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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 9, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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a planned bombing attack on a bank of america that went bust. good evening. i'm carol lane johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the b of a branch could have been a pile of rubble. that's because agents said when he sent the signal to trigger the bomb he triggered a massive explosion. we go now live to a home in san jose where the plot was put together. sergio? >> the suspect, 28-year-old matthew aaron lanaza used to live this an rv he parked outside his father's home in san jose. tonight he is in federal custody and it is gone. >> his plan to bomb this bank of america went like clockwork as he tried to set it off with a cell phone. john burgess saw the early
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morning action. >> at 2:00 in the morning when i came by and the fbi agents were around here. >> an under cover fbi agent kept close tabs by posing as a taliban operative. as part of his plan, the fbi says he first wanted to bomb the san francisco federal reserve. then he decided it was too secure, so he chose the oakland bank of america site. according to the fbi, five-gallon buckets like this one filled with chemicals would have been the basic pieces of the bomb. agents say he purchased cell phones and other items to be used in a triggering device. the plan was to dry the bomb and put it on an suv and detonated it in a spot to bring down the bank of america building. it is a plot b of a customers were shocked to hear about. >> wow, seriously? >> lanaza tried making contact shortly after getting out of jail on an illegal firearms charge.
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he was arrested at his father's san jose home in 2011. lanaza lived in an rv he often parked on the front driveway. his father would not let him into the home alone to safeguard his younger children because of his son's history of drug use and mental health issues. in april of 2011 he was arrested when police responded to a disturbance here. that's when police found he had an ak47 and a high capacity clip which is illegal in california. tonight his father's home is quiet. nay bores are surprised by the bizarre plot. >> terrorists down the street pr your house. neb can live next door. it happens, i guess. but it is scary. >> we spent a lot of day trying to contact his father. the homes are basically empty and there is no one there and there has been no one home throughout the day. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. more now about matthew lafaza
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from the court records. his father said he served in the marine corp before being discharged. he was an expert in weapons assembly and started a company called sand fire tactile. he converted to islam before moving back to the bay area. now if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. ?ie hundreds of people -- hundreds of people came together to remember a 13-year-old girl murdered one week ago. this morning police arrested this man, 32-year-old anthony jones and booked him on suspicion of murder, kidnapping, rape and a lewd or lascivious act on a child. jones lived blocks from where the victim, janelle conway alan was last seen alive. alan wang joins us now from fairfield of the alan? >> carolyn, up until tonight we barely knew who this seventh grade girl was. this vigil drew a huge crowd including friends and family who talked about her.
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>> ♪ i once was lost -- >> hours after the arrest of conway, more than 300 people gathered a few yards away from where her body was discovered. >> i miss her really bad. she was my best friend. >> this morning police arrested 32-year-old anthony lamar jones for murder, kidnapping and rape of a child. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case. since that time he has been under 24-hour surveillance. >> police scoured his two-story home in this fairfield neighborhood. they also searched the barber shop he opened last year. janelle was last seen a week ago. she left her foster parents' home for school. her body was under to the next day. >> you know, i have been out of her life for a year. >> her father, josh alan, says
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he and janelle's mother had trouble with drugs and lost custody of janelle last year. in spite of their obstacles, she kept a smile on her face. >> great kid, great child. very loving and affection gnat. i love her with all of my heart. >> and i spoke to the accused killer's mother and she has been following this story and praying for janelle's family only to be devastated to find out that the prime suspect is her son. reporting live in fairfield, alan alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. the former police officer accused of killing three people in southern california has all but vanished tonight. police still on the hunt. this picture of christopher dorner was taken january 28th by a security camera at a hotel in orange county. it is the most recent photo of dorner we know of. for e latest on the search to find him before he hurts anyone else we turn to ama dates who is in the newsroom.
