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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan is off tonight. san francisco police asked for help and they got it following a deadly incident at the bay to breaker race. take a look. this is newly released
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picture. police want to question 3 of the people standing with steven martin. he's the one with the green wig. martin died after someone attacked him in a celebration after the race. 7 news reporter lee ann has more. >> this newly released picture shows steven martin wearing a green wig smiling. in fact everyone looks happy. but police say moments later it turned ugly. >> approximately 5:00 p.m. there was a confrontation between martin's group and another group consisting of about 12 women and men. >>reporter: 3 of those 12 men and women appear in this photo on the left of the screen. woman wearing an orange tutu and sunglasses. one man had a forty-niner jersey the other a black cap. police say they are part of the group that had a confrontation with martin's group. the men had forty-niner jersey and the women tutu. they had participated earlier in the bay to breaker race. >> if you think you have a picture that may at all helpfu
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helpful, please send it along. video also. anything that anybody has that they think might be useful we'll take it. >> one of the men has a tattoo on his neck. police say the gang task force has been involved in the investigation. places believe they know how the argument started. >> there was an argument over a cell phone. dispute over a cell phone. >> police distributed this video of people who were in the park just about the time the altercation occurred. the incident happened on may 20. martin was punched. his head hit the pavement. he was sent to the hospital but never recovered. he was taken off life support and died on frida friday. police say if you have more information or video or pictures contact them. we have the telephone numbers. if you go to our web site 7 and click on see it on tv. in san francisco, lee ann abc 7 news. morgan hill police are
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lacking for whoever stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a cover band of equipment from a cover band for led zeplin the group called led zip was traveling this weekend at the motel in morgan hill the rental van broken into. several guitar keyboard drum set and various sound equipment all stolen. about 35,000 dollars worth of gear. police call it a professional break-in. expect another round of hot weather around the bay area tomorrow. with it comes high fire danger. today condition didn't make fateing the 3 acre brush fire in san mateo county any easier. we were overhead after it broke out in brisbane. close entered on the lab complex but no damage reported. no word yet on what cause the this. >> temperatures soared all around the bay area today. spencer is here now to show us just how hot it got and if we set any records. >> okay carolyn. certainly got plenty hot and heat was evenly
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distributed around the bay area. notice we lack at high pressure how many locations hit 96 degrees. high 96 at morgan hill. livermore. antioch. fairfield. we had low to mid 90's many other location. 95 at concord. 95 at clover dale. 94 at san jose. these however although they are high temperatures were not records. the 2 records were actually ti ties at oakland airport and tying existing record for this date and at move it field. high of 89 tying existing record for this date. very fortunate didn't have dangerous high winds today but it was ho hot. it was dry. we can expect repeat of that kind of weather tomorrow. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. >> all right see you then. >> of course this weather was just about perfect early this morning when tiger woods was practicing at the olympic club in san francisco. getting ready for the u.s. open. quarter million people expected to come to the city to watch the tournament this week. shuttle buses will take
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spectator to and from the olympic club for those taking bart to the coleman station or driving to candlestick park. but merchant hoping to share in this 100 million dollar economic impact may disappointed. more on that tonight from abc 7 news reporter mark matthews. >> at the tournament even on a practice day, the merchandising tent is full of people. buying 30 dollar hats. >> we have 10000,000 hats in inventory and by sunday they will be gone. >>reporter: outside in the community. >> i do know when we had the open down at torrey pines that the city was very happy and that was kind of at the beginning of the economic downturn. >>reporter: independent study of that san diego event back in 2008 determined direct spending was 73 million dollars. for food. enter tanment. and lodging. >> we are staying in san francisco at the hyatt regency. >> staying at the wreck at sutter. >> out at the airport area.what about the city closest to the event. shuttle bus transport
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from the lot and bart station so we know 250,000 or so fans will pass through daly city. >> look i mean they are going to at that time shuttle bus. go from coleman bart station. dropped off at the olympic clu club. >>reporter: david is a daly city council member. >> all they have to do is to walk here in west lake or go to joseph west lake so we are really, really close when you look at it. >>reporter: west lake shopping center is really close just a few blocks. but at this greek cafe no sign yet of increased orders. >> nothing major. hasn't been really nothing that impact us yet, >>reporter: same story at burger meister. >> hoping some of the sophisticated golfers will do the home work and realize it's good restaurant in the west lake shopping center. >>reporter: we did see a few people walking in west lake. with their tournament decree depositional. people going to walk away from the event and actually walk out into the
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community and go. >> probably not. we were at the masters and everything is in. they sell everything inside. people like to do the activities inside. get the feeling of everything tease going on inside. including the food. >>reporter: still early in the week. we will see what happens. i know daly city would like to profit from having the u.s. open in the back yard. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. coincidentally talked about story at the olympic club this year was also the most talked about story 14 years ago. casey martin made headlines back then when he became the first golfer allowed to use a cart in the u.s. open. because of a birth defect in the right leg. martin now the golf coach at the university of oregon. he rarely plays but he did sneak into this year open after winning local sexual qualifier. >> i think it's been 5 or 6 years since i have been in a tournament you would say this ace golf tournament. a lot of barbecue circuit a.lot of scramble. let me tell you. that's how you prep for u.s.
