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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight, pg&e under fire for deptive pipeline practices. >> from mount tam, no marine layer no, cooling influence. at is on and i'll have the hot weekend forecast coming up. >> new details about a innocent park sun bather. >> it's judgment day from landlord fm hell what. they did to evict a tenant that now landed them in prison. >> three years ago monday, it happened. san bruno pipeline disaster,
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tonight pg&e offers a new public apology for the trsgression. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> pg&e is facing more possible fines and penalties for yet another errorn its records and for the wayt let the state public utilities commission know about that mistake. this comes just days before the three-year anniversary of the deadly sanruno explosion. abc 7 news is live in san bruno with the story. heather? >> carolyn, one of the lawyer today told the commission, urged the commission to take strong action against pg&e, saying that as things are now, the you tilt sees commission as a sand box and problem isn't as much ethics as arrogance. lead counsel testified this is ch ado about nothing and he was ut of the country, didn't realize it's july 4th and was a unique kind of situation.
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>> septemr 9th high pressure pipeli exploded into flames, eight people we killed and homes destroyed in this glenn view neighborhood. after that, p good e reduced pressure on the gas sysm when asking for permission to bring pressure back up, it's required to showt was safe to do so. now, it turns out regulator grant th had based on faulty information. they did let the commission know about the error but only months after scovering it. and also concernedbout the way pg&e submitted corrections just before a long liday weekend through a process normally used for less serious corrections. city nager says she's not sure a fine will change pg&e but migh have other benefits. >> certainty a penal fine
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ach years to be apopriate. >> the faulty record issued today showed a pipe in san carlos was seamless but pg&e discovered in octobe that it ha a seam weld whit went in, to fix a leak. it didn't try to submit it until july, which lawys believe it was time to go unnoticed. pg&e leadttorney testified today that there is no safety issue andhere never was, and that we filed as quickly as we could without thout this was the day befor july 4th. 16 of the 38 destroyed homes are rebuilt. five more are under construction but three-year anniversary weighs on residents. >> made difficult by real
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saigs safety deficiencies continue to exist. >> as you can tell, summer returned to the bay area today wasn't expected to be a september heat wave. abc 7 news is here with what to expect this weekend. >> it's can be one of the warmest or hottest months now theris no low clouds at the coast no cooling marine influence, it's hot across the bay area today, here is a sampling of high temperatures, highs 96 in cloverdale. 93 nappa. l to mid-90s land east bay. 94 down south in gilroy. oakland a highof 91. 81 here in san francisco. 87 was the high inalf moon bay. here is a live view of the golden gate from our sutro tower camera. air quality is
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declining, we expect poor air quality in the santa clara valley, moderate at be over the remainder of the bay area, i'll show you how hot it's going to be with the accu-weather forect, thank you. >> s francisco city worker has w been arrested for running over a woman sun bathing in a park yesterday. she was enjoyg the afternoon with her baby and dog, it turns out the man say was behind the wheel suffered a terrible loss of his ochblt vic? >> the driver booked and charged with hit and run a vehicular manslaughter, it appears that the driver violated rec and park policy not having a spotter, another worker, to look out for adults dogs or whatever was in the way when he veered off that pathway into this grassy area, here at the park there has
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been a steady flow of mostly residents coming to that spot to pay tir respects. >> it's. with the baby and dog, just relaxing in the middle o the day to, have this happen. >> the death here has shocked residents who live nearby. emmy hadrantic calls yesterday from friends who heard the news and thought she might be the vict. >> because i'm 32, very a 5-month-oldaby girl and a white dog. >> the accident victim was a 35-year-old zen monk who ha just given birth to-to-a baby girl. the woman was lying on the grass at holly park enjoying warm day with her baby and pet dog, she was run over b a rec and pa truck around 2:30 in the afternoon. police identified the driver. an employ with rec and park
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department. witnesses say he drove off withoustopping. police tracked hi down blocks away. and took him into custody. >> i've seen him almost hit dogs and he's had pele yelling at him all of the time. >> many neighbors say they're not surprised that he or other truck drivers would cause a fatalccident here every one here is a mother. you snow has a dog, family. so they will drive on this road and sometimes, making moves going on this grass often. >> today, employers sent a statement saying in part she was full of brilliance and kindness. her high energynd infectious enthusiasm impactedverything and everyone she touched. there is a sadrony. in april, tom's 20-year-old daughter tiff fanny was kill md a car accident on interstate 5 in fresno. >> christine vomarim bought
