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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 13, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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conflicting reports about whether an excop wanted in the in southern california died in a fire and shootout in this remote mountain cabin. no one will say whether christopher dorner is dead or alive. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. law enforcement quickly reacted to a 9-1-1 call this afternoon that a man believed to be christopher dorner was spotted in big bear. police believed they had their suspect cornered. john alston has been monitoring this. here he is now. >> police are not letting down
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their guard. a san bernadino county shear riff deputy was shot and died, the fourth person apparently killed by christopher dorner. police are convinced they corned him in big bear where there was a barrage of gunfire followed by a raging fire. the mountain cabin burned into the night after they figured they had excop christopher dorner inside. and then a startling announcement. >> that cabin is too hot to make entry. there has been no body located inside that cabin. that cabin has not yet been searched. >> reporter: the rental cabin this big bear caught fire just after 4:00 this afternoon. the l.a. times reported the s.w.a.t bulldozer was tearing down walls and teargas launched followed by the sound of a single gunshot. >> i can't tell you at this time when they might be able to enter the cabin. it is a huge crime scene. anticipate them being there most of the night. >> reporter: the event started
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unfolding after noon when warden from the department of fish and wildlife happened to drive past a purple nissan with dorner apparently behind the wheel. the war donees -- wardons came under fire. >> he did not engage out the window. he stopped the vehicle before he engaged in gunfire. >> the nissan crashed and the suspect went on to carjack a pick up truck. the suspect headed for the cabin where he encountered two san bernadino sheriff deputies. the gun fight was captured on police radio. >> you, come here. >> one of our deputies was injured. he is being treated here at loma linda. unfortunately one of our deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. >> before today's drama authorits believe dorth er held -- dorner held two women hostage at a different
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cabin for perhaps days. when he left with their vehicle they were allowed to escape and are safe. the sheriff's department insists the suspect was in the cabin. >> we believe that the person that barricaded himself inside the cabin and engaged in gunfire with our deputies and other law enforcement officers is still inside there even though the building burned. yes. >> with l.a. officers a target of dorner, the case is not over. >> we are going to continue to provide protection to our officers and those families that have been identified as possible threats. >> authorities say another reason they have not entered the cabin is they fear there is live ammunition inside. am mow could be heard exploding as the cabin went up in flames. heavily armed police will remain there throughout the night. john alston, abc news. >> thanks so much. the tense situation prompted officers to evacuate parts of big bear and shutdown major roads in the area. with guns drawn they searched each car that drove up to
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police barricades. tonight highway 38 from big bear city to red lands is open only for those with identification. route 18 and other main roads in that area have reopened. a memorial is set for tomorrow for the riverside police officer christopher dorner is accused of killing last week. governor brown will attend the service for michael crane. police say hoe was gunned down in an ambush last thursday. crane leaves behind a wife and two young children. he was 34 years old. we want to retrace this week long manhunt. it started on february 3rd when the daughter of the former lapd captain and her fiancee were shot to death in a parking garage in irvine. and then on wednesday a man matching dorner's description tried to steal a boat from a san diego marina. an 80-year-old man was tied up, but not injured. and then early in the morning in corona they chad a vehicle they believe to be dorner. a few minutes later a gunman
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believed to be dorner ambushed two riverside police officers and killing one officer and then critically injuring the other. later the same day, authorities found dorner's burned out pick up near big bear and a massive manhunt began. on sunday the l.a. police chief announced a $1 million reward in the case. yesterday the riverside county d.a. filed murder charges in connection with the death of the riverside officer. today a san bernadino county sheriff deputy died in a shootout in the big bear area. another deputy was wounded. we will continue to follow developments on this story. you can receive urgent updates on your smart phone by downloading our free abc7 news app and opting for our push notifications. the abc7 web team is sending updates the moment we receive them by twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. we will move to breaking news in the south bay. a bizarre and dangerous discovery tonight at a man's home. for many of his neighbors, it doesn't come as too big a
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shock apparently. alan wang is live in santa clara with what authorities took out of that house. alan? >> dan, this is the home where it all happened. the santa clara county bomb squad said the homemade bomb and bomb making materials were too unstablso they dug a hole ie man's front yard and buried the material and covered it with the sandbags and blew it up earlier this evening. police say the homemade bombs and the chemicals found in this santa clara home had to be destroyed on the spot. sky 7hd flew over the house and authorities say neighbors are lucky nothing in the house exploded before today. >> we are glad there was no detonation. it potentially could have been catastrophic. >>- q. i neighbors identified -- >> neighbors identified the man as everett basham. he lived in this home, but huey barely said a -- but he barely said a word. >> he wasn't all there.
