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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 1, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> that breaking news is in napa county. sky 7 hd shows you the monster wildfire burning right now. cal fire estimates it has grown to more than 2700 acres and still spreading. 5 structures have burned and mandatory evacuation are in effect. good evening i'm dan ashley. fire threatening 2 communities tonight. it's been burning
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steadily for about nine hours now. plume of black gray smoke strong winds that fueled the fire earlier have thankfully died down and the temperatures are cooling as well of course now that the sun has gone down. show you the area threatened tonight. flas cross the butt canyon road and crew attacking the flames from the ground despite desperate now to keep from it homes. abc 7 news reporter laura live with the firefighters who are trying to protect people and property in the like states area. >> hi. i'm standing on snow valley road this is one of the key roads that firefighters were trying to keep this fire from crossing earlier this day. it did cross but manageed to keep it away from the homes. show what you they are doing right now out on this road tonight there's hot spot right next to the road. firefighters are out there trying to deal with those but as you can see the flames quite a bit smallerp they were earlier today.
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firefighters hit it with helicopters. water drops from the sky. and tankers filled with fire retardant. but still the stubborn butt canyon fire continue to grow thanks in large part to the wind. mother nature and its own. the noise from the wind generated by the huge flames was deafening along napa county as firefighters move in to try to keep the fire from jumping the road. >> fire was sort of spreading out. on 2 ends here and going this way and this way. >> able tow vac ate the kids out of the camp earlier the horse ranch was evacuated in butt canyon including the 15 to 20 children who were there day camping. >> you could see the fire line and has to be 50 firemen wor working the license and hoping to keep from it jumping the road. doesn't jump the road we'll be okay.
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>>reporter: fire contained on the south west side the fire fight just getting under way deep in the canyon. those who live and work in butt canyon could only standby the road and watch. >> crew on the scene. more coming. feels really good knowing the attacking it like that. >>reporter: david lives near where the fire started and tried to stop it along with neighborhood kids who grab garden hoses. >> fire kept going that way and slowly uphill. kids did a great job with a hose and mostly stopped from it burning their house. >>reporter: and this is a live look at the hillside behind me. we are about half mile awake from those flames right in the area you can see a lot of hot spots. occasionally see some bigger flames. but at the moment it look like things died down a little bit. homes to my right are safe as we speak. a lot of firefighters out here tonight and officially at this point they still don't know the causal though we do know there
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is a report of some kids with a weed wacer accidentally perhaps starting the fire earlier toda today. that is still under investigation. live in pope valley laura anthony abc 7 new news. >> hope very least it was an accident and it could be that the firefighters are gaining ground. smoke scene from all over the bay area. shot from the tower cam are in berkeley early this evening. 75 miles away. you can see the smoke very clearly. we have a couple of pictures from napa county. 7 news viewer doug 0neal took this picture in downtown calistoga and e mailed it to this site. thank you doug for that. and this photo was taken at red cap vineyard on howell mountain in napa coy. you can see the smoke there behind the vineyard rising rather dramatically over the stand of trees. spencer is here with a look at the weather conditions. fire craw dealing with rate now napa county and certainly spencer those have changed
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rather significantly from the worst of it this afternoon. >> they have changed significantly dachbility prove improved in the fire fighting effort. another view farther away from the nasa satellite image showing the smoke plume. look at this. this is a view from space. you can see the smoke plume coming up from the huge dangerous fire. here's how it looked by way of time lapse from the east bay hills camera. northward in the late afternoon early evening hours. low clouds going by an that smoke just billowing up from the fire. l down to the location of the fire and look at current weather conditions. temperatures did you know to 74 degrees now. 93 degrees during the afternoon hours. 46 percent relative humid. >> almost double from what it was earlier in the well in the late afternoon hours. winds are calm. steady winds are. in fact there are no steady winds but occasional up to 5 miles per hour clearly these conditions have improved and should help the firefightersing effort significantly.
