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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 3, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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we are 27 hours and counting until a bart strike. tonight there is still hope a deal can be reached before a traffic nightmare comes on monday. good evening, i'm ama daetz. they are trying to hammer out a plan. how contract talks progressed today. >> bart management and the two unions representing bart workers went into negotiations at 10:00 this
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morning hopeful. >> both sides are meeting. that is positive. >> they are working against tomorrow night's strike deadline. >> we have to get all the information on the table. >> after two hours of talks, they parted way for a lunch break. >> i hope we're not wasting our time. that is our intent to get it done. nobody wants a strike and unions don't either. >> union negotiator didn't offer an update on the progress but made it clear when he returned an hour and a half later they were too busy to eat. bart riders are action for an outcome remembering last month's bart strike. >> traffic was horrible. i had to give myself an hour and a half which would be normally a 20 minute commute and i would still be late.
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>> yeah, even, no matter which alternative i go for it will be slammed. >> the lead bart negotiator told me off camera he doesn't think a deal is going to be made to tonight which means talks will go into tomorrow. we will stay here as long as they are here and bring you developments as they happen. >> about 400,000 people ride bart each day. many of them were forced to drive during the strike in july. that was holiday so fewer people were on bay area roads were on the road. if a strike happens, expect 10% more traffic on the roads. >> if bart workers off the job, bay area transit agencies say they will try to add additional service to accommodate additional commuters. they will have additional buses to and from san francisco. they carry the bulk of riders a month ago during the strike. san francisco bay ferry will
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add boats and there they add muni lines. they are asking for commuters to carpool in and out of the city. we have full range of resources at including a section for the latest on bart's contract negotiations and other alternatives. you can download our exclusive waze traffic map. remember to follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. right now in southern california, authorities are searching for a driver who plowed into a group of beachgoers. it happened at 6:00 tonight at venice boardwalk. 12 people were injured and two critically. the driver did not appear to lose control of the car. the driver kept going and has not been found. >> san francisco police are looking for two suspects in connection with a triple shooting. shots were fired in the bay view district at 1:30 in the afternoon. three victims had driven themselves to the hospital.
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at san francisco general, officers taped off a white nissan the victims were in. prolonged police arrested more than 200 protestors during a rally against richmond's chevron refinery. they say they jeopardize air quality. they arrested the group after they staged a sit in. today's protest comes after the first anniversary of last year's explosion and fire at the richmond refinery. >> our children have a right to grow up in a healthy and a stress free and risk free environment. with chevron having these incidents every couple of years, their future is jeopardized. >> chevron disputed the claims. in a statement to "abc 7 news", they said, data collected by the air district
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shows that air quality is best in the bay area and similar to san francisco and better than concord and napa. >> a loud protest was held today outside the western consulate as part of a worldwide effort hostility nor gays inside russia. it's an international on out cry that was passed by the parliament that makes it illegal to speak about homosexuality to chin. it has struck a note worldwide. >> it's just outrageous. russia needs to be forced to back off. >> gays in russia have been beaten following a passage of laws. they are reversing the decision how the laws will be
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enforced during the winter olympics. a top russian lawmakers says the law will not apply to olympic participants and guests. a hayward woman is in the hospital tonight after jumping oust of a window to escape a fire. firefighters were called to an apartment building on center street at 3:30 this afternoon. the unit was fully involved in flames. the woman as not injured by the fall but she did have burns. she was at the medical center. no word on the cause. a man being treated for serious injuries suffering from a house fire in oakland. they were called to a house this morning just after 3:00. they went into the burning home and rescued a man who was taken to highland hospital. officials do not consider the fire to be suspicious. the cause is under investigation. >> almost two dozen u.s.
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embassies an consulates will be closed following threats from al-qaeda. americans were facing a warning from the state department when traveling overseas. what is behind the precautions from new york. >> security is tight at airports and train stations across the u.s. department of homeland security is said they are taking extra precautions following threats from overseas. >> it is an al-qaeda affiliated threat. so it is of the al-qaeda branch. >> u.s. officials call the threat serious and credible. they intercepted electronic communications and messages exchanged between female al-qaeda leaders in which they discussed attacks against u.s. embassies an consulates in the middle east and northern a africa. >> we are taking it seriously. there is a significant threat and we are reacting to it. >> that includes closing down
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22 embassies this weekend. an area that covers 7,000 miles. a global travel warning issued to americans. first time that has happened since before the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> right now is the best time to travel there because of the terrorist threat. they may target major tourist sites. >> it extends through the entire month of august. >> they have learned the department of homeland security has increased scrutiny of visitors from overseas. >> still to come. what went wrong at this plant implosion that injured at least five people. why police in santa cruz are looking for this fashionably dressed woman tonight. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures for the saturday, pretty seasonable for this time of the year. temperatures will drop below
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a man lost his leg after being hit by shrapnel by a blast in bakersfield. at least four other people were treated for minor injuries. building is decommissioned planted was imploded to make way for new development. pg&e will investigate into the incident. police in santa cruz are searching for a robbery suspect for more fashionable disguise. this woman in her late 40s robbed the bank of the west on west. she demanded money. she was wearing a beige sweat where a blue blouse and beige
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hat and a straw bag. coming up next. we'll tell you why federal regulators are investigating offshore drilling operations off the coast. temperatures are expected to dip this week. leigh glaser will tell us what day will be the coolest this week. >> a's were against the regulators and giants continued to get in their own way. as a result
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federal regulators will investigate the dangers of
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fracking off the coastline. they announced a plan to investigate oil producing techniques that includes under seas fracking. the process involves pumping salt water and chemicals into shale and sand beneath the water in the hopes it will lead to new oil production. opponents want it banned. that the damage can be irreverse i believe. the study is result of a ruling that the federal government allowed under sea tracking in fresno and monterey counties. >> so far it's been a nice pleasant weekend on this saturday in august. let's check out the forecast. >> absolutely changing temperatures. today we had 80s inland but 50s right near the coast. the reason why you can see for yourself. live doppler showing the fog bank.
