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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight a secret new landing rule for international flights that officials did not want to talk about. how it could delay everybody. >> also, a follow up tonight on the fbi under aged sex sting. what happens now to the dozens of teen-aged prostitutes rescued. >> a city launches a ground breaking plan to help underwater homeowners by using government powers to take on the banks. >> a flaw in the new automatic toll system. ,000s of cars are getting through, for free.
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>> 90 minute delays today at san francisco international airport blaming it on weather. the new rules could be compounding the problem. good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. faa no longer permitting side by side landings for foreign flagged carriers at sfo following the crash this month. it's a story only on abc 7 news. how are these rules impacting travelers? >> you can imagine, it slowed things down a bit. routinely, before the flight of asiana 214 crash faa would allow two airliners to come in on the airport two north-south runways. 28 left, 28 right but this week, that practice stopped. when faa announced it was
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assigning foreign flights to use instruments it also stop add louing foreign airlines from landing along side another plane. they now have to come in one at a time. when this flight landed on runway 28-right, runway 28-left was unavailable to any other aircraft it took affect last couple of days, which slowed down arrivals and departures in and out of san francisco. >> this commercial airline pilot's plane was hours late and he is sure the one at a time approach is going make things worse. >> when it is the visual day they'll usually typical lay lou 60 arrivals into san francisco going into affect. but yesterday decreased down to 45 in an hour. >> he says that is going to
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have impact. >> they want to be safe. being in the united states but also if you're flying in and out of san francisco like united, southwest, you're hampering our back after this business model. >> the model is lots of flights per day in and out of san francisco. >> people aren't connecting. people goring to leave to go to another airline because they think it's just us. >> the faa saying they're directing foreign carriers to approach by themselves in clear weather out another aircraft next to them. faa has not seen significant traffic delays as a result of this procedure. we did see a lot of delays. michelle waited three hours for her daughter. >> we've been hearing people complaining about the delays, here. >> so you heard airport saying
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delays were due to weather. i asked what have you seen this week? when it's been better? we're still waiting to hear back. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> and smeshl pilots coming in too low or slow may some day get a reminder. requiring faa to study whether cockpit voice warning systems will help. and she blamed faa for dragging its feet in requiring them. >> last night we brought video as fbi rescued 100 children in a nationwide sweep. these kids were being trafficked into prostitution. tonight, the question is what happens to them now? >> well, first thing is to get children into save places. then, provide a safety net. now we saw three juveniles
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taken into custody at the hotel. police decoys set up the dates advertising on the internet. we'll call her jenny. she's 17. jenny showed up during big fbi sweep. this girl is only 13. police say she was also selling her body for sex. this 15-year-old began crying. they're considered victims of human trafficking. next steps will be the most important and difficult phase of their young lives. breaking the cycle of prostitution. david johnson heads fbi office in san francisco. >> they're run aways. and may come from group homes,
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they're targeted based on vulnerability. >> many think life with their pimps may be better than before but social workers say it almost always includes skprils addition. the alameda county zrik attorney developed a safety net program for under aged prostitutes including a wide range of social services starting after their taken into custody. among them a 12-week program. >> start to tell us horrific stories about themselves being sexually abused. >> during the sting, social workers from one of the oldest advocates for sexually exploited minors were there to provide support. >> we let them know that we're not part of law enforcement but here to be with them every step of the way. >> now, 150 zbrirls gone
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through the district attorney's program and o'malley tells me some are enrolled in junior colleges. >> next bart strike deadline approaches both sides are at the table tonight but it seems they cannot agree on much. bart says it's made significant movement in the offer claiming it's doubled its salary increase to 8% and cut medical increases to a phased in 10%. >> where our current offer stands every employee sees extra money in their pocket and can choose a cheaper medical plan if they want extra money at the end of the day. >> the union calls it lies saying it could cost some workers $1900 over four years a. >> that 2% pay increase results in either a knit zero
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or something less so that is not an 8% pay increase. >> with that deadline now is the time for people to start making alternative plans. our media partner reports officials are warning the number is projected to jump 10% with many on vacation during the first strike. >> oakland city council set to vote on a plan tochl pand surveillance in the city using $2 million in federal funds. the program lengthing together hundredses of cameras along with gunshot detectors and alarm notifications. this information feeds into a command center monitored by police and firefighters. but privacy advocates say they had concerns. >> undocumented worker i'm thinking about organizing a union in my work place. goi to union hall. i don't want to be tracked. goi to alcoholics anonymous meeting aborgs clinic.
