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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 15, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn breaking news happening right now in san francisco where a police pursuit ended in a crash. >> 7 news reporter is on the scene live for us with the very latest on this. amma? >> i'm here on fifth intersection rate behind me that is fivtd and mission. then on the other side that's where you can see where the car crashed. now police tell that you say this began about 9:45 tonight when officers spotted a stolen vehicle. in the area of market and eighth. they then followed the vehicle in the tenderloin area and some additional officers arrived on scene the people in the vehicle fled so they took off but then involved in a traffic accident right there at fifth and mission as you see. we did see one person getting put in an plans and taken to an area hospital to one injury we know
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of at this point. so right now police are still on the scene investigating exactly what led to the accident and if we get any other updates we will bring it to you but again the police chase ended hear at fifth and mission with the suspect vehicle getting no an accident at least one person taken to the hospital. for the latest stay tune to our station and our web site on twitter for the latest update. >> back to you. >> all right amma in san francisco thanks. >> massive turn outfit at the school where a teenager lost his life to gunfire last night in san leandro. dozens of friends family members mourn the death of this boy during a game of detainees. lillian is live for us at the school tonight in san leandro. >> it was just over 24 hours ago when foster was shot an killed that the very school. tonight his loved ones came here to roo grieve together.
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>> baby sister got to grow up big brothers. >>reporter: to friends and family aof foster none of this makes any sense. his mother says her son had no enemies. >> i know that my son did not deserve he did in the deserve what happened to him. at all. he will be with me. i shouldn't have to bear my baby. >>reporter: he was only 19. apparently shot and killed during a game of dice on the grounds of hillside elementary school in unincorporated san lae andro. investigators close the school today to process the scene of the murder. tres father has his own theories as to what may have happened. >> he was gullible i think and they prey on that because avenues cool guy like. that he's not going to beat your money and try to shoochlt he's not thinking like that. >> he was a registered freshman lane backer at lane college with big dreechlts he wanted to follow in his god brothers foot steps. he played at cal then
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with oakland raiders. had he a player of the week plaque he received while senior at the high school in west oak laichbilityd you see somebody you try to help motivate their life app get on the right track and right track to see them doing that and still bad things happen. it hurts. >>reporter: family members now holding out hope for justice. his mother had one plea. >> whoever did this to my son please come forward. >> as for hillside elementary school it's open tomorrow. live in san leandro, abc 7 news. thanks very much. reach he had 5 day at sea came to end tonight for the more than 3000 passengers on board the carnival triumph cruise ship. 900 fat licenser pulled up to the dock in mobile, alabama about 7:30 pacific time. weary ssengers waved from the deck for an hour before starting down the gang plank. process for all passengers to depart took several hours after already enduring self days at sea. most lein filthy
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conditions. >> saw more of the good behavior and a lot less of the d near kitionally i think but nothing too dramatic. >>reporter: after being on that both for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back it is so good tuberculosis back. >> engine room fire that disabled the ship caused sanitary sewage back up and food ration were almost gone. carnival is compensating passengers with full refunds transportation expenses voucher for another cruise and 500 dollars per pevrnlt you can see how joyful and relieved so many of the passengers were as they kissed land as they got to mobile alabama tonight. >> remarkably good spirits despite it all. there are some major changes ahead in our weather. sandy joins us now with live doppler 7 hd. >> the extended xawter moderate relevant painting very different picture but rate now let's show you live doppler 7hd skies clear. there's no fog.
