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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 7, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> next, child mauled be a mountain lion in the south bay. we'll have live team coverage how he is doing. the good news for the family of a missing autistic boy. a tropical storm brewing near southern california find out if we'll be affect here in the bay area. abc7 news at 6:00 arts now. we're following dveloping news. a mountain lion attacked the child in the south bay. the six-year-old boy is being treated for serious injies. he was hiking with his family at a ranch preserve in cupertino when came face-to-face with a big cat. we have tea coverage.
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leslie brinkley ist the hospital where the child was taken immediately after the mauling. first let's go live to our reporter who is in cupertino wi the details. reporter: the search is on for that mountain lion. a large section of that open space preserve is closed to the public and so are parts of stevens creek county park a they search for the mountain lion. they plan to trap the animal. the attack happenedaround 1:00 this afternoon. a six-year-old boy was hiking with his parent0s an trial a mile from the winery in curtino. the boy was grabbed by the mountain lion and dragged into me bushes. his pares fought the cougar off. >> i think he had some injuries to his nk and his back. he was tacked from the back. reporter: the winery right nt to a trail entrance was still open today. i talked to families who told m the trails around here are very
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poplar take their kids on them all the time. also, at the entrance to the trail, there is this sign, cautning this is mountain lion territory, it says, if you encounter one to fight back. live in cpertino, abc7 news. >> the boy wasushed to santa clara val medical center wre he is recovering tonight. leslie brinkley continues our college from there. reporter: he is being treated here athe emergency room for -- he is in serious condition from what we understand. all we know is what fish and game disclosed, is that bites to the back of his neck and shoulders as he was draed into the bushes, and they are worng on that boy right now. officials said his injuries are not life-threatening. he i expected to survive. her at secretary clara valley medical center, the official spokesperson says the boy's family is at his side. it's possible they may be making a public statement in a short while, but right now, as you can imagine, they're simply trying
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stabilize this littleoy's condition after a horrifying and traumatiafternoon with that mountain lion attack. abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news fo developing updates on this story. you can also follow us on twitter, abc7 bay area. tonight we have new details about a missing six-year-old autistic boy who walked away from his san jose home yesterday morning, almost a day later he is found safe at a homeless encampment miles awa cornell bernard has the story. reporter: sergio zepeda is back home, very tir from this journey. wander erred i. yesterday, then up and over that hill where he walked into a homeless camp. >> i couldn't believe it. i was shocked. i can't make it that far. >> one neighbor who helped ok for sick-year-old sergio zepeda on saturday. she can't believe his venture
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took him two miles from home into this homess camp. >> just naked. i was in sho. >> jose was the first to spot little sergio. he says he boy was tired and very hungry. >> he was gay, doing fine. he was just scared. i made sure he got blanket and food to eat and thas all. >> jose called police, and authorities took sergio to the hospital as a precaution, then ho to his worried parents. today they requested privacy but through friends thanked everyone o looked for the boy, who was autistic and does not communicate verbally himself mother says sergio wanred away from family0s home 9:00 a.m. saturday wearing only a diner and got out through the garage. >> it was a frantic search on the ground and in the air. ighbors fanned out, too. >> we were all around, searching over there, a down there, and then we also went up communication hill.
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>> police believe sergio set off down the street, then climbed up and over communication hill and down into that homeless camp. sergio, now regs up from his adventure. >> home and fe, ready to go back to school. >> police say no charges will be the filed in his disappearance in san jose, abc7 news. >> ucf officials are telling employees to beaw of their surroundings after an employee was robbed friday night. he victim was walng on scott street when he was robbed. officials say the suspect then ran away on sutter street. hurricane norberpounding fishing villages and damaging more than thousand homes in mexico's baja california peninsula today before being downgraded to a tropical storm. stl, the storm's 50-mile plus winds caused high tides and made for great wavesn san dieg norbert is expected to bring
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more heavy rain to the baja desert anthe american southwest and could have an efct on the bay area. drew tuma has been tracking the storm. not rain for us, right? >> unfortunately, chges in our sky conditions over the next 24 hours, but where norbt is right now it's not bringing us any changes to the afternoon or evening forecast. live doppler 7hd, a clean sweep but look at the moisture getting pushed north from norbert, from los angeles, san diego, las vegas, gtting downpours that artrain over the same location, bringing some flooding scenarios portions of nevada and california. the red boxes underneath the showers are flashflo warnings, where roadways ha been taken over by water. so, flooding is a major concern with norbert also some beach hazard until late tomorrow. south-facing beaes along california, waves to be thr to five feet that canreate dangerous surf conditions. we'll take a lookow it affects
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our bay ar forecast for monday in a little bit. >>uesday marks four years since the pg&e pipeline explosion and san bruno. tomorrow citfors plan to update the public on the recovery in the crestmoore neighborhood. they'll discuss steps to improve pipeline safety statewid the pipeline eruption kled eight people and hurt 66 others. pg&e faces a $1.4 billion fine and criminal indictments in connecti with the explosion. city crews are still clearing debris from a massive fire on mission street. that includes breaking down what is left of big house incorporated, on mission, at 22nd street. fire gutted the building thursd afternoon. the cause is still not kno, and the street remains closed to affic, except muni. city officials have not said when hblock will re-open. a true hero's welcome for 30 world war ii veteran.