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>> thanks very much. we'll of course continue to watch the fire throughout this newscast and later on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we update you then as well and of course any time and all the time at twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> moving on for the moment. cal train conductor now under investigation for what happened in video that we first aired sunday night n.that video i show you now you can see a passenger hitting a female conductor with her purse. male conductor then comes to help. and the woman hit him too. watch this. back of the head now as the woman begins to follow him back to the train he blocks her with his foot and then shoves her to the ground. the woman was not injured and was arrested for assault as a result of this video. but tonight cal train confirms the male conductor identified by union force removed from service. female conduct he removed to work with no disciplinary action taken. >> police san jose looking for
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second suspect in connection with home invasion robbery of elderly kim and 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted during that. and then police say the 2 teenager criminals stole the couple suv and crashed it into a house on center and singleton road. lee ann has the story. >> this suv crashed into a vacant house on singleton lane in san jose. people in the car were being chased by chp officers for failing to stochlt passenger of 15-year-old boy was arrested but not the drive driver. this woman saw it all. >> he took flight he didn't care. that's what blew me await a minute i got scared. >> investigators found out the suspect were linked to an earlier crime just 5 months away. >> about 10 minutes later after we were here at this crime scene it was discovered we had a home invasion. >>reporter: suspect had apparently stolen the suv from the owner of this house belonging to the an elderly couple both 85 years old. >> 2 suspect entered the home.
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armed with weapons. they were forced to the back of the house. at some point the 85-year-old female was sexually assaulted. >>reporter: police cop firmed they found graffiti tag painted on the back of the house but wouldn't confirm if it was part of a gang initiation. neighbor who lives behind them told us she found 2 spray paint canister in the back yard this morning. supposedly tossed over the finance by the suspect. police took the canister with them as evidence. the neighbors here are very fond of the elderly couple. >> if martha says these people do what they please. >> it's unbelievable. 15 years old can do something leak that. >>reporter: she says the neighborhood has changed. that's why she's finally moving. >> definitely yes. yes. i can sleep at night now. >>reporter: elderly woman was
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hospitalized this morning but has now returned to her home. her husband not injured. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> babysitter has been sentenced to 16 years in california state prison for critically injuring a 3-year-old boy. 24-year-old williams pleaded no contest earlier this year. she was baby sitting the boy 2 years ago at this oakland apartment. police say she called 911 and said she found the boy alone and unresponsive. doctors found that he had a liver laceration caused by blunt force trauma tell, scars and cigarette burns. williams apologized in court saying she will suffer the consequences for the rest of her life. he father of oscar grant lost his attempt today and claim for compensation in the death of his son. federal jury rejected the civil rights lawsuit filed by the father t.grant was shot and killed at the fruitvale
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bart station in 2009 as you well know. former bart officer messerly convicted of involuntary manslaughter. grant father claimed the death destroyed his relationship with his son but the jury found the 2 did not actually have a deep connection. >> heart broken. i'm sad that the jury didn't get it that oscar didn't have a relationship with his father. >>reporter: grant family says the jury did not understand the type of relationship father in jail can have with a child. but messerly lawyer says the family only showed 2 letters of communication between them. >> jury made it very clear that they did not think that that evidence came anywhere close to meeting the standard of proving there was a close regulationship. >> federal jury also determined messerly did not deliberately kill oscar grant. >> crews will again fogging part of contra costa county overnight because of high number of mosquitos. martinez they start at 4:30 am west of positive shake 0street south of
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the straits and east of barrel street. chemical used is hazardous people and to animal and even though a low volume will be sprayed we are told that you want to keep the pet indoors as precaution. better safe than sorry. >> in the mean time west nile virus detect entered mosquitos, chicken and bird in an area near brentwood. contra costa county is asking residents to phone in reports of dead birds so they can investigate. >> all right. more to bring you here on 7 news at 9:00. we keep a close eye on the big fire. still burning writ now out of control in napa county. we update that. also any. how barry bonds gets a new chance to fight his conviction for steroids. >> look at the traffic that could snarl your drive into san francisco when cal-trans closes a freeway this week. stay with me
