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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> nelson mandela. man whose strength healed a nation and changed the world. >> i stand here before you not as approve it but as a humble
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servant. >> tonight the world mourns the passing of an icon. nelson mandela dead at the age of 95. good evening i'm dan ashley. mandela lived 27 years of his life in prison for his belief in freedom and equality and he merged after all of that time with a message of generosity towards his oppress ors. karen has the story. >> out by the home where nelson mandela died they sang in memory and mourning. >> great fighter. strong man. >> south africa president delivered the long dreaded new news. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. our people have lost a father. >>reporter: president obama praised the man he culled a personal inspiration. >> we have lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time
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with on this earth that. sense of loss ranged from royalty. >> extremely sad and tragic news. remind what an extraordinary and inspiring man nelson mandela was. >> to regular people. >> is there a man who has more people aware of what he has contributed. >>reporter: as young man nelson mandela faced daily humiliation of living under part hide. system of government enforced racial division that led to the oppression of the majority. black south african. he made the fate for his country and people liberation his cause. in 1964 he paid the price of his own freedom sentenced to life in prison. free free man della became situation monmust with demands for free south africa. the president there finally rae leased mandela. >> ty in the name of peace the frame for all. >>reporter: he was embraced by his people and the world.
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mandela became a nobel peace prize recipient and fruition of political dream was elected president in the country first free election. tonight millions are mourning nelson mandela all around the world. symbol of freedom and strength of human spirit. in south africa and beyond. this is abc news, washington. >> mandela will receive a state funeral. arrangement not yet announced but president obama is expected to fly to south africa to attend. >> well mandela impact on his country can not be overstated nor can the legacy he leaves behind for the rest of the world including here in the bay area. lee ann is in berkeley. >>reporter: june 1990 nelson mandela was released from prison few months earlier. 58,000 people packed the oakland coliseum to see and hear him. mandela delivered a message of thanks and hope. >> it is you that people of
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oakland, the people of the bay area who have given me and my delegation hope to continue the struggle. >>reporter: state senator hancock was on stage with mandela that day. back then she was the mayor of berkeley and the city council had already voted to sanction south africa. >> take turned out to be a movement that grew. east bay was the first place. the city of the east bay, the city of berkeley. >>reporter: our check was there as well. he's now the executive director of oakland cypress mandela training center. >> first of all i remember that he was very powerful with just spirit. his spirit overcoming all the obstacle that he went through. it was such an honor and revelation to meet such a giant. >>reporter: at uc berkeley students protested leading the way in the anti-apartheid
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movement not the only one in the east bay dock workers refused to unload south african good. in san francisco reverend brown and third baptist church had for years collected money for the anti-apartheid cause. >> my church directed the first sign in the city the protesting apartheid back in the 1980's. >>reporter: it was mandela only visit to the bay area. one that still touches so many. >> i wouldn't have missed it. i just wouldn't v. we have a lot of work to do. struggle continues on. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> oakland congresswoman lee issued a statement today saying quote his legacy will live on forever and how we live our lives and fight for freedom an justice in a multi-racial society. and this from governor brown. his cranial us life shows what is possible when one acts on his convictions. president obama said today that nelson mandela now belongs to the ages. he was 95 years old and had been
