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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 30, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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gun fire at a jewelry store in san ramon. bullets fly as the store owner anded battle with four men. good evening. i'm dan ashley. it was a dramatic shooting to be sure. it happened late today at a store in a strip mall on san ramon valley boulevard. the latest developments from abc 7 news reporter alan wang on the scene.
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>> reporter: the armed suspects outnumbered the victims but they got a a huge surprise when a gun was turned on them. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon at the golden treasures jewelry store on san ramon valley boulevard. four suspects walk inside a shop. there was a struggle and one of the owners fired several shots. at least three suspects were seen running across san ramon valley boulevard and one collapsed in the middle of the cross walk apparently from his wounds. inside the jewelry store was the owner 61-year-old everett parvin and his wife and the jeweler. a friend who also owns a jewelry shop tells us they kept a gun in the store and they were prepared it to use it. >> in this sort of business do you feel leak you need a gun? >> it is almost impossible to protect yourself if you don't have a gun. every day suspicious people come in and make threats to us. >> reporter: the family friend
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says just six months ago the owner of golden treasures used his weapon to preventer in robbery. he says everett pulled out his gun and chased off the robbers but this time it appears they felt the need to use it. police say they are are still looking for three suspects who got away in a white four door 1990s model sedan. the julery store owners are still being questioned here at the police station and we hope to have more for you later on tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. for now i'm alan wang reporting live at san ramon police headquarters in san ramon. thanks very much. white truffle at the happened it shocked the country, the savage beating of giants fan brian stowe after an opening day game at dodgers stadium last year. tonight a bomb shell revealation in the case. one of the men charged in the beating of brian stowe told his own mother that he was involved. the story tonight from abc 7 news reporter in los angeles.
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>> reporter: the two men sat in court and listened to several witnesses who described their actions on opening day. the prosecution played a videotape of marvin norwood during a three hour police interrogation. the judge would not allow us to show the tape but it shows norwood sitting next to a police detective. at one point he uses the detective's cell phone to call his mother. here is the audio. >> i got arrested for the stadium thing. not going to discuss it over the tone but i was involved -- over the phone but i was involved. well, to a certain extent he was. all right, well, you know where i'm at. i'm sorry. >> brian stowe was attacked in the parking lot as he wore a san francisco giants jersey. the defense tried to say that norwood and the other is suspect luis sanchez might have been involved in an incident
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after the game but not necessarily the attack on brian stowe. the prosecution tried to show the suspects were at the game looking for trouble. they brought in several witnesses who sat near them. one witness was sitting with friends who wore giants colors. he said the suspects harassed them. >> throughout the game we were getting pelted with peanuts and then at the end of the game assonates game ended one of the guys picked up a coke bottle and sprayed it all over and it looked like he was ready to fight. he was facing us kd of staring us down. >> the hearing for luis sanchez and marvin norwood is expected to last four are days and during that time 22 twin cities will be presented by the -- 22 witnesses will be presented by the prosecution. according to brian stowe's website which was just updated yesterday he still doesn't understand what has happened to him.
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the traumatic brain injury affected his short-term memory. his family says this makes him frustrated and at times confused. the oakland school district says a teenager was probably directly targeted when shot outside school this afternoon. a group of students were gathered in the shade under pine trees at park and mcarthur boulevards when the gunman opened fire on the teenager from about 20 feet away. he was shot in the leg and lucky as it turned out. >> there was an ambulance nearby really at the intersection at the time the shooting occurred so they were able to pull over and immediately offer assistance. the student was responsive throughout and he was transported to highland hospital. >> this happened outside oakland high school. there are no arrests and no motive that we know of at this point. a mountain view man is' accused of a shocking security breach at a southern california airport. police say mark duncan managed to arc through an emergency exit at san diego airport and
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right on to a plane with no security screening. jim avila has the story. >> reporter: at san diego's lindbergh field a modern day stowaway crashed through the tarmac directly on to the aircraft. 6 minutes on the field before he was nabbed on a commuter plane boarding for take 6 minutes is a long time. 6 minutes provides a terrific amount of opportunity. >> in the breach the wandering a roleee skipped the layered security plan, never going to the ticket agent where his identity would be verified. avoiding the tsa officer who checks i.d.s. never going through body scanner or presenting a ticket at the gate. instead bypassing it all by marching through the emergency exit in the luggage area directly to the the plane. everybody ordered off after a flight attendant notice she had one too many passengers onboard. the tsa is investigating how
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this could happen. the parolee is back in jail charged oddly enough only with violating parole. jim avila, abc news, washington. on to presidential politics. mitt romney is holding a top dollar affair tonight. a pauling mansion in hillsborough owned by billionaire investor charles bartlett johnson and his wife. heather ishimaru is there live tonight. heather, quite a spread and some question the choice of venue. >> reporter: absolutely. it is spectacular and sprawling. guests just started rolling out of this wonderful location about a half an hour ago. and the guest list is just as spectacular as this historic landmark. california movers and shakers willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars just for an audience with romney. guests coming tonight paid a minimum of $2,500 just to stand in the garden with him.
