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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 16, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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directly in front of me. >> i saw two lights basically right over there. >> here is a look at what they saw. this video sent to youtube appearing to be a ball of fire streaking across the night sky. jay i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn. >> it has been a strange 24 hours. the giant asteroid that came close to earth, the meteor that exploded in russia and now tonight's breaking news a meteor across the bay area sky. alan wang is live at the space and science center in oakland. alan, a lot of people saw this thing. >> many of those people came to see an asteroid passing by the earth. but instead it has been christmastime for astronomers. >> reports are coming in from around the bay, but mostly on
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the peninsula. a bright, blue light streaking across the western sky around 7:40. someone claiming to have recorded the meteor while driving down 280 posted this video on youtube. another witness looked at the video d said it is what he saw as well. we caught up with those who saw it in ocean beach in san francisco. >> it was like a flash of lightning. that's basically what it looked like. i saw it twice. he saw it once or twice? >> we just saw two lights basically right over there. >> it was over the whole bay. it was insane. >> apparently there was another bright meteor seen in the sky. maybe not as bright as the one that was seen in russia. >> more people seem to be paying attention to the sky after a meteor slammed into russia today. it streaked across the sigh beeren why sky and -- siberian sky with the power of an
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atomic bomb. injuring thousands of people, mostly from broken glass. nasa says it was the size of a building and moving at 40,000 miles per hour. >> the recent occurrences is probably what makes it interesting. that's what has me up here. >> what do you know of asteroids? >> i know they can be dangerous. >> meanwhile, another asteroid is passing very close to the earth tonight. it is the closest any asteroid has ever gotten to the earth. stargazers came out to get a glimpse of a fuzzy dot on a video screen. 17,000 miles seems like a long distance, but the asteroid is so close to the earth that astronomers say the earth's gravity is bending its path. >> which means it has some potential, although not an immediate potential of hitting the earth. >> a lot of astronomical activity in the past 24 hours, but astronomers hearsay it is just a -- here say it is a wonderful coincidence. reporting live from the space
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and science center in oakland, a alan wang, abc news. >> they are so close together. it is odd. people have been tweeting about it. this from texas girl erin who said, just saw it from market and fifth. and kept floating said there was a trail of bluish white light for 10 to 20 seconds. and this from angela. we were on 280 heading north when we saw a bright, falling star as my kids call it. if you snap a picture or video we would love to see it. send it to you report at it is unlikely that a meteor will hit your home. if it does, are you covered by insurance? michael finney got some answers. >> that is one of the things that is definitely covered under the homeowner insurance policy. most people don't realize it is because it doesn't happen often, but if it does, it is something that is covered. >> you hope it doesn't. an insurance industry
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spokesman says damage from the meteor concussion like what we saw in russia would be covered. other events covered under the homeowners insurance include volcanos, lightning strikes and falling satellites. after eight days aboard the triumph two women are home. julie spring gel and her mother -- julie spring gel -- pr nie gle and her mother connie lewis flew in. i can only imagine how happy those women are to be back. serming yow? >> well -- sergio? >> julie pringle had an emotional homecoming. her nine-year-old was so happy to see her, he literally swept her off her feet. after the bear hug on the ground, 9-year-old ricky had a big hug for his grandmother connie lewis from antioch. she was also aboard the cruiseship. despite the conditions julie
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and connie say their travel group of five women did fine. julie says she even used skills she practiced with her son who wants to be an eagle scout. she tied square knots with the tents on the deck. >> we are working together. >> and it all came in very handy? >> it came in handy tieing sheets together. >> once we realized the fire was out and it would be all right it took longer than we thought to come home. >> julie and connie say the experience has not scared them from ever taking a cruise again, but they will study a little bit closer before booking their next cruise just to make sure the ship is a little newer. as julie and thousands of other passengers on board the triumph travel across the country, the ship was moved to a repair dock in mobile, alabama. that's where it will under do repairs and the investigation will begin. for some passengers, even the
