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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  June 5, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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alameda county sheriff. i'm larry beil. the standoff is happening on 500 block on hyde street. lilian kim is near the scene. >> reporter: police have cordoned off a wide area. this is as close as we can get. suspect is actually holed up about half a mile from here. this begin about 8:00 p.m. on 41st. he a deputy tried to get a driver pulled over and the drivers ran. driver continued driving until the driver got out of car on hyde and jensen street. that is when he shot at the deputy firing off several rounds the deputy did not fire back. >> we think at the time he
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ducked for cover. when he got up, he was parked close to the house. the deputy is okay. he is being interviewed by our investigators now. >> reporter: so again the deputy was not hurt and suspect is now holed up inside a home. he did release a woman and child from the home but he is holding an adult male hostage. there is apparently some level of relationship between them but to what extent is unclear. they are talking to the suspect in hopes of convincing him to surrender. now developing story a fire burned in an apartment building in the tenderloin tonight. one man was treated at the scene and sent to the hospital. firefighters have since gained control of the fire. it was first reported about 6:15 tonight but it took more than three hours to get it under control. no word on what sparked the
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blaze. >> pablo sandoval the lovable third baseman nicknamed the panda. but to one 21-year-old woman he is guilty of sexual assault. it happened early saturday morning in santa cruz. >> reporter: plenty of fans talking about it in the stands this evening. pablo sandoval is recovering from a hand injury so he was playing here tonight with the san jose giants against the stockton. >> all-star giants third baseman refused to address the incident but several fans here had plenty to say about the sexual assault investigation involving pablo sandoval and 21-year-old woman. >> when they say no, it doesn't matter who you are.
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>> but they say sandoval and small group of friends were hanging out here late thursday night. >> the small group went to the resort in aptos. >> so more than just the two of them? >> correct. >> reporter: the woman told police sandoval sexually assaulted her. yesterday he had a brief comment. >> i know you guys are going to ask about this question. it's the process going on so i can't talk about it. >> they say he voluntarily met with investigators and told them the relationship was consensual, but according to a source, the woman was too drunk she couldn't give consent. >> if you are too drunk to not know what you are doing you are setting yourself up. >> to be the standard with
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regular citizens should be the same as athletes. >> women they lower their standards so much, i can do whatever i want. >> reporter: so far the san francisco giants are refusing to comment. santa cruz county sheriff's department is still questioning witnesses and they expect to turn the case over to the district attorney possibly by the end of the week. on to the weather, a little rain and a little snow fell across northern california today. for some it was a aerosol version of the storm, in mill valley it public defenderled it up for a winter like feel. in sierra, temperatures felt freezing on the highest peaks. sandhya patel joins us with live doppler. >> we had pretty good moisture.
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i'll show you the rain totals. live doppler 7-hd and we have our own radar on top of mount st. helena. fort ross across highway 1 and highway 101. at you look here we still have moisture off the coastline. we're not done with this just yet. sierra nevada, sacramento valley picked up thunderstorms in the last few hours. we're starting to see snow redeveloping so we'll be watching this. no chain controls except for state route 4. here are the rainfall totals, we picked up .39 in ben lomond area .11 in oakland. san jose .15. so big question can you pul put the umbrellas away? i'll be back with the answer in just a few minutes. >> traffic is back to normal in
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downtown san francisco following a three hour shutdown of street because of downed live electrical lines. live wires from muni bus broke off and fell into the street. a young woman was hit by one wire zheesmt two others are hospitalized. market street was shut down between third and eighth street. >> i take bus every day down market. you never think about what could happen but it certainly something to keep in mind. >> things were back up and running before 7:30 p.m. the hub on top of the trolley's pole and snapped the wires as it fell. >> a morgan hill man is on the on bail after being booked on animal cruelty. he was found pushing a bicycle and dragging two dogs on their sides. a female pit bull and boxer were unresponsive.
