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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> suspended after conviction for spousal abuse tonight, city ethic panel opens hearings into whether embattled san francisco sheriff mirkarimi should permanently lose his job. good evening everyone. dan is off.
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rate now lawyers for sheriff mirkarimi and mayor lee are going back and forth over what evidence will be allowed in the sheriff's ethic hearing. john is live at san francisco city hall with the very latest. john? >> allen the commission started work at 5:00 o'clock so they have been at it for about 4 hours with one short break. didn't take listening for all the lawyers to get bogged down fighting over which testimony and which evidence the commission would get to consider during this hearing. suspended sheriff walked in the hearing room amid cheers from his supporters. it's taken more than 6 months to get to this point following the new year's eve domestic fight with his wife miss lopez. he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge and mayor lee accused him of official misconduct. tonight mirkarimi attorney says lopez will submit a written statement but no decision has been made whether she will appear in person here or perhaps by skype from venzuela where she has been staying with the couple young son and her
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family. mirkarimi says mayor lee is undermining the will of the voters. >> he is simply resorting to sensational and destroying to this and mayor lee is trying to undermine the voters. >>reporter: commission says it's not decided whether to admit kill phone video taken by neighbor madison on new year's day. lopez seen and heard describe ago bruise on her arm that was inflicted by mirkarim mirkarimi. he says he was trying to calm her down. the commission has not decided though whether to subpena madison to testify here in person. she has given a written statement that leaves one commission member believes it's full of hearsay and poisons the well. that statement does differ substantially from the story that mirkarimi told in his statement to this commission. there are at least 2 more sessions scheduled here. earliest they would be done with this portion would be june 29. and then the ethic
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commission recommendation would be sent over to the board of supervisors and there it would take 9 of the 11 supervisors to vote mirkarimi out of office. live at city hall, john, abc 7 news. >> thanks john. >> we had a few fires today and the investigation continues tonight to pin point the cause of a fire that destroyed a home on mount diablo. fire crew had tough time reaching a home on the side of that mountain. it burned a total of 3 structures and nearly 3 acres around the house. firefighters said house was gutted and damage is estimated at 750,000 dollars. house was a rental and nobody was inside at the time. investigators aren't sure if it started as grass fire or inside that house. boat explosion near the antioch bridge forced everyone aboard to jump off and swim to safety tonight. you can see the boat was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived on the scene this afternoon. the owner of the boat says he was taking a couple of people out for a ride on the san joaquin river when it caught fire.
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flames also torched nearby pier. nobody hurt and the boat eventually sank. investigators from the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearm were out in oakland again today at the site of construction fire that shut down bart transbay service for hours last thursday. the property owner entered the charred building to see if the housing project can be salvage salvaged. tomorrow the atf says it will officially begin the investigation into the cause of that blaze. pre-dawn fire damaged the bart track near the west oakland station shutting down transbay service until the late afternoon. massive fire 3 day wildfire prevention exercises under way in the south bay so emergency responders can be ready for the next i object fern 0that may hit the bay area. the timing is right because of the dry conditions. exercise is taking place in the lexington basin in lake county park. david reports tonight from los gatos. >> 5 acre fire that is moving
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that direction up towards your community. it's making small uphill runs. >>reporter: it's only a drill but important one this year with fair danger high. 125 firefighters are training today in the hills above los gatos. homeowner have given them permission to be on their property. firefighters from department and agency across santa clara county. scene here is typical. tinder dry grass. steep hill with expensive homes along the ridge top. firefighters need to make critical decisions as they arrive. size up the potential for disaster. >> how fast is the fire going to get up there. what can i do. app are the us i have on hand right now before the fire gets to that house wishing experience comes greater flexibility and responsibility. 4 unit task force and 5 strike team arrive on scene ahead of mappingment level command staff with the battle plans. >> we give them an area to work in. or they find an area to work in and they go to work and they make the decisions on their own. even coming down to
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if you have app area of 25 houses and you only have 5 fir trubing you may give an individual captain 5 houses this. >>reporter: particular exercise is focus on structure protection. firefighters on the ground get air support from helicopters dropping water at fix wing aircraft that serve as spotters. other aspects of today training focus on tactical scenario, logistics, deployment of prison crew and evacuation of the elderly or infirm. firefighters are also using what appears to be a low tech device. sand box with wood shavings that can be laid out as replica of wild land fire. eye drop remembers used to extinguish flames. toy helicopters and planes replicate indicate air support. cal fire has been using the sand box for training for over 40 years. this is the first time it is being used in santa clara county. >> simple things like a sand box. really great scenario for people that run through and come up with strategy and tactic and come up with idea based on how to suppress the fire. >>reporter: another 125 firefighters undergo training
