this might make your blood
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boil. millions generated by the program created after the attacks has not gone to help the people it was supposed to. abc 7 news capitol correspondent annette has the story now from sacramento. >> when californians like this woman pay extra to get a special interest license plate they expect the money to go to that particular cause. >> would i expect that money to go and fund whatever programs it is stated for it to go to. >>reporter: there's the cost to save california coast line. or yosemite national park. then there's the specialty memorial plate for 9/11 with the words we will never forget. for 50 dollars the first year and 40 dollar annual renewal, part of the money is supposed to go towards scholarship for the spouses and children of the 3 dozen california residents killed during the terrorist attacks. most of it was to the also help fund anti-terrorism effort. but an associated press investigation found former governor schwarzenegger
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raided two million dollars from the fund in 2008 and governor brown borrowed another million dollars last year. to balance the state budget. none of it has been repaid although the intention to put the money back eventually. >> many people don't think that's right. you shouldn't be borrowing from kid scholarship. >> well the administration had to make some tough choices to not only balance the budget but also fund much-needed programs. >>reporter: state actually stopped funding the scholarship program seven years ago but the plates continue to take in million and a half dollars a year. the state says every child who applied is getting or will get their money. the a p review also calls into question whether money from the 9/11 plate is really being spent on direct threat of terrorism with some fundamental 0indicated to food safety and gang activity. the money should pay for what is supposed to pay for. >> as well as someone love 1 family and friend safe and me
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hearing this is pretty appalled by the whole thing. it's pretty shocking. >>reporter: because of the question being raised governor brown ordered an immediate audit of all specialty license plates and how that money is plates and how that money is being spent. in sacramento >> accidentally or. divers for the sheriff's department found the man body in the alameda percolation pond this morning. investigators have not released identity but it appears the same man who friends reported missing last night. police hope the friends will provide some insight into how the man died. >> there will be part of the investigation. we will reenter view them and try to determine if there was any foul play but at this point we don't know what happened to him. >>reporter: at the time percolation pond is on private property and is usually closed to the public. but police say people have been known to trespass there in the past. we move next to an
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11-year-old girl severely beaten at school in vallejo. tonight the parents of that girl who was attacked want the school district to take action. the whole thing was caught on tape. l education reporter lee ann has the story. >> this video taken by student shows 11-year-old williams other students from hogan middle school watch. they did nothing. williams didn't even know the student who attacked her. >> pulled my hair then i felt hand on my shoulder and i turn around and i'm being punched. >> incident happened last month at the school. these pictures were taken by her mom after the attack. williams face was swollen and her mother says her daughter suffered some memory loss. williams says it's hard for her to watch the video.
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vallejo city unified school district confirmed the girl who attacked williams was suspended and reprimanded. still the 11-year-old says she doesn't feel safe returning to school. >> somebody could probably try to beat me up again. >> principal finally said well we can't, we can't know everything that is going on at all times with these kids. we are not expected to know. i said yes you are. >>reporter: no one from the district would talk on camera but the director of partnership and community engagement for the district said positive behavior measures have been implemented. the problem has been resolved and no further action will be taken. but williams mom says she doesn't feel lake the issue has been resolved. she has posted the video on web site called to bring awareness of the problem of bullying in school. >> i realize even though this happened to my daughter, this is happening in schools throughout our nation.
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>>reporter: and williams says she would leak to see bully arrested after an attack and parents of the bully should be identified. by the way the da office never returned our call. abc 7 news in vallejo. >> more to bring you tonight. there is anger at some state college officials coming up. they are spending millions to renovate the homes of campus president even as they keep raising tuition. i. >> glasses to knew some. could >> glasses to knew some. could call it look but don't touch.
