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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  June 28, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. officials have ordered people in a four block area of downtown oakland to evacuate or shelter in place because of a suspicious device. you are looking at a live picture. list blocked off treats if the area bounded by broadway, 6th and 8th street. >> an employee at the loading dock of the salvation army found an ice chest with wires inside officials say it may have looked like an explosive device. the bomb squad is there out in. we have a reporter on the way. more details on this break
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situation as soon as it becomes available. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the ruling on health care. >> >> the president: today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law. >> president obama is handed a huge victory today by the u.s. supreme court over his health care reform law the court upheld the requirement that nearly every american has to have insurance. >> we have live team coverage many we begin with anchor eric thomas. supreme court decision itself might have been a surprise if it want, maybe the make-up of the 5-4 ruling is a surprise majority decision upholding the afford care act was written by chief justice roberts who normally sides with the conservative wing of the court. instead he joined the four liberal justices and provided the rationale for the heart of the legislation meant to make sure everyone has health insurance to help spread out the cost.
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he wrote the federal government couldn't require everyone to buy insurance per se but could tax them if they didn't. >> the president: what the country can't afford to is refight the political battles of two years ago or go back to the way things were. with today's announcement it is time to move forward. >> what the court did was say obamacare does not violate the constitution. what they did not do was say obamacare is good law or good policy. you see the gop opposition brewing. here's the way the supreme court voted to uphold the law the pwhrl wing of ginsburg, kagan, and -- boehner and mcconnell say they will begin to appeal the bill later this year.
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nancy pelosi says should rejoice at the outcome. amy hollyfield is downtown san francisco now with reaction from people talking about today's ruling. >> reporter: they covered a lot of ground in the city today it was tough to find anyone in liberal san francisco who is against this morning's ruling. from the financial district to the ucsf medical campus san francisco seems pleased about the supreme court's ruling. >> phenomenal, i'm thrilled that's what we were hoping for. >> reporter: this doctor says she is sick of basing her medical decisions on people's coverage. >> sometimes when people don't have insurance that covers them enough it is sad when there's things that you can't do because of that >> reporter: in the doctor's office, there are those who are excited about the ballot box. >> a definite win for democrats. pleased. >> reporter: in the financial district we did find one man
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concerned about how this will get paid for he's visiting from malibu beach. >> that's the primary negative is higher taxes. >> reporter: many were too busy to talk those who did overwhelmingly support today's decision. >> i own a business and i think it is good, it means good economy. >> reporter: there was a "new york times" poll released this month that showed 48% of americans disapprove of this health care law. other polls show more oppose it than support. that does not seem to be the case here in san francisco. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. abc7 news legal analyst dean johnson joins us with more on this decision. does this come as a surprise from a legal standpoint? >> i would use the word revolution. the big headline today the pillar of the conservative wing of the supreme court john
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roberts coming over to the liberal wing. this is not a liberal opinion by any means. the analysis is very conservative. most of the opinion is taken up by discussing what we thought didn't exist before the limits of federal power under the commerce clause. then we get into medicaid provisions. there's this long treatise on states' rights for decades we've been saying there's no thing or nothing left of states' rights. now john roberts saying there is. i think as a precedent, this case is going to come back and it may come back to hawn the liberal wing of the supreme court and maybe -- to haunt the liberal wing of the supreme court and maybe the weapon conservatives will use in litigation for a generation to come. it is the tax question that was central to achieve -- to chief justice roberts' decision, right? >> if you can summarize 193 pages in a few sentences the
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court is saying we are now treating health care as a public commodity along the lines of education or national defense and congress has the power to raise money to create those public goods through the taxing clause. and you don't get to opt-out even if your kids don't go to school you have to pay for education, taxes now you have to pay taxes for health care. now it is going to the political arena. this is a thorough opinion there's not a lot of room for legal challenges. >> it would have to be political then. >> i would think so. >> thank you. >> we want to get more from reporter katie marzullo who is live in emeryville with more local reaction. >> reporter: i talked with outspoken proponents of both sides of this issue. one is disappointed and one is relieved. the chairman of uc berkeley's are for labor research and education says that so many people have already been
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benefiting from in law not to mention his research shows over a 10 year period half of all americans fan themselves uninsureed at some point. -- >> i know people any i have job-based coverage what does that mean for me? that means if you lose your job, or you have coverage through a spouse and there's a divorce or any of the other ways people end up losing coverage they can't get enough work hours, there will be a safety net there >> reporter: on the flip side the chairman of the california republican party is very disappointed. he says a tax credit to incentivize people to buy insurance would have been a better way to go than a tax penalty. >> we have a supreme court justice say the power taxes to destroy now the power to mandate. really, government cannot supposedly tell you what you have to buy but they can tax you into buying it.