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open. you play golf course from his about 6200 yards in a scramble. >>reporter: coming up later in sports. larry will show us how the course changed since the 93 98 tournament. if you can't make it to the olympic club you can watch the u.s. open on espn thursday and friday at 9 in the morning and 2:00 p.m. >> judge in san francisco today sentenced convicted murderer 3 terms of life in prison without parole plus another 1 ia years. edwin ramos convicted of murdering a father and 2 of his sons in san francisco 4 years ago. he addressed the victim family for the first time toda today. 7 news reporter carolyn tyler was there. >> life without possibility of parole. >>reporter: the sentencing by superior court judge charles haines brought a sense of relief to this family. >> today is for tony michael and matthew. we got victory
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and today we got justice. for my 3 loved ones. tl so i'm extremely happy about that. >>reporter: we blurred danielle's face because she and her remaining children are in the witness protection program. it was 4 years ago this month that her husband 48-year-old tony and sons 20-year-old michael and 16-year-old matthew were gunned down in a drive-by shooting. police believe one of the boys was mistaken for a rival gang member. the convicted killer edwin ramos has not taken responsibility. saying a passenger in the car who has since disappeared was the shooter. in court today ramos did express condolences to the family. >> not a day goes by that i don't think about your loss. it's not a day that goes by the that it's not on my mind. if i could go back in time and
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change things, i would. >>reporter: his attorney is filing paperwork for an appeal. >> we prepared him for the woshingt. i think he was prepared to deal with this but he has high hopes for the appeal. >>reporter: she tried to convince the judge today that ramos deserve as new trial. based on several factors including juror misconduct. he did not buy that and neither did prosecutors. >> justice was done in this case a long trial. many witness. a lot of evidence jury took their time to the reach the verdict. what happened is right. >>reporter: danielle said the condolence by ramos in court today mean nothing. he could be transferred from the san francisco jail as early as this week to be processed at san quentin. abc 7 news carolyn tyler. >> if you think your dollar isn't going as far as it used to, you are right. coming up next. how much your wallet has really shrink in the past few years. >> plus apple and army of app
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developer take the smart phone competition to new level. new set of alliance ins mobile computing. plus. >> i have gotten lead from his different places all around the world. >>reporter: on the hunt for 3 men who escaped from alcatraz. d. >> all difficult is walk around a little bit walk at it sit down say this can't be real. >>reporter: and stolen >>reporter: alook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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many. >> new evidence tonight the the the as to how severe the great recession really was. federal reserve survey family finance found that media net worth declined from 1 26 in 2007 to 77,000 in 2010. that's a drop of nearly 50,000 dollars. adjustment for inflation number means the net worth in 2010 was the same back in 1992. net worth by the way is the value of assets such as homes, bank accounts and stock minus debt such as mortgages and credit cards. >> i hope investigators seem unimpressed by the new product apple introduced today. apple stock closed down 9.15 or one and a half percent to 5 71.17. some investors were disappointed no announcement about the next i-phone or apple television set. instead apple
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highlighting new general rigs of mobile operating system and clear indication that syria is doing more than ever. here's david. >> this is our 23rd wwdc. yes it's older than many of your. >> they are young. anxious to create the next great app and patient. listening as apple took 2 hours to show them what is new. one of the most significant is new math software developed by apple to replace google map. they flew helicopter to get aerial view of landmark city around the world. apple know what is it is doing. >> over an hour a month people spend map and doesn't include new feature turn by turn navigation. the feature is bound to have very positive impact on how they use the service. >>reporter: major focus on mobile app but unveiled a powerful new 15 inch pro that brings the high resolution retina display to the lap top
