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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 5, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ skisdz. >> developing news tonight in richmond. sky 7 hd over an ac transit bus that as you can see smashed right into a home. good evening. >> the crash happened after the bus was hit by someone driving a stolen car. 11 people were sent to the hospital. alan jones from us richmond with more. alan? >>reporter: we to everything we can to protect our kids but
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almost nothing you can do to prevent something like this. you can see where that ac transit bus punctured a hole in the side of the house. they just towed it away a few minutes ago. here's what it looked like after police say it struck a speeding stolen car at the intersection of 18th street and burbank avenue around 5:30 this evening. it barreled in the living room of ashley and francisco ortega with three-month old baby boy sitting in the bouncing chair. bus stop just inches away from him. the boy mother says she and her 5-year-old daughter were in the house nearby when she heard the crash and came out to see her son looking up at the giant bus and he was still alive. >> i was in the back bedroom when it happened. my son was in the hiving room on the floo floor. he was in the bouncing chirac and i hear a big boom and my daughter was in the back bedroom and i call her and i grab my son and i got out. >> what can i say. i have to find a place to live now. that's all. >> we briefly evacuated the
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area because of the gas leak but sense the area is deemed could habitable and residents should know they are safe inside their homes. >>reporter: if now the neighbors say they ran to the bus and found 7 passengers in a driver dazed and trying to get out. several people were cut and bleeding including 2 children and pregnant woman. none of the injuries is life threatening. mean while richmond police are looking for the driver of the stolen car that hit the bus. he jumped out and ran away. but younger juvenile brother was arrested. now back live you can see where that hole still is in the house. it is now red tagged. family is looking for a place to live and police are working on a mug shot of the suspect. the parents are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. i'm reporting live in richmond abc 7 news. >> at least know 1 is badly hurt. >> 700 homes evacuate entered mariposa county because of wildfire. the fire has burned 300 acres since it started late this afternoon about 10 miles
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east of the town of mariposa september to us by a witness. you can see flames and smoke pouring from the tree just off highway 49. cal five says it's burning in steep and dry terrain of course in this drought and the low humidity is hampering the effort to put out the flames. red cross has set autopsy shelter at local churc church. now larger fire is burning near the oregon border in siskiyou couldn't. cost of fighting this one is now approaching 50 million dollars. the fire has burned roughly 120 square miles. no structures have burned and mandatory evacuation order has been lifted at this upon the. the fire started by lightning august 11. it's only 19 percent contained. >> spencer has been tracking the fire conditions. >> he's here with live doppler 7hd. spencer, we may even sea some smoke in the fire here. >> yes. moving slowly down in the bay area. here's live doppler 7hd we have a little haze along the coast. much
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cloud cover of course but some of it also smoke from the fire burning up north. first of all issued mention red flag warning still in effect for the northern most part of the state and in southern oregon high fair danger through tomorrow night including happy camp area where the fires have been burning for some time now. here's nasa satellite image of the smoke plume about generating by the fair reaching out over the coast and become down no the bay area and we have a smoke advisory in effect for parts of the north bay mainly sonoma nap counties and some of you who live in the area may smell the smoke already. it has been pushing into the renal throughout the day and people who are outside are encouraged to reduce their strenuous physical activity especially if you have respiratory ailment or heart disease because particular at matter could be harmful. keep an eye on this for you and forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks very much gentleman now to the mystery in the sky. run away nraim plane. u.s. fighter jet scrambling racing right beside it. as it flew
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from new york to florida and kept going. finally plunges into the sea near jamaica's david curly. >> drama in the sky. the desperate call for a private plane similar to this one seen on the company web site. the call sign 900 kn of the nearly new plane carrying well known new york real estate developer larry glazeer and his wife. this plane that carries 7 people took off from new york this morning at 8:45. headed for naples florida but a little more than an hour in the flight a problem. >> we feed to set down to 1 80 we have an indication if on the plane. >>reporter: controller respon respond. but there is traffic below the plane. moments later the plane is turned away from traffic and then. the. >> we need to get lower. >>reporter: the last word.