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meals from three stone hearth. they've been getting donations to keep send meals to the family. if you'd like to help they can use the support now. >> police revealed a man gunned down by officers this week did not have a weapon. the 34-year-old was killed wednesday, police say it happened during an undercover drug sti. six officers opened fire, he was hit several times, officers did not find weapons on him or in his truck. all officers are veterans working for santa clara police and sheriff's department. >> in the meantime the man suspected of killing a scho yard supervisor beingeld without bail,ound dead tuesday outside of san antonio elentary school. the suspect charged with murder today, did not enter
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a plea. police say the two knew eh other but have not said how. ayala expected back in court friday. >> a married couple dubbed landlords from hell sentenced today in san francisco. here they are. he says the sentence doesn't go far enough, wee live tonight. lillian? >> they were sentenc to four years and nourz but will be out of prison mh sooner. kiand nicole macy knew their fate. their four year, four month sentence part of a plea deal. the attorney criticized the sentence. >> we had meetings and talked about the facts in this case. and i do believe that this is in the a draconian sentence. i believe sit reasonable. >> theacy's have been
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convicted of residency burglary, atteted grand theft and stalking in connection with efforts to get five ten yanlts to move out of the souchblg market building saying they doused bedsnd clothe was ammonia, cut up sections of support baems and sawed holes through floors. prosecutors say sthe cut telephone lines and repeatedly changed locks. one man was in the courtroom saying their sentence isn't long enough. he was the live in building manager saying he fears for his safety. >> i know they have a disagreement and i can expect anything from them. they can pay someone that, is why i feel insecure ti. >> i'moing to give you credit for having served the mayies served three years of the senten, one of it spent in jail in italy where the couple fled and were arrested. >> it's very tragic. there wasn't anyone in this
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case who, boy ca honorable. and the mayies and everybody else involved. >> the macies should beout of prison in about a year. >> the main route from here to yosemite has beeneopened. highway 120 between groveland and yosemite national park has been closed since the fire broke out, reopening at noon today but there is no stopping an all side road frkz closed. the fire is still 80% itid grow overnight to become the third largest in california history. now, it's 246,000 acre flames expectsed to intensify within containment lines because of the weather. >> there is a lot more to get to here. still to come an argument for moving a's to san jose. the city has a high profile expert saying there is no down side to it.
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>> in sacramento, lawmaker as prove a pro poseal to expand family leave act. see who else you can care for and get paid at wor >> a good deal offered online. what happened to the order? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side coming up. >> and later grateful dead's micky hart setting out to prove music is the beflt
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oosh r.. if you have a sick relative, the law may change to allow more time to chair for him. ab 7 news is in sacramento with the story its hard. >> lisa found her snefl a situation where she couldn't help care for her grandmother as much she wanted in the final days. the nurse asked her boss to take time f but couldn't. workers can get 55% of their pay up to six weeks when caring for sick parents, children and spouses and domestic partners. no one else. >> as a part of the paid mily leave act grandmothers aren't included i couldn't lieve that. you know? i mean she's my grandmother. >> the state legislature sent a gornor brown a bill expanding the list of relatives the california family lve act would apply
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to, grandparents, siblings and in-laws. employees pay for through paycheck deductions under short term disabili. >> these funds are paid by the employee and not the employer they're moneys put into afund by each of ust our work place. >> opponents say there comes a point when seone has to do the work. imagine a small business that doesn't have a lot of employee autos someone has to do work. otherwise, the company can't stay in wis. we want to support families we suort parents taking time off but, adding grandparents, siblings goes too far. >>isa thinks she'll have torjz care for, urging governor brown to sign the measure. >> i can't live without my pavement very two children. and i'm a main bread winner. >> governor brown has until mid octor to take action on the pposed expansion of the california family leave act.