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bad day for america. >> reporter: also this reaction from blue shield of california: as strong supporters of health care reform we will continue to advocate for full and effective implementation of the law while seek additional ways to make coverage more affordable. one last thing, experts are saying if you are already insured, yes your premiums and co-pays will probably go up. ken jacobs at uc berkeley told me your premiums and co-pays will go up less than they would have without the law. katie marzullo, abc7 news. as you can imagine there's been a lot of reaction on our facebook page to the ruling. michelle: other countries have social lighted medicine and it works for them. it keeps hospital costs and doctors' salaries down, i'm for it. larry: they have taken away one of the most basic rights we americans have, the right of freedom of choice. you too can join the
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conversation by going to >> we had a little problem with our graphics. if you would like to read the entire ruling under see it on tv. we are going to have much more coverage on today's health care ruling and local reaction starting later today on abc7 news at 4:00. biological outbreak danger. abc news has frightening details on security lapses at a top secret government lab. critical day for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi as he fight force his job. what he says exclusively to the i-team before his testimony at an ethics hearing. fire destroys
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>> officials have ordered people in a four-block area of downtown oakland to either evacuate or shelter in place. you are looking at a live picture of police in oakland super sky 7-hd it is because of a suspicious device at the salvation army at 7th and franklin street. heather ishimaru joins us live at the >> reporter: we are at the corner of 7th and broadway. police aren't sure what it is they are dealing without here. i was suspicious enough and odd enough that they decided -- it was suspicious enough and odd enough that they decided to call in the bomb
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squad. they describe it as alarm thermos round maybe 10 x 4 with wires and duct tape and a cell phone attached. it was found at 9:00 this morning by an employee at the salvation army which is down the street on 7th. it was found in an area where people don't normally leave or crop-off donations. all those thins -- drop-off donations. all those things together prompted the police department to take the precaution in the face-this unknown, to evacuate the streets and they called in the alameda county sherry's bomb squad. they are the ones with the big blue truck and the masks with maybe a camera on to they are going to come in and assess this device and decide what they may or may not be dealing with and then decide how to proceed many in the meantime,
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the evacuation is between 6th street and 8th street. 7th between broadway and webster. cars are being turned around here on 7th at broadway and on the other side of this closure as well there are some people who have ed to . not very many. -- who gathered to watch, not very many, given the sort of drama ungolding. i'm not sure where all of the evacuees have gone. again, device or what is being described as a suspicious device, alarm thermos with wires, duct tape and cell phone attached found outside the salvation here on 7th and oakland the bomb squad is trying to determine whether this poses a threat to public safety or not. precaution has been taken of street closures and evacuations. heatherish -- er issue maru, abc7 news. ross mirkarimi is set to
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testify before the ethics commission. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge admitting he bruised his wife's arm. tells the i-team he's ready to testify. >> i'm very much looking forward to this because i haven't had an opportunity in this forum, in this medium and taking the stage where i'm able to explain from the beginning and to where they want me to go, all the details that i think the world needs to hear. >> mirkarimi told us his lawyers will be raising new questions about his next door neighbor who called police and reported the incident. stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of the mirkarimi ethics hearing we will be there as he testifies and faces questions from the commission. you can follow the latest developments on antioch family is looking for a new place to stay today after their house was destroyed in a fire. the blaze started in the garage of the home on blue jay drive before 11:00 last night
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it spread to the attic everyone inside, including four children managed to get out safely. >> my oldest daughter noticed the fire she said mom, mom, there's flames coming from the garage. i ran from my room really quick and i tried to open the door to the garage but it was so much flames. >> firefighters believe the fire was caused by the parked car in the garage. the owner said she was having problems with the car when she bought it two weeks ago. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. temperatures right now from the same as yesterday to about four degrees cooler the sea breeze is back some of the clouds lingering along the coast, cooler weather on the way before july stars next way before july stars next if you have copd likike i do,