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controller tell the plane to descend repeetdly but there is no response. fits now a ghost plane. tracked by radar. at 10:40 2 fighter jet scramble to get close. one pilot can see inside the cockpit. if breathing but unconscious. window start to fog then ice. scenes that the plane has lost pressurization. >> you won't have enough oxygen in the air and the brain will slowly begin to shut down bodily and mental finks the plane continues so far fighter pilot are forced to peel off as the plane crosses over cuba. then at 2:15 this afternoon. just friend miles off the coast of jamaica the plane falls into the caribbean. 3 sources tell abc news the pilot was asked if he wanted to declare an emergency which would have allowed him to lose altitude much quicker. he denied that request but don't forget with
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the look of oxygen there is a sense of euphoria. david curly abc news reagan washington airport. >> flight plan mexico up forced passenger plane charted by a company litigation military group led by the u.s. to land in iran today. the plane was flying from bagram air force base in afghanistan to dubai. usual flight path goes through iran airspace but iran said the appropriate paperwork was never filed. the plane did fought have enough fuel to return to afghanistan so it land entered iran briefly while confusion cleared up. >> one day after a store was heavily damaged by fire in the mission district the fire department says it will have to be demolished. the which is where the fire started beg house inc. is a total loss. building inspectors determined it will be torn down. and you can see why. this is how the building looked before the fire. this is how it looks no now. however all but a few surrounding shops reopen today almost no worse for wear. katie reports from mission street.
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>> yes we came in and it was open and actually smell way better than yesterday. >>reporter: this is her at work at chic shoe on mission street today the store spotles spotless. air clear and merchandise squeaky clean. surprising considering martinez and co-workers were smoked out yesterday as 5 alarm fire raced across the street. my clothes smelled like smoke my hair. >>reporter: at payless shoe source it's a similar before and after. here's store manager thursday. >> she evacuated right away. we had in chance to think bit. >>reporter: here he is today surrounded by customers. >> we make money right now. making sales. >>reporter: although he's limited to mostly foot traffic as only muni buses are allowed on the block of mission street. not every business survived unscathed. 4 businesses are shut down. primary building again is due to structural integrity compromised. other buildings water and smoke damage. verizon wireless not
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one of the businesses. district manager tells us they are only cholesteroled today so the employee don't have to deal with the smokey smell still lingering. smell the apartment building above chic shoe is still trying to flush out. in san francisco tell abc 7 news. >> the san jose police relessed the name of the woman found burning near morgan hill last week. she's 35-year-old julie teresa and myself identified her they are not satisfying how she died or if there are any suspects. driver found her body on fire near the if oakland avenue area west of morgan hill. rae minder to the tens of thousands of drivers who pass by it every day. busy east bay interchange dedicated in the memory of fallen california highway patrol officer who died near there 2 years ago. this of reporter from the interchange named after officer kenyon. >> this is not a georgian
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versus ri but what we are doing here today is a good thing. >>reporter: tyler carlton was kenyon beat partner the day he was shot and killed by a driver during a traffic stop on interstate 6 80. it was during the morning commute just after 8:00 a.m. on september fourth f-2012. >> i want to give you a picture of ken last moment and conversation we had our last conversation and that was him offering help to me. >>reporter: now the late officer will be remembered with highest honor highway patrol can 7. dedication of a freeway in his name. >> in at intersection and that crossing we saw an individual unself he shallly give his life to protect this country. this state. this community. >>reporter: in kenyon's case it's the dedication of an interchange. interstate 6 80 at highway 24. one of the busiest in california. not far
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from where the 37-year-old officer was fatally shot two years ago. >> tips of thousands of people will go by here. your father. your husband. your sons. l it will be reaffirmed to them once again there's a band of brothers and sister who show their professionalism every da day. >>reporter: his widow and 3 of the 4 children attended the dedication ceremony. >> bitter sweep. much rather have him here with us but it's beautiful that people will remember him and maybe think about tell his story. >>reporter: his children even signed the back of one of the freeway signs bearing their father name new thanks to the signs the thousands who drive this interchange every day will forever have a chance to appreciate the sacrifice he may n.walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> if people protesting police convention in downtown oakland. this video is from you stream showing protestors chanting at
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officers blocking an intersection today. if we shot this video of the group. you can see protesttors blocked broadway in front of the marriott convention center downtown oakland. says the urban shield convention glorif glorifies the military of the police. convention feature twos days of training exercise and expo that features harm ordinary vehicle and military grade weapon. >> they jump out with weapons. behind shields. to confront people. that's hardly the model of public safety that we need in the community of oakland. >> society says we are going to demillion tar eye the police and let the military do this. if you want to wait for the military to come in and stop your mall show iter that's not an acceptable solution. >> urban shield hosted by the alameda couldn't sheriff's department and attract officers from all over the bay area. stay with us. we have a lot more ahead up next. tomorrow test of the new levi stadium what players say about
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the turf and will it last. >> also a surprise during this evening commute on the golden gate bridge. look who showed up. >> spencer will be back with up. >> spencer will be back with your weekend forecast (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya?
