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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 19, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. a 60-vehicle crash has shutdown interstate 5. it is just south of the oregon border. it all started with a semislammed into the concrete median about 6:20 tonight. >> vehicles had a hard time stoping likely because of black ice in that area. this crash stretches along two miles. the whole section of i-5 has been closed. >> cal fire reports 16 people injured including seven taken to the hospital. the area is under a winter weather advisory tonight. >> well, right here in the bay area, temperatures are dropping for what could be dropping for what could be one of the coldest nights of the season. >> spencer christian is here and he is tracking the current condition. >> first of all you can see we have clear skies. these cloud free skies will allow for temperatures to plummet and indeed they will do so. we do have a freeze warning in affect from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for the north bay hills and valleys. the low temperatures will drop
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between 25 and 30 degrees. freeze damage is a possibility. for most of the remainder of the bay area, a frost advisory is in affect for the same hours 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. after the cold comes the wet. we have lots of rain coming our way. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast. carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. in the south bay, an all clear from police after a report of a gunman lead to a college campus lock down for several hours in san jose. it happened at san jose city college. abc7 news reporter john alston is there live with the latest for us. john? >> carolyn, that all clear came at 7:45. no shots were fired. no gunman was found. for about four hours, no one was quite sure. heavily-armed officers from san jose city college and the city police department swarmed over the campus where hundreds of students were in the middle of their exienl exams. their final exams. the officers searched all five
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floors of the technology building. >> the scarest part of the evening was when the police came in with their guns basically up. >> on the third floor were journalism students from the san jose college times who took pictures as the drama unfolded. reporters and photographers with the best vantage point. >> they came through the side door, the adjoining classroom and ordered us hands up, drop your cameras, drop whatever you are doing. at which point they told us what they were going to do. they were going to frisk us, check our bags and let us out. >> the search began around 4:30 when the college police department's dispatch center got a call from someone saying they were approached by another person who claimed to see a man in a t-shirt carrying a gun near the tech center. students received text uh -- alerts and cleared off campus. they were spending the last few days trying to figure out if the calls were legitimate. >> again we take everything
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seriously. we don't let anything to chance. we responded with the sense of urgency that is really necessary when it comes to these types of situations. >> police will try to trace that call. it was back in september that they had a drill here on campus to prepare for a possible gunman. no gunman today. classes will resume in the morning. in san jose, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you. there did not need to be a man with a gun on campus for there to be a situation where people feared for their lives. karina rusk talked with students who described some of the horror they felt during these tense searches tonight for a gunman that thankfully didn't exist. >> the lock down at san jose city college triggered an array of safety precautions. lights went off and students stayed down, away from doors and windows. regardless of whether a gunman was ever on campus, the alert itself was real and frightening. >> since the doors couldn't
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lock at that time, they basically barricaded them with desks and tables to make sure no one could get in. that was the scarest part is not knowing where this gunman was and not knowing what we were hiding from. >> given the reported threat, they called in san jose police which responded in force. >> we saw officers getting assault weaponry out of the trunks and advancing on the building. we then found a couple of plain clothed cops car pull up with gear. >> one officer said he took part in active shooter training and was ready for any confrontation that might happen. students who emerged safely from the last two buildings cleared agreed they would do whatever is needed to stop another horrific tragedy from unfolding. >> yes, we were all ready. we decided if someone is coming we would be there to comfort them. any amount of time we can slow them down we will. >> some students called loved ones during their two hours in lock down. others just prayed. >> we just stayed calm.
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>> by the end of the night emotions changed. fear was replaced by relief and even anger. >> this is a house of pranks possibly. it leaves me angry that somebody would pull something like this less than a week after connecticut. >> threats of violence must be taken seriously. but when the act is simply intended to cause chaos, that too is disturbing. in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> obviously we are on the story. stay on abc7 news for developments. the next newscast is the morning news that begins at 4:30 a.m. the national rifle association issued its first comment today about the school shooting in connecticut. the nra says members are shocked and saddened and the organization is prepared to make meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again. >> in newtown tonight people continue to come in large numbers to offer their
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condolences to a community shattered by what happened. all the while the funerals continue. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is there with the continuing coverage of the tragedy. >> the latest here is that the scene of the tragedy now may never reopen. that is yet to be determined. in the meantime we found local high school students who were out here tonight tending to a more immediate task. they are the young people of sandy hook who committed themselves to keeping all of the tiny flames burning. even as the cold, connecticut rains keep snuffing them out. >> i am just lighting candles since they are all going out with the rain to keep the spirit out and alive and going. >> while the public memorial grows, the private funeral services continue for all of those killed in sandy hook in agonizing succession. >> it is deep sadness with
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intense love at the same time. it tears you to the very fabric of your being. >> at saint rose of lima catholic church in newtown, back to back funerals for six-year-olds. first a service for james mattioli, and then two hours later the tiny white casket of his schoolmate jessica rikos. and except for sandy hook students, most others in newtown returned to classes. some parents were anxious. >> as a parent who send their children to school, we want to see them back. we want them to come back home. we wanted to hold them and hug them and love them, and we want them to come back home at the end of the day. >> in neighboring monroe preparations are underway for this school to receive the sandy hook students. >> i hope they will be ready to cope with it. i don't see how they could be ready to go back to school anytime soon. >> as the glare of the spotlight dims in sandy hook, the locals appreciate all of the support they received.
