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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 17, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> disaster in the sky at malaysian airline flight with two 98 paeshltion on board shot down 0over ukraine. u.s. officials say brought down by a missile. good evening. i'm in for dan ashley. it was flying from amsterdam when blown out of the sky. the we have the latest. >> good evening. abc now learned that fbi and ntsb officials plan to head to ukraine. they plan to help visitors as they work to figure out who is to blame. malaysian air lane flight 17 bursting in
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flames as it crashed in eastern ukraine this morning. all of the nearly 300 people on board killed this man watching it all. saying i knew it was an airplane right away. fell over there. white streak raining from the sky. debris from the boeing triple 7. falling into fiery masses spread across 10 miles. u.s. officials say it is clear the plane traveling at 33,000 feet from amsterdam to kuala lumpur shot down by a sophisticated missile. >> not an accident. blown out of the sky. >>reporter: officials say still unsure who launched the missile and from where. russia and pro russian rebel who have been in a growing battle with ukraine deny any involvement. ukraine officials claim they have evidence. what they say are 2 intercepted phone call including this one. separatist at the scene reportedly tells russian military intelligence
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we have just shot down a plane. tonight the wreckage still smoldering. >> very grim scene that we are seeing here. >>reporter: u.s. urging rebel not to move anything including the plane black boxes they claim to have found. as investigators make their way to the scene and victims loved ones wait for answers. among those on board at least 3 infant and group of aids researchers traveling to conference. we are still wait to go learn if any americans were among the victims. live in new york, abc news. >> now back to you. >> thank you. so what kind of weapon could have down the triple 7 and who has such a weapon former marine marine corps fighter pilot has answer. >> it's a surface to air missile system that requires some agree of training. this is a front-line russian capability. sa 11 or the derivative the sa 17 very, very powerful. very capable with significant war head. that is
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airplane was hit today it came down in multiple pieces and it was actually 10 miles distance between where you saw the fire ball in the video and where there were other pieces that were not burped landed so very powerful. very deliberate. this couldn't have been an accident. >>reporter: russian president putin blamed ukraine for the downing of the plane. he says the state over his territory happened is responsible for this terrible tragedy. putin said it wouldn't have happened if ukraine had not renewed fighting in the south east. >> in amsterdam where the jet took off horrific night for so many family gather at the airport where the loved ones board the flight 17. officials said 154 passengers were dutch. 43 were malaysian. 27 australian and 12 indonesian. 9 british. 4 belgium 4 german 3 philippine and one canadians. national national of 41 other passengers remain unnoet known tit. u.s. state department
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trying to determine if any americans were on board. about we have more from amsterdam. >>reporter: tonight desperate family members gathering at amsterdam airport. flight 17 took off this morning and across the world in kuala lumpur where it was to land. now the first detail emerge about the 295 soul on board. 280 passengers. 15 crew. haunting image of what appear to be the passport in the rubble. on board australian, malaysian and brit not all nationality identified at this hour but 140 passengers dutch. beach vacation in bali in indonesian. family members telling abc news the couple recently opened a flower shop in the dutch home. avenues drum intera panned there the this message posted just before take off. what appears to be the doom plane with caption should it disappear, this is what it looks like. reference
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to the previous malaysian airline flight 370 vanishes over the indian ocean in march. we see message from loved one ones. my sister friend was one of the crew. along with the anguish at this airport staggering near miss. >> you get sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. >> we were to be on the flight and obviously it's something watching over and no don't get on the flight. >>reporter: our reporting continues on twitter follow us at this site. we will have update later in the newscast and ahead on abc 7 news at 1 11:00 on channel 7. >> we have new information tonight on the bank robbery and high speed chase in stockton left one hostage and 2 suspect dead. police say the suspect have gang tie and entered the bank of the west branch with intent to kill. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson report
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reports. >>reporter: we look after paula and the kids a note says. flowers. token of love for mother stolen away. >> i just pray. >>reporter: misty walked in the bank of the west on quick errand as one of her kid waited in the car. she left at gun point. with forced into the suv then endured an hour long high speed chase through stockton. 2 female bank teller also taken hostage. they escaped injured but alive. manual watched as the chase ended in a shoot out. >> i seen the car stop. and all of a sudden you can hear the shoolingt. >>reporter: he saw police drag surviving suspect 19-year-old ramos from the vehicle. >> he came out can i going his feet. >>reporter: police believe ramos used sing body as human shield. >> we don't yet know exactly when she was killed or struck by gunfire nor do we know by whom e-the 27 and 30-year-old deceased suspect were known
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street gang members. police release pictures of their weapons including an ak 47 style assault rifle and several hand guns. bullet tore through 14 patrol vehicle. the chief says several officers escaped serious injury by just a few inches. >> attempting to kill police officers. >>reporter: more than 20 officers on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues. bank of the west calls the crime a tragedy and closed the branch today. customers had a hard time processing the violence. >> i really couldn't sleep last tonight because i kept telling my mom i knew a lot of those ladies in there e-the branch which was robbed earlier this year will not be overtaken by criminals again. the bank is permanently closing it tomorro tomorrow. in stockton, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> security guard made it out alive after being caught up in the violent robbery. guard father thought his son was going to die. silva was working when the robbery started. he called police.