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for the first time what this says is that apple really does think there's an important market for lap tops and not going away. >>reporter: retina display will appeal to video producers and high end photographers. also the thinnest lap top apple ever made. thinner than the finger. analyst say amy is sending out an important message. >> we have our p c. we have our tablet. we have our phone. i think it's that the mack and notebook is not going away. just becoming more portable. more powerful. >>reporter: developers learned about the next generation mobile operating system i o s 6 that has 200 new feature when it comes thought fall. that will give them the tool to create new app for the i-pad i-phone and i-pod touch. result more competition among app developers. >> yes it will lead to a lot of apps and yes a lot will buy but because the sheer volume in numbers are there it's on a el side there. was no mention of new i-phone presume bring the i-phone 5. but with a new
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mobile operating system coming out this fall it would be a fair assumption that that would be the time for a new i-phone release. at moscone i center, abc 7 news. twitter opened the new san francisco headquarters today. muni launched new express route to help those employees goat work. offices are on market street between 9th and tenth. the company tweeted this photo of the new roof top at lunch time. muni new 83 express bus runs between the cal train station to twitter offices. 7 news spoke to achieve on her way to serve twitter employees the first male at the new space. >> today we are opening the twitter headquarters. and many so about so we are putting out our first menu at 11:30, 12:00 o'clock and just on my way to prepare for that. food it's pretty exciting. brand new kitchen. it's gone. >>reporter: in case you are
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wondering what they feasted on. barbecue pork spare rib. corn on the cobb and sweet potato o. city officials hope the company move bus line will help revitalize mid market area. sounds a little better than our vending machine doesn't it. >> we have roof top, too. tl tar and gravel. >> wait a minute. what is going on here. >> if let's get a petition. >> we have more nice warm temperatures tomorrow. >> indeed. may cool down a little bit near the coast and around the bay. inland areas will sizzle once again. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. looking at the western sky just beautiful aglow. half hour or more after sunset. beautiful evening around the bay area. mild 1. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. no rainfall in the area. we have some low clouds well offshore. may have a spot or 2 of low clouds touching the coast line overnight. but for the most part it's clear. right now we look at still warm conditions at 76 in san rafael. 77 at concord. 83 degrees at this
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hour at antioch. 60's to about 70 right around the bay. the highlights are these. warm to hot again tomorrow. that means mid 90's. warmest inland location but we have cooler da days ahead on wednesday and thursday. then start warming up again friday right on through the weekend. satellite image shows large ridge of high pressure that is beginning to weaken a bit now. 2 centers of high pressure are pulling apart as the little system to our north sort of edges in and take as bite out of the ridge of high pressure. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonigh tonight. notice it gets some patchy areas of coastal clouds. jaws few of night tonight. sunny day tomorrow but then coastal clouds turn more forcefully tomorrow night into wednesday morning bringing us cooler day wednesday around the bay and in our inland locations. on we go to tonight's lows. absent of fog tonight. a little patch here and there along the coast line but across the bay into the inland location. it's clear and quite mild low temperature
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generally mid to upper 50's. antioch low of 63 degrees. then tomorrow sunny skies in the south bay. high mainly in the upper 80's. 88 degrees at san jose. 86 at cupertino. peninsula look for high of 80 at redwood city. 81 palo alto. 82 mountain view. low 60's low to mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. do you want san francisco mild tomorrow. high of 70. 64 in the sun set district which is pretty mild as well. upper 80's to low 90's clover dale 92 calistoga. 89 at sonoma. east bay high 76 at berkeley. 78 san leandro. 80 union city. inland east bay quite warm once again maybe degree or 2 less warm than today. 91 at concord danville 92 at pittsburgh. 94 at apartment i don't care near monterey bay 66 at monterey. 77 watsonville. low 90's inland and morgan hill and gilroy. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast cooling on wednesday and
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thursday. warming up again on friday. and continuing to warm-up through the weekend. mid 90's inland. over the weekend low 80's around the ba bay. upper 60's on the coast and sunday father's day is looking like a day fit for a great dad. i love it. >> my kids tell me i'm a great dad. >> you certainly i believe my kids. >> of course. enjoy the fabulous weather on your day. >> i will. >> 50 years ago 3 men escaped from alcatraz. tonight the man still searching for them and how the former prisoners could be one of our nation door neighbors. >> the the they are celebrateing in los angeles. kings win the first stanley cu cup. larry has all the highlights coming up in sports and we'll be right back after and we'll be right back after this.
