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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 15, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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bravo. brav...oh. is that lunch? you deserve a little mozzarel-la-la-la-la-la-la. wendy's. gasp. is there supposed to be a puddle around the snowman's feet? no. wendy's mozzarella chicken supreme. crisp chicken, lots of mozzarella, and a rich parmesan sauce. making tastes that make the season. that's wendy's way. now that's better. get a $10 toys-r-us gift card offer >> terry: individual i 0 the phone is continuing to hear what
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you believe to be .... >> attack on an elementary school. >> evil visited this community today. >> most of the bullets aimed at little children. >> we heard this racket. >> and then chaos and confusion as young survivors were led out of the school. >> the majority of those that died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. >> dan: good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. a loss unimaginable scale. >> a man started shooting with chilling ago. >> was there are 27 victims, 20 of them children and 7 adults. we have team coverage beginning in connecticut.
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>> evil visited this community today. >> reporter: a quaint new england suburb. >> i'm terrified. >> became a scene of horror. a gunman identified as adam lanza barged into sandy hook elementary school and begin shooting. >> complete chaos. >> teachers rushed to sheppard the yuck children to safety. they were told to close their eyes on the way out. >> we all put our hands on other people's shourdz and teacher led the first person's hand and lead us out. >> one spoke exclusively to diane sawyer. >> i need to know i love you all very much. it's going to be okay because that was the last thing i would have hear.
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>> all eints the individual i have on the phone continues to believe what he hears is gunfire. >> a small arm swarmed the school but not before the gunman took his toll. >> all afternoon desperate parents converged. some took their children away and others went away with unimaginable grief the victims were remembered at a candlelight vigil in newtown. similar prayer services are going on all over the country with people paying their respects to the fallen what is a true national tragedy. >> dan: tonight we are learning more about him. he was an honor student in high school. he did not appear in his high school year book.
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his parents divorced. his father is vice president of gey capital and remarried. both had legally weapons. >> lanza told officers he had not seen his brother in years and not been in close contact with him. police stress that he is not a swheengd cooperating fully with the investigation. >> hundreds packed the catholic church to remember the victims of the shooting. the church was filled to capacity and hundreds more stood outside to pray and mourn. vigils have popped up all over the country including this one in mill valley where 20 people turned out to remember the victims. sergio quintana is live in walnut creek where another vigil was held tonight. >> reporter: about 24 people turned out for this vigil on the front steps of walnut creek city
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hall. they left behind a card and candle, flowers to honor those who were killed in connecticut and himself they came together to share in some comfortable in the face of such tragedy. >> this candlelight vigil like so many across the country came together within just a few hours. organizer ashley montgomery was compelled to do something after watching news reports. >> something like this, our hearts are broken but we gather here like this it shows our spirit is not broken. >> among those were elementary aged students. >> did you hear it through friends or did you hear it on the phone? >> i heard it from my mom. >> his mother tells me she had a conversation with him about the shooting in connecticut when she picked him up from school. >> i thought it was important to know what happened. usually i try to shield them from events but i think it was too close. >> another mother also talked with her kids and hopes to understand what families in connecticut are going through. >> i can only imagine being the
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parent going to school hoping that it wasn't my child in that classroom. at the same time if it wasn't, then you are horrified by the fact that it was my daughter's best friend. >> the head master of an independent school in walnut creek, the day was difficult for his staff as new details were learned about the shooting. >> i talked to them today and said, these were our children. these were our students. these were all my teachers and these are our colleagues. >> among the parents, children and educators who were part of this group, there were people who did not have any children but they still wanted to come out and show their support. sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." >> very touching to see so many people come out. today's shooting is emotional particularly for parents. many of us wondering how to talk
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with our children about what happened. what do we say what words do we use. dean of school education at santa clara university gave us some advice. first confront your own feelings whether those include fear, anger or anxiety and then speak to your child calmly and listen intently. the time to do that is now before they see it somewhere else. >> i would talk to today. i don't think it's worth waiting until the end of the weekend. the moment is now. the experiencing this. they have to understand what does this really mean when an elementary school has this kind of tragedy. >> dan: the doctor says you should reassure your kids that they are safe in school and do so before they go back to class on monday because they will be anxious. >> as word of the shooting tragedy spread across the country, school districts across the bay area looked at the safety of their own students. alan wang joins us live from the
