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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 12, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. talk to your doctor today about androgel 1.62% so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. rain is coming down again tonight as a much colder storm
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moves into the bay area. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. let's start with abc7 news sandhya patel who has a look at where the rain is falling right now with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> so far the rainfall amounts have been light. but our own radar is now starting to pick up a little more activity. let's go to it. i'll show you where it is coming down. it is light, but in some spots moderate. let's close in on the north bay. i will pan in as we take you down to street level. you will start to notice around petaluma and sue trough avenue we are seeing some light to moderate rainfall. as we go down toward the east bay and the peninsula, you will notice light to moderate rain around the dunbar ton bridge and heading out toward newark, newark boulevard and fremont area. and there is some mixed precipitation that is just to the north of the clear lake area. this is an indication as to
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how cold this storm is. this storm could even bring snow at low-levels over the bay area 's highest peaks. >> thank you. the search continued late into the night for possible victims of a mall shooting in oregon. police say a man opened fire into a crowd of holiday shoppers killing two before killing himself. it happened at the clackimus mall. and tonight we are hearing from terrified shoppers who escaped. >> reporter: witnesses say it was absolute chaos. >> we heard a big bang and we covered our ears and got down, and then all of a sudden we heard rapid fire, bang, bang. i took off running. >> reporter: the shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> it was really loud, and it continued like 20 times. >> we heard people running and screaming, but we didn't know what was going on. we didn't want to look through the windows or anything. >> i was praying no one was dead and that we would live.
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>> and then the s.w.a.t team moved in. it was moments after the shooting and they were out of the building. police say the gunman opened fire when he walked out of macy's and into the food court. >> it sounded like shots and at the time i didn't think too much about it. but then i heard 18 more shots that sounded like a semiautomatic and i hit the floor. my employees must have scattered because when i got up there was nobody there but me. >> it was like virginia tech and columbine. he came with a hockey mask on and came with the intent to kill. >> and he did. the mall will be closed tomorrow as police and atf and the fbi continue their investigation. no word on a motive or the identity of the gunman. now, "nightline" will have more after this newscast at 11 oocht 35. a late decision on four fire houses.
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contra costa county supervisors decided to close stations in love lafayette, martinez, clayton and walnut creek. they will close about $3 million a year. the supervisors say they were forced to close the station after voters turned down a seven-year parcel tax that would have kept them open. a bad year for murders has gotten worse. the latest victim was a teenager whose death invaded a peaceful neighborhood with a crash. abc7 news reporter john olson is live to explain what happened. john? >> reporter: the city's 44th homicide of the year took place in this quiet neighborhood with houses and christmas lights. an area not known for serious crime. the victim is thought to be an 18-year-old man who may have been stabbed in the neck before or as he was behind the wheel of his pick up. the victim's truck jumped the curb and landed on the sidewalk in front of this home right in the middle of the afternoon. the driver somehow ended up in the street where he was pronounced dead. *9 woman who lived here heard
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popping sounds and a screech. another neighbor says she noticed men arguing loudly. >> we heard arguing, but that was it. i heard that, but then i have the dogs here and the dogs started barking. we just stayed in. if i hear something, that's it. >> police believe the truck lurched forward from a cul do seek next to the home, but they don't know what happened next. they don't believe the victim lived in the neighborhood. after 3:20 p.m. residents were told to shelter in place. others were kept out or left out voluntarily and returning after the crime scene had been cleared after 8:00. >> the police said there was basically a murder down the street and for us -- and asked us if we had heard anything or seen anything. >> police said the victim had been shot, but now they say the coroner is leaning toward a stab wound. an autopsy will have the exact cause of debt. the victim has not been identified and there are no arrests.
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there have not been this many homicides homicides homicides in san jose in more than 20 years. abc7 news. >> john, thank you. five people are in custody tonight for the violent attack on two people found bound and gaged in the middle of the street. the victims were found on brussels street in san francisco on sunday. that's the visitation valley neighborhood. the man died on the way to the hospital tonight. the woman remains in critical condition. police arrested five people today and two were booked for murder and three women were arrested for accessories to murder. all seven people knew one another, but they have not said what lead to this violent attack. a lawyer for john mcafee has ordered his released from a go tau mall 11 -- guatemalan detention center. it make take awhile before the mogul actually leaves. he was detained after he sneaked into the country from neighboring belize. police there want to question mac uh fee -- mcafee in the
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facial shooting of a u.s. expatriot who lived near mcafee's home. they are expecting a one-two punch. it is the highest tide of the year along with the rain. they are watching trouble spots tonight. cornell bernard is live in sausalito. cornell? >> the rain is moving in, and it is converging with some of the highest tides of the year. here in sausalito near the house boats, the water as you can see is coming up. and by morning it will be up to my knees. a lot of folks around here say that's a problem. >> we are concerned about the rains coming down and the tides coming in. >> he is bracing for the highest tides he has seen in 12 years. seven feet and more. so high in fact they are called king tides and only happen once a year. the house boat will be safe, but the parking lot around it will be flooded. >> and have dry shoes and socks in the car.
