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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is. >> this is abc 7 news. >> new video tonight of the first seconds after the asian flight crash at sfo. federal investigators reveal what they have learned so far and for the
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first time rescue crew share their story of heroism. amazing tale, too. good evening. ntsb wrapped up the first meeting with the cockpit crew. interview will continue tomorrow. and we are learning that the pilot and co-pilot did not communicate problems until seconds before the crash. board is looking at the pilot experience as part of the investigation. ntsb also revealed that as the plane approached sfo it was traveling 40 miles an hour slower than the target approach speed. the pilot of asian flight 214 was make the maiden voyage landing that type of plane at that airport. david with what happened in the critical 7 seconds when it all unravelled. >> new image of those fleeing passengers determined to get out alive after asian air liens flight 214 crashed as it came in for landing. you can see the emergency chute in flight. passengers sliding down them. racing to get away from the plane. family capturing the
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images stunned. at what they were seeing. >> they are running out. >> cloud of dark smoke growing some of the passengers can be seen running for their lives to the end of the runway. >> everybody is just rung. >>reporter: all unfolding after the crucial 7 seconds that decided the fate of this flight. pilot in charge of landing in training. first time land ago boeing 7 77 in san francisco. from one of the black box we learned that just 7 seconds before impact a call from the cockpit. pilot suddenly looking to increase speed. jet hovering far too low over the water. then 4 seconds before impact, the jet approaching the sea wall at the end of the runway and from that black box the sound of what is called the stick shaker. urgent warning mechanism in the cockpit that shakes the control in the pilot hand as seen in the video by simulator solutio solution. that shaking telling the pilot the jet was suddenly moving too slowly to pull off a
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safe landing. and then just a second and a half before impact call from the cockpit forego around to sishling the airport again. it was far too late. jet crashes. tail hitting first shearing off the back of the plane. tonight the ntsb investigating crucial 7 seconds and pilot in training. airline saying he was spernsd on other aircraft but just 43 hours training time on the 7 77. >> is 43 hours enough to be landing at san francisco airport. >> there are always going to be a first time for someone to land at a different airport. >>reporter: ntsb telling us the co-pilot just as important. who was there to guide him. tonight with those new images a clearer view of the different shades of horror that passengers face on that plane depending on where they were sitting. >> right on the runway. >>reporter: survivor ben surveying the wreckage with us from the bay. he was sitting in seat 30 k. >> very cholesterol to the emergency exit. very seat next to the door. yes.
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>>reporter: challenge for him the chute manage el. helped fellow passengers climb down out of that door using the debris as stairs. 40 c traveling with 4-year-old son who broke his leg. in the middle of the cabin minutes after escaping you could see the flames through the window. you gene in seat 3 k. bumped up to business class before the flight. those row still intac intact. one of the first off the plane. stroke of luck because the front of the plane was the first to catch fire. >> tonight the fire firefighters fires respond climbing up the shoot and into the burning plane where they found trapped passengers in the back. >> first get in you you could see smoke. coming right out the door there. >> see the fear in their faces. >> i think it was more shock that i saw. i didn't see if fear but shock. >> new image of the 2 girls lost. 16-year-old school girls from china. fire chief telling me the investigation under way
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in the very real possibility that one of them might have been hit by one of the rescue truck during the chaos. community back home remembers the young girls who formed that hart over their head with their arms. that death ntsborting. now only saying preliminary results in inconclusive. the coroner says the 16-year-old body was found to the left of the plane. it was 30 feet away from where the plane slid to a stop exploratorium fire chief says nothing is being ruled out. >> there has been information and evidence to suggest that one of our fire apparatus may have come into contact with one of the 2 victims that were pronounced deceased at the scene. assure you we are working closely with the ntsb as they conduct the investigation on all aspects particularly on this aspect. >> autopsy of course will determine exactly what killed the girl. the crash or some other impact. those results could take weeks. >> moments right after the
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crash of flight 214 were yearie. listen to the first responders describe what they saw. >> so at i guess 11:27 the alert was struck and the communication from the tower was alert 3. alert 3. plane crash plane crash. chute were deployed. passengers were still coming down off of the chutes. >> we are grabbing people to pull out. >> we saw the two chute come down from the front of the plane. and people were staying on top of it. still coming out. start yelling at us to get tl they need knives. officers released some passengers. only way up was the chute. >> and that's what we d.wept right up the chute. >> firefighters crew reported back that he had found 4 passengers in the back of the plane. >> i believe one lady who had a
