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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 24, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television never forget. a family visiting san francisco is relieved tonight after the sight seeing ride that went very wrong in one of the little yellow scooter-like cars. good evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. cornell bernard is live near the bay bridge with a story that started with a wrong turn. cornell? >> the three-wheel go carts, a popular way to see san francisco , fisherman's wharf and the embarcadero, but the bridge was not part of the deal. that's where one family wound out and got stranded.
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it is a fun way for tourists to experience san francisco. behind the wheel of a little yellow go cart. mike and his family had fun renting two for the afternoon. the cars are guided by gps. bridges and freeways are off limits and you must watch this short video before heading out. >> you are ready for your go cart driver training. strap on the helmet. >> one family driving three go carts got confused. they took a wrong turn and somehow find themselves on the bay bridge. the chp says one of the tiny cars stalled near treasure island in the fast lane while the other two made it across. nobody was hurt, but no one knows how it could have happened. >> i don't know how it could have happened. they give you training and they say don't take any bridges. i don't know what would possess you to take a bridge. >> i would make sure i turn
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around and go the right way. 2* tells you you are off track. >> they have as much power as a scooter and can only go 45 miles per hour. the chp says the family who got lost did not speak english even though go cart offers gps audio in several languages. >> i was freaked out and i was in normal track in the city. i couldn't imagine being on the bridge. they must have been out of their mind. >> employees did not want to talk about the excursion gone wrong. >> do you know anything about what happened? >> no. >> a wild bridge ride that was never part of the tour. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a grass fire near mineta san jose airport is con intayed. it started near component drive and/or charred parkway. the flames reached a nearby metal recycling yard. sky 7hd shows the smoke that was caused by the tall grass
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as it burned three acres. a lot of people reported this. they are trying to decide if it was caused by two tractors cutting the grass in the field. >> a woman was shot to death in her own car in oakland. it happened near brooke dale avenue near the home of the cemetery. nick smith is live from police headquarters. >> friends say they just purchased a new cell phone. police will not confirm that theft was indeed a motive. she was in canada and everybody described her as an avid pet lover. now they are looking for those responsible for shooting her. >> stunned that somebody would shoot her. >> reporter: they spent hours on fern street searching for clues. looking for anything that could explain the shooting death of this woman,
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66-year-old judy sal law -- salamon. >> she was reluctant to go on camera, but she was a citizen who lived in oakland for deck calleds and loved her -- decades and loved her dog echo and was cautious. >> i was calling judy because i knew she had the dog today. >> she lived less than a mild from where she was killed and was taking care of this woman's dog. this is a look at the crime scene from sky 7hd. investigators were able to identify the victim from the information found in her subaru out back. police have not confirmed what was taken from the scene, but she died at the scene. >> she was shot while inside her vehicle, and then her car crashed into a parked car. >> this is oakland's 56th murder of the year. they are using surveillance cameras like these to collect more information.
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friends of sal law money have one -- salomon have one question. >> what are we doing? >> a question that can't be answered soon enough. neck smith, abc7 news. and a 62-year-old san jose m would died at her home. the woman was discovered badly beaten and died less than an hour later at the hospital. 24 is san jose's 30th homicide of the year. at least 77 people are dead after a train derailment. the train was drafling -- was traveling to madrid and they went off the tracks. it was so forceful that one shot 15 feet into the air. the rescue crews spent the day searching for victims and survivors. more than 140 passengers were injured. and the crews are lifting the train wreckage from the tracks. they will take the cars to a secure location to try to determine just what went wrong. a spanish newspaper says they were going twice the speed
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limit on a sharp turn. they believe this was an accident and not an act of terrorism. new details about the sailboat skipper that was involved in a chase. we have exclusive video of david mccormick as he was arrested on sunday night. he was arraigned on charges of sending out a false distress call and failing to stop in response to coast guard officers as well as assaulting one of the officers. according to a court document he told officers any attempt to board my vessel is an act of war. he has passports from new zealand and ireland and he is currently in custody and will be back on august 7th. a construction crew hit a gas line and all homes and businesses within a thousand foot radius were evacuated. sky 7hd was getting ready to cap that leak. right now the crews are working to repair the pipe. bart officials are
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preparing for another possible worker strike. in a memo issues to the metropolitan transit commission officials say the alternative transit options will be happened earlier this month. other transit agencies are expecting to offer similar options. bart staff is asking mtc to take a more active role including adding charter buses. a second strike could occur at 12:01 a.m. on monday august 5th. the search for sphowr missing hikers has been called off. a group of four women hunting near huntington lake in fresno county said they were lost and disoriented because of the smoke from the aspen creek fire. the sheriff's department says they told a group of women they found their way and are now headed back to their vehicle. next on abc7 news at 11:00 new details on a man accused of two brutal murders. >> the family demanding justice and the warning a
