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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> blacken hillside in contra costa county tonight. 150 aingeers burned up this evening near pittsburgh. fire crew will stay at the scene for several hours mopping up and patrolling to make sure nothing
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rekindles. the cause of the fire is under investigation. good evening i'm dan ashley. not the only fire burning tonight. this you tube video shows you a fire burning in mendocino county. firefighters believe it will take another week or so to fully contain this blaze. it grew by several hundred acres today. so far it burned more than 41,000 acres since a lightning strike sparked it on august 18th. the fire is at this point 58 percent contained. about 1300 firefighters remain on the line trying to put it out. and in southern california more than 6 square miles of the angeles national forest has been burning out of cil. extremely steep rugged terrain making it very difficult for crew on the ground as officials try to control the flames from above. this video literally just came in. we turn it around just moments ago of what is happening in southern california as the flames continue to roar out of control. abc nick watt reports now from hot spot at san
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gabriel rielle mountains. >> firefighters are trying to rescue 3 hikers stranded cut off by the flames. angeles national forest was packed with thousands of camper and hiker enjoying the holiday weekend. >> we just saw the smoke next to us and we just started packing. >>reporter: fire began sunday cause unknown. within hours nearly 4000 acres were ablaze. vacationers evacuated. hundreds of firefighters dropped in from across the wes west. >> fire is moving very, very fast. we can see it coming down this hillside and look at the terrain. talking 80 degree incline which makes it very difficult for firefighters to get up to those flames. and fight this fire. airdrop best and in most places the only option. >> uphill. steep rug editor rain trying to get aircraft on the fire to slot progress. >>reporter: fire is moving towards populated areas and right now it's only 5 percent contained. what happens next
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depends largely on the wind. abc news angeles national forest. >> meantime doctors report that san jose firefighters is showing signs of improvement as he recovers from a severe on the job heart attack. firefighters frank line collapsed battle ago fire at st. patrick's church on santa clara street last thursday. he started to move but he has not begun speaking yet. his co-workers maintained an around the clock vigil at the hospital where being treated. they have also raised money to fly his brother and sisters to san jose so they can be with him during this difficult time. investigation is under way that vallejo seventh officer involved shooting of the year. somewhating that left 23 year old mario romero dead in a hail of more than 30 bullets. it happened on pepper drive and low place early sunday morning. we have the story. >> i was right here in this window between here and here. banging on the window. pretty
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much. >>reporter: she says she watched her brother die early sunday morning yawn form police rolled up to the car parked at locus place and pepper drive. first shining a spotlight and then opening fire when they say 23-year-old mario romero pulled a gun that was in his waist band. he was killed. 21-year-old joseph johnson who was in the passenger seat was wounded in the torso. >> i see joe hands outside of the car like this. through a cracked window and the officer hop on top of the car and was just letting his gun loose. he just somewhating and shooting and shooting. >>reporter: this is the seventh shooting involving vallejo police since may, citizen advisory committee would like an explanation. >> do i believe the department needs to take a serious look at why police officers seem to be resort to go deadly force l more this year than in the past. >>reporter: police say they were here because of ongoing
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gang problem in the area and check out the 2 men sitting in the car. officers fired at romero after he pulled what appeared to be a gun and then went back in the car. police fired about 30 rounds claiming they did not have time to verbally identify themselves. >> well it's unrealistic to think you are going to wait for rush fire and basically assess each round. that's not what happens. what happens is they assess the situation this either calls for leftal force or doesn't call for lethal force. >>reporter: they found an air soft pistol in the vehicle. family members dispute that and say he never had a chance to get out of the car. >> just unjust that he couldn't come home. this is supposed to be his safe place. when you go home this is your safe place. they took that away from all of us if this house. >>reporter: police say the men were on felony probation for weapon violation and they say they found more than 50 ecstacy pills in the car. the family members say they don't trust the local investigation and want the satellite take over. family is planning a protest march tomorrow. in vallejo,
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john alston 7 news. >> holiday outing on lake tahoe was near tragic for a san jose family. mother and father each riding personal water cra with one of the children collided. this happened in south lake when the mother swerved in front of the father and he hit her. at about 30 miles an hour. couple 7-year-old daughter has severe injuries to her leg and foot from what we are told. the mother and 5-year-old son went to the hospital with moderate head and leg injuries. >> in the central valley police are investigating whether hazing played a role in the death of from east no state student. university officials say 18-year-old philip dane of bakersfield died after a night of drinking. happened at off campus fraternity house prompting university officials to suspend recognition of the fraternity. according to police dane had been drinking quite a bit $50 night and into saturday morning. someone in the fraternity put him in the so-called sober up room. when he checked a little later dane was unconscious. they called 911 but it was too late.
