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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 22, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> bullet fly tonight in san francisco. one of them entering a woman's apartment barely missing her. good evening. elderly woman in san francisco was injured this evening when a bullet shattered a window in her home. she was inside her providence senior housing apartment at third street and knew comb avenue when this happened. the hole in the frosted glass window there you see it. police say
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they saw the gunshot she was watching television when the grass fragment hit her. they recovered a bullet inside the apartment. she will be okay. after the shooting the housing staff made sure all other residents were okay. >> roughly about 70 residents who live on the campus. and we walk to every single apartment to communicate to residents what had happened. so they feel safe. >> police have not said if this was connected to a pair of hit and run that injured 3 people just block away at the same time the drive and passengers were arrested in that incident. >> well if you know someone who waste water in the bay area you might want to warp them. there's warning out tonight. silicon valley whole sale water supplier just voted in it to spend half million dollars to hire as many as 10 people to enforce drought related water conservation rules. the drought police crack down could
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lean to hefty fines too. the the david has the story. >> this is not uncommon sight. water run off on sidewalk and into gutter bothers people conserving water by letting their lawn go brown. >> we want to be able to respond to those quickly. people make the report and they are not seeing anything happening. that's frustrating to everybody. i understand that. but we want to make sure the reports get responded to and traveling around the county the and seawater way they have education item there. >> valley water district wants to spend money to hire 10 employees and water cop respond to complaint and seek cooperation to save water. >>reporter: would you report pichlt i would. i would. this is bad enough. probably one of the worst we have had. of course. >>reporter: calls for vounl tear conservation help but fall short of the 20 percent mandat mandate. valley water set a target of 20 percent savings in february. users on ample have
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cut back about 12 percent. palo alto mountain view are the top savers the 7% and 16 percent least savings the city of santa clara at 7%. shawn collins see as water waster in her neighborhood but reluctant to report. >> are you going report your neighbor. >> maybe. probably not. >>reporter: you really don't like this idea, do you. >> no. tirjs people say water cops are good idea but reluctant to turn in their neighbors because it might create 46 shut or hostility. thom so that washing his minivan following the rule to use a hoses nozzle. it helps to talk to neighbor about the water use. >> would i talk to them first and something that was excessive waes wasting like myself i'm watering outside and somebody will talk about. the excess use of water. >>reporter: in san jose, david lieu aabc 7 news. >> well bay area weather returning to normal now after strange and rare july
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thunderstorm. the system generated a number of lightning stlibing around the area. here you see several bolt flash over the giants ballpark in san francisco. about 4:30 this morning. here's a shot of the rain that fell in the thunderstorms aftermath. rain drop bouncing off a car. this was in san rafael. sandhya is here with live doppler 7 hd. sand why all quiet now i suppose. >> it has calmed down dan. pictures so incredible of the lightning storm. there's one thing i can tell you after 21 years of doing weather i never get tired of seeing light new england pictures. here's fv doppler radar. we are not expecting them any time soon. low clouds along the coast and pushing over the bay. here's the way it looked early this morning. 3:00 a.m. moisture started to develop then we saw the thunderstorms develop right along the coast line here and numerous thunderstorms continue to move into marin couldn't at 5:45 in the morning. 7:30 the still rate near the marin
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couldn't golden gate area then we saw some developments around vacaville area. this did result in some rainfall measurable in san francisco $400 of an inch. 2 hundredths half machine bay trace amount concord and livermore and petaluma got up to $100 of an inch. dan we expect some drizzle for tomorrow morning commute. i'll be back with details on that. >> okay sandhya thanks very much. >> it's not signed yet on the bottom line but all indications are that the a's and city of oakland finally reached a deal to keep the team at the coliseum for at league the next several years. laura anthony is at the coliseum. >> let's go home. >> first time in a long time a's fan enjoy the pre-game tailgate knowing more of the same in the years to come. >> finally it is a deal. >> after week of stop and start oakland city leaders announce a deal to keep the a's in oakland at least for the near future basically done. >> this deal earns 20 million
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dollars for the taxpayers as well as preserving over 1,000 jobs in oakland. >> managing partner wolf released this statement quote we appreciate the cooperation and effort of oakland city officials in the process and optimistic that our negotiations have led to fair and mutually beneficial relationship. that said city officials acknowledge they still don't have any signed paperwork from the a's but the daily cost for 10 year lease extension at the coliseum and it includes improvement to the facility. 20 million dollars in revenue to the city. 1.6 million dollar penalty to the team if they break the lease. and they quote good faith agreement from the wolf to try to build a new stadium for the a's in oakland. >> i love it. i think it's awesome. sooner they start the better. that's how i feel. >> the deal must still be approved by the joint powers authority in the alameda county board of supervisors which is expected to vote on july 29.