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in failing health for some tim time. >> now later at 9:30 you will hear from mandela's jailer would became his most unlikely friend. stay with us for that coming up in 25 minutes. >> now to the bay area. cold snap and tonight will be almost as cold as last night so how cold was it? so cold planes had to be deiced before taking off this morning from san jose international airport. you don't see this scene very often around here. minnesota perhaps but not in the bay area. so cold it took more than a wiper blade to cut through the ice that formed car windshield overnight. maybe yours as you headed out this morning. so-called ice developed on ice plant in danville as seen in this picture from you report at kg o dash wild photo there. >> sandy is here. what another 24 hours or so of this really cold weather sandhya. >> yes dan. then a storm moving in and cold return agai again. we talk about all of that in just a moment. right now live doppler 7hd clear
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skies. we are tracking the cold here. look at the beautiful view from the exploring camera. these were the new record this morning. 25 in napa. broken previous record set back in 1972 of 26. records in san rafael, oakland, move it field exploratorium tied at 40 and kahn see there san jose, santa cruz upper 20' 20's. it was frigid this morning and there were a few other records as well so total of about 12 as you take a look here freeze warnings remain up for the entire bay area until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning except san francisco. hard freeze for the straits and delta. there is a risk of hypothermia, exposed pipe burst want to cover the pipe and bring the pet and plant inside and we'll take a lack at when the freezinging conditions will return to the bay area again and when we see some snow over our local peak all that coming up. >> we heard the worngs about the cold weather. temperatures and freezing pipes. and by early this morning it all came
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to pass. of wayne is on the story. >>reporter: look at this. what used to be part of a pipe on the roof of a home in lucas valley. not just a glorious end but loud one according to betsy grichbility at 7:00 o'clock this morning i heard annex completion on the roof. >>reporter: is he climbed a ladder and found 3 little geyser like this little girs on top another roof in novato. north bay bad tonight for pipes led to busy day for plumbers like kyle bar narcotic. >> it got cold freezinging temperatures and when the water freezes it expand and in spots not insulated like this one, the pipes just burst apart. >>reporter: did you think when they said it would be cold it would affect you. >> no. i had no idea. and our pipes were wrapped. >>reporter: not enough. not any more. not that betsy green could have known. she had not checked the roof in. >> i would say two years. 2 or three years. >>reporter: common mistake out of sight above our heads out of
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mind. is there anything she could have done to prevent this. >> if they had insulation like this where it's all corroded and wearing away you can leave fixtures running in your house say a shower head drichb dripping a little bit or faucet because manufacturing water is harder to freeze. >>reporter: now you know basic lesson in plumbing prevention entering another cold night. betsy green you are a good sport. >> lesson learned here is to check the pipe every year and check the weather. >>reporter: and be grateful. it could have been worse. >> 2 repair i'm doing are not expensive. at least with our company. >>reporter: expensive is a relative term. >> that is true nishtion lucas valley, abc 7 news. >> citrus farmer in the central valley certainly lasting plenty of sleep these days and they are spending millions of dollars to protect their crop from the freeze. some areas saw overnight temperatures in the teens. one grower says farmer not expecting a break until the middle of next week so this is very anxious time for them. forecast is for
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several crop threatening cold spells over the next few days. so with this cold didn't forget the 7 news app gives you hour by hour temperature forecast and severe weather alert down load it now at our web site ap apps and we'll be able to keep you up to date on all of our weather as the winter rainy season really gets into full gear. down load that app when you can. it's quite handy. >> happening now in daly city. pg&e work to restore power to more than 1300 customers on this cold night. outage due to downed line initially more than 5000 customers were affected but crew have managed to get most of the service restored from what we understand. no estimate on when everyone will get their power back to normal. but we hope it will be soon. all right. we have a lot more to come here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. up next. bart gets a thumb up for making changes after the fatal shooting of oscar grant. but what does his family have to say? hear from them next.