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>> 2 deer walk are in the
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middle of the commute. viewer sent this video. trotting by in the northbound lanes. they backed up traffic though for short time and one actually may have gotten hit. but they both ran off on their own apparently natural marin head land. they tweeted more than a buck got enough for the bridge toll. >> something expense wore come up. >> not enough dough. >> big test new turf at levi stayed up. it will happen tomorrow at sold out soccer match between mexico and chile. today players got the chance to test the field. lillian has more now from levi stadium on the new turf. >> feels hard. not slippery. >> gel keeper and team meets for the first after let's to test out the new turf at levi stadium. sky 7 hd was overhead when team mexico wrapped up practice. the turf was installed just last weekend. the seams still visible and
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brown in spots. >> it's to be a little bit soft tore get a better feel in the ball and game. but it doesn't really matter how the field is for tomorrow night. what is important is we want to win. >> forty-niner fans not necessarily soccer fans plan to watch mexico and chile saturday. they want to see if the turf holds up. >> make sure they don't fall or clump come out when they go for a kick. and like just making sure that the everything is just fine. >> the turf began falling apart after the 49ers opening pre-season game on august 17. the field was quickly ripped out and replaced with temporary sod. team says the problem was the zapped base underneath the grass. the field is now in the third incarnation. team adjusted the composition of the base and switched to different type of grass. for the much hyped bermuda grass same kind used at candlestick. hope the newly installed turfless through the seasons. fans keep the fencingers crossed. >> don't want to have something
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where knee blows out and it being costly to your team's welfare. >> we have to have a good surface. good playing surface for the ball players so that's important. >>reporter: for the 49ers important to put them bearsing chapter behind them n.santa clara, lil i don't know kim abc 7 news. >> let's hope third time is the charm. it works. >> hope it sticks. >> giant building and it's the grass. >> i know of all things. >> all technology seems to wor work. >> amazing isn't it. spencer here with the wednesday forecast. >> great weekend for anything out doors. great weather. here's mainly clear sky right now. but coastal clouds building up and pushing locally out over the bay. haven't advanced very far yet. here's emeryville camera looking west ward and you can see the out lean of cloud in the distance but still mainly clear over the bay. temperature readings in the low mid 60's everywhere exploratorium oakland san carlos, gilroy and a half moon
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bay. live view at the golden gate bridge and this would be low included and fog right now relatively clear more temperature readings at this hour. 61 at inspect a.59 at novato. mid 60's at fir field concord and livermore and 1 more live view president rav top camera along a clear embarcadero and these are the forecast picture we see fog increase ago every night. mild warm day this weekend and it's just slightly cooler early next week. now satellite image shows high pressure and expansive ridge of it. dominant feature in the weather picture quiet steady pattern. mild to warm weekend and it will be mild to warm next week to. our south we have rather turbulent tropical weather. this is hurricane nor bert look at the eye of the storm. intensified over the last couple days. category 2 maximum sustained wednesday 110 miles per hour gust to 130
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miles per hour. just lashing the about had a california area but now it's expected to move away from land over next couple day and weak tone tropical storm and turn northward again and push lots of moisture up in the southern california and that will produce some rather rough weather there and rough surf i might add. high surf individual ri in effect for many of the south facing beaches of as your honor california through mopped morning. wave heights could reach 10 feet. dangerous swimming conditions stay out of the water if you go down that way. coastal flooding possible and in addition to that the flash flood watch in effect for sunday monday for much of southern south east california into southern nevada with wide spread thunderstorm activity possible torrential downpour and flash flooding possible as well so it's rough unusual weather pattern moving into that ream. back in the bay area fog tonight developing at the coast pushing locally across the bay inland 50's to 60 degrees. tomorrow the look