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in oakland abc 7 news. >> san francisco woman arrested for alledgedly robbing a girl selling candy made her first court appearance today. the 46-year-old if christian pleaded not guilty to charms of robbery and child endangerment. watch this. this is surveillance video from convenience store in the western edition last monday. police say 3 children were selling candy when christian approached 8-year-old girl twisted the girl am and stole the cash. sheila williams the suspect sister and says christian struggle was mental health issues. >> hasn't taken immediate for awhile and she said she didn't do it. i know she hasn't taken her medication. she has been under a lot of pressure. >>reporter: christian is being held on 100,000 dollar bail. judge says she can't go near the girl or the store where this happened. >> one man dead after he was buried alive at the beach in half moon bay. this is the look at francis beach from sky 7 hd. cal fire says the man
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was standing in a giant hole he dug 10 feet deep when the sand caved in around him. 30 firefighters responded but just could not get him out in time. man has been identified as 26-year-old adam pie of san lo emergency crew say his death should serve as rae minder to everyone to be aware of the dangers at the beach. >> governor brown today nominated stanford law professor to fill a vacancy on the state supreme court. 41-year-old if pueblo who goes by the nibbling name tino would be the high court only latino justice although he's a prominent legal scholar he has no experience as a judge. he's a native of mexico. has a boy he walk across the border every day to attend school in brownsville, texas. he has degree from harvard yale and stanford and in statement issued by governor said he was enormously honored by the nomination. >> well no one was hurt when a
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geico banner fell from a plane and plummet nude a fremont neighborhood. the 45 by 90 foot banner snapped away from the plane while it was being towed today. on friday issued say. it struck power lines and covered a house here. gazebo 0damaged. huge sign after all. the owner of the banner says that new rope he was using just failed. he was not cited. san francisco garbage truck driver discovered something very unusual and frightening in the back of his truck this morning while he was making his route. man had been sleeping in a dumpster full of cardboard set to be recycled. well, unfortunately for him today was pick up day. the driver had no idea the man was dumped in the back of the truck until he heard knocking. he then drove to the fire station few belong away and got some help. >> he did a great job. the guy could have been if he hadn't heard him he would have been trapped in the thing all day long and he would have died. so he's a hero. saved his lif
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life. >>reporter: man trapped inside the truck was slightly injured. there is a hydraulic push wall inside the truck that compresses the cardboard. luckily the driver turned it off when he realized there was a man inside. obviously he could have been crushed. >> more to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. president obama is on his way to the bay area right now should land at any time in fact. where he plans to shake the democrat contract money tree. >> also ahead. great anticipation for apple new i-phone. what's it going to look like? >> and the proposal to slap a tax on san francisco soda drin drinkers. supervisor change of heart means that you are going to get to vote on it??