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>> this is appalling to think that someone died from trying to be a part of app organization. >>reporter: dane mother says her son was two weeks into the freshman year at fresno state. just starting to pledge process at this fraternity. >> hantavirus warning hit yosemite very hard this holiday wean. operators say there was a 20 percent cancellation rate for lodging in the park. yosemite typically sold out for labor day weekend. most of the cancellation were in curry village where 10,000 campers could have been exposed to the virus. we do know this. 6 cases of hantavirus with two death have been linked to the campground at yosemite. well they pulled it off ahead of schedule. dumbarton bridge is already back open after being shut down for a weekend of retrofit work. the sign announcing the reopening started flashing just before 7:30 tonight about an hour and a half ago. this weekend good weather helped things mav along quite a bit. earlier in this latest video provided by
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cal-trans workers were installing a new joint on the bridge. it will allow the span to be more flexible in a major earthquake. cal-trans installed a similar joint at the the other end of the bridge on memorial day wean. they had planned originally to have it reopened by the morning commute tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. but they are about eight hours more than that actually ahead of schedul schedule. more to come here this monday. come up. paul ryan marathon man or not. only observers say not so fast. >> democrat get ready to address the feel fant in the room. nancy pelosi plays very big role in charlotte. >> accu-weather forecast center. we have some sub tropical moisture headed our way. might that mean a shower or 2? my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. >> i lost my vehicle. my home. my motor bike. i lost everything. >> storm is gone but it's not [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> are you ready to just win baby? >> that's congresswoman nancy pelosi of course leading the charge tonight as the democrat get ready to convince americans the president deserves 4 more years. democratic national convention is officially under way now in charlotte, north carolina. it's the first real
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working day there as the rest of the nation celebrates labor day. mark matthews is in north carolina and is following the california delegation. >> california delegate whooped it up as pelosi entered the hotel ballroom this morning. >> thank you very much. >>reporter: pelosi came to fire up the delegation and attack the opposition. >> doing nothing is their philosophy. doing nothing. theynot believe in a public role. >>reporter: message we hear a lot in charlotte. >> so they work against anything and everything including a lot of stuff that they initially supported. >> when i remind people it's the republican congress that continues to obstruct any job initiative you know they really realize that the president is doing everything he can do and the economy is turning around. >>reporter: this in response to mitt romney speech. >> but this president can not tell us that the you are better off today than when he took office. >> he is all his friends are
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better off. >>reporter: romney is certainly better off and message to the delegates so is the country. >> absolutely it is better off today. >>reporter: back stage pelosi explained. >> this is fwhot are you better off now. are you better off than you would have been if a republican had been elected. >>reporter: is that a tough sell. >> i don't think so. i think people have to know the facts. >>reporter: that's another aspect of the election and republican are playing fast and loose. >> republicans don't care about the truth. because they think money will create its own reality and they have endless money. >>reporter: pelosi told reporters deception and big money is a deadly combination. but in terms of big money she just out raised speaker of the house boehner. >> i'll compare our donor list to theirs any day of the week. i don't spend my time on pragmatic money. what the republican way is transactiona transactional. what i have are people idealistic about our country. most of it comes from the small donors. if they are
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enthusiastic about taking back the house. >>reporter: pelosi says she is confident that democrat will l take back the house but they have to take 25 seats from the republicans to do it. reporting from charlotte, abc 7 news. republican vice president candidate and fitness fanatic paul ryan backtracking over how fast he ran a marathon. he recently told an interviewer he ran a marathon in over 2 hours and 50 minutes which is extremely fast. research by runner world magazine instead he ran a 4 hour 1 minute marathon back in 1990. ryan fessed up claim ago faulty memory. former president bush and vice president candidate palin and edwards have all run faster marathons than ryan interestingly. well moving on now. buying organic fastest growing part of the food market even though they cost more than regular food does. but tonight new research from stanford suggest that those higher prices aren't buying awe healthy product.