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it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. . >> latest now on the breaking news we follow. fast moving fire threatening homes in napa county. we were over the scene in the pope valley area west of
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like. fire forced mandatory evacuation and sent a plume of smoke seen for miles around. you can see at the height of it this afternoon how ferocious it was. flames charred 2700 acre acres. still spreading. and so far burned 5 buildings. reporting continues now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> forty-niner star smith finds himself in less trouble with the law this evening now that it looks like he will not face charges for making a phoney bomb threat. los angeles city attorney office says it won't prosecute smith over dispute with tsa agents and police at lax in april. but hearing will take place to talk about how smith can avoid similar incidents in the future. and the da reserves the right to file charges at later time. smith also face sentencing later this month for weapon possession and dui charges in san jose. >> federal appeals court revealed today that it will reconsider the obstruction of
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justice conviction former giants slugger barry bonds. bonds was found guilty in 2011 of giving evasive testimony to federal grand jury. that panel was lacking at steroids use by elite athlete. bonds already served 30 day house arrest, sentence and paid a 4100 dollar fine. >> well as you probably know team suchl a was not knocked out of the world cup today. earthquake star u.s. team member chris tell clearly heart broken tweet thanksgiving evening i am gutted to have let down everyone but especially my teammate. it has been an incredible ride by know this will make me stronger. they played well. with the score nil-nil hit the ball just wide of the goal. the eliminated was rough for fans but as wayne explains, there may be a silver lining in the team loss. if. >> let's two usa.
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>>reporter: better yet let's not go to work today. most of us did either safe to assume in san francisco and across much of the nation that mythical truancy index went up. >> i am completely a soccer fan. always. always. before this. way before this. >>reporter: we saw them watching in restaurants. and in cafe. around conference tables. mostly americans but few belgium mixed in do you like our pwivrment awful. >>reporter: at the sacramento street bar soccer fans arrived well before game time to claim seat and then keep them. how early >> 11:30. i had to kick a bunch of argentina out. >>reporter: game time standing room only inside expanded to outside on sacramento street. you might get run over. >> it's okay. worth it. >>reporter: if you think this overflow crowd is impressive.
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>> it was tense. >> are you best. >> no. i'm not betting. >>reporter: why not. >> i just i'm not feeling that confident at this point. >>reporter: by now we know how it turned out. belgium had 2 goals in extra time and usa rally but late. loss but for those who want to see soccer grow in the country, also a victory. when is the last time you saw an american crowd this rivetted on a soccer match. >> never e-we have now. next world cup is only 4 years away. at center plaza in san francisco wayne abcews. >> all right. next match on friday. enjoy the fourth of july holiday watching france and germany at finance okay. then at 1 in the afternoon it's brazil versus columbia on espn. it has been pretty good stuff. hate to see them lose but really great match. >> did quite well.
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>> spencer is here with more on the weather forecast that has been really intense on the fire line in napa but thankfully is beginning to abate a bit. >> conditions improving significantly. temperature has come did you know about 20 degree ors so this afternoon. relative humidity almost double since then and winds calm. that's good news. here's the a look at what is happening around the bay area. we have continuing our increasing area of low clouds fog along the coast line beginning to spread locally now i don't know the coast over the bay but we still have fire concerns eveneyond the bay area well up in the northern most part of the area. high fire danger in effect until 11:00 o'clock wednesday night. tomorrow nye. because of the the concern about lightening strike that could trigger or ignite fires. so newest thunderstorms in that area today as well as over in the sierra keep watching that for you. meanwhile closer to home we have gusty winds and many inland locations. gusty up to 36 miles per hour right now. fairfield 23 at napa and hayward. 25 miles per hour