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tomorrow. many residents of this area remember the lexington fire from few years ago and no one wants to relive that disaster. in los gatos, david louie abc 7 news. >> in hayward. guest at motel got quite a scare this afternoon when they were evacuated by police in hot pursuit of suspect. it happened about 3:00 p.m. when officers tried to question a man near the days inn on mission boulevard. man took off running and hid inside one of the hotel rooms. police evacuated all the guests that surrounded the hotel. after 45 minutes of negotiations the man surrendered to police. authorities say he has outstanding arrest warrant. no one was injured during that stand off. 33-year-old san jose man appeared in court today to answer charges that he sexually assaulted the children who wereen trusted in his care. prosecutors accuse bailey of raping 18-year-old woman who haas is developmentally disabl
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disable. here's the news reporter. >>reporter: the family of the man accused of sexually molesting 2 at risk young girls and developmentally disabled young woman say the accusers are lying. >> in group home kids always make allegations. this is not the first time and this won't be the last time that there will be allegations made. it's just that he's being used as an example. >>reporter: 33-year-old joaquin bailey is accused of 3 counts of allude act on a child and one count of rape of an incapable person. all felonie felonies. 2 of the alleged victims live at residential care facility called emq if los gatos. bailey also worked as teacher aide at san jose where he met the third alleged victim. 18-year-old with mental capability of a five year old. to. take advantage of the most vulnerable not just children but at risk youth dependent of the court and mentally disabled individuals is the most cruelly imaginable type of sexual abuse. >>reporter: bailey family asked if the allegations are
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true why wasn't he prosecuted in 2009 when the first victim came forward? legal observers say the da probably didn't have enough evidence at that time and sadly does now. >> you have multiple victims who do not know one another. that corroborates significantly the one victim. >>reporter: prosecutors say one of the children at emq was was molested over three-year period and bailey would show her pornographic video on the cell phone as way to demonstrate what he wanted. >> with one of the victims the youngest victim who is between the ages of 6 and 9 at the time that he exhibited pornographic video that he had taken himself on his cell phone to her. >>reporter: bailey family says he adores his own children, 7-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son and are adamant he is not capable of child molestation. >> he's good daddy. he would never mess with no kids. he would never mess with no kids. >>reporter: the judge ordered bailey held without bail and set another court hearing for next week. prosecutors say
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they are already hearing from additional possible victims. they are urging anyone with any information to come forward. in san jose, abc 7 news. we cover big story in egypt tonight where sea of people are gathering right now demanding freedom. tens of thousands have packed cairo square to protest the ruling military bid to grab new power. also egyptian officials say mubarak is being kept on life support after the 84-year-old ousted leader suffered a stroke in prison today. abc reports from cairo. >>reporter: we are here among the egyptian people as word spreads that mubarak who controlled the country as deck taketor for 30 years is clinically dead. latest turn hk for egypt. birth place of the egyptian revolution. packed with tens of thousands. joy over the expected victory of
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the first contested presidential election. he's from the muslim brotherhood that was out lawed for decades. it appears he won. anger too at the country ruling general who has changed the constitution trying to keep a tight grip on the power. this is part celebration part warning shot. clear declaration to the ruling military council that if they try to hold on to power after this election, the people will go back to the streets. do you think they will lead. >> yes military will succeed. look at all the people here. you will know that the egyptian revolution will succeed. >>reporter: the theme tonight identical to the ones we saw the very first night of last year revolution as people demanded an end to the mubarak dictatorship. >> and today the campaign of mubarak last prime minister claims that they won the election. result that if true when official results come out on thursday could turn these peaceful protest violent. abc
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alec reporting. >> we have much more to get to tonight at 9:00. coming up. high speed chases. high speed pursuit. more dangerous to bystanders than we ever knew. >> plus a city upped water. the decision that could affect a quarter of a million people. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. summer arrives tomorrow and so does summer heat. i'll show you how hot it is where you are in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> all jammed up. bay area man >> amust be nice, cheering onan team usa from the shallow end.