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he said he took the dogs on a seven mile run without water. some gut-wrenching testimony at sentencing hearing for a reputed gang member that was convicted of killing three members of a san francisco family. danielle bologna had the first opportunity to confront edwin ramos. ramos is the man who killed her husband and two sons, this is four years ago after mistaking them for rival gang members. >> big burden came off my shoulders. now i can let them rest and now i can move on. i feel free. i feel happy. i feel that relieved of holding this for so long. >> judge says she will sentence edwin ramos to life without parole at a hearing next monday.
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>> the search for sierra lamar is winding down. she is the teenager who has been missing sings march. santa clara county sheriffs divers returned to the reservoir one of six in the region that have been searched at least once so far. authorities say it will be the last water search they schedule unless they receive new tips. 21-year-old man was arrested two weeks ago and charged with kidnapping and murdering sierra. he has not entered a plea as of yet. >> parents will meet with school administrators in brentwood to plead their kids' cases over punishment for a high school prank. it was last thursday where 80 seniors decided to painted parts of the school. one chained up a lamb and left it overnight on campus. they have been suspended for five days and that means no final exams or graduation. >> we didn't think it was too harmful, it was washingable
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paint. >> i still think they should be able to graduate. >> more vandalism occurs curd a few days where graduates from an earlier class spray-painted windows. >> up next, the next generation drone. it's bigger and flies farther and does what no other drone has done before. if you needed a reason to justify your caffeine fix, researchers came up with a big one. >> a man who built a replica of the golden gate bridge in kansas is about to see the real thing up close for the first time. then on "nightline". >> larry, coming up next on "nightline," an exercise bus on a year long journey from fit to fat and back. he packed on major pounds and how he lost them and what he learned on the way.
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we have
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voters in alameda clean have company tomorrow in the form of federal monitors. monitors are there to ensure compliance with the voting rights act of 1965 specifically to make sure they provide help for chinese and vietnamese and other voters. polls close at 8:00 tomorrow night. >> a stanford professor have won a half million dollar prize from mit. they awarded him the prize, one of his recent inventions is a chip that allows scientists to take 10,000 different measurements at once. it led to the creation of four companies and 82 patents. >> boeing says it has successfully tested the next
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generation of drone combat aircraft. hydrogen fueled drone can fly up to four days. current drones can stay airborne for about 30 hours. hates swing span of 150 feet. the phantom can be programmed to fly a completely computerized and controlled mission. >> another reason to keep drinking those cups of coffee. people 65 and older who drink three cups of coffee a day avoid the onset of alzheimer's disease. they did not get the full blown disease. caffeine seems to keep the disease at bay. a kansas man who caught a fleeting glimpse of the golden gate bridge on the war in
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vietnam is in san francisco tonight. 63-year-old larry rich art son was so taken by the bridge he built his own 150 foot long two-story high replica over a creek on his farm. it took him ten years to do that. tonight he will see the bridge he has dreamed of since 1969. >> one the last times you saw when you were leaving this country. it was so beautiful. >> that is remarkable. they will be guests of honor at an event expected to be held wednesday at the golden gate bridge. >> sandhya, i hope it doesn't rain on wednesday ourselves he will be disappointed. >> he will not be disappointed. we're looking at warmer weather by wednesday. we still have a spotty showers showing up mainly in the north bay, fort ross was seeing a few
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showers and ukiah and moisture off the coastline. we are still picking up instability on the atmosphere. i would would have the umbrellas handy as you head out the door tomorrow morning because we are keeping in a few showers. here is the view from heavenly camera. it was snowing. we had snow mixing with rain at times. it didn't amount to a whole lot but for june, doesn't happen very often. they do measure up at south lake tahoe but it's not a lot. here is the current temperatures in the 50s. 49 degrees in santa rosa. as i mentioned we still have showers out there. isolated showers overnight. clearing and breezy on tuesday and we're looking at warmer days for wednesday and thursday. here is a look at satellite and radar. when the cold front came through earlier today we did see brief moderate rainfall. slight chance of showers behind the front tonight.