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gust in livermore so still some concern about the winds in the fire season. keep monitoring that for you as well. here's east bay hills camera looking at the western sky still bright more than an half hour after sunset. low clouds fog moving inland now across the bay. current temperature readings 57 in san francisco. oakland 59. 63 san carlos. san jose gilroy 59. 57 at half moon basement lovely view from emeryville lacking west ward toward san francisco. it's 55 rate now at santa rosa. 59 napa novato. 63 in fairfield concord and 62 in livermore and lovely view of sky line in san francisco. see most of it. although the low clouds are obscuring little bits of the topple area at this camp r.foggy overnight maybe spotty early morning drilz. mailed warm fourth of july heating up again over the weekend. the satellite radar actually water vapor satellite image shows big dip in the jet
9:21 pm
stream. pool of cool air moving in our direction. steady on shore breeze that is cooling us down certainly from what we had yesterday. overnight watch the forecast animation see low cloud fog inland and especially near the coast. thinks up to about 5:00 a.m. or so. overnight low generally mid upper 50's so another mild overnight period and then tomorrow fog burn back to the coast lane and sunny skies except right at the coas coast. south bay look for high pressure in the upper 70's mid 80's up to 81 at san jose. 85 at morgan hill and peninsula mainly mid upper 70's. low 60's on the coast. downtown san francisco 65 degrees tomorrow. we will see some low mid 80's in the north bay valley and mid 70's low to mid 70's over in the east bay. inland east bay will be warm but not hot. we'll see mainly mid upper 80's the and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. so pleasant. seasonal weather through friday fourth of july
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then we start to heat up a little bit open saturday then sunday and monday it gets almost hot again with high in the upper 90's inland those 2 day but temperature start to moderate on tuesday. so just 2 day warm-up things get back down to normal. >> thanks spencer very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. hidden cash craze is back just ahead. on the hunt back just ahead. on the hunt in the bay area and there is
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>> she sure did. mr. hidden cash says he stashed a total of 6 cash filled envelope in shadow cliff park. even tweeted that he would share the wealth in brussels if belgium lost today's world cup game. so guess he's not book ago flight tonight. >> coffee shop in north dakota becoming increasely popular partly because of its look of employees. the vault coffee shop in valley city based on the honor system. customers who visit the shop say it's a great place to sit and to read. they are noticing more people coming in too and the owner didn't realize his business model wazzu sneek until he researched it. says the numbers don't show that stiffs being stolen. now thinking of turning the space next door into a bakery. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away.
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stay with me if you can. coming up. update on the huge fire burning in napa county. now 2700 acres and still growing. >> friends family just stunned tonight by the death of former gang banker killed at play ground after turning his life around and working to help children. >> and some wild video. parasailing crack down. new rules for this summer right of passage. coming up. another
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or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people. >> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with bricking news on the massive fire in napa county. conditions on the fire line have eased a bit. temperatures are cooler. of course now that the sun has gone down and the
9:31 pm
wind have died down considerably helping firefighters cal fire says it has burn at least 2700 acres in the pope valley area that you see on the map. that's just to the west of like berry. fire 30 percent contained but mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for the like states where there are 1 80 homes. mandatory evacuation also called for the west side of butt canyon road and in the james creek road area of lake county. the fire jumped snail valley road but crew got the flames under control. cal fire says 5 structure have been damaged by the blaze. some rest didn't went to middletown where the red cross has set up a shelter. reporting continu continuing right now on twitter. follow us at this site and we'll have more for you on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7. bring you another live report from the fire lines at that time. >> police in san francisco investigating a particularly disturbing somewhat thanksgiving evening. one that killed a popular youth council
9:32 pm
