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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  June 25, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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good morning i'm eric thomas, in for cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. katie marzullo is live at santa clara county court in san jose. will the trial continue? >> reporter: it will. it was the defense late last week filed a motion for a mistrial claiming the d.a.'s office put the priest on the stand and allowed him to lie under oath. the defendant will lynch and his attorneys were immediately encircled by supporters, activists, friends and family seeking justice for priest molestation victims. will lunch says father jerry lindner sexually assaulted him in the 70s. in 2010 lynch tracked him down and beat him. the d.a. office put father lindner on the stan last week telling jurors he would -- likely lie and deny the molestation the priest did
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that the defense asked for a mistrial calling the the d.a.'s office argued it was being honest and upfront with the court. the judge agreed. saying the defense could not prove with 100% certainty that father lindner lied because he was never charged nor convicted of molestation. >> if it is a mistrial we are relieved on will's behave. however, whichever way the ruling -- ruling goes we'll continue to fight to bring jerry to justice and continue the healing for his victims. >> reporter: the advocates say the since the statute of limitations is up and the father will never be tried for molestation they will continue to try him empty court of public opinion. the judge denied the motion for the mistrial. the priest should be back on the stand now continuing his direct examination from the d.a.'s office. i've learned from katrina rusk
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that the judge has released the jury saying due process takes precedence over efficiency and the attorneys are still working out legal issues. they will be back at 2:30 this afternoon with the outside chance they might not need to come back today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. federal and local law enforcement offs at this hour are announcing the results of a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution called operation cross-country the raids were conducted wednesday through saturday agents rescued six children in the bay area and realized seven pimps who were selling the children into prostitution, nationwide 79 children were rescued, 104 pimps arrested. the operation marks the sixth time the fbi has partnered with state and local police. the u.s. supreme court this morning handed down one of its most anticipated decisions in recent time in a
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5-3 ruling justices struck down most of arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration. one justice recused her elena kagan. >> reporter: in a 5-3 decision the supreme court said arizona does have the constitutional right to implement its own immigration through allows police to check people's immigration status during routine stops. the justs say for now pending further legal challenges. >> we will be challenging those actions in court. >> reporter: three other sections of the law were struck didn't. arizona's governor brewer signed the controversial law two years ago the justice department quickly filed suit claiming there could only be one immigration code. governor brewer said the federal government was not providing enough support and the obama administration was focused on politics. >> the claims to the latino --
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they are playing to the latino community and trying to use that scare card for elections. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters gathered outside opponents says the law amounts to racial profiling with >> we need comprehensive immigration reform in this country not laws that treats the thousands and millions of latinos as suspects. >> reporter: the justices seemed sympathetic to the challenges arizona faced. justice kennedy said the state of arizona has a massive emergency with social disruption, economic disruption, residents leaving the state because of a flood of immigrants. arizona's governor declared victory today. legal experts say the federal government scored the big win because the power to set immigration policy was confirmed. justice kagan recused herself because she was solicitor general and argued part of this case. court watchers expect the
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supreme court to relose ruling on president obama's health care plan thursday. justices are deciding if parts of the law or the whole thing is unconstitutional in other rulings today the court decided 5-4 states cannot pass laws that automatically sentence juveniles to life in prison without parole, even for murder. the court struck down a montana state law that put restrictions on corporate campaign spending. two cars up in flames this morning in redwood city the second suspicious car fire there in a month. investigator are looking to see if the two incidents might be linked. nobody was hurt but the fire does appear to be suspicious. >> i looked outside and it was so bright it looked like daytime. there was a car there and there's a car on both sides of the street both in flames. it was crazy to wake up to that pacific in the morning.