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they returned to the bay area after an all-expense paid trip to the wa memorial in d.c. $30,000 s raised to make the trip possiblto thank the vets for the sacrifices they made more than 70 years ago. >> this was a marvelous trip. sometimes your eyes want to water. everody met us and they were just glorious. that's the best wayof describing it. >> honor flight sayst wanted to give the vets a proper welcome home, since they did not receive one after the war ended in 1945. still aheadat 6:00, a look at the inexpensive device scntists came up with that could mean the difference between life and death for disaster rescues. >> a mystery in space. something the space station did, apparently without human
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victims of napa's earthquake that shook the area two weeks ago today will soon have a in the resource. the city and county of napa will open a local assistance center. the center wl provide people
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and businesses with information about building permits and financial assistance, food assistance, mental health, and other community resource programs. doors open 1:00 p.m.omorrow. napa has also launched a web site to assist in recovery effortand you can find a link on our web site, >> nasa sciensts have developed a device that could sa lives during disasters by tracking people's heartbeats. they were asked to develop the technology after disasters like hurricane san and the earthquake in haiti a few years ago. the scientists came up with the finder that uses radar to detect people beneath 30 feet o debris, 20 feet of solid concrete, or 100 feet in open space. it can even diinguish between human and animal heartbts. it only costs so thousand, so finder will be affordable for most cit budgets. manufacturing will begin soon. in space, scientist are trying to figure out a mystery onboardhe international space station. on thursday, it launched two
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microsatellites without directions from any human. scientist are not sure why an0 no crew member saw it happen. similar incident last month. the microsatellites were developed by san francisco based planet labs, used to get real-time imagery of earth. they supposed to be deployed in a specific order and many have now launched ahead of schedule. >> up next at 6:00, how land conservationists take advantage of the weather in california. >> warmer weather could be coming our way, drew tuma is up next with the forest. >> the raiders had their chances in new york against the jets but let it get away, and the 49ers defense set the table f 21 first-quarter points. that'sn
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a new report finds conservation groups made huge strides during the recession. the groups purchased roughly
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40,000 acres along i-80 in the sierra. including the 3,000-re royal cross-country ski resort. huge chunks of other land we be served. the gripes made the purchases because the al estate market sank. the land'salue is expected to rise in the comingears which will make few temperature conservation efforts more difficult. >> let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist drew tuma, who is bringing the sunshine. >> we are indeed, katie. the ening is great. clear skies, butomorrow we'll see more cloud. we'll talk about why in a second. live doppler 7hd right now, th sweep around the bay area is high and dry. no rain right now in our shot from sfo will show you it is breezy but bright, and temperature-wise, bit below normal this time of the year. right now ear -- we're at 63. san jose, 69.
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gilroy, 69. our east bay hills camera showing you mt. diablo and blue skie a little haze on the horizon anks to the smoke particles from in the wildfires to the north but nonetheless a nice day. 73, santa rosa. 73, novato. farfield, 80. 77, concord. livermore, 75. this gorgeous shot from the emeryville camera showing the horizon. so yourforecast does call for isolat coastal drizzle tonight. nothingidespread, but the chance is high clouds will filter in,nd warmer air arrives. the an nation for monda shows you a ltle cloud cover along thecoast and perhaps cloudy drizzle. otherwise the fog will back off. hi clouded will be there. so we'll call it fltered sunshine for monday but still nice day. let's talk about norbert, he is just fall eight part. look at this, just fizzling out
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there. now down to tropical storm status, moving to the west northwest at 8 miles-per-hour. we notice as norbert gets closer toland it's bringing a plume of moisture to the area and that's cause for concern because flashflooding is an issue. u can see flashflood watches for the potential several inches of rain. look at the forecast animation, across nevada and california, identity isolated ots of two to six inches of rain around san diego d las vegas and that's caution flooded roadways. not getting any rain om norbert here in the bay area. overnight low mid-fiveness along the coast. low 60s inlan highs around the bay area, couple degrees cooler tomorrow thanks tothe high cloud cover. 78, san jose, peninsula, 73, menlo park, 70, san mateo,
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pacifica, 63, with the fog. 64, sunset district, north, we'll see 75, petaluma. 82, calistoga. 78, napa. 70 oakland tomorrow. 72 san lndro. inland, no 90sn the board tomorrow. 84, pittsburg, 85 pleasant ton. e accuweather seven-day forecast, a brief warmup on tuesday and then warm air next week, mid-90s inld and 70s along the coast. >> thank you. >> shu, how about them niners. >> i tell you what, off to a great start today in dallas, putting up 21 on the cowboys in the first quarter, running only four offensive plays. fit time since 1995 theyput up 21 in the firs quarter. third play of the game, the ball
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is stripped. culliver scoo and scores. 7-0 niners before you sat down d had your beer. 489ers offense on the field for 49 seconds in the first. kan kaepernick escapes the sack. cap, 16-23, two td pass. then vernon again, 21-3, niners, cowboys stunned. anytime the cowboys got it going the defenseame up big. frank gore's 16 carries, 63 yards, passes the 10,000 career mark. and his rookie counterpart, carlos hyde, 50-yard on seven carries in his nfl debut and his first four-yard touchdown run, de it 28-3 at thehalf. jim harbaugh, 4-0 in season openers in san francisco, they win. rough start for rooki quarterback for the raiders.
