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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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at lake county racing up the sides of mountains in the blue lake area. now mandatory evacuations in place tonight have just been lifted. that happened few moments ago. but the fire is still very much a concern. good evening. the fire has burned at least 4 50 acres in the blue lake area about 8 miles east of yo could i a.started just after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. resident at the scott valley road at blue lake area road area have been ordered to leave their homes tonight but those evacuation orders from what we understand just lifted short time ago. now on the phone rite with me right now is the public information officer from cal fire mendocino lake unit. julie are you there? >> i am here. >> thank you so much for coming on. give us a quick update is what happening right now in the terms of the evacuation. is the order lifted. >> yes that order was just lifted just a little while ago. so all the residents are able to go back to their residences. >>reporter: julie what does that mean in terms of the fire. obviously very encouraging
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news. tell me where you are in terms of controlling the fire. >> well, the fire is right around 500 acres. it's only 10% contained but obviously it's going in an easterly direction so they are not as concerned for that area where they have the evacuations goin going. >> so it is moving east the homes in the other direction so no concern about the homes at this moment. from what i father no real suggestion or threats that that would change. >>reporter: not right at the time. no. >> okay. julie couple more questions here. what are you doing tonight at night fall a little tricky to fight flames obviously. are you able to attack it from the air. >> no we don't have the ability to do tonight flying so we have got crew ins place. and important resources ordered so the temperatures are lowered a little bit and humidity is up so the fire is laying down a little bit so they will be trying to get a handle on it
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and get line in. but more resources ordered right now. we are looking at 250 personnel right now and possibly by tomorrow morning up to close to 600. >> so you are calling in some more firefighters come in first thing tomorrow. >>reporter: yes. well a lot of them en route right noychlt all right julie thanks very much. that's cal fair mendocino lake unit. thank you for coming on julie good. luck to you. appreciate your time very much. good luck to those crews. as you are gathering now the good news evacuation orders lifted. people allowed to go back into the home because the fire is moving away from the homes but it's still moving but as you heard julie say they are bringing more firefighters if at first light. maybe as many as 600 but the fire has so far spread to about 500 acres since it broke out at 1:00 o'clock and it's still growing only 10% contained. we'll keep you updated on it here and of course at 11 and morning news as well but the other big story happening right now terrifying drama playing out that has just ended off the
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peninsula coast. coast guard has rescued 2 youngest children kidnapped by their father. this home video shows the father with the kids. the mother says christopher fay came to her south san francisco home grabbed the kids and took off to alameda yacht harbor and he's accused of sailing away there in a stolen yacht. the boat was spotted this morning at about 50 miles off the coast between half moon bay and monterey. police believe 43-year-old christopher fay took his children on tuesday from the mother's south san francisco home. police say the sailboat was stolen from alameda marina. spotted early this morning by a boater near mare island the boat was sailed back by the father to the shore and authorities say they have now the 2 children safely in custody. new the children grandmother was injured trying to chase after fay and just minutes ago she reacted to the news that the kids had been rescued. listen. >> told the children were
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rescued. >> oh. isn't that great? that's great news. i'm so, so relieved. about this is the best. best news when i get my 2 grandchildren i'll hug them and never let them go. >>reporter: you know she will. that's jean the grn mother hearing the news as we broke it to her that the children have been rescued safely. more on this story to come. coast guard is holding news conference right now about this abduction. we have a reporter there and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. in the mean time the father does have a past. woman living in clear lake says back in 1989 she was assaulted by christopher fay when she lived in the bay area. lee ann has that part of the story. >>reporter: in 1989 rhonda was working as a park ranger aide at an event known as by cycle sunday in san mateo county. her duties was to keep cars out of the area. that's when she
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says she encountered christopher fay only 20 at the time who was upset he couldn't get through. >> he jumps out. punches me out. tries to run me over with his truck. i fortunately rolled into my vehicle and he sped off. i got his license number and i struggled pregnant at the time. >>reporter: she miscarried the next day. she used her married last name schmid sued fay and the san mateo county park and recreation department and received an undisclosed amount through worker compensation. she now lives from clear lake. she contacted us after seeing him on the news. county superior court also confirmed that in 2009 fay was charged with grand theft but the case was dismissed. abc 7 news also obtained a cope of the restraining order against mcfa
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mcfay. court granted the order because there was reason to believe he might take the children outside of the u.s. after it was revealed he had quit his job, closed his bank accounts, got rid of his assets and sold his home. the order also points out mcfay had lived in thailand and had several bank accounts there. now according to this restraining order, there must be a court hearingn the matter. june has asked that mcfay appear in court two weeks from today. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. more news to report. body found in a remote part of the county prompted all kinds of speculation tonight about who it might be. authorities are on the scene where a body has been found discovered in a heavily wooded area off canon road. sorry about that. now to amma who is in that area live tonight with the very latest and concern and questions here are about whether this ace young girl who has been missing for 6 months.