lor at theitation valley playground where he worked with children. many of those children that he mentored saw what happened. tonight bernard talked with the victim's family. >>reporter: balloons flowers mark the spwlot 32-year-old allen was cut down. youth out of the reach counselor in the housing project here. police say the shooting was witnessed by dozens of small kids taking part in a summer program. including his 10-year-old son. >> i still don't believe it's true. i still think i'm in a dream. >>reporter: his niece says her uncle was a father of 3 and former gang member who turned his life around after serving two years in prison. his new mantra encouraging others to do the right thing. >> he felt like his past was behind him. >> put everything hyped hit. start work with kid. the helping kid. feed to be. he gave jobs worked around her cleaned up around here. gave us all jobs and told to us get our money.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: in fact he encouraged every neighborhood kid to work. he said it was the best diversion from crime. >> this kid was part of the solution. >>reporter: supervisor cohen who represents the district is outraged. >> this level of violence, this brashness of tell an act is not okay. we are not going to tolerate it. we don't want any more of this. >>reporter: but his past may have caught up with him. police believe former rival gang member could be the shooter. miss say they are following leads but at this point they have no suspects in calloway murder. they hope anyone with information will come forward to help. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the we have of immigrants pouring over the border that texas is now spilling in southern california. today crowd as many as 300 people and 3 buses carrying immigrants detainee revving to let them pass. this is halfway between los angeles and san diego. the
9:34 pm
bus were his carrying 140 detainee that were rounded up after crossing the border illegally. federal government is trying to move them to the murietta u.s. border patrol station. residents want the immigrants deported immediatel immediately. more arrivals expected every 72 hours for several week. >> millions of americans go parasailing every year and it's summertime and a lot of people will be trying it. many for the first time. now there are new recommendations to crook down on accidents. year after 2 girls crashed into a buildin building. here's tell more. >> trapped in the giant parachute shooting down the coast like a lost kite. >> the filling was terrible. >> cable to the bet snapping sending the irls smash ing into this building. >> we are at the come door and 2 parasailers just smashed in the top of it. >> then that a parked suv that was one year ago today. and
9:35 pm
sidney is still rae cooperatin cooperating. tonight the national transportation safety board safety board issued a stringing rebuke of the bar a sailing industry. accusing operators of poor judgment. look of sufficient experience and improper training. sidney parents telling us they thought their daughter was in good hands. >> you just assume that everything is the safe. they tell you. they advertise it. safe. fun. l you expect that. >> there are no federal guidelines regular letting parasailing. tonight ntsb can only recommend that all operators be licensed by the coast guard which doesn't sit well with sidney mom. >> ntsb calls for more regulations but really can't enforce them. how does it make you feel. >> makes me sick. >>reporter: industry organization is saying they support regulation and are working with the coast guard. sidney went become to the hospital today to say thank you. >> make me want to cry. >>reporter: she has undergone multiple surgery continue. if
9:36 pm
you think she what i think and come out and breathe on her ow own. we didn't know if she could walk or talk. she may not remember. >>reporter: today she was walking on that very same beach. >> coming up next. personal mission. what a bay area teenager is doing to find a cure for cancer makes her an cure for cancer makes her an abc 7 news top sc
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>> let me focus your attention on something we are very proud to do here at the staivingts. top scholar program is now in its 9th year. over those years we have recognized 7 students each year who have received a 1,000 dollar scholarship toward
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his or her college education. lee ann shows you how one top scholar deep personal connection to cancer drives her to to find a cure. >> emily loves to sing. >> let it go. let it go. ♪ can't hold back any more ♪ . >> she has a passion for all things science. >> yes. you have a slope. >> and she invents things. >> picture for my invention team. we are work on building a solar ink baytor for developing nations. >> important things. >> so these protein would allow to you illuminate cancer so you can see what is going on inside cancer cell. how are they moving throughout the body. >> this top scholar in recent high school graduate will be stepping off that palo alto campus and on to harvard university in the fall. >> i went on behind portal he's hike congrats layings. you get to go to harvard. i was like
9:41 pm
wow! is this real. >>reporter: she's studying biology and computer science she's already researched and engineered the brightest fluorescent protein to date. used to detect capser cells. >> we can use this to visualize cancer activity at the molecular level. >> the way the cancer cells are growing. >> yes so we can use it to track cancer cells and observe the genetic activity to look at the genetic base for cancer and just so many applications why it's so interesting in the research. >>reporter: emily contribution and motivation to advance cancer research and treatment is also very personal. her grandmother died from brain cancer when she was much younger. >> when old are i look back and i was able to contribute something. fetch it was just project i worked on i was able to make a difference and question that's what i want to do. >>reporter: lee ann abc 7 new news. >> the what a winner she is. on her way. watch our abc 7