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he was talking about running stuff and he has all of those antennas, surveillance cameras and he keeps to himself. >> the man who lives across the street says the car is also packed with electronic devices, and he once told him why he has the antennas mounted on his roof. >> he is using his antennas to broadcast from the satellite television up to some people living in the mountains or something. weird stuff like that. >> he only wears camouflage and claims to be exmilitary. >> i guess in his backyard he has big barrels. >> the sheriff's department says he was wanted for making a threat against a public official which is what lead to the search warrant. he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and detonating an explosive device. but police won't say when or where that happened. >> it was a long day that started about 1:30 this
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afternoon, but tonight the vacky youys are dabbing dabbing the evacuees are back in their homes. we will learn more about the man and the police say he threatened. >> thank you. now to tonight's say the of -- to the state of the union address. he said there will be a push back against big government. abc7 news political reporter mark matthews has the highlights. mark? >> i know you noticed the president gave apple a plug for bringing jobs home to the united states. he talked about growing the economy. president obama began his state of the union saying the housing market is rebounding and the stock market is up. >> we can say with renewed confidence that the state of >> he said corporate profits have sky rockets and rates barely budged, and now is a time for tax reform.
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>> to incentive jobs overseas and businesses and manufacturers creating jobs right here in the united states of america. that's what tax reform can deliver. that's what we can do together. >> he asked congress to pass legislation allowing homeowners to refinance and make high quality preschool available. he got a standing ovation when he pushed congress to take up immigration reform 6789 -- reform. >> the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform. now is the time to do it. now is the time to get it done. >> he also called on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> let's tie the minimum wage to the cost of living so it peoplely become -- so it finally becomes a wage to live on. >> one of the owe motional moments is when he introduced a woman who waited in a crowd in line for six hours at her polling place. >> they erupted in cheers when she finally put on a sticker that read "i voted." >> the president announced a
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commission to improve voting conditions. the businessest applause when he challenged congress to take up a vote on gun control. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> that was the most memorable moment of the president's speech. the republicans' response delivered by florida senator marco rubio. >> the tax increases and what you proposed will hurt middle class families. it will cost their raises and benefits and it may even cost some of them their jobs. >> unfortunately for rubio, this may be the most remembered moment of his rebuttal. >> in the short time i have been here in washington nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> that was awkward.
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the biggest foreign policy point, he is bringing 34,000 troops home from afghanistan. and by the end of next year the u.s. war in afghanistan will be over. carolyn? >> mark matthews reporting for us. the first lady's guest list shows how much of a focus jobs are in the president's second term. apple's ceo tim cook was among a group of tech innovators and entrepreneurs. cook has committed to bringing mac computer manufacturing back to the u.s. this year. the republicans had their own guests in the crowd. ted nugent, a representative from texas invited the rock star who is a staunch gun advocate. not to be outdone, nancy pelosi invited singer tony bennett who last week joined chris rock on capitol hill to push for gun control. the state of the union address created a lot of social media buzz, as you can imagine. the most tweeted moment was 42 minutes into the address when he spoke about opportunity for the middle class and minimum wage. twitter reports that members of congress sent 637 tweets.
