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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. . >> this is abc 7 news. >> firefighters battle both flames and heat at home in lafayette tonight. you can see the damage in this video from sky 7 hd. good evening. dan is on assignment. that home is a complete loss. located in lafayette on mont cello road just north of highway 24. tiffany wilson jones from us interthe scene. tiffany.
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>> the fire is right around the corner from us. at this hour firefighters still clean up the scene. but if you take a look at the video from earlier you can see the full isn't of the damage. now this wasn't just a house. this was the home the carpenter family lived in for generations. neighbors say they moved in during the 1960's and now the little girl they remember growing up lives there with her husband and 2 children. around dinner time the family neighbors started hearing popping sound like gun shop. it was probably different parts of the car going up in flames. from the preliminary investigation l officials believe the fire started in the garage and then jumped and started racing up the back yard. 3 other neighborhood houses threatened but crew prevent the fire from spreading to those homes. as for the firefighters themselve themselves, the triple digit heat made this fire especially difficult. crew guzzle bottle of water as they try to stay cool.
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>> because of the heat our firefighters can't work as long which 80's we went to third arm so early. with the humidity low and the heat high that caused that helps spread it to the wild land area so both of those things are not really kind of hampered news the effort. >>reporter: firemen did a splendid job that's all i can till. i'm so grateful the. how nervous were you. >> i was really scared. >> many people in the neighborhood were nervous about the dry conditions. the fire marshal put the damage estimate at 800,000 dollars. and a half acre of wild land but he says if it had been windy with this situation could have been much much worse. and coming up at 11:00 o'clock tonight we hear from a man who used his own garden hose to defend his back yard and he will explain why he's especially grateful to the firefighters in lafayette, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> all right we'll see you at 11 thank you tiffany. >> more developing news now.
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wildfire has burned more than 13 husz acres in the sierra foot hills tonight. began around if you are:30 this evening at plymouth just off highway 49. you could see the smoke rising up from the fire for at least 50 miles. 30, 40 homes evacuated. at least one home was seen burning on a hillside. the so-called sand fire was initially fueled by dry thick brush and oak. access difficult for firefighters who had to brave the heat. strike team in sacramento and others surrounding city are on their way to the fire. the cause is under investigation. however early reports suggest vehicle fire may have ignited some brush. >> the firefighters on both fires are looking at extreme heat. here in the bay area the city of san francisco was one of 3 cities to break records today. sandhya joins us with live doppler 7hd. >> we had 4 record high pressure today in the here in the bay area exploratorium one of them. live doppler 7hd showing you clear conditions
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except in pacifica and a half moon bay. patchy fog starting to form. do i want to show you the high for today. official reading in san francisco 85 degrees. broke the previous record. it was a tie in richmond. at 87 degrees. new record at mav it field 95 there. so it was definitely hot enough to set the record. 102 in livermore. 101 antioch. 102 fairfield. sizzling ther there. 94 degree ins san jose. 98 in santa rosa. oakland up to 89 and of course you wanted it comfortable you would have to go to places like 69 degrees here. show the current temperatures still hanging on to some of the warm weather inland rate now. in the 80's you expect it in the summertim summertime. 70's around the bay. 91 still in san rafael. 59 though in half moon bay. i'll be back to let you know who is going to get some relief this upcoming weekend and how long some is of the inland heat stick around. >> thank you. >> more now on the hot weather. sipe said 93 degrees but the temperature kept climbing reaching 98. no jacket
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required in san francisco. tourist and local out and about. city as we mention set a record today. 7 news reporter has more. >> him if charlie foster has parent-child group called brooklyn forest which encourages pre-schoolers to learn from being outside with nature. hiking is one of the activities but today because of the heat a lot of the time was spent in the shade. >> we have the class ramp right here with a little bit of dirt. mix a little bit of water in there and make some mud which is also today cool us off. >> more than 25,000 participant have signed up for this sunday san francisco marathon. people from all over the united states and the world are here. stay hydrated. add electrolyte to the water maybe even take some extra salt. salt tablet. >> i'm used to it. used to the heat and humidity from new yor
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york. so hopefully this will be a little bit of a cooler experience for me but just hydrating and resting and l just doing what i do. running. >> thomas murray is running a double marathon. the first one starts at midnight. >> i don't ever run with water. carrying water bottle or anything but this year i run carrying a water bottle. i just bought a belt to carry the water in. i'll carry some goo and maybe a couple protein bar bars. >>reporter: it will be hot tomorrow during the match between spain madrid and milan of italy. game will take place at cal memorial stapled. temperatures are always high in gilroy during e summer but this year organizers of the garlic festival have added canopy and misting stations to help cool off those attending the event. also this year, new down loadable app to help people find watering stations. this is abc 7 news. >> other temperatures slightly