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>>reporter: correct dan. now the body was found just after 9 this morning and police have spent the better part of the day on scene investigating. it was found by a driver who was driving down 101 and pulled off intercanon road. as you said it's a heavily wooded area just take a look at the scene from sky 7 hd as it flew over. now they have confirmed that it is the body of a female. so there was concern as you said that it could be sierra la mar especially because santa clara county sheriff's office was called to assist. they are the agency handling the la mar case. however i was told that that is not why they were called. >> the county sheriff pretty short staffed today so they did reach out to us as part of mutual aid request. not only for additional resources such as csi but also for media purposes. >>reporter: sergeant says that is not uncommon request. now sources close to the investigation say that it is the body of a young hispanic
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female but they don't believe that it is that of sierra la mar. now dan for people living in the area the street has been blocked off most of the day. people had hard time getting through but weren't surprised to hear a body had been found because of just how wooded it was. and authorities hope to have the scene wrapped up later tonight so everyone can get back to their homes. live, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> the hantavirus scaring yosemite park is growing again. they extended initial warning from the village on the value floor to tent at the park high sierra camp popular with hiker hikers. 30,000 people could be at risk of being infect from this mysterious and potentially deadly outbreak. david wright has the latest on the story. >>reporter: in one of the most beautiful places on earth, a deadly disease is lurking. yosemite park ranger are warning everyone visitor about the outbreak of hantavirus. spread by rodent.
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>> actually had a mouse run across my head. definitely 63rd me pretty good. >>reporter: already 8 people are known to have contracted the illness. as of today 3 have died. california, pennsylvania, west virginia. and there may be more cases as far away as france. >> this outbreak appears to be unusual in terms of the number of people affected and certainly the number of deaths we have seen. >>reporter: outbreak first traced to the popular curry village camp site where rodent had bury road into the insulation of tents. officials now believe a second camp site in the meadow also infected. last week warnings like these went out to continue,000 people who visited curry village since june. overnight notices went out to an additional 19,000 visitors. 29,000 recent park visit norse all. >> this is possibly the greatest cluster that has occurred certainly in the united states that i'm aware o
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of. >>reporter: early symptoms can take up to 6 weeks to the appear. include fatigue. fever and chills. those quickly give way to coughing and breathing problems as the lungs fill with fluid. the worst part is, there is no known treatment or cure. >> there's really nothing you can do preemptively if you were exposed to hantavirus. >>reporter: for one of america oldest and most popular national park a serious threat. yosemite majestic beauty attracts visitors worldwide. now that could mean a worldwide public health hazard. david wright abc news los angeles. >> man police describe as the instigator of gang rape near richmond high school has pleaded guilty to escape life in prison. 22 year old manuel ortega will serve 32 years in prison. he was the first of 6 defendants to stand trial in this 2009 rape that made national head liens. in october of that year a girl leaving a homecoming dance was raped and beaten for 2 hours
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with no one coming to her aid and others watching. ortega was seen running from the area. remaining 5 defendants are awaiting trial. 4 face life in prison. judge ruled today that then governor arnold schwarzenegger did not break the law by commuting the prison sentence of a political ally's son hours before leaving office in january 2011 schwarzenegger cut the manslaughter sentence in half for nunez son of former assembly speaker fabio nunez. lawsuit filed by the victim family say schwarzenegger violent add law requiring him to notify them that he was cutting the sentence. more to bring you busy night as you can tell. dramatic reversal at big time sports scandal. verbal tussle between congressman and nfl player over same sex marriage. lieutenants of sports stories making news tonight. also ahead beating of giants fan brian stowe inspires new law in california that was just signed today by governor brown.