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overall a total of 1.36 million tweets about the address and response sent while they were happening compared to 787,000 tweets last year. "nightline" will have more on the state of the union address and the southern california manhunt that is coming up at 12:35. turning our attention to the weather another perfect spring day in the middle of winter. sand jaw patel has -- sandhya patel has a look now at doppler 7hd. >> and no rain showing up on doppler 7hd right now. but we are watching some fog that formed santa rosa and novato and along half moon bay of the as you look at live doppler 7hd, the temperatures are down into the upper 30s range around napa, novato. 40s for most other areas, half moon bay 39, 50 in san francisco. heading into a cold morning especially in the valleys. bundle up when you leave home. i will be back with a sweet valentine's day forecast and a
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look at when you are going to need the umbrellas. we have showers coming too. dan, carolyn? >> sandhya, thanks very much. new at 11:00, police are getting out the word of a cruz.tening crime in santa the violent crime that happened to a uc santa cruz student who was waiting at a bus stop. >> and mardi gras makes a stop. where to find your own fat tuesday. >> and the man these people waited in line for hours to see. >> and then late other "jimmy kimmle live." >> we haveusic from ellie golding and jessica alba and our new kissing booth. are you ready to make out with strangers, jessica? looks like she is ready.
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a uc santa cruz student is recovering after being shot in the head during a robbery.
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it happened at a bus stop. lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. lisa, this woman is incredibly lucky. >> very brave too. you know, dan, the 21-year-old was sitting here when the man snuck up behind her. to give an idea how dark and isolated this bus stop is, this is what it was like as she sat here all by herself last night. this is the man santa cruz police are looking for. late tonight detectives are interviewing the victim. she is sure this man attacked her. it happened at 7:30 last night. the uc santa cruz student waited for the number twenty bus to campus. but before it arrived she heard this. and then a man's voice telling her to empty her pockets. he had a gun. >> she complied with that until the suspect came up and initially she thought she was struck with the butt of the rifle. it turns out that was actually her getting shot. >> the 21-year-old ran while
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the suspect got into his car and drove away. it wasn't until the victim got to the hospital that doctors found the small caliber bullet in her skull. it was successfully removed. meantime they are searching for a suspect still out there. joy it is incredibly dangerous behavior. it tells you it is likely not their first foyer into this kind of activity. i am concerned about this individual's ability to strike again. >> late today uc santa cruz officials e-mailed this crime alert to all students and staffers warning them of the attack. but for those sitting at this very stop it means a whole lot more. >> i am very shaken up. i work down here. i am down here twice a week on tuesday and thursday. that's uh -- that's alarming. >> definitely stay clear of the nighttime bus routes. >> here is another look at the man police are looking for. the suspect is white or light
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skinked. about 5 foot 7 with a medium build, light beard and a gruff voice. police do say they are looking for the man who was driving a white pt cruiser. they will be back out here in this area looking for more clues tomorrow. live in santa cruz, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. an elementary school in san bruno is facing closure again. the school district has a $1.4 million deficit and closing crest more elementary skew balance the -- could help balance the budget. but it was hit by the pg&e pipeline explosion in 2010 of the school board members considered closing crest more, but community outcry kept it open. a school board meeting will take place tomorrow night at 7:00. christians around the world will begin marking the 40 days of lent starting tomorrow. so tonight many people let loose for fat tuesday. san francisco's fillmore street looked like bourbon
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street. they had jazz music and street performers and plenty of drinks. bars got into the act with drink specials for fat tuesday bar hoppers. a 49er legend took time to greet shoppers. hall of fame quarterback joe montana was at the store and a long line of faithful 49er fans lined up for hours for a chance to meet him. >> that's a thrill. that's cool. let's talk about the weather forecast. as we hit midweek, it is still gorgeous. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at what is to come. >> and it is only going to get warmer carolyn and dan. we do have fog that formed, and not just off the coastline. santa rosa novato reporting fog. give yourself extra time. we are in a dry pattern. we are falling be inned hue. santa rosa thine 9% of average. 90% of normal in san francisco. oakland is at 88.