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it is almost sometimes knee high water. >> here is what it looked like this morning. high water flooded the streets and closed the highway 1 off-ramp on northbound 101. >> seven feet. i am so excited. >> she is worried that the high water will make for a soggy holiday. >> my last row of tree there's and the saltwater can kill him. >> it is rain and not high tide that has marin county parks ranger rich gibson worried. he is on patrol in lucas valley where the ground is already saturated. >> mud can become mobile with more water coming down and consequently there will be a mud flow or a mudslide. >> he shows us where recent slides have happened. luckily far away from homes. back in sausalito don is waiting for the rain and the high tides. >> look at december and january, high tides. >> the tide will reach 7 feet
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at the golden gate bridge and even higher on friday. if you live here you stay home or stay away until the tide goes out. your access is basically cutoff. live in sausalito, abc7 news. >> unnerving thank you. a giant sinkhole that opened during last week's storms in lafayette could be fixed by christmas. the city declared a local emergency and hired an outside construction firm after learning it would take public works crews months to finish repairs. mountain view drive was under mined by a rapidly running creek. the construction firm cc meyers says they will work around the clock until it is fixed. the lights are back on on the bay bridge. it is leaving drivers to navigate in the dark with their headlights. the chp says an electrician was called out to make repairs and it took about two hours to restore power. >> an odd sight. coming up next, a vicious
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crime in an east bay neighborhood. the man who was beaten and run over while trying to defend his home. and also why flight attendants are refusing to smile on board one airline. and that's not all. >> and a lot of people love coffee and bagels. why they are complaining about this sign. >> and live doppler hd is tracking the rain moving into the area. the area. sandhya patel will [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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condemning north cory yaws a -- korea's launch of a missal. the attempt is to place a satellite into orbit, but they see it as a cover of a test for technology that could launch a nuclear warhead. they say the first stage appeared to fall into the loc and the second stage into the -- into the yellow see and the second into the asian see. it happened when he caught burglar in his home. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live with the story tonight. alan, he is lucky it wasn't
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worse really. >> that car ran over his leg. it was a pretty bad injury. the burglars are still on the loose tonight after shaking up the neighborhood police believe they are responsible for more. i will show you what i shot on my iphone minutes after it happened. >> he was just yelling wait, do that. just yelling. it was very loud and at the top of his lungs. >> shortly after 3:00, several residents ran out to find their neighbor lying in the street just off gridly peak boulevard. >> he was in agony just screaming and in pain. >> badly injured hill called 9-1-1 and told police he came home after walking his dog and surprised three burglars in his house. >> one guy was definitely wearing a red cap. >> when police arrived on scene he said one of the suspects punched him in the face as they ran for the vehicle. >> they hit me when they were backing out, and then when they pulled forward they ran over my leg. >> hill's neighbor saw a female driver and a male passenger take off in a white
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new model cadillac el dorado and leaving the second man behind. >> i saw them. three guys in a car. >> he was yelling "wait, wait." he jumped in and they took off. >> somehow hill managed to get a partial license plate number. >> the last three digits were 988. and the first was something like 6hr. >> he runs a website called steep hill .tv and spends a lot of time working at home as to several other neighbors here. still police say burglarrers -- burglars managed to break into ohms. in all cases the backdoors were kicked in. >> this is particularly scary to me. it is in broad daylight when people are home. >> they say they have a neighborhood watch meeting with police each year, but after this they will have to pay more attention to each other and their sur under roughing area. and their surrounding area.
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alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. a musical icon has died. he was considered the master of sitar. he work wetted beet dels to -- worked with the beatles to brick brick -- bring indian music into the culture. he is the father of norah jones. he died at a san diego hospital after complaining of breathing problems. he was 92 years old. the city of palo alto is forcing a bagel shop to take down its huge display. a 7-foot tall coffee and bagel sit. the city investigated and found the display violated city law. palo alto does not allow displays on rooftops like this. izzy's manager says they most likely will take it down this weekend. >> we are expecting big changes in weather.