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lower tomorrow. officials in san jose have declared ate no burn day at the park. no barbecue. no open flames allowed in the park tomorrow. >> on one of the hottest day of the summer there was worry about potential hazmat situation at popular beach. kayaker paddle off capital beach this afternoon told firefighters she spot add foul smelling substance just offshore. it washed up on the beach and turned yellow and dough like. officials ordered people out of the water. tell we see fish and game staff and capitola firefighters rae responding. they believe it was naturally occurring substance. restriction now been lifted. >> new at 9:00. 2 men involved in a fight that left a woman unconscious near at&t park early this month have reached plea deal. today walker pleaded guilty to felony assault and francis lopez pleaded no contest to miss demeanor assault. lopez sentenced to three years probation. welker sentenced in september. police say during the fight after giants a's game
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he punched the woman knocking her out. she was taken to the hospital and released the next day. >> state senator yee and china town leader ciao were charged in federal court today under a revised indictment that includes 2 new counts of racketeering. one of the new charges accuses yee and his campaign consultant of soliciting bribe in exchange for his help with the phoney company set up by the fbi. chow accused of running drug sales laundering money selling guns and trying to buy stolen property. the new charges are contained in what is called a super seeding indictment which accuses both yee and chow of running continuing criminal enterprise. 27 other people have also been charged in this case. >> once again in the bay area limo has gone newspaper flames. unlike the last time when 5 people were killed, this time thankfully no one was hurt. but it was certainly a frightening few minutes for the driver. laura anthony has more from vallejo. >> it was just over heating and
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i pulled over and. >> limo owner and driver james the cal told abc 7 news he thought engine was just over heating. before he knew it the chrysler 300 stretch limo was raging inferno. >> just it was like a poof of flame in the back and the engine p.m. and i grabbed the fire extinguisher trade to put it out but it was just, it just went so fast. >> minutes later when firefighters arrived the 10 person car was completely engulfed. this fire comes 14 months after a limo burst into flames on the san mateo bridge killing 5 nurse whose couldn't escape. >> all of a sudden the young one said fire and they all jumped out so we all. >>reporter: one month later 10 older women on the way to birthday party did get in and out time after idling stretch limo burned newspaper walnut creek ross moore neighborhood. fire captain l caldwell says limo can be fire trap because there are so few exit and they tend to be packed with highly
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combustible tivrment wiring. a lot of battery a.lot of electronic. in the limo. the carpet. the seats. material in the seats. >>reporter: shaken as he was, he toylsd he's well aware this could have been much worse. >> my god thank god nobody was in my car. i actually just came from the car wash because i was cleaning up for a job tomorrow. >>reporter: after last year incident t bill introduced in sacramento that would greatly enhance safety ncaa and inspection requirements for limousines. in vallejo, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> oyster lovers rejoice for now. the oyster company will get to harvest the delicacy for at least another 30 days. the retail operation is set to close thursday but the national park service has agreeed to let harvesting continue at least another month in response to last ditch injunction request by restaurant bars and other business that is rely on drake bay oysters. the business provides more than a third of california oysters. hearing is
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set for september 9. we have a lot more ahead for you tonight on 7 news at 9:00. coming up exploratorium muni crew painting the town re red. tonight the sprays likely to get for driving in the transit only lane. >> pleasanton. tonight the organizer of controversial bull run defentd event against the stampede of opposition. >> just how hot will it get this wednesday. isn't that a spectacular look outside? this wednesday. isn't that a spectacular look outside? sandhya will be evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety...
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sorts you are one of the to using the marked transit only lanes in downtown san francisco, listen up. bury to be warned. do not do it any more. especially not on market street. 7 news reporter vic lee explains. >> on average muni make 63,000 trips on market street every week. these transit only lanes on market and on several other streets in the city are supposed to make it easier for buses and taxi to move through crowded downtown traffic. other drivers can use them but only to make an immediate why the turn to the next street. many cars like this one simply ignore the transit only lanes which are spelled out in big white letters. >> this is every day all day very frustrating. >> she's a muni bus operator.
