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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 8, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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captioning made possible by disney--abc domestic television captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. and rape. a ri el castro charged with imprisoning three women for more than a decade as the emotional homecomings continue. here is gina de jesus with a thumbs up. >> this is the first video of castro coming out of court this afternoon just as two of the three girls he is accused of kidnapping returned home. here is a big thumbs up from kidnapping victim gina de jesus as she was rushed into their home. her family says they never gave up. >> i knew my daughter was out
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there alive. >> i want to thank everybody that believed. even when i said she was alive and believed. >> reporter: amanda berry, the woman who called 9-1-1 and helped all three women tried to escape the media frenzy by entering the back of her sister's home with her six-year-old daughter in her arms. it was an emotional time for her sister. >> we appreciate all you have done for us throughout the 10 years. please respect our privacy until we are ready to make our statement. >> reporter: the third woman, michelle knight is still hospitalized tonight. >> we found them. >> reporter: the police radio call just released today as they realized they found the missing women. and now we are learning more about their years in captivity. the women were often locked up with chains and ropes in separate rooms. in 10 years they only left the home twice in disguise and
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went only to the garage. the women say this week was the only time they had a chance to escape. >> the only o interviewing the young ladies to escape was the other day when amanda escaped. >> reporter: castro will be arraigned tomorrow morning and his brothers are thought being charged with anything. at this point there is no evidence they were involved. this man, ariel castro had a run in with police at a cleveland gas station. the entire incident was caught on a police officer's dash cam video. >> let me see your driver's license. >> excuse me? >> let me see your driver's license. >> what's wrong? >> you don't have a helmet on. you don't have a license to operate it. you will get yourself arrested is that what you want? >> no, i do not. >> the charges were dropped and family members of castro's late wife say he was a monster, friendly in public, but physically abusive behind closed doors. stay right here. later on "nightline" cynthia
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mcfaden interviewed charles ramsey, the man who helped free the women at 12:35. this developing story tonight, a human head has been found at an east bay recycling facility. workers at california waste solutions came across it at the recycling center on 10th street in oakland. they say it appears to be a mummified skull. they brought in cadaver dogs to try to find other body parts. they haven't found anything. a medical examiner will look at the head to help figure out whose it is. a major shake up in the police department. howard jordan announced sudden leahy is stepping down as chief. -- sudden leahy is stepping down as chief. city leaders say they were taken by surprise by this. >> they were, and there is a lot of speculation as to why the police chief quit so abruptly. he says he was not forced out. >> my goal is to control my own destiny. at this point the only way to
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do that is to resign or seek a medical retirement so i can live longer. >> howard jordan would only say he has a debilitating health condition. last week during a ride along with abc7 news he gave no indication he was leaving, but today he said he had been contemplating retirement for quite some time. >> i have to say it wasn't easy waking up this morning doing that. probably one of my toughest decisions. >> a blind cited mayor's office called a press conference to introduce the newest chief. >> i hope you hear my true affection for the chief and the best wishes for him and his familiment. >> the chief's announcement comes on a day a report critical of the police chand staff was set to be released. it was thought a factor in his departure after one year as chief. >> i was never forced out. i was actually talking to my physician for quite some time now.
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>> the report itself raised real concern about the chief's leadership. >> attorney john burris helped author an agreement to overhaul the department which came under fire for racial profiling and police brutality. 10 years later, no chie has been able to fully comply. >> it is internal. it has a lot to do with the culture of the department. >> the report says there is no strategic oversight to push through these recommendations. captains and other field managers are not being held accountable. there is a press conference to talk about this tomorrow, and we will be covering it. reporting live from oakland police headquarters, alan wang, abc7 news. >> we will indeed. you can see our entire interview with howard jordan on our website. that's >> the clouds hung in tight along the coast today. let's check in with sandhya patel with live doppler 7hd. >> the marine influence shows why it was cooler from the
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mid50s to the low 70s. let's check out live doppler 7hd and the marine influence was back again tonight. low clouds across the entire bay area. you will notice that livermore is reporting cloudy skies along san jose. the temperatures right now are 52 in santa rosa and 54 livermore and 5 tiff degrees in los gatos. we are headed toward a cool morning with cloud cover. i will be back to let you know when some changes are coming, and there will be some changes as we hit the weekend. dan? >> sandhya, thank you very much. the san francisco 49ers have made a major deal. tonight levi's has secured the naming rights for the new stadium now being built in santa clara. as leslie brinkley explains, that relationship, some believe, seems like it fits like a good pair of 50 one's. >> and can't you wait until the very first game in levi stadium. >> 49er jerseys pair perfectly with levis.