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no clouds to speak of. and today was an absolutely picture perfect day. here the high for today. oakland 71 degrees at the airport. that was actually new record for the day. 76 clear lake. ukiah. 71 santa rosa. half man bay. 75 degrees in santa cruz. check out san jose 73. it was 68 degrees in antioch. so can we do this again as we head into your friday and how about the holiday weekend. i'll be answering those quest coming up and lack at the major changes that are coming just few minutes in. >> thanks. >> police on the 16 for hours at double fatal shooting in san jose tonight. investigators say man shot a woman that he was romantically involved with and then shot and killed himself on valentine's day of all indicates. it happened just after 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. house mate heard the shots found the bodies and medley called police. several people who live at the home were questioned. >> preventing violence against women and children is the focus of international movement
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called 1 billion call to action. the city of san francisco responded today to that cull and came together. the mayor police chief and district attorney were in the city to show their support. we good to the street party. ♪ . >> this song and dance in front of san francisco city hall is about much more than just a good time. >> this is gathering of 1 billion women and men and all those who love women to strike dance demand end to domestic violence. all forms of violence against women and girls. >> called 1 bill rising and it's a global day of action on this valentine's day. >> came up with a statistics of 1 in every 3 women will be beat raped mutt lateed in their life time and if there are 7 billion in the planet, that's about 1 billion.
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>> kerry from oakland experienced the veils. >> when i was in high school i was raped. and i felt lake hi nowhere to go and nobody to speak for me. so this is exciting. we have made progress. >>reporter: led by mayor ed lee. >> i am one of the 1 billion rising. >> i will make violence against women and girls a priority of our time. >>reporter: also making it a priority today sheriff mirkarimi would pleaded guilty to domestic violence case last yeevrment he and his wife lopez helped bring the movement to the jails dancing with inmates. >> i always said it's important to take spochbility i always said that it's important to understand what the power of redemocrats means and i also said and vowed that we are here to better ourselves. >>reporter: the day was about em powering women and those involved say it was a success. amma, abc 7 news. >> today event was global. web
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site for 1 billion rising show case events in taiwan, philippines, brazil. check it out yourself go to our web sit site. we have a link there under see it on tv. >> tomorrow chp investigators back at the home of the man they say threatened to assassinate state senator yee. officer found more explosive material in the house on humboldt avenue santa clara today. he was taken awhich and detonated at remote site. suspect 45-year-old everett bash is due to make a court appearance tomorrow. he was arrested tuesday for threatening a state official and having illegal weapons. yee said the e-mail death threat was very specific. >> the author of that particular e-mail specifically stated that if i did not cease efforts to the daily with gun violence that he would assassinate me in or around the capitol. >> senator 83 says he received
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a threatening e-mail about a month ago. >> also new at 11:00. fragment of meteorite landed in a room of russia kawshing flashes in the sky and explosion apparently. russian news agency say several people were hurt at school in thinly pop lited part of the region which is about 900 miles east of moscow. so far government officials have not confirmed any injuries or damage. >> surif you are on monterey bay today telling a shark tale that is frighteningly true about a dozen wave riders at moss landing between santa cruz monterey witness great white shark riding the waves and then devouring a sea lyon off the shore this morning. one surfer just out of the water said he saw the sea lions swim past moments earlier. they estimate it was 10 to 12 feet long. word quickly spread miles up the beach where other surfers then got out of the water. >> that is frightening. >> yes. >> well tahoe bartender claims to be a former navy seal and he
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even says he killed osama bin laden. >> dan is here with aneurysm team investigation. >> i tracked aj dick across the country ask about his outrageous story. talk to you about your navy seal backgroun background. up next. hear from people who believed in in him and gave him a lot of mone money. >> also valentine's day tradition tonight in san francisco. fun for these folk whose but cleans up all the feathers. >> later on jimmy kimmel live. >> josh since unveil the new line of love pill and rachel is here to spend all of have tines night with me. >> i'm actually going home right after the show. >> to spend some of valentine's night with me. >> all right we'll be back in 60 seconds with 7 news ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients,
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xññ you gentleman former lake tahoe bartender used a bogus story that he is deck writed navy seal most decorated of all time he says and he used the story to cash in big. >> aj dick invery convincing so convincing that he's talked his which in part of 300 million dollar security contract. >> our dan is here with an exclusive abc 7 news i team investigation what a tale. >> the i team has been exposing the fake military the hero over the years who make up stories to impress others or get their money. tonight i have the ultimate case. 56-year-old aj dick is very good at telling a store. even when he knows it's not true. that he's a highly decorated member of the special forces. navy seal. >> my wife and i met aj we were at just a sports bar in lake tahoe. and he was a bartender. >>reporter: unlike most real navy sivls met he says dick was
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quick to talk about the exploits and that he wore his decree depositional openly. >> he had on his i'll call it his navy seal hat with the trade interest on the brim and also identification button on the side with a rank. >>reporter: tv producer who thought dick experience could make a good documentary. aj closed the teal with this dd 214. discharge papers saying dick served 35 years in naval special warfare. 2 91 classified central intelligence operations. vietnam. panama. iraq. awarded bronze star. silver star. navy cross. 2 purple hearts, 6 counter terrorists service medal 9 presidential citation. >> that gives me the one sentence pitch on the documentary. what was the documentary going to be. >> soldier story. based on what he gave us. most highly decorated navy seal in the history of the navy seals.