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for mainly season sky with just a few patches of coastal fog. mid upper 60's at the coast to upper 80's to low 90's inland and hears the accu-weather 7 day forecast. is in warm weekend with temperatures tapering off just a couple degrees early next we be. upper 80's inland next week. 80 around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. lovely pattern throughout the week. >> looks good. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. rachel ray makes a visit to abc 7 news today. 9:00. rachel ray makes a visit to abc 7 news today. >> what she says about her big
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh how do you helper? make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. available at your local safeway store. >> one of the world richest men in the bay area but he's fought
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staying in luxury hotel. >> no he is still here. his own 300 million dollar yacht. its owned by russian billionaire andre. >> 2400 square foot yacht was anchored south of the bay bridge this morning. >> take us for a tour. >> that would be nice. >> wow! >> we had some excitement at abc 7 news today. >> we did. a lot of us came to work armed with our best kitchen questions. >> give me your address. make spaghetti. 1 2, 3. cheeseburger. >> chef rachel ray hung out at studio today. she chatted about spaghetti recipe with one of our executive producers. we are excited that her show coming to abc 7 this monthis will be the 9th season of rachel and she has a special project planned. they want to feed 9 million americans. >> and we are going to do everything from running marathon and getting sponsors to people making do that's to people coming in and cooking food for hungry people in our community. in our studio. all
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of our audience member from all over the country can participate. it's a big goal but it's an important one. i think as americans we should be feeding each other and taking care of each other. >> great message. during our midday newscast rachel got to meet this week perfect pet from the huh main society. >> catch her every day weekday starting monday at 3:00 o'cloc o'clock. >> her if you she means we have a new daytime line up beginning on monday. actor terri cruz host the new season of who wants to be a millionaire at 1:00 p.m. then jeopardy at 1:30. >> general hospital moves to the new time at 2:00 p.m. followed by again the premier of rachel ray at 3. >> tune n.another half hour of 7 news at 9 is next. up next the hunt for iceies. what the u.s. now doing to finance those involved in the gruesome kills, isis. >> remembering joan rivers and the investigation that's under way into how she died. >> and it could be a record breaking i p o. silicon valley playing a part in this new
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stock release. >> another half hour of abc
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>> good evening once again. around the world tonight. hunt for isis and the terrorist hyped the gruesome killings. >> tonight president obama says he wants isis destroyed. dismetro atlantaeled and days feated. >> zoo brian has the latest. >> today over the isis stronghold of syria sipe of the battle that could be coming. activist in sir why posted this photo of what they said was unarmed u.s. drone. isis posted its own photo of the craft in the city. u.s. urgently seeking intelligence on potential military targets and on any seen of the 2 american hostages still held by
9:31 pm
isis. where are they and are there any rescue attempts possible. u.s. is also searching for some other americans in syria. those like this former college student from boston. who have turned on the country to join isis. jihad recutment from the u.s. and europe pipeline is huge concern to law enforcement authority. now they are closely monitoring the preaching of this charismatic muslim clerk living in dearborn, michigan who invoke the history of greatest lamb ick hero. real men to give their jug already vein for the sake. >>reporter: internet video are credited withen expiring an estimated 60 percent of the western recut to jihad and syria. according to study didn't at kings college in london. >> regularly listening to his sermon. and they were clearly influenced by him. >>reporter: he spent 5 years in prison on federal fraud charges does not specifically