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his father said the robbers grabbed him bound his arms and beat him. >> i thought they had killed him. i called him called him kept calling him. he didn't let him talk. he was tied up inside. >>reporter: silva was not seriously injured. bank of the west headquartered in san francisco and has 700 branches and 10,000 employee. statement today the bank said quote we are providing counseling and assist answer to our employees and will support our injured team members throughout the recovery and beyond. >> alameda county sheriff's office says the man killed in officer involved shooting today had a history of domestic violence. happened intersan leandro before 5:00 p.m. investigators say the male suspect was beating a woman smashing her head against his car when motorcycle officer arrived the sheriffs office says the suspect may have tried to hit the officer with the car. officer shot and killed the suspect. his name not released. female victim was hospitalized with severe head injuries. no word on her
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condition. road rage incident in marin throwed gun fir and 69-year-old man is in serious condition tonight. this happened in paradise drive. nick smith has more. >> i call my wife i said turn on the news. i guarantee you it's jim simon with the proble problem. sure enough. >> eric knows the man police say fired the shots that left the driver of this car silver mir said seriously injured. police interviewed him because the man they are accusing of pulling the trigger was once his neighbor. >> he's an angry man. hostile angry man. >>reporter: central marin police officers and crime scene investigators swarm this house on pair kaiser drive after receiving multiple 911 reports of shots fired. first yupt to arrive quickly determined this was not a break in as caller said but something more. >> started like a possible road rage incident. >> police believe 2 marin county men became so angry that things took a nasty and violent turn. >> homeowner tomented to close
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the garage door and tiburon driver pulled in behind garage door closed on the driver hood. >> argument ensue and shots fired. >> homeowner fired the round at the driver tiburon resident we know shot in the torso and possibly in the leg. right now in serious condition at the hospital. >> police have not identified the victim but have confirmed they recovered a.357 revolver owned by james simon and that the only one to fair shots was the 71-year-old homeowner. the only person hit was the 69-year-old driver of this mir said. >> trying to determine the circumstances of the shooting and the circumstances of the self-defense and really what happened here. >> what wasn't immediately clear to investigators is if the victim was inside or out of his car at the time he was shot. >> unacceptable. it's scary unacceptable and shouldn't happen. >> not at all surprising to those who say they themselves had run-ins with the shooter. >> this is my experience i didn't have any physical
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altercation. but i can tell from you his personality and his behavior he's an angry little man. >> police say both men cooperating with investigators and that shooting victim badly hurt but expected to recover from his injuries. this is abc 7 news. >> federal grand jury in san francisco indicted fedex today for knowingly shipping prescription drug from his illegal on line pharmacies. indictment accuses fedex of ignoring government warnings for nearly a decade. fedex can't possibly check every package it ships. strongly worded statement fedex tells us we have no interest in violating the privacy of our customers we continue to stand ready and willing to support law enforcement we can not however do the job of law enforcement ourselves. >> we have a lot more ahead on 7 news at 9. coming up. we look to the local l impact of the lay off announced today by make soft which has a major presence in silicon valley. >> lucas lawsuit. some people
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in chicago fight plans to build the museum there. >> we have increasing temperatures and humidity heading into the weekend. i'll have detailed look on what part of your weekend will be muggy coming up. >> and bay area kids get a hand on lesson in space travel the as important anniversary approaches. 7 news at 9 bulldog: bulldog: [yawn] i just had a dream i was at mattress discounters with tempur-pedic and the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort, by serta... optimum, by posturepedic... ahh! comforpedic, by beautyrest... ooh! 48 months interest-free financing, free delivery, and queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at.
