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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 5, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. . >> 7 news. >> tonight a close brush with death. man witnessed horrific
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crash from feet away. we were the if stories show enthusiastic video on 7 fuss at 4:00. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> person in one car was killed but the guy standing on the corner probably can't believe he's alive tonight. when you see it closely you won't believe it either. there he was at foothill boulevard when stolen jeep came barreling straight toward him. allen is live with the story and the amazing video. >> tonight police say this is still an open investigation because they haven't even been able to analyze the video that you are about to see. stand he at the corner of the intersection may one of the luckiest opinion alive n.all the commotion and smoke nobody seems to know where he run off to. >> he was running the other way after what happened and the man is very fortunate to be alive. >> the surveillance camera on the market here at the corner of foothill boulevard and 36
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avenue captured this violent crash. driver of the stolen jeep which was headed straight for the man ejected and vild after the jeep landed on top of her. >> my god. fast as she was going lacks like she was at high speed chase really trying to get away. >>reporter: man interviewed by police says he's the owner of the jeep and it was stolen just minutes before the wreck. >> i was in shock. i thought she was dead because he said somebody died. >>reporter: elizabeth says her sister monique is the driver of the honda that was going past the man and took the brunt of the impact. bit look of the car it's hard to believe she survived without being seriously injured. >> my sister is so far they said okay. lake she's in. not a trauma area. they put her in her ramp. she says the arm hurts. that's it. >>reporter: whenever that map on the corner is, he's likely counting his blessings tonight. >> my god by the grace of god man or woman whoever it was, my goodness there was angel all
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around that person. >>reporter: again the driver of the stolen jeep is dead and if not for that honda that drove by in that split second, the man on the corner would likely be dead too. all righ righting live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> incredible thank you. >> new at 11:00 woman and 2 children are expected to survive after being hit by car tonight. it happened at 5:45 at west lee lapped road cress view drive in pittsburg. police haven't said what led to the crash or if the driver has been arrested. one of the children had to be air-lifted. police have not released the victim names or their conditions this evening. >> with gun control part of the national debate after the sandy hook tragedy people in los gatos packed town hall tonight there for gun store that opened in december. and we are life in los gatos tonight with the story. >> if you forgive me i'll actually speak a little bit lower because i'm in council chambers right now and this is
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a meeting that started at 7:00 o'clock this evening and let me show you it is still going. there is an overflow crowd inside. and then i'll also show you inside chambers itself. you can still see whole lot of people in there too. this is an issue that sparked controversy rarely seen in the ton. >> opening of temple sports gun shop has created a huge division in our town. >>reporter: those oppose to the opening of the gun store had signs honoring victims of the sandy hook massacre. it opened days after gunman killed 20 children in connecticut. opponents klain that the town officials here didn't conduct a public review of the permit process. but they weren't required to. and critic are worried about how close the store is to van meter elementary. >> when i heard about a store being opened warehouses guns, 2,000 feet from our school, just around the corner, i felt a bit sick at heart.