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>> and also today legislature approv a bill to put limits on the pap p ratsy. celebrity say mob scenes like these caused by photographers are common occur yerngs last month actresses jennifer garner and halle barryspoke out against parazzi. the bill would fine, or jail photographers who hassle children ocelebrities. >> everybody has a right to take a picture. that is no problem when you start harassing verbal as well as physically, you know, a chil to secure a photograph to profit from, then, ihink there is a problem. >>he bill would still allo paparazzi to take pictures as long as they don't harass their children. it's now awaing governor's signature. >> a bill preventing from interrupting cell phone service. state senate passed a bill over outrage during a protest in san francisco two yearsing ayochl the bill the first in
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the country barring service interwrupgs out a court order >> this is a big battle. the fight heati up between the city and jor league baseball over efforts toa's to . abc 7 news wlaitest legal developments. just like baseball, san jose fight to get major league baseball to alw a's to move from oakland is a game of rules and regulations. and attorneys argue the antitrust exemption applies to players and labor issue autos every other time it found interest there is no antitrust exemption r major league baseball. anwe're asking the court in our filing today, to reaffirm that position. >> major reeg baseball is standi firm it's antitrust exemptn is iron clad seeking dismissal of the lawsuit. we reaed out to mlb's san
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francisco attorneyith no response. one firm will argue against dismissal october 4th. to bolster the case, professor roge nolan will analyze the situation. >> there is absolutelyo economic reaso why major league baseball shouldn't olly support the athletic coming to san jose. >> we contacted major league basell in new york which has not seen the latest filing. san jose city council meer says it's a high stakes ft which won't cost taxpayers a cent. the law firm taking the case on contingency. he says the iss is bigger than baseball. >> we're ithe heart of silicon valley. and competition made silicon valley gre. we believe major league baseball should be subject to the same competition at every
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other indtry in this country is subject to.. >> we're seeing quite aarm up today. and th weekend. >> yes. spencer christian is tracng it slosly. >> today, 90s, tomorrow, 100. >> yes. >> sunday, my cry for relief. here is a look at sunny skies across the bayrea even at the coast. notice absence of coastal clouds and fog no cooling marine influence that. is why we've had a warm up today, right now it's 13 degrees warmer at this hour, 14 degrees warmer in novato. 16 degrees warmer in san carlos around the ba area, we've seen 10 degrees or more warm ups. from this point yesterday. current temperatures are 76 degrees in san francisco.
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81 oakland. 85 san jose. 88 los gatos, another beautil view of ouk ocean beach, under blue skies other readings at this hour 87 in santa rosa. 90 antioch, 92 livermore, other live view from our camera is forecast features warm to hot conditions next few days. cooler paern tuesday so we'll have to deal with heat fr a few days thi movement offer the hours during day and into afternoon show high presre centering to our north. circulation bringing us warm air from land to sae. that is why it's warmed up dramatically from yesterday.
7:22 pm
tomt peak of warming in oakland. but upper 80s sunday, mob, dropping off tuesday and remainder of the week. to inland east bay, it will be hot in livermore, 100 degrees dropping down to 96 tuesday. and here is a look at our overnight lows under clear skies witho cooling marine influence, no cool air coming in from my y we'll see low temperatures overnight mid to upper 60s to so it's going to bmild to warm. on the pin anyone slarks highs 92 in redwood city. stid to upper 70s on the coast. 83 the high tomorrow, mid-90s across the north bay and some 90s, inland east bay
7:23 pm
highs toround 100 and here the accu-weather forecast. three days of triple digit heat coming our way through monday. temperatures dropping off s, seven, maybe eight degrees then wednesday through friday a cooler weather pattern but it's going to be sweltering until th. >> yes. >> beaches look like a good place to go. >> great place to go. go to the beach. >> let's go. >> cing up a well known musician losing his eqpment in a carp port tht. just ahead.
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a musicia is doing more than just playing the wlu blues tonight someone stole his car and equipment. he played with many of the blues greats but now having to play withorrowed instruments. monday night he parked his car but did not unload equipment. next morning everything was go including his 1950s gibson guitar he had since he was 19. >> i'm trying to think bit. you know?
7:27 pm
antrying to think positively. >> let's hope that happens. he bor yod instruments from the blues society they're helpingearch for the stolen equipment. >> we're about two hours from a robotics space craft. the lunar atmosphere also known as laddy set to launch at 8:27 tonight our time. the project will hitch aide aboard a lockett using three peace keeper icbms from nasa facility in virginionce in orkit will drop down to a low altitude. >> we're going to be down from that altitude we can study what atmosphere is like.
