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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 27, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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oh, boy. ha ha ha ha! come here. oh, yeah, you like that? i love you, andy. you're my best friend. [ laughs, smooches ] he really needs to find a girlfriend. i think he just did. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television a step closer to a bart strike. just a short time ago the union notified management they could walk off their jobs in 72 hours. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. 5* strike could happen on monday. let's get to alan wang live at bart headquarters in oakland. alan, despite the union strike notice, the talks continue.
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>> yes, dan, this is the shot across the bow. this week union members authorized a strike and tonight they sent a letter to bart saying they will strike unless an agreement is made by sunday night. both sides say they want to keep the trains running and they offered a 1% raise each year for the next four years. >> obviously it is a big difference and probably not received very well. >> especially because the unions are asking for a 5% raise each year. >> it is time the district takes it serious and gets to the table and stop playing games. >> to answer the union safety issues they released this artist rendition of canopies that will be placed over bart escaloators, keeping vagrants from sleeping at the bottom of bart street entrances. >> passengers are being assaulted. a can gnaw de is not -- a canopy is not the answer to
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that. >> bart ridership has been increasing, but bart says it needs $16 billion over the next three decades for capital improvements. bart released this video explaining why. >> we are all in favor of bart doing capital improvement. do not take it out of the pockets of the workers or the riders. >> now more bart riders are talking about it. >> so it is nothing new. it is a threat every couple years. you never know when they will do it. >> i have seen a few weeks ago what happened when we lost service for a day. things are pretty bad. >> bart says the unions will be back at the negotiating table tomorrow morning at 11:00. they say they will negotiate in good faith, but if an agreement is not made, there will be a strike on monday morning. reporting live in oaknd la, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. casual carpooling is a good way to get across the bay.
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morning pick ups are between 6:00 and 9:30. they are usually marked by signs. passengers are dropped off on fremont street in downtown san francisco. the evening pick up area is from 3:30 until 7:00 each weekday between howard and folsom. some drivers may head for the golden gate bridge as an alternative to the bay bridge, and that has transportation officials worried. they believe it will cause major back ups near the larkspur ferry terminal where it is at capacity. and at the golden gate bridge where officials are concerned there could beacon fusion over the new automatic tolls now in affect. now, this is what the roads looked like the last time bart workers went on strike. remember this back in 1997? frustrated drivers crowded the roads while long lines stretched for hours at ferry terminals and bus stations. it was a hassle for commuters. the 1997 bart shutdown lasted six long days. it did catch a lot of us in a lot of traffic.
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join us early monday morning for the latest on the bart strike, the potential for one. eric tom man and kristen sze will bring you the up to the minute latest on the contract negotiations and a look at how all of this is affecting your weekday commute. that's monday at 4:theater a.m. on a -- 4:30 a.m. on abc news. a streak could potentially happen on monday. tune in. we'll keep you posted. and we have created a link on our website about the options you have if there is a bart strike. you can also find out about casual carpooling that we just talked about or download the exclusive abc7 news ways traffic app. it can really help you negotiate the freeways around here. it is at under see it on tv. let's move on and talk about the weather. it is about to get hot, really hot. that's going to impact your weekend. right now it is clear and still quite nice outside. it is a bit humid. spencer christian is here with live doppler 7hd.
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>> it is about to get hot and remain hot. live doppler 7hd shows the clear skies to which you referred. with this extreme heat coming our way, it could pose potential hazards to our health. today was terribly hot. mid-nineties in the inland locations, but it will get hotter over the next several days. we have a heat advisory in affect for saturday 11:00 a.m. to sunday at 9:00 p.m. for the north bay except the coastal areas of course. the interior east bay in the santa clara valley and highs over 100 degrees. very warm nights and there is an excessive heat watch in affect from sunday to wednesday over the sacramento valley, the san juaquin valley and the delta on those areas on those days highs from 105 to 112. a look at the seven-day forecast a little bit later. >> spencer, thanks very much. a minor earthquake struck near hollister tonight at 8:52. the 3.9 magnitude quake was felt in silicon valley north to san francisco.