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>> also the ntsb is about to hold hearings into the asianary crash at sfo but not hear from the pilots at the controls. >> and 7 news meteorologist sandhya has the frosty forecast sandhya has the frosty forecast and look at what to
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>> state wide amber alert issued for 14-year-old girl abducted in kennewick, washington. according to the highway patrol elizabeth romero was taken yesterday by a 19-year-old acquaintance edward florez. 2 believed to be heading into california then possibly on to mexico. officials have released these surveillance photo of the vehicle. describe at hunter green ford escape with roof rack and custom wheel. fairly distinctive. signs up along bay area freeway. this one is at the base of the san mateo bridge in hayward. sky 7 hd if you have seen this girl or the suspect map they are looking for or the vehicle, please call police medley. well finally positive news
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for bart tonight. independent auditor says the transit agency has made significant progress implementing reforms changes made since unarmed passenger oscar grant was shot and killed by police at the fruitvale station nearly 5 years ago. heather is in oakland. >> an independent auditor says bart police is a different agency today than it was in 2009. when oscar grant shot and killed by officer messerly on the fruitvale station platform new year's day. >> over all the bart police department is making significant progress. >>reporter: he meant to use the taser and shot grant in the back accidentally. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2010. after the grant case bart asked the national organization of black law enforcement executives or noble to review police operations. noble made 55 recommendations. now an auditor says the department has implemented many of them including changing use of force
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training and accountability for use of force. accountability within the department and with the public. >> they have revised their use of force process and so now they have a good solid systemic approach to managing use of force. >>reporter: chief was hired after the grant case. >> feel good about what we have accomplished up until this point but it's not finished. very, very easy to slip back if we don't make sure that our accountability system are in place. >>reporter: grant uncle appreciates what changes have been made but feels there's a long way to go in the area of one on one relations with people of color. >> i good to the forum. i go to the meetings. i listen to the community and the community still have major complaints. there has been no real improvement when it comes to dealing with the community. >>reporter: johnson says the grant foundation is offering to provide an independent sensitivity trainer to bart police. heather, abc 7 news. >> national transportation safety board safety board has scheduled hearings next week in
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the crash of asian flight 214 at sfo but we won't hear from the pilots who were on board when the boeing 7 77 slammed into the sea wall at the end of the runway at sfo. they have spoken to ntsb investigators in private apparently those pilot pilots. instead the asian chief pilot training manager will appear along with representatives from boeing, faa and the san francisco fire department. 3 teenager girls were killed and dozens of passengers injured that day. the hearing set for next tuesday and wednesday in washington, d.c. we will of course if cover it extensively. >> let's talk a little bit more about this cold weather and spencer is off. food drive work tonight sandhya is here covering the weather for us at 9:00. another cold night. >> absolutely. >> not quite as cold as last night. >> couple degrees. i was looking at the 24 hour change. 3 to 4 degrees hivrment we will freeze that's the bottom line.
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one person say on social media i'm going tout buy a coat. that's a great idea. go shopping. it's a good excuse. i'll make sure you get one for dan. let's check out live doppler 7hd skies clear. this is really dangerously cold weather that we are dealing with and we are not going to snap out of it medley. from the east bay hills camera loo looking out across the bay. visibility unlimited. 44 in san francisco. it is a chilly 39 in oakland. check out the san jose temperature 40 degrees already at freezing and a half machine bay 32 degrees from our emeryville camera looking out to the bay and bay bridge beautiful but below freezing. in santa rosa and napa you have already hit that freezing narc novato. fairfield at 30 degrees. 34 in livermore. it's going to be cold. tomorrow morning you will want to make sure you bundle up from sutro tower cam are. no fog no clouds winds pretty light. record cold expected again tomorrow rain and even the possibility of snow friday tonight into saturday morning here locally and we are looking
9:19 pm
at chilly conditions for your upcoming weekend let's talk about the overnight chill. 20 degrees in nap were 16 this morning at the airport. so you see what i'm talking about here. 25 in santa rosa. 30 degrees half machine bay. 32 san mateo o. oakland 34 exploratorium 41. some of the coldest spots will be in the inland east bay as you will notice there 29 antioch. 25 livermore. 30 degrees san jose 26 in morgan hill. brutally cold. need scarfs, glovshtion boots, anything to keep you bathroom. hang on to the layers because even though tonight we are expecting the chill again with record likely again tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon remains chilly as cold storm drops south we add to the cold, some rain. look at our computer animation. 5:00 o'clock. most of the rain and the snow up to our north tomorrow evening then by 9:00 p.m. it starts to shift south ward we will see quarter to half inch of rain with this thing. midnight right across the heart of the
9:20 pm
bay area. some higher elevation may actually pick up higher amounts but this system is really going to bring in the cold and the low snow levels turning cold again going into your saturday afternoon, sunday morning freezing cold monday morning freezing cold and then we get out of the freeze. bay area peak may covered in snow winter weather advisory starts tomorrow night runs until saturday morning. santa cruz mountains east bay hills diablo range couple inches of snow before the 2500 fete foot elevation and 10 to 20 inches for the high country winter storm warning friday morning through saturday afternoon. doesn't cover just the high country. it is covering the lower el vision as well. northern sacramento valley mendocino county interior 3 to 7 inches of snow. prepare for major delay. temperatures here in the bay area chilly. mid 40's to low 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast you get the drift here. we are in the freeze. we are not getting out right away. it will remain on the cold side for your weekend but at least you cancel vandal most weekend after early
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morning winter mix. temperatures will moderate next week by tuesday wednesday daytime high nighttime low all coming up in time to do all your hotel difficult shopping. >> oh, yes. >> i have a lot to do. >> so do i. >> thanks. doing good could make you 7000 dollars richer as well. go to our facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we donate 1 dollar in you've honor to the bay area feeding america food banks. up to 75,000 dollars. and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win 7000 dollars in cash. the winner will be announced december 19. so spread the love and help us give where you live. in a 1 in 6 people in the bay area go hungry. that shouldn't happen we can help. >> still to come tonight at 9:00. fire and rescue the poodle that owes its life to an poodle that owes its life to an antioch fireman. i'll be back.