9:42 pm
top scholar special this sunday july 6 at 10:00 a.m. cheryl jennings and i host the program. you will learn more about this year top scholar all making a difference in their communities. and we are calling all of our young bay area change makers to play for a summer of service award and win 1,000 dollars for your community by logging on to slash be inspired. we would love to help identify more fantastic young people here in the bay area. really are a lot of them. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. final check on the weather. spencer has that of course and how about a ride on the tallest water slide ever built? hope you don't have vertigo
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>> for the second time in just over a month a portion of 280 in san francisco will close this holiday weekend. northbound 280 will shut down from the 101 split all the way to 5th street tomorrow night at 9 p.m. and will not reopen until monday at 5:00 a.m. that's after the fourth of july hotel day. here's jonathan bloom with more. >> memorial day weekend it looks something like this. when cal-trans closed south bound 280 right by the ballpar ballpark. >> i remember it was giants game south ball that week too the and people everywhere. it was crowded. >> his neighbor relieved giants are away for the closure of the northbound lanes this weekend but there is another event to worry about. fireworks already create traffic jam. neighbors taking the train. >> people that do drive it's horrendous. >> horrendous but necessary for cal-trans to replace the aging hinges that let the freeway bend and flex. >> deteriorated to a point where no longer functioning as intended. >> 40 years of earthquake and
9:47 pm
traffic left them no choice but to tear open the concrete and install new hinges 4 times the size. >> the stand arrested have changed and what we want to dies make sure this structure stays safe for the public. >> cal-trans chose the holiday weekend because so many people are out of town. >> i take off for vacation tonight and i won't be back at work until monday morning. hopefully open up by monday i am 43 and clear. >> l might be in for a shocker. checked with the partner the real time traffic app about what happened during the last closure. >> morning commute the tuesday back to work added ten minutes of time for people. that was the big insight with the tuesday with the real surprise. >> saw a 25% jump in local users during the closure and that is good for you when lots of people use it tries to spread out the low on the alternate route to get different direction than the driver ahead but you both get there faster. >> people go to the 101. if it backs up so much another route
9:48 pm
is faster, side street, that will begin to be the recommended route. >> predict arrival time with startling accuracy but wave can't predict if you see the fireworks through the fog. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we are hoping to see the fireworks on frichltd spencer will know a good bit about that a little bit closer but he's here update the forecast. no storm on the horizon. >> hoping the fog stays away until all the fireworks and roll on in. we see beyond the coast line beginning to push out over the bay. live view from the emeryville camera. not to give you a view of the fog but comparison of today high pressure in the second column versus yesterday high pressure and look at how dr. matcly cool down all over the bay area today. 20 degrees cooler sap are fell high of 72 today. high of 92 yesterday. livermore high of 105 yesterda yesterday. 88 today. cooling was felt all across the area
9:49 pm
and tomorrow we have a similar range of high like today. state wide some heat in the interior section of triple digit tomorrow at cheek o. 40's no. yos mate and down at palm springs of course. here in the bay area highest temperature readings inland in the mid upper 80's and here's 7 day forecast. we see pleasantly warm weather through friday which is fourth of july and temperatures will start to rise sharply over the weekend sunday monday upper 90's inland again. heat returns for two days. 2 day date. >> monday look like it's pushing 100. >> it's close. >> this will cool you off. kansas city water park creating world tallest water slide. right now being tested but the slide developer strapped a camera on sand bag and let it go. the oh. did you feel the stomach go witness. park posted video on you tube. thinks 168 feet of stomach dropping 30's. slide is called
9:50 pm
the if crazy in german. it was supposed to be open this past sunday but technical glitch postpone the launch three times now. so park officials holding off announcing a new opening date. don't hear about the technical glitch. that is crazy no question. >> fv announce the world cup next. have fun with it. team usa played their heart today and one man could use the hand that kept him in. goal keeper was with the game of his life but one man doe
9:51 pm
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helpers three-pack available at walmart. update on breaking news we follow so closely. fire threatening homes in napa county. the fire has grown to 2700 acres and is still just 30 percent contained. mandatory evacuations are in place for nearly 200 homes in the like states area as well as some surrounding communities. we have more for you from the fire line in live report coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> also at 11:00. taking on