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journey home met with technical problems. a charter bus broke down in route to new orleans stranding passengers for more than an hour. pictures shot by pringle illustrate the conditions as the massive ship went dark and five inches of sewer water collected in their cabin. speaking on cnn, pringle and her travel group says the situation was tough, but tolerable, and that includes caring for some people who had kids aboard. >> i think the kids had fun. they were running around on the ship. the crew did a lot to play with the kids and have events for them. i think the parents of the children were more stressed than the children themselves. >> i was thankful we didn't have our kids with us. p ri ngle and her group were on board for a surprise 40th birthday for her sister. they praised the efforts. ship's crew who tried to make the best of overwelming situation. now, one of the other passengers aboard the triumph has already filed a federal
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lawsuit over this whole ordeal. i asked julie and connie what they think of legal action. they say, of course, conditions aboard the ship were bad, but they say it doesn't warrant a lawsuit. reporting live in oakland, abc7 news. >> there will be lawsuits, sergio. well, the weekend is here, and a storm is churning its way from the pacific. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> and it doesn't show up on live doppler 7hd yet because it is way out in the pacific. let me show you live doppler 7hd. just a few clouds off the coastline here. it was a spectacular day. check out the highs for today. 80 degrees in santa cruz. 71 san francisco and 75 in oakland. it was up to 73 in santa rosa. san jose got up to 72. salinas 81. that tied its previous record set for this day. this is spring-like warmth in the middle of february. i'll let you know if it will
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carry over to for your holiday weekend, and when that storm makes it to the bay area in a few minutes. dan? >> sandhya, thank you. southern california authorities say fugitive excop christopher dorner died from a gunshot wound to the head, probably self-inflicted. dorner died on tuesday in a cabin that burned to the ground in a firefight. the owners of the home looked at the rubble. they say he probably killed himself when he realized there was no way out. authorities recovered silencers and assault weapons at sites connected to him. a teacher accused of stealing from her own students. it happened west of stockton in the san juaquin county. the teacher was count in the act on this cell phone video. you can see the teacher going through a pink backpack. she appears to find money and take it out. students set up the camera after they notice things missing from their bags. the teacher has been here for 30 years and is on administrative leave while the
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school investigates. police charged a 50-year-old from idaho with assault after he slapped a crying baby on a delta airlines flight. the baby's mom claimed joe hundly slapped her crying child with an open hand and used a racial slur and wreaked of alcohol during the flight. hundley says it is not true and simply asked the woman to quiet her child. a man's phony story about his life as a navy seal begins to unraffle. >> dan noyes is here with an i team investigation. >> tonight you will hear from the retired navy seal who helped expose the lies. >> i get one more phone call asking me to verify if he was ever a navy seal. i will take this grenade and blow myself up. >> up next, what happened when people started asking if this self-proclaimed navy seal was the real thing. >> and baby couldn't wait, but
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would this emergency sled ride make it to the hospital in time? >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> thanks. tonight on "gym mooy -- on" jimmy kimmle live" making out with strappingers -- strangers on hollywood boulevard. it is my late valentine gift few. >> we will be back in 60
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a former lake tahoe bar -- bartender has used his stori to being the most decorated war here to sc hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> and it helped him land a security contract in africa. but the abc7 news eye team is exposingim and dan noyes is here with the investigation. >> dan and ama, he was about to use his phony navy seal
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background to cash in with a piece of aion contract in e nation of barundi. but as we learned, a real navy seal was works to expose his lie. >> hi, aj. >> he sold his phony life story as a navy seal for $50,000. he convinced two doctors to give him hundreds of thousands more fora new security firm and then had his sights set on his biggest pay day yet. >> if i get one more phone call asking me to verify if aj dicken was ever a navy seal i am going to take this grenade and pull the pin and blow myself up. >> he is a retired seal who runs a training cam he has access to the official database of every navy sl. shiply spends much of his time exposing phons on a popular youtube channel. but the video he posted about aj dicken didn't seem to slow him down. >> how he turned that around