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here's sharon for the truth. >> you don't need to good to specialty supermarket to find organic. now fills the shelves biggest grocery stores in the country. fills our shopping carts too. with the cost of organic often 50% higher you have to wonder is it worth it. new study says nutritionally it may not be. stanford researchers shifted through more than 200 previously published studies to answer this question. are organic produce and vegetables more new trish us. the answer no. the study found organic actually scored equally on vitamin and mineral content as conventional produce. >> looking at the fad we can't really conclude that organic food is consistently more new trish us than conventional alternative. >>reporter: he is an organic farmer. >> organic doesn't guarantee the nutrition value is any higher. it's how you grow it. i eat the stuff and i know
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because i can taste it. >>reporter: taste the nu can taste it. >>reporter: is organic food safer? yes. the study found organic produce 30 percent less likely to have pesticide residue on it though organic produce isn't pesticide free. all the produce arrest began ick and conventional had levels of residue well within what is considered safe. >> organic consumer has different view point on what is safe and wants to avoid pesticide as much as possible. >>reporter: sharon, abc news, new york. >> well we hope you have had a lovely 3 day weekend with your family. time to go back to work. spencer here with the forecast. >> weather certainly has been lovely. may continue that way for awhile. live view right now from the high definition mount sutro camera out over the city of san francisco which is mainly under clear skies right now although you can see a little bit of fog moving over portions of the city there.
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fog at the coast all day and continuing to push through the golden gate but hadn't really established very strong presence inland yet. look at live doppler 7 hd and kahn see we still have some coastal fog over much of the coast line from the golden gate south ward and current temperature readings 56 degrees right now in san francisco. 52 at half moon bay. much milder as you move across the bay and move eastward inland. 69 at concor concord. 80 at antioch. 77 at livermore. so pretty warm in the inland east bay right now. there's our highlights. coastal fog tonight. especially during the overnight hours after midnight. warm again tomorrow and partly cloudy midweek with some sub tropical moisture blowing our way that might produce a shower or 2. overnight fog at the coast and moving only locally beyond the coast line. see low pressure mainly in the low mid 50's perhaps upper 40's north bay valley there water vapor satellite image this area of orange color here indicates very dry air aloft. that dry air will soon be replaced by
9:18 pm
more moist air as we pull back and show you the remnant of tropical storm elian a and moisture from tropical depression john flowing in our direction. in our direction already and reaching us soon. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight and overnight tomorrow night into wednesday we see some of the clouds and sub tropical moisture flowing up into the bay area and by wednesday slight chance of showers mainly south of monterey or from monterey south ward but still close enough that it is important to post it and show you it is on its way. tomorrow nothing but mainly sunny skies on the way and another warm day as well south bay high pressure mainly in the mid upper 80's. 85 at san jose. 86 at cupertino. up to 90 at los gatos. peninsula we see high high ranging from mid 70's to 80's. 75 at millbrae. 78 san mateo o. 83 at palo alto. mount view. on the coast 59 at pacifica. 61 at half man bay. downtown san francisco see a high of 66 tomorrow. 61 in sunset district. up in the
9:19 pm
north bay quite warm-uper 80's to low 90's 88 in novato. 87 at sonoma. 91 calistoga. 96 at clover detail. newest bay high range from 74 at richmond oakland up to 78 at hayward. 84 fremont. 83 castro vaechlt inland east bay hot again tomorrow with high in the low to mid 90's. 94 at fairfield and danville 95 at livermore and antioch and near monterey bay high of 74 watsonville 75 at santa cruz and mid 90's inland morgan hill and gilroy. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. few clouds arrive on wednesday and maybe a sprinkle or 2 and start cooling down sharper or further cal down on thursday and friday within land hay only in the mid 80's and we sort of stay in the range right on through the weekend into early next week. nice mild weekend ahead with high in the mid 80's to mid 70's around the bay. low 60's on the coast. >> thank you spencer very much. >> welcome up here. action movie star has to call in the authorities. we explain why. >> plus remembering a gentle
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giant. passing of hollywood favorite. stay with us. 7
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>> actor michael clark duncan has died. you may remember him best as the soft spoken inmate in the green mile. >> take my hand, boss. you see for yourself. >>reporter: duncan was nominated for oscar for green mile. actor was 6 foot 5, weighed 300 pounds. some say he was a very definition of the gentle giant. duncan died today two months after suffering a heart attack. he was 54 years old. one of coast guard officers who helped rescue actor russell crowe is talking about what happened. crowe was kayaking with a friend in new york when
9:24 pm
it got dark and they realize that had they needed help. news reporter kimberly richardson has the story. >> i'm just glad we were there to give him a hand. >> could have happened to anybody. >> absolutely. >>reporter: not anybody is oscar winning actor russell crowe that's him in the middle. are we calling this a rescue or guy who needed help. >> a little bit of both. >>reporter: throw in a friend launch the kayak from cold spring harbor saturday afternoon. paddled around hours later as the sun disappeared it seems so did crowe sense of direction. they beach the kayak at nip:30 on stretch of sand near huntington light house where robert and 2 other officers happened to be patrolling. they heard scream ins the dark shine the search light towards the commotion and spotted 2 men in life jacket waving their arms. >> they were asking where the harbor was. asking for directions. >>reporter: crowe calls it a grand adventure and tweeted thanks to seth and the boy from his u.s. coast guard for guiding the way. >> pretty cool.