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>> 33-year-old christopher dorner, the former officer suspected of going on a deadly rampage fuelled by revenge has managed to evade police another day. the search for him in the san bernadino mountains has been scaled back because of a fierce winter storm. heavy snow blanketing big bear valley made the manhunt for excop and accused killer challenging at best. the investigators began scouring big bear thursday when dorner's smoldering truck and tracks were found there. >> the tracks are not related to dorner. there was also of a report of a door kick at a cabin in the seven oaks area. they checked that out. it is old damage. >> air support had to be called off because of the storm. police used snow caps to access and check more than 200 cabins. under the cover of darkness two-person units will patrol the area overnight. that's 12 more teams than usual. the all out hunt will resume in the morning. >> the possibility he -- the
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possibility is he is in the forest, and we will keep looking until we determine he is not here. >> in orange county a search warrant was served at the home of dorner's mother. they served 10 paper grocery bags of evidence. >> the mother and sister were here and allowed us in and they are cooperating with the investigation. >> dorner, a former navy reservist is suspected of killing a former lapd captain's daughter, her fiancee and a riverside police officer as revenge for his 2008 dismissal from the lapd. he claims he was unjustly fired for exposing abuse within the department. dorner claims to have a 50 caliber rifle capable of slicing through police body armor. his ex-girlfriend worries she could be a target. >> who is next? we don't know. this will probably end badly for him.n't see a peaceful resoe or a peaceful ending in the situation because he has committed so many heinous acts at this point. >> the search resumes at 7:00 a.m. with s.w.a.t teams, blood
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hounds and aircraft weather permitting. police are being extroamly cautious and -- extremely cautious and thorough even checking land belonging to dorner's mother west of big bear lake. there was no sign dorner had been there. ama dates, abc news. >> more on the manhunt later on "nightline" at 12:35. and stay with abc news for continuing coverage of the la police manhunt. we will update you on any developments during this newscast and twitter at abc7 news bay area. what is being called a blizzard for the ages is slamming the northeast. take a look. this is a live picture from new york city where you can see the snow piling up. it is all part of a massive storm pummeling the northeast including high winds and threats of flooding. the national weather service says up to three feet of snow could fall on new england before the end of the weekend 5,000 homes and businesses are without power with massachusetts and rhode island the hardest hit. a coastal flood warning is in affect from new york to main and governors in five states
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have already declared a state of emergency. >> this will allow us to implement emergency measures to ensure the safety of our residents and take appropriate steps to mobilize state assets. there are a thousand national guard members on duty now. we expect to build that up to nearly 5,000 over the course of the weekend. >> massachusetts took the rare step of banning most car travel on state roads. connecticut has closed state highways to all but emergency vehicles. and the northeast storm has forced more than 4700 flight cancellations and 83 of those were in and out of sfo today. all major airports in new york and boston are closed with dozens of other flights to other east coast cities delayed. airport officials say that travelers need to check the scheduled flights in advance as more cancellations and delays are expected tomorrow and through the weekend fnlt. now more on the blizzard. sandhya patel is tracking it and she is live with doppler 7hd.
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>> dan, and the blizzard is blasting the northeast. right now i want to show you our live doppler 7 hd and the skies are clear across the bay area. but it is a much different story in the northeast as you are talking about here. heavy snow has been blanketing the northeast. so far parts of new york according to the national weather service is up to 20 inches of snow. some other areas have reported two feet already. wind gusts at logan international, 76 miles an hour earlier. let's look at current observations. central park, moderate snow and a temperature of 27 dries. new haven 24 and the winds are gusting and the peak wind gusts were at 33. that's just in the last hour. as you look at boston, wind gusts of 43 miles an hour and the snow is becoming a little lighter. as you look at the forecast animation, you will notice the blizzard conditions will continue into the wee hours of the morning. the area of low pressure will finally shift on to the northeast and by tomorrow afternoon things will improve,
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but you will want to check our flight tracker for cancellations and delays on our website. i will be back with our local forecast, and it includes big changes for the upcoming weekend and beyond. carolyn? >> sand yaw, see you shortly. the greatvine in southern california is once again closed because of snow. a few hours ago the p was escorting the drivers in both directions through the grapevine. the section is closed just outside the santa clarita valley to bakersfield. developing news in palo alto where police and cal trans officials are investigating the death of a man hit by a train. it happened at about 7:30 at the tracks at east meadow drive. cal train says none of the 200 passengers or crew were injured. the tracks in both directions were closed for almost two hours. investigators have not released the identity of the victim. one key to good health is to know what to get test eds -- tested for when you see your doctor. >> i am really clueless to
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that. >> up next, what doctors are now recommending for women in each stage of life. >> and remember the young woman who got sassy with the judge and flipping him off during a court appearance? what happened when she saw him again today? >> and would you recognize him if you saw him on the streets? we'll show you the lynn -- the lincicum makeover. >> this week bradley cooper and you win mcgreger sh -- ewin mcgreger and cousin sal consoles niners fans. it will be great.