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cameras are in a public view. and we'd be able to respond p get resources to that emergency whenever it is in the city. a lot faster than we can now. >> city council is expected to approve the plan stit of richmond says it's ready to do what government and banks so far failed to do, rescue homeowners upside down on mortgages. critics saying the plan could end up hurting the community more than helping it. abc 7 news is live for us. >> hi, carolyn. well, city leaders say they just want to help folks still underwater in the mortgages by using eminent domain. critics say this will end up hurting the community mer than helping it. so today we stand here and call on these banks to really do the right thing the mayor decided to take on biggest
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mortgage lenders and come what may. >> if we face litigation, our partners will cover the cost. >> mclaughlin and other leaders enlisted the help of a group of investors called mortgage resolution partners. together they have sent qlerts to 32 lenders. it contains an offer from the city to buy mortgages at market rate. the city would then help the home owe owner refinance. each home is upside down. >> we bought our homes in 2005. i just received a notice from county assessor saying our house is worth $125,000. >> the lenders including chase, wells fargo and bank of america have until august 13th to accept. if they don't the city council may try to seize the mortgages under eminent domain. >> there is legal authority
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for richmond necessary and only necessary to do in the public interest to condemn underwater loans through the use. >> i believe in personal accountability. >> jeff wright is a is a realtor. >> when lenders make loans in a community they have a risk model established. there are certain risks associated with making loans eminent domain was not fact yord into the equation. >> california mortgage lenders association told abc 7 news if the city go as pleadhead with the plan lenders may be less likely to finance properties in richmond. >> a man hund ended in san francisco when a suspected burglar fell through a sky light. take a look. police say an officer saw a man breaking into the house. the suspect plunged through a
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sky light. officers captured him inside of a garage. he was taken to the hospital. expected to survive. >> a silicon valley security analyst has been arrested and charged with providing inside information to a hedge fund. a complaint unsealed in new york today against a 40-year-old taken into custody in san jose a cording to the complaint wire tap evidence shows he leaked information about a deal between yahoo and microsoft four years ago. the hedge fund manager used that information and pleaded guilty. >> still ahead tonight a victory for california cab drivers. the decisions today that could level the playing field with the state's unregulated ride sharing services. >> thousands of drivers getting away with not paying a toll at the golden gate bridge. it's a 7 on your side
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investigation. >> and later tonight what could happen to your spayed or neutered pet what. might you consider instead. >> there is a bit of a smoky haze but air quality is improving. i'll have the accu-weather forecast comin
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a long awaited ruling spelled out future of the smart phone based ride sharing services like lift livet and side car.
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taxi drivers staged an angry protest today. flooding streets around city hall, taxi drivers created an ear splitting traffic jam demanding an tond smart phone based ride sharing services. insisting the drivers are stealing their fare autos can i get a cheer here from everybody who has a family to feed? thoos illegal taxi are mack making it impossible for law abiding taxi drivers to pay our bills and feed our familis. >> this cabby heaped criticism on the mayor. >> companies like lift and uber are creating jobs in the city and also fulfilling needs that customers didn't like them, swront to use them. >> cabbies see the mayor as
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the enemy now. >> i got threatened by two cab drivers. >> waiting on word a judge was about to issue his ruling on the services. the decision came late into the afternoon. abc 7 news was here as ruling was landed -- handed down. >> the side car ceo was relieved recommending alouing the companies to keep operating much as they are after file something additional paper work. >> the public utilities commission acknowledging that this is aervice for society, for california people love this service. >> before they can vote there is a 30 day public comment period they're likely to hear an earful from the taxi industry. >> state electricity regulators calling a settlement with jp morgan chase a vindication chbl the bank agreed to pay $400 million to settle claims.