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you kwan see the area affect -- you can see the area affected on the map. no reports of damming or injury. two people at the core of the prop 8 ruling yesterday by the supreme court are back from washington tonight, home in the bay area. and they are talking about this historic decision on same-sex marriage. lilian kim is live in san francisco. lilian, they must be on cloud 9. >> they are and they will be celebrating. they will be marching in sunday's parade. >> we are very honored to be included. >> they returned to the bay area to hugs and congratulations. they are still reveling in their victory. >> we will say thank you to them. we are the lucky ones. this never would have happened if it weren't for many, many years of everybody doing their
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part. >> the excitement was evident at tonight's pride event. the party had begun. a million people with 10 pride, but they expect a quarter million more people this sunday as a result of the supreme court decision. aids and lgbt activist says this will be his 41st year attending pride. >> do you think this will be the most important pride weekend? >> i do. i think it will be enormous. >> and when pride is over, the excitement will continue for chris perry. they are getting married. >> we will get married the first day you can get married. >> we don't know. we don't know where or when, but we will. >> abc7 news. >> the gay pride weekend festivities culminate with a big parade on sundayment -- on sunday. it takes off at 10:30 in the morning and then ends with a day long rally at san
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francisco's' civic plaza. you can find a complete list of pride events. click on see it on tv. new at 11:00, a suspected it drunk driver is accused of a head on crash accused of injuring a motorcyclist in clayton. it happened before 6:00 on clayton road near oak street just outside the clayton town center. the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital. the driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. berkeley police want your help to find a prowler on sorority row. they believe this picture of john an thon. thon-- john anthos the one they are looking for. they say he got into the building on piedmont avenue and wandered through several rooms before sexually assaulting a woman who was sleeping. she yelled and the guy took off. martin is described as 6 foot 6 inches and 280 pounds.
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brown hair and hazel eyes. oakland firefighters were called to put out a fire when a car hit a building and burst into flames. sky heavy hd was overhead at 87th avenue and international boulevard. it appears to be wedged between the walls as the firefighters doused the flames. investigators are looking into what caused the crash. meantime, the oakland police department is curbing the violent crime in the city. shawn went urged a meeting to discuss strategy with the command staff. it follows another murder early in the city. the sky 7hd was over the scene where a man was shot and killed on a street near international boulevard. at least 17 rounds were fired in this killing. nor -- more to get to here. why the bomb squad felt they had to do this. what they found in a san jose garage. and nasa sends a rocket up
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tonight this way from a plane. find out about its ultimate destination. interesting stuff. and as you have heard, hot weather ahead, really hot. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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for folks in the east bay could be very different this year. east bay regional park workers will strike on independence day and the day after, thursday and friday. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is explaining how this could affect visitors. lisa? >> east bay regional parks are usually packed this time of year, especially on the fourth of july. that's exactly why union park district workers are threatening to strike on the holiday and the day after. that's in their demands aren't met. >> we don't to disrupt people's holiday, but we have to take care of ourselves. >> rangers, lifeguards, restroom and garbage uh attendants promise to walk off the job unless they get an annual cost of living increase for the next four years. >> management is dismayed that the park district is looking
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at a looming strike by its employee union after having negotiated through mediation an 8 and a half percent raise. >> the district is warning park goers of the possible shake up on its website. they are not sure if all services will be running at 100%. the strike possibility is being met with mixed reactions from visitors. >> it would be sad if there are no lifeguards here. i will probably still come whether there is a lifeguard or not. >> a lot of kids going to be here to swim. >> i wouldn't want to come to a place that is not kept clean like it is now. >> the district and the union will meet for a final mediation on monday. in fremont, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. all right, a surprising find today when a caregiver cleared out the home of an elderly man who had died in san jose. the bomb squad blew up three world war ii era hand grenades. they were found in a box in the garage.
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the bomb squad blew that stuff up. crews sandbagged the grenades outside the home on chelsea drive and detonated them safely with no problem. another successful launch tonight for nasa. >> the vehicle is fully armed. >> and ignition of the peg go success -- pegasus rocket. >> it was launched from vandenberg airbase and on board the iris satellite which was deployed about 13 minutes after the launch. it was pretty spectacular. the mission is to study the solar atmosphere. wayne freedman has a look at mission control in the bay area. >> for the next two years at least this small room might as well be the helm of a space ship. >> it is exciting. it is thrilling. >> once he worked on the space shuttle program. it was a spacecraft with a
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complex mission to look constantly and directly at our sun. put simply it is about the sun's weather and not just forecasting it as helping us to understand it. the fundamental question, why has the sun's atmosphere roughly 10 million degrees while the surface is much cooler at 10,000. >> we want to understand how the energy flows into the corona and how that drives the activity in the corona. all of the solar flares and the sun spots and the caronal mass ejections. all of these crazy things that go on in the sun's atmosphere that we feel the affect of here on earth. >> solar storms and sun spots could raise havoc with the power grids or the communication systems and they could endanger astronauts if there was no warning or protection. iris will examine it one at a time and breaking the light into fragments and looking for
