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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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still under construction. worker badly burned and taken to st. francis hospital with what we're calling life threatening injuries. the fire department reporting that a fire firefighter has been taken to general hospital. the fire at 2817 san bruno avenue, a building just under construction and apparently a gas line being hooked up, being soddered on. somehow, the worker managed to ignite the gas fire from that line and was badly burned. that is, we've just arrived on this scene. and this closed down san bruno avenue. firefighters mopping up now. >> there is more breaking news
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in lafayette. a grass fire is burning close to homes. and there is a fire started just about a half ago. the camera pulls back, we're not sure what it was at this point but does not appear to be a hem. people are out trying to keep flames p burning other structures. there are a number of structures around the scene. >> and we have breaking news as well in contra costa county. the evening commute moving at a crawl because of this car fire about two and a half hours ago. and there is nick smith with a live report. >> you're seeing a traffic nightmare, we're here at highway 4 at the split this, is because the traffic usually exit at john muir parkway cannot do so because of a detour. this is how it started.
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patrol tells us that this car hit a fallen power line on the roadway. and this is running across eastbound and westbound lanes and are still on the ground. the pole with live lines fell across the roadway, blocking lanes. pge is on the scene and doing repairs. cruise are called to the scene and began putting out fires. the driver escaped uninjured. this created a traffic nightmare, this is backed up as far as interstate 880. back live, you can see that there is i-08 eastbound is where the traffic has been redirected. pg&e tells us 36 customers are dealing with out power, chp
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tells us they may not have that section open again until 7:00 this evening. >> and thank you very much. it's breezy out there. sandhya patel is here with a look at conditions that firefighters are facing. >> firefighters are not just battling fires but winds right now. you can see what they're up against, novato, gusts to 24. 24 in half moon bay. there is a strong breeze blowing. winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. so independence windy that. is something they're going have to deal with. this is knocking temperatures down. it's been warm, temperatures down in just about every area except santa rosa. there is temperatures along the coast low 60s to low 70s. i'll be back to have more details about a cooling trend
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that has just begun, we're far from done, yet. >> thank you. and there are dangerous conditions today. visitors tried to get in but had to leave after he they saw sign signs warning of the danger, you're looking at goats. 150 goats, and 120 sheep clearing vegetation long highway 6806789 the flood control district is using this herd. they want to see whether it's more efficient to fire the fire danger down. >> looks like they're ready to munch away. and moving on. legal battle over artist thomas kincaid's estate is escalating his girlfriend skpeft stranged wife fighting over millions of dollars and a mansion. and the girlfriend produced a
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hand written will. >> amy pinto-walsh is in court fighting for assets she says thomas kincaid wanted her to have. our media partners san jose mercury news obtained a copy of the note pinto-walsh claims kincaid wrote giving her his mansion, and $10 million to establish a museum of his paintings there. abc 7 news says this is a complex case. >> there is california does recognize what we call a holographic will. the question would be first of all did thomas kincaid write this will? his own hand write something. >> lawyers for kincaid's estranged wife and business holdings left court without comment. nanette kincaid was married to the painter 30 years, and the couple has four daughters.
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before any decision is made about the validity of the will, today's hearing will determine if the 3459er will be aired publicly or in a secret binding arbitration. >> so do you think it will go into arbitration? >> we need to wait for the judge. >> why would you like to have knit open court? >> we have to let the judge make a decision at this point. thank you. >> once the judge make that's decision, thomas kincaid's girlfriend will not only have to prove the artist wrote the document but was of sound mind when he did it. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and there is a carpenter bury add live in a construction site. the work place safety agency today says criminal investigation has been launched against the company and issued 14 citations totalling $169,000 in fines. and connection with the death
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of raul zapata. he died in a trench collapse in milpitas. and and willfully ignored regulations. there are 16 days to appeal. >> and police deciding whether to file charges against a woman. the bomb squad found dangerous he dieses -- devices in her apartment. it went down in the north beach neighborhood. abc 7 news is there live tonight. >> there is residents of the columbus hotel about to return home just after midnight this morning. and of course except for a woman who triggered the response, police tell us the first calls for help came from block as way. there is about 150 residents spent hours in the streets
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while the bomb squad swept through the columbus hotel. they focused on her. >> they did find components that could be used to make explosive devices. >> and they found several firearms. neighbors tell us she's an employee at federal reserve bank. police say that is where the first call was help. >> a co-worker noticed one of another co-workers displayed signs of psychiatric distress. >> and she told officers before before she went into work she shot a hole through her apartment door. >> we heard a pop on the floored floor. i looked out and there are -- the suspect looked out. >> this neighbor said he didn't think much of a pop which turned out to be a gunshot.