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>> and routine traffic stops never kuwait the same after shooting death of officer young strom we go on chp ride along on the very stretch of road and learn firsthand the dangers of learn firsthand the dangers of the job >> i'm sandy. weekend will feature a warm-up and cool down. i'll have all the numbers for you coming right up. >> thanks sandy. also special place that space shuttle flight will be able to go right over bay area skies. and you will be able to see it as it passes over
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i. >> dedicated the game against the los angeles dodge investigators highway patrol officer kenyon young strom. team held a moment of silence. it was quite moving at the ballpark tonight. there you see buster taking a moment of silence along with everyone else in the stadium. tim. officer was killed in a shoot out tuesday on interstate 6 80 in alamo. gunman was shot to death by another officer. now vick lee rode with the chp today along the same stretch of road. >> sadness and support from the public just keeps growing. here at the field office where officer young strom worked. >> i think it underscores in
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their mind wow! these individuals are human beings just like me. they are connected to family. connected to friends. >>reporter: officer sam morgan has been with the chp some think years. it's not the first time he heard the radio kawchlt 1199. officer down. every time the same reaction. >> your mind starts racing. sometimes your heart sinks. >>reporter: when the officer dies. >> each piece of you goes that individual. never a point where you say okay i'm over that. you just learn thousand manage it. sometimes thoughts of anger. sometimes thoughts of sadness. bee buildment and on and on the emotions go. >>reporter: also personal reflexes. officer morgan is married. with two children. >> reflection swhawchs if it was me. how would my wife and children handle it. how would my family respond he folk with us your own mortality and you
9:17 pm
begin to really see just how risky the job can be sometimes. >>reporter: it's not something officer morgan dwells on. but it's always in the back of his mind. potential danger of each traffic stop no matter how small the infraction. >> are they friend r.they foe. are they going to yield to the authority of office peace bring. aim going to have to get in a confrontation. physical confrontation with this individual. most of the calls to which we respond to we go home without incident. we go home without injury but there can always be that one call that can pretty much be your last call. >>reporter: well as officer morgan told me, he an his fellow officers are no different than you or i. all they want to do is to do their job well and at the end of the day go home to their loved one ones. vick lee, 7 news. well fans attending big sporting events in california have a bit more protection under a new law signed by governor brown today. this new
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law requires pro sports stadium to post phone numbers for fans to report violence to security. it was inspired by the beating of brian stowe at domesticer stadium last year. other violent events 49ers and raiders game noted by assemblyman mike who wrote this legislation. and then there's this. member of the maryland house of delegates is taking on a player for the baltimore ravens. linebacker brendan has been an out spoken critic in support of same sex marriage. house member burns sent a letter to ravens ownership saying that he was appalled and agas and urged the owner to silence him. he was pretty surprised by the letter. ravens say they support the players freedom of speech and will draft a letter in response. okay. let's mav on. weekend has finally arrived. you made it and spencer has the day off and sandy is here with the forecast. >> beautiful forecast dan. so if you have plans for out door plans for the weekend it's going to be absolutely
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gorgeous. upcoming weekend will feature slightly warmer weather for your saturday. only for temperatures to good down. sunday. something for everyone. as we check out live picture from the high definition camera looking across the bay towards san francisco. you see sutro tower blinking in the background. skies are clear. visibility is great. check out live doppler 7 hd. and you will see that even though the marine layer is about 1500 feet deep it hasn't quite made it aup all the way to the coast line just yet. we still very clear skies but there are patches of fog out over the ocean and we will see that the returning to the coast numbers right now look like this. 55 in half machine bay. 57 in san francisco. still pretty warm in inland valley. 75 in antioch and 70 degrees in concord. 72 right now in san rafael. highlights coastal fog overnight. another warm day tomorrow for bay and inland and we look at cooling to begin on sunday. really tipping to the inland area for