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about. >> the california state university system has spent two million dollars remodeling homes for the top executives while it continues to raise tuition just about every year. that's according to our media partner california watch, non-partisan project at the center for investigative reporting. here's jonathan bloom. tirjs this 6 bedroom, 7300 square foot house is home
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to the president of csu fresno. owned by the state which in the last decade has spent 7 76,000 dollars of public money remodeling it. in fact it's one of 8 presidential homes cal state system owned and has renovated in that time to the tune of two million dollars. >> it's affirmation,ion, reaffirmation of the misplaced priorities. time and time again it is always about top executives and not about students. >>reporter: state senator yee thinks the money belongs in classroom. sf state campus big banner ourj support for public education in the midst of budget crisis and students are feeling the pinch. >> i love the classes i want to take i can't take any more because they keep saying that cutting budget. >>reporter: music student couch frustrated when he heard about the house in fresno. >> that is unnecessary. house that works is all he needs really. he doesn't need lucky a mansion. >>reporter: sf state president doesn't live in a mansion. he has this 3 bedroom home on a hill overlooking the campus. it's not state property. but the university does pay for it. with the housing allowance of 60,000 dollars a year. on top
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of his 300,000 dollar salary t.the home was bought for 600,000 dollars in 1997 meaning sf state will have paid for all of it by the time he retires this summer. >> smokes man for the system says in the case of sf state no more than any other university would spend on presidential housing allowance and they need it to stay competitive the. the president who live in university owned homes they host dozens of fund raise tlers raising millions of dollars for the school. business student see no, sir problem with that. >> i think that that is one of the perk of being a president of a university is having a nice place to stay. >>reporter: they say some president were remodeld with private donation not tax money. but senator yee says it's a slap in the face. >> we don't need extravagance writ now. we need to take care of our students and give them an education an that's what we should be focusing on. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom 7 news. southern california and unnerving situation with the troubled san onofre renuclear
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power plant. it appears that the plant operated for decades with equipment that might have cut off the plant emergency power supply had there been an earthquake. southern california edison operates the plant. it says it has disabled the equipment and is now investigating. we'll come back up here. spencer is off. sandy is here with the forecast. really still lovely outside but a little bit cooler than we expect. >> yes. at least about 5 to receive grease cooler than normal. but not for long. it's all changing. already a little bit warmer today. we head in the right direction. temperatures going up the next couple days. feel like summer around here when we see 90's showing up on thursday and friday in our inland areas. all right not quite that warm today. but here's live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see that traffic is moving along. skies are clear. not clear along the san mateo coast or around the monterey bay. we see some fog and low clouds so marine influence is still here. and
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here are the high pressure for the day. 58 degrees half machine bay one of the cool spots. most of the bay area actually warmed up today. 61 san francisco. mid 70's santa rosa, nap a-78 in concord, up to 80 degrees in antioch. fairfield. morgan hill. san jose coming in at 72 degrees. right now still have a pretty breezy situation at sfo. b and temperatures actually running warmer than where you were 24 hours ago. some low clouds fog tonight. warmer the next two days. then we go with a cooler and breezy forecast for this weekend. here's satellite radar this is the area of high pressure that we are watching as it builds over the western u.s. we start to see the sea breasts drop-off a little more. temperatures coming up. so warmer days especially inland for your wednesday and your thursday and like i mentioned, temperatures will get up into the low 90's in the inland locations. tomorrow morning might want to bundle up. it's cool mid 40's to the low 50's.