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dash in the leg. >> small person stuck between the seats. >> went further further down. when we saw one elderly gentlemen in the seat. we could not move. then just the one gentle was left up further. he was growning. we were running out of time. smoke started to get thicker and thicker. so we had no choice. we just stood him up and amazingly he started shuffling his feet. >> by the time we remanufactured the final victim the conditions were that the fire was banking down on us. we had heavy black smoke. so i feel in very lucky and blessed that we were able to get those people in and out that time. >> then officer lee and i turned around looked at the wing of the plane. it was gush with fall right next to us. >> officer cunningham we saw in there still couldn't believe i saw him without protected equipment. >> inside the plane there were fair crew inside there and
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enough people. there was totally overwhelmed. >> as i enter the plane he's tearing apart the plane to make the exit way bigger. so he's happeneding me seats. panel and throwing them outside. i went to officer cunningham airplane clear any more passengers. you think we got them all out. i hold on. he goes running back in. i go great. so he's running back in and i'm looking for him and i can't see him and then he comes back out. they are all out. they are all out. nobody there. the just amazing. >> we ghav we were to do. everybody what does what they were trained to do save lives. >> they did exactly that. some of the first responders describing the initial moments after the plane crashed at sfo. we show you an animation of what a perfect landing would look like at sfo. here's the
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standard approach. animation shows what experts call 3 degree glide path. now compare that to flight 214. here is when it business 82 seconds ou out. everything guess until then. but then the pilot disconnects all the computers and takes over manually. veteran pilot steve gain said he sunt have disconnect the everything because that idol the engine. pilot then gets well below the glide slope where he is supposed to be as you can see versus the standard approach. the plane is so slow it is bloat target landing speed as well. >> want to show you more video at the top of the broadcast showing a moment the emergency chute deploy and passengers escaping before emergency crew even were able to arrive. it is video captured by teenager from san jose. many david has that story. >> i medley went outside. i saw the big cloud of dirt. i started recording medley. >>reporter: 18-year-old jennifer was on the third floor
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of the vagabond hotel in burlingame when she heard a big clap similar to thunder her instinct took over. captured the moment when the emergency chute deploy from the exit doovrments and you can see passengers sliding down to the ground. >> the people started getting off almost medley. and i just remember hearing sirens coming in right away. so they didn't get there right away but i know that they started head tling right await a minute it was just really fast. >>reporter: jennifer also got dramatic video as the cabin caught fire. black cloud of smoke water ominous. passengers were still running away from the aircraft while fire crew sprayed the fuselage. jennifer video may provide information to investigators whether one of the 16-year-old girls had been hit by a rig. >> i have actually been looking in that. i did record the other ambulances and fire truck that went around the runway and there was a lot of debris ther there. i'm actually trying to look for any sort of bump in the car but difficult record a lot of that. so i'm hoping
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there's something in there that will show whether that happened or not. >>reporter: she says witnessing the operation was surreal and no idea what was about to unfold as the camera rolled. jennifer is planning to turn her video into the ntsb. they are encourage others to do the same thing in indicates untrained eye may not see what their expert eyes might. to contact the ntsb l go to our web site. click on see it on tv. in burl game, david, abc 7 news. >> now officials say if it was not forth heroic action of the flight attend antsd more people would have died following the crash. this flight attendant was the last person to leave the burning plane. you will hear her story coming up. it's something. >> also ahead. major delay on the new span of the bay bridge and new price tag, too. we show you what is driving this set back. spencer here with the weather. >> i'm here in the accu-weather forecast system. more warmth our way and then significant
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>> 4 months since cal-trans discovered the bolt on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. had broken. comes announcement. opening of new span here now officially been pushed back at least three months. not labor day any mor more. as laura explains, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> just in time for the holiday. maybe. that's the new time line for the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. comes after the toll bridge program oversight committee in sacramento determined it will take at least until december tenth to retrofit the 32 broken bolt discovered in march inside the new span east peer. >> we are sorry. we are very sorry for this delay. but we have a retro-nature we need to get built. >> if there's any good news oversight committee findings it's that the remaining 2200
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bolts various locates on the bridge seem to be testing and holding up fine. if any of them need replacing or retrofitting that can happen after the bridge opens to traffic. >> other bolt can be replaced after bridge opens or they can be, the tension can be reduced or do some dehumid finding on them and they will be fine. >> committee report details quote hydrogen em brittle as the culprit in the bolt that broke and cost cal-trans and 2 mainly contractor on the project the responsible party for the failure. >> once this is done and able to transfer the traffic we really need to take a hard look at the process. why did these things go wrong. we have a lot of infrastructure built in the state and can't make the same nasty twice. >> cal-trans need 4 day weekend to complete the switch over from the old pwrem to the new one. that means the opening may not happen until early next year. at the bay bridge laura anthony abc 7 news.