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with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electricehicle from mercedes-benz. >> president obama is on his way to the bay area right now. here's a live picture of sfo. where he is due to the arrive within the hour. he's a here for a pair of fundraiser for nancy pelosi. this is the president early this evening in seattle where he attended 2 fundraisers there. tomorrow he will be at the home of real estate mogul george marcus. tickets for that luncheon are 10,000 dollars per person and go up to more than 32,000 dollars a couple. the president was originally scheduled to appear on "jimmy kimmel live"tomorrow but that appearance has been cancelled
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understandably cue to the tension in ukraine and gaza. we follow the president progress as he wined his way to the bay area in the next hour. >> apple has positive earning report as it prepares to roll out a new i-phone. the company sold 35 million phones last quarter. that's 13 percent increase even with many customers holding out for the i-phone 6 due out this fall. apple reportedly ordered 60 million scens for the new phone expected to be bigger. i-pad seems to be losing some appeal. ship 9 percent fewer i-pad than last quarter but the company was granted a patent today for the long rumor smart watch referred to in official documents as the i time which everyone expects to be introduced fairly soon. >> 20,000 apple employees are suing the company mean time they claim they were denied lunch break rest break and final paychecks. the wall street journal reports that california superior court agreed to give class action
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status to this case. employees were who brought the substitute hourly wage workers who worked in apple retail stores call centers and as junior engineer engineers. apple was already facing another lawsuit from the workers who claim they had to undergo 2 mandatory bag check day to make sure they didn't steal anything. >> san francisco will vote on measure to tax sugar drink this november. now that the beard of supervisors voted it on the 2 penny per ounce of sugar soda. here's lee ann. >> it's really about protecting our children. >> at this rally in front of city hall several supervisors announce they had enough vote to put the soda tax measure on the november ballot. if voter pass this is what it would look like. this 20 ounce sugar drink is 2 dollars exploratorium were to add a special tax it would cost you
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an additional 40 cents. >> so 2 cents per ounce to reduce the amount of harmful bench by 30 to 40 percent according to the best economist in the city. >> he's referring to the office of the san francisco economist. supervisor eric is one of the author of the measure. he and others believe this tax would discourage people from buying soft drink especially younger people who don't have a steady stream of money. if it passes the city could collect up to 50 million dollars. money that would good to support under-funded programs like school lunches. physical education and after school program. supporters of the tax proposal say it would also improve the city health and reduces the number of cases of diabetes. >> that's exactly what we saw happen with tobacco and that is the way that you then cut it out by decreasing one drink at a time. one sugar sweeten bench at a time. >> we know these drinks these soda and other sugar benches
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are making our community unhealthy. >> but the california bench association will lobby hard against it. the industry association says when putting it directly to the voters. tax will go down in defeat. the vendor doesn't believe in targeting just the bench industry. he says americans are obsessed with sugar. >> no i mean it should just be better education to people like what is good for them. >> san francisco supervisors aren't the only ones pushing for the tax. berkeley residents will vote on similar measure in november. if in san francisco lee ann, abc 7 news. >> sf talk about the weather. strange light show we got here and some rain this late in jul july. sandhya is in for spencer tonight. it was nice to see the rain but it was weirdism it was strange. for us especially dan as you know july tends to be very dry mont month. we occasionally get the sub tropical moisture and thunderstorms fire up. i miss it by the way. entire light
9:18 pm
show i was asleep. >> i missed that although today i got in the car i need the wipers. odd. >> kind of strange to see all the drops coming in. well i tell you. what we are going to see different kinds of drops tomorrow morning. not the showers but drizzle. still another slick morning commute. show you live doppler 7hd and what is coming as we head towards the rest of the work week and no the weekend. we also have some hot weather on the way but for the time being at live doppler 7hd showing you a low cloud filling in along the coast line. also pushing in over the bay. visibility is going to flux ate heading into tomorrow morning. we have a lot of low level moisture as you look at the water temperature right now f.67 at monterey bay. 10 degrees above the average of 57 degrees. it's really in the low 60's. almost 10 degrees higher at bodega basement average usually 52 degrees. these mild temperatures if explaining why we are still seeing some very mild weather. golden gate bridge still visible. 65 in
9:19 pm