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judge gave the last time he was in trouble. >> and the sky show that was going fine until the last second. >> i'm sandhya patel. this is what you will have to deal with from our east bay hills camera. the temperatures are mild, 50s, 60s and even 70 in livermore. i will show you what changes ar97
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ancio jewelry mart san murders. two years ago a judge lowered his bail for another crime saying he didn't think he would commit any new offenses. heather ishimaru is in the newsroom with the story for us. heather? >> carolyn, 23-year-old barry white was in custody on charges of threatening police in contra costa county two years ago. bail was set at $120,000, but a judge lowered it to 5,000 saying he thought those and other charges pending against him would keep him from committing any other crimes. the judge said he might bemis taken, but he -- be mistaken, but he hoped not. the district attorney thinks the judge was mistaken. barry white was charged in the murders of 35-year-old ken min and 51-year-old lena. he used a gun and a knife to kill them at the jewelry mart
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on july 12th. lin's family came to the arraignment today. [inaudible]. >> why? why they kill her? >> white had two contra costa county cases pending against him when his bail was reduced from 120,000 to $5,000 in 2011. both cases involved threatening police officers. in one he was accused of trying to run them over in a car. san francisco police say white killed the women and injured the owner of the jewelry store over the price of an item. they confronted him outside the jewelry mart. he ducked in. an ak47 was later found in these car parked in front of the jewelry mart.
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white's attorney is filing a motion for misconduct against the d.a. saying his client has mental problems. >> it seems he has a mental break down and with the kind of press we have seen it has been inappropriate for the district attorney's office. >> reporter: white is being held without bail. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> for the first time since losing a crew member, they are training on the water for the america's cup races. sky 7hd shows the boat big blue cruising around the bay today. sailors tested the load and they fine-tuned the boat forays conditions. they did make a surprise move testing its foils which propelled it at greater speeds. they plan to rejoin the races later this month. >> a pre game stunt turned into a season ender. the short stop was kicked in the face by a skydiver during this pre game show in missouri. he is a collegiate summer
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league -- he plays in the collegiate summer league and received a concussion from this. he played all nine innings, but it is his second concussion and he will be sitting out the rest of the summer schedule. he took it all in stride tweeting i feel like i got kicked in the face yesterday. oh wait. remarkable images from france. the video cameras were rolling when the giant chunk of the famed alabaster cliffs of normandy collapsed to the cliffs below. more than 30,000 tons of stone broke free. no one was hurt. tourists and locals are being warned to stay away from this region. the section of beach is east of omaha beach. quite a gesture of support by george h.w. bush to help the spirits of a two-year-old boy. the 89-year-old former president shaved his head in
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support of patrick. he is a little boy fighting leukemia. george and barbara bush lost their daughter, robin, toly keep yaw 60 years ago this october. he is the son of one of the security staffers and the entire detail shaved their heads and are raising money for treatment. britain's newest heir to the tthrone has a name. george alexzander luis. he will be called prince george. he comes from a long line of georges. queen elizabeth's father was george the 6th and king george the third reined during the american revolution. the big revolution is over for the tortoise who was missing twice. he disappeared from his owner's backyard in foster city. he was found last week and dropped off at the humane society. unfortunately he wandered off again. this week a second man found him in a nearby park. he recognized pokey from
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television. the man returned pokey to his owner, but refused a reward. pokey has gotten so much area time he may have his own show. >> poke is slow -- pokey is slow, but he gets around. we will be dealing with some fog as we head into tomorrow morning. the visibility has already dropped. live doppler heavy hd is socked in with the fog. it is down to a mile and a quarter in half moon bay. watch out if your travels take you across the area. sac you look at the tower camera you can see how low the fog is. here are the temperatures. 55 in san francisco. it is still pretty mild in mountain view and oakland and san jose and santa cruz in the 60s. half moon bay 54 degrees. here is the high view from our emeryville camera and you can see some fog as you look toward the bay bridge. foggy areas for the morning. mild to hot tomorrow afn. tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at cooler weather as we head into the weekend. here is a look at the
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satellite and radar. this is the area of lop that brought the clouds. as it has pulled away we have enjoyed a nice, sunny afternoon. the afternoon temperatures upper 50s to the upper 90s. we will do it again tomorrow. very little change is expected tomorrow. we will call it a quiet pattern before we start to see cooler weather. here is a look at the computer animation. what you will face is the fog. it may be dense in pockets so watch out and give yourself plenty of time to get to work or get the kids off to summer camp if they are involved in that. turning sunny for your thursday afternoon. and then we are looking at really the temperature trend going in this direction. so here is a look at the temperature trend. you can see 76 degrees going into sunday and monday is when we will bottom out. they are in the low to mid70s and then a nice recovery going into tuesday and wednesday. no major swings in one direction or another.