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>> this is the day to recall the great mystery of san francisco history. exactly 50 years ago, 3 men escaped from alcatraz. 7 news reporter don sanchez met up with some of the familyzç members on the rock today. members who believe these men are still alive. >> i always believed that they made it. >>reporter: she is one of the sisters of the brother who escaped from alcatraz on june 11, 1962. it made clarence and john and frank morris broke out of alcatraz and floated away to freedom. >> they always found a way out. >>reporter: it was an elaborate plan more than a year in the making. visitors can see where they used spoons to enlarge the ventilation hole in the cell wall and created life like dumpy head to make it look like they were in bed. they climbed to the roof and slipped in the cold bay waters on a make shift raft of rain coat and life preserver. the kind of stuff of mythical lower a
9:26 pm
basis for clint eastwood movie escape from alcatraz. brother had been convicted of bank robbery. but after they broke out of the couple of other prisons they wound up in alcatraz. >> they moved them there many because they figured they would never find a way out. >>reporter: but of course they did. and did they survive? single u.s. marshall still is lacking for them. >> i think there's a possibility of it. there's a lot of things that the are unanswered. mostly there's no beds found. >>reporter: if they are alive what do they look like. here are concept of the men now in their 80's. clarence angle. john engler el and frank morris. what they did eventually broke the rock it closed 9 months later. did they successfully leave alcatraz and wind up in marin county on the rain coat raft. it's in tryinging thought and still a mystery 50 years later. if they are still alive marshall says would he congratulate them on the
9:27 pm
success and then arrest them. alcatraz, 7 news. when we continues tonight. daring driver and his risky rush hour moves. >> also simple injection is helping men lose weight and some improve their love life. >> and alleged victim gives graphic testimony in the sexual abuse trial of jerry sandusky. what the former coach is expected to say on the stand in his own defense. another half hour of news continues in just hour of news continues in just a moment [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following tonight. police are asking anyone who took pictures of golden gate park sharon meadows 5:00 p.m.
9:31 pm
on bay to break tore share them with investigators. they are trying to find out who punched this man steven martin wearing the green patrol wig. he hit his head and died last friday after taken off life support. >> man convicted of killing 3 members of one san francisco family was sentenced today to 3 consecutive terms of life in prison. and in court today 25-year-old ramos expressed his condolences to the family but maintenance he did not pull the trigger. >> not a day that goes by that i don't think about your loss. >> his attorneys plan to appea appeal. danielle the wife and mother of the victims says justice was served. apple unveiled dozens of new app today aimed at mobile did he vase along with powerful new 15 inch mack book pro. thinnest lap top apple has ever made. testimony resumes in the morning in day 2 of the trail of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky denied sexually abusing 10 young boys of a
9:32 pm
period of 15 years. the trial is expected to last 3 weeks. tj was in court for opening statements. >> will jerry sandusky take the stand in his own defense. attorney said his client would tell the jury about how his own experiences growin some of his alleged behavior. it was routine for people to get in the showers in jerry's culture. he's going to tell you later it was routine for individuals to take showers again he said. he argued sandusky isn't a pedophile but he in fact suffers from attention seeking personality disorder. but in photographic testimony alleged victim number 4 first state witness described how he repeatedly molested him whether in the shower or on a bed. later his mentor wrote him a letter that began i know i made my share of mistake however i hope i will be able to say that i cared. now 68-year-old is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. in all he faces 52 counts of. one legal
9:33 pm
expert could prove problematic for the state. >> the judge allowed 52 counts. it's kind of crazy to allow that to good to the jury. just way too many. judge should have forced the indictment to be whiltsed down. >> lead prosecutor l promised that 8 of sandusky accuser would take the stand to recall details of the alleged abuse labeling sandusky a serial pedophile. while the former coach dense all the charges you can bet they will play the enter have you for the jury where he said. >> if i say no i'm not attracted to buys, that's not the truth because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls. >> the defense claims all of the young accuse versus a financial interest in the outcome that they would have a better chance of winning damages against penn state and other parties if in fact jerry sandusky was found guilty. this is abc news pennsylvania. >> imperial county officials
9:34 pm