san francisco. 68 in oakland. san jose 68. if you visit the bay area some of you have been caught off guard by this weather here in the bay area because it's typically not this the warm. half moon bay 64 degrees and here's view from the san jose cam looking at the shark tank where we see mostly clear conditions. santa rosa, napa novato fairfield 67. livermore 66 degrees. coyote tower from the exploratorium camera. fog not a problem but tomorrow morning low clouds and patchy drilz. may need the wiper again for the morning commute. sunny afternoon. not as humid. something i really want to point out because people are talking about it on social immediate y.tired of this. heating up thursday through saturday as you look at the satellite and radar. showers thunderstorms that we had earlier well out of the picture. settling down now and stable air mass that we are going to have to deal with tom so here's the deal overnight tonight. we start to feel moisture showing up two am see drizzle. wet roadway for the
9:20 pm
5:00 a.m. hour as you take off for work and commute will be slick in spots. so prepare accordingly. dryer north west about wind will stop those mild temperatures from continuing. sea surface temperature that is because it has been unusually mild with the south wind. north west flow is with we are used to and most bay area will see the sun except for few patches near the coast line this low pressure system pushes inland. hot air mass expands west and heat it. thursday through the weekend. not everyone will see hot weather though. morning starts out a little drizzle. upper 50's to low 60's. mild still muggy for the morning but the afternoon is dryer 8 mass. 79 in the south bay sap jose. 80 degrees cupertino. 84 los gatos. 78 peninsula redwood 60. 69 in the north bay. 79 in santa rosa. sunshine in the east bay. 73 oakland. mild warm inland. 82 concord livermore san ramone. accu-weather 7 day folk we will actually heat things up. thursday on mid to
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upper 90's inland. upper 60's to low 70's along the coast and fog will be with us to keep those people would don't like the hot weather comfortable. >> that's not bad notch. >> thanks very much. >> well the president has landed. let's update you on the president's arrival here in the bay area few moments ago literally about halfway through sandhya weather forecast air force one touched down at sfo. there's the president plane taxiing to the halt. president obama is here for a pair of democratic fundraisers with house minority leader nancy pelosi. the president was in seattle earlier today on this west coast swing. now headed again here for 2 fundraisers to. he will be at the los altos home of real estate mogul george marcus. tickets for that luncheon start at 10,000 dollars and go up from there. the president was originally scheduled to appear on jimmy kimmel but won't happen because of the next ukraine. as well as gaza. but the president is
9:22 pm
here on fundraising trips. just landed safely at sfo. we'll try to give you a picture of the president as he steps off the plane in just a few minutes. for the moment move forward. >> still to come. if you ever thought bake ago cake was too much work. we have a very thought bake ago cake was too much work. we have a very sweet
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>> happening right now. looking at live picture of air force one which touched down just a few minutes ago at san francisco international airport. of course on board president obama who we expect to step off the plane any moment. you are looking at live pichblingt he is here to attend 2 bay area fundraisers for democratic candidate after having campaigned or raised some money in seattle earlier today. the president tomorrow will be at home of real estate mogul by the name of george
9:26 pm
marcus for a 10,000 dollar a person fundraiser. goes up to 32,000 dollars for a couple. if you want the picture taken with the president. some criticism today because of what is going on in gaza and ukraine that the president is here fundraising. but the white house will tell you that this trip was planned couple of week before these craze broke out and that all president's do this and they have to raise money and that he will stay well informed on the trip. there's the president. president obama stepping off air force one live at san francisco international airpor airport. it's late on east coast time on his body. with the 3 hour tim change but he's hopping down the stairs and into his awaiting the motorcade to take him somewhere to spend the night tonight in the city and then off to the fundraiser in the morning. and this lunch on i mention. if in the afternoon at the home of real estate mogul in los altos.
9:27 pm
president here with nancy pelosi with the campaign fundraising appearances. she will attend both of those as well. and the president will leave with presumably couple million dollars at least for the democratic party by the time he is wheels up out of the bay area after these events. but again president was in seattle earlier now in the bay area and he's being whisked away in the limousine. follow us we continue to follow the president while the full report on his arrival and reaction to the trip coming up on 7 news at 11:00. >> another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is here. just moments away. stay tune. coming. middle east crisis and palestine airport attack that forced thousands of people to change the travel plans. >> also difficult stares in the sky. new theories about the final moment the of flight 17. >> and the air b and b stand off. bay area woman rents out her home and gets more than she bargain for. guess who now
9:28 pm
her home and gets more than she bargain for. guess who now refs to leave. 7 news at 9:00
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>> we have to take it day by day so we don't understand what we are doing. everyone is kind of hectic. ines broken. trying to get to new hotel or new flight. >> young man en route to israel stuck in paris after airlines in the u.s. and europe suspend flights to tel aviv. here's the scene at the airport. destination that young man was heading to. the flight board showing a lot of cancelled flights tonight. every u.s. airline in the nation has been put on notice. do not fly into israel biggest city for the next 24 hours. an extraordinary step really.