9:54 pm
big soda. local city that is trying to shake things up with a new tax. those stories and more when i see you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel e.but if all kinds of stouv talk have had a busy day. >> start off with a depressing world cup report. >> good game. >> yes, it was. u.s. couldn't play better. goalie howard 16 saves most in the past 50 years of world cup history. striker did not play and some would say this is why donovan was needed on the team. but the squad had a bend but don't break men.take howard under siege throughout. scoreless in the first half. again in the second. 35-year-old keeper making every save imaginable. used feet. elbow. his toe. his fist. his finger tip name it he did it. total of 12 saves. through 90 minutes. then late
9:55 pm
in the 92 minute. san jose earthquake chris with the chance of a life time. off the header from germane jones. lands on the right foot right there he punches it high and over the goal. irony he was called off sides but clearly wasn't so even if he had scored it would not have counted but he's going to remember that for a long time. so the game goes to extra time. belgium financially crack howard and u.s. defense 2 minutes in. kevin scores. howard continue continues. save no. 15. moments after that. t the and 2 nothing belgium. it's over right not so fast. 19-year-old green enters and does it on his first touch of the game. in the air and one motion. what a play. u.s. is back in it. final opportunity. free king. u.s. executes it to perfection everything but the finish from democracy. great play by the goalie. f save in the game and seal it. 2-1 the final and
9:56 pm
howard team usa hung in and gave themselves a chance but still a gut wrenching loss. >> i don't think we could have given it any more what a great game of football. the we left it all out there. beat by a really good team. they took chances well and heart ache. it hurts. >>reporter: all right today earlier game swits land and argentina led by superstar the messy 2 minutes left in stop annual time. find marie a.first goal in the world cup and that would be the game winner. argentina moves into the quarter final to face belgium. 1 nil victory. giants host the cardinal with tim back in the saddle for first start since throwing the second no hitter. angel was placed on the 15 day d l with bulging disk in the lower back. trouble for tim if the fourth. company work out of bases loaded i am and nobody out. strike out. cal product craig out no. 1. mid evil mom loving it. john jay flailing out no. 2. then daniel. the ground
9:57 pm
ball to heck and unscathed. bottom half finally offense. buster. rips double down left field line. the by an inch. the score from fears. 1 nothing giants. next batter. sandoval. moon shot to left. does he have the distance to get it out? barely. tenth of the year. 100 of the career. 3 nothing lead. timy go 8 scoreless. hasn't given autopsy run in 17 straight innings now. shut out st. louis 5-nothing. a's in detroit after the tigers ended oakland 4 game win streak last night with walk off grand slam athletic trying rebound with brad mills on the mound. secretary inning. hang a fast ball to martinez. finds left field seat. 2 run shot. detroit goes up 3 nothing. tigers pitcher rick l was in the zone. goes the distance. 4 hit shut out and get this. no strike out. no wawchblingt under 100 pitches. game less than 2 and a half hours like
9:58 pm
old days. second consecutive shut out 3 nothing the final. they lost 2 state to the tiger tigers. back up guard and pressure off curry. found him at free agent living stochbility he leaves brooklyn to sign a 16 million dollar deal with golden state. 29-year-old tell average 8 points per gay. 6 foot 6 can defend and run a tee. look like a good fit. upset tuesday at wimbledon. rafael was stunned by 19-year-old australian tell nick and 4 setsd. second set. tell tournament. between the leg. a little drop shot almost. make shot like that. start to think it's your day. look ate again. 144 in the world. nothing lose and he played like it. serving for the match up. 5-3 in the fourth set. the 37th ace and 4 sets and top 100 third year in a row. federer
9:59 pm
moves on today. for the women. fifth seed maria also knocked out. germany angelina 2004 champion home. 49 unforced error. 11 for the 9th seeded. saved 6 match points but on the seventh back end was long and advances to the quarter final with a 3 set victory. >> serena williams pulled out of the wimbledon double today. viral illness out of sorts in warm-up. struggling to pick up tennis ball and even if the serve. stumble around. doctors check the bloop emotional but decided to play. she bounced first 3 serves in the net. double faulting on all 3. empire checked on her after that. then double faulted again and doctor finally decided to call the match. 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. >> that was scary. >> i hope she's okay. >> that's our report. for all >> that's our report. for all of us her
10:00 pm
♪] this is a historic day for greendale.e. this state-of-the-art subway sandwichery in our cafetorium represents greendale's first steps forward into the realm of the legitimate. crowd: ooh. no problem. you know what, i'm gonna get it started with my teeth.


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