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biggest lay off in the 39 year history. 18,000 employees will find themselves out of a job in the next year. some of them almost immediately. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom more what it means for the company and silicon valley. >> third time in microsoft history there is a new ceo of the company. >> back in april when microsoft held the developer conference in san francisco new ceo said change was afight you see us make progress with rapid pace. >> he spoke alongside steven the head of scandanavian phone giant. >> inform kia will be joining the microsoft tee. possibility as wee newt are endless. >> one possibility that was almost a certainty. merger of that shis to mean lay off. 4 months later they arrived in the e-mail. told employee the company is reducing the size of
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the work force by 18,000 jobs. about two-thirds of the jobs related to no kia. most in the company headquarters in finlan finland. >> many not employable easily someplace else because the skills were uniquely tied to no kia. >>reporter: tech analyst said they could be worse off than those laid off in the u.s. who might be scooped up by competitors. >> we have apple building up the new campus. google expand and we have a lot of growth and internet company. >>reporter: silicon valley office in downtown sunnyvale right next door to this facility. >> signs of the restruring tour and watching employee move out of the nokia building relocate to go microsoft mountain view camp puchlts as far as actual lay off it's possible that silicon valley dodged the bullet n.public filings microsoft said 1351 jobs being cut if the state of washington. another 3 71 in san diego. but no cuts in the bay area at least in this first round. if there's another silver lining it's on wall street. microsoft
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stock had been lagging under the last ceo steve balmer taking a different direction. >> mobile cloud that wall street wanted so pretty much everything he's doing wall street like at this particular point including the lay off. >> the stock was at a high. >> open space advocate threat tone file a lawsuit to block george lucas to build a museum in chicago. they claim it would be a violence of city ordinance were created protect public space next to lake michigan. chicago bears fans opposed saying the museum would interfere with their pre-game tailgating. but chicago mayor is rest will you tell saying the museum would bring in jobs and have economic benefit. >> oakland space science center is marking the 45 anniversary of the apollo moon land thanksgiving sunday with look at the future of space travel. these lucky visitors got to take the control of the challenger learning center.
9:18 pm
simulate the spacecraft that the let them play astronaut. even got to wear special nasa outfit. today mission similar lited landing on the planet mars. honorary astronaut trouble shoot potential issues like problems with the oxygen system. that was a lot of fun for the kids. >> pretty exciting for them. >> anything in the weather department. >> that's exciting for now. we are happy. >> so much nicer when you are not uncomfortable walking around outside. but the humanity is going to come back. >> so we have to get back in it for saturday and sunday. >> i know i hesitantly tell people that because we are not used to it here in the bay are area. we are used to dry heat. today temperatures were lower so it was cooler and that humidity did drop which made it feel so much better from our live doppler 7hd perspective low clouds back at the coast around the bay and pushing towards our valley. right now
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the sierra nevada, activity that we have had with hundreds of lightning strike thunderstorms developing dig down in most areas of the monsoon flow guest cut off but still some activity to the north just near susanville we have seen in the last 2 hours some very violent thunderstorms develop but those are obviously weakening. we are still seeing the strike so heavy rain hail accompanying those and it will be a possibility again tomorrow as you look here flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow night at 9 p.m. travel plans for the up come weekend. you want to keep that in mind especially for out door. >> winds right now a little bit on the breezy side around novato 17, 24 in livermore. gust out of the west. breeze going to 30 miles an hour in fairfield. 2 unin san jose. roof cam are over cast sky in san francisco. mid 60's oakland. san jose 63 half man bay. it's gray as well. from emeryville camera low cloud
9:20 pm
deck hard to miss there. temperatures in the low 60's from santa rosa to no vat o. 64 in fairfield. concord livermore also in the low 60's. looking at the golden gate brimming right now cloudy mild morning with some patchy drizzle. looking at it to get a little bit warmer the next 2 daisy and humid again this upcoming weekend. here's what's going to bring the humidity back. same flow. monsoon flow we have been seeing. high pressure inland. low pressure west of us. pulling in another plume of moisture. watch computer through time thursday night obviously tonight and then going in friday it's still dry but by saturday 1:00 p.m. more clouds works into the bay area and mug iness. it will remain muggy going in sunday morning early afternoon. thunderstorms develop here northern california. sierra nevada. for us could see sprinkle or 2 so don't be surprised. if you do run into a few drops. tomorrow morning kind of drops we are expecting is drizzle. temperatures upper 50's to low 60's and it's just a chance of