9:25 pm
>>reporter: kimberly reportin reporting. now the movie box office fell this summer first time in seven years. down 3 percent from 2011. attendance at movie down 4 percent. analyst chalk up the decline including the olympic. higher ticket prices. and maybe a bunch of bad manufactureies to too. emergency responders say every alarm in the city went off when an earthquake shook up beverly hills. you can see the seismic graph at our sister station in los angeles. as it measured the quake that hit at 3:26 this morning and registered 3.3 magnitude. beverly hills police report getting ka fruls anxious residents but officers found in signs of any injuries or damage. wouldn't really expect any with a quake of that small magnitude. more to get to coming up tonight weighs continue here on the news at 9:00. terrorist with more than 200 pounds of explosives drives his car into a vehicle owned by the u.s. consulate in pakistan. many
9:26 pm
are hurt including 2 americans. >> plus. power is out and heat is on. up next. lingering effects of hurricane isaac. >> plus security guards somewhat out in florida. surveillance tape just release released. see it. here at home dog called to duty to sniff out a growing problem in northern california lakes. stay with us. another half hour
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>> president obama visited louisiana today for a firsthand look at the damage from hurricane isaac. you cap see him in the distance amidst the crowd there. he met with forehead state and local officials before surveying saint john the baptist parish one of the hardest hit communities. estimates tonight say the damage could reach 2
9:30 pm
billion dollars maybe even more than that. 2800 people are still living in shelters and more than 125,000 people are without power. latest now from ryan owens. >> getting ready to get washed away here. >>reporter: this parish the first place isaac hit the stat state. topping levee and swallowing neighborhoods. it's the last place people finally got to see what this hurricane did to their lives. >> water was all the way up to the roof. >>reporter: shrimper bartholomew one of thousands whose police escorted into the parish today. he found his boat, his only source of incom income, destroyed. his home, he still needs a canoe to get there. >> it is stressful. you have the live someplace else, you know. it's hard. >>reporter: police only allowed these people home for a few hours. just enough time to gather clothes for the back and toys for the kids. it's too
9:31 pm
dangerous to stay. even for animals. officers are trying to herd these cattle to hire ground. recovery here and across the gulf slowed by lack of power. 90 percent of new orleans customers now have electricity. but 100,000 across louisiana don't. heat index her topped 105 this weekend with no air conditioning. misery index higher than that. >> i can't take the heat. >>reporter: david saint martin doesn't have power so he's hauling a boat full of toys out of his neighborhood. his daughter emily was born premature 5 months ago. she weighed a pound. emily is finally ready to come home from the hospital this week but she can't until the power is back on. >> she's well enough to come home. hopefully this week. if we get power she can come home. >>reporter: we are in the community of la plaza louisiana where the president met with those victims of hurricane
9:32 pm
isaac. most of the water here has actually receded. you see some of it behind me. but this is deceiving. homes in the neighborhood behind me they look okay from the outside. inside, everything is ruined which is one reason insurer say the total price tag for isaac could top 2 billion dollars. ryan owens abc news, louisiana. >> over seas now to terrible attack against americans in pakistan. suicide bomber rammed his car in an suv belonging to the u.s. consulate. 2 people are dead. 13 injured. 2 of them americans. abc news reporter tj has details. >>reporter: wounded driver of u.s. government vehicle rammed by a car filled with explosives described the explosion that left 2 people dead and 19 wound entered northwestern pakistan. suddenly a blast went off and i became senseless. darkness fell in front of my eyes. 2 of the 19 wound the were american americans. >> we pray for the safe
9:33 pm
recovery of both american and pakistani victims and once again we demrer the cowardly act of suicide bombing and terrorism that has affected so many people around the world. >>reporter: the bomber struck the vehicle as it left the u.s. consulate while travel through an area of the city that host various national organization. they have been target entered that city 85 miles from islamabad in recent years. there was a car bomb and grenade attack unleashed in the consulate back in april 2010 that killed 4 pakistani. three months later gunman shot and killed an miles per hour aide worker traveling to work. taliban and al qaeda were retaliating for successful drone strike to pakistan tribal region. tj, abc news new york. >> back at home. detroit secret service says truck ran into equipment for vice