9:32 pm
something the faa has not done in more than 20 years. abc news reporter is in tel aviv where a missile was able to penetrate israel famous iron dome. >> you can see right her happened this morning a rocket was launched into the neighborhood landed in the spot completely shattered this area behind me. this is less than a mile away from the tel aviv airport. this was a very close call. so close in fact that delta flight headed from new york to tel aviv was rerouted to paris. mid flight. prompting that call from the faa prohibiting all u.s. carrier from his flying to or from tel aviv up to 24 hours. manufacture not seen since the first gulf war in 1991. the passenger jet being shot down over ukraine has raised the fear of flights over war zones. on given day a large number of flights from around the world here. tonight flight rid arrest showing sky over israel quiet. the rocket that forced the plate to be rerouted hit
9:33 pm
just after 10:00 a.m. israel iron dome defense system failing to intercept it. the woman inside this bedroom survived. her neighbor left for work just 5 minutes before it struck. he believes hamas was targeting the airport but hit this instead. if casualty numbers rising on both side tonight. israel struck several targets inside gaza today. more than 6 30 palestinian have been killed in the past 15 da days. un believes 75 percent could be in the civilian. as for israel scenes like this thousands at fine relevant for soldier killed, 28 soldiers and 2 civilian have died so far. military confirming one of the soldiers still missing. unclear if he is dead or alive. no indication of any upcoming cease fire so israel is
9:34 pm
continuing to brace itself for more attacks like this. abc news tel aviv. >> from the middle east to ukraine and that passenger plane that was blown out of the sky. tonight some measure of relief for the family of the victim. some measure. tomorrow the first bodies will arrive in the netherlands. nation will observe day of mourning. tonight new theories emerge about the final minutes of that flight. here's tv terri fight journey home is at long last under way. today the bodies of the passengers of flight 17 were taken by train from village near the crash site to the ukraine city hear and then by plane they go to the netherlands would lost 193 of the people. >> i'm very aware that my people from my country we are taking we bring our victim back out. >> grief from the crime
9:35 pm
crisscrosses the world. at the airport outside amsterdam tears at impromptu memorial. while people share the open letter by a father would lost 17-year-old daughter on the flight writing thank you very much mr. putin leaders of the separatist of the ukraine government for murdering my loved and only child. in australia we lost 28 soul candle light vigil. in malaysian remembering the crew. >> we are like a family. once in the air just us. >> u.s. embassy posted a schematic diagram pinpoint wling they believe the missile intercepted the plane here at the crash site. team of malaysian and dutch investigators got access to examine the wreckage looking for clue. this was the cockpit of the plane and this is the kind of thing that investigators are going to be looking at. is this shrapnel daniel. damage from the break up of the plane and wreckage
9:36 pm
been tampered with. >> international monitor told abc news that the plane wreckage is significantly altered since the crash and that they have seen local workers cutting away at it. >> we did see worker using a power saw to get closer look at the fuselage. we captain draw any conclusions that's not our role but observation we made. >> intelligence community double down on the claim that russia is ult plate responsible for the attackth pointing to photographs of the wreckage which they say show strong evidence of russian made missile fired from rebel held territory brought down this plane. terri abc news ukraine. >> conflicting rulings today on president obama health care law one of which could seriously derail the program. that recalling by 3 judge panel in washington invalidated an irs regulation that implement add key piece of the affordable care act. regulation said
9:37 pm
subsidiary for health insurance were subsidy for health insurance were able qualifying middle low income consumer whether they bought coverage on state exchange or one run by federal government. however the short time later an appeals court in virginia reached exact opposite conclusion. both rulings will likely end up before the supreme court. >> cautionary tale for people who newtown if homes up for rent on air b and b. san francisco woman rented this 600 square if the condo in palm springs. and more than 30 days later the guy she represented it to is still there. owner cory shea says she gave the man a refund and still refused to good. he even threatened to sue her. >> air bb extremely popular but really up to you to understand the rules and the law that govern your area. >> experts say air bb guest can in some circumstances be
9:38 pm
considered tenant. that means to get the guest evicted she there's go through full eviction process. can you imagine that? >> that could take months and thousands ins legal fee. air bb payed shea for the full reservation. we reached out to the alleged squatter for comment but not successful in that regard. >> as we continue now. breakfast staple on the rope. up next. orange juice sales breakfast staple on the rope. up next. orange juice sales are in free fall. why
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9:41 pm
>> unexpected sign tonight of changing times. it's about an iconic part of the american breakfast. now on the ropes. i'm talking about orange juice.
