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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 8, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight at 6:00 the rescue of an injured snowmobile driver >> development in the corruption case against state senator leland yee >> the risk of fire in an eichler home. what is it about these houses that make them part of the american dream? >> and opening day at the giants home opener. >> reminiscent of the 60s this is a case where the government infiltrated and created the crime. >> tonight an aggressive defense strategy in the federal
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corruption case involving state senator leland yee. good evening, thanks for joining us. >> high profile defense attorney tony sarah is representing raymond shrimp boy chow, blasting the feds with charges of racism. vick slee in the newsroom with developments. vic? >> reporter: raymond chow and others charged in this indictment has to be arraigned today. now, charges ranged from public corruption, gun, and drug running to murder for fire. but at least one lawyer, chow's says he wants to put the government on trial. 20 defendants appearing in court pleaded not guilty. that includes suspended senator leland yee out on half a million dollars bond, charged with corruption and gun running. political fund-raiser and former san francisco school board president keith jackson entered the same plea. he is charged with drugs and
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weapons trafficking and murder for hire. >> the government created the crime. the government financed the crime. and the government ensnared my client by their affirmative acts. >> that is how the lawyer tony sarah characterized the case against the self described reformed chinatown gangster, sarah made an appearance in court with his client. chow did not enter a plea. he is charged with money laundering and dealing in stolen properties. at the arraignment, there are more lawyers than there were defendants. all of those respoke with pointed to entrapment in a case that began five years ago involving fbi agents who infiltrated watt government calls an organized crime ring. >> seems like the government was throwing money at anyone that could get, you know, to take
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money. >> sarah went further with accusations. >> throw in from perspective a mode of racism. >> we'll put the government rightfully on trial we believe there are all kinds of malfeasance. >> all defendants will be back in court before the trial judge. his challenge will be setting up a system to stream line an investigation that resulted in documents, wire taps, and secretly-recorded conversations. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you. the legal problems facing a veteran concord police officer could have a ripple affect on other cases. matthew switser, a former canine officer is accused of stealing prescription drugs from senior citizens. we're are live in martinez with how this is unfolding.
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laura? >> reporter: well, hi, cheryl. just got off the phone with the public defender they plan to ask a judge to throw out one guilty verdict here because of the involvement, they're in the process of reviewing two dozen other cases from last year alone. meantime, today, switser's lawyer told us what might have motivated his client. >> there is no question this is a case about anyone that fell into prescription pills addiction >> the attorney for a concord police officer says his client was overpowered by an illness. addiction. >> started off with an off duty injury. he was prescribed these powerful drugs. >> shown here with hoiz police dog figo, the prosecutors say matthew switser used the animal
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as a ruse to gain trust of seniors in this apartment complex and gain access to their powerful pain medication, norco. >> obtaining pills from the people by telling them he theeded to train his dog to smell the drugs >> it is given to the seniors when they're really suffering. >> dr. porter is a psychologist working with seniors in contra costa, including some at the apartment complex where he allegedly committed most of the crimes. >> it's a double tragedy not only feeling ripped off by a trusting entity or person, but they're then missing the kind of medication that is needed for them to continue functioning in a relatively pain-free manner. >> the case could jeopardize other prosecutions a defendant, switser came into contact with as a police officer. >> it's on a case by case basis. certainly there is potential it can hurt cases he's on.
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it depends on a number of factors. >> the prosecutor told abc7 news there is information switser may have taken his children to visit elderly residents the same people he allegedly stole from. in martinez, abc7 news. >> a drunk driver will spend six months in jail for running over and killing a teenager last year in san francisco. he wept in court and called the accident a tragedy the judge sentenced one year in jail but six months in home confinement. chen's father saying he was relieved brewer showed remorse. brewer received a letter -- lighter sentence because he pled guilty to driving under the influence. >> i think he's incredibly grateful for the compassion and understanding they have shown. >> chang had been o celebrating her birthday when hit on float avenue in march last year the city has since installed a
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beacon at that intersection. >> fire investigators have now determined the fire that burned three homes in san jose was an accident the fire destroyed a home, damaged two others on moss brook circle. one woman lost everything she owned. that neighborhood is filled with eichler homes that can fuel fires because of their open-air construction. >> number four, the house on the corner burned down. the house next to ours burned down. these eichlers go, quickly. >> cornell bernard is live tonight where there are a number of the mid century modern homes. cornell? >> there are 1500 here in marin. these homes have a huge fan base. they are so unique to california. lots of glass, lots of light. we're here in san rafael. fans of the mid century modern homes say despite critics
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they're safe from fire. you can see renee is a big eichler fan. check out her car. she's been selling the gems for ten years. and is showing us around her own eichler. it's a double a frame model built in the 1960s. >> it let's people take in nature. >> they have quite the cult following. lots of glass, and atriums. in the 60s the developer wanted to make the homes affordable to all he sold them for $9400 each today they're worth more. >> i have one on the market for $1.3 million. >> some firefighters say the homes can be dangerous after three were damaged in a san jose fire yesterday. >> because it's so open, it allows for air to flow through, helps with the fuel production.