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$10,000 for a picture. and then you would ratchet up to $50,000 for dinner with romney. a tame obama supportive protest outside the gates brought out former u.s. commerce department deputy assistant secretary ro conna who criticized romney supporters including meg whitman who last week announced 27,000 layoffs at hp. >> one of the biggest hosts for this a week ago laid off 27,000 workers. i want to know who is advising romney to show up with someone who laid off 27,000 workers. it is almost like they are celebrating job loss is. >> reporter: obama was able to raise a lot of small contributions from donors contributing for the first time. $25. $50 contributions. those people still don't have jobs three and four years later so they are not giving this
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time around so big money is the only game in town. >> reporter: that was san francisco republican party chair pointing out what she believes will be the fundraising difference between this campaign and the last time around. also today obama called romney to congratulate him on being the republican presidential nominee saying that he looked forward to a very healthy debate coming up in this campaign. tomorrow night, romney is in los angeles for another fundraising event. live in hillsborough, heather ishimaru, ogemaws. heather, thank you. facebook was down again today and so was wall street. the dow jones average had one of its worst days of the year because of new concerns that spain may need a bailout. the nasdaq lost 33 and facebook is now down almost $10 from its initial public offering price. off another 2% today. and tonight some o'hare are now
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asking what is the billionaire founder mark zuckerberg going to do aboutal this. >> reporter: as facebook flops the company's founder is honeymooning in rome with his new bride. they have been spotted taking romantic strolls and touring the sistine chapel. here they are adding mcdonalds by the edge of an ancient fountain. at home his company is feeling heat from investors after an incredibly tough week. >> at some point he needs to address what went awry around the ipo. >> reporter: peter is a small investor who bought 200 shares of facebook. since then he lost $1,000 and counting and is dismayed that zuckerberg has been publicly mum sins the stock went on sale. >> a lot of small investors put their faith in him and the
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vision for the company and they are feeling kind of burned right now. >> reporter: facebook is in a post ipo quiet period so technically zuckerberg can't say much publicly. experts say it may be worth making a carefully crafted statement. >> he is the ceo and captain of the ship. a ship goes into rough waters it is night to have the captain come on and say i'm focused on the long-term and nothing has changed about that. >> reporter: zuckerberg himself has lost $5 billion of his own personal net worth. since the ipo, facebook has lost some 27 billion with dollars of its value. now, the sentiment against facebook seems to be spooking not just the broader market but internet stocks in particular. today, zynga closed down 3.5% of its value. and san francisco-based yelp closed at 16.61, down more than
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2 about 5%. linkedin the business based social network headquartered in mountaineer view and groupon, both are down more than 14% since facebook began trading nearly two weeks ago a lot more to bring you here. san francisco digs deep. coming up the good news for firefighters and police officers and you, too, if you want to be one in the future. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures hit their peak tomorrow. a look at how warm it is going to get around here. dan? >> thanks very much. also tonight the oakland police force gets its wings back. we'll have that story. and the 64 story tall science experiment. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues
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a fire destroyed one home and damaged another in san jose today. this is home video sent to abc 7 news by a viewer. is shows flames and heavy smoke coming from the roof of a two story house on conifer lane. sky 7 hd was on the scene as firefighters had to get off the roof because it was about to collapse. firefighters had to blast the home with a strong stream of water just to put out the hot spots.