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officers arrived and cleared out the building. and he showed us a bullet hole in the door, and what he says is a very busy hallway. >> think could have been hit and killed. >> and there are police trying to determine if the firearms found inside of the room are legal, they're also trying to determine just how dangerous explosives are before they make any decisions on possible charges. right now, she's not in police custody and will remain at san francisco general hospital for a three-day evaluation. >> and thank you very much. there is a federal appeals court reversed an unusual opinion by a judge. they granted bail to a woman as long as the suspect wrote a series of book reports. investigators say the 23-year-old otis mobilely tried to sell a grenade launcher in march.
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during the deal, gunfire erupted. a judge granted mobilely $150,000 bail if he promised to read and write for 90 minutes per day. prosecutors appealed and now, the court has ruled no bail and no book reports. >> and senator boxer took aim at the nation's largest car rental company, blasting enterprise, dollar and thrifty for reducing to -- refusing to accept the pledge to stop renting calls under recall. and two daughters were killed when the car caught fire and crashed. >> my daughters died instantly in a fire bomb. we never heard from enterprise during those five years of litigation other than denials. >> and enterprise will not comment on the pledge and says
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it has changed policy. boxer will move forward with legislation on behalf of the sisters. it would prohibit them from renting or selling to customers until they're properly repaired. >> still to come a serious pay cut some teachers are taking after a new tax fails at poll autos and amazing accomplishment of a teen-aged golfer. how he became the youngest player in generations at the u.s. open this weekend. stay with us. abc 7 news continues. ♪
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do you remember what you were doing at 14 years old?
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>> mike shumann is live in the olympic club with a story about a young u.s. open qualifier. sh snu.. >> it's quite a story heerk it's andy zhang, youngest competitor ever to play at the u.s. open. and as you can imagine this young man's head is spinning. andy zhang can't believe he was playing in the u.s. open. this is the best feeling. and this is -- i'm really excited he played here at the lichic club. >> this is like shaking on the first tee, i guess i'll get used to it. >> he played in master champion. >> i thought i was going to look up to them. they're like just nice to me, giving me tips. >> tiger tried to qualify and
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didn't make it. and andy is a huge fan. >> and this morning i shook his hand. >> notoo young if he can do it. that is the great thing is that it's not handed to you. and just think of exkbreernss from the game from playing in this event. how well it's going to serve june skbrer high school he veents in the tournament that ends on father's day if andy makes the cut, unfortunately, his dad will not be here. >> my dad went back to china three days ago. i call every round. every day. and. >> they were both star stuck on the practice range. >> before i came here i thought can i ask them for their autographs? no. you're giving out autographs. >> and what a great story.