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>> in dallas today police cars roared down the interstate chasing a stolen big rig as drivers scramble to get out of the way. here you can see police using spike to disable the tires. that man was eventually taken into custody. >> high speed chases happen every day across country. in fact here in the bay area who can forget the stolen car suspect who led officers on a wild chase just couple weeks ago. hit a spike strip there. chase continued. through concord walnut creek before ending on highway 6 80 in alamo. nobody was hurt. that
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chase. but tonight we have new numbers to show you revealing how many bystanders are hit injured and mowed down when chases get out of control. raising the question are they worth it? worth it? here's david wright >> more innocent bystanders are injured or killed during high speed police chases than by stray bullet. 10,000 injured over 10 years including the elderly parents. they were struck outside a shopping mall as the elderly chased a stolen buick. >> car screamed around the corner and literally slammed into them. >> i have never seen anything like that. it couldn't make police chase killed nationally were 300 people a year. the real number is 2 to three times
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that. law enforcement most dramatic and dangerous. in texas last week a toddler was tossed from the window of a careening suv on the run from police. miraculously the child survived. it's important to note they said in a statement today in 2011 we made nearly 4 million traffic stops. that's
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one-half of 1% of those motorist chose to flee. david wright abc news. financial analysis by a stanford university think tank shows the city of stockton made promises it can not keep. 7 news reporter lee painter looked into the documents and heal benefits. >> the title says it all. stockton went bust. new financial analysis of the city just gets worse from here. the report comes from california common sense. conservative think tank from stanford university. one of the writers said stockton will likely declare bankruptcy because the bond holders are not the city budget biggest problem. >> the bond is not a big facto factor. they have to address the inquirey. >>reporter: report says stockton problem start add decade ago. top 3 contributors to stockton financial woe are
9:19 pm
the economy, growing retirement pension and health benefits and a bad investment. the report backs up most of what city manager bob dice has been saying for the past year. city hall declined to comment on the report because it said nobody here has actually read fact the spokesperson for the city says none of the council members have had any contact with this group and she says from just skim go through it, it ears that most of the data came from what city manager presented at public council meetings. >> the situation comes both from documents that were specifically released by the city an also. >>reporter: the group says it didn't lack ato posing financial numbers from employee union and after analyzing stockton spending policies stockton isn't unique. >> percentage devoted to benefit is not significantly different from any other city that. >> means while stockton may the first city to enter the state creditor mediation process it
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may not be the last. in stockton, lee painter? all right time to check in with your weather spencer how does it look. >> pretty clear. clear skies all over the bay area. breezy right here in san francisco but mild all across the region right now. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. the peak at very bright western sky sunset was about 4550 minutes ago but as you can see we still have the after glow of sunset in the sky. look at live doppler 7 hd we don't have any coastal clouds at the moment. not likely to come back at least not forcefully overnight tonight. let's go writ to our little grid showing a sample of today high pressure. 90 in ukiah. clover dale 91 at fairfield and antioch. numerous upper 80s in other inland locations and even now still pretty mild in some spots especially the inland east bay where 78 degrees at antioch right now. 74 fairfield concord and livermore. cool down nicely around the bay
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where temperatures mainly in the low mid 60's. these are the highlights and another warm to hot day tomorrow. summer solstice tomorrow afternoon at 4:09 pacific daylight time the official arrival of summer and then much cooler on thursday the first full day of summer. this is our close-up satellite image looping showing you how the coastal clouds got swept away this afternoon giving us mostly clear skies we have now. now we start the forecast animation. over the next 24 hours not much change except it warms up even more inland tomorrow than today but the big change occurs overnight tomorrow night into thursday morning. clouds rushing back to the coast. cooling sea breeze. maybe even some spotting drizzle along the coast overnight tomorrow night into thursday. and that's going to begin a pattern of much cooler weather for us starting on thursday. overnight tonight mild conditions. low temperature generally in the mid 50's under clear sky. may a patch offer 2 of fog coming back to the coast