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but thousand they are ready to move on pry -- but now they are ready to move on privately. >> people will be hurting for a longtime, but i think this community will be able to pick up and move back to where they were. maybe thought back to where they were, but work their way there. >> and this is the same here in sandy hook. a single connecticut state trooper standing guard. this is the road that leads up to the elementary school. there was some talk earlier this week of getting the school in monroe ready for those kids to return to class sometime this week. but now we understand they will not return to classes until after they have had the holidays at home with their families. in sandy hook, laura anthony, abc news. >> that makes sense. here in the bay area dozens of mourners came together in pleasanton for a vigil honoring the victims of sandy hook elementary. for one of the speakers the service was very personal. alan wang has this story from emerald park.
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>> it breaks my heart when i see this. this is the holidays. we should be celebrating life. >> they came shaken and confused. it is likely no one here was more shaken than anne fisher. she grew up with one of the mothers of the victi in newtown. >> i got a call at 5:30 that night and vicky did not make it. she was one of the teachers that was killed. >> across america vigils like this one are popping up for grief-stricken people who feel the need to be together and reach out to the victims. >> i am going to say thank you for doing this for them. i know the people in connecticut would just love this. >> ♪ amazing grace >> it was also a chance for people to express themselves. several kids left letters letters and art work including an eight-year-old girl who made this sign. >> i decided to make the poster so i could make
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everybody feel happy and make sure everybody else is safe. >> before tonight many people didn't know where or how to begin mending their own hearts. tonight they found a starting point. in pleasanton, alan wang, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the connecticut school tragedy. you can express your sympathy by posting this badge to your facebook wall. it is available on our page at news. well, coming up next, bracing for the cold. the measures being taken right now to protect plants, people and animals from freezing temperatures. >> and a controversy in the air. the east bay city that could declare itself a no drone zone. >> the great length modern science has gone to to answer this question. #kwr* is rudolph's nose -- why is rudolph's nose red? >> all of that and more on
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"nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up next on "nightline" the latest from newtown, connecticut where classes resumed in that heart broken place, and two more little victims were laid to rest today. and we will examine how this episode might be different for the gun industry from makers the gun industry from makers to sellers [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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councilmembers are considering a proposal to ban surveillance drones over city airspace. the no drone zone proposed by the peace and justice commission is using drones as law enforcement tools. they considered using a grant to buy a drone, but it did decide against it. the berkeley police department says it has never considered buying or using a drone. as spencer said a few moments ago, this will be the coldest night we have seen in a longtime. the freeze warnings are up in the north bay, and people are trying to protect plants, pets and property from the extreme cold.
