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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  September 19, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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it encompasses my entire soul. >> a san francisco player singing the blues. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. that surveillance footage shows the thieves making off with the $11,000 creel low -- cello. but for the student it means so much more. we go to the conservatory of music with john. john? >> the word was out about the cello that was stolen from a locker here. now it is the passion of this student, but he also needs it to make money to play gigs to put food on his table and a roof over his head.
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>> there is an empty feeling now because criminals came through and rummaged through my stuff and took my most available possession. >> 23-year-old adam young is talking about the cello he has played for the past 11 years. now it is gone after it was stolen sunday afternoon from his locker on the fourth floor of the san francisco conservatory of music on oak street. >> i feel like my life is put on pause right now. >> the best hope of getting it back is this surveillance video. showing a well-dressed man and woman going floor to floor at the conservatory. the pair spent an hour here before the man walked out with a cello case strapped to his shoulder. that is the stolen instrument and so did adam young when he saw the video at the same time. >> that's my cello. that's it. >> the cello is hand made in germany and worth about $11,000. so how do you fence a cello? >> we are hoping the public,
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you will tell us how it went down. the pawnshops will be alerted. ebay and craigs list, people are looking for it there. >> this is not the first time somebody has swiped an instrument from the san francisco conservatory of music. in spring of last year they used surveillance video arresting a man for stealing it worth $100,000. it was recovered and the suspect convicted. on sunday afternoon, adam young, a junior, was there for rehearsals. he admits he did not use a padlock. now he does, and he has a word for the people who stole it. >> i hope they keep my instrument safe because it is fragile. >> you should call the police if you recognize the pair. this happened on a sunday afternoon when this school is open for recite tells. recitals. one official noticed the couple there as well.
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students are saying these two apparently also stopped by for a tour on the day before. now, as for the cello, adam young says it is not insured. in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> probably devastating. protecting the people of san jose from crime was the subject of two separate forums. with police response times do thing -- doing the same and the chief resigning that there is a lot to talk about. city leaders did so at one gathering, while the police union held another. lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa? >> dan, the special tod de session -- special study session ended here, and the focus is on what to do about san jose's struggling and shrinking police department. >> how do we protect the safety of our residents and neighborhoods in the face of inadequate resources. >> reporter: the one leading the effort -- is chief chris
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more, but he uh -- chris moore, but he announced his retirement after 18 months on the job. it comes with a spike in crime. in august there were nine homicides in 11 days. the chief pointed out that tonight gang crimes are getting more violent. >> we are seeing guns used where we may have seen knives or fists used in the past. when you have guns involved you are more loikly to see fatality -- more likely to see fatalities. >> reporter: they learned that the response time to violent crimes is getting longer, nearly seven minutes. the goal is six. >> we have a lot fewer opposition on the streets. the time it has taken to get to the calls has increased dramatically. >> reporter: the department has 1,000 police officers. that's 400 fewer than four years ago. tonight the police officers' union held a separate community meeting to help residents protect themselves against crime. many blame pay cuts, layoff and bad morale for low staffing levels, and the rise
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in crime. >> it would take $21 million to give the police union a raise for all of the police officers. to do that we have to close the libraries. >> it makes it seem like either or. it is absolutely not true. >> reporter: the mayor says budget short falls have caused the staffing problems, and he wants to use more reservists to pick up the slack and his opponents disagree. >> we stop making ourselves the least competitive place to work and stop making it attractive to police officers. >> reporter: residents meantime just want a safer san jose. >> it is a great police department we have that they are in need of help too. >> reporter: the police department hopes to add 15 officers in december, and another 45 more in gunge of next year. in june of next year. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. thank you, lisa. republican candidate mitt romney is in damage control mode after controversial comments he made during a fundraiser. a videotape surfaced whenner
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he is heard saying half of all-americans believe they are victims entitled to extensive government support. he is not backing down from those comments. he told fox news that it is simply another comam pell of the fund mental difference between his philosophy and that of president obama. >> frankly we have two different views. the president is one of a larger government. >> the president said the president should be working for everyone and not a select group of constituents. today they released the rest of the secretly recorded video made months ago at a florida campaign event. the big question is who made the romney recording. it was a closed door, $50,000 a plate fundraiser at the home of a private equity investor. the camera was placed on a table off to the side. former president jimmy carter's grandson says he tracked down the source after seeing a clip on youtube and convinced the person who took it to turn it over to mother jones. later on fight line, more about that secret recording
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and why it was made after this newscast. bob bob a -- a reunion turned deadly. police shot 26-year-old adaogi to death during a domestic dispute that spiraled out of control. he stabbed his two brothers and his father. they say when they arrived other family members were defending themselves with clubs and metal pipes. officers say they opened fire on him. he lunged at him with his knife. authorities arrested several people in fraudulent financial rings. the u.s. attorney's office and the department of education have recovered nearly a million dollars. the investigation focused on community colleges and four schools including the university of phoenix. >> the defendant sometimes applied in their own names, but often recruited students
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with no intention of actually attending college classes. >> once the college gets the check it will cover books, food, rent and transportation. but the thieves drop out of scl and spend the money on luxuries instead. additional indictments are pending. a daredevil near sacramento faces charges after a failed base jump from the highest bridge in california. 26-year-old raymond arietta failed to land on his feet after making an illegal jump from 730 feet on top of the foresthill bridge in placer county. it is a popular spot to base jump, but it is against the law. his chute got tangled in a tree and he was trapped above the ground for five hours until rescue crews could free him early this morning. >> we will never jump the night and cooperate see and hit a tree. i am in pain and i am tired.