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newsroom with more. >> school officials across the bay area they were fielding calls from parents and even a few who took their kids home. almost every school district sent a letter home. each one written to reassure parents their children are safe at school. >> as news of the tragedy spread so did a sense of insecurity in schools across the bay area. >> it reminded me to appreciate what i have. >> in oakland, city police officers were available for any school to offer safety advice and sense of reassurance. >> they are not even adults yet and they are killing little kids. >> in union city the school district will have the first ever active school drill next march and officials are keenly aware of how the tragedy might affect younger students. >> with younger children, it's
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like an earthquake drill maneuver you are reassuring the children and moving the children around. >> district psychologists were coaching faculty members in how to see distress in kids. >> let them know every once in a while it happens but rarely happens and there are adults they can go to. >> in san francisco it was gut check time. school officials were reexamining safety plans since the columbine massacre. since then, their tactics have changed. >> we take immediate action. we know that lies are at stake and if there is an immediate shooting, our officers gather and engage. >> overall there was very little panic at local schools but definitely a solemn news that made parents want to be closer to their children today.
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thanks very much. there is a vigil of one in san jose we want to share with you. remarkable picture, the mother shared this photo. the little girl lighting a candle. some just his change. san jose loves connecticut. that is sandy hook elementary school. >> we have a lot more as the tragedy unfolds. stay with us for continuing coverage. receive urgent updates by downloading our free news app and opting for a push notification. find the latest at and updating our facebook page and also on twitter. >> we're going to move on. there are some changes in our weather as we hit the weekend. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the latest on the forecast. >> the rain we had today is long
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go gone but more rain coming in. live doppler 7 hd, shows you what it is look like, skies are clearing out other than a few clouds. temperatures are falling, so looks at these temperatures, already down to freezing in fairfield. 35 in napa. santa rosa and livermore going down. 38 in concord. it is going to be a cold start for your weekend. i'll be back with the lows and partial look when the next system will bring us rain over the weekend. >> dan: thanks very much. >> up next, new calls for gun control as people struggle with the strategy in connecticut. they are thinking about how to keep it from happening again. >> stay with us, our coverage of >> stay with us, our coverage of the school tragedy in you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore.
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gun control is once again being did he baited after the tragic school shooting in connecticut. >> please lay out a plan of
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action how we may address this sewage of gun violence in our community. >> the elementary school shooting in newtown gave rise to anti-gun rally. they are calling on congress to further restrict access to firearms in response to today's tragedy. in california we have the strongest gun laws in the country as ranked by the brady campaign. >> california has the lowest mortality rate in the nation from firearms. >> they are considering reintroducing a bill. most recent polls show americans in general are in favor of more restrictions, gun store owner says the current laws are just fine. >> isolated incidents, it's tragic but we can't knee-jerk and think that is going to solve the problem because it's not. if people want to do something bad they will figure out a way
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to do it. >> some others feel something needs to change. >> watching the gun violence in our society, i can't stand by and watch that. >> marshall grew up with guns. he attended at a vigil to remember the lives lost in connecticut. >> you need to look in the mirror and take a look at ourselves, realizing change a few things how we deal with guns and way we issue them and how we encourage violence in society. >> we haven't heard from gun advocacy groups but the organization's facebook page has been unavailable for most of the day. >> tomorrow's red carpet premiere of tom cruise action movie has been postponed. they say the move is out of respect for the families of the connecticut victims. a special one hour edition of "nightline" with continuing coverage of the tragedy in connecticut. that is "nightline" starting in
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a few minutes at 11:35. >> an off-duty officer was killed in a head on accident on highway 12. authorities say an officer on his personal motorcycle hit a pickup turning left in front of him. the officer was thrown and then hit by a honda. the unidentified officer was pronounced dead at the scene. meantime, an 82-year-old griev driver is fay go felony charges after a terrifying and deadly crash in san mateo county. three people were killed. nick smith explains what happened. >> sky7hd was over the scene minutes after a crash at i-280 at edgewood road. the driver of this lexus had pulled in next to the median to fix a flat tire. it was then the black car swerved and crashed into the lexus. >> there were four people total. three of the people were pronounced dead at the scene.