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no one was injured thanks to the heroic actions of a neighbor. we notice that the right-hand corner of the house was on fire and knocked on the door and one gentleman came out of the house who was not aware that the house was on fire. >> the flames spread to a neighboring home causing roof damage there as well. 66 firefighters from different departments battled the flames. a generous donation will allow the cash-strapped oakland police department to use its helicopter more this year. police used the chopper today during a tense standoff with a home invasion robbery suspect. the department has not used the helicopter full time since 2009 because of budget cuts. this morning it received a $10,000 donation by a nonprofit consumer alliance called fueling california. there is the big check. that will buy enough fuel for 80 hours of flight time. and across the bay where san francisco mayor ed lee gave san francisco firefighters and police good news today. they will get a much needed and long awaited boost in staffing levels. as vic lee explains, are the
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city has been short-handed for years. >> reporter: there will be more classes like this at at police academy in coming years. mayor ed lee's new two year budget includes 6 academy classes totaling 300 officer candidates and it gets even better. >> we will continue to hire three classes for the next six year cans. >> reporter: the department is about 200 officers short right now from the city charter mandated force of 1,971 officers. it expects to lose close to 300 more officers over the next three years. that is because of the anticipated end to a program that offers retired officers several more years work while deferring their pensions. many seasoned veterans will be gone. the shortage of cops has meant less time on community policing, walking beats and responding to quality of life calls. the police union chief says
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with a beefed up force those things are now possible. >> those are the things that matter to the majority of the people. those are the things where we need to have the community outreach and beat officers taking care of these things. >> reporter: the classes include teaching new recruits new technology like using computer tablets to write up incident reports. >> if we can get our officers more connected show can stay out on pa -- they can stay out on patrol longer. the back and forth to desktop computers goes away. >> reporter: the fire department also got good news. there will be one fire academy class everieer for the next six years with the goal of hiring a total of 252 new recruits. for years now the department has been at an all-time low in staffing. >> in recent years because we haven't been able to hire to match the levels of retirement we had to place heavy reliance on overtime. >> reporter: so the police academy here will be b the coming years.
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the mayor presents his budget to the supervisors tomorrow. i might add supervisor carmen chu was here at the news conference today and that is important bus she helped the mayor work on the budget and she chairs the supervisors' budget committee so she is an important ally. vic lee, abc 7 news. let's move on to the weather forecast. spencer christian is off tonight but meteorologist sandhya patel is here and three days of warm weather. on kind of a streak now. >> don't jinx it. we are on a roll here. tomorrow the warmest day and temperatures start to slowly head down over the weekend. dan, i will show you a live picture and you will see how beautiful it is outside as we look from the high definition emeryville camera. we are looking across the bay at san francisco. you see sutro tower there and we do have a few patches of fog forming tonight but not expected to be a widespread event. temperatures came up across the
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entire bay area, even half moon bay. 56 san francisco. near 90 degrees in the inland areas. fairfield, antioch, liver more. 79 degrees in san jose. 75 san carlos. low 80s for santa rosa and napa and 91 ukiah. the numbers going up as we head into tomorrow. temperatures right now til on the warm side as you will notice. 60s and 70s in many of the inland areas. hanging on to some of the warmth from earlier today. patchy fog at the coast tonight. warm inland through fred and then cools off and turns breezier for the weekend. noticeably cooler especially on sunday. right now, let's talk about the heat. here is the area of high pressure that is the dominant feature here and this is the ridge that is providing us with the warmer weather. thursday and friday we are expecting warm days especially inland. you will notice the temperatures going up into the mid 90s range for the next two days. tomorrow morning we start out with comfortable weather. low to mid 50s. upper 40s, santa cruz, santa
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rosa. a few patches of fog. with the limited fog quick clearing expected. nice sunny afternoon. temperatures in the 90s inland. coastal areas with enough of a sea breeze and still fogging lurking just off the coast will not heat up too much. don't you worry for those who do not like the heat, just head to the coast. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 90 saratoga, campbell. warm day in san jose. 89 degrees. 88686 milpidas. downtown san francisco 68. sunset district in the low 60s. mild coast side. warm day around the north bay in santa rosa. 87, 93 ukiah. east bay communities you are all coming up a few more degrees. 76 oakland. 82 castro valley. head inland and this is where it is summer like heat.