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is the. >> snow tonight in san francisco. as huge crowd welcome the holiday at golden gate park. how cool is this? recreation parks department brought in 40 tons of snow to the lodge and the city kids just jumped right in. also made some christmas cookies as you can see. everyone loved it when the christmas tree has lit. this was the 84th annual holiday tree lighting at golden gate park. what a night. it felt very wintery out there tonight. >> quick update on bit of breaking news we have been talking about here tonight. power outage in daly city. at one point 5000 people were without power. now that number
9:26 pm
has apparently been reduced to literally 3 people without power. so that is the good news. bad news is we understand the 3 people may have to wait quite some time to get the power become we'll stay on top of that. tough luck for the 3 in daly city but everybody else has the juice on again. >> amazing rescue about in antioch where firefighters revived a dog overcome by smoke. contra costa county fire crew responded to an apartment fire this afternoon on pepper tree way. now inside they found a poodle under a bed unresponsive poor thing. using especially designed pet oxygen mask firefighters got the dog breathing again. look. she gave her rescuers hug and kisses. no people were hurt or rescued. cause of the fire is under investigation. the lile dog is okay. >> well just moments away from another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00. please stay with us. coming up. hear from the man who was nelson mandela jailer and how he became his most
9:27 pm
unlikely friend. >> also. the beef that has fast-food workers here and across the country walking out in protest. >> that kid is back. what is bringing young crime fighter back to the city this w
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>> you are looking live now at johannesburg, south africa where crowd gathered outside they will son mandela's home. people began gathering here right after the president announced mandela death in televised statement. it's a feestive scene with dancing and singing as they celebrate mandela's remarkable life and legal situation. listen in for just a moment. ♪ they are in
9:31 pm
grief but also in celebration of a life well lived and enormous contribution that he made. as i mention earlier mandela spent 27 years in small 8 by 8 prison cell and he did something there that was kind of dress rehearsal for what he would do later for his country and the world. david talked with the jailer who became mandela's most unlikely friend. >> crystal bran appears -- pee peers out over the water where he first reported for duty at 18. >> informed us that we would meet the biggest criminal. >>reporter: nelson mandela 60 already in prison for more than a decade still forced to sleep on the floor. young jailer family was the party that famously fiercely supported apartheid but when he met mandela he met an elder would would treat him with respect
9:32 pm
and the jailer offered the same in return. crystal told us of one of winning mandela visit and her request. she said please can i. >>reporter: no children allowed. not even mandela precious new grand baby. what she didn't know was while she waited in a holding area the jailer secretly brought the baby to mandela. >> coming out of his eye, tear tears. >>reporter: nobody ever knew. >> nobody knew. >>reporter: over the years many secret between the jailer and his friend. whole wheat bread brought from home. pan teen oil smuggled for his hair and the secret code. >> i would show him this and mandela medley know. >>reporter: you lied to keep your job and to keep your friendship with mandela. >> that's correct. >>reporter: during all of those isolated years on the island the prison guard said one view from the prison court yard country mandela loved the very top of table mountain here
9:33 pm
in cape town behind me and mandela wondered if he would ever be free. mandela always preparing for that day. he asked the jailer to teach him the language of the white in power and essay assigned and red pen corrected them. on the day mandela released his speech was delivered in this language. mandela famously said if you talk to a man in a language he understand that is goes to his head. if you talk to him in his language it goes to his heart. >> that's what he did. that's what he was strive for and fight for while he was in prison. to have people love in peace. >>reporter: jailer by him a trusted friend. now remembering nelson mandela. >> the david muir reporting what a story. >> and we have collected many memorable picture of nelson mandela see them on our web site here. love you to go take a look at that when you have
9:34 pm