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>> a lot of the time is just for people to travel down the lane because the other lane is so congested. bicyclist they don't want to use their own lane because of congestion of the cars. >>reporter: starting tonight muni hopes to change all. that they begin coloring these transit only lanes on market between fifth and 12th street. the choice of color bright red. like a red flag. warning. that is a place you shouldn't be in. just to be sure camera on buses capture the violators parking in red zone. parking control officer jack wong is looking at video of the van double parked blocking the bus access in the red zone. >> we use video as evidence. bus have camera if that license plate. >>reporter: the license plate identify the owner of the vehicle who sent citation through the mail. muni tried this as pilot perhaps on church street transit only lanes between 16 and due boy. color
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the zone red helped muni move more quickly. >> helped fill more increase the travel time by 20 percent. >> muni hopes drivers will begin realizing that the red carpet is only for muni v.i.p. the very important passengers. vick lee abc 7 news. >> best soccer teams in the world are preparing for the match tomorrow at uc berkeley. we see some of the logo being painted on the real grass they have installed over the artificial turf at memorial stapled. real madrid from spain and milan from italy play as part of the international champion cup. game tomorrow kicks off at 3:00 o'clock d it is not likely that superstar renaldo will suit up. he as well as other international players are resting up after the world cup performances. >> it is time to check on our accu-weather forecast. sandhya its here and lots of places set record today. i think you
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coordinated the dress with the weather map. >> trying to be smoke. >> you always are. >> it was smoking hot. triple digit and i did want to mention that san rafael was a record as well. 99 degrees. if passed previous record of 98. we hang on to the hot weather. but not everyone is going to remain ho hot. show you live doppler 7hd and we talk about what is going on and you will notice most of the bay area clear but we are seeing some patchy fog around half machine bay. visibility is down to 3 miles and it is also a little bit on the fogy side around pacifica. so we will see that fog first thing tomorrow morning for the start of the weekend. from east bay hills camera beautiful view looking across the bay. visibility good there. 65 san francisco. it's 70's oakland san carlos look at san jose. almost 80 degrees here. 59 in half machine bay. 67 gilroy. beautiful view from the exploratorium camera. i'll step aside. that color is in honor of the giants as they play out there. 70 in santa
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rose. 72 nap a.fairfield concord livermore all still in the 80's. expect this around this time of year. from the emeryville camera looking across the bay. fog not a problem here. hot inland this weekend. cooler around the coast and bay. few high clouds expected tomorrow and sunday and it gets a little bit humid as we head to the second half of the weekend. hot air mass. still with us. so we head that tomorrow the heat hangs on inland. still going to be hot on sunday although the temperatures will back off just a little bit. so over nature tonight. expect patchy fog. tomorrow morning start off the day we see few patches rate along the coast line. i know some of you who live in san francisco enjoy the fog and enjoy it a little bit cooler. well tomorrow is your day. breezy and that's why we willing to see cooling along the coast lane. also a little bit around the bay. notice high clouds we have filtered sunshine on saturday. tomorrow
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morning mild. few areas like half man bay 53 degrees. patchy fog here but most of the bay area mid 50's to 60's. see the sun screen tomorrow afternoon 90 san jose. cupertino hot 97 in gilroy. on the planes 87 redwood city mount view 67 degree ins half moon bay. occasional high cloud there in daly city. when you go from 85 today to 74 tomorrow i think it feels a little better for new san francisco. 90 in santa rose and north bay. 93 napa. 60's, 70's coast side. clear like ukiah to the east bay oakland rich mopped and fremont and nice day but hot one inland 100 in antioch. 98 livermore. 96 degree ins fairfield. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and it's still features some heat. >> upper 90's inland sunday. upper 60's coast side. we drop the temperatures down to the mid 90's for the early part of the work week and then lower
9:20 pm
90's thursday friday so we will see the graduate cooling trend for the inland areas as we head to next week but the coast gets the cool down first which of course that's the flies go. >> all right thank you sandhya. >> still to come on ab chevy sues at 9. parking bring out the worst in people. just ahead the vandal who is lashing the worst in people. just ahead the vandal who is lashing out at no rush, andy.