9:20 pm
monday as well. so tomorrow morning look for temperatures mainly in the 50's. we'll see upper 40's clover dale santa rosa fog starting off the morning near the coast an even around parts of the bay. it will be a cool start again so you might need an extra layer. but as you look at the water vapor imagery here's what is coming. area of low pressure pulling away that's going to allow the ridge to nudge northward. today we saw sign of that and so the temperatures in many areas came up bay few degrees. tomorrow the warm-up continues. but it's not a mainly warm-up. just shiitely warmer. fog in the morning. fog burns off and pulls away from the coast line after afternoon readings wide range you can see. summertime spread. 60's along the coast. all the way to the 90's inland. if you have plans to head to the monterey bay beaches i do want to caution you about the strong rip current risk. beach hazard statement late tonight through sunday issued by national weather service. for monterey state beach and marina state beach northwest swell that is arriving from a
9:21 pm
distance could cause those rip current. so just be careful if you are going there. high for your saturday. south bay 81 in saratoga. beautiful day san jose. 78 degrees. 77 in santa clara. on the peninsula it's a mild sunny day. 75 in menlo park. mountain view art wine festival 76 degrees tomorrow. 63 on the coast and a half moon bay. 60 in daly city. downtown san francisco mid 60' 60's. a little bit cooler than where you should be this time of year. in the north bay 82 for sonoma. novato 83 in santa rosa. head out to the east bay. oakland berkeley hayward all in the low 70's. sunny warm inland. 90 fairfield livermore 88 in please anton and monterey bay 65 monterey 63 for carmel. accu-weather 7 day forecast of warmer tomorrow. cooling to the mid 80's inland. sunday monday upper 50's to low 60's. coast side warm it up for you wednesday through friday down low to mid 90's inland. mid 60's coast side. beautiful weather over the next 7 days. >> love that.
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>> it's a great time of year. >> thanks very much. >> coming up here. san francisco man drives into an 8 foot sink hole. look at this. wasn't the first person to fall wasn't the first person to fall in but definitely
9:23 pm
looks like it's going to start a so little um, but t i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's finene. excuse me - sorry. yes!
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>> murder mystery in indiana bay area tie. bodies of 2 men found in shallow grave in indianapolis. police say 39-year-old vaughn and 40-year-old raul had head injuries and were buried on top of each other. police say several hundred dollars found at the scene. they were identified today by dental records. remains were found by people looking for lost dog. 2 men were burden in the woods apparently in a tough part of town. monsoon type rain is causing wide spread damage in parts of arizona. roads around
9:26 pm
phoenix and mesa turned into rivers by fast moving water. efforts are under way to rescue people trapped in the cars by rising water. here you seaman standing on top of the truck. earlier today waiting for help somebody tossing a line. rain fell this morning but authorities say still a threat of more flash flooding and rain has claimed at least one life so far. 52-year-old woman found inside her submerged car in tucson. and more rain is expected this weekend. new report says the coral reef of the caribbean are mostly wiped out. scientist have found the reeves have about 8% of lives coral coverage at this appointment. that's down from about 50 to 60 percent in the 1970's. international yawn for conservation of nature blames over fishing human sewage and warming seas. >> but when we come back tonight on 7 news at 9:00 actor clint eastwood explains the points he was trying to make at the help can national
9:27 pm
convention in this tampa last week. >> plus olympic swimmer who is making a big splash in the south bay this wean. his campaign to ensure the safety of the kids in the pool. is.miss stare us case of the it
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>> today the man who created the most talked about moment at the republican national convention last week broke his silence. clint eastwood finally addressed what he was thinking about with his rambling monologue to the empty chair. here's news reporter dan harris. >> mr. obama sitting here. >>reporter: whether you this the it was rambling and cringe worthy. >> what do you want me to tell romney. i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himsel himself. >>reporter: or hilarious and brilliant. >> i'm not going to shut up.