deciding whether to charge a man caught on tape beating his stepson with a belt after he dropped a ball during a game of catch. the neighbor took the video showing sanchez repeatedly hitting the 10-year-old boy. he turned himself in friday on suspicion of felony child abuse. since posted 100,000 dollar bond. the neighbor says he picked up the camera when he heard shouting in the back yard. >> the fact that there was an adult discipline a child in the middle of a game of catch. i didn't i couldn't understand that. what got me, it was so shocking was the fact that he continued to escalate. >> lopez is a university football coach would teaches kids about bullying. on saturday sanchez resign from elected position on the irrigation district board of directors in imperial county. >> late word commerce secretary john bryson is taking medical leave after he was involved in two hit-and-run accidents in los angeles county this weeken weekend. bryson is seen here with president obama rear ended
9:35 pm
a car that was waiting at an intersection for a train in san gabriel rielle. he got out of the car and spoke with the 3 men. inside the car then got back in his own car. hit the car again as he left the scene. the men followed secretary bryson calling 911. 5 minutes later bryson they say collided with another car. >> when he struck the vehicle he was later found unconscious behind the driver seat and lone occupant in the vehicle. >>reporter: bryson suffered a seizure. white house press secretary karpy says president obama thoughts are with bray son and his family right now. so we know that he has stepped aside more to come on this one. >> we have breaking news for you rate now. san francisco police have closed down an area in north beach. 300 block of columbus near vallejo. the bomb squad is on the scene. we have a crew there as well. to gather more information we hope to have that for you shortly. it was never supposed to
9:36 pm
happen. coming up. mechanical failure that may have set back autism research by a decade. >> and more men are using testosterone injection to lose weight and improve their mood but is ill really the fountain of youth for baby boomers. of youth for baby boomers. news at 9 returns in just a
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>> painful blow to autism research. hospital affiliated with harvard university says a freezer malfunction damaging one of the world largest collection of brain tissue samples, called priceless. freezer at the no, sir belmont, massachusetts had apparently shut down in may but no alarm were his triggered despite a good system. a thermostat showed minus 81 when in fact the temperature was 7 degrees. scientist say the freezer failure could set back research
9:40 pm
on autism by a decade. well growing number of men middle age and beyond are turning to hormone proud in the body to treat issues ranging from weight gain to low sex drive. several new studies document the effectiveness of testosterone replacement but some doctors point out questions remain. >> dr. power says the therapy she used to treat scores of patients has also had a profound affect on her own family. her husband oliver had gained weight and increasingly tired. she says blood test revealed lowered testosterone levels. >> typically low testosterone is fatigue. low moody appreciation. poor sleep. ache and pain. >>reporter: dr. power began treating oliver with regular injections of testosterone replace many. she says the drug is chemically identical to the more money proud in the body that drop-off as men age. she says the dose used to bring a patient back up to normal are far different than the dose
9:41 pm
like body building. >> there's huge difference of maintaining pro active preventive medicine program and doing it for body building. >>reporter: testosterone replacement is the focus of several recent studies. one of the latest by pharmaceutical in germany that markets the testosterone product found that middle age and older men suffering from obesity lost average of 35 pounds over 5 years. researchers believe testosterone replacement boost the body ability to build muscle encouraging exercise. >> i probably exercise more. had more energy to do so but i lost about 25 pounds and in 6 months. >>reporter: pre-description for testosterone replacement have more than doubled in the last 5 years. that's the indication for the use. tucker says his symptoms were closer to depression. >> like dismal. no energy. >>reporter: he sets injection helped him return to martial arts training. while replacement has documented benefits, some doctors are
9:42 pm
cautious about future down sides that could develop especially for patients who may stay on the drug for decades. dr. paul is it your oly gist in san francisco who prescribes testosterone in specific cases. >> rigorous data that you need to establish a field of good hard data is not in yet. >>reporter: ongoing research will likely focus on long-term cancer and heart disease risk but given the current demand among aging baby boomers several companies are already offering new testosterone base drugs. some analyst have predicted prescription sales could triple to more than 5 billion dollars a year. putting testosterone replacement in the financial league of viagra. >> testosterone is kind of elixir. it taken in the writ way it's it improves quality of life. a lot of effect on a lieutenant of the body. like tting premium fuel in the body. >> there are a lot of men now on testosterone for these general health optimum reasons and one of the most rapidly growing field of medicine.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: dr. power says if lab test confirm the diagnosis of low testosterone the treatment are most often covered by insurance. >> this bay area man is talking about how he found a picasso. the painting apparently stolen during a teenager house party during a teenager house party in a marin mansion is.