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predictable patterns. >> we want to look at this and collect some real data and try to verify those theories, prove those or figure out whatever else is happening dl. >> think of it as a cosmic stair down of the scientific variety. >> amazing work. we will have to see what that yields. let's go back to talk about the weather forecast. spencer christian is here. >> there will be a lot of solar power here in the bay area the next few days. if will be very hot. clear skies as you can see on live doppler 7hd. you can see that also on our sutro tower camera as we look over san francisco. the current temperature reading 60 in san francisco and oakland secretary 5 and 69 at both mountain view and san jose and 63 in santa cruz. another live view looking at coit tower in san francisco. you can also see how clear the skies are in this view. 66 in santa rosa right now. 70 in napa. fairfield and liver -- and
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livermore at 74. a live view from our rooftop camera is looking out along the embarcadero. the forecast features patchy, coastal fog, but otherwise clear. 100-degree heat will be with us the next several days. be careful of your exposure to the sun and heat. the satellite image shows the two major factors in the weather picture. 5 big ridge of high pressure and a big mass of hot air in sog its way westward. it is contributing to the heat up that we are having here in the bay area. overnight, it will be pleasantly mild under clear skies and the low temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and then tomorrow the heating continues. in the south bay we will see highs in the mid90s in the warmest spots. 95 at morgan hill. notice i said only 90s because we will see hundreds in other places and low 90s in the peninsula tomorrow. 91 at redwood city. 90 at palo alto and menlo park. low 70s on the coast at half
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moon bay and paw sesk caw. downtown -- and pacifica. high temperatures rising in the upper 70s to 77. perhaps even 78 degrees. 100 at cloverdale and midto upper 90s at santa rosa and calistoga. 95 at napa and sonoma. oakland will reach 87 degrees tomorrow. 87 down in fremont and 88 castro valley and 85 at san leandro. the inland east bay will sizzle. numerous locations reaching 100 degrees. fairfield, walnut creek, livermore, antioch and brentwood at 101. look at this on the accu-weather seven-day forecast. five consecutive days of inland highs at or above 100 degrees. up to 102 or higher on sunday and monday. up to 90 on the bay. low 70s on the coast which makes for great beach weather. the temperatures will start to moderate a bit on wednesday and then next thursday, the fourth of july, will be the coolest day in the forecast
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period. and then by then we will welcome the cooler weather. temperatures in the midto upper 80s. >> what a string of hot weather. >> thanks, spencer. stay with us.
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with no draft picks, but after playing let's make a deal they ended up with the final selection of the first round of the nba draft. with the 30th pick they get netovich. he is a 6 foot 422-year-old guard who played in lithuania. he averaged 11 points and four assists a game. to get him golden state gave up a second round pick in next year's draft and cash. alan crabb was picked by cleveland. the cavaliers later traded him to portland for future draft picks. the 6 foot 6 shooting guard
11:54 pm
was a player of the year averaging 18 points a game. he is the first golden bear to be drafted since 2008. the cavs surprised a few folks by taking anthony bennett with the fourth overall pick. olidipo went to the magic. georgetown's otto porter, junior was chosen by washington. cody zeller was picked by charlotte 1k3* alex len went to phoenix. stanford stadium will be rocking this saturday when the earthquakes and the galaxy square off at the california clasico. 50,000 fans are expected to watch these rivals go at it. last year san jose came back from a two-goal deficit to beat la4-3. the quacks are expected another thrill -- the quakes are expecting another thriller. >> it is a game in front of a big crowd. it is a perfect match up. >> it is exactly halfway through the season. we are four points out of a playoff spot. and we feel we can turn it
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around in the second half. no better way than to start it off in a packed house and against the galaxy. in bethesda, maryland, the first round of the at&t national played under dark skies. it was the par 4 fourth when the second shot goes in for eagle. he is one under par and four strokes back. he shot a 66 and leads by two. he chips in for birdie. tiger woods is taking the week off because of a sore elbow. at the u.s. women's open, park is trying to make history by winning her third straight major. she is off to a good start and a nice approach on 10. she went on to make six birdies and to a five under par 67. park is just one behind the leader. and abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> good stuff. thank you, rick very much. coming up exin, we will update our breaking new
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once again a breaking news on the bart strike threat. within the hour bart unions gave the transit agency a 72-hour strike notice. the unions say they will keep bargaining in good faith over the weekend, but if a contract is not reached, bart workers will walk off the job on monday morning. the two sides talked until about 10:30 tonight. talks will resume at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. both sides told abc7 news just now that they are still quite far apart. we will have to see how it goes over the weekend. our coverage continues on twitter and our twitter page. before we go let's touch base once again on the heat that is coming. spencer christian has the weak up weather. >> look at the weak up weather. you can tell early tomorrow morning it will be a hot day. in the morning hours we will have a few of pas of coastal fog, manically clear. but it will warm up quickly. at 5:00 a.m. the temperature range is from 57 to 66
12:00 am
degrees. but by 8:00 a.m. a temperature range from 64 to 74. it is really that warm that early in the morning. sun will rise at 5:50 and the heating begins early. it should be a nice morning for driving if you are commuting. but it will be a hot afternoon. enjoy. >> boy looks like it. thanks, spencer. finally, simon is back. the five foot statue of simon from the alvin and the chipmunks movie was stolen from santa rosa. two teenage boys returned the larger than life chip moping. they claim -- chipmunk and they claim they found it on the side of the road. next month simon along with alvin and theodore will be auctioned off to benefit homeless pets. the good news, simon is back where he belongs for the time being. we can all rest easy now. >> we can sleep tonight. that's this edition of abc7 news. thanks for watching. for carolyn johnson, rick asan, larry, spencer, i'm dan


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