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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  September 22, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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and it is happening in san francisco's mission district. at least 40 vandals attacked banks and a restaurant. all of this in the past couple hours. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. san francisco police are out in force in the mission district right now. abc7 news reporter ama date is live with this breaking news. ama? >> carolyn, i am in front of this wells fargo bank. you can see some of the damage that was caused tonight, and ke last night police are saying this is in response to the officer-involved shooting here in the mission last night
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that wounded a 22-year-old who police say was armed with a tech 9. now, the protestors are gathered near the park and they surrounded the mission station because it was vandalized last night. they started throwing bottles, paint and even a large hammer at officers. one officer was injured, non-life-threatening injuries treated. the protesters moved to 16th and mission where the u.s. bank is and wells fargo. they smashed windows and spray painted graffiti and made damage to a restaurant nearby. police caught up with them, and that's when the group dispersed. there was no arrests. protestors were passing out these anti-police fliers talking about the shooting saying "you can't shoot us all." and here is a look at last night after the officer involved shooting. it was a 22-year-old who police say was armed with a tech 9. that man has a violent history of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and released
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from jail about two weeks ago. again tonight in the protest, one officer injured, and not life-threatening, and the protesters dispursed for now. police are keeping extra officers on the street all night. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. more breaking news on the peninsula. we are learning san mateo police swarmed three schools. there was a kidnapping attempt on parkside elementary and a stranger on one campus and somebody offering alcohol to students on the campus of bayside stem academy. police not sure if these three incidents are related, but there is enough concern to put parents on alert. kyra clapper is at parkside elementary. >> reporter: larry, this is where just before 3:00 this afternoon a little girl, a nine-year-old girl escaped from a man trying to abduct her. police tell me that somehow that girl was able to create a distraction and get away from that man. she ran back to parkside
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elementary who notified personnel who then called police. they responded in force, but unfortunately that kidnapper or the would be kidnapper remains on the loose. that little girl is safe with her family tonight. as larry mentioned, police responded to two other incidents at schools in san mateo. they are not sure whether all three are related. we do have a portion of a call sent out tonight to alert parents in the san mateo foster city school district. >> at this time the san mateo police department is treating all of these investigations very seriously. there are resources to continue this investigation around the clock. san mateo police department is looking at all parks, playgrounds and any other areas children may gather to ensure the safety of the community. we are asking the community to maintain a high level of observation at playgrounds, parks or anywhere that children might congregate. >> the automated call that went out with the schools was
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a collaborative message that the san mateo police department and the san mateo foster city school district worked on together to provide as much information as possible to parents. >> the would be kidnapper is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s about six feet tall with freckles and some facial hair. anyone with information is urged to contact san mateo police. live in san mateo, kyra clapper, abc news. >> thank you. republican presidential candidate mitt romney made a brief bay area appearance tonight at a fundraiser on the ninsula. he arrived by motorcade in hillsboro for an event hosted by george shultz and his wife. and the hewlet packard cceo, meg whitman. supporters and protesters line owed -- lined the route. >> we don't know what the plan is. i would love to hear it, but i
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don't think they are going to tell us. if they are going to go baying to the bush era -- going to go back to the bush era, we are in for a scary time. >> when i hear barack obama who doesn't know the difference between a general and an admiral when he made a mistake last week or calls a marine corpsman, i think that our chief doesn't have an idea. >> it costs thousands per couple. president obama appeared at a campaign rally in have you vaw, one of the eight battleground states. he is expected to stop in the bay area for a fundraiser here on october 8th. a charter jet carrying ann romney and secret service agents and a crew of three had to make an emergency landing in denver after an electrical fire filled the plane with smoke. a flight attendant used a fire distinguisher to contain that vapor. no oxygen masks were deployed, and there were no injuries. mrs. romney was on her way from omaha to santa monica.