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>> from cars to train. bart rolled again during the morning rush hour today for the first time since striking workers return to the job on friday which is part of the holiday weekend obviously. bart officials union leaders plan to meet separately with mediators until thursday. 2 sides expect to return to the bargaining table friday but that's only if state appointed mediator aproof more face-to-face meetings on new contract. bart mye work until august 4 under the terms of contract that expires last month. >> second farm worker has died in the central valley possibly from heat. officials today said that 37-year-old juan collapsed at lemon orchard last friday. temperatures there above 100 degrees. last tuesday another farm worker died. he was 30 years old and working in a water melon kneeled near fresno. certainly a cautionary tale tale we have to be careful out doors in extreme heat it's dangerous. spencer is here.
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>> cooled down. moderate here. central valley still pretty warm so folk in that area should exercise cease caution if they are going to be spending a lot of time outside. things are really lovely here. look at live doppler 7 hd. painly clear sky right now. but there is agents bit of low clouds. al the coast. fog if you will. some of it beginning to push locally out of the bay. let's look at live view from the high definite ftion roof cam areal the embarcadero pape paperly clear skies from this point of view. temperature readings right now 58 degrees in san francisco. 60 oakland. 65 mount view. 66 san jose. 55 half moon basement live view from mount tam brightness in the sky to get pretty good view looking that the bay and you can probably make out a little bit of this low cloud of fog pushing through the golden gate out over the bay. temperature readings in other location right now 60 at santa rosa. 70 fairfield. 74 livermore. 67 in los gatos. one more live view bit brighter at the golden gate bridge and can see evidence of a little bit of
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moisture in the air there. some fog beginning to push continuing that is to push through the golden gate. forecast feature coastal fog continue to push inland overnight. warmer inland tomorrow than today. but cooling trend begins on wednesday and that will 10 through thursday into friday. the forecast animation starting 11:00 o'clock tonight shows continuing push of fog across the bay. locally inland. more wide spread than we had earlier expected. so end up tomorrow morning during the over tonight hours into the wee hours of the morning with some areas of fog inland. low pressure in our rather narrow range generally mid upper 50's now give you a view of the satellite image showing high pressure continuing to dm naturally our weather picture that will bring us another season day tomorrow with warmer conditions inland than we had today but there's a cool air mass to our north west that is working its way south ward so by wednesday we feel the cool down beginning and continue for at least a couple days. for high tomorrow sunny
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sky in the south bay. high mainly in the mid 80's, 86 at san jose. 85 at cooper tune 0. part of the south a little warmer 89 at morgan hill 90 at gilroy. pepsi la look for high up to about 80 at redwood city. 76 san mateo o. low 60's open the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay do you want san francisco temperature climb up to 67 tomorrow. 63 in the sun set district. north bay we see 82. high in santa rosa, napa 83 at calistoga. east bay temperatures will tries about 75 at oakland. 80 at union city. ia at fremont. inland east bay a bit warmer. high mainly in the low mid 90's. interat walnut creek and fairfield. 95 at antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling down on wednesday. further cooling on thursday friday will look much leak thursday. maybe a degree or 2 milder. start to warm back up to around 90 inland on saturday sunday and next monday will be another warm day with mid 90's inland. very, very
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pleasant week. >> not extreme at 8. thank you spencer. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. public tension nearly half million people will see the private numbers posted on line. that story. >> plus more than jaws dry cleaner. the business that cleaner. the business that restores memories. and some
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>> california prison ertion are undertaking a massive hunger strike. according to the los angeles times 30,000 inmates or two-thirds of the state 33 prisons today refuse neals what would be the largest prison protest if state history. not only that more than 2000 prisoners failed to go to work