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and d people convinced for more money is i posted that mylf. i have killed so many people in central and south america and afghanistan, they are looking for me. i put that up to throw them off my trail. >> they gave him almost $400,000 each for his new venture, global security and logistics. he was able to talk his way into the world sports allian, an organization that works closely with the united nations and developin countries. dien became the security chief on a $300 million con trabt. the plan, to buil a waste to energy plant in the aican nation, a project with a ripple affect. >> we were talking about lels of money where we can put mone into immunization prrams and really have a huge significantimpact on people's health. >> in september he attended meetings at the united natio as wsa's new security chi. in octer he urged his own -- he organized his own trip and
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bringing a staff of eight. they tell me the trip was a mess from the stt. >> i was like, this guy has never been overseas in his life. >> really, why? >> even simple things like going through customs a showing your passport. he was clueless. joy was the drinking constant? >> con constant. i don't think there was a moment he was not drunk the entire trip. >> he hired this pilot to head flight operations. after they arrived in barundi it was clearo meetings were set up. they were winng it. and aj's negotiations went far beyond a wasted energy plant. >> we show up saying we want to train your military. we want to come in here and provide you weapons and whatever they are like, who are you? >> welcome our esteemed guests. >> the head of security for the trip, former marine sniper tells me it quickly became clear to tse with real military backgrounds th dicken was a fake.
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>> we knew it was ridiculous, but we got diplomatic passports, we got all of this stuff so it looked like it ws becoming real. >> it started to unraffle for dicken weeks late when he opened a bank account on the island of antigua for global funds, but tried to set it up so only he could access the money. the board fired him. >> his response? >> he turned whit as a sheet. he basically walked out of the restaurant halfway through the meeting and i think since then th have more or less been on the run. >> they took the truck and t jeep parked right here for the last couple weeks. now they are gone. >> i was able to track aj dicken from hishouse outside carson city. for the past two months he took his rv to his parents' home in southern california, across to the atlanta area and then back. i caut up to him in his parents' neighbhood. >> i don't have a navy seal background. >> you told a lot of people
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that. >> no, i i did not. >> he gave a few blanket denials. the most pressing question is possession of guns on the promotional videos. he is a felon. records from riverside county show burglary, recving stolen property and child concealing. the sheriff's office confirms they along with the fbi and the atf want to question him. the saga of aj dicken, phony navy seal resonates for those in the military. >> it is wng. people put their lives on the line every day. when somebody fakes thatit is upsetting to anybody who has ever served >> doctors are trying to move forward. they have a meeting set for next month to introduce their new security chie to the wsa. when dicken took off they found a treure troeve o
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these including a navy seal am id and all of those awards. the silver star, the purple heart and the navy cross. anyone can buy them off the internet and so did aj dicken. they were not the real thing. >> he was convincing. >> he was. he worked the story until the en one baby in connecticut just coun't wait for the snowplows after that big east coast blizzard. 42-year-old lori wood went into labor and look at this. her neighbors sprang into action. they put her on a sled and took her to the hospital. theyade it just in time for thatittle snowman, named james after his father. >> they didn't name him frosty? >> no. james is much better i think. >> i agree. less appropriate. let's update the forecast. the weekend has arrived. it looks gorgeous. >> sandhya? that's right, ama and d. i want to show uh time lapse worth checking out.
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sunset a 5:49 and check out the view. it was absolutely beautiful tonight. right now we want to check out live doppler 7hd. we have a few clouds off e coastline. some patches of low clouds and higher clouds. they are working their way toward the b area. they are going to be harmless as we head into the startf your holiday weekend. let's check out the current temperatures. it is still pretty mild. 60 degrees at this hour. most other areas are in te fortses and the 50s. our highghts mild to warm. cooling trend starts on sunday. and there is a chance of rain beginng on monday night and continuing into tuesday. let's checkhe temperature trend. we saw 60s and 70s and eve a few low 80s. here are the highs for saturday. ill mild and 68 in santa rosa and sunday are you down to 64, by monday 61. yocan see the trend here. san jose dropping from 70 to 65 to 62.