9:34 pm
president biden labor day visit. there was stolen. spokesperson for the agency tells us that the u-haul parked outside downtown hotel when ripped off. secret service says no weapons were taken but otherwise would not comment on what was inside naturally. now despite the loss biden attended campaign rallytor city. police are still searching for the truck. police in florida release surveillance video today of robbery gone wrong. watch now. sitting with his back to the camera watching the front door odds are the security guard never expected this. 3 robbers rush in and just as quickly rush out amid a hail of bullet. one falls. he's hit but despite december fruit get out he crawls out leaving behind the gun and his shoes. now here's a different angle we can show. security guard reacts watch instantly. his gun is out and firing. he doesn't hesitate just keeps firing. happened overnight at internet cafe. guy who crawled out was arrested. other 2 are still on the run. police are hoping this video will lead to their
9:35 pm
capture. he certainly had lightning fast reflection. gas prices are at the highest ever for a labor day you probably noticed if you filled up over the holiday wean. looking at the average prices for gallon of regular gas in oakland san jose and san francisco. we hope you would. but you get the idea. prices are high. now this is prices are starting to chip away too suv sales. story tonight from 7 news reporter. >> at the stewart auto dealership, some customers are finding out the suv they want are virtually sold out. >> pretty much sold out of the liberty. we have maybe a few wrangler left. we just there was a customer that asked where is this particular one we sold ate couple days ago. >>reporter: analyst show numbers that paint a starkly different picture. >> suv sales are could you please across the board. in fact if you were to compare sales today first seven months of year versus 2007 valleys down about 70%. pretty
9:36 pm
significant. >>reporter: 70%. that means in 2007 more than 700,000 suv were his bought and sold. that same time this year that number plummeted to just under 200,00 200,000. analysis points to the pump as the culprit. >> every time gas praise fluctuate spike upward like today or significant drop-off like occurred in late 2008 early 2009 after the first time full praises spike up we see a tremendous shift in purchase behavior by consumers. >>reporter: gas prices hit all time high for labor day weeken weekend. nationwide afternoon for gallon of regular gas is at 3.80 a gallon. of course here in the bay area we are looking at prices about 40 cents more than that. daily -- daly city resident says he has to fill the family suv. >> yes still have to. i'm not a choice here really. >> you know what, traveling is
9:37 pm
a real need you will you will not think about the high praises because you need it. >>reporter: when i asked how much it cost jim to fill up the gas guzzler. >> oh, it's about 80 to 90 dollars. >>reporter: is wife says 100. >> well, she does this car more than i do i guess. >>reporter: is it painful or one of those things where i have to get around so i have to fill it up. >> that's basically what it is. have to work it out somehow. >>reporter: by the end of this month praises will drop but two things have to happen first. work there's resume on the oil rig in the gulf and then praises will officially drop once the summer driving season winds down. in daly city, abc 7 news. >> well coming up new video of the new i-phone. latest in the series of leak ahead of the expected unveiling next week. this one could finally confirm a big rumor about the gadget. that story next. >> plus the special dog on
9:38 pm
>> plus the special dog on mission to save the whale of
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9:40 pm
9:41 pm
>> i-phone 5 is scheduled to debut in 9 days but who is counting. tonight though we have a sneak peek for you. this video was postednymou anonymously on you tube. there it is. compared to the i-phone 4 the 5 is slimmer and has a longer screen. the screen is 4 inches long. there have been other leak on the i-phone 5 but this video actually shows the phone being turned on. phone also has a new docking port connect or that means you will most hey likely need adabtor that works with the 5 and other apple accessory as well. 9 day as and counting until it comes out. >> dog named popeye being used in an experiment to keep invasive species out of the lake in sonoma and mendocino
9:42 pm