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or tend classes for the first time ever. inmates have a number of demands. primary one being the end of lengthy periods in solitary confinementth. they call that the form of torture. >> officials say tonight that a hiker has discovered a small plane vanished over yosemite last december during a winter storm. pilot nicole wilson found dead. he was flying from santa barbara to mammouth lake at the time we reported. plane found cras near the park high sierra camp on the bottom right of the map there. park officials say the plane will eventually be removed. some of it will likely be hand taken apart and carried down the mountain by horses or mules. other parts would be hauled out by helicopter. but that will take some time. >> san jose police say they will record the race of every person they stop and question on the street in an effort to document any evidence of racial profiling. according to the san jose mercury news police by
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year-end will be following a new policy that requires them to record detailed information about so-called curb sitting detention whether or not an arrest is made. >> salary of public employee have been available on line for years but now information on their pension benefits will be posted as well f.more than 1 million and a half members here says it will launch a searc searchable database this month including the names of rae tyree and specific benefit information like the monthly pension amount. survivor benefits will not appear on the site for the time being keep in mine. now they acknowledge some rae tyree are uncomfortable that wouldn't want that information out ther there. >> coming up. a lieutenant more on this monday night. as we continue airline flight attendant describes dra mat being evacuation following saturday plane crash at sfo. what she did was remarkable. >> some people left stranded entered san francisco since saturday crash. the travel troubles that remain. >> plus not all passengers are
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created equal. just who gets priority when a traveler is priority when a traveler is bumped. stay
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>> good evening once again. let's start this half hour by recapping today development on the crash of asian airline flight 214 at sfo. ntsb says the plane came in too slowly flying 34 knot 40 miles slower than the desired speed. today investigators interview the pilot for the first time. they will continue that process tomorrow. and the safety board says it will work with the fbi to map out the planes debris. still scattered across the air field on runway 2 8 left. piece of the tail assembly still floating in the bay. so
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many quest remain about what went wrong in the cockpit of the asian flight. crash in san francisco saturday now story emerging about what went right in the cabin. one tiny flight attendant unflappable and fea fearless whose quick thinking and super human strength saved lives. we have the story. >> she was very last person to make it out alive. assisting as terrified passengers slid down the evacuation chute then trying to make one final run to the back of the burning plane to be sure she left no one behind. i had to hurry i couldn't think of the danger to myself. that lead flight attendant miss lee with child cling to go her back. running as fast and as far away as she could from the wreckage. other survivors say she carried people twice her size to safet safety. >> she was so tiny and skinny and i couldn't believe how powerful, how strong she was.
9:32 pm
she was helping other flight attend ants and even outside the plane. after she got out of the plane she just running around the plane like without any fear. she was really brave sorry, brave she stayed to make sure everyone was okay. watching over as paramedic treated the passengers she had just saved. >> she was so compose. she mentioned she was on the plane. hero in my mind. >> she is the sully of flight 214. >> child was afraid to good down the slide so i tried to encourage the child. put him on my back and slid down. through it all she says the only thing on her mind was rescuing the next passenger. what lee didn't know she rescued the passengers one by one. she too was hurt. she broke her tailbone she thinks during the crash landing. only found out later that day when she went to the hospital and was told by doctors. true hero. this is abc news san francisco.