7:28 pm
there is some evidencehere are dusttorms. >> the research center designed, built and tested ladd the space craft will run out of fuel and crash into the moon. >> go laddy, go. >>reparing to make his case to you. we have a wide range of opinions next. >> also the m who wrote the number one encryption program governor's -- government's power to decode your e mail. >> and a send off to janet napolitano today leaving
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>> the president is on hisway home from a group of 20 summit where he phed for international support for a military strike on syria. officials say the syrian
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government killed 1400 of its own people last month. the president would not tell abc news reporter jonathan carl today what he'll do if congress votes no. >> we haven't heard if congress fails to authize this, will yo go ahead with an tack on syria? >> i think we'lle more effective and stronger if congress authorize thdz sanction. i'm not going to engage in parlor games now about whether or not goitsing to pass. >> hairy reid introduced a resolution but it's n clear whether it will pass. the house postponed a vote for another week. >> and here in the bay area several groups planning demonstrations ts weekend to convey their opinions about possible intervention in
7:33 pm
syria. >> we need to know what we're doing fore we do it. >> there are no good options left. >> it's a moh win. >> lawmakers dete whether to debate the call for a limited strike in syria, others here have already made up their minds. >> we're against u.s. intervention in syria. >> rick is with mount diablo peace and justice center. >> basically we've got a history of false formation. it needs to be investigated. there is no -- the u.s. shouldn'be policeman of the world let alone the judge, jury, executioner >> ctics cannot contrue it into anything but a full war. >> the president can make a good case for making military
7:34 pm
action against syria >> what a limited response would do wld to be ratchet up the costs of using wgs against civilians in syria. >> i think he's making a tremendous choice is. >> in a reon that is suffered so much. >> i don't think we have a clue about what it's going to be -- what is going to happen if we do this. here you have middle east which is already in bad shape oom made up their minds, others want to see details of the proposal before making a decision. >> the dress will be on tuesday. time has yet to be determined. >> natios unemployment rate
7:35 pm
has fall dwron a four and a half year low but there is little cause for celebration. one tenth lower than july business owners a td 1669,000 jobs 300,000 people stopped looking and no longer counted as unemployed. stock prices quickly began to fall. one more note from wall street facebook stock went higher today to close at $43.95 a share, the best pri since going public last may. the price of oil topped $110 a bairlg today, after russian president putin said his country would continue to aid syria it comes under attack. >> there more revelations this evening from leaks about edward snow den. us reporting government has been building super computers
7:36 pm
to break encryption codes world wide. abc 7 news spoke with phillip zimmerman. >> i would have thought that the average american would be exempt from, you know, u. intelligence agencies for the most part. we've learned we're under surveillance that. is a terrible thi. >> the report says the national security been unraveling making nearly everyone's secrets vibl available to the government. >> good buy, washington hello bay area for janet napolitano. vice president biden led a ceremony today for napolitano. it's a post held four and a half years. the vice president thanked
7:37 pm
napolitano for service and believes she will be back in washington some day. >> i think janet shld nbt supreme court of the united states. and that not only speaks to other kaults but your depth and knowledge. >> napolitano leaving her post to becom the first female president of the uc system based in oakland. >> coming up, storyf the hammocks that ner arrived. >> how a company
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7:41 pm
stressed and concerned. >> which is not the idea. >> the story of the travel hammock that customer paid for. i guess they never got? >> if you'reike me, i'm bombarded by offers forreat deals some areinding. >> stephanie dean is standing in the spot where she pictured her dad in a hammock. >> i was going to put it here she's one of more than 24,000 who orded this hammock throughiving social. it's unknowhow many received their hammock. the internet is full of complaints about those who say they didn't st hammock. >> people asking questions about what hpened to their hammock. >> buyer bee hair -- beware,
7:42 pm
horrible company, zero sts warned one. do not order from em another stated in the consumer deals site. we asked ling social. we are ware that some o the customers have experiend a problem regarding redemption of the deal and working to resolve this issue. stephanie isn't taking chances. >> i askedhem. >> we reached out on stephanie's behalf. living social told news a follow up e mail it hoped to have the iue resolved soon. we scheduled an interview. >> i madeontact with living social via twitter meioning i reached out to abc 7 they contact immediate back.
7:43 pm
my refund was into my account within the hour. >> for stephanie th is about more than getting $59 back but other people waiting for hammoc as well oor they just not going to getheir money back? it's a huge concern. >> one resident was able to protest the charge. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the grateful dead's micky hart. >> the value of music, just ahead.
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>> he is best known for yrs with the grateful dead, micky hart is alive and pray playing in san francisco. hart long believed music is the best medicine. >> your life is like rhythm. everything is rhythm. i am rhythm. so are you.
