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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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that breaking news is southern iouthern calf -- southern california is getting rattled by earthquakes. this is our sister station kabc in los angeles. you can see it was really moving. >> we are being to see some damage. this is viewer video from inside a grocery store. you can see all of the food that was just thrown on to the floor. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> moderate-sized earthquake and three dozen aftershocks rocked southern california tonight. the magnitude 5.1 quake hit at 9:09 this evening and centered in brea which is in orange county. >> it came an hour after a 3.6 quake shook la habra. a series of aftershocks from 2.7 to 3.6 followed.
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there are reports of minor damage called into the los angeles fire department. this -- >> this is a watermain break and firefighters are responding and here is damage indoors. a mirror is broken in a bathroom in whittier. this living room is a mess after a cd tower collapsed. >> the tv was safe there, but not in this bedroom. the usgs says this is the kind of damage it expects to be reported. >> my cupboards and everything fell. >> rocks started hitting the ground and we all went under the table. >> her glass and her frames and everything fell on the floor. she was scared. we went and picked her up jie. we are going to sleep in the car. it just keeps happening. they got scared and they want to leave. >> my husband walked around to our neighbors and checked up on everybody. we made sure everybody was okay. >> here is a look at the size
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mom ter. it shook hard enough that the metro stopped running trains to check all of its lines which showed no signs of damage. >> visitors to disneyland said rides were also stopped as a precaution. got a tweet about that. some local folks down at disneyland and they felt it there. a geo physicist joins us now live from menlo park. what can you tell us about this swarm of quakes that hit tonight? >> well, it looks like it was on the puente hills fault that runs along the south side of the mountain range down there. what is interesting is it is only about 12 miles from an even larger earthquake that occurred in 1987 a magnitude 5.9, whittier that actually did about $300 million worth of damage in 1987. >> steve, do these swarms tell us anything about -- is there
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any predict tiff value at all? do they suggest what might come or not? >> you can look at it statistically. you can say that there is an increased probability of a larger magnitude. the odds are about one in 20 that this will be followed by an even larger quake. we know the fault is capable of a larger quake. we did have a 5.9 there back just 27 years ago. >> all right, the geo physicist steve walter live from the u.s. geological survey in menlo park. thanks for coming on. >> we are getting a lot of images. the brea police department just tweeted this picture saying a rock slide caused this car to overturn on carbon canyon road. the road is closed as a precaution. >> and there were reports of hotels and grocery stores evacuated just to be on the safe side. this is the embassy suites hotel in brea.
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you can see people sitting outside as they waited to see what would come next. no official word on why they were evacuated, but it was near the epicenter. >> the quake was felt in a widespread area. the dodgers and angels were playing at dodger stadium when it hit. listen to the announcers. >> we may be experiencing an earthquake here. >> that's right. this is the usgs shake map. people who felt the quake check in from their location. as you can see it was felt as far away as san diego to the south and king's canyon to the north. we will keep an eye on this story. if we learn any new information we will bring it to you during our newscast. >> now let's move back up here. you should expect a wet weekend looking live from our exploratorium camera. rain will arrive in the next couple hours or so. meteorologist sandhya patel is here tracking it on live doppler 7hd.
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sandhya? >> yeah, dan. just as we are speaking live doppler hd is spicing up measurable rain in -- is picking up measurable rain. ukiah is picking up rain. now it is starting to change. most of the steady rain is still way up here. we will have to wait before it actually slides southward. here is a computer animation. it is putting it near santa rosa. the north bay is getting moderate to heavy rain. 5:00 a.m., you might be woken up as the rain starts to move across the central part of the bay area. it is into the south bay by 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. notice how it is stalling over the south bay at 11:00 a.m. i will be back to let you noy how much rain we are expecting with this upcoming weekend storm and what the second half of your weekend is looking like. >> track the rain in the bay area using the live doppler 7hd on our weather app. download it on our website. a san francisco 49er is in
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legal trouble tonight after a series of decisions and confrontations. a corner back is facing charges for hit-and-run and more. alanal -- alan wang is live where cul law veer made bail and was released. >> dan, the defensive back chris culliver built up a reputation as an outspoken player: tonight he walked out the doors and didn't say a single word. eight hours after being arrested for a hit-and-run accident chris culli vie r walked out of the santa clara county jail. >> no, get out of here with that. >> an unidentified woman yelled at reporters as he hoped into a mini-van and drove away. at 10:30 this morning witnesses say culliver made a u-turn near south seventh in san jose. >> lost a little control and ended up popping up on to the sidewalk and striking a bicyclist.