9:42 pm
sales are in 43 fall now at record low. abc news reporter matt explains what is happening to an american classic. for generations staple of breakfast but orange juice near the cereal and toast and last month they bought less orange juice than ever since they started keeping track. over the past decade sales down 38 percent. blame largely on devastating bacteria killing florida citrus crop. recent study show it's rich in calorie and sugar. then the competition i'll and i'll of it fruit juice vitamin water mineral water coconut water it's almost overwhelming. florida department of citrus is trying win back sour consumer with this. >> captain citrus. >>reporter: and tapping multiple to captain citrus
9:43 pm
favoring someone more buff. what the industry need right now is a super hero. matt, abc news miami. >> well ever need cake in a hurry? maybe say for birthday that you just remembered? new creation could certainly come in handy. look at this. this you tube video demonstrates new instlaengs spray cake batter from a can. 2 harvard students came up with spray cake and working to patent it and find a manufacturer. it work like a whip cream really. bats cooks for one minute in the microwav microwave. no review on how it actually tastes but we know it's fast. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. doctor who makes every birth special. musical approach he takes to
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♪ happy birthday to you ♪ well that is how you come into the world. right. that's dr. kerry andrew leading a chorus of happy birthday for newborn at pittsburgh nnsylvania hospital. he's the singing doctor and welcomed all of the 8,000 babies he's delivered with song. >> i hear babies cry if i think i'm singing to the future that's the credit i give to all of them so to me it's a wonderful thing in the miracle of life. >>reporter: what a terrific guy. the doctor picked up the tradition from a colleague about 30 years ago. that doctor was about to retire and asked him to continue the tradition. it has touched so many moms and babies over the years they seem to just love it. what a sweet thing to do. >> let's go back and get sandy
9:48 pm
to hum a few bar of the forecast. >> you don't want me to sichblingt let me see the time lapse. weather forecast is going to be. this afternoon from our south beach camera you look towards sutro tower this is just really cool. if you cook you know what i'm talking about here. with the heating from the sun and low level moisture things just started to boil if you will. looked like something was brewing. beautiful shot indicates how much moisture is in place. low clouds pretty wide spread tomorrow morning. 7 hd tracking the clouds and you probably see some drizzle during the morning commute. don't worry about thunderstorms and showers but drizzle so slick roadway for the morning. for the afternoon just about everyone enjoying the sun but we will get rid of the humidity so if you have been really miserable with the sticky weather conditions improve tomorrow afternoon. 69 san francisco 68 half machine bay. 78 san rafael. 73 in oakland. 76 san mateo tout livermore. 79 san jose. 7 day forecast
9:49 pm
feel the difference. dryer arrest mass tomorrow and we start cooking mid upper 90's inland. thursday right on through the weekend. upper 60's to low 70's along the coast line. >> saturday a little steamy. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> well 7 is helping a bay area community build a great place for family. today crew started to demolish the playground at concord park in the mill mont neighborhood of oak land. dilapidated over the years. with the help of kaboom volunteer we nut a dream playground and more fun for kids and we add a community garden to the park. there are already basketball tennis court and space for baseball kick ball and picnic. we hope the addition can help make the park a family corner stone of the neighborhood. >> tirm as kid going outside and playing and entertaining myself. today we have too many children who are using electron
9:50 pm
he can began it to entertain them. this they why use their imagination to experience the share joy of being able to play and be children. >> new playground built on august 8 in just one day and we captain wait to show you the result of the finished work. we are all working on the playground as well. hard hat on and. >> any excuse to strap on the tool belt. >> that's what i have heard. >> if just the vision. >> i wear the rest of the outfit. sfichlt they play until world peace. >> this is a crazy game. i have one more thought but probably maybe you see it on my page site. fight after dark. >> he's clutch. 9th inning clutch and the blast. they have a long journey into the