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low to mid60s there. the coastal spots, you will be in the midto upper 50s and foggy. a range of temperatures here. you can pick and choose. and you will have to dress accordingly. 86 in the south bay in san jose and 91 in gilroy and 84 for santa clara. 76 on the peninsula. you will see patchy fog in the morning and then sunshine. 82 palo alto. 83 redwood city. still enough of a sea breeze and still a little lingering fog. you won't get too hot. 62 daly city and 68 downtown san francisco. for the north bay, ukiah and clear lake. 85 in vallejo. east bay communities, a mild, sunny one. 76 oakland and 79 san leandro, newark and 81 in hercules. the inland spots, this is where you are going to feel the heat like today. 98 in antioch and 95 livermore and 94 concord, san ramon, 93 in pleasanton. accu-weather of the is, a little cooler on friday. you noticed that over the
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weekend, low 90s in land and low 60s only the upper 80s inland. the temperatures will come down on monday before we see a recovery. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow live doppler 7hd for the latest weather conditions. give spare the air alerts and power outage info. easy for me to say and weather tweets from your favorite weather team here. >> thank you. a reminder the watch abc live stream is available. it is a new way to experience programming anytime, anywhere. you can be at home and out and about. enjoy your favorite newscast and the tv shows on your smart phone, tablet and computer live and on demand. it is a special benefit brought to you by abc comcast charter comiewm locations -- communications at no cost. go to and find out how to access watch abc. and then you will enter your cable tv provider, account information to log-in and then
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go to watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. the giants had 15 hits tonight. that was the good news. the rest of the evening was not pretty. the reds were in town.
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series and the best they can say is thank goodness this is over. the reds have pummeled the defending world champions this year. woody was in the house. among their many problems, brandon philips with a single to right. hunter pence, he misses it, and then it gets by oblanco. he scores from first and it is 2-0 cincy.
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he has been pitching very well of late, but not in this game. doubles down the right field line and it is 3-0 reds. after a walk, it is a lunging base hit that drops into center. bruce scores and it is 4-0. the giants had 15 hits. hunter pence scoring scutaro, but the reds win it 8-3 and have taken six of seven from the giants this season. a's and astros and aj griffin on the hill for oakland. he said afterward he thought he had some of the best stuff all year. he was browsing in the first and chris carter and resistance is futile. struck out eight and his problem all year long has been the long ball. carlos with the two-run blast in the 6th to make it 3-1 stros. the a's answer with three. the fast ball up and cocoa crisp crushed it. that was the difference and
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they have taken 11 of 12 with houston this year. the gold cup semifinal, team usa and honduras. eddie johnson with the header. to landon donovan and he shoots and scores. his chest and kept control. 3-1usa the final. the dragsters will be back after this weekend as they take the track to force the family. they get a lot of attention on the track and off. her dad is a legend in the sport. today courtney joined her older sister britney. a top fuel competitor at a press conference in san francisco. and she was asked about the revealing photo shoot that she did recently in the body issue of espn the magazine. >> i was really proud to do the issue, to showcase obviously a lot more than i
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would normally agree to do. i thought it was a great issue. it takes a lot of hard work in the gym to handle a 10,000 horsepower race car and to really keep up with the men. i had the full support of my family before i went ahead and made the decision as well as me sponsors. >> a force to be reconed with. sports is brought to you by river rock casino. >> that should be an exciting race. >> and loudment -- and loud. it is very loud. >> an act of chivalry by a san francisco police officer. >> want a smart solution for your commute? check out right now and you could drive away with a brand-new smart car. we will announce the luck ear winner freeway day -- the lucky winner friday august 2nd. be smart and enter now. join me for live traffic alerts and the best alternate
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wake up weather. look out for the fog in the morning and give yourself plenty of time. areas of fog around the coast and near the bay. clear and mild inland. temperatures at 5:00 a.m. mid50s to mid60s. by 8:00 a.m. low 60s to low 70s. you will see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. mike is tracking your weather. a woman who lost her purse in mccovey cove has it back thanks to the work of a police officer. >> the woman dropped it into the water before a giants game yesterday. you can see the pictures from the san francisco blog. it shows the officer from the marine unit coming to the rescue here. >> he fished it out and delivered it for her. he didn't get wet and the purse doesn't look worse for the still there. >> you go with him or kayaker


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