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>> incredible. 2 passengers who died in the plane crash at sfo both 16 years old as you have heard and part of group heading to spend the summer at camp in l.a. church group cancelled the enter camp out of respect of course. today the chen he's council general spoke with rest of the group now stranded in the bay area and in shock. fichlt chino's council general came to the marriott hotel to comfort teens who were on board the plane that crashe crashed. same group from the province who lost 2 friends. 216-year-old girls. 2 other students remain at san francisco general hospital one of them in critical condition had an operation this morning. but his words seemed to have also affect on these students. faces sad bit events of the past 48 hours. counsel general spoke to us through an interpreter. >> i told them you are really
9:34 pm
brave. you are very united and have my respect to them. >>reporter: following that meeting the students were quickly taken away by some of the tour guide who say they are in too much pain to talk about the crash. >> we mention about this and then nobody able to talkism nobody will talk. >> no. too hard to talk. >> all of them were to spend 2 day in the bay area then travel to los angeles for two week trip. but now many of their parents are scheduled to arrive in california later today reunited with them. >> kid now leave the marriott hotel and stay on another hotel to be with their family members. in san jose abc 7 news. >> most of the 182 people hurt in the crash now released from the local hospital but one medical center reports a new wave of victims. at least 10
9:35 pm
bay area hospital are helping care for crash victims. most went to 2 hospital. 55 victims went to stanford hospital for treatment. 2 patients are in critical condition there. 53 went to sf general. 6 in critical condition. at that facility including one child. hospital reports today that fifth wave of patient's 9 total came to the hospital last nigh night. most treated for pain and muscle strain and then released. >> let's talk for few minutes about the ripple effect of this tragedy on others and the system generally with one runway still closed at sfo. flight delay 10 and some passengers are still trying to get home. 7 news reporter has that part of the story from sf sfo. >> propped up on giant backpack next to the guitar case, he learns how to win friends and influence people. the airlines aren't winning any friendsism i have been here for 2 days. >>reporter: he was just passing through on his way from alaska to new zealand but with the wreck annual of saturday
9:36 pm
plane crash still blocking one of the runway he has unexpected stay in san francisco. >> where have you been sleepin sleeping. >> last night i slept at holy hotel but at the airport the other re d then probably hang out here for rest of the day. >>reporter: he's not alone. christmased his connection by 30 minutes to hng kong. now he and his wife are stuck. >> do you missouri kid. >> yes of course i do first time ever we leave them alicense so 5 day. pretty big. >> like so many other stranded passengers chris and his wife were playing in on united. airline had to bear two-thirds of the more than 300 cancelled nrichlts while other airlines divert many passengers to oakland san jose, oakland is a hub for united and do have enough gate at the other airport to handle all the planes. vickie was lucky. diverted to oakland but found out the rental car rest snrition good there. >> wac to oakland and say take a shuttle over to this airport. so we got the shuttle that took us to the coliseum which took us to a train station we
9:37 pm
had to take the train and now we are here. 2 hours it took to us yet from oakland to here. >> with the wreckage likely to continue block the runway for day american airlines is flying bigger planes trying to get more passengers where they need to go with a limited number of flights. at sfo, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> well a lot of passengers are asking whether they have to pay for the inconvenience caused by the asian crash. on 7 news at 4 today, tl michael was asked what happened to the day of airline honoring each other tichblingts i was flying to san francisco this weekend and my flight was rebooked much later. other carrier had space but would not honor my ticket. here's what michael has to say about that. >> they don't want to do it any more expensive for them. however that said, they sometimes do it. so you should always take your ticket. head over to the other guy and say will you accept it. here's the key. this is what will really help you. you have the star alliance one of them. look for an airline
9:38 pm
part of that alliance. then if they have a matching code very fortunate they might, then you will get and out of there. they will sometimes go for it. >> makeal on the news at 4 today. one more note on all of this. when disaster or bad weather closes an airport, seats are doled out based on customer status on the airline. not how far they have come or how long they have been struggling to get to the if a passenger using frequent flier miles to buy tickets, well, his or her value is very low and likely have to wait days after getting bumped. passenger that pays full price will likely get rebooked and person with the highest priority? frequent business travelers. they generate a lot of money for the airlines and will get rerouted first even bumping confirmed passengers off a seat. that is the higher arcy when it comes to traveling convenience. >> just ahead on 7 news at 9:0 9:00. health struggle that has sent country superstar randy sent country superstar randy trav