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it is all downhill beyond tomorrow. here is what is happening in e atmosphere. high pressure is beginning to shift east. we will see the affects of t cooling trend on sunday and continuing monday. bymonday night a cold storm will come down from the gulf of alaska, andt will bring us the possibility ofrainn monday night and certainly it is going to be wet on tuesday. we are even looking at low snow possibility. 2500 feet could see rain-snow mix. above 3,000 snow is expected in if that system holds together. temperatur midto upper 30s in the coldest inland valleys. most other areas are in the 40s and 50s. as you look at your high temperatures for your saturday it is going to be mild. 70 degrees in san jose. 71 in campbell and 72 for yu in los gatos. 69 mill pea dis. a mix of sun and occasional high clds. 69 in palo alto. 71 for you in lossltos. check out the coast. 68 in half moon bay. these temperatures are running
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warmer than wheryou should be for this time of year. 67 in downtown san francisco. get up into the north bay and you will see low to mid60s along the coast. 68 clear lake and70 in ukiah. santa rosa and sonoma and novato 68 degrees. head outoward the east bay and you will see up to 69 in oakland and 70 for fremont. land communities, basking in the sun a beautiful day. 69 concord and 70 for danville. for the monterey bay, it is beach weather. 70 in santa cruzand 70 in morgan hill. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. don't get used to it. it is goingownhill. starting on sunday, cool weather and a little more cloud cover. wind switches around and more of a sea breeze. chance ofrain late. tuesday you only the low to mi0s. rain and maybe snow and chances of rain on thursday and friday. the sierra nevada is picking up sw and tahoe as early as monday night and possibly tuesday. we are keeping our fingers crosse and we do see big changes here. >> thank you, sandhya. abr7 is the only place --
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abc7 is the only place to watch thescars on february 24th. you ca get ready with our oscars app. >> check out all of the nominees and to keep track of your favoritesthe app is available for the iphone, ipad, and kindle fire. >> we have all sorts of stuff. >> and larry beale is here. >> the high and mighty deal. the low and ffering shots. they are streaking in the wrong direction in chicago. spor is next.
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snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. for the sharks january was spectacular, 7-0. february is a disaster, 0-7 after another loss in chicago. captain doesn't fight often, but he was asking for it. he got some. second period and a little flip with a knuckle from the neutral zone. off the post and kruger knocks it in. that's a soft goal and a killer for the sharks the way they are playing. they would respond.
12:27 am
tim kennedy and there is his first goal for the men in teal. to the third and now 3-1 chicago. a rocket from the point. the sharks lose their seventh in a row 4-1 the final. grizzly adams has reported to the a's camp. he didn't shave during the off season. zz top needs an outfielder reddick is perfect. first full workout is sunday. as for reddick, he and cocoa crisp had a bet to see who can grow the longest facial hair and we have a champ. >> i was declared the winner of my peers. cocoa accepted his loss and trimmed his up. i don't know what it will bring to the table. a lot of people say it will slow me down, but that is a matter of combing it down and letting the wind run through it. >> milos roanic is looking to defend his title. roanic has one of the best serves in the game. 14 in this match and takes the
12:28 am
first set tie break on match point. this shot is lodge. is long. roanic moving on. the nba allstar game is sunday in houston. harrison barnes and klay thompson on team shaq. they call him manible. between the legs on the assist here. >> rubio for the steel and he gets high and mighty. >> we biels tend to get high. that is my cousin. i taught him that. they were on the losing end 163-135. high and mighty, abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> i don't know how mighty. thank you larry. >> up next, an up vagues of the you are furry kind. the you are furry kind. >> what could be so
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