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>> tomorrow several thousand people spend to run for their lives at the alameda county fairground like the famous event in spain. unless animal rights activity right able to stop it. alan reports from pleasanton. >> it's adrenalin filled quarter mile run down fence line track with 20 stampeding bull mixed in with hundreds of
9:24 pm
people. this is video from annie haven't in florida and sam patterson has been in the middle of it. >> i can put it like sky diving. you can't describe it unless you do it. >> great bull run event will be held for the first time saturday at the alameda county fairgrounds. but animal rights groups already suing to stop it. >> our investigators have also seen that the runners will often punch or slap the bull as they run by. it's also dangerous in that the animal can get entangled in each other and fall and break a leg. >> great bull run organizer says these animal treated more humanely than the bulls used in pamplona spain where they oftentimes fall on the cobblestone street. >> we use the same bull nation way. never had a single injury to any of our bull. >> dicken expecting 3000 ru runners to pay 75 dollars each says the bull will be running on dirt track. >> veterinarian that we have consulted still well within the possibility that animal could get very seriously hurt. hasn't happened yet. >> they have horse racing. rodeo throughout california and
9:25 pm
in those events people are on the animal back. whipping or kicking them in the side with metal spur. >>reporter: he says until the animal rights groups can prove in court of law that rodeo and horse racing is animal abuse he will continue holding the great bull run. in pleasanton, abc 7 news. >> person who is riding message on cars in new york city might identify as parking critic. but at least 2 car owners and police say the person is nothing but a vandal. resident of the glendale neighborhood in queens found this message scrawled on her car earlier this week. car owner spoke to local tv station but she wanted her identity hidden. >> i know if in the neighborhood if so it was very upsetting. >> another spray painted noteen instruct ago driver to park right appeared on another car in the same area. nypd detective found surveillance video taken outside a school one image show as man carrying spray paint. neighbors say
9:26 pm
street parking hard to find but excuse glendale parking vigilante of going too far. >> another half hour of news at 9:00 is just ahead. sfichlt very scary moment for these passengers. why armed men were board ago plane. also a shrine destroyed in iraq. how the attack outraged the members of 3 religion. and red hot housing market. have you thought about flipping? why it's not as easy as it looks. another half hour
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you say, tomato. old el paso says... diced tomato stand'n stuff chicken tacos. you say what's for dinner? old el paso says... start somewhere fresh. how do you helper?
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make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. ultimate helper. available at walmart. >> we begin this half hour with u.s. fighter jet called in after a passenger threatened an aircraft on its way from toronto to florida. when the
9:30 pm
plane touched down a dramatic scene heavily armed guard rushing on board. pierre thomas shows us the dramatic footage. >> canadians s.w.a.t. team burst open to the plane with intensity and fury. after warping about male passenger claim to go want a bomb canada. flight 7 72 taken off from toronto headed for panama city but turned around over west virginia. by f 16 fighter jets when reports came in of unrulyy passenger making threats. here the warning other fleets of potential emergency. >> might have to delay for a bit there's app aircraft coming in from over the like lapped runway 32 left and they have a bomb threat. >>reporter: s.w.a.t. team taking no chance. demanding suspect raise his hand. again and again. goal to make sure he was not a threat. unable to detonate any bomb. passenger described the suspect rant to
9:31 pm
canadians television. >> he hates canada then he said with great expression using his handy just want to bomb canada. >>reporter: other passengers were stunned. >> i saw guns and hand up and everything. it was quite skaivrment he appeared to be disturbed because we could hear and see him ripping up magazin magazine. >>reporter: police snatched the suspect from the plane and conduct add search. the. >> that was pierre thomas reporting. 25-year-old man was arrested none of the 183 passengers and sex crew injured. >> well french soldiers say they have recovered one of the 2 black boxes from annual engineers plane crash that killed all 118 people on board. plane did go down in bad weather. almost half of the victims were french citizens. more than 200 french troops plan to safe guard the scene until investigators arrive tomorrow.