9:31 pm
it's my turn. >>reporter: there is no denying it was the most talked about speech of either convention. and now in an interview with his hometown paper in california the carmel pine cone, klent eastwood gives a blow by blow of how it came to be. the morning of the speech as he flew to tampa he still hadn't chosen his words. they vet mess of the people said i can't do that because i don't know what i'm going to say. 15 minutes before he spoke he arrived at the hall still no plan. then right before he took the stage, inspiration. there was a stool there and some fella kept asking me if i wanted to sit down. saw the stool sitting there it gave me the idea. >> and i just. >>reporter: he acknowledges he stumbled a bit up there and that he went listeninger than he was supposed to but quote when people are mr. ing so much it takes you 10 minutes to say 5 minutes worth. after the speech he went back stage where
9:32 pm
he sets paul ryan thanked him. they were very enthusiastic and we were all laughing. >> you are absolutely crazy. >>reporter: speech medley became a media phenomenon but eastwood himself had no idea until the next day. tonight the hollywood legend is unapologetic. of his detractor he says quote they are obviously on the left. >> thank you thank you very much. >>reporter: dan harris abc news new york. >> obama administration today declared the network a terrorist group. network a group of militant based in pakistan. that network linked to most speck tack lash terrorist attack of the afghan war. it men the administration can go after the finances by pressuring bank at pakistan and the arab country of the persian gulf to freeze their assets. times have changed certainly for the network during the cold war it was partner with the cia and considered a freedom fighter. >> exactly a year to the day
9:33 pm
since the veteran lost the sight in tom bomb bast in afghanistan he won a medal at the para-olympic games. he won the free style. it's the second gold at the event. guide reaches out with a soft pole to tap the swimmer as they approach the wall for a turn. so they know it's coming. snyder defused bomb for navy seal team explosion blasted shrapnel into his face last year and he lost his vision as a result. well knowing how to swim could maybe win awe gold medal one day but more importantly it could save your life. that's the message hyped a bay area visit from an athlete with 5 olympic medal and a record. a career that has jonathan explains almost didn't happen. >> watching olympic swimmer jones warm-up at the pool there's one thing about him you might never guess. >> when i was 5 years old i
9:34 pm
almost drowned. >>reporter: jones first african american man to set a world record in swimming came from a family that didn't swim. and when he fell overboard on a water ride he didn't know how to come up for air. >> life guard says to come in. pull me out. completely resuscitate me and when i woke up my parents, my mom got me swim less snons a week. >>reporter: swim lessons that led him to olympic gold. like the ones jones now teaches to young kid. >> kick kick kick good. all right. >>reporter: this is video from the usa swimming foundation of the program called make a splash. you see what happened to jones as kid is startsingly common especially for children of color. >> huge problem. 70% of african americans don't know thousand swim and nearly 60 percent of hispanic children don't necessity thousand swim. >>reporter: drowning is the second leading cause of defendant for kids under 14. statistics he now set out to change one child at a time. >> he is so patient. so
9:35 pm
giving. the kids really respond to him. and that's important because you don't want this to be a lecture. >>reporter: team sponsor philip 66 is taking jones on national tour to give free swim lessons including a class here at san jose fair swim center from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 on saturday. >> we really want to stop drowning. let's give our kids the proper tools to be safe around water. >>reporter: jones message obviously true with parents in san jose. already filled up free registration for the saturday morning swim class he's leading hereut if you didn't get a spot don't worry he says just bring your kids down here and they will try to squeeze them in any way. this is 7 news. what a terrific effort. well, it's not exactly up close and personal but if you would like to see the space shuttle for yourself, you are going to have unique opportunity in the coming weeks. nasa is transporting the space shuttle endeavor from florida kennedy space center sorry about that wrong piece of tape. i'll continue from the space center to museum in los angeles.
9:36 pm
during the journey top the 747 endeavor low level fly over past urban area across the country. on thursday september 20th the shuttle passes over mountain view. also go over san francisco and other california cities as well. stay tune for the details of the exact time the fly over will take place. we will try to let you know to go outside and take a look for yourself if you wish. >> as we continue tonight. no more homeworking for students at maryland elementary school. coming up. what they are being asked instead. >> mother comes up with unique idea so the school can differentiate between her 4
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9:39 pm's a bird it's a plane no
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it's putin. can you believe this. russian president is leading a flack of syberian white crane on the migration with a motor hang glider. birds were raised in captivity. putin helping teach the endangered birds to follow the aircraft on the 3000 mile long journey south for the winter. not the first time he's done something like this. putin has become intor us really for an array of adventure including posing with a tiger cub and riding horse bare chested. >> well 8 foot sink hole swallowed a san francisco man's car this week on the east coast. law student at duke university was turning around interthe campus when he dropped straight into the ground. look at this. gaping hole was not visible from the street and had not been marked off but he says he was not the first toen kupter. truck driver had apparently got the tires stuck in the hole the night before but his vehicle was the big to fall in like this car. crew put up caution tape. but by the next day hit blown away.