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we've had it the past several days and it's not going to let up and started to intensify. cooler air will move for the first part of the workweek. all way stinson seeing fog and golden gate bridge that reduced visibility. highs burned back to near the coast. it warmed up nicely. 85 in fairfield. 87 in antioch. 74 in san rafael. 64 in 64. hazy skies and fog starting to move in embarcadero. we had 63 mountain view. san jose at 64 degrees. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. look at all the fog, mist and drizzle, you are definitely going to run into that. 67 still mild in concord. is a look at some of the forecast highlights as we head through the next several days. low clouds and mist and drizzle will spread further inland and cooling trend
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really kicks in as we head into the first part of next week. you can see the fog pattern, low clouds and fog continue to stream in thanks to a cool rather strong sea breeze. that will continue throughout the evening. temperature range overnight, low 50s near the coast. half moon bay, 53. compare that to a little warmer temperature, 58 degrees in antioch. this is low pressure to the north and continuing to bring us a cool onshore wind flow. as we work our way through the weekend, monday it is still there. by tuesday it starts to move over parts of the bay area. tuesday and wednesday, possibly into thursday could be the coolest days of the up coming workweek. livermore tomorrow, you'll go for 84 degrees but check out tuesday and we. only in the upper 70s. so definitely trending down well below where we should be. even san jose, we'll start off in the mid-70s by
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tomorrow and by wednesday and thursday, touching 70 degrees. temperatures drop as much as 5-8 degrees below where we should be for this time of the year. enjoy tomorrow. san jose 76. 75 for santa clara. 50s along the coast with mist and drizzle. 73, palo alto. low clouds in san francisco. it will burn back near the sunset district. 75 in santa rosa and napa 75. oakland 69. newark will clear out a little more and 83 for antioch and concord, 82 degrees. seven-day forecast, coolest days to come will be tuesday, wednesday and possibly into thursday. low 80s inland a. 60s at the coast and temperatures spike back up close to 90 degrees by next weekend. shu is checking on sports and a's are looking good. >> a's with a surprise move today.
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pitcher tommy malone after allowing six runs against texas. then the a's turn around and their three game losing streak. and yo power, cespedes, matt garza, two-run homer. 3-0 a's and time for coco. jarret parker is cruise can. looks like it is going foul. solo shot rangers within a one, now 3-2. day game in oakland and dreaded sun ball. and martin loses it. ground rule double. eric bunteding in the 7th and in comes in alber to have and we go topnotch. he swings as he tries to avoid the pitch. a's win it 4-2 and lead three games over texas. >> you want to get off to a good start. as i said earlier, there are
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times before a starting pitcher gets comfortable doing his thing. you have a chance to score runs. we played small ball early. >> giants and rays, second inning, likes it is out here. he makes the catch. i thought was gone. brandon crawford, a chopper up the gut. scoring one. giants take an early 1-0 lead. kelly johnson, slow roller, lincecum collides. this would be an important play and runners on the corner and can't turn the double play. molina scores making it 1-1. stayed that way until the tenth. he would walk with bases loaded and fastball over the
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head. and braves get the win, giants fall 11 back of the dodgers. >> last week there were reports of a lifetime ban for alex rodriguez and through the 2014 season ko is imminent for i-rod. 12 players could receive suspensions for their roles in biogenesis scandal. >> tiger at firestone. final shot winning a major is next week at pga championship. tiger entered this round with a 7-shot lead. first hole, got it. back-to-back birdies to start the round. he chips in for a birdie for 3. meanwhile, benson, birdie
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putt on 17. he goes to minus. spencer will begin 7 back of tiger. woods in control at 15 under par. >> pro football hall of fame inducted seven new members today. warren sapp and larry allen from sonoma state ended his with the 49ers. chris carter and others also joined the most coveted fraternity in football. allen is 11 time pro bowler how his career got dominated by reggie white on sunday. >> became the strongest man in the n.f.l. i did it natural. [ laughter ] >> twice of the weight.
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>> only player ever from sonoma state in the hall of fame. more tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> next at 9:00, a look at the women numbers for
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coming up tonight at 11:00, if bart workers strike it could affect more than commuters. people say they will lose big bucks if the trains stop running. plus, a win for apple. ban that has been bypassing what apple is allowed to sell overseas. that is all tonight at 11:00. all right, $300 million powerball jackpot numbers are in. they are 21, 24, 36, 42, 45,
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powerball, 15. lottery officials have not announced if there is a winner yet. lump-sum payment is worth $172 million! we certainly didn't win. [ laughter ] >> come on. all right. good luck to you. that is it for abc7 news at 9:00. for all of us, i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us.
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[music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering everyone in between show. my michelle meow your host. we have an explosive show tonight. explaining transgender characters in television. gypsy love who performs at san francisco pride. you know share. she does awesome exercises you can take back. right now it's the gay news. i only have one headline for you and that's marriage equality.


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