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>> she is eating fresh foods and getting lots of exercise. but like a lot of women in her early 20s she has out grown her pediatrician and put off an exam. >> as far as the annual exams i am clueless. >> in their 20s women need to start getting a pap smear. we start getting pap smears at age 21. >> recommendations for women in their 20s typically include vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough and blood tests for hepititis. but there is a newer recommendation that could have as ouch impact on cervical cancer as pap smears do. she is a women's specialist in san francisco. >> hpv, human papiloma virus. >> she says hpv vaccines while recommended in childhood can still benefit many women in their 20s. >> in fact, her insurance
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absolutely beyond the shadow of a doubt will cover up to age 2 sick. >> moving into their 30s, health experts say women need to be screened for conditions that may become more dangerous as they age. >> certainly by age 30 for american women we want to be certain that they have their baseline cholesterol checked to see if they have inherited possibly the genes that load to a higher risk of heart disease as we age. >> and she recommends baseline mammograms for women who may be starting families. for women in their 40s, she still recommends yearly mammography. >> we do depict a significant number of those rare cancers that can arrive in women between age 40 and 50 in our breast center. >> and she suggests glucose testing to monitor risk for diabetes. and one other recommendation is a surprise, an eye exam. besides eye problems, thorough eye exams can detect signs of more serious diseases. >> from a medical perspective
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there are a lot of things we check out such as diabetes, hyper tension and especially for women, multiple sclerosis. >> and for women in their 50s, spotting colon cancer is a priority. >> age 50 we screen that. there are many women whom we will screen bone density as well. >> ultimately younger women can expect to see a lot of changes as they go through life. doctors say the screenings they get along the way could make the difference in their health. >> i am definitely going to make that a priority. >> she has a recommendation for the younger female patients that doesn't involve a test, but a short educational talk on contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and instruction on how to per 4thof july a self-breast exam. the widow of former coach joe paterno said she was a moral man who never existed the truth. it was a letter she sent to former penn state football players today.
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joe paterno was fired in 2011 in connection with the child sexual abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky. on sunday they will release their response to the investigation that accused paterno of covering allegations against sandusky. and katie couric will have an interview with sue paterno. it airs on monday at 3:00 a.m. on "katie". a florida teen -- teenager is out of jail after a tearful apology she insulted earlier this week. >> are you serious? >> i am serious, adios. >> [bleep]. >> come back again. come back again. >> that was her showing her middle finger to the judge. the antics of 18-year-old penelope soto went viral on-line and resulted in the judge doubling hr $5,000 bail on a drug possession charge and getting her 30 days in jail for contempt. today she was back in a
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miami-dade courtroom, and she was much more humble in front of the same judge. >> my behavior was very irrational, and i apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family. >> the judge dropped the contempt charge and released her from jail. soto's lawyer says she will complete a court ordered drug complete program of possessing the prescription drug xanax. >> she much more contrite today. >> a big change. well let's talk about the weather forecast. the weekend has arrived. >> sandhya patel is here. >> carolyn and dan, get ready for a gorgeous weekend. if this is any indication, you know we are headed toward a nice looking one. really not much happening here. the skies are pretty clear tonight. the temperatures are falling. it is going to be a cold night. 39 in concord and 37 in livermore and los gatos. bundle up first thing in the morning. mostly clear and cold. sunny and dry this weekend.