the time. it's remarkable stuff. >> well the fifth day of searching in utah for silicon valley software executive an his family is over tonight. there are no signs of a private plane that 51-year-old dale smith water flying from oregon to montana a.he radioed on sunday that he was having engine problem with smith on the plane with son, daughter in-law and daughter and her if i an say. the area where the plane is believed to have been gone down has had sub zero temperature for several days. and again i misspoke at the top saying utah it's idaho where they are searching. again with this kind of cold hope is fading. >> investigators are looking into what caused a deadly fire overnight in benecia. fire broke out at 2:00 a.m. at home on lark drive. newspaper delivery person was the only one who called 911 after smelling smoke coming from the house firefighters pulled out elderly couple rushed to the hospital but one died. couple dog was also rescued and taken
9:35 pm
to a veterinarian and apparently is doing fine. >> first today for twitter exploratorium bay social network named a woman to its board of directors. former pierson tlc chief executive marriage rescar joining the board medley. she over saw it financial times and will bring more old media experience to the micro bloging service. twitter had faced kristy for not having any will on the board until now. rival facebook also lacked female board members when it went public in may of 2012. 2 women now sit on facebook board including ceo cheryl sandberg. >> victory in congress today for the high tech industry. palo alto congresswoman bill to overhaul america patent system approved in the house by 325-9 vote. rare show of bipartisan support this legislation is designed to reign in the growing problem of patent trol
9:36 pm
troll, company that make no useful product themselves but profit by threatening other company with lawsuits. it is supported by company like google but opposed by mick soft and ibm. the bill now goes on to the senate. >> protestors demonstrated across the country today demanding higher pay for fast-food workers. mcdonald's in san jose was one of the targets. tv vick lee has that story. ♪ protestors sang. they chanted. drivers honk horn in support. demonstrators pick this mcdonald's on san carlos street and san jose to push for higher wages specifically to double the federal minimum wage of 7. 25 an hour. >> the represent here is astronomical. price of food keeps going up. how do you sustain a living. >>reporter: 2 dozen or so protestors were not mcdonald's
9:37 pm
employee. they were inside working. many here were retired. some like tax consultant victoria have good paying jobs. >> i'm financially secure but i am surrounded by people who are not and it breaks my heart. >>reporter: recent study on wages in the industry found that more than half of the family of front-line fast-food workers are also enrolled in public funded safety net program. but labor says it's difficult unionizing them because of the high turn over rates. >> tomorrow way people can survive apparently is by being off government benefits that's wrong. >>reporter: mcdonald's said today we offer employees competitive pay and benefits. events taking place are not strikes. outside groups are traveling to the mcdonald's and other outlets to stage rally. california restaurant association issued a statement which says in part that doubling the federal minimum wage ignores the economic of running restaurants which generally operate on razor thin
9:38 pm
profit margin. this is 7 news is that coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. new opportunity news at 9:00. new opportunity for
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9:41 pm
sf. >> the nation oldest black owned book store has a new chance for survival tonight exploratorium marcus book being evicted but today details of a deal to keep it in place were unveiled. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> in a city with a diminishing african american population marcus book is a community treasure. and now it will take a lot of love and money, 1 million dollars, to keep the san francisco book store in its historic fill more street location. >> if we do accomplish this and
9:42 pm
i should say when we do accomplish this because we are going to do this, this is going to be a rare victory for retaining cultural diversity in our city. >> legal battle began when the building was sold in bankruptcy court last year. buyers tried to evict the book store but the the owners and supporters held protest and petitioned city hall. today the son of the new property owner says they have struck a deal. >> we found that the property meant so much, much more to somebody else and we thought lets come together for win-win situation the retain the property and keep business here and we can move on to another property that suits us. >> his family will be paid fair market value, 2.6 million dollars. non-profit has already offered 1.6 million. now another the san francisco community land trust will use a crowd investing approach. fund to try to come up with the rest. >> we will use the new platform
9:43 pm