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she arrived in los angeles a few hours later. the f.a.a. is investigating. a jail lock down from a case of tuberculosis was lifted. they locked down a section of the facility in redwood city to prevent a possible spread of the illness. two inmates were dying -- diagnosed with active cases of tb. the couple with over crowding conditions housed new inmates. the women who were infected were isolated and taken to an outside medical facility for treatment. a saddening to the search for a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared during a train trip to canada. the body of charlie dowd was found in nebraska. the san mateo man was traveling cross country to visit family when he vanished. amtrak officials believe he may have fallen from the train. his family is devastated, but they are grateful for the many prayers and support they
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received during their search. a mu rine county man died in a bizarre climbing accident in utah. he lived in novato and he is a retired neurosurgeon at ucsf. he died on tuesday repelling down a canyon at zion national park. it was a trip on his bucket list. he ended up stuck upside down next to a water fall. he was caught in his repel line only 15 feet off the ground, and he couldn't free himself. his wife had to send it first. by the time park officials reached him, he was dead. a grass fire is under investigation, and the fire burned about six acres and came dangerously close to some homes. the fire broke out near the boundary oak golf course near valley vista road. they managed to get it under control shortly after 4:30. nobody was hurt and it did not damage any struck tours. summer comes to an end in a few hours. no! abc7 meteorologist
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sandhya patel is here with a first look at weather. sandhya? >> larry, don't be sad. it will be a fine looking forecast for fall. you can see high clouds moving in. don't have fog to speak of just yet. it is down to 48 degrees. a cool start as the autumn ale equinox takes place tomorrow morning. the rest of your autumn weekend forecast is coming up. carolyn and larry, back to you. >> thank you. it was perfect weather for the shuttle flight. up next, the farewell flyover. it has flown overhead before, but never quite like this. >> and a man finds himself suddenly alone with a siberian tiger inside a zoo enclosure. what happened when the tiger realized he was there? >> also, no friday night lights. the theft that forced a big change for a local high school
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the space shuttle endeavor
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made a final flight over the bay area before settling in for retirement in los angeles. thousands gathered around vista po nie t on the marin county of the golden gate bridge. spectators were everywhere, het lands and along the water and enjoying two fly byes of the golden gate. meaning they tbot to watch it four times total, twice in each direction. >> honestly i was a bit emotional. i was a bit teared up. >> today's farewell fly of a thousand miles will be among endeavor's most memorable, and that's saying a lot when you consider the shuttle traveled 120 million miles throughouter space. endeavor is in los angeles tonight where it received a very big welcome. a great shot riding piggyback on the 747. the shuttle will be prepped for several weeks before it begins a 12-mile ground trek to the california space center. it will become a permanent museum exhibit. we want to show alive shot
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from l.a.x. from our sister station kabc. night has fallen and endeavor spectacular in the darkness. we can't wait until we can go to the museum and see it up close. and our viewers took some great pictures of endeavor's bay area flyover. this is a fantastic one from john griffin who sent us this shot of the shuttle passing over a neighborhood in the oakland hills. here we see that is hangar one at moffet field. and an eighth grader named isaiah h mailed us this picture passing over francisco in the north beach area. a big thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures. we would love to see your photos and videos as well. you can e-mail us at you report at there were literally no friday night lights tonight for the hayward high school football team. they had to play their game this afternoon after somebody stole the wiring from the
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football field lights. school administrators say the lost revenue from that snack bar means the loss to the junior varsity team next year. it usually rakes in $1600 a game. they are asking for donation to help make up for the loss. a man who jumped in to the tiger exhibit at the bronx zoo is in critical condition. he jumped off an elevated monorail train that goes around the zoo. he was attacked by a male tiger that has been at the zoo for three years. >> tigers are extremely capable predators. what they typically do is grab an animal by the head or in the back of the neck. and then it is over very quickly. this cat did not do this to the individual. i think it was the tiger's
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response and the fact we got there so quickly that saved his life. lucky to be alive. the zoo director says the tiger did nothing wrong and will not be euthanatized. the company that owns knott's berry farm is shutting down certain rides coast to coast while it investigates a series of malfunctions on the swings. the latest was on wednesday when the wind seeker in buena vista stopped for four hours trapping riders in the air. this was the second malfunction in two weeks. riders were also stranded over the summer on wind seekers in ohio, north carolina, virginia, ontario, canada. no one has been injured. these rides are all built in the netherlands. heading to the weekend now. >> and it is looking fantastic. sandhya patel is here. >> we have beautiful weath coming up for the upcoming weekend. we want to show you spectacular shots. if you haven't gotten enough, this one is from moffet field