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take a look at this. dangerous stunt is drawing outrage in china. young man driving with just his right hand. rest of the body hanging out of the ca car. video was of course shot by another driver. map was going about 25 miles an hour. at some point he even changed lanes. no word yet on the exactly what his reason was for doing this stunt. other than
9:47 pm
he could. >> well expensive picasso stolen from north bay mansion has been recovered tonight thanks to local cup whole spotted it and called police. theft happened at vacant mansion in the novato hills where high school students broke in and held a party. jonathan reports. >>reporter: when he started up the trail greg was expecting to get a good work out but he never expected this. >> i started walking up i notice there was a picture frame and i start seeing the picture i knew right away that the picture was something. i come on up and looked and had a little brass plaque and pablo by cast oyshtion valued at over 30,000 dollars gone missing from this marin mansion just up the hill after group of teenagers broke in and threw illegal party few weeks ago. he knew the story he couldn't believe what he found. >> all i did is walk around a little bit look at it sit down and study it for awhile and say
9:48 pm
this can't be real. this isn't happening. this is not really here. >>reporter: then he called the police. came and very carefully picked it up. >> we are taking all proper evidence precautions. handling with gloves and utmost care. >>reporter: the next call to his waive susanism he said i found the pablo picasso lift graph that was stolen and i was just amazed. >>reporter: police will hang on to the picasso until the investigation is over then return it to its rightful owner. former ukraine prime minister whose currently in jail for money laundering. adam will probably never see it close-up again. the only regret was not taking a picture. >> pretty special moment to recover a big piece of art like that. >>reporter: police say they are looking for lots of other items taken from the house including lap top, leather jackets and silver candle stick. they say they have one suspect but they are looking for others and they say they are not releasing any names. nobody has been arrested as of now. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> morning news team is going
9:49 pm
prime time this week. 7 news anchor eric and kristen along with meteorologist mike and traffic reporter francis will broadcast tomorrow morning as usual and then return for a prime time live news cat tomorrow evening. we hope you can join us right after game one of the nba finals. >> let's go back up date the forecast now with experience. >> okay carolyn. let's look at state wide conditions tomorrow. windy another warm day in the interior section of cheek o. sacramento fresno. high pressure in the mid upper 90's. desert palm spring sizzle with a high of 108. bay area tomorrow another warm day. starting in the morning though let me give you a lack at conditions for the practice round of the u.s. open starting tomorrow at olympic club at the olympic club. temperatures early morning hours low 50's. afternoon low 60's. winds rather late out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind should not be a mainly factor in tomorrow's round of practice play. high pressure inland
9:50 pm
tomorrow. low to mid 90's once again. it will be a little bit more moderate around the basement upper 70's to right around 80. hears the accu-weather 7 day forecast. one more day of inland heat. start to cool down wednesday thursday. warm-up again on friday and this weekend back in the 90's inland. low 80's around the basement upper 60's coast and sunday a great father's day so enjoy. >> does look terrific. >> from the warm weather to the ice. larry here now with preview of sports. >> yes. nhl season finally comes to close. dramatic nhl crowning a new champion. true kings of the sport. first time in 45 years los angeles is the capitol of
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>> following breaking news right now in san leandro where the bay fair bart station is shut down. apparently someone on the tracks there. we'll of course keep on top of this and have much more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00. >> also at that time party
9:54 pm