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we will start out with some over cast skies patches of fog may actually be pretty low on the ground so might reduce visibility in spots. might want to give yourself more tim time. clouds fog clear away a little breezy still on the coast. temperatures 60's ther there. get in land and we see the numbers getting up into the mid 80's range. so we go up a few more degrees tomorrow afternoon. san jose from the low 70's to 80 degrees tomorrow. 79 in santa clara up to 82 for los gatos. on the planes nice sunny day. in redwood city. 76 for you in palo alto. los altos near 80 degrees but the sea breeze prevent you from getting take warm on the coast. 62 in half moon bay. 61 in the sun set district. 64 degrees downtown san francisco. about get up into the north bay and up into the low mid 80's range from santa rosa to sonoma up towards clear lake. san rafael 77 degrees. east bay communities getting closer to normal for this time of year. 69 in oakland. 72 for newark. hercules up to the mid 70's and
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in our inland areas going to be close to 90 degrees. not there yet. 87 in brentwood. 84 pittsburgh. fairfield 85 degrees. 83 in concord and around the monterey bay. 59 glees carmel getting up to 84 inland in gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast. warmer one next couple days. 92 on thursday. inland 66 on the coast. it's a wide range of temperatures. we'll hold within that range on friday then breezy and cooler. partly cloudy for the weekend. temperatures back down to where you should be for this time of year. even a little cooler dan by sunday heading into monday. >> all right. thanks very muc much. >> as the weather heats up the next couple days in the summer progresses and you start to lather on the sun screen. might want to think about taking an aspirin as well. that story and more for you as 7 news at 9 continues here in 7 news at 9 continues here in just a moment [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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. >> health news tonight. texas woman has been selected to be the first person to ever have someone else's arms and hands trans planted on to her body. kate hays lost her limbs shortly after birth of her last child to flesh eating disease. the surgery will be some time this summer. she will be the first to have this done. more health news. what if cancer prevention was as close as the medicine cabinet. new study out today says that common pain reliever like aspirin and ib 0prove incut the risk of skin cancer including melanoma. sharon explains how much you have to take to get the benefit. >> on a day like today millions of americans are armed with sun screen and hats but now the encouraging possibility that there could be a new weapon in the war against scene cancer aspirin. yes. aspirin. a new
9:26 pm
study shows the people who took a low dose of aspirin or ibuprofen every day for 3 years less likely to get cancer. >> this is very significant. if we were to take 100 people who have skip sell carcinoma maybe 15 would not have gotten it if they were taking a lot of aspirin. >>reporter: the anti-cancer benefit was even greater for those who took aspirin for at least seven years at higher dose. why. one theory is that aspirin counter cancer growth by suppressing inflammatory path way. sort of blocking a tumor ability to expand. michael has been taking it for years to help prevent heart attack and stroke. but recent study show aspirin might prevent the risk of other types of cancer. >> all the more reason to take it. >>reporter: still take thing an aspirin every day isn't for everyone. just one a day even with food can cause fatal bleeding. so while researchers continue looking at the
9:27 pm
benefits of aspirin, doctors say this summer the best bet under the sun is still sun screen. sharon, abc news, new york. when we continues tonight. a big night for mitt romney. but why it is all being overshadowed by donald trump. >> hidden video that pro life activist say proves that planned parenthood encourages the selective abortion of girl girls. >> head of google lets someone else wear his glasses. guess who that is. another half hour who that is. another half hour of news begins here in just
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> good evening once again. start this half hour with politic and historic night for
9:31 pm
mitt romney. he's now surpassed number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination for president. romney has won the texas primary essentially uncontested at this point putting him over the del gets needed to clinch the nomination. it's not official though until the convention. >> in the meantime romney is in las vegas tonight at fundraiser hosted by donald trump. as abc david muir explains the event not without some controversy. ♪ . >>reporter: it was supposed to be all about the money tonight. but while raising cash for mitt romney donald trump also raising some questions for the campaign. what to do now as trump again says he doubts the president was born in the u.s. more than a year ago the birth certificate released back then tlum saying this. >> today i'm very proud of myself our president has finally released a birth certificate. >>reporter: but late today trump doubling down. >> a lot of people do not think
9:32 pm