9:32 pm
urge followers to violence but says the u.s. wants muslim to die. >> waited for the mx mum amount of if pleasure and delight the heart. >> he's feeding the narrative without actually micking it open call for violence. and then when it's time to convince them to fight, you are already halfway there. >>reporter: brian reporting. third american ebola patient back in the u.s. tonight. dr dr. rick saint cloud flown to omaha taken by ambulance to nebraska medical center where now being treated in isolation unit. it's still not clear how he contracted the virus. he was not treating ebola patient's. we are told he will not be treated with the experimental drug called s map because there are no doses left. doctors look in other experimental treatments and tonight the world health organization announceded that 2 vaccine could be ready as soon as november. >> new york medical examiner fen he shall autopsy on joan rivers body but say nshl
9:33 pm
results are inconclusive. they will now interview the doctors at the surgical center to figure out what led to the comedian death. also today rivers daughter melissa announced her mother funeral will be a private service on sunday at synagogue in new york city. rivers graced a number of stages at comedy clubs here in the bay area and performed at the san francisco jewish community center in 2010. >> people remembered her being here. talk about it. when the news of her death came out there were people who were commenting on our facebook page about the memory of seeing joan rivers here. so she has a, she had profound impact on everybody she met and on the place that she visited. >>reporter: the center still displays pictures of rivers laughing with members in its lobby there's one there. now we are preparing a special edition of 2020. jones rivers living for the laugh. see it on abc 7 at 10:00 p.m.
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china group is seek to go raise up to 24.3 billion dollars if its up come i p o. most ever raised in a stock debut. plans to sell 123 million of the shares with rest being offered by the company early investors including sunny vail base yahoo that sell 23 percent stake. >> well now to story that is about california departmental association holding conference in san francisco this weekend. now typically we send our reporter jonathan bloom to convention about technology but as it turns out, that is exactly what this is. >> in convention hall usually filled with president obamaers and engineer you faint the bi biggest tooth brush you have ever seen. giant banner for colgate and crest. don't have to drill down far to realize you are at a dental conference. but one that is awfully high tech. >> this is a digital impression did he vase. >>reporter: this little wand could spell the end of biting down on mouthful of goop. >> some patient's gag.
9:35 pm
difficult to breathe. they have to sit still for 3 minutes. >>reporter: inform longer now dentist can take a 3d picture inside your mouth and print out copies of your teeth l. >> when off tooth prepared putting a temporary like a band-aid this. >>reporter: milling machine makes a crown fit for a keebing wheel you wait. leaving the dentist with the teeth actually fixed. that's something to smile about. taking the pain out of the dentist office is taking the pain out of the going to the dentist office. >> look like a sonic care tooth brush but it's a. >>reporter: it play a trick on the brain. dentist use it so you didn't feel the needle going in. >> it closes the pain game. it prev the brain from sensing the pain. >>reporter: made in america they sell dental vibe almost at cost to make their money off the disposable rubber tip. 1.38 each. then this.
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>> not just pwleechlingt it is actually pulling the stains out of the teeth. >>reporter: teeth whitening bigger than ever but it has a history of being painful. >> pwlaech is not good for human tissue or any sort of organic tissue so that causes pain and sensitivity with the nerves. >>reporter: this uses detergent also anesthetic so you feel almost nothing while watching the clock tick down. but you mate fell this. new top the of the lean dentist chair with switch important massage. maybe i'll schedule that appointment after all. me and my beg mouth. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> no no still seems like it hurts. >> up next. some useful consumer news. >> have you ever felt stuck with the cell phone plan that you signed up for. some tips that might help you get out of you signed up for. some tips that might help you get out of that plan you don't like so here's something fun to do with hot dogs.