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>> announcer: right now breaking news. right now you are looking at sky 7 hd pictures in oakland 7th and franklin area since 9:00 this morning there's been a big response bomb squad there because of a suspicious device found. heatherish maw rue described -- heatherish more rue described as a thermos. >> heather was saying it was duct tape, suspicious wires and you saw the person from the bomb squad getting in
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position to -- looks like they've attached a string possibly to the robot they use. we are going to stapp on -- stay on top of this. in the meantime we move on to meteorologist mike nicco. just a little cooler, a lot of us won't feel it. probably not you may notice saturday temperatures drop a little everyday probably the lower water mark then start to warm towards the holiday next week. go bridge out to the coast but they are starting to melt quickly live doppler shows you how few of those clouds are left no radar returns dry if you are stepping out now no need to worry about an umbrella unless you want to protect yourself from the strong sunshine. let's talk about going on as far as the clouds, right out there but being pushed away just a little right now only to return again tonight.
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what is lurking and you didn't see on the doppler or on the satellite is the tremendous amount of pollen high amounts of tree, mold, ragweed and grass very high if you are having problems that's the reason why. 59 san francisco, 60s around the bay, fremont 70, south bay east bay and north bay valleys 70s there. low to mid 60s santa cruz and monterey. low to mid -- what going to happen today, mostly sunny, close to average mainly cloudy tonight drizzle near the coast during tomorrow's morning commute cooler highs will hang out through the weekend. today we don't drop much in san francisco, 67. 20 seconds less today, sunsets 8:35. low to upper 70s around the bay shore low to upper 80s inland. heading to the game, just
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swept dodgers we are in first place sorry the reds they are in town 7:15 first pitch. temperatures dropping from 64 to 58, cool with those clouds. pleasanton, alameda county fair continues rick springfield taking the stage this evening, breezy 85 at 4:00, 75 at 7:00. extensive cloud cover tonight east bay valley, santa clara, north bay valley, you will start to get some green represents some of the drizzle that will be moving along the coast. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow another two to four degrees saturday that will put inland areas in the low 70s mid to low 80s mid 70s around the bay near 60 at the coast we gain two to four degrees everyday until monday. question for you, ever wish someone would give you a wake-up call everyday? >> yes mike, how about yours.
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>> hmm. coffee, coffee, coffee! [ laughing ] >> that sounded familiar didn't it? that was me o new alarm clock app you can set it and get a wake-up call from me everyday. walk up to the morning news, weather and traffic updates before you get out of bed. if you see it -- if you set it for 4 a.m. you will be up in plenty of time for the abc7 morning news. the free alarm clock app is available on the app store, apple. [ unintelligible ] >> that so cool. >> that sounds like
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live to sky 7 hd over oakland down there is the suspicious device in downtown oakland 7th and franklin the blocks are evacuated as the bomb squad tries to deal with this possibly moving it away for exploding in a safe place. >> we've been told people in a four block area have been ordered to either evacuate or shelter in place they are taking this very seriously. we've seen one member of the bomb squad near that slice we see a cable that appears to be
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attached we don't know if the robot did that. we are going to continue to monitor this breaking news story on and will update you on this later today at 4 and 5 more reaction on the supreme court's health care ruling and what it means for you. >> that is going to do it for us for now. us for now. now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call to get u-verse -- now with free hd -- for only 25 a month for six months -- our lowest price ever -- with a total home dvr included. plus get hbo and cinemax free for three months. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, you can record four shows at once with a total home dvr that lets you play back, pause, or rewind your shows from any room. [ female announcer ] so call at&t to get u-verse -- now with free hd -- for only 25 a month for six months -- our lowest price ever -- with a total home dvr included. plus get hbo and cinemax free for three months.
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