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you can see the clouds here. that is cold unstable air and we'll keep it in the forecast. for the sierra, it will mean snow through the night, lowering to about 5500 feet. if you have plans to travel to the high country there is a winter weather advisory up until 5:00 tomorrow morning. up to four inches of snow expected, keep that in mind, i know it's june but it happens every so often. tomorrow will be breezy and cool. some areas in the mid 40s. santa rosa and napa down to the upper 40s in liver core and concord. 50 degrees in palo alto and green on the screen there may be a shower or two tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, breezy, cool sunny skies, half moon bay, 58 degrees. 70 in concord. 65 in oakland.
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monterey bay, a beautiful day, 59 degrees in monterey. 68 in morgan hill. tomorrow afternoon be watching the skies hope. tomorrow night, heading into the afternoon and evening, venus is going to be crossing the face of the sun. first contact takes place at 3:06. midpoint is at 6:25 and ends after sunset. don't look directly at the sun. this should be a spectacular sight with mostly clear conditions. seven-day forecast, it's a little bit warmer for your wednesday and thursday. lots of sunshine out there. temperatures 60s to 80s. cools off a bit on friday. then the temperatures will come right back up for the weekend with upper 70s to low 80s inland. of course, mike nicco will be here first thing tomorrow morning at 4:30 and he will be tracking any showers that will develop.
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i wanted to go back to the breaking news at the top. lilian kim, a standoff on hyde street in oakland. >> the active crime scene is half a mile away from here. suspect is holed up at a home on hyde and jensen street. he did release a woman and child from the home but he is holding an adult male hostage. there is apparently some level of relationship between them but to what extent is unclear. they are talking to the suspect via cellphone. here is more from oakland police spokeswoman. >> hostage situation is one suspect. we consider him armed and dangerous. he did shoot at deputy earlier this evening. he is in the home with another male adult. we have established communication with him. we are in the process of having that communi and dialogue with the suspect.
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>> reporter: so police say this all started at around 8:00 p.m. when the suspect refused to pull over for driving a suspected stolen car. suspect fired at the deputy several times. he missed the deputy is okay, but the standoff continues. as you know, i'm in for dan ashley which means mike shumann is in for me. >> couple good baseball games. first place rangers at coliseum. complete highlights for you next in sports. ♪
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opening a four-game set with
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rangers a and parker flirted with a no-hitter. an explosion in the second inning. brandon inge with a three-run homer. after four more runs, inge knocked in josh read i can. texas pitcher going an inning and two-thirds. but it didn't need much else. josh hamilton swinging in the fourth and six strikeouts in the game. he takes a no-hitter in the eighth and michael young, up in the middle. that was the only hit he blouse, 12-1 the final in oakland. >> giants going for a sweep of the cubs. knocking in brandon belte. and double play ball. >> he forgets, there is only one out and not two. runner on third, brian terry
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with the play of the day. backing up vogelsong and he grounds into the double play but posey scores and that would be the game winning run. 3-2 victory. >> big surprise for major league kyle zimmer went to the kansas royals. stanford pitcher who was projected to be the top pick, he goes eighth to the pirates. a's chose a short stop, adam russell. with the 20th pick, giants took chris stratton out of mississippi state. >> stanley cup finals, l.a. kings continue to roll on. he finds that one and takes a commanding 3-0 series lead.
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>> and kevin durant and oklahoma city up by 14 in the first. spurs rally. two-point game. james hardern bottom, ten seconds left. manu ginobili, but 108-103, thunder take the lead in the series. great story line at lake merced for the u.s. open qualifier. 1 2/8 29 players with only 7 invites getting an invite to olympic club next week. james hanh jumped on a plane and got here in san francisco and slept three hours and fires an eight under to win it. >> it's been a dream of mine to play in the u.s. open, but more


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