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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 28, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening. an oakland family says it has two options for long-term care of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after complications from a tonsillectomy. the order to keep her on a ventilator will expire monday. the family told us today facilities in southern california and new york have offered to take her but only after a tracheotomy and feeding
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tube inserted. the family will have to provide their own doctor for that. the family responded saying, we hope by this time tomorrow we'll have a path toward her removal and will have preserved whatever chance she and we have of her achieving any recovery. today we also heard from the hospital. >> first they said they had insurance, now they don't have insurance. first day at a facility in the bay area, that fell threw. now they have another facility in southern california, but they haven't called us back. >> the fund-raising effort has raised $3,000 so far. they hope to bring in $20,000. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened during a birthday party last night. "the oakland tribune" reports 43-year-old frederick parker was hosting the party for a friend when he was shot outside his apartment on 96th avenue near ban cost. parker had stepped outside for a cigarette when the shooting happened. police have not made any arrests. it is another spare the air
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weekend. tomorrow will be the seventh day in a row that people in the bay area will not be allowed to use woodburning fireplaces. meteorologist lisa arjen shows us what's making the air so unhealt unhealthy. >> good evening to you. we are looking at once again some calm winds at the surface. breezy winds above but not enough to mix our atmosphere out and clean things out. because the stagnant air mass stays with us. a ridge of high pressure continues to be parked over the ear pacific allowing for the seventh consecutive spare the air day, the 22nd alert of the season since november 1st. and tomorrow, the worst air quality will be in the santa clara valley with medium air quality elsewhere. it's not the only advisory we need to pass on. we are looking at a red flag warning through tomorrow morning with gusty northeast winds in the higher elevations of the north and east bay. so red flag warning for the end of december. i'll tell you when we're going to see any relief from our
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polluted air and our drought-like weather coming up. we are learning new details about the new contract ratified last night by ac transit workers. the agreement includes a wage increase of 9.5% over three years. however, bus drivers and other workers will need to make a flat monthly contribution of $120 for health benefits. they had rejected two previous contract proposals and threatened to walk off the job. ac workers approved the contract after voting yesterday. unemployment benefits ran out today for about 1.3 million americans. 213,000 from california. the payments stop at a time when u.s. long-term unemployment has reache since world war 2 with 4 million americans out of work for 27 weeks or more. what the end of these benefits means for those who receive them. >> i'm in a panic. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: kathy is one of about 1.3 million americans
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facing the end of jobless benefits. congress did not extend the emergency program, so for most people around the country, after they've received 26 weeks of payments, the money runs out. wilson says this will hurt. >> i have bills to pay and now i have no way to pay them. >> reporter: university of akron economist mike nelson says this means important choices for people out of work. >> it's likely to force many of them to take jobs that they otherwise wouldn't take. either part-time jobs or lower-paying jobs. >> reporter: some republicans preferred limiting benefits to 26 weeks saying a continuation is a disservice to workers. the white house is pushing congress to extend the long-term benefits. most democrats want an additional year. but for newly unemployed mom peterson, getting back even some of the benefits will help. >> that would give me a chance to have some type of income coming in while still looking for work. >> reporter: meanwhile, sarah at
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pennsylvania department of labor says employers tend to increase hiring after the first of the year. >> overall we see positive signs of the economy. not only employers hiring but jobseekers finding jobs. >> reporter: the first chance for congress to take up extending unemployment benefits is january 7th. mrve. a historic change will take effect at the boy scouts of america on new year's day. the scouts will begin accepting openly gay youth as scout members in the new year following a contentious vote earlier in may that reversed the long-standing ban preventing them from becoming members. the reversal is praised by gay rights groups. religious organizations that fund and support the scouts rallied against the change. a san francisco police officer went above and beyond her job duty to help a homeless woman she saw on the street. the officer's son posted this photo on our facebook page showing his mother buying shoes for the woman. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard caught up with the officer, a story you will only see on abc 7 news. >> i didn't really get her
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name. i didn't want to embarrass here. >> reporter: san francisco police officer jackie sellinger doesn't know the name of the homeless woman she spotted out this skechers store but knew she needed one thing. >> she was holding a sign, she needed shoes. i looked down at her feet and i could see that she had some really flimsy-looking slippers on. >> reporter: the woman told the officer she wore a size 12 and homeless shelters which give shoes away never have her size. >> so i said, you know what? i'm going to go into the store over here and see what we can do. >> reporter: officer sullinger took the woman inside and told her to pick something out. these pictures were taken by sullinger's son who posted them on our abc 7 news facebook page. >> this is something nice that my mom just did, had no problem with, she didn't know i was taking the picture. >> reporter: the woman chose this all-weather boot for $69. the store manager jerome jackson pitched in his employee discount for the sale. >> she was really happy, almost