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i have no comment. >> he a recreational skydiver who claims he made 600 jumps from a plane. he faces two misdemeanor charges for this later stunt. buying a pizza is usually an economical choice. but for some people in the north bay, it nearly wiped out their bank accounts. it happened at the little caesar's pizza restaurant in petaluma. a bank glitch resulted in major delays in getting the debit card charges through. some were delayed as long as nine months. and nine months of pizza charges can add up. at least one customer suddenly found $300 withdrawn from his account all at once. the store's owner says he instructed store managers to give customers apology letters and ask for understanding. by sexual pride will be celebrated in berkeley. they declared september 23rd as bisexual pride and visibility day. a number of cities including los angeles hold bisexual pride events, but berkeley is
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the first city to proclaim a day recognizing bisexual people. coming up, the dog rescue from half a world away. how 12 strays found their way into the arms of new owners in the bay area. >> and pink slips going out to thousands of workers a the a major airline. but it is not all bad news in the job market. >> and it is looking a lot like winter. where we found these people
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12 airline passengers made it through customs in san francisco. ordinarily that would not make news, but these particular passengers are grabbing some headlines. you see, they are dogs rescued in taiwan. as abc7 news reporter alan wang explains, brought here to their new homes. >> they came from the streets of taiwan, 12 strays from puppies to seniors who are reuniting with their new families after a flight from the island nation. >> i was told he was shy because he came from a pretty bad background.
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we are going to give him lots of love and hugs. >> most are golden retrievers, a popular dog that is being overbred in a densly populated country where people live in tight quarters. >> in taiwan what they do is they will take these dogs because they are so cute and their temperaments are so good, but once they grow to be full size they just set them free. >> melody chin says the majority of strays in taiwan are golden retrievers. the dogs arrive well groomed, and not bad considering what they used to look like before they got here. mandy is a seven-year-old retriever who was tick infested with lesions all over. >> and look at her now. >> sherry franklin says the demand for retrievers in california is high. >> one of our adopters is a senior couple and we waive fees for seniors. our adoption fee is $200. they come in with hip x rays, blood work, they do the best
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they can in taiwan. we have had them come in with cataract surgeries already completed. >> all of these dogs have new homes. dog lovers lovers in taiwan pay up to $1,000 per animal to prepare them for dog lovers in the u.s. an international adoption of a different kind. at sfo, alan wang, abc7 news. two major retailers reveal their plan for hiring extra, woulders during the holiday shopping season. khol's will high up 10% from last year. target plans to hire 80,000 to 90,000 testimony temporary employees. that's down from what it hired last year. the retailer says it is in part because 30% of the seasonal workers last year were given permanent positions. and now to an industry cutting jobs. american airlines sent layoff warning notices to employees. the airline expects job losses to be closer to 4400. american airliness trying to cut $1 billion in labor costs as it goes through a
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bankruptcy restructuring. ground crewces went out to members. well, we are enjoying perfect weather here, but that's not the case everywhere jie. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> carolyn and dan, quite a different story on the east coast. a cold front is moving across the east coast. it brought in some heavy rain and thunderstorms. let's take a closer look here, and you can see the thunderstorms from providence to boston. checking out video now of what it looked like across the east coast. rain was coming down in buckets. they measured in inches. this is from new york city. flooding rains across the region have prompted flood advisories, and you can see the winds whipped up the waves in maryland. you can see the dramatic pictures, and all of this will continue at least for a couple more hours. you can see the extent of the flooding as we bring you back to our local weather here. want to show you what it looks like from the live hd perspective. notice the fog and the low cloudiness. it is not quite as widespread
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as we have been seeing. it is actually just confined to parts of the coast tonight so the marine layer has compressed it down to a thousand feet. briefly we are seeing an area of low pressure moving away. we saw clear skies and the sunset from the east bay hills camera at 7:12, and it was a beautiful day. we saw temperatures ranging from 60 in pacifica to 84 degrees in antioch. i couldn't resist. check out this time lapse. we still have clear you have skies in the clouds and the fog to see this beautiful shot. 12% of full. but things are changing. i will talk about that in a moment. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s at this hour. and here are the highlights. areas of low clouds and fog for the morning hours. below average temperatures wednesday and thursday. autumn arrives on thursday at 7:49 in the morning. tomorrow morning you will want to dress in layers. it will be cool and areas of low clouds and fog will start off the day. upper 40s to the low 50s.