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>> chp officer honored for heroism today for saving a 5-year-old boy in red wad city. >> senator hill presented the officer with the community hero award today. last month he was off duty when miguel started choking on a grape in the grsh ri store. >> he used his medical treng to get the man to cough up the grape. miguel is just fine. all smiles. get to go see his hero. officer again today. nasty story. >> have you ever felt stuck in a cell phone contract you didn't want? i bet you have. turns out tonight that you are not always without options. here's the one family who is saving nearly 2000 dollars in just one year. >> this family loves talking on the phone. but 3 phone contracts with 3 different companies? not so much. that cost them
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300 dollars a month. if need some help with the cell phone contract. definitely. definitely. safe you some money. like 335 million other americans with cell plans the family found it easy to sign. >> right now you are spending attach money on the cell phone every month. >> we have 3 different plans right now. so be nice to get them all in one plan. >>reporter: but to cancel some of those plans they will be faced with the pesky early termination fee. up to 350 dollars each. >> when you thought about that fee. >> that was like no way. >>reporter: so. >> what is the fee. >>reporter: we phoned a friend to take a look. cell phone expert john. >> what i see is an opportunity simplify. i see an opportunity to save money. >>reporter: tip no. 1 look for changes in your contract that you haven't agreed to. this look for any difference ins the fine print between the original contract you signed and the current one. so you may be able to cancel without that big
9:42 pm
fee. >> just over 50% savings. >> i love it. >>reporter: tip no. 2. sell or swap your plan. l this site let you post your contract on line to allow others to take it over. or tip no. 3 to a carrier willow to pay the high termination fee when you become their new customer. t mobile now pays up to 650 dollars when you mav over to them. >> time to cancel some contrac contract. >>reporter: by cop sol did iting plans this family can save more than 1800 dollars over the next year. >> that's real money. >>reporter: this is abc news, which known a-new jersey. >> they sound thrilled. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. spencer has film check on the weekend fork. >> and the president checks one on the weekend fork. >> and the president checks one off his bucket
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>> after nato president obama made an unexpected stop at stonehenge in england before heading become to washington, d.c. the president stopped at the ancient stone circle and he took a picture with family that happened to be visiting the site at the same time. the president said the site was spectacular. something he could knock off his bucket lis list. >> pretty cool. >> yes. >> newly discovered asteroid will give earth a buzz this weekend. this drama from nasa shows the space rock projected path. 60 fat rock that will pass safe 25,000 miles over new zealand but still close. that's about one tenth the distance between here and the moon. also within the orbit of
9:47 pm
the highest communication and weather satellite. that is kind of close shave. >> time for one more check of our weather. >> experience is here. don't knock out my weather satellite. we have loud be at the coast but still mainly clear over the bay inland areas. low clouds i hope cease overnight. tomorrow patches of clouds near the coast. painly sunny day. warm again tomorrow high ranging from 60's at the coast upper 70's around the bay to upper 80's even low 90's in our inland location. it's a great weekend for out door activity so why if the take advantage. how about mountain view. art wean festival going on pwovlt weekend days. see sunny 60 tomorrow. temperatures from mid 60's in the early morning hours to upper 70's in the afternoon and how about some opera in the park. find it at golden gate park in san francisco on sunday. opera in the park free concert mainly sunny. few cloud around. temperatures mainly in the low 60's in san francisco on sunda sunday. great day for opera.
9:48 pm
any day great day for opera. here's 7 day forecast warm weekend followed by mild warm week. not much variation in temperatures. just lovely mainly sunny summer like all the way through the week. >> lovely is good. >> thank you expense near starbucks is about to good up scale. the coffee giant announce plans to open a starbucks rosary and tasting room in seattle by december. the r on the sign stands for reserve now hoping it's the beginning of significant expansion of its business and transform the future of coffee. ceo howard shuttle says everything the company has learned about company fee has led them to this moment. >> wow! levai stadium the most expensive police for family of 4 to watch football. new study by the sports marketing firm team marketing report found that the total for afternoon at the stadium including parking food and drinks are you ready for this. ix 6 41 dollars and 50 cents. that is significantly more than the nfl afternoon of 4 79 dollars which
9:49 pm
is still a lot of money t.that is tough to take a family out on that. i know. go to baseball game. i can afford the dog there i think. >> cheaper. >> put the r the reserve the at levi stadium. >> sell the fancy coffee there. >> roast and watch kaepernick. a tormented by man they traded away. why would you ever throw a strike to carter the way he's going. dupe why? a strike to carter the way he's going. dupe why? this is what he does
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. this mission district building went up in smoke and flames. now near by stores that survive need to get rid of that smell. whether he is being done tonight to get things become to normal. >> plus grocery delivered to your door step. nothing new. how amazon plans to pull it off may sprays you. >> flying drone maybe. enjoy us for those stories and more >> flying drone maybe. enjoy us for those stories and more at 11 of on channel 7.