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94 degrees in antioch. 92 danville. monterey bay, 64 monterey, 62 carmel. like the warm weather? warm inland the next two days. mid 90s. easy for me to day. low so mid 60s at the coast. cools off as we head towards the weekend. by sunday, dan, back to average. upper 70s inland. mid 50s coast. it is breeziyer, cooler and then we will bottom out the temperatures on monday before we see a turnaround. >> back to average. >> that's it. >> when we come back, wired up and playing high tech games with a skyscraper. plus, the right to learn english. the aclu targets one school district in a case that could affect classrooms across the state. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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though i its dehe sign brought some controversy there is no arguing that the high rise condo to youer in san francisco is an engineering achievement in many respects. built specifically to withstand a strong earthquake it is now the subject of a scientific study. news is reporter jonathan blume explains. >> the glistening glass and white concrete the epitome of modern. what is underneath exists because of what happened more than a century ago. >> if you were standing right here on rincon hill in 1906 you would have seen a city in rubble. >> reporter: it began a movement to design a building meant to stand up to violent shaking like this one. >> one rincon hill building has one of the most structureally advanced designs of any building in the united states. >> reenforceed by a metal is sub structure it is an early
9:27 pm
example of what is called performance based engineering. how well does it work? we are about to find out. >> the instruments carefully placed in the building are called acceleratorometers. >> they will silently measure the shaking whenever an earthquake occurs. >> the system is up and running and taking the building's pulse. >> reporter: the sensors mounted in boxes like this. they are kind of leak the accelerometers in your cell phone only much more expensive. >> it is moving about nearly one thousandth inch so that is high presix information we are getting. >> there are 72 placed at different corners on different floors of the 64 story building. they will let scientists create a 3d model of exactly how the building sways and flexes during a major seismic event. >> in an earthquake the building will have s like
9:28 pm
motion and then you need more sensors to track that s type motion. >> reporter: the data will advance the science of building skyscrapers zoe. >> to improve design. >> in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight. flashpoint syria. as people flee the fighting, late word that the council general in california is fed up and has is quit in protest. fender bender in chicago as one plane gets its wings clipped. we'll explain what happened. and a big payoff for a bay area veteran. he went in for an interview and he went in for an interview and came
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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good evening. we'll start this half hour with syria and how the diplomatic fallout has spread to california. the top dep plow mat here in the state has quit. he is resigning to protest the massacre of more than 100 civilians in the syrian town of houla last weekend. he says "you get to a point where your silence or your inaction becomes ethically and morally unacceptable." meantime, evidence of another massacre in syria. isyria. >> reporter: the cycle of violence in syria seems to be spinning out of control. u.n. observers today discovered another 13 dead civilians. hands tied behind their backs. shot execution style. two shrouded bodies were placed by that i families on the hood of the u.n. vehicle. they want the world to know.
9:33 pm
army shelling was reported today close to the down where just days ago over 100 villagers were executed including more than 30 children. >> i think we may be beginning to see the wheels coming off of h this bus. >> reporter: and on this tribute page, a graduate film student from syracuse university who was killed by syrian government forces while filming this week's attacks. >> he was an activist in the best sense of the word using the medium to try and express the passions and issues, a situation that he was confronting in his country. and making sure that people in the world would have an opportunity to know what was happening. >> reporter: a native of syria who went back to his homeland to document his people's struggle. meantime the syrian dictator is still clinging to the excuses that he gave in an interview to barbara walters back in
9:34 pm
december. >> do you think that your forces crack down too hard? >> they are not my forces. they are military forces that belong to the government. i don't own them. i'm president. >> that, of course, is a preis posterrous statement. every world leader says that he is firmly in control of his own forces. what are the options now for the united states? one tortion hope that the nonexistent cease fire somehow works. two tortion hope that russia can exert some influence on saaad. if neither of the options work some are saying that the u.s. will have to resort to arming the rebels and perhaps even to respond to calls to send in targeted air strikes. no question of u.s. boots on the ground but at least some help for those in the uprising. about 100 protesters from around the world gathered outside the chevron shareholders meeting in san ramon. they claim the oil and gas
9:35 pm
company is responsible for environmental damage and health problems in countries like brazil and ecuador. one protester who lives near richmond facility says there are problems closer to home. >> chevron insists it is a good neighborrer in more than 100 communities where it does business. >> we create many jobs around the world and have social investments helping build commune around the world and we continue to do that. >> inside the meeting in san ramon, shareholders raised concerns about fracking, a controversial when shod of extracting oil and grass gas. a frightening moment for passengers aboard an american eagle plain that just handed at chicago's o'hare national airport. >> just when think you are home and scott free something can happen. >> a chinese cargo jet clipped
9:36 pm
the tail of the much smaller american airlines commuter jet. awkward, even alarming for the 18 uninjured passengers onboard. >> here you are in a little commuter jet and you look up and you see this huge the bow the front end of a 747-400. >> the commuter plane was headed to the terminal when its tail got hit. the contact was minor. no one was injured on either plane. health news. high fructose corn syrup will not get a whole same new name. high fructose corn syrup is used widely in sodas, is cereal and processed foods and earned a negative image. meantime, new york city is planning to ban the sale of large sodas. anything larger than 16-ounces would no longer be available under the plan. this is the first plan of its
9:37 pm
kind anywhere in the country. and it could take place in march. we shell see. more to come tonight. your 401(k). just ahead, why it is good for. stay with us.