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the car began to leave the scene. >> they followed culliver's white mustang and then cornered him. he hoped out with a bag in his hand. >> he had something in his hand when he grabbed the bag. they were concerned for themselves and their family safety. >> police arrested culliver for possessing illegal brass knuckles and he is accused of felony hit-and-run and dreefg on a suspended license. the team released a statement saying the 49er organization is aware of the recent matter involving chris culliver. we will remain in contact with chris and the local authorities as we gather the facts. >> fans don't want to see this. especially as the kids look up to these players. >> this is not the first time he has been in a negative spotlight. he was chastised for making anti-gay comments before the 2013 super bowl appearance. >> i wanted to face the situation and let everyone know how i feel in my heart. like i said i am not that type
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of guy. >> the cyclist suffered minor injuries and did not have to go to the hospital. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. an unprecedented move in the state senate. lawmakers voted to suspend yee who faces charges related to a federal corruption sting. abc7 news confirmed another disgraced bay area politician rated on senator yee. state senator yee left his sunset district home this afternoon with his son. it is the first time we have seen yee since he was released from federal custody late wednesday. yee faces charges of weapons trafficking and soliciting money in exchange for political favors. one man not surprised by yee's arrest is stu hanlin. he was brought in by leland. >> he is talking about his client, disgraced san francisco supervisor he was
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just released from federal prison after spending time for extortion and bribery. they say yee has been guilty of the same crimes of which he was convicted. >> he taught him how to do things. one of the things he taught him was how to raise money which was a red envelope and putting pressure on people to give you money. >> he sat in on the meetings as his client was arrested. meetings he agreed to tell all about yee. in san francisco another call resignation by house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> it is sad and sad for the families, but they have treated him with great respect. i think out of that respect he should step aside. >> in response to the vote at the capital, yee's attorney said suspension is the right step right now and it is appropriate in a system that prooy serves the innocence.
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he is still getting paid. patients potentially exposed to deadly diseases. why a local hospital is issuing a warning for people to get tested. >> and the idea that has some calling this 14-year-old a genius. the unbelievably simple plan he has to save the government $400 million. >> you have to see this. and a wet weekend on the way. shear -- here is a look at live doppler 7hd. when will the rain arrive? here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is some of the magic waiting for you after the news jie. the book "divergent" sold 16 million copies. >> i didn't even know that many americans could
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some hospital patients received a a notice to get tested for hiv and other diseases like hepititis. the warning came from california pacific medicine center in san francisco. they stress that they face a low infection risk. cpmc sent the warning after realizing some instruments were sterilized improperly. it is used for patients' lungs lungs and digestive tracts. they have since corrected their procedures. >> a six-month review was released today. it was prompted by the death
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of lynn spalding who went missing for days and found in a hospital stairwell dead. sergio sifted through the findings of a team from ucsf. ol sheriff deputy rtz front line of security. since the death of lynn spalding last year, deputies go through a six-week training program as part of their assignment and there is a new sheriff chain of command. >> the sheriff assigned a captain to the hospital and as a direct report to the sheriff and the sheriff has regular meetings with the director jie. but there are other major changes that are recommended. communication seems be to the biggest problem. it is not always clear how to call for help. >> there is a need to have a contracted 9-1-1 center that takes the calls. today that has not happened so we will work in the sheriff's department to develop a relationship with an official 9-1-1 center. >> one of the biggest problems is there is no single person
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in charge of overall security here at san francisco general hospital. it is a problem they found so serious they even drew up a sample job description for that post. federal investigators say coordination between the hospital and the deputies was a major failure when lynn spalding went missing. that's part of the basis for legal action filed by her family. >> if you have a patient with a room on the fifth floor that is within 100 feet or whatever it is to an exit door to a stairwell that's not the first place you search. they never searched the stairwell. >> the review was ordered by lee after the death. a pennsylvania middle school student has devised a way for federal and state governments to save more than $400 million a year. all it would take is changing a font. >> so what i propose is that the government switch the font that they are using for all of