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>> earlier this month a suspicious carport fire burned down part of an apartment complex displayinging 25 residents. 49ers in the -- 49ers in is are facing a new hurdle in building a stadium. santa clara has cut 30 million dollars out of the project -- the property tax board voted to spend the money on schools. new changeses in redevelopment funding give counties total control over the way the money is spent. county leaders are hoping the 9ers will absorb the loss. 9ers officials are reviewing the decision. right now san francisco's mayor and police chief announcing a new app designed to help others share information and fight crime more quickly and efficiently. amy hollyfield is live at the police academy to show us how this works. >> reporter: the question is, after police officer responds to a crime do you want that police officer to stay on the strereets or gooo back to the
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police station for a few hours? the mayor and the chief of police would very much like to see theiofficers stay on the streets in the community. today they've announced technology that will help them do that the officers will be able to file their police reports while they are out in the field. it is not as easy as just typing up something on your phone and acceptedding it in. i can't believe in doesn't already exist. they say the justice department has specific security rules about who can see what information. they have to come blye that. they think they've got it figured out. they estimate officers will be in the field three to four more hours a day. >> we'll be making our police reports in livingrooms, restaurants and picnic tables, whatever so we'll be out and availalable while we are doining our -- [ inaudiblble ] >> reporter: theeeee current recruiting c clalass w w w was e press conference t class
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will be the first to train on thee equipipmentnt and use it. now they will b b learning on laptops putting the finish touches on an app they hope this class will be able to use a tablet or a phone in which to file their reports. they will have that app that will do it for them. thanks to a donation from hp and citizens initiative for technology this is all able to happenen. this class wiill graduate in sisix months. ththey hope t the technology wil be re wch w by take into the fi right now the san francisco police department is down ababoutttt 200 officers. the chief is very exced. he says any more time officers get to be in the streets the better for the city. amy h hollyfield, abc7 news. much more ahead on abc7 news at 11 a.m., including the latest on those massive wildfires in colorado. the state is facing its worst
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the waldo canyon fire in colorado is still out of control this morning flames were spotted yesterday more than 3600 acres of brush and trees have been destroyed. 11,000 people have been told to leave their homes. officials have declared a state of emergency. there are six wildfires
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burning across the state. a few moments ago the governor of florida declared a state of emergency because of tropical storm debby wind chill the killer storm is lashing the coast with sheets of rain and spawning tornadoes. evacuations are underway. scott goldberg has the latest. >> reporter: all along florida's gulf coast the problem is no one knows what debby is going to do. for now the tropical storm is sitting there 90 miles from florida's panhandle not moving in any particular direction spawning a massive waterspout visible from the beaches and a if few tornadoes arm the tampa st. petersburg area. >> we were in our bedroom. >> reporter: this man said a tree fell on his house another almost fell on him during a tv interview. south of tampa, authorities fond a woman dead in her home in orange beach, alabama mat waves swept a 32-year-old man out to sea. >> the currents were pulling
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him so far west he couldn't get there in time. >> reporter: until debby decides where she is going, people are more worried about water than wind. 12 inches of rain fell in tampa this weekend another two feet could follow. in pinellas county, florida police evacuated a mobile home park. >> it got higher. >> reporter: in sar so roads turned into an obstacle course. >> winds picked up all the trees were turned ways. debris was flying through the air. >> reporter: all of this makes it feel like debby is building up to something, hard to say what and when. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. this thing is drifting not moving, we are looking at incoming system that if going to move in and out providing clouds now comfortable but we will be looking at mist and drizzle. i'll explain, coming up. nice break for commuters. we'll show you the relief at
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gas prices are falling at a time of the year when they are usually going higher. we are in the summer travel season and prices at this san francisco chevron are down to $.05. emeryville we found gas below $4 at $3.98. expert say gas could fall another 11 cents by the 4th of july. the reason, oil prices are near eight month lows cost of crude plummeted over the past two months amid signs of a slow down in the global economy, especially in your opinion. miami throwing down for its nba champions the heat we said throwing down, kind of hip like that the team -- [ unintelligible ] now it is time for a victory lap fans are out in the tens of thousands to cheer on their team everybody is there. dwayne wade seen there holding