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and if i was a betting man i would say he probably won't make the cut but i will almost guarantee out of the 156 players he's the only one with braces. reporting live at the olympic club, abc 7 news. >> wow. >> and he's 14, mike. >> 14. great story. imagine being 14, that talented. tiger didn't do it at 15. >> he's going to have great neej a couple years. >> let's touch base on the weather forecast. >> you saw outside there is overcast this, is why. there is sandhya patel here. >> you can clearly see why there is mike with overcast conditions, fog is back. that fog is going to be a main player in the forecast tonight heading into tomorrow. we're also dealing with the wind. those two forces combining to take temperatures down a little bit today. they're going to continue to go down. i want to show you what it
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looks like now. you'll see there is fog along the coastline. you can see quite a bit of fog well off the coast as well. this will be marching into bayside kmujts heading into overnight hours. taking a look at gusts this is an onshore wind flow coming up. there is cool ocean water gusting to 43 miles per hour. gusting to 32 in santa rosa. once again, wind flow coming up. and that is. >> 64 degrees in san francisco. you get out towards fairfield and we still manage to get into low 90s. there is a areas of low skploudz fog. it's going to warm up so we're looking at warm to hot conditions for the which includes father's day. here is a cold front setting
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stages into motion. there is a stronger sea breeze and low pressure inland. high pressure over pacific. there is the chaimpkdz underway they'll continue heading into wednesday. so... fog getting into some bayside communities, cooling trend continuing for wednesday. and then, thursday we're expecting fog to clear away. breezy conditions for thursday afternoon, temperatures continuing to lower for the bayside and inland. tomorrow morning we'll see more fog than we saw this morning. low 50s to low 60s so gray skies in the morning. if you're he'ding to u.s. open, low 50s to upper 50s. just carry a sweater or jacket. there will be fog around but no rain to speak of. just gray. tomorrow afternoon, 58 in half moon bay there is some
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lingering fog. and oakland inland, you're out of the 90s and still warm, though. there is 60 degrees in monterey. 83 inland. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. cooler days, wednesday, thursday. and especially into inland valleys. then, temperatures starting to rise again, friday, and very warm conditions expected saturday and sunday. mid-90s inland. beach weather for the coast. take a look at that. low 70s father's day looking fantastic. then we'll cool it off monday and tuesday. any outdoor plans for father's day looks fantastic. >> yard work. >> yard work? come on. something fun. >> maybe not. >> thank you. >> just ahead pitching in to help out during the tough economy. >> teachers agreeing to swap time for money. stay with us.
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good news here, city council approved a new budget and this time, there is a rare $9 kblinl surplus. the vote and the mayor says cushion is partly due to the city council making tough decisions over the past two years wchl that, the city is looking to restore some services including openings for libraries and community centers. the mayor wants to aloe indicate and develop 11 new park autos teachers have agreed to major pay cuts for
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the next school year, voting to be paid for nine fewer days and take an additional 1% cut to help mitigate cuts. the teachers association says this will cost nearly $7500 so it's a hit. and other school district employees are reaching similar concession agreements as parcel tax failed at polls last week. 50 and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 tiger woods is the talk of the u.s. open. >> is in the event tiger has to win to prove he's truly back? that, next.
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don't forget abc 7 morning news goes prime time tonight. and will be here following game one of the fba finals tonight. and we go out with a gang task force as they begin their summer crack down, right after nba finals. abc 7 morning news in prime time. >> just for you golf fans are getting some disappointing news on their way to the tournament. and that is right. the organization allows them, the usda does not. and golfers are fickle about the noise. phil mickelson withdrew after complaining about cell phone use in the gallery. >> they're confiscating phone autos it's an exciting time. u.s. open here once again.
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>> and that is right. larry beil here with the man many are hoping to see. >> tiger woods. >> yes. >> and there is highed for 18. there is tiger woods playing along side casey martin. tiger comes in feeling good about the game. and there is still feeling the question. do you have to win to prove you're back? >> and if i do win a championship there is always something with you guy autos and there is so much attention with tiger. the champ was like tiger in his prime. and this year, he's been up and down, and coming to olympics after a 7th place
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finish at st. jude. >> last year it was great to get that monkey off the back if you want to say that very early if the career. and you know looking forward to this week and getting it going. >> and espn from olympic thursday and friday, at 9:00 a.m. and again, at tk p.m. >> and very exciting. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> game one of the nba finals coming up next. don't go away. right after that, morning prime time team, tonight. >> twus s -- stay with us, have a good night. ♪
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welcome to assignment 7. i'm terry mcsweeney. today on our program. >> drive and save money on gas at the same time. i'm michael finney. find out how later on "7 on your side." >> also today bay area criminals are getting a second chance and focus on solutions report. bay area researchers make an historic breakthrough in fighting a fungus found in frogs. >> the u.s. commerce has made new import fees on solar panels made in china. solar companies in this country, it's a step in the right direction. news business and technology reporter david louie has more. >> reporter: one company owns dozens of sol or panel
9:32 pm
manufacturers. solar world claims unfair chinese competition forced to it lay off worker is. >> for reasons we needed to close our california planted that continuously manufactures since the late 1970s and we modernized to the tune of $40 million. >> an american subsidies of chinese solar companies will benefit from the new tariff as they build factories in the u.s. they will do additional fact finding. commerce department is scheduled to rule on complaints that china is dumping low cost panels in the u.s. despite concerns the dispute will escalate into a trade war, solar companies are pushing ahead to capture important business. they have unviamd a new thin panel that replaces windows at a major train station in china. >> the window can be part of the building. the window, exactly you
9:33 pm
mentioned that. it could be part of the roof or something. it will have more protection. >> and american capital energy was showing off a new solar system in southern california. water runoff eats greenhouses and creates energy. >> we are taking water through the pond and putting it through a solar system. geothermal could get the water to 140 degrees with the system we designed we were able to get the water to 180 degrees. >> innovation is what american solar companies hope will drive more sales but a level playing field with competitive price will go fuel more profits. >> terry: gas prices are record levels for this time of the year. saving a little money at the pump is especially nice. michael finney has one way to cut gas costs.