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>>reporter: supporters of the store showed up en masse as well waving bright orange sign signs. crowd so large it overflowed into the lobby. supporters said owner of the store followed the rules and legally opened their business. >> treating the gun store or treating this sporting good store as pariah in effect treats all of us sports men sports women in the same fashion and i think los gatos is better up to than that. >>reporter: town staff members presented a report suggest rules of more public review but rake will i knew rules would affect only future gun stores lacking to open in los gatos. now more than 100 people signed up to make a public comment this evening. and so far they have only gotten through about half the people. still going actually. no word yet as to how long tonight's meeting will good. reporting live in los gatos. abc 7 news. >> all right sergio thank you. >> 6 day stand off in alabama is over with boy safe and captor dead. jimmy lee dykes
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shot and killed school bus driver then took 5-year-old ethan holding in underground bunker. fbi tried to northbound the boy's release for days but agents felt the talk were his days tier 88thing and when they realize that had dyke his a gun today, agents threw open the hatch dropped in a flash grenade then rushed n.dykes killed. ethan was not physically hurt. fbi agents say he was laughing and playing with his family at the hospital tonight. tour bus firm involved in deadly crash in southern california was cited for safety violations. accident in san bernardino county killed 7 people at least 17 others remain in the hospital. company that operated the bus had 22 safety violations during inspections last year including brake and tire problems. investigation into the cause of yesterday's crash continues. pair of suspected thieves face charges tonight for using information from a contra costa county times newspaper holdless to burglarize a home while the
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owner were his on vacation. the nieves southern california took one million dollars in valuable while people were on vacation based on an l.a. times delivery hold list. police believe an office machinery pair man who did work at the cocoa times leaked the list. paper is now looking into how that information was released. all right we have been on quite a run in terms of the weather but it is about to take a turn. 7 news is here with live doppler 7 hd. sandy you are talking rain. >>reporter: indeed dan. something we haven't seen in awhile. we go cooler and turning wet. let me show you live conspireler 7 hd and we have low clouds out there and patches of fog. temperatures at this hour in the 40's. 41 in novato at this hour. 47 san francisco. 46 degrees in concord. 44 in los gatos. nap a.fairfield. when you head out the door first thing in the morning you need a coat or a jacket. now i'll be back with the timing of when showers will arrive here in the bay glare
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just a few minutes. >> all right thank you. >> dispointed forty-niner team returned home after the heart breaking loss in superbowl xlvii. sky 7 hd overhead as team members stepped off the plane at the airport in san jose. quarterback kaepernick raised his hand at more than 100 people who turned out to cheer the team. coach jim harbaugh waved to them as well. more now from lillian kim. >>reporter: hundreds of fans cheered on the 49ers as they arrived at the santa clara practice facility. >> just wanted to let them know that the fans love them and kun for them. >>reporter: moments later each player emerged including coob tree, moss and kaepernick who like most of the players keep his window shut and gave a wave or 2 which was enough to satisfy at least one fan. >> my good it was so exciting i was chasing them did you know. >>reporter: davis and passenger frank gore surprised the crowd. they gave a few high 5 on the way out. >> if certainly made jason's day.
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>> hi to go today because no parade. my as well see the team this. >>reporter: boost of excitement was exactly what the fans needed. yesterday was tough and for speed limit there's no telling when they will get over it. >> last night you just craig and it was emotionally heart breaking honestly. >>reporter: coach jim harbaugh was among the there's he mevrnlt he took the time to greet the fans and to say thanks. >> it was great great run thanks for all the support. appreciate it. >>reporter: she will never forget t among the lucky ones to get harbaugh's auto graichlt i was like point ago ball. come on i'm a kid i'm a kid. last one too. he was like all right and signed it. >>reporter: as proud the fans are of the team still high hope the 49ers will return this time next year as superbowl champio champion. in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> food safety advocate worried about the meat you may serving for dinner. >> dan is here tonight with the
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investigation. >> the concern is over the machines used to tendize meat. the process could make you sic sick. >> as consumer i have a right to know what i am putting into my body and what i'm putting into my children's body. >> new question about how much you should know about the meat you eat. >> also the reward tonight for a puppy how someone mappinged to snatch from it a dog rescue event. >> and it's time to dance. for san francisco police chief the superbowl bet he probably wishes he hadn't made. >> later on jimmy kimmel. >> mark is here. music from baker. plus from the new movie identity thief melissa. i think it's melissa. >> it's not. she would never do the show. do the show. >>xññ