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>> giants baseball to talk by. that's right. larry has that. >> rematch of the 2012 world series giants opening up weekend series in detroit. had to contend with the tigers as well as mother nature. first meeting sense the giants 2012 sweep of the world series. every giants starter hit in the game. sandoval on fire. rbi single there's crawford with grounder off the foot of rick. we have 6 runs on 10 hits. 6 nothing after 3 then the skies open up. rain stopped but they kept waiting for more rain that never actually arrived two hour 42 minute delay finally got back and play resumed and once again the panda leaving the yard giants victorious 8-two dodgers are winning as we speak. l.a. may stay 2 up on the giants at the end of the evening. a's and as trochlts all hat no cattle. jeff on the mound. trouble with the long
9:54 pm
ball. the top of the third single ton high deep and aloha means goodbye. bottom 3. norris to the right. jake miss plays it. 2 run score part of 3 run ending for the a's. bases loaded nobody out. josh donaldson inning ending double play. over and over from the a's now. chris carter seventh home they are season against former club that's ard row. 2 run why would you ever throw him a strike. he's killing you. 36 of the year t.sorry for yelling auto. 4-3 the astros are leading the a's in the eighth. i'm not sorry. i'm angry not sorry. still don't know what really happened take led to the rest of tackle mcdonaldless weekend. whale the investigation tips mcdonald is going to play sunday in the season opener against dallas. mcdone was arrested by san jose police on suspicion of domestic
9:55 pm
abuse against his pregnant fiance. at this point not charged with a crime. niners on record as saying they will take the a hard line against anybody in their organization involved in domestic violence but stress mcdonald is spwailingtsed to his due process. today the coach said mcdonald will play. >> been pretty clear on that. 2 principal are woven together here. and if the fact are and what's known that at the has the least to play in the game. >> i'm his teammate i support him to the fullest. i mean i believe that the truth will prevail and will come out so hopefully everything goes well. >>reporter: only week 2 of the college football system. come up tomorrow with number 14 usc on the farm. last year trom an beat stanford 20-17. he nose
9:56 pm
the defense and willow pose. >>. >> the the secondary very after let he can. but piv think that t-you know, we'll a good game plan going into it and be able to attack them. >>reporter: if you are not going to the game just sit back and enjoy the at home. stanford and sc kick off tomorrow on abc 7. great opportunity to win more games this year than all of last year. not saying a lot because they were 1 and 11 last year but still better okay. bears hosting sacramento state tomorrow after defeating northwestern in the opener a we can ago. cal head coach sunny dike doesn't want his team overlooking the hornet. >> these gays work the 320 day as year for the 12 opportunities. and every, every game is a big deal and so
9:57 pm
tell we want to take that week by week approach. this is another game against a good football team. >>reporter: more baseball new news. surprising texas manager washington long time mayor bloomberg of the a's coaching staff resigned today. rangers have the worst record in the majors this season but this apparently not a baseball decision. washington released a statement saying he need to devote his attention to an off the field personal matter and his resignation is not related to the rangers performance this season. u.s. open semi-final. serena williams she hasn't dropped a set. the enthusiasim and veteran. won a georgia sill turn means. 17 u.s. open. still so fired up and wants it so badly match point right there williams a winner straight sets. faris face carolina in the finals.
9:58 pm
>> 7 sports brought to you by toyota and no, i do not apologies for shopping even more upset because the hit a one off homer for the red sox and beat toronto in the 10 innings and a's would be willing if they still had cespedes and not the month long slump and i'm not getting over it. >> he's there. >> they are in it. >> very sad for me. >> we have been robbed thanks very much larry. >> all right that will did it for us. >> if i'm in for all of us, we appreciate your time. >> sorry. 7 news continues now on line twitter facebook all the mobile device at 7 news ap app. >> have great night. see you again maybe a little calm down >> have great night. see you again maybe a little calm down the on the big 7
9:59 pm
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