9:32 pm
>> latest now on the effort to end the middle east crisis. hours after rejecting terms of longer cease fire israel president reportedly says that the nation will begin 12 hour truce. un culled for the 12 hour humanitarian cease fire with the hope that it would be extended to 7 days. diplomat work to broker end to the blood shed. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is among them. >> whole world is watching a tragic moment after moment unfold. and wondering when is everybody going to come to their senses. >> kerry set to meet with more than half dozen foreign minister in france tomorrow to help broker a cease fire. in the west bank today a new round of angry clashes. more than 8 20 palestinian and 38 israeli have died in the latest surge of violence. >> islamic militant reportedly destroyed the iraqi too many of the prophet joan a.militant told everyone to get out of the
9:33 pm
building then rigged it with explosives and blew it up by rae motel control. jonah is referred by christian jew and muslim. video appeared on you tube and quinlly anger muslim across iraq. he was painted inside the chapel. students of the bible and the quran know jonah as the man who survived three days in the belly of a whale. >> president obama sat down today with leaders of 3 central american country and urge them to help stem of unaccompanied children flowing into the u.s. president asked the president of honduras guatemala and el salvador to convince the people that children will not be met with open arms if they come to the country illegally. at the same time however the administration is considering a pilot program to screen young people from honduras and consider them for refugee status before they leave their country. >> now turn to the red hot housing market. existing homes are selling at the fastest pace
9:34 pm
in eight months. house flipping hotter more profitable than ever. up 114 percent in two years. rebecca show why is it's not as simple as it looks. >> on reality tv look so easy. >> bigger the disaster the better the make over. >>reporter: find ugly propert property. hit a few snag. a tear down a wall and voila. happy ending. >> but in the real world. if you think the business of flipping a house is easy go visit a shrink. it ain't. >>reporter: new numbers show 1 in 5 flip doesn't turn approve it. in charlotte, north carolina stay at home mom and her sister are working on the first flip. this modest 3 bedroom buying it for 150,000 dolls. about what did it look like when you pulled up. >> awful. kitchen there are was sinking in. the yard was a jungle. >>reporter: so they invested in additional 50,000 dollars.
9:35 pm
removing the chimney and enduring 4 case of poison ivy and redoing the kitchen. >> 2 different ones. >>reporter: finally a two 35,000 dollar listing. open house. and waiting. >> drop to 250. then 240 and bidding war. >>reporter: there's never been a better time for house flipping but you have to know what you are doing. it takes longer than ever you ever expected. cost you more than you ever expected. >>reporter: if you do want to get in the game the experts advice plan for delay. today average flip takes 101 days to complete. don't go overboard. studies show renovation that cost more than 23 percent of the purchase price lose money for the flipper. >> and start selling early. while you are still renovating. every day that a house sits on the market is costing you mone money. back in charlotte, 6 months later, a deal. for 2 3 33,000 dollars. 25,000 dollar profit they are splitting three days. the.
9:36 pm
>> that was rebecca reporting. just ahead. true american her hero. forced into the lime light on the anniversary of his return from the moon. 7 news television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress,
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>> there's a bone fight american hero in town this weekend. 45 years ago every single person in the world watched every step he took. today the very same leg brought him to abc 7 for a few minutes with reporter wayne friedman. >> this is the object. here's the man. as long as we record and remember history they will always be linked. >> what is it like knowing that your name will be remembered forever? >> it's a question for what? >> one small step for
9:40 pm
for man. >> 45 years ago this week edwi edwinal drawn followed neal arm stron on to the lunar surface by only a few seconds after the first landing. never saw lasting fame but lived with it ever since. >> what i want to make clear is that 24 americans reach the moon. >> but to be on the first mission with the whole world watching sets the man apart. back in 1969 al drawn, armstrong and collins figured they may have a 60 percent chance of success. we asked the former fighter pilot if he felt scared or nervous that day. >> fighter pilot and combat we don't feel if we execute if. it's said that we have ice in our available. had you time to condemn plate. >>reporter: when before? before. it was too late then. you are on the merry go round. if yes. you can't get off. >>reporter: yet there he was on a relatively crowded moon at
9:41 pm
the time. population 2. if you wonder whether buzz ever took a moment for himself up there, this answer will surprise you. >> so i get down to the bottom of the ladder and instead of just checking my balance and stuff like that check list said i tested the urine collection device. now. >>reporter: is that the first time on the moon? >> yes. yes. >> until now we herd only of how they planted the flag. >> buzz will be in alameda tomorrow beginning at 10:00 a.m. for an event on the uss hornet. celebrating that the ship role in the recovery of his mission. he will be there all day. i'll be mc an event that evening. for more information visit our web site at abc 7 >> in the news ramp, abc 7 new news. >> up next. on 7 news at 9:00. incredible work being done at unique wild life rescue center.