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his trophy. lebron james, coaches, families, all there. you can see the parade as it winds through the city with people crowded along the route enjoying their moment and their chance. miami won by beating oklahoma city in five games. >> i'm so glad you -- >> i don't think anybody predict thaptd. >> i'm so glad you explained throw down. >> we are talking down not up when we are talking about our temperatures. >> and maybe a few drops coming down, we'll see. right now making a pretty afternoon late morning here's the view from mount tam these are stratocumulus clouds drifting by san francisco, oakland and wow, just really nice look from our water mark camera good visibility these clouds ahead of a system that will be moving in. live doppler 7-hd showing some of the cloud cover over the bay area in the form of lower
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and mid level clouds. to the north and west of us it is raining in crescent city. this littlesystem once it sweeps through we will see less wind and a warmer air mass begin to build into the bay area. now to florida, we have the system that is drifting over the eastern gulf. winds from 40 to 45 miles an hour. you can see all the rain bands that continue to train over the same area from pensacola, florida up through southern georgia. it looks like the track of this system is set to just stay stationary for the next several days. we could be looking at 48 hours of rain over the same area that definitely will cause problems, beach erosion and we're talking about maybe wednesday in begins to drift up to the north and east. we'll keep you updated on that. temperatures comfortable now, 67 mountain view, partly cloudy in fremont at 65. 61 in the city, 69 in
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los gatos monterey bay low 60s. really despite cooler air mass it has been decent the past few days if you like it cool, nice and sunny if you miss that marine layer will be coming back winds gusting to 21 miles an hour by the delta. we will feel a cooler day today in the delta, the sacramento valley and in the east bay valleys, used to 80s. partly cloudy this afternoon with still the cool temperatures as this trough moves through tonight maybe drizzle by tomorrow on the back side of the system we are going to warm it up certainly inland from our east bay to santa clara and up into sonoma. here's our picture notice the cloud cover here and this is all in advance of the next system so we will be looking at numbers around the bay not war they -- not where they should be this is the fourth, fifth day of 60s and 70s, feeling it from redwood city, livermore and san jose.
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elsewhere getting used to the routine with the jacket in san francisco and oakland of the there's the low, finally is making inroads to lift north and east and as it does, we are going to see increase of the winds this afternoon. it will be breezy out there in fact, more cool temperatures for you today but then we'll look for things to rebound by tomorrow. 74 in campbell, 72 santa clara. upper 60s for san mateo and on the coast we'll see partly cloudy skies, breezy winds up to 20 mile an hour sea breeze, 70 in novato and maybe mist and drizzle towards later afternoon around sonoma county coast 67 in san leandro with 73 danville. low 70s for one more day in those areas that are feeling the effect of this much cooler air mass, plenty of low clouds and fog tonight 40s and 50s with mist and drizzle tomorrow the same as you head in you may need wipers by the
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afternoon a couple degrees of warming we where going to hold that wednesday and thursday numbers still not where they should be but we don't have dramatic swings sometimes that makes pollen a problem allergy sufferers worry about that we can't please everybody. >> eric is happy to leave his ac off a little. >> i am my bill will be better off for it. a 90-year-old missouri woman proving it is never too late to try something daring. her name is rose she always wanted to try skydiving. she has been crossing things off her bucket list for -- for 20 years. at 90 years of age she jumped out of a plane. her bucket list is quite impressive. here's rose before the big jump. >> hot-air balloon, i got to do that on 75th. i wanted to go on a cruise
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that was my second thing. i wanted to paris andy that in '95. i'm excited. and -- and i'm not scared a bit. >> rose says because she is done with the bucket list doesn't moon she will stop looking for adventure. >> next time she might go solo, knowing her. spending hours and hours setting up thousands of dominoes to create a work of art that lasts seconds. >> stick around to
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today at 4:00, is this community property? one professional poker player is fighting to keep her ex-husband's hands off her designer shoe collection. then at 5, new study uncovers the best way to stop academic decline in kids with adha. those stories at 4 and 5. -- the online domino maven known as flippy cat has done it again. look what he spent 11 hours doing pain stayingly recreating van gogh's masterpiece starry night. it took less than 20 seconds for all of them to tumble down. check out how the stars come alive when the dominoes fall over. >> he had to make it twice au jus from the overhead camera fell and ruined the
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first take. how would you feel about that? if you put up all those dominoes and something fell out the seating and knocked them down? >> that is going to do it for all of us here, thank you for joining us. >> who wants to be a million mayor is next. keep track of all breaking news on twitter and talk about it on facebook. >> have a great.
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