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sent to you report. you can seat shuttle endeavor piggybacking there. incredible pictures coming in. this was posted from the fort baker area. she said, my husband told me you showed a few pictures on the 5:00 news, and i didn't get a chance to show mine. here is your picture and thank you for sending it in. here is one from gilroy. incredible sight. he timed his commute just right. and as you look at this picture, we had a lot of shuttle photos there. i want to show you sunset photos. this one is posted by cynthia s. we have the clouds made of ice crystals. this one is shot by larry t to my facebook from san mar teen. please keep them coming. love to share your photos on the air and mention your name. thank you for doing that. here is live doppler 7hd. you can see midand high level clouds moving across the bay area. those are the clouds that gave us the gorgeous sunsets you
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were looking at. the temperatures look like this in the 50s and the 60s. most areas are comfortable where the clouds have been sitting overhead, but half moon bay is now falling and it is 48 dries. here are the forecast high clouds. fall arrives at 7:49 in the morning. we are looking at mild to warm weather for the upcoming weekend. first thing in the morning, if you have games that you have to take your little ones to or early morning plans, make sure you bundle them up and you bundle up yourselves. it will be on the cool side. north bay valleys and also along the coastline, just a few patches of fog. the temperatures in the 50s otherwise. and here is a look at the water vapor imagery. you notice the stream of high clouds coming in. these are getting pulled in by this area of low pressure. they will continue to move in for your saturday. that's what will happen. temperatures will be similar to today. and then on sunday this trough will dive down the spine of the sierra. when it does it will bring a little cooling on sunday. the overall temperatures much
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like today for saturday, the first day of fall. 7:49. autumn arrives. i can't even speak. i am speechless. it will be beautiful in the south bay. 85 in campbell. 80 in mill pea ties. 83 in san hoe says. san jose. 79 in palo alto, menlo, pa. coast side 65 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, a mild 68-degree day. 64 in the sunset district. gets you into the north bay. 91 in ukiah. it will be a warm day no matter where you are. 80 degrees in san rafael. 84 in sonoma, santa rosa. head out toward the east bay. berkeley 72. 74 oakland. inland valleys, nice looking day for the first day of fall. 90 in livermore and 89 in concord. as we look at the monterey bay, 62 in caramel and 65 in monterey. if you are going to the giants' game tomorrow at at&t park, it cannot be a better ballgame weather. 6:0563 degrees. clear skies as the giants play
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the padres again. 8:35 the temperature will be dropping to 59 des. it will be crisp and cool. gorgeous looking weather. the accu-weather seven-day forecast for the first weekend of fall, mid60s to low 90s on saturday. a little cooler with mid80s on sunday. and then the temperatures will go up and down, kind of like a see saw. a few degrees each and every damon day through friday of next week. carolyn, larry, i know autumn is coming tomorrow. i am speechless. i can't even talk. it will be speechless. >> your summer is going away like i am. up next, the iphone frenzy. people around the world scrambling to get their hands on the new iphone 5. >> and a reminder for you about our new afternoon lineup. it starts at 1:00 with "general hospital" on an hour earlier followed by" who wants to be a millionaire" and then "jeopardy." katie couric's new talk show "katie" airs at 3:00 followed
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apple fans finally got their hands on the new iphone 5. somebody paid $1500 to wait there for somebody else. it was a chance to promote their p cs. and despite the complaints of the charger and the map application, it it has been a hot seller. in fact, it could sell 10 million iphones by the end of the weekend. a good day for apple. shares climbed .2% and closing slightly above $700. analysts predict apple shares could hit $885 by march. the emmy awards are coming up this weekend. crews put the finishing touches on the nokia theater. the host this year is jimmy kimmle. our coverage starts on sunday afternoon at 2:00 with an on the red carpet emmy special followed by the red carpet arrivals at 4:00. and then the emmies at 5:00 followed by an encore presentation at 8:00 here on abc7. we are looking forward to
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jimmy kimmle's take on all of this. should be funny. >> who knows what jimmy kimmle could do, but it could be very, very good. >> on to sports. >> panda power is back. suddenly pablo sandoval cannot be stopped. "the panda" goes deep again and the number gets smaller and smaller for the giants.
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the san francisco giants president and he didn't want to talk about the playoffs or magic numbers or anything that might jinx the giants at this point, but the playoffs are going to happen. the playoffs' magic number is down to two. giants and the padres, and it was sparky's first giants game. you have arrived at a good time, kid. fourth inning and chase hedley and not good for ryan vogelsong. 29th of the year for hedley. the giants are tied in the fourth and the fifth. buster posey, mvp! mvp! 2-1 giants. san diego trying to tie in the 6th. he goes down the line and hedley tries to score from first. that is bold. that is ambitious. that is a mistake. to crawford who throws out posey for the easy out and then bottom of six and whatever pablo sandoval is eating right now, i want some. giants win it 5-1.
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the dodgers are also victorious. the giants can clinch the west tomorrow. he will not accept the league batting title even if he finishes with the best average. cabrera at 3:46 and that is tops in the national league. he is also serving the 50-game suspension for excessive testosterone. cabrera is saying the award would be tainted if he wanted. but he is also, let's face it, positioning himself with a job for a team the next season. the a's got a great effort from jarrod parker. this game decided in extras. as he once said, i will show you the bronks. he grounds back to parker and the ball and somehow ends up in his jersey. parker went eight innings and allowed one run. his family is laughing. sabathia slumping lately, but


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