9:42 pm
in a moment you will see how unique wild life rescue center. in a moment you will see how it has become the victim of
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
the. >> vacaville group says it rescued 500 chicken from an egg producing ranch. animal places the chicken are lucky because after 12 to 18 months the chicken are typically killed and replaced by newer hen. instead animal place has agreed to give them a health check and make them available for adoption. >> california wild life rescue center is about to get a make over. dream come true for the couple who started it all. the center business to get a new home so it can care for even morale animal and get them back in the wild. over more than 30 years like tahoe wild life care has helped incredible 24,000 wild animals. rescue center cares for a huge variety of injured and/or fan creature and
9:46 pm
they don't play favorites. >> everything is so special in its own way. >> this is the only place in the state listened to customer for bear cub. they have 9 rate now. >> every year is different. >> the goal is to reless every animal back no the wild. non-profit center was start bid cheryl and tom who run out of their own home in south like tahoe. >> we couldn't afford any building. >>reporter: cheryl is a former nurse. turned wild animal expert. if medical clinic is the room over the garage her and back yard packed with custom animalen closure created for creatures that like to claim or need room to fly or just peaceful place to recuperate. >> yellow belly mary mouth. >>reporter: constant stream of new arrival ever day. they bro the in an injured. >> missing tail feather the cat got him. >>reporter: they help with federaling that requires a lot of patience. tiny animal eat only a tiny amount at a time.
9:47 pm
they have to be fed constantly. this little guy two week old chipmunk. >> that's the process, wild life center so successful it runs out of room. when they first moved here there were very few other houses. but over the years a neighborhood grew up. so it's not such a great spot for wild animal any more. and there's another issue. >> i am getting owed and time handed it over because i want the wild life care center to keep progressing and keep growing. >>reporter: now after years of searching and generous donation from animal lovers like tahoe wild life care is about to get a new home. >> on scale of 1 to 10 it's about a 50. >>reporter: if all goes as planned the center will manufacture to the 27 acre property in south like tahoe in about two years. the first phase will include a caretaker home and new medical clinic designed by veterinarian kevin willis who already provides free care for the animal and of course there will be fabulous housing for future patients.
9:48 pm
>> at least double triple quadruple the size ought current cages we have. >>reporter: wild life center has more than 3 million dollars for the project already but needs at least 1 million more to make the move. they plan to retire but stay on as advisors because once you save an animal you are hooked. >> just so-so intra cat and perfect that yes i still get a thrill out of helping these little guys. >> like tahoe wild life care only lets people in to see their animal one day a year that's coming up august 3rd. visitor contribute to the center we have a link on our web site. >> check on the weather with sandhya. >> we need to head to the coast or pool to cool off to. live doppler 7hd clear sky and few patches along the coast. not just hot here. triple digit around the straight chico sacramento 105 in 40's no. 1 09 palm springs. desert baking. 104 in vegas. san diego chance
9:49 pm
of thunderstorms. los angeles 86 degrees. bay area high pressure coming down at the coast. a little bit cooler near the bay but inland heat continues so upper 90's to low 100 there. upper ask is to mid 70's right near the coast line and well see sun high cloud for the afternoon. heading to the gilroy garlic festival it's going to be sweltering. 97 degrees by 4:00 p.m. starts out pretty warm and hot quickl quickly. so you will be able to enjoy the great food. and bake while you are there. enjoy the sun. pretty typical for this time of year. san francisco marathon sunday begins at midnight. low cloud which is perfect weather. notice still at 5:00 a.m. foggy partly sunny but temperatures quit comfortable in the 60's if taking part. accu-weather 7 day forecast cool down continues. as we head towards fix week. it's a little cooler inland. okay. coast side keep you on the comfy side but this weekend extra high cloud may add a little more stick iness especially sunday to our the weather hear.
9:50 pm
>> garlic ice cream melting quickly in gilroy. >> i wish i could make it. garlic fries. >> good stuff. >> thanks sandhya. if you plan to spend big buck to attend forty-niner games at levi stadium to dig even deeper if you get hungry or thirsty. don't ask for hot dog. that expron banned there. niners will sell frankfurters for 6:75. more than at candlestick. pay champagne prices for beer. 10.25 for the cheapest brew up 50 cents last year at the stick. prices compare to those charged at other bay area sports venue. i don't know how much the garlic fry are at at&t park but i say they are w if the giants aren't doing so well. >> not well tonight. i'm upset about this hot dog situation. not allowed to say hot dog any more. outraged by that. the i know. don't tell me what to do. management knows. >> giants begin battle for first place with the dodgers
9:51 pm
and short night of work for timy you say, tomato. old el paso says... diced tomato stand'n stuff chicken tacos. you say what's for dinner?
