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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 24, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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out of tragedy -- tragedy comes generousity. on this christmas eve one family who lost everything to fire is experiencing the true spirit of giving. firefighters, strangers and abc7 news viewers have come forward to make sure that family has gifts to open and a place to stay. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. thanks for being here this christmas eve. when their home on san pablo way in union city went up in flames, so did all thoughts of a happy holiday. this is the christmas season. lisa amin gulezian is live. so much lost being matched by so much giving.
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>> very true, dan. you talk about a tight knit community. people from all over alameda county heard about yesterday's fire and of course wanted to help. santa's sleigh looked a little different. a red fire truck pulled up on polaris avenue. >> you want to help us pull out some gifts? >> with a special dlif refor this -- delivery for this family. these are the first fires since a fire ravaged their home. 16 people lost everything including christmas presents for five children. the fire department stepped in to help by starting a toy drive. >> it was all of the toys and not all is lost. people want to come together to help. >> all day long people have been coming by fire stations and dropping off toys and money, specifically for the
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family. >> if it will happen to me, i would like people to help me out. it is something nice to do especially at christmas. >> seeing images like this made people donate what they could. it brought this man to tears. but on this christmas eve all of the loss is forgotten. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> and an even happier ending, i did let the family know a viewer contacted me late tonight and offered them a few free nights stay here at the new hampton inn. live in union city, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thanks very much. when it comes to getting packages to your house by christmas, santa won't let you down, but it looks like ups is going to. the company is taking heat for some serious delays. abc7 news reporter john alston is live at the ups center on
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san bruno avenue in san francisco. a lot of customers showed up there fingers crossed. >> and it was hit and miss. there were a lot of deliveries for hole lay and nonholiday -- holiday and nonholiday deliveries. air delivery was so gummed up that a lot of gifts will not be under the tree tomorrow morning, but stuck somewhere in a warehouse. drivers may have good cheer, but not all of the gifts that were supposed to be delivered by christmas morning. ups for the first time it was swamped by an over well ming number of -- overwhelming number of packages. julie showed up at the ups store hoping for the best. >> i was waiting for my husband's big christmas gift at my office. it is the last day before christmas. i waited for hours and hours for it to show up and it never did. >> in she went to see if the present was there. she is not alone.
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thousands of packages across the country won't make it in time for the holiday. they blamed a surge in e-commerce orders and an ice storm in the south that started when the shipping rush began. texas residents were angry with their packages held hostage. >> we ordered these things on december 1st. >> our friend julie left ups empty handed. >> a little disappointing, but she was really nice and everybody was very helpful with me. it is what it is. >> there may be one consulation. ups will honor service guarantees with air and service guarantees which may include refunds. abc news. >> some of the bay area last christmas eve shoppers left at 9:00. only target was open later with some locations open until 10:00. if you need a last-minute gift tomorrow morning cvs and walgreens will open.
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on-line stores have begun offering after christmas specials. amazon slashed prices 60 to 70% for some clothing and electronics. people all over the bay area are annoyed with the air quality folks. the christmas day spare the air alert means no cozy fires in the fireplace. this was the sunset from our emeryville k578 -- camera and while the sky is beautiful, the air quality is not. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. bad timing. >> terrible timing and especially this type of year. live doppler 7hd is showing clear skies. we have a real stagnant weather pattern and that's why we are looking at a spare the air alert tomorrow. we can see clearly across the bay from our emeryville camera. air quality is poor. it actually gets worse in santa clara valley where we expect it to be unhealthy. no wood burning allowed. and the upside to the poor air
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quality is the fact that these temperatures have been so warm today it got to record levels and a new record in san rafael. it was tied in gilroy and plenty of 70s from san jose and santa cruz and half moon bay and fairfield and 69 in santa rosa and 68 in oakland. we are likely going to be seeing more records. i will be back with a look at your christmas forecast and i am tracking santa. i will let you know where he is. back in a few. >> last we heard he was in new york working this way. thank you, sandhya. health officials believe people who ate and drank at a popular san francisco bar and restaurant may have been exposed to hepititis a. an employee there was diagnosed with the virus. management tells us he was not a food handler. he worked december 12th to the 15th and the 9 tineth. 19th. it can cause vomiting and diarrhea and even hospitalization.