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♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. middle east crisis devastating families here at home. the bay area man who lost dozens of loved ones in just an instant. >> plus are you putting yourself at risk while at rest? researchers say stop worrying about get enough sleep and ask yourself if you are getting too much. those stories and more join us at 11:00 over on much. those stories and more join us at 11:00 over on channel 7 . he. >> now tool time with larry and all the sports. >> tool time sports. >> what was the show that. >> home impeachment. >> yes. yes timal help. >> we are sharp tonight. >> maybe we should just move on. >> if you saw last night giants game in philadelphia was long 3 hours 28 minutes. tonight was the real marathon. 14 innings over 5 and a half hours. fanatic best mascot ever. all
9:55 pm
the giants injuries this is another one sandoval the face plant. with stay in the game. tied 2-2 in the fifth. hunter take the ball right out of philadelphia. crushed off robert o. estimated 450. solo blast and it is 3-2 giants. if 5 things 5 run on 7 hits. if rollins parade of alameda makes it to the 9th jonathan not given up a homer all season trying to close-out a 5-4 game. buster crushed. buster bomb ties it at 1. 4 hits in the game. ever going to end. on and on and on they go top 14. bases loaded for crawford. he unloads them everybody 64 s. then the giants gave up a run in the bottom of the 14. tim had to come on to close it out. just ended after 5 hours and 47 minutes and the giants win
9:56 pm
9-6th a's and astros that's to be a cigar hat. supposed to b be. houston in the 3rd inning. former a cater base hit off cashmere. gonzalez score. vl beats the throw. 7 innings. struck out 6. fooled badly there. in the sixth. a little lap to right. if grossman make the cash. tagging up and scores the ball air mailed. 2-2 and that's where they are right now. tied at the coliseum in the 9th. week from thursday. yankees 4 games out of first in the east. looking for this from the padres for pro prospect. hitting 229 but very hot in july batting 3:23 this month. bombers hope a veteran help them down the stretch. been rather rocky start to the nfl career of
9:57 pm
raiders corner back hayden. reports say he may start training camp on the physically unable to perform list because of a lower leg injury suffered during organized team activity back in the spring. hayden kind of a reach first round pick by groin injury from last year and he missed most of last summer after having abdominal surgery. after near fatal injury in college. also resulted in an operation. rai raiders desperately need hayden to emerge as play maker. starter. the solid the player in the defensive secondary. silver and black open training camp on friday. now yesterday coach made headlines saying would he not draft michael because of media fire storm and distraction it would create. surprising comment from the man who advocated for michael vick. he went to jail for cruelty to dogs. well today he clarified his remark saying sam does deserve a chance to be in the league. reaction now from the rookie who is trying to make
9:58 pm
the ram roster. >> saint god avenues st. louis rams coach buttive a great respect for coach and like everyone in america everyone has entitled their own opinion. >> after off day yesterday the tour de france returned for stage 16 straight you. 147 miles. through the mountains. michael rodgers of australia the first stage win after 10 years on the tour. if he's the over all leader here 4 minutes and 37 seconds ahead. here's one nobody ever expecte expected. holly field in the hall of fame next month the presenter will be mike tyson. same mick tyson who bit a peace of his ear off back in 1997. the real deal iron mike have become friends through the years. tyson said presenting holly field privilege and honest. >> first heard fear the beard
9:59 pm
few years ago with wilson soft giants. check out brook taking to whole new level. fan of the washington national. grown the beard. that's the shape of the if logo o. impressive. describes himself as an avid beards man. this is more of a roller coaster thing he has going there. any way, you had working on the art of free style beard. they could do competitive eating they can do competitive bearding on television. i like live event events. kind of slow but it has potential. >> kind of glacier pace. >> thanks larry very much. >> get the drill, man. >> okay. getting ready for. >> big day at the park. we are constructing. that's all for now. for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. we'll see you in an hour, we appreciate your time as always. we'llhappy last day befor we winter break.
10:00 pm
time to visit our loved ones. some of you will travel as far as three miles. don't forget to visit our winter wonderland, where we're giving away catalogues of next semester's classes. boy: ha-ha-ha! [tambourine shaking] pelton: whoa! what's that sound? is that the tippy-tapping of secular boots on the roof?


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