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>> not all agree, especially after upgrades. >> we love them because of not only the design but the spirit behind the homes, you can feel it. >> monique is selling copies for $5,000 each the plans have been modified to code standards she says old or new, the houses are safe. . >> i do not think these homes are harmful to people i think with any house there are problems with an eichler, the issues are solvable peechlt living in glass houses the way eichler intended >> video at 6:00 repairs in store fore homeowners after a car slammed into their house an elderly woman driving a honda. no one is injured.
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>> a snowmobiling accident leaves a father buried in the snow with his 9-year-old son nearby. that situation could have been disastrous. shaky video shows first responders arriving sunday. without the bravery sh they might not have found his dad today, we surprised him as he walked home from school. he explained how his dad got trapped. >> i jumped off my snowmobile and went to dig him out. i tried to dig him out as fast as i could. >> unlike today, when he sat down for a snack, in the back country they were without food or water. cutoff from civilization.
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>> i was nervous. it's a lot of pressure to try to get someone. i didn't know where to go. it was hard >> body flagged down a tour group that radioed for help. doctors performed emergency surgery on his leg. this shows him after the operation. >> i just was really hoping he was going to be okay. >> they struggle not to think about what if scenarios where everything could have gone wrong. >> i was so upset. all i can think is that he's a calm kid. so grounded. does he know he saved his dad's life? >> i asked if he knew he was a hero he said, um, yeah. i asked how he felt about it. he summed it up with just one word. "good". >> such a wonderful ending. >> yes.
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we want to thank his mom for the story. she e mailed the picture to us. if you have a picture or video send it to abc7 >> could this be the start of another championship season? >> i'm spencer christian. high temperatures into upper 80s today will this increase the influence? >> a cruise ship made a dozen stop overs with dozens of noro virus victims on board and later, hillary rodham clinton and the possibility of running
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the chase mobile app. so you can. today was a giant holiday for people in the bay area of sorts, opening day. among those taking part, brian stow. the fan beaten three years ago. you saw him there smiling and waving as he continues to improve. mike shumann and wayne freedman are live here first. >> just me and sea gulls out here. and in baseball there is nothing like the game at home. pomp, circumstance, hot owing dogs and garlic fries
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of course, we had the man come to the rescue. he went out through the first pitch. and >> it's a guy who kind of took us all, you know emotionally several months ago. and is a big fan. >> it would have been one of my favorite things to do, probably, as a kid >> all of the years in baseball do you get tired of the home opener? >> no. no. this is a special moment. and this is the best one. the fans are our guests. you know?
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this is where everything starts. >> is anything more symbolic that restores your faith in good things in life then baseball, opening day. >> what a day it was. giants scored 47 runs in aekt games we'll have highlights coming up later in sports. >> what an assignment for you, shu. you'd expect a turn out for opening day many were dressed for the occasion. >> why not bring out the halloween spirit? we got a lot of that. there are people here having a good time.
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if measuring gross national product today we might have been in trouble. opening day at at and t park. do we have to? it's an even year. the fans have become so, well, optimistic. a tattoo? really? you get a clean slate. >> never get a clean slate. >> in baseball, you do. >> not a clean plate. a clean slate. >> beginning of the new season. the start of everything. >> that is right. >> to me it hooked like a spring
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break. >> this is not easy to save goth yam and master a curve ball. we like them now. >> every even year? >> at least. >> yes. >> and clean slate. >> giants welcoming all kinds of fans like this one. this is chompers and this. >> that is a spencer type joke. >> this is ella enjoying a giants game today. and decked out. you can send us your opening day fan photos we're on twitter and intagram. >> yes.
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>> you're off duty? >> yes. >> we've got sunny skies over most of the bay area, still. areas of fog along the coastline. it's been a mild to warm day once again. high temperatures today 87 degrees in san jose. 88 in bill roy. 85 in napa today. clear skies with just wispy high clouds. high clouds tonight, mild to warm and a cooler pattern for the weekend. it will be in seasonal range. high pressure still controlling factor but the ridge is shifting
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eastward. for the week ahead we're choosing downtown san jose. it's going to top out at 80. temperatures above avera days. then, temperatures dropping off sharply approaching the weekend and into next week. tonight mild in most locations. fog at the coast moving beyond the coast and inland spots. lows into low to mid-50s and cooler in the north bay valleys. tomorrow, high temperatures in the south bay, 80 in san jose. peninsula, mid to upper 70s. 77 palo alto.