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overnight tonight. sunny warm south bay high of 86 at san jose and cupertino. 87 at campbell. 89 at los gatos. on the peninsula 79 san mateo o. 82 at redwood city 84 at mountain view and even on the coast pretty mailed tomorrow 62 half man bay. 63 at pacifica. downtown san francisco high of 70 tomorrow. 64 in the sun set district. up in the north bay it's going to be quite warm to hot 87 at napa. 86 at sonoma. 86 at santa rosa and 95 at ukiah. 92 at clear lake. nearest bay high 75 at oakland 78 to fremont and inland east bay numbers. 92 will be the high concord tomorrow. 93 at pittsburgh and livermore. 96 at brentwood and monterey bay high in the low to mid 70's watsonville santa cruz low 90's inland morgan hill and gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast very next day. temperatures tumble. hay on thursday only in the upper 70's
9:23 pm
inland. upper 50's on the coast next several days after that we see high pressure inland remaining in the 70's. 60's around the bay and upper 50's on the coast. rather sentenced kaling trend after the first day of summer. >> not too bad after all. >> very pleasant. >> thanks expense engineer coming up. stunt plane loses control and nrounder in the sky. she you what happens. >> and she's just it was. now the highest paid actress in the world. let you know who she is world. let you know who she is next [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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>> pilot gave spectator more of an air show than they bargained for. this happened in idaho. buck was doing spiral in the red stunt plane when the engine
9:27 pm
lost power. but he was able to guide the plane away from the crowd and into a row of trees. the plane was total loss but amazingly he survived suffering only a broken ankle. some other minor injuries. faa is now investigating that crash. bay area man faces up to 57 years in prison for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the rock band perfectly jam. the group seen here hired ricky charles goodrich to be the chief financial officer 2006 to 2010. during that tim police say the novato man stole 380,000 dollars from the band making unauthorized wire transfers. goodrich alledgedly used the money to pay for credit card bills, expensive vacations and wine. >> twilight star kristen stewart parlay the vampire fran dmis some huge bucks. according to the forbes list of the highest paid actress 22-year-old star let commands
9:28 pm
amazing 34 and half million dollars per film. cameron diaz 34 million perfect film but big drop-off after. that sandra bullock 25 million perfect flick and jennifer aniston only a mere 11 million. >> still ahead tonight at 9:00. construction for bay nair casino finally begins but mountain nearly moved to make it happen. bart police have found the bike thief now they are looking for the rightful owner. we'll explain coming up live. >> production strategy that local researchers now think local researchers now think could back
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>> here's a recap of some of the stories we are following this evening in the abc 7 news room. san francisco ethic
9:32 pm
commission began a hearing few hours ago to examine in the charges filed against suspended sheriff mirkarimi to determine if he should keep his job. mirkarimi faces charges of official misconduct after he pleaded guilty to a miss demeanor domestic violence charge after dispute with his wife. as you can see a fire destroyed this home near the southern slope of mount diablo this afternoon. nobody hurt and it appears the home was unoccupied when fire started. investigators have not determined what started that fire or where it started either whether it started inside or outside of the house. >> egypt ousted heeder mubarak remains on life support after the heart stopped early today when he arrived at military hospital. mubarak had been in prison before he was manufactured to the hospital. egypt state news agency reported that mubarak was cleancly dead after doctors failed to revive him. after nine years of controversy legal battle and bureaucratic hurdle,
9:33 pm
construction of casino resort is under way. work began on 64 acres in the northwest outskirts of rohnert park in sonoma county today. wayne was there for the long awaited ground breaking. >>reporter: it's a small of dust from bulldozer and continuation of big dust up between sonoma county and the federal rated indian here. >> we have a right to do this. and we have done everything we can to work with them. >>reporter: that was tribal chairman today now that builders have breaken ground on the 64 em ballotsed acres for las vegas style casino may open before the end of next year, one decade since he got involved. >> there's a rule of law in america and constitution must be honored not big las vegas money. >>reporter: he's only part of the issue because while construction has begun environmental and use issues remain unresolved between the tribe and the county. >> county is worried that if the land use decision we had no say in.