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jp morgan did confirm the settlement reminiscent of a scandal when enron made millions in california. >> san jose earthquakes have been forced to delay the opening of their soccer stadium. crews have encountered what is described as difficult conditions finding water filled underground vaults along with piles of steel beams and concrete. the earthquakes now help to open for the second half of the season. >> little league world series giving tri valley area a nine day economic boom meaning big crowds on, and off the field. we're live with the impact of the series. david? >> this world series is drawing teens and spectator
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frarntz world including japan, canada and ecuador. but not just here for a long weekend or a few hours they're here nine days in hotels, restaurants and shopping. that translates into millions of dollars. these 11-year-olds to 13-year-old have extended families and supporters. 10,000 descended on livermore valley. >> they like bacon, sausage and pancake autos it's the shot in the arm the businesses lost. a crowd of a thousand inside and out. >> we took care of them, they ate on the grass and parents and people following was just a big turn out in downtown. just great. >> hotels have seen an 8% bump in occupancy. the courtyard by marriott hosting four of the six teams.
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>> we don't check out until next tuesday morning after final word series game so we'll -- . >> that is longer than corporate customer autos yes. our corporate travelers here one, two nights, maybe. >> because of impact on local businesses four years ago it had 15 special events this, year, 60. >> maybe little league is here because amgen was here, they build on each other. they see there is a government that will bend over backyards to pull permits to build things they need. and they also see the beauty. >> there is hope livermore will work hard to bring it back next year. >> they need to see what we're going do do in regards to
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economics. >> so they'll see what we do. i'm sure they're going to be a great partner with us. >> could baseball -- good baseball weerj great baseball weather. yes. >> let's take a look at conditions now. here is live doppler 7 hd. it's been mild today. our natural has a cooling infence. we have smoke from southwestern oregon. and folk as lng the coastline hooking inland throughout the bay area. more evident yesterday. we had health advisory issued that has been lifted we still
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haze looking westward towards san francisco. 71 san jose. 57 half moon bai. another live view towards mount diablo. 68 degrees now in both napa ask jant rosa. 76 livermore, another live view looking onto the bay. taking a look at forecast features low clouds, fog again tonight. sunny skies and mild tomorrow. and temperatures climbing by the end of the week we have a dip we showed you yesterday. cool nair our direction which have having influenced on bay area weather.
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low loudz clouds and fog along coast low temperatures into mid-50s and our fog cast animation shows we won't have fog as wide spread in the morning as they this morning but could reduce visibilities but we'll see fog away from areas of the coast tomorrow. giving us mild condition as cross the board. 60s and 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. mid-70s redwood city down to mountain view. low to mid-60s on the coast. north bay highs mid to upper 70s. and inland east bay low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures remaining in the
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range we're in now through friday. through saturday, actually i'll add a day. and then, back to seasonal storms. >> -- norms. >> i'm going to start doing 10 day fookts bay area veteran returning home. a salute to a lost soldier, next. >> want a smart solution for your commute? check out abc 7 news right now and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. so with smart, enter n
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. remains of a korean war hero came home today 6 years after he went missing in action. the flag draped coffin arrived this morning from there police officers and veterans led the way to a funeral home. >> we want to make sure the family knows they don't grieve alone. >> steinberg is a san francisco native captured in
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1951 during korean war. his remains identified in may thanks to dna samples. the funeral for sargeant steinberg will take place on thursday at golden gate national sem tear san francisco is opening up its check back to get police officers, firefighters and sheriff deputies to move back into the city. this morning introducing a new program to help first responders to buy homes inside of san francisco. idea to with get personnel to live nearby so they can respond faster in the event of a disaster. >> they make more money but is it nouf purchase a nous san francisco? no. >> to qualify first responders must not have owned a home in san francisco for three years have to sell any other residences and must have 5% of
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the down payment. >> coming up a 7 on your side investigation. a flaw allowing thousands of drivers to get away with not paying golden gate bridge toll. >> and a law that will keep a soldier out of the death chamber. >> a former gia
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over.
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to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. a 7 on your side investigation revealed a significant flaw in the new all electronic toll collection system on the golden gate bridge. >> you know you can no longer use cash so thousands are getting billed for their tolls but 7 on your side's michael finney is here with startling findings. >> this is major. at least 200,000 cars are getting bills for $6 tolls or at least supposed to.