it was authentic certificate. >> how can you say that. >> many people report it but many don't think it was authentic. >> you see the birth announcement back in 19 skin. many people did that. >> listen to me donald. honolulu. >> can i ask the question. >> are you defending. >> you are beginning to sound a little ridiculous i have to tell you. >> no i think you are wolf. >>reporter: conservative commentator will asked on tv this weak why he airs up with trumpism the cost of appearing with this believe 88thing ignoramus is obvious it seems to me. >>reporter: tonight obama campaign is asking if john mccain stood up to extremist view 4 years ago why won't romney now. >> i have read about him. >> he's a decent family man citizen. >>reporter: governor responding to the trump question himself. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me and they don't agree everything i
9:33 pm
believe in. >>reporter: for the fundraiser the show goes on tonight. about the show in august the convention, >> would donald trump want a speaking role at the republican convention? >> i would say only that if he does participate and if he's a speaker, the event will certainly be a sell out and will be very exciting. >>reporter: appearance at the convention who knows but there was one at the fundraiser. romney and mr. trump appearing together. abc news new york. >> judge in edwards mistress and money trial apparently scolded jurors today although it's not exactly clear happened in closed door sessio session. second such hearing since friday. they met for seventh day of deliberation. edwards accused of using nearly 1 million dollars in donation to hide his mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. planned parenthood caught in a video sting. group of pro life activist say they have proof the non-profit organization encourages the
9:34 pm
selective abortion of girls. the video was made by the group live action found entered san jose. the story tonight from 7 news political reporter mark matthews. >>reporter: hidden camera video records an incount we are a planned parenthood staff at clinic in austin, texas. pregnant woman posing as patient tells the staff she wants to abort her baby if it is a girl is told an ultrasound will determine the fetus sex. >> so then would i want to schedule try to schedule an ultrasound with an o b around then, then i would still be able to come back here for termination with the girl. okay. >>reporter: the planned parenthood staff never objects to what the pregnant woman is proposing. but does warn her to keep it quiet. >> there are people out there that will face judgment. >>reporter: staffer conclude was a cheery hope you do get your boy. >> well good luck and i hope that you do get your boy.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: video repeats the last line 3 times for emphasis. live action lyle a rose who moved from san jose to washington, d.c. appeared this afternoon on fox news with bill o'reilly. >> group like planned parenthood pro women which is absurd groups lake them are going throughout fighting tooth and nail against every abortion restriction or regulation. they want abortion any time for any reason. >>reporter: today they said the staffer didn't follow proper protocol and that within three days of this patient interaction the staff member employment was ended and all staff members at this affiliate were medley scheduled for retraining. public relations firm working with lyle a rose says there will be more video out this week and the timing continue be better because the house of republic activities due to vote thursday on a bill that would ban sex selection abortions. house democratic leader pelosi doesn't know anything about that. >> the issue that you are bringing up is specific issue about something i haven't seen. i'll not comment on.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: but she did say republicans have done a great deal to push women that the democratic camp. >> they have given us tl more differentiation than we would ever have in my discipline to make our self. >>reporter: this is 7 news. >> california controversial high speed rail project has new leader at the controls. jeff morales used to be head of cal-trans but he has spent the past few years consulting on the bullet train. agency is struggling to start construction of the nation first high speed rail line in the central valley by early next year. >> google co-founder brine is showing off the company future glasses and letting california lieutenant governor knewsome get a peek on the talk show. the. >> there it is. tl push the button. fascinating. >>reporter: the governor actually looking at photo of
9:37 pm
him that brine took just moments before using the new google glasses. he let newsome try them on for upcoming episode of current tv show. it's set to the air on friday. during the interview newsome asks how the glasses work but fails to get an answer to the question. brine however does briefly explain what the glasses do. >> the thing is that you want to be l free to experience the world without fumbling with a phone. i already took a picture of you. >> brine says the high tech glasses could become available some time next year. pretty wild. >> please stay here with us. weighs continue. milestone for abc 7 news. coming up. 40 years of some of the best reporting in the bay area. the marking real milestone. stay wiwiwiwiwiwi wiwiwiwiwiwi
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one of the world largest naval vessels leaving the bay area tonight. nimitz sailed in for the golden gate bridge celebration. live picture. hard to see. but you can see the bright bit of light there is right about the center of the nimitz. carrier has crew of about 3000 people. nimitz named fordmiral chester name whoyts commanded naval forces in the pacific during world war ii. nice to have the ship and the sailors in town. >> this is a pretty big day here at abc 7 news. business and technology reporter david louie celebrating 40th anniversary at our station. and we want to take a moment to recognize what he has done for us and for you. >> the scene from the overpass. >>reporter: within just 72 hours last week david louie reported on a big rig accident,
9:42 pm