counties. wayne explains how the sensitive nose against some tough muscles. >> for boat owner this is ace labor day tradition. hitch up go to the lake. lower her slowly down the ramp and get ready to ride. at lake mendocino this weekend the county threw in an extra step. >> do you have any mussels on the boat? >> this one. >>reporter: as for this couple who found thought dog had other mussels on his mind, this zebra muscle the polluting kind. >> it's very invasive. it spreads very, very quickly. >>reporter: zebra must he realize indigenous to the ukraine and first came here in the ballast of ship in the great lakes in the mid 1980's. since then they spread almost everywhere. lake mendocino one of the last places where they haven't appeared. >> water vessel that travel
9:43 pm
from lake to lake. >>reporter: so this weekend demonstration program at lake mendocino and lake sonoma. county spent 3000 dollars to bring in popeye this chocolate lab. he is specifically trained to sniff out the invasive mussels or even their larvae on the hull of boats. would it take me about 15 minutes to check a boat. that dog can check a boat in about 30 seconds. >>reporter: she trained popeye who regard the exercise as one big game. >> when he smells the mussels he sits down and gets his toy. >>reporter: this weekend that did not happen. not even after nearly 200 inspections. must have been frustrating for popeye who still received the just rewards. >> at the end of the day and he loves to swim. so he gets to go for a swim. >>reporter: no must necessary lake mendocino this weekend. just one tired happy chocolate lab. near ukiah wayne freedman 7 news. >> popeye enjoy his work. in
9:44 pm
washington state another lab is using his nose to sniff out sick whale. this is tucker. he works off the coast of san juan island. he's able to sniff out is what left behind after whales do their business. marine biologist collect the stuff and determine the health of orca. this is not cruel to tucker by the way. orca business apparently does not smell that bad. good honest living tucker has any way. >> all right coming up. the a's are on a roll. as we continue the rag tag team that is defying the odds makers this late
9:45 pm
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>> there was another sighting in golden gate park this morning. signs after lerting visitors that coyotes may roam the area and put up along
9:48 pm
kennedy drive and chain of lake drive. dog walkers also being told not to let the pet off leash. just not a good idea. coyotes most active at night and early in the morning. near the end of pup rearing season so they are certainly very protective. >> well this is awfully cute. playful gray seal grasp on to scuba diver hand whale under water. look at it. holding the handled. apparently the front flipper of seal can grasp like a human can. cameraman says he was diving off the coast of united king come when the seal got curious. it tried to nibble on his shoulder at first. when the diver got the attention the seal grabbed on to his hand. how sweet is that. who knew. neat. >> back and update the forecas forecast. grizzly bear don't do that. >> no they don't. the seal of approval >> very good. >> how warm was date? let's get to that. we had high pressure today of 98 degrees at ukiah and morgan hill. 96 at
9:49 pm
life more and clover dale. clear lake 95. 95 also at fairfield. lots ofness around the bay area. tomorrow another warm day. how about this time lapse view this afternoon from high definition south beach camera lacking back at the western sky towards sutro towe tower. rolling in rapidly natural bay area, the fog. high tomorrow today mid 90's in the inland location up in the north bay places like clover dale clear lake fairfield antioch morgan hill high of 95 tomorrow and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. see few more clouds coming in on wednesday. start to cool down a bit and then a bit cooler still on thursday friday right after the weekend. during the last 5 days of the 7 day period inland high mid 80' 80's. mid 70's around the bay. upper 60's to 60 on the coast very pleasant winding down of the summer season. >> coming to an end. >> certainly is. >> seal of approval. hottest
9:50 pm
team in baseball cooled off a bit today but the oakland a's and the fans take it all in stride. just one game. don sanchez was at the coliseum today where it is september after all and unassuming a's are still in the middle of a pennant race. >> that's a dollar man. >>reporter: rag tag player reject go on a win streak in money ball. it was the real thing but the a's and what gm bean created. now they have come close again. >> i think billy needs to have a chance with decent owner. >>reporter: not a fan of the team owner wolf who wants to move the a's to san jose. >> real estate sales sales man shouldn't be a baseball owner. >>reporter: another disgruntled fan but here to support the players. >> grit to see the fans out here supporting us. good energy throughout in the crowd and i think that's reflected on the field. >>reporter: ross 40's berkele
9:51 pm