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the new $1.2 billion stadium in santa clara will bear the name levi stadium as part of a $220 million deal. >> it wasn't about just finding somebody to put their name on the stadium. it was finding the right fit. >> it is the largest single tenant deal for naming rights in the nfl. >> all of the money is important because it will help us payoff the stadium and keep our promise that there will be no public funds used for it. >> the 20-year deal joins two local icons, levi, san francisco's oldest company that started manufacturing jeans for the original 49ers in the gold rush. >> the games are being streamed around the world. the super bowl is seen around the world. naming the stadium and the naming value that goes with it, it makes great business sense. >> 49er fans seem to like the connection. >> it is nice that they have a company just down the street sponsoring them instead of a company we might not be too familiar with.
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>> the stadium authority must still approve the name on thursday, and then it is a done deal for what some are dubbing the field of jeans. in santa clara, leslie brinkley, abc news. new at 11:00, the lawrence livermore national laboratory wants to cut 600 employees. the nuclear and science lab asked employees to consider voluntary separations. the lab is offering a week's pay for every year worked up to 26 weeks. lab officials say the separations will help deal with federal budget cuts likely to come next year. hayward police ended their search for a gunman. they did not find him. it began this afternoon when a man with a gun was seen with three other men leaving the hayward bart station. sky 7hd was overhead as dozens of officers swarm the area. an officer fired on the man when he pointed his gun at police near the jackson street dmv office. he then took off. the three other men were detained and two were arrested on unrelated charges. a high speed chase in the north bay ended tonight when
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the suspect crashed into a school bus. sky 7hd was on the scene as police shutdown southbound lanes. the chase ended just before 5:00 on 101 in mill valley. no children were aboard the bus. no one was seriously hurt. police say the suspect tried to commit bank fraud this morning in san an sal mow and was spotted this afternoon when the chase began. police arrested the driver, a sacramento man. new at 11:00, san jose police say they have broken up one of the most sophisticated identity theft rings they have seen in years. with the help of the u.s. secret service no less, police arrested these three people that you are looking at. police say the group was able to create fake driver's licenses, credit cards, counterfeit money and checks. one elderly man was ripped off for $100,000. police are still looking for these two persons of interest in the case. they would very much like to talk to them. stay home, make money. sounds too good to be true. >> i like it. now a new way to earn some
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with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, scene. a helicopter crashed on to a busy honolulu street and somehow we were glad to tell you that no one was seriously hurt. a witness put this video on youtube. authorities say the chopper was on a photography flight when it crashed upside down on top of a car. it also happened outside a fire station. emergency responders were at the crash seconds after it happened. again no one seriously hurt. >> very fortunate. trying to earn a living these days is not easy these
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days. >> so when michael finney came to a website that could supplement your family's income he gave it a good look. >> michael? >> i first told you about this when the website was just getting up and going. now it is really taking off. it is based on this. $5. doesn't seem like much, but it works. >> what would i do for $5? not much. >> wow, what would i do for $5? not much for 5. >> there seems to be a consensus. >> there is not a lot i would do for $5. >> kristen peterson, known as miss kristen is not agreeing. >> i write press releases and blogs and master music and i do audio mixes. >> she sells those services and others for $5 on this website. fiverr with two r's. >> i heard about it from michael finney, 7 on your side, from you. >> after my report aired she logged on and the rest is
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financial history. >> here it is two years later and i made over $9,000 on the site. >> $5 at a time? >> right. >> we are surprised every day. people are so creative. i think that this is a story of the new economy. people finding creative ways to achieve financial freedom. >> that is micah, the co-founder and ceo of fiverr. >> in today's environment after the internet revolution, everyone has something, a skill, a talent, a resource, that is of a value for somebody else. >> ♪ you got personality >> ms. ms kristen owns this label. here she is playing a tune and allowing us to listen to her new song and what she bought for $5.
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it came from this guy on fiverr. he is this sweden and he charged her $5. she likes the price, but she also likes the connection. >> we do it for less money, but the networking is where it is at. you meet people all over the world and make connections that can help you or you can help them in the future. >> so $5 might not seem like much, but it doesn't take long and people catch on. >> fiverr, well i will take $5 for the interview right now though. >> the buyer pays nothing. see how quick people are. the seller pays $1 out of the five. there is a sliding scale for prices above that. she works an hour and a half a day and makes $100 a week. what can you buy? travel planning, puppet shows, pranks, custom art work and crazy stuff like a guy who promises to dress up like
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harry potter and say just about anything you would like in a video. we have a link on our website. check it out by going to what would you do for $5? >> we'll just take it. >> good news? >> if i am not here tomorrow you know where i am. i am making money at home. let's put sandhya patel to work for $5. >> she is checking our weather and how warm it is going to get. >> it will get real warm. close to 90 degrees as you check out live doppler hd. you can see quite a bit of low cloud cover. the cloudiness has made it to san jose and all the way to livermore. now this morning you probably recall it was overcast and it took awhile before some areas saw the sun. check out oural gnaw knack. 63 was the high and normal is 68 degrees. the low is about where you should be. no rainfall and the season to date just over 13 inches of rain.