9:21 pm
some spotty drizzle along the coast lane. mild morning ahead for the afternoon. nice warm one. warmer than today. 79 in the south bay san jose 84 los gatos. 77 in sunnyvale. los altos and redwood city the peninsula. 64 in the pacifica. daly city as well. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay 60's coast side mid 70's around santa rosa. sonoma. out towards the east bay. sunny 71 oakland hayward inland spots 82 in livermore. 81 walnut creek. mild to warm friday afternoon. we wairment up some mr. saturday but it will get muggy on saturday going into sunday p.back to our less humid pattern next week so monday through thursday it's about average for this time of year. >> right sound good thank you sandhya. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. sure do grow fast exploratorium zoo youngest gorilla few months old when we last saw her. now she's last saw her. now she's celebrating her first birthda
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>> oakland zoo now home to north american river otter named wyatt. >> cute little otter. >> this 4-year-old furry male relocated to oakland from the zoo in texas to breed with the female counter part ginger and rose. oakland zoo officials say they are very happy to have wyatt join the family so it may continue to be one of the leading zoo breeding otter in cap. >> river otter not endangered but habitat in the wild is shrinking. >> san francisco zoo had a special birthday party today but not for one of the visitor visitors. it was for this little gal is a western grill a.she was born at the zoo year
9:26 pm
ago. she got a special birthday cake made of ice and decorated with fruit and vegie they wept right for the icing licking it off the rock. like human baby finding her independence. >> she's climbing. she's active with her older brother. very cawyer us and active on exhibit. she loves seeing the public and interact at the window where the public get up close to her. >> gorilla don't really worry about federaling the young solid food so could be she's had to learn to fend for her own food. she takes baby formula but switch over to milk soon. >> moments away up next update on the disaster in the sky tonight. finger pointing already started. we have more on the investigation. as all of this was playing out today. israeli troops begin new offensive in gaza. the mission on the ground. >> man apparently poses as a tsa screener. how he somehow
9:27 pm
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>> about we 59 this half hour with downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 over ukraine. here are the latest head lanes. 2 98 were on boar board. including 2 83 passengers and 15 crew members. it was traveling at 33,000 feet flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. the plane disappeared over ukraine. 30 miles from the russian border. u.s. officials say it was shot down. boeing 777 one of the most reliable planes in the world. tonight faa banned u.s. plate operation in the air space over eastern ukraine. several on board were researchers heading to
9:31 pm
international aids conference in australia. it's still not known if there were any americans on the flight. investigation into what happened is wellnder way. if brian ross has more on what investigators are looking for. >>reporter: even that dramatic footage of the moment of impact being questioned as u.s. officials point fingers of blame at the pro russian rebel. they ask who just happened to have a camera rolling at the precise direction and time the plane was blown out of the sky bursting that flames. almost immediately the pro russian rubble -- rebel move in and take control of the crash scene and debris field that stretches over 10 miles. gruesome landscape littered with pieces of malaysian flight 17 remains permanent belongings. at the scene was john wendall free lance reporter for abc news. >> there's blood splattered everywhere and pieces of of of
9:32 pm
remains. >>reporter: tonight the rebel claim they have recovered the planes critical black box data voice recorder and will send it to moscow. u.s. official say there is evidence the plane was shot down. >> shot down not an accident. blown out of the sky. >>reporter: hours after theasht posted what were described as audio intercept of the rebel. first reporting that a military plane had been shot down. . short while later one of the militant said it was civilian plane. profanity as he describes the bodies and belongings saying there was no sign at all that it was a military plane. u.s. officials say the working theory is that an older model russian made surface to air missile was fired at the malaysian jet by remember whole thought they targeted a ukraine military aircraft. in fact in the last 4 days the rebel had shot down 2 ukraine an military
9:33 pm
aircraft. >> that was brian ross reporting. we turn now to our other big story and this comes from the mid east. ground incursion by israeli forces under way in gases a.we are in the region tonight. >>reporter: all night israel has been pummeling the gaza strip from the sea from the air with tank around the border just before midnight local tim time. prime minister said israeli troops going into gases a.accused hamas of violating today 5 hour humanitarian cease fire and said they continue to carry out aggression against israel by firing rockets. mission is to take out hamas tunnel that the group uses to launch attacks against israel. but he said the mission could be ex paned and so far more than 60,000 reserve troops have been called up. israel and hamas talking about a cease fire through intermediary but clear the coming days and possibly longer will be dominated by heavy sfiting.