9:34 pm
>> i think all local government resents the fact that we haven't had a say in the las vegas casino that have been forced upon us. we haven't had a say. the fact of the matter is this is an agreement this is a contract between the state and the tribe. >>reporter: county worries about having to pay for casino related infrastructure and services. the tribe mean time has promised millions of dollars in revenue from the casino and jobs. tom roberts lives right next door to the project. he's for it. >> the main thing it's going to create jobs for people. >>reporter: meantime the county and tribe have 90 days to work out the fine print then it goes to mediation. if so chairman sarah said today he still has some leverage and plans to use it. >> the casino is a done deal. we need to work on the mitigation. if they can't agree on pit gaition it goes to baseball arbitration. if that happens, this is what i have to say. the second pot of money the gift money that i have the option of giving the county they will not get. it will go back to the state to the tribal nation. >>reporter: wayne, is abc 7
9:35 pm
news. >> bart police arrested a man they believe is a serial bike thief. now they try to reconnect the stolen bike and bake parts with the rightful owner. of heather is in san francisco with those details. >>reporter: 47-year-old san francisco resident brett major was arrested for stealing a bike from a bart station on may 31 but police believe that wasn't the first time he had made off with someone else's ride. on that day a station agent at 24th street noticed mainly acting suspiciously around the bike. she watched him board a train headed for sfo taking a bike with him. she alerted bart police and other station agent. another agent at balboa park recognized him as he got off the train and police moved in and arrested him outside. >> that's when they recovered the 5 bicycle frame and stolen parts in his residence. >>reporter: now bart wants to reunite the bikes or what is
9:36 pm
left of them with their owners. they have asked us to show the pictures in hopes someone mit recognize their property. no one know what is major might have wantd with so many. >> it's very important that people come forward to identify their bicycle because we could be able to possibly get more charges against him. >>reporter: bart says san francisco police department ingleside station has collection of 114 stolen bikes waiting to be claimed. some could we will be from bart property. bike theft is a growing problem on bart. so far this year the top 5 worst station force bike theft are ashby, 16th street, pleasant hill, east dublin and fremont and civic center are tied for fifth place. jesus gonzalez has no car. he locks his bike at bart but doesn't worry much about theft could you worry bit. >> no. no. >>reporter: why not. >> because my bike is not really great bike. >>reporter: great bike or not, bart urges everyone to keep track of serial numbers and
9:37 pm
proof of purchase in case the bike is stoil stone and need to claim it from police if you think bart might have your stolen property ushling to call the following phone number here on the screen. number across the bottom of the screen. again here is the number. find link to take a second look at all of those bikes on our web site at abc 7 in san francisco abc 7 new news. some 50 homes are threatened by wild five racing through coastal north carolina tonight. the nearly 11,000 acre blaze burning in the national forest. firefighting effort being hampered by widely scattered hot spots shifting wind. smoke seen as far away as raleigh from 130 miles away. no word what caused that fire. authorities say the fire could burn and smolder for weeks. the forest there is named after the mysterious letters found carve entered a tree at
9:38 pm
abandoned english colony on nearby roanoke island back in 1690. >> largest protestant denomination elected first african american president. reverend there is the new head of the southern baptist tradition nell white and conservative church. the membership has been did he change and his election is considered part of the effort to widen the base. currently the pastor of new orleans church. race for president is heating up and there is a lot of speculation as to who mitt romney might pick for vice president. jonathan karl on the latest buzz in the g.o.p. >> he may the republican party fastest rising star. most prominent hispanic. and mitt romney saw just yesterday the mere mention of rubio name draws applause from republican activist. >> i saw rubio the other day we were together at a rally. [applause] now republicans told
9:39 pm