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. >> tonight our i team has an inside look at a common meat industry practice that has activist and the meat industry squaring off. >> it's a battle that is raising new question about his how much we actually know about the meat that you eat. dan is here now with the controversy over this. >> first we told you about this and now we are back with another common practice inside the beef industry that is not very well known. tendizing meat by machine using needle or blades. safety of the practice debated right now after one of the biggest beef recall in canada history. industrial video posted to you tube show how tender meat is made. large tough piece office meat are punctured with needle or blade blades. breaking down the fiber into more desirable beef. sometimes water or marinade injected at the same time. >> another way for industry to get as much profit as they can out of meat that otherwise
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consumer may not have been interested in >> the problem is you don't know you are eating it. mechanically tender meat doesn't look any different when it hits the store. but food advocate warn people need to know what they are dealing with and here's the reason. the needle can push deadly bacteria like e.coli from the outside of the meat into the center where it's harder to cook off. like hamburger you have to cook it through to be safe. you shouldn't eat it rare. >> so what we are advocating for is a label on it. >> dr. barbara is pushing the issue since 2008. founder of a non-profit the center for food borne illness research and intervention. >> i'm very passionate about and something near and dear to my heart. >> family tragedy in 2001 turned her into a relentless advocate for food industry reform. >> my 2 and a half-year-old son kevin got e.coli and went from being perfectly healthy to being dead in 12 days. >> her story and craw said became part of the 2009 oscar
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nominated documentary food ink part of the campaign is to get the federal government to label mechanically tender mail. as consumer i have a right to know what i am put ing into my body and what i am put ing into my children's body. all i'm asking for is for them to label it. i can't imagine that the label is going to cost that much more. >>reporter: debate over label gained attention this fall when the canadian government recalled millions of pound of beef product including meat mechanically tender from canadian processor xl food. 8 were traced back to the plant. 2 and half million pounds of the foods beef was imported to the u.s. that quickly taken off shelves. >> i myself am a mother. 2 small children and i am confident in the safety of the meat supply in the country. >> meat industry representative and cal polly professor lynn says there is a risk for contamination in beef needled but just how big a risk is still in question. they want
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the government to study that issue before moving forward with the label. >> certainly nothing wrong with giving people information as long as it doesn't unduly frighten them about the product that they consume. they are already warning labels safe handling labels on meat product at the retail level. >> usda estimates 18 percent of all stake and roast in the u.s. are tenderize. that includes meat sold in grocery stores. but according to one trade group that 18 percent is a low estimate. the north american meat association says they survey just one part of the market. hotel and restaurant trade and found 80 to 90 percent of the beef served there is mechanically tenderize even though so prevalent he says the industry won't commit to labels without that risk of study. >> i think as an industry we are not ready to say whether or not anything different would be con. >> there have been recall of meat mechanically tenderize in some cases marinated here in the u.s. data from the american meat institute a lobby
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for the meat industry lists 6 recall since 2003. during the latest incident in 2009 at least 21 people got sick and 16 states including california. and that's the bottom line for whiz el blower groups like the food integrity campaign. >> has been associated with illness. still apparently not enough illness to justify a simple label. simple label. so that consumer can make informed decisions about what they eat. >> it's been almost a year since usda sent proposal for liable to the white house. if it gets approved there both sides say they gear up to fight over what the label will say. for now though the best bet is to cook the steak all the way through just to be safe. dan and carolyn. >> good to know thank you dan. >> well animal rescue group offering 500 dollar reward tonight for the return of a stolen puppy. 12 week old pit bull mix sonora was taken from a rocket dog rescue event in san francisco. the rescue group has contacted police now
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sonora has heart shape park marking on the right side. young couple in black toyota tacoma took off the puppy during an adoption event yesterday at stones town galleria. 500 dollar reward offeredt( for the return of the dog. >> more changes coming cal near and maybe rain on the way. sandy is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> excited about the prospect of rain. looks like we see showers on thursday. want to show you a time lapse. this 40's high definition south beach camera. look at the view from this evening. this is what many of you woke up to look toward sutro tower. low clouds. follow. some higher clouds as well. it was just beautiful. sunset. didn't capture the entire sunset but glimpse of what is to come tomorrow morning. it's gloomy. here's you can see we have low and high clouds above. also patches of fog. radar on mt. st. helens that. santa cruz mountains will be tracking some showers as early as thursday