9:34 pm
>> if israel last carried out major ground offense knife gaza in january of 2009. >> back here bay area business executives was arrested at san francisco international airport accused of impersonating a tsa agent. eric is charged with being drunk in public but investigators are looking into whether he also groped women. abc 7 news reporter reports. >> would i ask for female security guard because i know i can do that. she knows her rights. tsa says any time they search a female traveler in the private room they require 2 screeners of the same gender. 2 unsuspecting female travelers did not know that. happened before 1 in the afternoon on tuesday. just past the tsa security checkpoint. eric had checked in early for his trip to hong kong where police sources he lives. after passing security the 53-year-old finance expert
9:35 pm
spent time at one of the bar. source tell us he was wearing khaki pants and dark polo shirt that could have been mistaken for tsa uniform. the same sources say he position himself behind the row of tsa screener as he lured a female traveler into a small room where passengers undergo more thorough check. our sources say they believe he patted her dow down. after she left he repoly brought another woman into the room. this time he caught the eye of a real tsa agent who confronted him and detained him until police arrived. most of the women travelers we spoke with believe they too would probably fall for the ruce. >> yes you are dealing with security right. don't want contradict the a command or order. >> look of vigilance by the real screeners. >> how did it even happen to get into a private screening room? so that to me was more
9:36 pm
worrisome that at the didn't know their own employee ors what was going on. >>reporter: international financial ear who works for sentencing pour resume including barkley capitol hong kong. deutsche pwavrjt merrill lynch and east solution that he co-founded. he will be arraigned next month. vic lee abc 7 news. >> texas blue legend johnny >> texas blue legend johnny winter has died about winter had a long career that began when he was just 15 years old. he was a fail us guitarist and he was named one of the 100 greatest 50 tarist of all time. he was one of the most popular live acts of the early 1970's when signature fast blue guitar solo attract add wide fog. he and his brother edgar were born with this and they grew the white hair long making them a striking presence on stage. winter played out woodstock and
9:37 pm
set to release new album this fall. cause of death not provided. johnny winter was 70 years old. >> opening day at levi stadium w.we show you some polices off limits to us until now. 7 news at 9:00 returns after the break. >> abc 7 a response are of aids walk san francisco. part of the news team at last year event. this walk is three days away now. sunday golden gate park to register call this number on the screen. down
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>> forty-niner new stadium. fans will have to wait until next month pre-season game or
9:41 pm
september season open tore check it in and out person. however 7 news reporter gives us insider look at the celebration today. fight still san francisco 49ers. but now it's home officially levi stadium in santa clara. elected officials who helped make it happen showed up to take bow. so did ceo who payed 220 million dollars for the naming right that covered a fifth of the stadium 1.2 billion dollar cost. but it was emotional forty-niner ceo york who says he captain wait for the season opener. >> i think it will really, really hit me the first sunday night game against the bears and just seeing all of our fan fans, seeing the flag out on the field and just having the whole experience. pit will definitely be very emotional. >>reporter: it was a special day too for the hundreds of construction woshtion and engineers who built the show
9:42 pm
place already chosen to host super bowl 50. they received a standing ovation. nail biting time for the furniture contractor shipment of out door furniture from spain arrived yesterday just in time for the ribbon cutting. >> we had 150 semi truck rolling through here over a matter of three months so the coordination was very challenging but we got, we actually exceeded our schedule. >>reporter: levi not for niners. ticket holders paid tour available starting august 8 for behind the scenes look at the club floor lounge, green roof garden and press room for0 view and corporate box holders use the space for meetings and entertain clients. one concern remains. aircraft noise. san jose international is nearby and planes drown out the program several times today. >> we are working closely with san jose international airport and faa to ensure we are able to accommodate all that want to come that silicon valley. >> in santa clara, david louie abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00.
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9:49 pm
towards saturday 35 miles an hour winds continuing on, on sunday. what is expected with this. well, hilo rest of the hawaiian island chain could get heavy rain out of it if it holds together so wanted to give you a heads up. different kind of rain fall with thunderstorms monsoon moisture will bring that to yosemite. if traveling los angeles sunny 76 degrees after the morning fog. we have low clouds fog in the morning then sunshine for most a little warmer mid 60's to mid 80's will continue for the warming trend for saturday as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. humanity comes up. saturday and sunday. even though the temperatures drop a little still a bit uncomfortable for us. >> thank you so much sandhya. >> larry here with sports and golf. >> tiger woods. he's back. he missed the cut a few weeks ago. even contend in the british open. round 1 play today and guess who is in the hunt? guess who is in the hunt? sports ??