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low to mid-60s on the coast. san francisco high 67 tomorrow. 79 in napa. 74 oakland and inland east bay mid, not mid-70s but upper 70s to low 80s. notice after thursday, we'll have steady dropping off or tapering off the temperatures. today, tomorrow, mid-80s >> nice we'll enjoy it. >> thank you. >> a big financial boost for a childrens hospital here in the bay area. that is not the right video.
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>> the founder of sales are giving $100 million to childrens hospital oakland and ucsf hospital in san francisco the two became affiliated in january from now on, they'll share a name and a logo. >> it great.
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we're going to have a new name. two hospitals together rb uc ucsf beniohh childrens hospitals. >> a previous $100 million donation from the sales force founder financed construction of the new hospital in san francisco. that opens in february. >> thank you for that. >> tonight how would you like to drive a tesla? today launching an online leasing program, a fully loaded model s costing $2100 a month. general motors says it will invest in two factories. sales down despite a $5,000 cut. u.s. employers posted more job
7:27 pm
openings in february and hiring has been sluggish wall street with a rebound to technology stocks. >> there is more still to come tonight at 6:00. former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. how she addressed the question of running for president today. >> and more testimony from oscar pistorious z a the great american novel.
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more violence involving members of the military today. officials say a marine guard shot and killed a fellow guard in north carolina in camp
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lejuene. last week army specialist went on a shooting camp yaj at fort hood, texas before killing himself a spokesperson says an argument proceeded that shooting. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is talking about a number of issues ranging from international politics to immigration. but the big question is will she run for president and when? >> hillary clinton introduced by the ceo of market o. invited to talk about the thing that's matter in san francisco and silicon valley. >> companies do what i'm beginning to see on college
7:32 pm
campuses around the country now. they begin to fund programs that will train people here. >> she was asked about a possible run for the white house. >> what is your plan? are you going to do it? >> she has name recognition, and connections and ability to raise money for a possible campaign >> i am thinking about it but i'm going to continue to think about it for a while. >> will clinton appeal to younger voters? if elected, clinton will be 69 years old the same age ronald reagan was when first elected in 1980. clinton came prepared reassuring people she has a good understanding of technology and social media. >> well spoken, very on her toes. >> she'd be a leader the country needs. >> clinton pointed out any
7:33 pm
decision will come after the mid term election. >> the president signed an order aimed at promoting preventing contractors from retaliating against emmoiys discussing pay with each other and signed a mem rand yum requiring contractors to report pay data including race and sex. >> pay secrecy fosters discrimination. we should not tolerate it. a study found women in the white house earn on average $0.88 for every dollar men earn the white house says when men and women do the same job they're paid the same. >> in sacramento a bill to end the killer whale show died the measure would is ended sea
7:34 pm
world's captive breeding program >> that is the audio there. people offered a sentence or two of support for the bill inspired by a documentary suggesting mistreatment of orcas made them aggressive. >> their swimming pool sized habitats are just a fraction of what they need. they must undergo stressful training reejmentes and are separated from off spring and live in pods of unrelated individuals. >> he says the debate has been fuelled on fear and misinformation. >> oscar pistorious spoke about the night he shot his girlfriend to death in his home.
7:35 pm
he changed into shorts and took off his prosthetic legs and stood on his stumps he testified he thought an intruder was in the bathroom on valentine's day 2013. >> i heard a noise from the toilets. i went out to sea if someone is coming out of the toilets. before i knew i fired shots at the door. >> the judge ruled anyone who objects to being on camera during this trial will not be and that is what pistorious chose. . >> i threw the door open and i sat over reeva and i cried. >> the prosecution claims pistorious shot her after an argument. the judge called for an early adjournment today. >> secretary of state john kerry is accusing russia of taking
7:36 pm
over offices in a eastern city and taking 60 people hostage after ukrainin troops regained control over a government building. 70 people were arrested on capitol hill, kerry warned of further sanctions against russia unless moscow backs off. >> in parliament a brawl erupted on the floor. it began when a communist party leader blamed nationalists. two deputies took exception to the remarks you can see what happened there. reports say nobody was seriously hurt. >> princess cruise lines is tee anying reports of a noro virus outbreak aboard a ship docked in san francisco yesterday. confirming 37 passengers on board have reported taking ill the ship left san francisco last
7:37 pm
night. and the spokeswoman denied an outbreak she did say there has been an increase in number of cases of mild gas stroe intestinal illnesses. >> general motors being fined $7,000 a day by the government for failing to answer questions. gm had a deadline of april 3rd to respond to a request for information regarding faulty ignition switches linked to 13 deaths. gm let the deadline slip by without a response the national transportation safety board says those fines now total $28,000 will come until gm provides answers. >> coming up next, the success of video surveillance. identifying and arresting criminals >> and a neighborhood that is considered a national role model.