school bullying incident. >> they have been suspended. >>reporter: search for missing la mar and the facebook i p o. >> lawsuit and investigations. >>reporter: it's no wonder he can handle whatever l he's handed. east started training at 5 and spent the next eight years appearing on public affairs program in ohio. david joined us in 1972. back when the program was called this and david like most of us had more hair. one of the earliest stories was about an elderly barber. business has come a long way since then. >> 40 years ago things were in the dark ages. still shooting film and wait for it to be processed. >>reporter: that took hours to get pictures on the air. by the 1980's videotape sped up the pace and live feed allowed instant coverage of stories like a sniper on market street. >> completely shut off to people. there are people l. watch out. >>reporter: over the years david has reported on many of
9:43 pm
the bay area biggest stories. kidnapping of patty. earthquake. here he nissan may take 0in 1982 until a moment he might like to forget. going through one of the biggest flood. >> who got mother nature so riled up today. >>reporter: just after the 9/11 attacks david did the first interview with norm then secretary of transportation trying to keep the skies safe. >> that was unprecedented. he had to shut down the entire u.s. traffic system. >> david was one of the first asian american tv reporters in the bay area. >> david. >> he has been on the air the longest. he got a life time achievement award from the asian american journalist association and traveled to asia many times. in 1986 he went to the philippines during the people power refuse lugs thatend with marcos going into exile. >> we were warned that people had guns in the ready and might be turning against us. >>reporter: in 1979 david was one of the first american
9:44 pm
reporters allowed into china. >> we got to see exactly what the country was after closed to the outside world for 40 years. >>reporter: that trip was just months after china and the united states normalize relations. >> one of the busiest water way in all of china. trade-in crease between our 2 country much cargo leave here from hang eye and end up in the port of san francisco. >>reporter: as trade in the pacific rim tack off david became the business reporter. then the growth of silicon valley he added high tech. >> after all economic engine that created so many jobs that was true back then 20 years ago and still true today. >>reporter: but david is not all business all the time. long before the food channel david was doing a feature called friday feast. st. >> definitely memorable. >>reporter: he pinch hit open the sports desk. even judged a song contest. when kivd
9:45 pm
started at kg o way back when the station advertised him as an outsider. but after 40 years he's now the ultimate bay area insider. and he's not ready to quit. >> if i can i really want to be like that ever ready battery bunny. just want to keep going on and on and on. >>reporter: you can david that's exactly what we want to do. for to you do. congratulationss to david louie 40 years here at abc 7. well done. >> look now or wait another century. coming up. venus about to have its final day in the sun. i'll be right back. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues ♪
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u. >> news just coming in. we talked at the top about facebook plan to expand the
9:49 pm
campus in menlo park even as the stock continues to fall on the initial public offering. tonight just few minutes ago the city council has made a decision we were not expecting the decision on this until about june 5th or so. but the menlo park city council unanimously approved the expansion plans to allow facebook to grow on 22 acre across the street from the current location. that is a unanimous decision. it's expected to continue to move so that is good news for facebook. all right let's move on now. >> 9 days ago the eclipse. now get ready for the next event. transit venus. that's when venus transit or passes in front of the sun as we see it from here on earth. last transit occurred in 2004. that's what you see here. weird to see the little black dot there next one will not occur until 21 17. long time from now. venus transit used to be essential to measure the distance to the sun. scientist
9:50 pm
will analyze it. learn more about the chemical in venus atmosphere for everyone else it's a very cool thing to see a black.against the sun lake that. here's what will hahns happen. transit begins at 3:09 in the afternoon of june 5th and end at 9:49 that night. all of this one week from toda today. unlike the eclipse you can sort of glance at it a little bit. just don't stare directly at the sun. update the forecast. sandy is here. sandy. >> we have nice looking forecast ahead. a little bit warmer today. we continue with the warming trend tomorrow. so tomorrow afternoon getting you up that the mid 80's in the warmest inland location. antioch 86. 85 fairfield. 84 degrees in life more. up to 80 in san jose. 82 morgan hill. 69 oakland. 64 degrees in san francisco. low 80's around santa rosa, napa. a little breezy along the coast. 62 in half moon bay. 76 degrees on the peninsula. is a warmer
9:51 pm
forecast next couple days. wide range of temperatures to please everyone. mid 60's coast side. keep that range then cool it off for your weekend but not dramatic cool down medley. it's a graduate one. >> up and down the next few days. >> absolutely. roller coaster ride here. >> thanks very much. larry is here with all the sports tonight. baseball. tennis. >> the a's on a roller coaster ride too like this. the mostly downward l trend. a's misery continuing on the road at the hands of one of their old team mates. josh says remember me? l in the bottom the 9th.