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>>reporter: you paid him the money. >> it's just over 50,000 dollars. >>reporter: after signing away rights to the life story dick began sending page upon page of suggested plot lines. he wrote i answer question on regular basis about what it is like to be a seal. what it is like to be in combat. man inhumanity to man. and to daily with the horror of war. the story is my best recommendation. but vest was doing his own research and uncovered a troubling fact. something i verified with the national personnel record center that aj dick has never served a day in any branch of the u.s. military. biggest lie yet came when vest tried to con front dick face-to-face. >> he was the one that actually shot osama bin laden. >>reporter: you bought that. >> no. i knew that this was a charade at that point. there was no question about it. >>reporter: let me talk to you about your navy seal back ground. >> i don't have a navy seal background.
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>>reporter: you told people that didn't you. >> no i did not. >>reporter: when i tracked him down to southern california last week he wouldn't stop long enough to look at the information i compiled on him. all the phoney facebook pos postings e-mails with tall tal tale. fake discharge papers. the contract he signed with vest guarantee he's a navy see. you have a lane of people claim it you scam them out of a lot of money. >> no. >>reporter: aj next target the carson city, nevada airport. public hearing last may the airport commission thanked mr. mr. dick for his service as u.s. navy seal app granted use of hangar for his new self-defense classes. again, businessed on skills he supposedly learned as navy sea seal. >> clear come around and shoot. >>reporter: he recorded all of these promotional video and started running weapon tring for sports men in the have had desert. that attracted increasingly bigger fsh. surgeon brian and greg took
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lessons from dick hoping to improve their hunting skichlts i just asked what is your become ground and he said well, i'm actually a navy seal then i went in the cia after i retired from the seals. >> he can be very charming. very engaging. i think he's a typical con man. he present as face that kind of draws you in. >>reporter: but doctors soon became investor in his new venture called global security and logistics. how much money did you give aj. >> 375,000. >>reporter: how about you. >> about the same amount. almost 400,000 dollars. >>reporter: yes. >> he used the money to go after biggest payday of all. part of a 300 million dollar contract with the nation here to provide security for a construction project. dick instance conduct on that trip had the entourage fearing for their lives. that's 7 news at 6:00. see how a scheme begins to unravel when a real safe seal takes him on. the
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tomorrow at 6. >> remarkable. >>reporter: really is. he's so convincing though. if you hear it now it dent sound possible, right. but it just comes in degrees. start slowly. >> buy in slowly. >>reporter: exactly. >> now he's there. >>reporter: ease become now and all over the world. >> thanks. >>reporter: lacking forward to tomorrow. >> okay. turn your attention now to the weather forecast. >> sandy is here with that. >>reporter: you have something to look forward to tomorrow in terms of the weather. it's another spectacular day. live doppler 7 hk showing you nothing but clear skies at this hour. temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's. we do have still 60 degree reading in antioch in the morning you weren't to add an extra layer on. it will be cool in spots. sunny mild next two days cooling on sunday and rain arrives as we head into tuesday which also means snow in the sierra nevada beginning on tuesday. high pressure system here is going to hold on writ on through the weekend so storms will not make their way