berkeley. what do they have to do do you think. >> move good to new ballpark. rather than new ballpark in oakland than somewhere else. >>reporter: negative thoughts about moving it hasn't affected the players believing in what they can do. nothing different. same guys in the clubhouse we are all having fun. trust each other from top to bottom. >> i feel in like everybody is in the right situation. trust each other lately. >>reporter: now they are a team that began capturing our imagination. with the warm front dense luck and winning post season play has to be a reality. >> i know if you don't believe you can get to the post season, you won't. so this belief is always there. the confidence and belief is there. but i think especially for a younger group of guys we need to take it day-to-day. >>reporter: certainly can't count out bob as manager of the year candidate. he says the game is like riding the waves. looks like they have a new challenge beginning tomorrow n.oakland, abc 7 news. >> it is excite to go watch
9:52 pm
them play. larry is off and make is here. >> i won't say don is a jinx but the a's 9 game win streak came to halt today at the coliseum courtesy of the angel angels. giants needed mojo to get
9:53 pm
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is you. >> coming up tonight at 11. growing problem of disabled placard abuse and what one bay area city is doing to crack down. and the new problem affecting neighborhood with four closed homes. why they are now becoming a hot spot for teenagers. those stories and more for you coming up at 11 on channel 7. we have all the sports. labor day both mainly league teams in town. >> that's right. local 9 buzz flying giants hosting arizona in the first of 28 straight games against opponent toen the regular season. this ace wild september in the national league west and today ending is just the beginnining. force be with you. "star wars"day d-backs playing the part of darth vadar. 4 nothing giants in the fifth. but the empire strikings back. chris johnson.
9:56 pm
off barry. not done yet. come back with this. single in the go ahead run. but only hope. buster. bottom 9. down 1. man on third. buster double down the line. the score. game tied at 8. go extra and dancing yoda found luke. bottom 10 wn the line just like the master. crew ford 64 s. first walk off with the rebel. and force be with you. giants up 4 and a half on the evil empire the donors who also won tonight. >> it was a great team effort. we just keep fighting. we didn't put our head down keep fighting and play hard to the end. >> felt lake we were a little flat in the middle of the game to get up and come away with a win was big. >> satisfies lot about our team too. comes down to crunch
9:57 pm
time. need to win ball game. play off run. we can come through and helps us get the win and special about this team. >> a's were the hottest team in baseball until the angels ended the 9 game win streak this afternoon in the coliseum. they won 10 straight in 2006 an last time they made the play off. great way to spend labor day this fan confused. rough day for malone. 3rd inning. 2 nothing. crushes the 13th of the year. makes it 3 nothing. then in the fourth. wells. hits the tenth of the year. malone 3 innings. 10 hits. 5 runs against just one striking out. angels up 5 nothing. led the mainlys with 74 home runs since the all star break but angels 3 today. 2 run shot on the sixth. angels snap the 9 game streak. fall 4 back in the american league west. tee it up at the deutsche bank championship part of the pga tour fedex cup play off. field
9:58 pm
of 100 reduced to 70 and 3 man race in today time. mcilroy 3 back today but charged up the leader board. birdie 5 of the first 8 holes including this on 3. but lou start the day with a 3 shot lead. shot on 5. way left of the tree. double bogey the hole. now tied. tiger shatter a 5 under 66. downhill eagle on 18 to put him in the clubhouse 19 under. a little miss read at 18 under in the house. mcilroy one shot lead. seal the deal. side door was closed. all he could do was hope. lou misses the birdie putt here it is. force the play off. just slides by. even par on the day. roy wins bay streak and regain no. 1 golfer in the world. federer moves on in the quarter finals without stepping on the court. opponent fish withdrew due to advice from his doctor he had
9:59 pm
surge troy fix i are religion heart beat back in may. murray facing 15 seed amelio. check thought one. lob it over murray head. he drills it down the line. murray tack the first 2 sets. then match point. inconveniences to the quarter to state set. straight away facing 26-year-old andrea. never made it past the second round. had trouble with the serve. serena on the day 57 minutes for her to go to the quarter final. match point. go long. serena wins. second seed knocked out here. fears set thanks to a drop shot then on match point. she goes cross court. defeated in straight sets. off to the quarter final here. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news


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