7:33 pm
we've found that is not always happening. thousands of drivers are getting through the toll for free. >> golden gate bridge spokesperson thanking us for uncovering a serious problem with the toll system. >> this is a huge find and huge space. we can fix this. >> we've discovered some crossed the bridge without paying a toll. never a charge no, bill, no violation, no penalty. we have learned about 5,000 cars are crossing the bridge scot-free. >> any tolling system across the country has what we'd call leakage but this is huge for >> in fact they're probably aun ware. the problem is buried in
7:34 pm
computers of the electronic toll collecting system. >> there are codes going to dmv from our system that weren't be read correctly. >> happens when cars crossed the bridge without fast track of the a camera snaps their plates and they can get an invis voice in the mail. 200,000 motorists should get at bl. there are folks like shelly. >> saying hey, i crossed on saturday, april 27th. >> she crossed the bridge but never paid she kept e mailing officials asking hem to send a bill. >> i got a response saying thanks, we'll check into it. i never heard back. >> i crossed a bridge may 9th or 10th. and never got a bill. >> neither knew why. did they get a free ride?
7:35 pm
or racking up huge penalties? >> and so i wanted to share it with 7 on your side. >> we asked mary. she looked into the cases first saying dmv did not have shelly's address and shelly needed to correct it, stephanie said dmv did not provide her street address either. however, both showed us dmv registration. with full address. >> we weren't getting adresses and didn't know. >> bridge officials realized their computers can not capture dresses for some random plates like shelly's. and could not read full addresses for many leased cars. no address, no bill. no bill, no toll. curry said the district would
7:36 pm
write off tolls as a loss and says 5,000 nonpaying cars is a small fraction. still if kept up that is $360,000 a gleer lost revenue autos thank you to 7 on your side we have this issue flushed out for us. we're fixing it. >> so now the bridge district is using our information to help rebuild the information meaning drivers can stop worrying about why they didn't get a bill and means no more free rides. >> yes. michael finney making sure everybody pays, thank you. >> and a mixed verdict in the trial of bradley manning. a judge found manning not guilty but was convicted of many lesser charges. manning admitted he's giving
7:37 pm
hundreds of thousands of documents to wiki leaks. the verdict sparked this demonstration in downtown san francisco. supporters calling on the government to release manning. he could be sent to prison up to 136 years. that hearing gets underway tomorrow. >> governor jerry brown feeling more pressure to solve a three-week old prisoner hunger strike. today dropping off 70,000 sig cures -- signatures family members rallied and inmates say conditions are inhumane and almost 400 of them stopped eating 23 days ago to demand changes. >> this condition is torture, no matter what they did. >> as far as we're concerned it's not solitary confinement. sit a great place to spend time? no. it isn't but no prisons oor
7:38 pm
department says conditions not inhumane and says inmates are double bunked getting cable tv and have daily contact with staff. >> a uc san diego student held four days in a cell settled a lawsuit with the drug enforcement agency. he was at a friend's house when dea raid that had home. he was placed in a holding cell soon cleared but officersing for dwrot let him go. day three he began drinking his own urine to survive. he was treated for dehydration and kidney failure. >> coming up next security at apple store autos why some [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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(speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. president obama pledged to give rinz a simplified corporate tax code. the president made his pitch in tennessee. amazon just announced it's adding 7,000 jobs in 13 states and building more warehouses. the president says he'll go for simplifying taxes if the g.o.p. agrees to spend more
7:42 pm
money creating middle class jobs. >> i want to use some of the money we save by closing loopholes toy yaitd more good construction jobs with infrom a structure initiatives i talks about. we can build a broader network of manufacturing house. >> republicans say no deal they want to see the codes simplified at the same time. >> tonight money matters labor charges against apple. two former employees have filed suit claiming to guard against theft apple searches bags of every employee who leaves the store. suit says they don't get paid for the time spend in thyme line for the search up to 15 minutes. bloomberg news says facebook planning to face television style commercials right into your news feed for up to two and a half million dollars per day but mark zuckerberg delayed the plan twice out of concern the user experience
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might be tainted. facebook stock rose $2 a share and closed within a $1 of its offering last year. >> coming up next potential side affects of spaying or neutering your dog. >> a question of timing could have serious for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right.