9:41 pm
pole fallen over and hole not visible from the car so he just tumbled writ in but he's okay. gentleman well police new york meantime are investigating the theft of 7 motorcycle from a police parking lot. the bike were his being stored there as evidence of motorcycle and 51 trafficking ring. they had already been stolen then put in the police lot and stolen again. lot is fenced in but not locked. battery had been rae moved from the bikes and the wheels were locked but they got ripped off any way. well elementary school students in gators burg, maryland will not have any homework any more. the school principal says she wants reading every nature for half hour instead. principal says it is clear that most assignment did not reflight whether students are studying in the classroom so she wants them to read. well one mother gave her children an unusual haircut first day. she realize teachers at the school in china have had a tough time telling apart her 6-year-old identical quadruplet so she took the boy
9:42 pm
to barber for crew cut but left the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the head. teachers say the new do certainly help identify each brother and mother admits she and her husband still have a hard time telling their sons apart. one way to do it. >> welcome up. spin doctor. up next. mix master making music behind the tunes at this week democratic national convention. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues in just news at 9:00 continues in just a moment
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9:46 pm
monsoon moisture moves up around palm springs. 106 degrees there. las vegas 103. tahoe reno yosemite all lacking at the possibility possibility of isolated thunderstorms for saturday afternoon. 80 in tahoe. 94 at yos mate. really nice looking day in los angele angeles. 88 up to eureka a 61 degrees there. here in the bay area we have our summertime spread. summer micro climate with low 90's inland. 60's coast side. few patches of fog well off the coast line. so a little bit warmer for your saturday. slightly cooler for your sunday and keep the cooling going on monday inland areas at least only mid 80's there. upper 50's to low 60's along the coast. but notice the temperatures they are heading up. each and every day starting on tuesday. we get you up into the mid 90's. pretty warm in our inland area by thursday friday. beach weather. coast side. 66 degrees. great time of year as you mentioned. >> thanks so much. >> mitt romney running mate will bring the republican
9:47 pm
campaign to the bay area this weekend. vice president nominee paul ryan seen here lading in nevada this morning will attend a breakfast fundraiser tomorrow morning in danville at the home of former forty-niner brent jones and his wife dana. ticket prices begin at 1,000 dollars for 5000 dollars you can join club mitt and for 10,000 dollars you can have your picture taken with him. ryan will attend a dinner if you said raiser tomorrow night in fresno. now at this week democratic national convention music was critical. set the mood and got people going. to drive the beat the dnc used a dv whose client list include kanye west and jennifer lopez. we tag along in share wlot a man would drops the beat for the drops the beat for the democrat. tonight in charlotte handful of a.list stars were center stage. mary j blige brought down the house. marc anthony belted out
9:48 pm
the national anthem. even scar lot johansson made the pitch. >> reelect president obama. >> but there is one secret weapon of hipness. this campaign has in the back pocket. celebrity dj so sought after beyonce and kim booked him to play at the wedding. he can rake in up to 100,000 dollars for a single gig. dj cassidy is spinning grooving and jamming his way through this campaign. hoping a little madonna might bring some cool into this cold convention hall. . that was his too. he worked with the campaign to choose the perfect song. easy to spot with the trademark top hat and gold microphone sitting always in the best seat in the house. >> this is like watching c-span most well informed.
9:49 pm
>> i wish every young person my age would actually be home and have this on tv. >> you have to go. >>reporter: his real name is cassidy pud 18 party with model and spinning for p.diddy even jam at the president birthday. >> dj cassidy thank you so much. >> if there are doubts about whether some of the hope has faded the buzz has died the coolness gone, the faithful celebrity aren't buying it. they are in the convention hallway like will i am and ashley judd they are also hos hosting the after parties. like eva and flow at local charlotte store. do you feel like the same as 4 years ago. >> absolutely. >>reporter: clock strikes 1:00 a.m. the party starts to look like animal house took over capitol hill by way of charlotte to a little jackson 5.