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i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive. a community meeting is under way to educate neighbors about benefits of he can ti >>. it's leading to more arrest
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one neighborhood is considered to be a role model. >> high tech camera systems capture red light runners or help identify a car. they're now nabbing residential thieves the cameras are making such surveillance affordable at home. ten days ago someone snatched a package off this street. and this street also had camera s. it's a model for other subdivisions high resolution cameras capture every vehicle coming and going including our news van. >> if there is a problem or a crime in the neighborhood we can
7:42 pm
figure out who it is. >> ken thomas organized efforts to raise $50 for the cameras. if they put cameras in the front yard they need to have one pointing to the street to see a pedestrian or a vehicle. >> he says some cameras utilize infrared to catch a break in. others feature analytics. a digital recording can be shared with police for detectives to investigate. >> and reet now residents are conducting a work shop taking place at the warm springs community center and untils
7:43 pm
until 8:30 tonight. until 8:30 tonight. just ahead head after a year
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next week, explore tore yum celebrates a year and tonight chairing job skills with mission district teenagers in a partnership funded by the national science foundation. creators of the exhibits made be owe enjoyed outside. >> what we want to do is partner with a community based organization that knows the neighborhood >> that is where boys and girls
7:47 pm
club in the mission district comes in. i love doing this >> they'll spend a year creating a parklet in the neighborhood. >> the idea shah we're going to focus on design and 21 century trades. >> they first learn sketching, brain storming ideas. >> some solar panels will be on top >> you wanted somewhere to sit. and so two seats for older people and taller kids this is for younger kids. the team is helping combine
7:48 pm
designs using a printer the fans get more elaborate. next step is building a prototype. >> the real kids in the community may not experience this get to experience it. >> the community comes in to test it and it's a hit the designers watch to see h their ideas work. >> incredible knowing the kids have been using the stuff we've built. >> they'll built a permanent park in the next sublet. . >> i learned a lot.
7:49 pm
made me feel more confident in what i can do >> terrific project. abc7 is the official television partner. this weekend dan will host a special report on the water front. >> and spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> let's start with low clouds and fog near the coastline. sunny inland. tomorrow, we'll have sunny, warm to hot conditions. palm springs 99 degrees. 85 in los angeles. in the bay area, warm day. highs only into low to mid-60s on the coast.
7:50 pm
upper 70s to low 80s let's talk baseball. tomorrow night the giants taking on diamond backs again. so here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll is a gradual tapering off after thursday. we're going to go from 10 to 20 degrees down to average. nothing dramatic. >> yes. it's fabulous baseball weather. >> yes. if you're talking baseball weather and i'm talking baseball weather, 73 degrees on opening day. okay? this is warmest home opener since 1958. you want to talk warm or hot?
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a live report ne
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opening at home hosting arizona today perfect, sun splashed day. this is the 15th home opener and entrance of bat kid throughout the first pitch. along with giants pitcher matt caine. there it goes. two run blast off of former a. first guy to greet him, aaron hill another giant nub kwee. belt scores so is hunter pens.
7:55 pm
giants fans loving it. aaron hill, 7-3, the final. so giants off to a 6-2 starts you called this work? come on. someone has got to do it, larry. he got a lot of offensive support as you just showed. >> he's a pro. he you know it's hard to pitch
7:56 pm
better. >> just great to be with here. beautiful day. you know? >> offensive explosion with this team. >> yes we're just playing. i dent think we're doing anything we can't do. >> we had a good offense and club. so we've got a good team. >> i tell you what. pitchers are loving it. big win here nice to take that
7:57 pm
first one. thank you. looks cooler than 73 degrees. yukon men won championships. tonight women trying to do the same thing. they sdpies each other. stuart here on the miss. the lay up trying to come back. irish down seven at the half. >> larry, thank you. >> yes. >> yes. >> well join me tonight at 9:00
7:58 pm
device being tested now in the bay area. does something unique after being installed in patients. and tearing down history only to discover more. here on abc7 marvels agents of shield followed by goldbergs, trophy wife and resurrection. >> our coverage continues now on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. for joining us. good
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