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and that's when you will need your umbrella. so morning clouds and fog with some patchy drizzle. cooler days expected this week and showers are likely as we head into thursda thursday. here's satellite radar. high pressure here holding on for another couple of days. start to see some changes. first frontier is really not going to make it. it's just going to wash out. fall apart. as it bumps into the ridge of high pressure. the second system this cold front will bring us greater chance of showers on thursday and certainly has some cold air associated with it so this will bring the snow levels down. showers thursday at 5:00 a.m. beginning in the north bay but we see spotty showers morning commute goes on we see more organized shower activity as the front comes through and really behind the front we get brief shower activity thursday afternoon as well. another little wave comes through on friday and that keeps the weather possibility going. this will mean the potential for some snow in the sierra nevada. snow showers expected
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thursday and friday so if you are traveling there state wide snow pack is 84 percent of average so we really need the snow up there. certainly need the rape here in the bay area. starting to fall behind. chilly tomorrow morning make sure you bundle up heading out the door. coldest inland valley right around the bay and near the coast temperatures in the low to mid 40's and need a little extra time. slick roadway possible. spotty drizzle may develop and certainly the fog will reduce the advice ibilitysment. tm afternoon keeping it more winter like. cooler. conditions expected. 54 in half moon bay. 55 in san francisco. i should say cooler in comparison to last week. 60 in santa rose. 58 clear lake. ukiah chance of some showers. 60 degrees. oakland concord livermore san jose palo alto fremont all in the upper 50's. partially clearing in the afternoon and for the monterey bay 55 in monterey. 59 gilroy. 7 day forecast dry cooler right on through your friday as you will notice. showers
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thursday chance early on friday then we go with a milder forecast for your weekend. so you don't have to cancel your plans. but we will need that rain and it's coming thursday. >> okay. thank you sandhya. >> time now to turn to sports. larry still returning from new orleans. >> after a week of coverage eric has the sports. >> still covering from new orleans. take one more lack at the frustrating final series for the 49ers in the superbowl. and the slashtion try to and the slashtion try to bounce back from the firir
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>> 49ers had a chance to complete the greatest come back in superbowl history but some questionable play calling in the final series has left a lot of people scratching their heads. with the big offensive line and ravens defensive tackle out with an injury you would think san francisco would run more but instead tried throwing three times on crabtree. third down it looked like kaepernick was going to run in but because he let the clock rundown harbaugh called a time out. came down to the
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fourth down from the blitz. picked it up. crabtree and no good. holding on the play? contact is allowed within 5 yard but smith was crabbing crabtree jersey beyond that. referee thought too close to call but not harbaugh. >> yes there's no question in my mind that there was a pass interference and then a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> victor to the piles. superbowl mvp part of the day at disney world riding in parade with micky. last tonight he got to hang out with other celebrity. >> i got to meet jay z. bee open say. that was pretty cool. i don't think that would happen if we would have lost the game. i was existed. exhausted couldn't wait to put my head down on the pillow. for some reason when i was laying there i couldn't quite fall asleep. just kind of had
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my eyes open and in disbelief a little bit. >> to hockey after 6 straight home games. san jose broke the ice. puts in the rebound. 6 goal of the season. duck tie it up and puck take as funny bounce off the board. lasts sight. they take advantage. 6:39 left. the slap shot up high. anaheim hangs on for victory after winning the first 7 the sharks now lost the last 2. david lee named western conference player of the week. he led golden state to perfect record last week. averaging 18 points. 14 rebound and nearly 8 assist. >> well deserved. again we don't chase individuals stuff but we acknowledge it. special for us. and he's had a great week. another one that we
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chalk up and say job well done. >> the warriors are at houston tomorrow night. a's have acquired short stop laury and reliever rodriguez from houston in a 5 player trade in return oakland gave up promising first baseman chris carter and pair of my nor leaguer. 7 sports was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. tomorrow jim harbaugh talking to the media again so. >> still a little upset about that. >> we will be for awhile. >> clarification on the story about newspaper hold list burglary. police believe an office machinery pair man who did work at the los angeles time leaked a list. not repair man from the cocoa times. >> coming up next. it's time to pay up. superbowl bet san [ woman ] don't forgetbet san the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking.
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