9:50 pm
>> night shift. this is the after party. energy doubles. >>reporter: what makes a party like this go. >> this. >>reporter: for dj the goal is to keep the party going all the way until november 6. >> who is ready for more years of president obama. >> i'm in charlotte. >> 100 grand for some gig. i always think it's not a party until larry beall shows up. >> that's right. >> dj and i can do that for nothing. >> there isn't anybody in the country helping for obama win than dj cassidy. >> a good gig. >> i don't think mitt is hiring him. tim with a personal him. tim with a personal record in this game but that
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. we told you about the rescue of the 2 kids off the monterey coast early in the hour. they are safe. police
9:54 pm
have just held a news conference with new information about the rescue. we'll bring that to you. and carjacking caught on surveillance video. san jose police tonight hope you recognize the people responsible. those stories and more coming up for you on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. sports director larry beall is here as always. giants in town tonight. >> yes. i'll spend you some highlights, dan. >> okay very good. >> dj beall. giants and dodgers open up a sew down series tonight. giants came in leading -- simmer down over there. leading 4 hatched game games. chance to put the dodgers away with few week left in the season. i haven't even begun the humor yet. orange friday at acc park. dodgers goat tim first. grounder to sandoval and bobble and 1 nothing la. giants tied in the third. base knock off josh beckett. crawford in. 1-1. tim with career high 7 walk and here with two down in the sixt
9:55 pm
sixth. kennedy drills it to right and that is just gone. second of the season. tim 6 and third allow twos runs. kennedy from hero to zero. grounder and kennedy never touched it. the score 2-2. bases loaded in the seventh. how do you spell clutch scoote scooter. a little flare. drive in a pair. right now the giants are leading 4-2 and they are in the eighth. a's and seattle hope to shake off 3 game sweep. going against king felix. top of the first. a little bloop and this gets past the out field. hop past this and smith scores on the error 1 nothing. in the fourth george that is deep into the night and gone. 3 run blast. 4-1. plenty for griffin. oh. nice. pull the string there. 5 innings allow one. striking out 7. a's with insurance. 2 more in the fifth. donaldson down the line. bran con moss
9:56 pm
in and right now the a's are leading 6-1 in the eighth. after nba playing career ended nelson had an idea about a future in hoops. as a referee. friend offered him a job in coaching and that turned into 31 years as head coach. tonight spot in hall of fame as well. one of 12 inducted that the hall of fame. coached the war yrs twice. all time wing coach in league history. 1335 victory. grew up on a farm and learned to play hoop in a chicken yard. >> my uncle walt bought a basket and basketball for me and put it up in the chicken yard and didn't know really how tall it was supposed to be so he put it up 11 feet. he this the that looked about right. so i started shooting at a basket 11 feet tall. >>reporter: just 2 day away from first sunday of the 2012 nfl season. 4 players scored a huge victory. former cal bear along with january thon will
9:57 pm
smith and hargrove all suspended for the saints and role in it 3 member appeal panel lifted suspension. nfl reinstated the players. on the field on sunday. niners open the season at lambeaux field. match up with the packers. moss to make the niner debut. out all of last season. quarterback smith pretty excited about the new weapon he has on offense. >> i have randy and unique tool set he has. cits a lot of problems and i think gives them a lieutenant to think b.guy that can, the big play potential. match up problem he is. the things he can do. creates problems. >>reporter: another day paired together. another dual between woods and mcilroy in indiana. round 2 action. tiger putting from 30 feet on 17. up and over the hill and down. tiger shoots a 67 to go minus 11. seconds later 15 feet from par to stay at 11 un. both birdie
9:58 pm
18 to finish at 12 under one off the pace. singe top the leader board at 49 years old. age is nothing. i keep tell thing you. shot 66. disregard it. 13 under after 2 rounds. u.s. open brian brothers lob their way literally into the record book in a doubles final. in far cower. the near court here not 1, not 2, not 3 how about 4 lob by the brothers. can't put that overhead away. fifth lob and pays into the net. signature chest bump. they win the 12th major double title. no record in the opener a. boxing news. ward had the way in today for tomorrow fight with dawson at oracle arena. both came in at 168 pound. ward is listed as 4-one favorite. serena and in the ladies final at the open. >> excellent thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7
9:59 pm
news for larry and all of us, news for larry and all of us, thanks for watching apprprprprpr ( doorbell rings ) - what? - hey, mrs. reynolds. what do you want? uh, frank sent me over to pick up his toupee. - his toupee? - yup.


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