9:34 pm
>> he hasn't given up driving but he has found a smart way to go about it. >> all right, we're off. >> he a member of get around, a peer to peer car sharing service where i can rent a car or rent your car to someone else. each owner sets the price. today he is leaving a fuel efficient to toyota in the garage and driving a electric nissan. >> one is the ability for me in an electric vehicle, in hybrid i am still putting gas in. i would like to get to the point of no gas at all. >> reporter: others that he rented is this tesla. a recent study from u.c. berkeley research center found car share users end up renting cars that get 10 miles a gallon more than their previous vehicle. some take it one step further. >> 25% of the sample cheryl
9:35 pm
jennings vehicle. another 25 purchased as a result of car sharing. >> that is what they did three years ago. >> after looking for parking, getting expensive parking tickets, always searching for change to put in the parking meters, high cost of gas and high cost of maintenance of cars just proved to be too much of a has el. >> she es maitd mates she saved $300 on a month on gas and car maintenance of them don't pay for gas. >> i gave up my car once i realized that there were alternatives to having and owning a car here in san francisco. >> about 600,000 people inhe united states have joined car sharing programs and that number is expected to grow. >> it's well established, car sharing is not going anywhere. >> not only are we saving gas. but it's a great time to driving
9:36 pm
a car and it doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: researchers point out the average car share user say they save $150 to $4250 a month. >> terry: san francisco's new appointing homeless czar is making nau wet houses. they tell us san francisco's wet house proposal is modeled after seattle. >> if you don't mind, i'm going to take a drink. >> anthony been set the alcoholic. >> my ambition is to wake up in the morning and be able to open my refrigerator and have a beer. that is my ambition. i guess that is my future. >> he is no longer homeless. >> one of these days i would like to have me --
9:37 pm
>> he lives in seattle's so-called wet houses, where they are allowed to drink under the supervision of addiction counselors. >> you are doing well. >> you got pretty wasted yesterday. >> the alcohol is purchased by using part of the public assistance checks. >> they drink less and they are safer in the community. it's where people are looking out for them. >> reporter: the idea is started to catch on with cities in the country considering similar wet house programs. in san francisco where shelters are clean and sober. it's one of the first considered by one of newly appointed homeless czar. >> a lot of people that visit here says san francisco has homeless problem. everybody that lives here becomes an expert on homelessness, you see what is
9:38 pm
not working. >> they are calling for a few hundred of chronic public drunks. >> we have to look at repeat offenders and we're spending money fighting people and releasing them. if there is a way to wrap services around the front end of the justice system i think we can help people in a more meaning fashion. >> the seattle program launched in 2006 and is considered a success by most because almost all residents cut their drinking significantly. bennett says he is drinks about 12 ceers a day compared to two or three times that amount living on the streets. >> in a way i look like this. you take the bums off the street and kind of clean it up. >> still, he says this will likely be his last home. >> believe it or not i probably will end passing away like a lot of my friends have. i seen about 21 guys die over here. better than dying here than
9:39 pm
dying there out on the street. >> terry: coming up, a future of air travel. effort to help get to you your destination faster as well as safer. plus.... >> how many guys claim that title dirt bag? >> the jericho project and criminals are getting a second chance. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
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using and stop criminal behavior
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stop stealing and get their life using, it means they are going to work. a lot of programs don't address that issue. >> reporter: the job trai
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