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san jose is at 86. you will notice ukiah and sacramento, u are still running a little bit higher than wherehould be for this time of year. that snowpack is falling behind. statewide we are at 78% of normal. snow showers may be coming as early as tuesday next week. here is the forecast. patchy fog and warming up thursday and friday and cooling begins this weekend and leading up to the possibility of rain as we head into your tuesday. here is a look at the satellite. as you notice an area of high pressure here protecting us. we are in for a dry pattern and that will hold right on through the weekend. and then we will start to notice changes. tomorrow morning give yourself a little extra time. we will see patches of fog. not only near the coast, but into the bayside communities and in the valleys as well. you will need the extra time. it could be slow going due to the low visibility. chilly as well. you will need to bundle up. 34 in fairfield and 35 in livermore and napa.
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low to mid40s around the coast and near the bay. 40 in san jose. as you look at your highs for your wednesday, it is going to be beautiful. blue skies, nice day. temperatures where you should be. 58 in half moon bay and up to 60 in san francisco. richmond, mid60s for clear lake, santa rosa, cloverdale, napa up to 64 along with concord. 63 fremont, livermore, palo alto and 64 in san jose. around the monterey bay, we are looking at a temperature of 65 in santa cruz and 64 for you in morgan hill and also in watsonville. here is yo are accu-weather seven-day forecast. you will notice once the fog disappears on valentine's day offshore flow develops from the land to ocean. midto upper 60s. friday low 70s and it is a gradual drop off as we head into the long holiday weekend. president's day is a lot more cloud cover. by tuesday midto upper 50s.
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we could be tracking a chance of showers and carolyn and dan, right now the computer models are in agreement and wanting to turn it wet. we will keep our fingers crossed, but the showers don't look that heavy. >> i like when they are not fighting each other. let's turn our attention to sports now. >> larry beil, our sports director is here. football, basketball, baseball. >> we have a weird stat. weird stat of the night. the 49ers lost in the super bowl so the hex is on. the warriors and the sharks are both winnless since super sunday. the gruesome numbers including tonight's game with the rockets next in sports.
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the warriors hit the allstar break in need of a break. they lost five in a row. victims of exwarrior jeremy lin and the rockets on asian heritage night. lin and his teammates and chandler par sons getting ready with some pre game
12:27 am
medication. curry with 27 points. the dish to a streaking klay thompson. david leigh and -- david lee and this is nice. barnes with authority. 7 points in the game. lin scores his first bucket. a nice reverse off the glass. thompson 22 points and the warriors are down one at the half. to the third and lin with one of his 10 assists and a nice feed to parsons who had 21. the rockets pull away in the fourth. he is right at his face. remember the rockets hit 23, three's. james hardin over curry and it it -- and the warriors dropped their fifth in a row as they head to the allstar break. 116-107. as for jeremy lin life has settled down and the palo alto star exploded in new york and
12:28 am
they didn't want to pay him the big money, so he ended up signing with the rockets, three years and 25 million. jeremy averaging 12 points and six assists per game. his goal is not so much the recreation of lin-sanity. it is more like consistency. >> the whole lin-sanity thing. there is no way you can keep that up. not just on the court, but off the court and everything the hype, the buzz, so definitely things settled down. i am in houston and i am just a young player trying to get better. that's what i tried to approach the game every day. i am far from the finished product. i have so much to grow and improve on. >> good kid. one night after getting a scathing review, the sharks were back on the ice tonight in nashville. this was a much better effort. you can't win if you don't score a single goal. he is looking for answers and found some defensively. the second period and at the
12:29 am
other end and pivelsky and they had 25 saves and that was one of them. he takes a stick to the face. the faceoff and he almost sneaks it in, but he sthachs it -- snatches it to overtime. pivelski with the puck and inching toward the goal line. it is cleared a minute and a half later. brian ellis on goal. colin wilson taps it in. good night, game over, drive home safely. the sharks do earn a poimt, but they lose their 6th con seem tiff game. consecutive game. abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. it wasn't lin-sainity. lin-sanity. >> you could put lin in front of anything and make it work. >> there we go. thanks very much. >> we will be back with an update on our top stories next.


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