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. growing pains for facebook. company asking to double its work force tonight. as i just told you the city council unanimously approved the plan to ex pan. you find out why one peninsula community threat 18 cents lawsuit. >> marriage proposal that almost didn't happen. young
9:55 pm
man foolproof plan went very wrong. those stories and much more at 11 of on 7 news. we'll see you on channel 7. but now larry is here with all the sports. >> all right let's get to it. giants on a roll having won 8 of the last 12. grind it out low scoring game tonight against arizona. 0go girl. ready to dance. 2nd inning. ñ of ryan. brandon. is a what a throw. later in the second. crew ford nice effort but bell single up the middle. 1 nothing arizona cabrera on this and rip to the gap in left center. here comes the milk man and he scores. tie it up at 1 that's where we are right now. giants threatening of. this is the definition of pay back. a didn't want to pay josh in the off season. left for minnesota
9:56 pm
three years but a's try to snap a slide. they dealt with him in the 9th. barker has a record that is not reflect how well he pitched so far this young season. another stellar effort here and cliff pennington doing the 360. nice play. parker goes 6. no run. move to the seventh. still scoreless. kurt sprints home 1 nothing. mired in a brutal slump. pair of hits single. smith in two nothing a to the 9th. to close it out. or not. carol base knock then full count to span. walks him. 2 on. for willing ham. is here it comes. there it goes. drive home safely. the should have paid me. fifth career walk off home run. 3-2 twins. the a's lost 7 straight games.
9:57 pm
that's no good. spurs coach l greg can go natural t-shirt business right now. everybody is talking about the rant from sunday night when he yelled i want to see some nasty. new catch phrase born tonight in game 2 with the thunder. >> a little physical at. >> he was parker wasn't play like a big boy. he was yelling at him. then he respond to tear drochlt pick and roll with duncan. who is duncan. spurs in control most of the way in game 2 of the western conference final series. look at how wide open parker is. somebody guard the man. parker with 34. late rally. finger roll. had 32 minutes to go. with authority the. 31 here. thunder within 7 then. 12 120-111. san antonio why now within 20 straight games. a
9:58 pm
little nasa. >> and a series lead. we have sad and stunning news from the san jose cats arena football. full back curtain was found dead today in his santa clara hotel room. curtain scored 3 touch downs on saturday night including the game winner over time for the cats. he was screws traded san jose few wee weeks ago. 2 90 pound full back played college ball at the university of washington. cause of death not released. but police say they do not believe that any crime was involved here. he was 26 years old. coach and co-owner daryn release the statement saying he was such a great kid. and short time he was in san jose such a valued member of our organization family. team will honor curtain at the next game on saturday. . serena williams was a perfect 46 and o in first round grand slam action. on her way to victory in the french open today then completely fell apart at the finish. serena overcome with emotion as the match wore on. frustration. her opponent. rank 111.
9:59 pm
virginia from france. serena blow as a lead in the second set. tie break. bottom. hit ing into the net. hitting wid wide. zillion unforced error. 6 straits point to even the match. look how far off the mark she was. 47 unforced error. proved to be too much and that is out. match point. the upset of the 5 seed serena. >> i couldn't felt like i couldn't get a ball in. i just felt like i was hitting late and how can you hit late on a clay court. kind of odd. so tl yes. >>reporter: clay was unkind today. >> strange for her. that wild. >> yes. thanks that's this edition of 7 news at 9 for all of us here, thanks for watchin watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on 7 news at 11 of on channel


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