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the american civil liberties union is suing a school district. they say the english classes sore grammer intensive that students constitutional rights are being violated. the aclu says first and is second graders have to diagram sentences and memorize formal parts of speech instead of focusing on age appropriate reading. this case has the potential to affect english learners statewide and compel the california department of
9:41 pm
education to aggressively enforce state laws. it is being watched closely by officials around california. a stunning investigation into h hidden fees eating away at the nest eggs that tens of millions of americans are counting on for their retirement. probably you. for the average american couple, socking away money in a 401 k plan the cost is staggering. more than $150,000. >> reporter: somebody has been taking money out of american's 401(k) accounts for years. not thieves. big firms that manage the 401 ks. >> most employees are in the dark. >> one report estimates a working couple could pay as much as $155,000 in hidden 401(k) management fees over their lifetime. the fees are deducted from the money you put in and yet an aarp survey found 7 out of 10 people didn't know they paid 401(k) fees at all. >> if you your not aware what
9:42 pm
you are are paying at the end of a 30 year working career you could have a lot less. >> reporter: for example if you put $5,000 into your 401(k) every year and the fee is a low half percent you could end up with $950,000 at retirement. but if your fee was 1.5% you would end up with just $769,000. >> was the industry doing a good enough job of disclosure on its own? >> no, we didn't think they were. >> the investment industry says the fees are not nearly as high as some say but there is no way for consumers to know. starting july 1 the labor department is forcing companies to send notices like this one that disclose the fees. >> people will have to be told exactly what their they are paying for and exactly what they are getting for those moneys. >> reporter: experts say first figure out the type of fund you want to invest in and then look for the one with the lowest fee. if all of the fees are high, band together with coworkers and push for better choices and
9:43 pm
if that fails make the minimum consideration to get the company match and put the rest of your retirement savings into a low fee ira. a life changing surprise today for a war veteran. 26-year-old jullian alvarez walked into a boardroom thinking he was going into a second interview for a pg&e scholarship only to find out he was the winner. jullian a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars will get up to $36,000 a year to attend the college of his choice. >> this is an incredible moment for me. i get to pick where i want to go to school. i won't have the hardships that my friends have gone through as far as financially being stable and i will have more time now where i can try and volunteer at the veteran's center to help out other people. >> jullian hopes to attend the university of georgia in athens. only 10 people out of more than 8,000 applicants were awarded
9:44 pm
the bright minds scholarship in san francisco today. the youngest speller ever in the national spelling bee. coming up next, we will tell you what she is doing. ♪
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want to bring you breaking developments on a story at the stop of the broadcast. gun fire at a jewelry store in san ramon. bullets were flying as the owner and his wife battled four men. this happened in a jewelry store on san ramon boulevard. one are the men involved in the robbery has died after being shot. we will get you more information as soon as it becomes available. just in to the newsroom was
9:48 pm
that robbery attempt ended in a death today. well, let's go back and update the forecast. meteorologist this broadcast here with that.sandhya patel is >> temperatures inland in the low to mid 90s. con card cord, 88 napa. santa rosa a warm day, 87 there. 68 san francisco. 64 degrees in half moon bay. 85 palo alto. and in the south bay 89 degrees in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast a warm to very warm conditions holding on for friday. but it begins to cool at the coast on friday and then all areas will see a noticeable drop in temperatures with breezier weather as we head into the weekend. partly cloudy skies, dan. >> i'm ready. thank you very much. this is fun. a bay area student is one step closer to the national spelling bee finals. move on to the semi finals tomorrow morning. the 8 h. grader correctly spelled tertiary.
9:49 pm
nick lambert an 8th grader didn't make the cut which was based on both today's words and scores from a test taken yesterday. and as for the youngest ever competitor -- >> dirigible. [ applause ] >> 6-year-old laurie ann madison, virginia shared high-fives after spelling the word. the second round did not go quite as well. watch what happens here. >> can i have the definition, please? >> the crop of a bird or insect.