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certainly with the longer nights we are getting cooler conditions in the bay area. persistent weak low has kept us in a cooler than normal pattern. and that is going to change immediately. the next two days lock for the below normal conditions. we are watching tropical storm lane. we will see some high clouds drifting our way on thursday. tomorrow morning starting out with gray skies, and then we will see the sun in the afternoon. the few high clouds will come through on thursday filtering our sunshine. we are not expecting tropical storms. just a few clouds to look at for your thursday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon look for lingering gray. it is 63 in san francisco. a mild day in oakland. 66 degrees. 79 in livermore, 70 in san jose. palo alto 67. and up toward the north bay we go. 72 in santa rosa and 70 in san rafael. 83 in ukiah. these temperatures are a good 10 to 15 degrees below where you should be for this time of year. and for the monterey bay, 70 in santa cruz and ict is 7 in
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watsonville. 68 in salinas. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, mild pattern continues for two more days. low 80s inland and last full day of summer featuring a slight warm up. mid80s inland and we will carry it over to the first day of fall which is saturday at 7:49 and the temperatures will be falling on sunday. cooling down to 80 degrees inland with partly cloudy skies. mike niko will be here first thing tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up, the bay bridge has you have never seen it before. it is not just a bridge. how about a work of art? >> and a reminder of the new afternoon lineup here on abc7. it starts at 1:00 with "general hospital" on an hour earlier followed lie" who wants to be a millionaire" and then there is katie couric's new talk show "katie" at 3:00 and then
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picture of the bay bridge. it is a view that will start changing in the next month. that's when the artist will start hanging the first of 25,000 high-tech led lights from the span. they will eventually light up
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in computer generated sequences. the lights will be installed to avoid interruptiing traffic. this project called bay lights should light up the night sky by march, and then it is scheduled to shine on for two years. >> that's spectacular. taking a cue from willow con caw nestle is running a golden ticket program. they are finding six candy loving contest winners. it involves posters with electronic touch points. gps tracking in the candy bar wrappers and a connection on facebook. nestle will use the tracking system to locate the six win ares to award each a prize of about $16,000. >> we will find you. >> maybe the lucky winner can take over the whole company. >> they can hope. >> the tracker willied to your house, bud -- will lead to
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the -- good evening. the last few weeks will let them set the pitcher for the
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playoffs. timmy against the rockies tonight. plenty of time to watch the giants because the nhl is locked out. 6 and a third and strikes out rosahio. they are getting it done at the plate. it is 1-0 giants. chris nelson and brandon crawford with quick hands. more in the 6th. did this year's kobe ross come out of no where? timmy in trouble in the seventh and bases loaded and the skipper calls on afeld. first pitch and gets jason giambe on a 4-6-3dp and relief for timmy. giants' magic number down to seven.
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they opened up a road trip thinking about mccarthy. they didn't get much more than that. oh, can they hit the long ball of opposite field and it was 2-1 tigers. under that girth is pure power. 3-1 detroit. feel my girth. that's his 40th of the year. league high 129 r.b.i's for cabrera. they roll 12-two. he is sticking with his kicker. cal squandered a chance to pull off the upset at ohio state. they have to find a way to pressure him like stanford did in their upset on saturday.


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