to raise investment, investors across san francisco and even across the nation to help us achieve the acquisition. >>reporter: if they don't come up with the money the owners of marcus book have agreed to give up the fight and leave but they say they don't expect to have to. >> indeed about the love respect and support than the 1 million dollars. it's just 1 million dollars. >>reporter: the deadline is february 28. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. facebook day of compassion. how the company is trying to deal with all of those
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>> famous bat kid is returning to san francisco this weekend for a fundraiser. 5-year-old miles scott suffered from leukemia why and is in remission now we are so happy to say. but who can forget the scene last month as thousands came out to support miles as he fought off villain like the ridler and the passenger win. it was his wish to be a super hero. on saturday miles will reunite with police chief for fundraiser for the make a wish foundation that put the whole thing together. amma is hos hosting that event at aquatic park at 8:30 am. go bat kid. >> well misunderstanding and hurt feelings happen all the time obviously. even more often on line when you can't see or hear each other. but facebook wants things to go smoothly on social network. and as jonathan bloom explains, they are tapping some of the top mind at yale and uc berkeley to make that happen. >> synonym to facebook would be procrastination. >> unrehearsed unsensor panel
9:48 pm
of real live teenager was star attraction at facebook fourth annual day of compassion. >> some kid was going to delete the facebook because colleges now look at them. he had all these like drunkie pictures or party picture. >> day other which is marked by chart graph and people with p hd who study how the teens ber act on facebook including bullying. >> we found most important thing kids bull why is the support as soon as point. teen flag a picture or status update that bothers them facebook suggest a few friend they might want to talk it over with. common than bullying the simple misunderstanding. researchers from berkeley went through thousands office post flagged with mean or inappropriate and usually they weren't meant to offend anyone. >> a lot of time the very best thing for a person is to send a message. >> pre-written message drawn up by expert and conflict resolution getting a response 85 percent of the time. >> just trying to equip people with more ability to
9:49 pm
communicate authentically whether in a place where things like facial musculature, vocal tone touch all of these other ways of communicating aren't available on facebook. >> facebook is trying to incorporate other ways to communicate to make up for the shortcomings of tech. you have already seen one of them involve this little guy. this is meek. >> i'm convinced charles darwin would have been an avid facebook user. >> meek and animated cousin are sticker directly on darwin study of the muscle linked to human emotion. >> guilt involve the gaze aversion and shifty eye. >> rrecognize them at gut leveld use them in messages where words are difficult. >> these 4 are used most frequently. this is kind of heart wrenching, right. >> in the future face back might add little non-verbal sounds that also speak volume. >> i want to hear the sound of compassion. 1, 2, 3. in menlo park, abc 7 news. >> sound of compassion. all
9:50 pm
right oneless check on the weather. sandhya tracking another night of cold sandhya. >> yes dan. the key here is to dress in layers. so you will stay nice and insulated. live doppler 7hd mostly clear skies right now. expecting freeze warning to continue right on through then am tomorrow morning. most of the bay area under it except san francisco. we have a hard freeze warning for the straits delta and also the central vaechlt you look at the have you from the exploring camera clear sky and here are the expected low for tomorrow. asterisk indicating more records coming. 20 degrees napa. 31 in san rafael. look at the temperatures. 25 livermore. 30 in san jose. yes it is going to be frigid and tomorrow afternoon doesn't get any better. see some sun and cloud and we good mid 40's to low 50's and then we add in some rain just to give you the complete winter mix. snow could be dropping as low as 2500 feet here locally friday night in saturday morning so the bay area peak may see some
9:51 pm
white by the time you hit the weekend. >> that's always fun thanks very much. >> larry is here sports director. interesting development over at cal we have a new cheer perhaps right. >> i have to figure out how to work that in. i have one but. >> new catch phrase. >> no i have it but i think it's best to sdip skip it. >> we'll explain why cal fans will be saying ka barack obama will be saying ka barack obama next year and sharks
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9:54 pm
>> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. another hard freeze tonight. right now the bitter cold causing major problem throughout the bay area. how some wild animals are coping with the wild weather. we have that story. >> debilitating condition mother may unknowingly pass along to their children while they are still in the womb. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00. hope
9:55 pm
you can join us for that. stay tune right now larry is here with all the sports tonight. >> start with the gays with the sharks 6 game winning streak came to rather abrupt halt in pittsburgh with the penguin raid ago 4 game win streak of their own. super mario. penguin owner checking out 2 of the best in the nhl. second period. gist on with a wrister to win and 2 nothing pen. 3 minutes later shark turn it over in their zone. cross by denied. but chris klins. 3 nothing penguin. the trouble continues. power play. pounces on the rebound here. penguin score 4 times in the second period. lone brit spot he scores the 14th of the yeevrment i love that name. but mark andre made 44 save and shark fall 5-1. more questions than answers florida state quarterback winston will not be charged with rape. authorities say there just was not enough
9:56 pm
evidence. winston the front run tore win the heismann trophy. play in the acc championship game against duke and if the seminole win they move on to the championship. state attorney meg said the nearly year long delay between the alleged incident and the investigation hampered the case. >> we have a duty as prosecutors to only file those charges if we have a reason likelihood of a conviction. after reviewing all of the evidence in the case we did not feel that we could meet that burden. >> we believe from day one in december that this was a consensual act between mr. winston and young woman. we believed it in december and february and we believe it today. >> now on to the field. 49ers and seahawks have developed a rather healthy dislake for each other. they will meet on sunday. really much more important for the 9 investigators win this game. seahawks have a 3 game lead in the nfc west including the decisive win over the red gold back in week 2 up in seattle.
9:57 pm
niners still fighting just to make the play offs. and would like to send a clear message to the division rival. >> we really believe that we are the mighty 49ers and they are the mighty seahawks. so well see who comes out on top. we are very confident. they are very confident. 2 teams that are similar when you look at us and it will be a good game on sunday. >> and seahawks coming off a win in which they flex their muscles against the saints. clash of 2 of the better teams in the nfc. seahawks only lost one game all year. want to make their own statement road to the super bowl will go through seattle. >> obviously division opponent and definitely want to dominate them because it's a rivalry. i know coach said it's not a rivalry game but we love playing games like this. >> great match up and really lacking forward to it. we know this is start of the finish time. really going to spell whether we take advantage of the grit start we have had during the year. looking forward to that. >> thursday night football love
9:58 pm
was in the air. jacksonville hosting the texan. i really like you more as a friend. she said credit she said yes texan chad and 7 nothing jag. second quarter. to short. 14 nothin nothing. jag getting tricky here. they pass to receiver sand rs. firing to wide open jordan todd and jaguar 2 27-20 after starting o and 8 this season they have suddenly won 3 in a row. get ready for ka bam. that's the new name of the football field at memorial stadium. internet media game company ka bam has agreed to pay 18 million dollars over the rights to the field. stadium still memorial stadium bears playing attica bam field 3 of the founders of ka bam went to cal. >> and the beard will stay in l.a. brian wilson has agreed to a 1 year deal for 10 million
9:59 pm
dollars to remain with the dodgers at the set up not closer. nobody over pays like the dodgers. 10 million for a set up man is like paying 1,000 $for a happy meal. wilson best known for helping the giants win the world series in 2010 and he still fashions the beard. >> oh. now it really is a beard to fear. >> yes 10 million for one year is good money for set up man. >> nobody over pays like the district attorney. this game seattle is a great match up. >> fun. i think the niners it will be hard but having crab tree back and very different than when you play up in seattle. fans are crazy. home field advantage will help the 9 as near as thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20. for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time. see you again in 1 hour time. see you again in 1 hour over on abc 7
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[alarm clock beeping] time. see you again in 1 hour over on abc 7 and we're back. [the fratellis' "baby fratelli" playing]


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