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in tears. >> reporter: that was the only thanks this humble officer needed. >> we all have shoes on our feet. i thought about all the presents and stuff that were under our tree for our kids. and a lot of people are more unfortunate. >> reporter: we went looking for the woman wearing the new boots but couldn't find her. she has apparently moved on. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, a once-spooked horse at california equestrian center became rampaging horses that injured several people. near beaches open again after renovation. what you can expect to see n time you visit. why a plan to make more california homes energy efficient has fallen far short of its goal. if santa brought you a iphone or ipad for christmas, make that gift even greater with the latest version of the abc 7 news app. a lot of great news features. make the text as big as you want. iphone users can use our user-generated content feature user-generated content feature making it simple to send us [ laughter ]
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six people were injureded today at a southern california equestrian center when a horse got spooked. the half-ton horse was scared by something and bolted. another horse immediately joined it. the pair ran over riders and people in the area. three adults and three children were taken to the hospital, though none seriously injured. a third horse joined for part of that rampage. its owner said her horse saw them coming and a pack mentality kicked in. >> when my horse, i got a big horse, and he was fine until they got to us. then he decided, no, i'm going with you. and they all took off and went down the street. >> a horse could just trip and startle the next one, then it goes faster, and it goes faster. you know, and then they're
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headed home. >> handlers eventually contained those horses. california's program to provide homeowners with financial assistance to improof the energy efficiency of their homes is off to a very slow start. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the energy upgrade california program has helped 12,000 homes get upgraded in three years, far below their target of 100,000 homes. the program offers $4,500 in rebates to replace old appliances and retrofits. supporters say the public should be patient for results, as they will pay off. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, we'll share the results of an extensive study why teens are fleeing facebook. and how many layers will you need to wear this new year's eve? meteorologist lisa arjen is up next with the forecast. the conference season under way in the wcc, usf. crazy finish. crazy finish. santa clara trying good. good answer.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. facebook's popularity among teens is in a free fall. a study from the european research council found a majority of teens 16 to 18 believe facebook has gotten "uncool." instead, they're turning to simpler social networks like twitter and snap chat to stay connected online. the teens didn't care if the other options were less functional or sophisticated. according to the study, young people find facebook irrelevant because of the growing number of older people using it to stay in touch. muir beach in marin county is open after being closed for more than five months for renovation. the beach looked better than
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ever today. the work included a new parking lot, new restrooms and restoration of damaged wetlands. the national park service says the beach's overwhelming popularity with locals and visitors damaged it for decades. parks officials spent 11 years putting together the restoration plan that they just completed. we need the labrain but at least let's have some sunshine. we got it back today. >> you go to the beach tomorrow. we're talking more 60s, maybe 70s around monterey. we are talking also about our deficit. i want to show you those numbers. a look at live doppler 7 hd, and there is nothing to pick up on. and part of the reason why is we have a pretty good offshore flow occurring right now. it's going to wipe out any low cloudiness, any fog. we don't have any anyway. and bring the winds up. will it help clean out the atmosphere? no, not really. a hook from our towercam ra right now, numbers are ranging from the mid 40s from redwood
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city, half moon bay, to the low 50s in gran. so winds at the surface are quite calm. but it's at the upper vagus we have a red flag warning and high fire danger as we end december. kind of unusual for sure. our stretch of dry, unseasonably warm weather. 45 in santa rosa. novato 36. with a north wind of 21 miles an hour and gusts to near 30 miles an hour, look at the temperature in fairfield. vacaville and fairfield right now in the 60s. so very mild there. but we still have a chilly evening tonight. low 40s in concord. live mole vall livermore valley the 40s right now. we've got the camera shaking a bit and that's due to the wind at higher elevations. the red flag warning for the hills of the north and east bay right on through tomorrow above 1,000 feet. a spare the air day again tomorrow. dry, mild weather into the new year. and it looks at this point right
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on through next weekend as well. so we're looking at the low relative humidity and a much drier air mass moving through the bay area due to strong offshore winds tomorrow. so we're looking at the possibility of, yes, fires here with just our tinder-dry terrain here. so be very careful if you're going to be picnicking or bike riding. a beautiful day to do that. similar temperatures tomorrow. a couple of degrees warmer than these highs today. 63 san francisco. oakland at 67. livermore 70 with low 60s in napa. so the offshore flow will bring numbers up a hilt bit. tonight it will be chilly, breezy in the hills. 35 livermore. 32 napa. brother freezing perhaps in santa rosa. palo alto coming in a the 39. high pressure builds in strongly behind that weak system. and that allows for the tighter pressure gradient, perhaps breezy winds in higher elevations. and for the next 12 hours or so,