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>> killed at the scene 40-year-old woman and 28-year-old man and another 20-year-old woman. >> it looks like speed was a factor. >> we have learned that the driver of the black car is an 82-year-old man from the bay area. he was taken to stanford medical center for non life-threatening injuries. once he is released he will face felony charges of vehicular manslaughter. late afternoon crash caused a back-up for miles. >> investigators say neither alcohol or drugs appear to be factor tor. along i-280 nick smith. >> sandhya patel is here with a lookat the forecast. >> winter is week away from today but we are feeling the chill outside.
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as you look out live doppler radar, skies are clearing out. cold overnight and chilly with light afternoon rain and chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. so not a complete washout jout for the weekend. i wouldn't cancel any of your are plans. here is the system that brought us rain today. some picked up light rain and rainfall totals locally a few hundredths of an inch. at most there was a tenth of an inch reported in pacifica. the systems are coming out of the north. don't hold as much moisture as the ones come out of the south or southwest. so tomorrow morning, 8:00 if you have plans, bundle up. we'll see high clouds ahead of the storm and by noontime, rain arrives. it will be light to moderate spreading across the entire bay area. we may see snow as the snow levels will be coming down to 4,000 feet. this is lake county area. the rain will pretty much taper
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to showers late afternoon and then sunday, it's mostly a light shower chance for the north bay. sunday is actually looking fine in terms of rainfall. temperatures chilly as i mentioned. i lowered these, 30 degrees in fairfield by morning. 31 in livermore. concord, vallejo mid 30s and 31 in santa rosa. going to be cold in san jose, 37 degrees. make sure you have a jacked or a sweater or coat. after this we are looking at still chilly conditions for your saturday afternoon. it's going to be in the upper 40s to low 50s. we're not going to get a chance to warm up yet. snow is possible in the mountains around clearlake and sierra. monterey bay is going to be highs, upper 40s to low 50s. much like today the chill is in the air for saturday. chance of a few showers sunday morning, mainly north bay.
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rain again on monday going into early tuesday. that is milder storm. we'll bring you a dry day on wednesday and now computer models want to bring a chance of rain going into friday. but the overall pattern for the weekend not so bad. a little bit of this and a little bit of that. >> warriors on road and they have been on a roll. >> past tense now. we are trying to keep their win streak and new set in the rain in southern california. hard to
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j.j. reddick to end the third quarter. he had 16. magic up 17. david lee playing out of his mind.
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all-star caliber. had 24 points, 15 boards but the warriors never got closer to 9. nelson, you got to guard him! they are closing out a long extended trip tomorrow. >> kobe bryant behind the back to dwight howard. he had 12 points in this game. wizard fans have had not much to cheer for in about 20 years. marcel webster but kobe finished with 30. fundamentally sound. you are going to box kobe, i know you are going to mix. lakers stop the skid 102-the 6 but their record 10-14. >> de lasalle will face their opponents in carson. this could be the final game as head coach for bob ladasaur who
12:26 am
is considering retirement. >> i wanted to be a high school teacher. i wanted to be at this school. that is when i was 24 years old. it never changed. it's been very rewarding and been a very good career. i have no regrets whatsoever. >> a huge upset in the division one championship tonight. sacramento, facing long beach and poly is picked off by him takes it into the touchdown. it's tied at 14. he fights his way to the end zone. he missed the extra point so they were up only by 6. they answer with john cooly. they made the extra point. that was the difference. granite ranked 92nd the nation defeats team that rated 12th and was heavy favorite, 21-20 was the final. that was a thriller.
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