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their documents to a particular font. throughout my investigations i found this particular font can save a lot of money and a lot of ink. >> ink is expensive. it is about twice the cost of chanel number 5. he submitted his findings to the government. update on the breaking news. a 5.1 earthquake hit the los angeles area and there have been three dozen aftershocks. you are looking at video where a rock slide caused a car to overturn. no we are not. we are trying to get you that video. a car overturned. glad to tell you only minor injuries. our reporting continues on twitter at abc7 news bayer a. now we turn to our weather and what is in store for the weekend. >> sandhya patel is here with >> we have rain for the first
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half of the weekend. it may be good to do indoor plans. live doppler 7hd is live tracking some rain up to the north. it is measuring in ukiah and santa rosa. very light rain as you can see right now. from our exploratorium camera, the san francisco financial district is under cloud cover, but no rain. 59 in san francisco. it is 60 in oakland. it is 59 in san jose. pretty much everyone in the 50s. it is comfortable. a little breezy as we look from the kgo roof camera. 56 in santa rosa and upper 50s fairfield, concord and 56 in livermore. and here is a bouncy shot from the emeryville camera. rain in the north bay overnight. it is going to be a wet saturday for everyone. snow in the sierra and mostly sunny on sunday. that's a good day to do your hiking and biking and walking. any outdoor plans. there are at least two storms that are developing and will be affecting us. possibly one more. i will talk about first the
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one arriving late tonight. we are already seeing some light rain ahead of the cold front. in the north bay, santa rosa and ukiah. and the computer model has it right, right about now. 2:00 a.m., the north bay is getting moderate to heavy rain. it starts to move across the heart of the bay area. at 6:00 a.m., you might actually hear the rain drops coming down, especially when we pick up the moderate pocket there. by 9:00, 10:00 notice the cold front. by 2:00 p.m. it is still in the south bay. you may pick up more rain than you normally do. normally you are in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. for the afternoon, a few showers and then by saturday night more showers developing into early sunday morning. by 9:00 a.m. sunday we are going partly cloudy so the rest of your day is dry. rainfall estimates through sunday morning looks like this. lower elevations three quarters of an a inch. higher elevations a little more.
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snow in the mountains and winter storm warning starts in half an hour at midnight and runs to 5:00 a.m. expecting up to two feet of snow at the highest elevations with the gusty winds. chain controls are likely so be aware of that. tomorrow morning it is a mild start in terms of temperatures, but the rain will be moving through the bay area. for your early weekend plans keep in mind that you are going to need all of your rain gear. as we head into the afternoon, the rain in the south bay and a few scattered showers to the north. mid50s to low 60s. a few mid60s in our inland communities. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, sun breaking through on sunday. don't get used to it. another storm bringing us wet and windy weather. tuesday some showers. wednesday is your break. there is a chance of more rain on thursday, ama and dan. we will keep them coming every other day or so. >> thank you, sandhya ?ie. we have video we want to share with you we just put together. this is video of an overturned
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car on carbon canyon road as a result of the earthquake in los angeles. a 5.1 quake and now almost 40 aftershocks. this overturned car was caused by a rock slide and no serious injuries there. our reporting continues on abc7
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? the ap pre-season poll kentucky was number one in the nation. they entered as an 8 seed, but so far played like a one. just ask louisville. the battle of the bluegrass state. pitino and cal law perry. kentucky trailed most of the
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game, but they took a late 67-66 lead. cardinals back in front. harrison with the reply. it puts the wild cats up to a three-point game and smith can tie it up. julius randal and great d. kentucky shocks louisville. they will meet michigan in the elite 8. they almost blew a 15-point lead. less than 15 seconds to go and mccray and the ball is within one. right foot touches the baseline there. four straight turnovers down the stretch. they can take the lead. is that a charge i call it a flop. mccray from 60 feet. you can see the store. the score. the east region in madison square garden. bring the pain, big fella. every game was a good one. this one was no exception. under two to play. pain making huge plays late.
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and then the alley-oop. the spartans send virginia home. uconn was teammates 12 years ago. 27-10 for the seventh seeded huskies. they were up 17. a career high for the cyclones and the lead is cut to seven. less than two minutes to play. uconn into the elite eighth. elite 8. talking warriors and a's and giants right after the bre
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>> they were a game ahead of memphis for the 6th seed in the west. no david lee, but starting with nee tendonitis. the former grizzly and never liked you guys anyway. shooting 31% since the allstar break. the grizzlies late in the fourth. curry with three of 33. the late 14-0 run.
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let's go to the bay bridge series. lincecum stache is in full effect. one hop and in. top four and timmy going down. a line drive off the bat. lincecum was helped off the field. a left knee contusion and the x rays are kneeing tifl. timmy -- are negative. timmy said, hey, i will be okay jie. just shaken up a bit. >> thank you of so. that is it for tonight. no, we will b


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