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the high fire danger and look at that, above-normal temperatures again. as much as 10 to 15 degrees above average. so here we are. we are in need of over 6 inches of rain in san francisco. 11-inch deficit through santa rosa. 3 inches around livermore. so as we take a look at highs for tomorrow, santa ana winds in southern california, 79 for a high there. and temperatures ranging from the low 60s san francisco, half moon bay. a little hazy in the livermore valley, 67. 68 in santa cruise. the seven-day forecast, a couple of degrees of warming tomorrow. we'll cool slightly monday. increasing clouds tuesday. new year's eve, new year's day, dry, sunny, mild. next weekend u. maybe extra clouds and cooler. she was traveling with the 49ers. and hardwood action. >> let's talk basketball. it's that time of year. college hoops ramps up are, love college hoops. the chips stabbed against santa clara in spokane. gonzaga 27-2 versus the broncos
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since 2001. a bulldog believer. freshman jared brownridge in transition. 20-17 brocos. second half, brandon clark driving. team high 22. santa clara trailing the zags on a 10-0 run. back-to-back threes, the john of john, david stockton, career high 21. gonzaga by 12. seconds later, evan rockmore upset, no foul called, spikes the ball. t'd up. they were in it until the final minute, 74-60 in spokane. usf in portland, great finish. sen seconds left, kevin bailey hits the three, pilots up 69-66. 3.3 seconds left. inbounds, chris adams, his only bucket of the game ties it. overtime, avery holmes, the triple. right now usf leading 83-78 with about 18 seconds left tgo. haas pavilion. freshman jamari bird, a speck
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tack for, a boot on the sprained ankle. bears hosting a paladin. a paladin, any of the 12 peers of charlemagne's court. wallace, steal and dunk. he had 18. justin cobbs had 18, so did jeff powers. red shirt senior from de la salle. 6 of 7 from three-point range. he only had two points all season. cal beats the paladin by 30. nfl, stilt plenty to play for in week 17. the 49ers can clinch the nfc west and the first-round bye with a win over arizona, and seattle losing to st. louis tomorrow. arizona just one loss in their last eight games and that was only by three points to philadelphia. cardinals win over san francisco tomorrow. and tie or loss new orleans, they will get in. >> they were improving last time we played them. they had a couple of rough early games but you could see them improving before we played them. they've improved a tremendous amount since then, winning 7 of 8 games. raiders finish with rival
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denver, terrelle pryor gets the start opposite peyton manning. manning, 266 yards shy of the nfl record for most passing yards in a season. oakland playing for pride. the broncos playing to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. >> time of possession is going to be huge. not turning the ball over. playing against the best quarterback in the league. in league history, almost, you know. just got to control the ball, take advantage. >> the 100th rose bowl on wednesday will be like looking into a mirror for stanford. the cardinal in their smash mouth run game verses a michigan state squad, both the number one defense in the nation. as we know stanford will start tyler gaffney, they welcome these challenges. last year, gaffney playing minor league baseball returned to the farm and garnered all pac-12 second team honors. >> you grow up watching the rose bowl, especially as a west coles kid. this is the game you want to be in. this year it's almost surreal
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where a year ago today i was just a fan. now i'm in the game. it's all you can ask for. in the athletic bowl miami scored the game's first point, teddy bridgewater of louisville scored 36 straight. bridgewater going to be the first taken in next year's draft. 447 yards passing, three tds. cardinals crushed the canes 36-9. north carolina with home field advantage here, charlotte two hours south of chapel hill. this guy good. ryan zitser. 86 yards for the touchdown, ties the ncaa record with his fifth punt return touchdown of the season. heels hammer the bearcats 39-17. raiders and 49ers, both 1:25 kickoffs tomorrow. mike schuman in arizona with the 49ers. up next, a look at the unique approach one
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coming up at 11:00, some of the biggest new laws you'll need to know in the new year. out of time. the effects right here in california now that hundreds of thousands will no longer receive unemployment checks. plus, cracking down on drinking and driving. just in time for the new year. what you'll see around the bay area. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. 2013 could end up being one of the driest on record. that's why tahoe ski resorts are doing whatever they can to lure people to their slopes for the holidays. including a mobile deejay booth at heavenly mountain resort. they've transformed a retired snow grooming machine into a snow grooving machine featuring 52 speakers, 12,000 watts of
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power, a 55-inch flat screen tv. through the season guest deejays will take their time driving beats in this unique deejay booth. you say maybe no rain for at least maybe another week? >> we're looking maybe january 10th to get some rain. it's a long ways out. >> all right, thank you. thank you for joining us. that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you for joining us. our next news cast is at 11:00 on abc 7.
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>> coming up on swirl tonight, we address the vicious rumors that salvation army said the gays should be put to death. are they an anti gay organization? >> wow that's putting a lot of pressure on me actually. >> we head backstage with comedian margaret. >> it works for me in my life. >> all that and more coming up on swirl tonight. [music] >> welcome to swirl your a. through z covering everyone in between show. thank you so much for joining us tonight. it's our special holiday show and it's the last show of the year. waáel get straight into our mega interview tonight. there's rumors circulating


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