7:47 pm
>> micky hart is best known for rhythms created with the grateful dead. >> rhythm in the brain finding out what it sounds like. >> but one day, it became a certainty. >> my grandmother had adnced alzheimer's. she coun't speak. and i played the drum for her. and she spoke my name. sh started... to be connected again to become verbal. >> improveme lasted only a moment but hart says it changed hi direction in life, forever. he's wearing a cap here, electrodes are detecting signals that have activity. >> this is a live image of the brain taking this gear on tour
7:48 pm
with him so audience was wat neurons pulse. and as the beginning of something bigger. >> hopefully by finding out what rhythms a we'll be able to find out how to use music as medicine. >> it starte when hart was asked do a speaking engagement with adam gazali who was studying how to retrain the train brain using video technology. >> this concept has be around a long time. this just really nostudies have carefully controlledded experience and looked for changes inthe brain. >> only now are computers powerful enough to show changes live >> live recording now for micky's brain. >> he tried to control by changing rhythm of the music. >> i move into me and find what it's doing, going with it.
7:49 pm
i try to stay there as lng as possible turning to the right ask ft. >> hart says it's dancene dr. gazaly. says could advance paish yeents if we can help retrain them, then, hopefully we can impro kog anything along with that. a drug with huge promise for har st. al recreational. >> you might say gets yu high. you're connecting with the real you >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> let's go back a talk about the hot weather coming up. >> yes. spencer christian is here. i haven't found a way to tell you it's gng to be hot this weekend. it's going to be hot. live doppler 7 sunny skies, cot to inland cooling marine layer and tomorrow, warm to hot in most locations 98 sacramento. 95 yosemite.
7:50 pm
and high tempatures up to almost 80 degrees on the coast. low 90s andp to 100 into warmest spots. as we look at conditions in mountain view sunny skies and mild into evening hours, here is our accu-weather forecast. so saturday, sunday, monday, after that little heat wave, temperatures moderating tuesday and cooling do more significantly on wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> we can't hold on until then. >> no. >> let's talk football. >> yes. >> raiders open the seasonn the road fing stanford man. they may need a l to fi
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good eveni. raiders kick off a new season sunday after going 4-12rks
7:54 pm
silver and black pected to finish around 4 and 12 again this, year, maybe. if they can get to 8 and 8, it would be almost a miracle. raiders will try to stop andrew luck who helped colt goes from worst in the league to the playoffs in just one minute. -- season. he's got a strong arm, but what scares raiders most is iq. >> he's a young smart quarterback. you know? so hll do a goodob of, if he ca read defense he does a good job of picking it apart its going to be tough. they've got great football players. youkn we know charles woodson made plays. and he still plays at such a high lel. it's going to be tough. it's going to be a tough
7:55 pm
challenge to us. >> this is the second straight year ty're meeting in the season opener, niners won last year in green bay. it's the home of the yea and a new defense for the pack. >> well, i mean it's one of 16 we've got to go through. and it's a critical game fo us. it's opening game. >> that is raiders coac, i don't think he's reflecting much, any wairk we'll move on. odds makers thinking blowout in the bill walsh legacy game. takes an interception to seal a win for stanford.
7:56 pm
with a shutout wiso called experts dmot believe in sparty. >> they play well last year. and if you lo at the transition they've made they've been able to turn that program around. we knowthey're going to be ready to play. >> they're a great team. yes. it's tough so we're excited and letting young guy know we're ready to get the win. >> kickoff tomorrow night at 8:00. age 31 most pro tennis players are toast but serena williams steam rolling through finals of the u.s. open. new york, new york huntingor her fifth u.s. open crown. serving up a bagel. serena with a smash on the net.
7:57 pm
and match point there six love, six tlee. take a look at the desire. just one win from 17th major title. taking on number 83 italy. back hand w, match point here, she'll meet serena in a rematch. we'll finish up with online video here. love the finish there. this guy gets high marks. yes, outstanding. abc sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> i'm going to try it. that way, yum see nobody mied the shot. >> yes. >> that is dangerous. >> join me tonight at 9:00
7:58 pm
coming up, test pilot ride along. >> at 9:00 n video show what space tourists might see. >> then have you ever wanted to go back in tme? what one ride service is giving you the chance. >> well in, prime time tonight here on abc 7 we have last man standing, t neighbors, shark tank, tn join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that ds it for abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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