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house explosion grass fire put other homes in danger at 11:00. we talked to homeowner not letting his property burn without a fight. >> about bay area of journalist captured in iran. join us at >> about bay area of journalist captured in iran. join us at 11:00 on channel 7 >> so i may have had a few choice words for assignment editor in dodgers jersey today. unfortunately the giants aren't holding it up for me tonight. >> i know who you are talking about. i nicknamed him twig. although they don't look similar. but that's another story. giants dodgers open the weekend show down. serious fight for first place and tim got twigged. huge night for l.a. dan made the giants debut at second base. was not a factor in the game. but here is the factor. top of the first twig hammer this one to
9:55 pm
left center field. nearly tacit out of the park. look line fan inference. crazy depends up with triple for twi twig. next batter gonzalez. base hit professional hitter. twig scores 1 nothing dodgers. l.a. with 3 triple in the 5th inning after gordon rbi trim. twig follows with the second triple. gordon score. twig with 3 triple and double in the game. 3 nothing l.a. gonzalez cleans things up another single. tim last only 4 and third on 6 runs 9 hits. striking out 6 but academic right four dodgers leading 7 to nothing. and with victory. as they are in the eighth inning with a win half game behind the giants in the fight for first in the west. a's last place rangers. ceremony first pitch. clown throwing to the mascot captain would misses completel completely. watch the kid behind him nailed. a little sensitive spot. 100 degrees in this game. in arlington. 2nd
9:56 pm
inning. j p with base hit to left off jason hamell who gave up 4 runs 5 and 2 third. struggle since coming over in the trade with the cubs. nice defensive play in the second. andrew up the middle. aircraft www. great throw originally called safe. a's challenge and call overturned. out. chance to be the hero. crazy ricochet at first. weird bounce to if and that's the ball game. a's fall 4-1. raiders held the first practice at training camp in searing heat. 98 degree ins napa today. that didn't stop the france come out though. 4 to 500 season ticket holders were there. see what they hope will be a much improved raider squad. top draft pick mack. look fast and agile. gets veteran around him. try to help bolster the silver and black defense. veteran like justin and la mar signed this off season. everybody in the organization knows house cleaning if they go 4 and 12
9:57 pm
again and tuck realize outside expectation are kind of low. >> i'm upped dog story guy. i have always ratted for the under dog in movies and all this stuff and the they act like we don't get paid to play football for some reason. we have a lot of talent in the team we have to put it together. they have to change. we hear it. if i hear all the things that people say. and i'm in the business of proving people wrong. >> me too. >> the but i really do. 49ers known for stingy hard hitting defense the past few years. question about this unit though coming in the season because they are missing all pro linebacker bowman. expected to be out for at least the first half of the year with knee jivrment suffered in the nfc championship game against the seahawks sew is rehabing. michael will probably be replacement. phil did nice thing last year 34 tackle on the season. will last make more play because of his absence. not concerned about the linebacker. >> to good without him first
9:58 pm
half of the season. surely missed but if the other guys which look for him to step up and do what need to be done. would have is in we get the job done. >> second round. senior open championship beach weather in wales wonder what the buoy temperature was there around 70 do you think. >> notify idea. whales and buoy. i don't know. >> why not? >> check the heat. >> okay sorry. any way we blow through the highlight. 11 under her and lead up by 7 strochblingt we move on. page 19 of the tour de france. riders deal with wet road and rogue elephant happened to be a cycling fan. fight easily 1 this 129 mile stage unless something goes terribly wrong. a win the tour leading by seven minutes heading in the weekend. 7 sports brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. >> the giants still playing but no hope game not over. >> always hope until the final out. >> very important with the done they are weekend. >> but it's over for now. probably. >> thank you so much larry. all right that is going to did it for us this evening. i am amma in for dan and for larry and sandhya for spencer all of us here at abc 7 news. we thank you for joining us for the news at 9:00. 7 news does 10 now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with our new 7 news app. we see you at 11:00 on channel device with our new 7 news app. we see you at 11:00 on channel 7. see you in a bit.
10:00 pm
britta: missed you at lunch today. did you slip out for a quickie with professor hot stuff? her name's michelle and how did you know? there's a gold star on your fly. [grunts] [laughs] you weren't kidding. it's nice to have a girlfriend with a sense of humor and one who recognizes good work. [man talking indistinctly]


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