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not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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overwhelming majority of responsible pet yorn follow recommendations and get their dogs spayed or neutered but research is raising question btz best time for having that procedure done. >> it's okay. i know. >> for this 2-year-old this visit to the hospital is just routine. she's health year, happy ask like majority of dogs who visit, fixed. >> she's spayed yes. she's two years old. she's spayed. >> according to the humane society nearly 80% of dogs with owners are now spayed and neutered the result of
7:47 pm
tireless campaign by shelters. >> it's important to spay and neuter pets. to prevent overpopulation. >> but against that a study at uc davis is raising questions about potential side affects. professor heart and his team crunched records from school of veterinary medicine's data base focusing on golden retrievers. >> because we know that breeds of dogs have different sensibilities to cancers and to joint problems. >> among findings, more than double the rate of hip displaisha in male golden retrievers who were neutered in their first year. >> that were caused by or brought on my neutering. >> acknowledging findings will be controversial he believes they could argue for alternative methods that are
7:48 pm
less likely to alter hormone levels phone shall cause of the bone growth and cancer issues. >> you can do a vasectomy faster and a tubal lie investigation if you wanted to for less money and less trauma. >> fellow veterinarian says she's interested in findings but points out spaying has been shown to lower rates of other diseases such as manmmary cancer autos neutering canny decrease behavioral problems that occur when intablgt. >> the study group admits findings may vary. their research limited only to 759 golden retrievers in the study leaving veterinarians to weigh pros and cons. >> i think it's something all pet owners want to be aware
7:49 pm
of. we want to do the right thing. >> uc davis team plans to study labradors and hope to move on to other popular breeds. >> and if you're heading out for walk right now with your dog spencer christian is here. looks good outside it does look good outside despite presence of coastal clouds and fog. and haze, things looking nice right now. it's what was tropical storm flossie now gone. what is left is scattered areas of rain. i want to show you a time lapse view. the storm moving over. big counterclockwise circulation around this storm. here we go. clouds moving from east to west. once trailing arc comes through we get the back side of the storm.
7:50 pm
just kind of thing that exsites us weather news nuts. sunny skies and highs from low to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday pretty much the same pattern but things warming up sunday. upper 80s inland by sunday. >> thank you. >> abc 7 is the first bay area station to offer a live stream of the programming online. >> it's called watch abc. abc is the first broadcast network to roll it out. now, you never have to miss a minute of news or programming you enjoy. >> this is a benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, at ask t you verse and charter communications at no extra cost go. to abc 7 enter railroad yir your account information to log in, then go to watch abc live stream or search to down load the app. >> it's time now for sports. >> yes. mike shumann is here.
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now, brian wilson perhaps in dodger blue? >> oh, boy. as mentioned a former giant made news today that. would be brian wilson. would be brian wilson. a new team we'll see how it's
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when you smoke, addictive ingredients like nicotine pull you in. every day, over 1200 people die from smoking-related diseases. don't sink deeper into addiction. pull yourself out!
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brian wilson had reconstruction surgery signed a minor league deal with the dodgers for a reported $1 million. that is closing out the 2010 world series for g men he's considered one of the fwheft baseball prior to surgery and known for his fear the beard than his talent. it will be an interesting return to at and t park. and barry zito trying to shave points off his era on the road. some people can sleep anywhere. just a little cat
7:55 pm
nap, he's back. that would later score on a sack fly v to hand tout dellman young here. he walks former stanford star incomes two runs, philly. once again, game tide at two, zito with a fast fall. and can he make them pay? yes. san jose sharks signed center joe pivelky for $30 million keeping him off the free agent market. 7th round pick in 2003. he has 150 goals, 186 assists and 479 career goals with the
7:56 pm
sharks. and american born little joe is a favorite. all right. wgc tees off thursday with british open champion fill mick yepson in the field. michael nson roared down the stretch. this was one for the ages. look at this, this hasn't left his side. >> it's here with me. not like i'm going to leave it. i'll have friends and so forth throughout next weeks able to drink out of it. that is the coolest gift to give friends of mine the opportunity to drink out of the jug and have a picture of
7:57 pm
it. >> drink what? all right. let's take a tour of nfl training ramps. we had to earn the job. this is a tools nfl defenses. >> you know eric is a smart player, diligent. game snot too big for him. he's just going through norm growing pains of a rookie. but is doing fine. >> finally after a week of training camp john harbaugh brought an ice cream truck to practice. maybe his brother should take a hint from that.
7:58 pm
this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> we got ice cream right after the newscast. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, it was not a flock of sea gulls causing a commotion at 9:00 how just one of them disrupted lives of 2,000 people in the bay area. >> you have trite protest but does that include carrying a hammer or wrench? tonight the push to change the way police deal with pro testors he and here is tonight's line up for you on abc 7. >> that will do it for now. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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