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to the bay area just yet. but by tuesday high pressure weaken and we will start to see changes in our weather. for tomorrow area of high pressure inland. we seat wind flowing from the land to the ocean that brings warmer air down towards the coast so it is going to be another mild to warm friday afternoon. if you are doing some traveling this long holiday weekend show you what the tahoe forecast looks like. temperatures in the teens and 20's for the morning but in the afternoon low 50's friday and saturday dry a little bit cooler. 47 degrees on sunday. and on president's day partly cloudy skies. yosemite one of the viewers wrote to us and said how come you didn't talk about yosemite. here it is. 58 degrees friday saturday. 54 on sunday and monday we see morning low hovering right around freezing but it is going to be beautiful at yosemite as well if you do have some plans to go there. over nature temperatures chilly in the inland cell. we go with upper 30's. most other area low to
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upper 40's under clear skies so just an extra layer like i said in the morning will do but likely taking that extra layer off in the afternoon because check out the temperatures. friday in the south bay 73 degrees for cupertino, saratog saratoga, 74 los gatos, san jose 72 degrees blue sky 70 millbrae, san mateo redwood city, 71 degrees coastal area you are in the mid upper 60's. half machine bay almost near 70 degrees for february 15. did you want san francisco 68. 66 in daly city. mid 60's in the north bay along the coast line but we see low mid 70's around santa rosa ukiah calistoga 68 san rafael, vallejo east bay. up to 69 in berkeley. 71 in oakland. newark, inland communities mi to warm afternoon. above average temperature. 72 in livermore and fairfield and for the monterey bay 72 in santa cruz. 75 for you in gilroy. 7 day forecast sprinkling warmment
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sticking around through saturday. caller sunday. president's day temperatures drop-off some more partly cloudy rain on tuesday now latest computer model bringing in a chance of showers wednesday an chance of written on thursday. temperatures much caller carolyn and dan so big pattern changes lack like they are ahead next week. >> all right thank you. >> back to rlt. >> academy awards are justin days away so now is the time to down load the official oscars app. provides details on all number necessity and the my pick feature can help you keep track of the favorite. >> it's available for i-phone i-pad android and kinnell fire. oscars air sunday february 24th. the only police you can watch them right here on abc 7. >> stay with us. sports is up next. >> one of college basketball best rivalry rae newed in moraga
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pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >> rivalry renewed about in moraga. west coast power, st. mary's gonzaga another classic
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at the pavilion. the final home game against the fifth rank zag and senior didn't disappoint early. splitting a pair of defender leaning scoring a mav right there 7 foot. lottery material. he has some rain. pick and roll hits the 3. 5, 3 in the first half. then points. one bucke bucket. financial 20 minutes. done gage -- gonzaga. no closer here and junior buries the 3. 77-60 gonzaga a winner in moraga. sacramento mayor johnson court side at the pavilion. ucla in all sorts of trouble. smith to solomon. best game of the season for him solidify young man. oh. pack 12 leading scorer. cal led 4 41-17 in the first half. they cruise 76-63. finally playing up to expectation. stanford
12:27 am
football coach at maple tonigh tonight. huh stop. athletic on the baseline. 15 of sanford first 23 points. 5 seconds left in the first half. yes. trojan by 12 at the break. 1.8 seconds left. usc gets the win. >> closer grant suffered torn ligament in the right knee. mri discovered it. surge are i today. he will miss all spring training. positive just a 4 to 6 week rehab. he thinks ready for the april first home opener that's against the mariners so yes the rage should be regular season ready a's fan. round 1 northern trust open james hahn tied for third last we can at pebble. tied for fourth at riviera. 4 under 67. he's 3
12:28 am
shots behind the leader. that guy matt 7 underscore certainly yo a lone second at 6 under pa par. former world no. 1 hewitt and tie bricker you hate seeing this. match point. vl double fault. advances 2 time defending champ with 13 is as spotlight the guy earlier this week. straight set winner for russell. big forehand winner right there. 7 experts report brought to you by river rock casino. >> one last time. >> thanks collin. >> feathers flying tonight. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors
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