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>> sandhya patel is tracking it on radar. >> dan and carolyn, we do have some rain and could see some snow over the highest peaks. let's check our radar, and it is tracking some rain. it is picking up around fremont as you notice here. yellows and dark greens and paseo parkway, and it is coming down around a highway 84. in sunnyvale it raining, and it is moderate. one tweet "raining in sunnyvale and pretty hard too." and that is connish ifed by our our -- confirmed. cupertino getting light returns at this hour. up to the north we go. between petaluma and novato and out toward the lakeville highway. some lighter returns, but i am seeing reports of light rain from half moon bay to san carlos and sf t.o. and reports around oakland as well. and as you look at the sierra
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nevada it is switching to snow. this is a cold storm. i would not be surprised if they have chain restrictions soon. so far no restrictions at this hour. the temperatures are in the 50s although it is 48 degrees in santa rosa. here are the highlights. rain tonight and scattered showers tomorrow. we are looking at snow level down to 3500 feet. so dropping. frosty mornings for your thursday and friday. here is the satellite and the radar. this is the cold front. the cold front is coming in right now which is why we are starting to see the rain picking up. colder air is funneling in behind it. what i am concerned about is the speckled clouds here. this is moisture up in the clouds, and that is going to translate that showers as we head into the next 24 hours which includes your morning commute as well as the possibility of some snow. now that cold front will be moving fast. by 1:00 a.m. it is in the east bay and down toward the south bay. behind it these showers will develop at 5:00 a.m., and you will see some wet roadways. sfo might even face some delays due to low ceilings and
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showers. 9:00 a.m. more showers are moving in. you can see this cold, unstable air will keep the showers going into the late morning hours. south bay, santa cruz mountains, half moon bay, and then a possibility we may even see a little snow coming in as you notice in lake county by tomorrow evening. most of the moisture will have passed by then, but mount hamilton may see a light dusting of snow. rainfall totals are highest in the mountains and it doesn't look tear plea high. quarter inch in north bay mountains and most other areas a 10th to a quarter of an inch through tomorrow night. sierra nevada is under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. wednesday. 3-7 inches of snow above 4500. could see a few inches down even lower. 10 inches is possible above 7,000 with those gusty winds. chain controls are likely. we do have the highest tides of the year coming in over the next three days. these are known as king tidesment highest astronomical tides in the morning wednesday, thursday and friday over 7 feet.
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watch out, especially if you are going to be near the coast or along the coastline. cool start in the morning, almost chilly. upper 30s to the mid40s. look out for scattered showers. you will need a coat and um bream law. and umbrella. upper 40s to the mid50s. a cool day. and it is going to be breezy. accu-weather seven-day forecast chilly mornings on friday and saturday and could see some frost there. a slight chance of showers and that's the latest update on friday. rain likely on sunday. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast it is much cooler. it is much cooler carolyn and dan. >> thank you. >> it is a big day for us tomorrow. tomorrow is the abc7 share your holiday food drive. it is your chance to make sure the holiday season is a lot brighter for families in need. >> we will be broadcasting all day long from these three locations, union square in san francisco. that's where dan and i will be. san tan uh row -- santana row in san jose. >> larry will be there. >> you can drop off food or cash donations anytime between 5:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening.
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>> if you can't make it to one of our sites, try it. you can call 1-877-525-3775. we will take your contribution over the phone or text the word feed to 80077 and donate $10 on your cell phone bill. it is a fun time of year and an important day. >> speaking of larry beil he is with us. >> tomorrow at broadway plaza we will do the donations and talk smith-kaepernick. we can do hours on that. and if you remember watching jason kidd while he was at cal, the jump shot was iffy. but he works at the craft. the kidd is king
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the warriors will try to keep their perfect road trip going. it won't be easy facing the miami heat. jason kidd won the battle of new york for the knicks. the knickses and nets in oakland. they jumped out to an early 26-9 lead. joe johnson with three of his
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points. but they will claw his way back between kidd and caramel low anthony. mellow had an enormous night. 45 points. when kidd was a kidd he couldn't shoot. fine like wine and buries the three with 30 seconds left. he stuck the leg out to draw the foul. that was the game winner. they own the big apple tonight 100-97. the lakers and cavs and let's have espn's neil everett call this one. >>- q. i as larry beil would say, with authority. >> i keep telling you guys, i used to be somebody. irving torches him and irving for three at 28. kobe with 42. but cleavland hands the lakers their third straight loss 100-94. i keep telling them. the former nfl commissioner paul tagliabue handed his
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successor a huge loss. roger go del brought tags in to to -- for an impartial judge. they engaged in the bow tee m program who took out opponents. but he wiped out the suspensions for the four saints players involved. the whole case was in his words contaminated. the penalties, however, do remain for the coaches involved. with mike mcintire off to colorado and the san jose defensive coordinator was named the interim head coach and he will lead the spartans into the military bowl and he is a candidate to take over the job permanently. congratulations the tightened named to the ap all-american team. he lead all tight ends and had 66 receptions and six for touchdowns. now they are getting set for wisconsin in the rose bowl. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> cool shoutout. >> thank you. well airline attendants are famous for being pleasant under pressure
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