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and we are looking at a milder pattern next week. here is a look at your overnight readings. this is what we call winter. 28 by morning this napa and 29 this santa rosa. the chill is in the air. 34 vallejo and 32 in concord. mid30s fremont and palo alto and san jose and oakland, san mateo 38 and 41 in san francisco and santa cruz falling to 35 degrees. here is a look at the system that shutdown the grapevine and brought our rain and had some snow earlier this morning. reported to the national weather service in our local mountains and this system heading on out and we will be watching the area of high pressure taking over. the cold, dry air is filtering in. the high pressure takes control starting this weekend and really holds on right on through next week. so it is a dry pattern next week. no rain in sight. put the umbrellas away and take advantage of the weather
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we have coming. it is going to be sunny and milder. 56 degrees in san francisco and 55 half moon bay. clear skies up to the north. 57 clear lake and 60 in santa rosa. oakland, mid50s around vallejo and 59 degrees in concord and fremont and san jose 58 degrees around the monterey bay. you are looking at temperatures in the 50s, but bright and sunny. 58 degrees in santa cruz and salinas. if you are heading to pebble beach are to the pebble beach pro-am, we are looking at sunshine from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. clear and cold though and 41 at 7:00 a.m. bundle up if you are heading there early in the morning. the temperatures will be rising up to the low 50s by the afternoon. big day at at&t park. here at sphron, giant -- here at san the ballpark. it is going to be lovely weather for that. and beyond this weekend
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accu-weather seven-day forecast the temperatures will inch up each and every day as we head into wednesday, thursday. it will feel more like spring and low to mid60s. valentine's day looking beautiful. no excuses, everyone. on friday we are looking at slightly cooler weather. but it will remain dry as you look at the forecast. >> sandhya, thank you. >> let's check in with larry. >> it is a super bowl fading memory. we are on to baseball. >> it is for the goen. sandhya mentioned they are sandhya mentioned they are holding fan -- fa hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts.
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when the biblical character sampson cut his hair he lost his power. the giants' ace has ditched the long locks. we heard the phrase from freak to geek. he is being compare from harry potter to mclovin in "super bad" and rachel modow. after a rough 2012 timmy is hoping to return to cy young
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form even though he looks like he might be the guy from the i.t. department. >> it is accentance. it is like sometimes it is hard to accept things you don't want to. last year was tough one to swallow and i got through it, and the team helped me. this year i want to take a fresh take and fresh a you proach. >> after blowout losses in houston and oklahoma city, the warriors hung in there, but the grizzlies own them. look out, joey. steph curry gets him in the mellon. curry was on fire. 32 points. the grizzlies, a bad match up for golden state. gazelle-like. gasol key um j per late fourth quarter. memphis hands the warriors their third straight loss. this is fun. owd and lebroners and the ball
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asks for. it the fan is wearing a lebron jersey and he tosses it back. how cool is that? wearing the same uni. lebron having some fun while torching the clippers for 30 and a battle of first place teams. miami crushes the clips 111 to 89. no lombardi trophy, but jim harbaugh is having fun at pebble beach. they lead by one stroke at 18 under par. bill murray is always goofing around. a lady offers him a cookie and he takes the whole batch. the clown prince of golf can also play. he drains a nice putt, ut but he and his partner are tied for 98 at six under. phil mickelson won this and needs more putts like this and shot a 71 and two under. he is six back. an impossible one in the peninsula and in the bunker behind the tree and this is why he is a pro. to the pin to set up a birdie.
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he is one back of the ladiers. of the leaders. finally check out thork rangers ring -- new york rangers ring side announcer who takes a puck in the phase. he is a bloody mess, and he president coulds reporting. he is not as carolyn johnson described me as recently, a fragile flower. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> are you still a little stunning by that. >> how is your cold today, larry? you mentioned you weren't feeling well. >> i have a strained oblique and i went through the whole sportscast. >> playing with the pain. i admire you. joy up next, -- >> up next, the


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