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>> in canada the number of dead has climbed to 13 following the explosion of a runaway train. at many as 50 people are still missing. the train had 72 tanker cars filled with oil when they came loose on saturday. sped downhill nearly 7 miles then derild and crashed with disaster results. >> grammy award winning country music star randy travis in the hospital tonight in critical condition. travis who is just 54 was rushed to the er for viral cardio, inif that's weaken the heart that can be caused by chronic alcohol use. travis has been arrested several take place for alcohol related crimes. he was scheduled to perform in tracy and santa rosa next month. no word yet on whether shows will be cancelled. if you have
9:43 pm
tickets you mit expect that to happen. we shall him well of course. >> better news for the wife of secretary of state john kerry. she is now in fair condition after reports of seizure. teresa hooinz kerry first got sick at the couple home on nantucket yechltdz helicopter rushed her to boston when wl she is apparently doing significantly better. >> lock at this endangered baby deer doing well after being born at the queen zoo. it weighed 1 pound when borrow. she will l weigh 20 pounds fully grown. this species is the world smallest species of deer. fast. good climber. and very smart actuall this. also bark lake a dog when they sense danger. never saw a barking deer before. >> there is a bay area company that specialize ins preserving one of the most important part of a wedding. just ahead here why this unique dry cleaning business is celebrating
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>> this is the scene in cairo this evening. muslim observing ramadan month long period of fasting beginning today or tomorrow depending on the lunar psych l el. time when they try to come closer to god and strengthen their personal relationship with him. scene from cairo tonight. >> summer is wedding season and for most brides the most memorable keep sakes usual you you believely the gown. one dry cleaning business on the planes specializes in making wedding dresses just good as new and this week it is celebrating a very special milestone of its own. wayne has the story. >> 36 years after the wedding. and the bride has a problem. >> my dress. my wedding dress. it was really badly sustained and spotted. >> valerie then on the day she
9:48 pm
got married and before she loaned the dros a friend who ruined it. she came here hoping for a miracle and what looks like wall to wall wedding dress land. >> it's beautiful. it's perfect. >> as it should be considering lynette reputation at crystal cleaning center. is this more expensive than having the shirt doychbility a little bit. >> as much as 700 dollars for heir loom. museum restoration and preservation of wedding gown. >> i'll probably not hold it and picture up a lieutenant but fun to know it's there and back to the way it was when i wore it the first time. >> which is not of an easy task based on available evidence. >> in the garden. grass staichbilitys heel mark. >>reporter: a mess. >> but it was good time, you cap get that out. >> yes, sir. larry can el. >>reporter: that would be larry the dry cleaning pl man who works in the back. >> it's an aishingts secret combination of secret agent and
9:49 pm
elbow grease to remove food and wine. what was the goesest thing on the wedding gown. >> voyment. >>reporter: if the service is remarkable consider how long this business has been here. 50 years. that's longer an lot of marriages. by and large you can't do the dry cleaning on line. might thank her mother f-who opened the shop in the art of perfection. she zoe and wedding dress she made 40 years ago. you can hear the legacy in her voice as she bond with customers. >> that's impressive. >> my mom today the cake and food. >>reporter: only half the job is cleaning. other half is choosing pictures and keepsake to go in the box. >> it's very girly and very fun. >>reporter: little laundry side business that after half a century has become a main aatraction and not just the service. it's the person. what would your mom say. >> that she's proud. e-bride
9:50 pm
have a problem any more. >> no. >>reporter: mom would never allow it. >> keeping a close eye on me. the. >>reporter: from san mateo abc 7 news. >> all is well that ends well. all right one last check on the weather. experience is her for that. all right. look at live doppler 7 h d.mainly clear sky but low clouds fog are gathering at the coast. state wide tomorrow look for sunny hot conditions over much of the state especially interior section. we see high over 100 at chico. yosemite. fresno. 111 down at palm springs. 89 at los angeles. which is pretty warm by l.a. standards. here in the bay area warming up as well. sunny sky from coast to inland. high in the 60's at the coast. 70's for the most part around the bay and mid 90's in the pardon m meest -- warmest east bay location and forecast. start cooling down on wednesday and then further cooling on thursday or friday. temperatures rebounding over the weekend. up to about 90 or
9:51 pm
so in our inland location. nothing extreme. just a little shift here and there. temperatures down for couple days back autopsy couple day. >> not dramatic. >> thanks very much. >> sports director larry back from a well deserved vacation. welcome pwaichblingt i have the dramatic. >> dramatic. >> i am the dramatic. >> this is so true. >> record setting night. a's closer. made possible in part. you want to see dramatic. how about cocoa crisp right here. this is what we call dan bringing
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[ man ] it's big. fast. safe.