9:50 pm
>> e-n-g-l-u-v-i season s. ingluvies. >> poor little thing. she just was stunned as she walked away but got more high-fives. the finals tomorrow night. the winner will receive $40,000 in cash and prizes. but laurie ann a winner nonetheless. impressive. >> sweet. she said what? >> so cute. so cute. >> and much smarter than some of us. >> up here. >> at least a better speller. tim lincecum on the mound tonight. let's call him effectively wild this evening. the question was whether the giants would get timmy any runs. sports, next. ♪
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a south bay teacher arrested for making child pornography. what police and the school districts are saying about the developing store arery. >> and how we use sense of smell to determine a person's age. those stories and more in one hour on channel 7.
9:54 pm
also how we identify their bathing habits. >> i smell fear. [ laughter ] >> actually the giants fans smell fear when tim lincecum takes the mound. he is under the microscope. velocity, location, temprament. timmy with the giants going against the diamondbacks. if there is one guy that tim lincecum would rather not see at this point it is paul goldschmitt. high and deep off of kennedy. justin upton. turned around and blanco ends up at third with the triple. next batter, ryan in there for a base hit. plan coe scores to tie it at one apiece. in the sixth the goldschmidt guy again. he kills the giants. he doesn't h hit against anybody else. h his fourth homer of the year and three have come against the
9:55 pm
giants. timmy in disbelief. the d-backs scored a couple more runs. and right now it is 4-1, arizona. they are in the 8th. talk about a free fall. in just over a week the a's have gone from four and a half games behind texas in the al west to nine and a half back. after today's game in minnesota they find themselves, well, they were leading seattle just out of last place and now with the game they are in last place. former a josht a walkoff three-run homer picking up where he left off with a single to right off ross in the first. span scores and 1-0 minnesota. francisco leriano came in 0-5. bottom five. the willingham show continues. the a's decided not to pay him in the off season so he was a free agent and took his $21 million over three years from minnesota and maketh the a's pay and she has a souvenir.
9:56 pm
willingham a two-run homer. a's have lost eight straight and fall ton last place in the al west. the nba held the draft lottery. the warriors did not move up but more importantly they did not move down so they get to keep their pick. the 7th pick will be made by the golden state warriors. >> good news for warrior fans. >> the general manager bob myers, you got to actually be happy with this. the war areors were slotted 7th and the ping-pong balls came out that way. had golden state slipped to 8th or below the pick would have gone to utah. the overall number one pick went to the new orleans hornets, the team that is by the way owned and run by the league. the top seven. new orleans ready to take on though any davis in kentucky. michael jordan, they were the losers today. the bobcats had the worst record in the league he and came in second. then the wizards, the kings, blazers and warriors.
9:57 pm
second quarter on the attack. reverse english. ray allen 1 of 6 in game one but better in this game. boston was up 16. heat rally in the third. udonis fouled. pierce get out. lebron james huge block. starting the fast break. dwyane wade finishes at the other end. a classic tv highlight right there and 23 for wade. miami by three. 30 seconds left. allen. we're tied. lebron. this is for the win. and you settle for a fadeaway jump shot. lebron, no! on to overtime. rondo deep two. played all 53 minutes. 44 points. 8 boards. 10 assists. nice passing, miami there. heat back on top and flash like only he finishes through the lane. 115-111. miami takes a 2-0 series lead,. game one of the stan any
9:58 pm
cup finals also ended up in overtime. the kings and devils vying for lord stanley's cup. let's go get a snack. first period battle along the boards. jordan nolan to colin fraser. ricochets in front and gets past jonathan quick. tied at one. on to overtime. one on one with martin brodeur and schools the legend! 2-1 kings. and they take a 1-0 series lead. yesterday serena williams lost in the french open and today sister venus followed her to the exit. second round action. venus who came in unseeded barely played in over a year because she has been battling shogrin's syndrome. this match was never really
9:59 pm
close. to the men. roger federer with 233 grand slam match victories entering his second round match tied with jimmy conors for the most ever. having his way early. ungar makes it interesting in the third set tie break. forces a fourth set. and then club fed shutting the door thanks in part to unforced errors. give federer the record 234 grand slam wins. a winner in four sets. >> weird about the williams sisters out so early. >> both have been battling injuries. venus in particular has been out for awhile. serena had a back problem. to her credit she says she was 100% healthy, it was not a heather ishimaru shoe and just playehealth issue, sheilad poo. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time


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