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cornell bernard is live tonight with the story. cornell? >> dan, it is not freezing here yet, but it feels like it. they are bracing for some extreme cold. as the mercury began to drop, they were looking for those who needed shelter. >> it makes you -- i mean it makes me appreciate what i have. i want to do something. >> the extreme cold did not stop these people from braving a long line from a movie screening. >> i have my earmuffs on. it is cold. >> wearing a down coat to ski and the ski hat. >> horses that normally sleep outside are getting special treatment at the bay wood equestrian center where the indoor stables are open and extra blankets offer
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protection from the cold. >> we definitely put on a couple of extra blankets when it gets this chilly to keep them happy. >> the chill didn't stop one family's search for the perfect christmas tree. >> it is absolutely freezing. it is luck and homework i think that made us come out tonight. but we have to do it. it is almost christmas. >> and back with a shot of my alarm clock app. it says 42 degrees right now. if you have pets bring them in tonight and cover delicate plants. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thanks, cornell. >> the temperature on that app will go down even more. let's talk about how cold it will be. >> spencer christian is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> the answer is pretty cold. let's start with live doppler 7hd. the temperatures will drop and
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we have readings of 35 degrees at fairfield and 38 in napa and 39 in santa rosa and fremont. already the temperatures are getting into that cold range, and we will certainly see them drop much lower by tomorrow morning. these are the forecast features. we will see frost and freezing. it will be sunny and cool in the daytime tomorrow. the rainy pattern continues through the weekend. overnight these are the low temperatures. we can expect 26 degrees and napa 27. 29 at fairfield and 30 at livermore and 30 at morgan hill. around the bay we will see lows in the midto upper 30s. very exilely to cold night for all of the bay area. and the bigger picture and the satellite-radar and composite image, this is how things are shaping up. the jet stream is flowing to the south and bringing cold air down on this clear and cold night. it will be the rain as this
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system from the northwest approaches us on thursday, and that rain is going to be with us for awhile. we will start our forecast animation at 5:00 on thursday morning. the beginning of rush hour on thursday. it will be mainly dry with a little rain developing in parts of the north bay and northern sonoma county and up into mendocino county. as we set the rain in motion you can see that during the day on thursday the north bay is better organized and more widespread. it remains generally in the north bay though for most of the daytime hours and thofer -- and then we will see the rain spreading overnight to friday morning. by 5:00 on friday morning, the beginning of rush hour we will see rain across all of the bay area. lots of wet weather. it will be a mess on friday morning. if you are commuting that hour keep that in mind. you may need some extra time. we will have some showers trailing through. the wet weather will be with us for awhile. we will be looking at rainfall totals possibly up to 4 inches in the north bay mo ntains and other parts of the bay area.
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in the sierra, winter storm watches in affect from thursday afternoon to saturday afternoon. we could see two to five feet of new snow above 4,000 feet. lower accumulations in the lower elevations. travel delays are likely. back in the bay area tomorrow, we will see partly to mainly sunny skies. more clouds up north than in the south. high temperatures on the cool side mainly in the low 50s and a little to our south near monterey bay. his in the low to mid50s. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the rain sweeps in on thursday and arriving late in the day. it continues through the day on friday. by the way friday marks the arrival of winter at 3:12 a.m. on friday. we have showers on saturday and sunday, and finally beginning to dry out and clearing up on monday which is christmas eve. >> thank you, spencer. >> dutch scientists say they have determined the most likely reason rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a red nose. the reason?
12:21 am
it over heats. they ran tests to investigate this. this is video released by the medical journal. they say rudolph exerts so much energy pulling santa's sleigh that he over works his cooling mechanism. there could be less likely reasons such as rudolph has a chronic cold and a parasitic infection or alcohol intoxication. >> rudolph is not drunk. i am on record. >> he actually might be. >> not rudolph. >> he is sober as a judge. >> if i am peta i am concerned about a reindeer on the treadmill. can we start with that before we get to the drinking? whaz going on here -- what is going on here? in sports the warriors are back home and they had a tougher time than expected as the hornets gave them a scare. a couple of exhornets saved the day. sports is next.
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snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. road trip they almost got caught at the finish by the last placed hornets.
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he should be on the allstar team. duncun to start it out. and then the alley-oop by steph curry here. a subtle pump fake on anthony davis. finger roll and 26 points and 9 boards for ryan anderson. 8 mazing range. he had 28 points. the hornets hang around all night, but they are borned by jarod, jack and carl landry, with authority. 103-96 and warriors hang on to win. cal hosting uc santa barbara. here is robert thurmond, the thurmonator. i spent a fortune on uc santa barbara. it snaps a three-game slide 68-59. stanford dealing with giant cardboard cutout distractions at nc state. i want one of those. that was cj leslie. here he is real life.
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the steel and powell underneath and rise and shine young man. team high 23. the wolf back though lead this thing all the way. nc state over stanford 88-70 thine. the a's have found their if you hero. they hope that's what their short stop becomes. he has arrived from japan and the a's fill a void at short stop. they get a new deal and he is an eight-time allstar in japan. career 3 hoses -- 300 hitter there. he spent all night working on his english. >> i also want to do funny dance. >> first and foremost i think his bat is what he is known for in japan, and he has won some awards with his glove as well. the more we got into this yondz the scouting reports the more we felt like this was a great fit for us. >> he wants to do the bernie
12:27 am
dance. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> he can play and he has great personality. >> he says call me hero. >> i say that too, but nobody does. >> he is trying. thank you, larry. well, when we come back, we will have an update
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