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quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. brings families back together. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. we'll get you through it. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladdin bail bonds. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we have much more of course on the crash at sfo. tonight the families of the victims are on a flight to san francisco. that is due to land soon. we have the latest
9:55 pm
from the airport. >> the cost of disaster beyond the human tragedy. those stories and more coming on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but larry is here with all the sports and giants have struggled here on the road. >> everywhere actually. when averaging one win per week. >> tough to make up ground when that is going on. >> start with the giants and they have been reeling lately. free fall to 0bailiff i don't know. let's dot a's. any time pitching and mention deny physician and grant did tonight pittsburgh. a and pirate the view of grant green former first round pick at second base. o for 3 at the plate but he made the nice defensive play and locked up with jeff in ballots of all star pitchers. andrew with the swing and myself. bases loaded. came i in. bottom 7 runners at the corner. jose with dreb el and
9:56 pm
charging him but couldn't make the play. next batter. cocoa crisp with a dive. help from this and a situateding on 40 straight save. tied with dennis for the franchise recor record. michael flies out to end it 2-1. the final. 41 consecutive saves for grant. that is a new a record. >> great fete. like i said never set out to do this. happened this way. i feel in i can continue to close-out ball game. try to win a lot of fun doing it. >> detroit in cleveland. max going try to start the season 14 and o. 7 and 2 run single in the second. only 2 runs that would allow sends one a no decision because that game goes
9:57 pm
to the martinez over the head of my gel scores so does prince fielder. tiger win tonight 4-2. but one more start before the all star game remains 13 and o. now to the giants they have really reeling. free fall to 0life i don't know in the nl west. is momentum before the all star break and get from it tim against the mets. >> could giants come through on the 21st birthday. bottom of the first. high deep and aloh aloha. 13 of the year for buster. harvey here. giants lacking in recent week. the cy we used to know. mets get in the fifth after marlin bird broke up the no no. gap in right center. a two-1 game.
9:58 pm
torrez whoa can't make the pla play. up 3-2 in the seventh. crew ford look out. follow the trip well a sharp base hit up the middle. tied again at 3 appease and that is where we are right now in the 9th inning. what does a wimbledon title get you. if murray. 77 year drought. get knight hood that's what cameron is suggesting. first british man to women will bell done since perry in 1936. day after days feeting novak straight set. cameron guest of honor. unassuming scott's man still trying to get used to all the fuss. >> pi think it will take a few day to searching in because i don't read any papers or watch tv or anything during the tournament because of stuff like that. so i don't get ahead of myself. >> he has his name in the paper
9:59 pm
now. >> bronco never had to worry about twitter. and joe montana never had to think about facebook. l but modern athlete in social media universe. the miami dolphins cap on twitter his response is if this is the hat you are mad at i'll wear what i want regardless of what you think. you need worry about the fact that i gripped for my team mates and 49ers and finished up by saying i plan on doing this until they won't let me in the building. >> that is awhile. >> really. >> shock. who cares. >> i know but it's dumb. >> why bother with it. why you don't wear your opponent. >> at least not wearing a seahawks you don't wear that. hat or shirt from another television station. >> not on the air. >> nice. >> welcome back. >> that's our report for larry. spencer i'm dan thanks for spencer i'm dan thanks for watching see
10:00 pm
(door opens and slams) frank: look what charlie and i found. look at this. oh, god. ah! get that way from me. - it reeks! what is that? - dude, this is our mail! - look at that. - it's our mail and it was in the sewer!


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