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sunrise tomorrow morning and wayneing crescent moon tonight. this is a view from our camera. as you look toward the financial district of san francisco you can see the cloud cover right now. 53 in san francisco and it is 57 in oakland. currently mid50s for san jose and san carlos and half moon bay and it is 57 in santa cruz. low clouds overnight. sunny tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at a warmer pattern this weekend. you will notice the difference. you will feel the difference this weekend. check out the satellite and the radar. we have been dealing with two centers of lows. both of these have been keeping us in a cool pa the turn. showers over -- cool pattern. showers over the mountains as it wraps around the low as it dies down. the area of low pressure is shifting out. one will be moving through here and it will allow high pressure to build in and really warl us up. overnight into tomorrow morning expect the cloud cover, but notice the clouds pretty much start to break up by the afternoon.
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increasing sunshine and those temperatures will respond. it is going to be a little warmer tomorrow. the week ahead san jose 73 degrees tomorrow afternoon. coming up to 77 and then we will get you to the low to mid80s range by the weekend. like i said, considerably warmer. tomorrow morning you will need to bundle up. mid40s to mid50s. cool and cloudy tomorrow afternoon. turns bright and sunny a little sooner than today. 72 in the south bay in santa clara. 75 los gatos and morgan hill. redwood city and 63 in millbrae. upper 50s here along the coastline. you will still see some lingering cloud cover in daly city. 58 degrees. downtown san francisco 62. you are coming up in the north bay. 72 in santa rosa. mid70s clear lake, calistoga, east bay. the temperatures are close to average, 67 in oakland and 68 union city. inland communities are mostly sunny and mild afternoons. 76 in fairfield and 73 san
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ramon and 75 in livermore. here is a look at the forecast and the temperatures are moving on up as we head into the weekend. mother's day is looking fabulous. upper 80s inland and low 60s coast side. moms deserve the best and they will get that. >> thank you very much. larry beil is next with sports. sports. >> as the warrior [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes itit easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. i have your hangover right here. after a soul crushing loss the warriors took the court for game two and again they built this huge 20-point lead. the question was could they hang on. steph curry -- depressed? he is not depressed. he is ready. klay thompson in the zone in the first half.
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warriors up 13 on the road. shoot it! 62-43 at the half. thompson is bringing it with two hands. career high of 34 points. leonard with authority. his first rally and they have his free throws and will they fold? warriors up 11 after three. ginobili hit the game winner in gape one. the spurs within six. four minutes to go and scoop to the hoop. under two minutes left crossover and step back and oh yes. the warriors exercise the demons in dwaim two. in game two. they even the series with game three on friday at roracle. the 30-game losing streak in san an san antonio, that's
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over. >> the coach tell us to have amnesia at half time. that's basically it. we are a young team. it may help that we can forget about it and keep playing. >> the giants and phillys and hunter pence is a hacking. second homer of the year and giants 1-0 lead. barry zito turned into a dangerous man at the plate hitting .333. he knocks in brandon belt and left with a 3-1 lead. but sergio romo gives up a couple of runs in the 9th. it is tied at 3 so no decision for zito. to the 10th and torres is clutch. two out and walkoff single and scoring buster posey and that's your ballgame, everybody. look at pablo. that's the fastest he has won in awhile. giants win 4-3 and avoid being swept by philly. that's the stone age, people.
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the a's in cleveland and two down and bottom of 9. that was gone, but they called it a double over the yellow line. umps don't see it that way. they went to review it and it hit the railing and came back. they still get it wrong. are you watching it on a black and white zenith? how do you miss that? manager bob melvin loses his mind and the a's lose the game 4-3. quakes hosting toronto fc. 1-1 corner kickoff opportunity and it finds him for the game winner. san jose with the victory 2-1. abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> excellent. thank you very much, larry. up next, donald trump's money give away. >> what this billionaire is up to now. stay with us.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. in the morning you will see low cloud cover across the bay area. a light breeze and the temperatures in the upper 40s to mid50s. not budging much. by 8:00 a.m. mike will be here from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you. donald trump handed out suitcases of money. >> in a tweet this morning he offered it to anyone in need. >> hundreds of people showed up at trump power -- tower in new york showed up for the cash. one man who needed a lung transplant. >> he received $40,000. it is from the website fund you post what you need hoin for -- what you need money for and then people dough that and trump gets to take a little off the top. >> of course he does. >> he has to take his cut jie. i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thank you for watching. the morning news


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