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they believe there is little risk of a restaurant patron though developing the infection, but say anyone who has not been vaccinated to get tested. if you need to sign up for health care, cover california has extended the sign up for affordable -- the affordable care act i should say until this friday. four times the number of people in our state who were signed up by the end of november. the pace of pay picking up. many are looking toward the health care act for coverage. on monday two million people visited the website and it handled the huge amount of traffic without crashing as it did when it was first launched. today a judge ruled an oakland girl ruled brain dead can be taken off life support. she has been on a ventilator and iv bag since december 12th. doctors told her parents she was brain dead due to
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complications after a tonsilectomy. her parents took the hospital to court to get a second opinion. a neurologist declared her brain dead and the judge lifted the restraining order. on monday at 5:00 p.m. children's hospital oakland can take her off life support. the decision will give the family time though to file an appeal. >> for those next seven days you are still going to be praying just as hard as you are praying before. prayers are more important now than before because now the clock is really ticking. >> the hospital will allow the family to move her to another medical facility, an option the family will consider. a family from the east bay who became victims of a crime while vacationing in southern california has a reason to celebrate tonight. mark huntsinger and his wife tonya and their family checked into the candycane inn for a much anticipated trip to disneyland last night. that's when a griffin struck.
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surveillance cameras caught a thief hot wiring their new honda suv and driving it off along with all of the presents in the back. anaheim police were so angry about this crime they paid the family a surprise visit today. >> the police department got together and put some gifts together and wrapped them for you guys. >> are you surprised? >> yes. >> it is really cool how the police officers all came together and made this happen. >> late today police found their car empty two miles from the hotel. dl is no sign of the -- there is no sign of the thief who made off with it. there is still time to bring holiday cheer to needy children in san francisco. this is an annual tradition at lefty odoole. it is called the last chance toy drive. the restaurant owner, nick
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bovis, says the event was inspired by his worst christmas that he ever had. >> it was about 21 years ago and i got a pink slip for my job and no job and no place to go. my tbirl friend -- girlfriend dumped me. if i felt like that i can only imagine how a kid feels without a toy. that was christmas day. san francisco police and firefighters will distribute the toys to the kids tomorrow. a lot more to come here tonight. nome for the holidays. some good news this christmas eve for an elderly couple who had keepsakes stolen. and another homecoming so to speak. the ordeal this cat went through before finding her new family. and from atari to xbox this man's high score landed him a record, but not for actually playing those games. playing those games. i'll explain good. good answer.
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for details, visit today to share with you on this christmas eve. a local couple's prayers are answered. last night on abc7 news, they pleaded for the return of their stolen garden nomes.
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their five rete was killed by their daughter killed by a drunk driving. that grieving family got some unexpected holiday. >>. here is abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom. >> the holidays were always a happy time until they lost their daughter, carolyn. >> carolyn was killed by a drunk driver two years ago. we haven't been able to celebrate christmas. we haven't been able to put up a tree. it has been hard. >> carolyn left behind a husband, three kids and these, a pair of ceramic garden nomes she made for her dad when she was 8 years old. >> they were special to me. she gave them to me as a christmas present. >> they lived happily on the lawn until last month when they were stolen. frank put out a sign asking for their return, but no luck. >> we hadn't heard a word. i thought, oh well, it has been a month. they are gone. >> i thought it was a dead issue.
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>> they just showed up? >> yes. >> they were hoping for a christmas miracle. he was reading the morning paper when he looked out and couldn't believe what he saw. >> the nomes were standing there behind the sign looking at me. i said, no way! >> he carefully returned them to their rightful places. >> back in here like that. >> and wasted no time making a new sign. it reads "our faith in humanity is restored." >> i said god bless them. i believe that god had a lot to do with this. >> janet thinks someone else played a role. someone who has been watching over her family and wanted them to have christmas again. >> when theyshowed up this year it was like carolyn saying, look, get on with life. enjoy yourselves. i got out the christmas music and put it on. we're back. >> jonathon bloom.