9:50 pm
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are coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. new details on the
9:53 pm
malaysian airline plane blown out of the sky. what we are learning about the passengers tonight. >> road rage leads to gunfire at the bizarre confrontation and new charges in the case. be sure to join us at 11:00 be sure to join us at 11:00 over on channel >> all right. larry here now with all the sports action. >> coming that the british open tiger woods was asked what he felt would be acceptable score or finish he said first. >> of course. >> that's what tiger does. he thinks he can win the british open. very much in contention after round 1 at royal liverpool. perfect start to perfect day in england. first hole. for birdie. 5 under 67 second place. rory has his pattern great first round then awful in the second. fast today. bogey 3 under 66. almost pull this is out. he's . stenson trouble one can keep
9:54 pm
17 from the rough. to the rough. then goes jackson and snap that club in half. 6 back even par. ernie els shack up after first shot of the day. hit a spectator back handed with triple bogey 7 under. johnson doesn't chip it hard enough. right back. next shot. for par. up and down. baton twirling. need some work. johnson 1 under. tiger woods first major of the 2014 season after the back surgery. bogey first 2 holes and rallied with 5 birds on the back side. finish at 3 under 69. take me to your leader. rory ladies 6 under par. one up on man. the brothers edward and fran chess could tied for third at 4 under and tiger tied for tenth but only 3 back. >> i'm getting stronger getting faster more explosives. ball starting to travel again and those are all positive things.
9:55 pm
>> i'm not complaining. i have shot 66 in the first round of the open championship and yes couldn't ask for a better day. >> about second half of the major league baseball season begins tomorrow. a's have the best record in the major but only game and a half lead over the angels in the west. green and gold second half at the coliseum against them. tension between the two team got very high few week ago in baltimore thanks to manny and his antic. he was just really strange and kind of picking fights. but the a's confident bunch and having fun together. >> everybody wants to within in the clubhouse and just a fun at informs fear to be in and everybody is in a good mood. everybody ready to go every day and that's what this team does. we show up every day ready to win and until that final out we are fit to go win. >>reporter: last month everybody has been asking what is going on with the giants?
9:56 pm
after blowing a 9 game lead in the division early currently game back of the dodgers whom they will face in just one wee week. first the giants have 7 game road trip against miami and philadelphia. the giants know the last month does not tell the whole story of the season. >> challenge for us is we have to look at the over all record right now. we are still in a good spot. things have gone for us the past month we are still in a good spot. we have to go for it. this last 70 games or so. >>reporter: while 49ers open the gorgeous new stadium today nfl commissioner goodell was there and once again suggested that the raiders should consider playing in santa clar clara. raiders owner davis wants his own stadium but you look at the numbers it's really hard to see the financing coming together on what would be an 800 million dollar facility in oakland which leaves silver and black in perpetual limbo unless they don't mind the drive to santa
9:57 pm
clara. >> we believe new stapled is appropriate for the raiders. they have to make the determination whether in new stadium or best to join this stadium but working on that and that's one decision they have to make going forward. >>reporter: niners were can you get the ribbon on the new stadium daily signing two year contract extension through the 2019 season. signed kaepernick there i kiss myself too if they gave me millions. 6 year deal in 2009 making only 7.2 million over the next 2 seasons. that's lefor flare of his caliber. gm said this will most likely keep property bow left tackally 49ers for life. ready for some football. if canadians stichlt edmonton eskimo and teams undefeet. i know you are all over this. this is picked off by willis. 7 nothing eskimo. i love an east could month highlight. look at the end zone. like 100
9:58 pm
yards long. that's aj f.who doesn't like a big end zone? eskimo now 4 and o. you don't bet against them in july. they win 26-3. after some l hilly terrain stage 12 of the tour de france. 115 miles in south east france. look at the sprint to the finish here. if norway with lay charge and held on to take the stage. italy any pole retain the yellow jersey and this is abc 7 sports brought by toyota. how sweet is the niner new stapled. >> awesome. end zone regular size. >> american size. 10 yards in u.s. football and 20 yards in the canada. >> stadium looks awesome. i'm easily impressed but the hack on the back of the chairs. we can put our purses there. >> him if that's a long which.
9:59 pm
>> 1.2 billion dollars and a little hook is what you are into. >> wi-fi awesome time. if you have ever tried texting the make ate phone call at candlestick park during a 49ers game. it's impossible. it has been impossible. now you can text away. >> all night long. >> all right see you at 11:00 >> all right see you at 11:00 on channel an you know, all faculty at greendale
10:00 pm
are required to give extra credit to students who organize academically-related events during what would otherwise be known as our "free time." no student in any department has ever exercised this option until now. [chuckles]


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