abc news that romney hasn't even asked rubio to take the first step towards being considered a vice president candidate. no documents have been turned of. no question air filled out. if not rubio, who? not even his wife ann knows who is on the short list. >> i get a kick out of some of the speculation that goes on. i'm not going to comment on the process of course but i can tell you this. only beth myers and i know who is being veted. >>reporter: there are clue. former minnesota governor tim has been on the stump with romney even appeared in one of the ads. and republicans close to romney say he is a top and maybe the top contender. for clue on others watch romney on the trail. recently been with 3 others believed to be under serious consideration. ohio senator rob portman. new hampshire senator kelly and
9:40 pm
wisconsin congressman ryan. as for the 41-year-old rubio, in the interview with david muir he suggested his time will come. later. >> i think might do a good job as senator. i'll:00 have other opportunity inside and outside politic in the future. i don't know what they are but i'll have them. >>reporter: good bet whether or not this is the time. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. team of stanford scientist punch add hole in the leading solution to global warming. they looked at technique in which carbon dioxide is captured and stored undergroun underground. that's before it makes it into the atmosphere. scientist warn even small earthquake can make these storage reservoir rupture and release co2. they say that makes it impossible to store the harmful gases on scale large enough to significantly reduce carbon gases. oakland cab drivers on a two day strike against oakland international airport say they are extending the work stoppage
9:41 pm
indefinitely. the taxi drivers have been revving to pick up passengers at the airport since yesterday. today dozens of them spent more than an hour honking the horn in front of the port of oak land office at jack london square. taxi drivers are upset because the airport moved the taxi stand farther away from the terminal and grouped them with shuttle buses which cuts into their business. >> nobody see us t.the customer some say we have been looking. went down to the parking lot. what is going on. hard. not visible. >> the cab drivers say they will continue the striking until the airport modifies the taxi stachbilityd port spokesperson says no negotiations are scheduled and the striking is causing little impact on airport operations. coming up next. why did the duck cross the road? the duck crosslook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> flock of duck caused huge flap for some flyers china. take a look at this. traffic came to a halt when a farmer decided his 5000 ducks needed a break in a nearby pond which was across the road. the journey ruffled the feathers of a few motorist while the others apparently watched in wonder as the thousands of duck made the 1 mile trip. we have long known about the ability of dogs to lift our spirits. tonight something ne new. very specific physical ways the 4 legged pal can im paragraph your family health. ears miss vega. >> what if you could trade everything in your medicine cabinet for this. >> basically a furry 4 legged life support system cleverly disgaitioned as pet so what i am telling you it might be poodle instead of prozac. lab
9:46 pm
instead of liptor and beagle. >>. >>reporter: veterinarian becker wrote a whole book about the healing power of pets. now scientist in san francisco think they too may on to something. they say dust found in homes with dogs actually make kids less likely to develop asthma. the benefit of having alex, raven, lightning and tonight end there. so much more in appally day. australian researchers discovered people with dog visit the doctor less. one study found that simply watching the old girl calmed nerve. the connection with animal trigger a drop in chemical level linked to stres stress. heart disease? you might want to consider getting a cat. researchers in minnesota found those who never owned 1 were 40 percent more likely to die from a heart attack. calming purr might sooth anxiety. >> close physical contact that
9:47 pm
affects connection we share that's where you get the healing power of pets. >>reporter: fido may our antidepressant, our cholesterol killer. our life safer now if only man best friend could help solve world peace. who knows, maybe they can. abc news, los angeles. ahead. sweet relief for the dog days of summer. yes more dog. dog owner in italy have come one a very european way to keep the canine cool when the temperatures rise. we when the temperatures rise. we have a look next [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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>> how do you keep a dog cool during hot summer in italy? ji lat 0of course. summer tradition began nearly seven years ago when a vet teamed one
9:51 pm