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>> ♪ born is the king of easy rye y'all ♪ >> abc7 news. >> isn't that nice? another happy reunion to tell you about in time for christmas. the san francisco family whose newly adopted cat was stolen from an animal shelter. 2-month-old arizona was reunited with the family this afternoon. the family was excited to adopt the kitten from the san francisco animal control center and bring her home for the holidays. before they could do it arizona was stolen. her new name we are told will be storm. a video game fanatic in new york has uh massed the largest personal collection of playable games in the world. here he is in one of the rooms he keeps the games in. he huered the -- he measured the record collection as
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10,607. and he has dozens of gaming systems. the collection is huge and the 41-year-old only gets in three hours a week of gaming because he has a 5-year-old daughter. evident lyanne incredible -- an incredibly tolerant wife. meteorologists sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. another spare the air day? >> absolutely, dan. it falls on christmas, unfortunately. i am watching santa though. there is still time for santa to make his deliveries. he is on his way from the east coast, and he has delivered all of his gifts. look where he is. he is getting a little closer. you still have time to get it done tonight. live doppler 7hd is showing clear conditions and a patch or two of fog is not out of the question. winds are gusting to 28 miles an hour. north bay hills, 33 miles an hour. look at the wind direction and
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it dried out the atmosphere. the record high temperatures and this is concerning. we are looking for the potential of high fire danger especially with the current pattern in place. looking at our city by the bay, oakland 52. it is in the 40s in redwood city and half moon bay you dropped down to 46 degrees. from you heading to tahoe, the only snow will be man made that you will get a chance to enjoy. 43 in santa rosa and mid30s fairfield. novato is getting chilly. livermore 46 and here is our view from our exploratorium camera. looking at the financial district in san francisco. mainly clear for christmas eve. record warmth is likely on christmas with a spare the air. here is a look at your christmas day forecast. if you are heading to services tomorrow morning, frosty, chilly, upper 30s to lower 40s. nothing but bright, sunny
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skies. as you take a look at why we are going to see that warm weather, unseasonably warm, it is high pressure. dry pattern continues. any storms that come in well over the top of the ridge so we are not expecting any rain, anytime soon. if you are head together coast we have a beach hazard statement from tomorrow to friday afternoon. there could be strong rip currents and so watch from far away. make sure you bundle up. the low 30s in the coldest valleys. 40s for most other areas and it starts out chilly, but it ends up really mild to warm. 70 in the south bay and san jose, it is beach weather in december. 68 in mill pea dis. we are talking 70s on the peninsula. 68 in half moon bay and downtown san francisco66 and above average temperatures in
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the north bay. 68 in santa rosa and 64 vallejo. hayward 64 and 68 oakland and inland spots, hazy sun and 67 in walnut creek. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, spare the air alert mild on thursday and temperatures are going down a few degrees on friday, saturday and just when we had a little hope, not quite. sunday, monday and tuesday we are closing out 2013 and the weather is going to be dry. >> very nice. >> thank you,
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for those who missed saying goodbye to the stick you may get another chance. if the 49ers beat arizona and seattle loses to st. louis, san francisco would win the nfc west and host a playoff
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game. bolin was naughty and nice last night. with two minutes left he let the falcons recover this on sidekick when the ball gets by him. bowman makes the play of the game and perhaps the season. he brings this interception back 89 yards to seal the win and clinch a playoff birth. it was a very happy birthday for jim harbaugh who turned 50 yesterday. >> he made a tremendous play. >> i got to 50 and i couldn't have had a better birthday present. it was right at the halfway point. >> look for the raiders' head coach and terrelle pryor's agent to exchange gifts this year. he said he would be there on sunday because he wanted to see him struggle and justify his decision.
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he called it, quote, the stupidest thing he ever heard. >> no coach in their right mind. this is not the real housewives of beverly hills. this is not made for tv drama. this is football. we make our decisions based solely on that, nothing other than that. >> i am happy i got this opportunity. i know for a fact that it doesn't even cross my mind, the possibility. he always talks about winning and we have a good game plan. >> at the hawaii bowl boise state was without his quarterback because he allegedly urinated from a hotel balcony. he have from danville and said he is innocent and took a polygraph to prove it and he was still sent home. 24 is how they celebrate
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christmas in hawaii. the beavers had this game in hand. things would get worse for boise state and grant head dribbing -- hendrick coughs up the football. he returns another fumble 70 yards for a touchdown. wards caps it off and oregon state wins it 38-23. this abc7 sports report was brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> shame about that player sent home. silly. that's a shame. >> and he didn't do it. we will find
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good old st. nick traded out his sleigh. they paddled in by canoe at honolulu beach and watched the jolly old elf jump out in a red swimsuit. that's fun. that's it for us. thanks for watching.


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