buses. they roam the city with dozens of people. some of them drinking. while they keep intoxicated drivers off the road, neighbors say there is another problem. >> it came from the sky. basketball size chunk of ice crashed into this fremont home. no one is quite sure what it was. we take a closer look at this coming up in an hour on 7 news on channel 7. right now, though, larry is here with game 6 of hockey. >> yes. stanley cup finals. hotel wad has turned that hockey wood. la kings did something they have been trying to achieve for 45 years. en wayne couldn't accomplish. beat the devil to win the cup. first period night. key player steve. called for this. he was ejected. kings go on a 5 minute major power play and take control of the contest. to brown. ricochet past and 1 nothing la 2 minutes later
9:55 pm
brown with a shot. credit carter there on the tip in. 2 nothing kings. 10 seconds to good on the power play. law is on the door step to knock it in. 3 nothing kings. final seconds. >> 45 year history. stanley cup for los angeles. kings are the kings. >> former sharks coach there a rare smile from him. as the kings win it 6-1 and take the series 4 games to 2. >> it's feeling that you see in them so happy. the work that you go through and you know the first thing you think about is the coach. guys are young enough you have to try it again. >> goalie jonathan quick mvp outstanding. nba finals tip off tomorrow night 6:00 o'clock abc 7. match up lebron and heat facing scoring champ kevin durrant and o kc the thunder.
9:56 pm
ter good friends. widely regarded as best 2 players in the league no. ramp for friendship in the finals. >> when i go on the basketball court each every night i want to be the best player in the game. want to be the best player on that floor. that's just how i appreciate the game so i don't really, i don't really care what people say. >>reporter: u.s. open will be played at the olympic club this we can for the fifth time. last time it was here back in 1998. when lae won the titles. several changes since then to the course. mike takes us through it with the head pro. >>reporter: olympic club one of the toughest venue in golf. layout for the open 7170 yards. play to par 70 with 34 on the front. 36 on the back. the challenge begins on no. 1. a 5 20 yard par 4 for the pros. instead of par 5. >> down the first 6 holes are going to be i think toughest stretch of 6 hole you see in any u.s. open championship and
9:57 pm
the players can come by there even one over. they are diagnose pretty well. >>reporter: no. 7 is a drivable par 4 and 8 is a brand new 200 yard par 3. this course is built on hills and if you are not in the fair way, the rough is at least one stroke added to your score. >> exactly. you never get any level line. side hill. downhill lie and it's important to see what you are up against. >>reporter: on the back 9 no. 16 will play 6 70 yards. longest par 5 in open history. 17 is also a par 5 with new sand trap added around the again. 18 one of the toughest finishing hole in the golf due to tight fair way and blind second shot to sloped green. at the open you have to hit the ball in the fair way off the tee to win. >> shot maker golf course. you have to work the ball left and right off the tee. to be able to hold the fair way. and whoever can do that the best has good chance to inwith.
9:58 pm
>>reporter: even par won in 1998. good luck breaking par in 2012. if san francisco, mike, abc 7 sports. >> feel good story at the open belongs to from-year-old dennis miller. sporting niners hat. alongside tiger woods today miller director of golf at mill creek golf dmours youngstown, ohio. qualified in dramatic fashion with this putt that he thought was just going to hang on the lip then he turned his back and went down. so he won the section national play off. unbelievable. >> if i birdie one of theless hole it's a great story. 42-year-old t.metro park golfer at the u.s. open but to do it with the camera rolling ball stopping. you can't script this. a lot of fun and my wife and i really enjoying it. >> that is so amazing. the shot. espn live coverage from the olympic with the first 2 rounds thursday and friday 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. finish up
9:59 pm
the rain delay french open today. once again nadal is the king of the red clay. top rank novak clubbed himself in the head so frustrated after unforced error to break serve in the opening game for nadal. he the net court here. djokovic runs it down and passing shot by nadal. match point in the fourth set and novak double fault. nadal seventh french open title. almost dropped the trophy afterward but the only thing that really went wrong aside from the rain delays with this. >> what a match. >> nadal. were you there. >> yes early on. it was lot of fun. dry when i was there too. >> good weather. >> gentlemen. >> that does it for us. we'll see you on channel 7 at 11:00. see you on channel 7 at 11:00. good night for now.


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