a store to create the creamy concoction that dog and human enjoy. vanilla. rice. yogurt flavors. traditional cream can be harmful to dog because of the milk egg and sugar this is safe for our pets and the dog think it tastes pretty good. okay. let's check in with spencer christian. i don't know spence would you eat the dog ice cream. >> i don't think i would try. that but we have a dog day afternoon coming our way tomorrow. state wide it's really hot with temperatures right around 100 in numerous locations. here in the bay area high in the mid 90's in some i hope lapped spots tomorrow. 95 antioch. 94 fairfield. 93 upper clover dale 90 at morgan hill. very warm. check out the accu-weather 7 day forecast look how things cool down sharply. by the way summer officially arrives tomorrow afternoon. but on thursday the first full day of summer temperatures drop sharply. only 7 inland. upper 60's around the bay. upper 50's the cot. pattern that will hold
9:52 pm
for 5 days. >> thanks. larry here with sports. what a game tonight. >> yes. absolutely. outstanding game from the miami heat in particular a one guy who you wouldn't expect to be the hero. heat take commanding hold of the finals with lebron on the bench. have no fear, on the bench. have no fear, supe
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9:55 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. it's a thieves play ground out there. millions of dollars in copper wire ripped off from pge muni and others. most of them are never caught. how police are fighting back. one of the things we use to protect our kids may putting them at risk. join us at 11:00 on abc 7 news. larry is here and many of you probably watch the nba final. what a gale. >> game 4. miami really taking control of the series. 0he can la home city come out sluggish in every game of the finals until tonight. they were on fire early. but not late. nba 2 best players james and durrant look at the concentration fully aware of how important the contest would be. russell west brook was on
9:56 pm
fire tonight. okc came out and they were in command early. west brook rim check. going the other way. wade to lebron up and in. west brook had 18 points in the first half. hello. with authority. there on the put back dunk. this game really heated newspaper the second half. mario. lebron with spectacular pass. to wade. for the hoop there. then committee durrant back the other way. acrobatic. 25 points. mario the guy you don't think of when you think of the big 3 of miami. knocking down shots. had he 25 points. west brook unstoppable career play off high 43. lebron left with 5 minutes left in the fourth with leg cramp. he came back few minutes later. hit a huge 3 that broke a tie. finished with 26 points. just missed a triple double under a minute to good it's mario slicing and dicing with lebron watching and the heat win it 104-98. miami takes a 3-1 series lead.
9:57 pm
>> lebron had cramps. we talked about it in his leg. talked about it before the game. that had you to play with intensity that had you nothing left. by the end of the game. and he didn't. he was playing at incredible pace and intensity level. >> game 5 is thursday night. we have it over on abc 7. >> giants 10 the series in an miami where the angels waiting for the real pool house to finally show up. he showed up big time against barry. struggle in the first couple month was the halo but instant impact tonight. 1st inning crack a 3 run homer off zito and it would get worse for sooet o. next inning. again. single through the drawn infield. rookie sensation mike trout with score. gave up 8 runs in 3 and third and relieve george who gave autopsy businesses loaded triple to mark. everybody scored. angel built an 8-1 lead and right now it's nip fv 5 and in the eighth
9:58 pm
innings. coliseum rematch of the 88 world series. first and third. l if the first. base hit up the middle. ball gets away and here comes cocoa crisp to score. that is week as wel well. there's smith as the a's build a 3 nothing lead. brandon pitching very impress i feel in. that was aj ellis then former giant juan. a's leading 3 nothing there in the eighth. final 2 teams advance out of the group stages at the euro cup today. england was at full strength against the ukraine. both side needed a win to advance. ukraine supporters in full throat. aware of what is at stake in the game. wayne back from suspension. using the melon in the 48 minute. the shot was i in. but ter the ri kick it ou
9:59 pm
out. referee say no goal but it clearly was goal. no replay in soccer so it stood. england wins 1 nothing. they face italy on sun in the quarter final. sweden and france. with england victory sweden eliminated playing for pride. this is spectacular highlight. lack at sweden. acrobatic. gorgeous goal there. that is worth several looks. that's hard to do. sweden wins 2 nothing but france moves on to face spain on sunday as they go wild. >> all right thank you larry great stuff. >> thanks for watching everyon everyone. our next newscast is abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 and get up all the time on 7 thanks for watching. hope to see you at 11:00. hope to see you at 11:00. good night


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