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defense started out strong. something i picked off by charles woodson. has at least one pick every seen he played. led to carr's first td pass in the l. toss to streeter. carr, two canadas, 7-3 raiders but the jets took the lead. shovel pass. 10-7 new yk. jets outgain the raiders, they had 2 on the ground, chris ivory breaks through for the touchdown run. play of the day, raiders got a lateouchdown, carr, 30-yard pass to former san jose state spartan. james jones makes the fax grab but the raiders lose, 19-14. >> we weren't consisnt enough in any phase of the football game to give us an opportunity to win the game, and that's where we got to get better as football team. >> this isn't my first loss, isn't first time losing a game, not my first time dealing withdversity.
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and every time you can put it all on me because i'm going to go ahead and work my tail off and fix these things. >> rest of the nfl. pats up in the third. tan in the hill, the tdpass. game tied. 3:35 left in the fourth. moreno, 134 yards rushing and this touchdown, the upset of the pats, 33-20 the final. >> jags and eagles, hearn, two nada catches 1, 10 yards receiving, jags up 17-0, but the eagl answer with 34 unanswered points in the second half. eagle win 34-17. chiefs and titans in kansas city. jake locker two td paes, finds former nner for the score. the other former 49er, at lex smith, signed a mega deal with th chiefs. picked off three times in the game.
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th titansin. >> saints game goes into ovtime. falcons recover in field goal range, and matt ryan kicked a 52-yarder in overtime to win it, 37-34 atlanta. >> to the diamonds, a's hosting the at stros, houston up 2-1, fryman, two run sh to left, up 3-2, fifth of t year. they lost the leain the nih. ryan cook walks the bases loaded and then the game-winning run. five walks top nine. unbelievle e. a's lose two out of three to the astros, 4-3 the final. >> regaress we have to find a way to create momentum, so it's ce that we came back, couldn't close itout, just got to go play and keep playingnd try to create our own momentum. >> women's final a the u.s. open. serena willms dominating wozniacki. 32 was on a mission and
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wozniacki was overwhelmed. serena, tch opinion, winning wig in strght sets, 18th major title in singl, tying chris evert and martina navratilova and received a record $4 millionirst place check. this sports report brought to you by orcha supply hardware and our firstlays of the day in the nflonight at 11:00 p.m. right he on abc7. i know you can't wait. >> i cannot. anytng from you, shu. this weekend, guardians of the laxy became the top selling movie of the year, but any news wasn't all good for hollywood. that's nt on abc7 news at 6:00. our n daytime lineup begins monday, terry cruz will host, who wants to be millionaire. en jeopardy at 1:30, general hospital, 2:00. followed by the abc 'premiere of rachel ray at 3:00.
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>> join us top at 9:00. amateur investigators say they
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unmasked jack the ripper using dna analysis. at 11:00, bizarre theft caught on tame. what these two men are accused of stealing and it's not the first time. for the fourth time, "guardians of the galaxy" topped the box offers. tting theaters six weeks ago, earning nearly $300 million to become the top earning movie in the u.s. this year. gains earned i 10 million this weekend. teenage ninja mutant turtles was second. thiswas the weakest boost objection in 2014 and was down 23% from last year. i guess everyone's back a school, you know. >> vacation is over. >> my theory sticking to it.
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that does it for abc7 news at 6:00. 6:00. thank you for joining us. captioning made possible by carsey-werner distribution, l.l.c. hey. what you doing? oh, just writing in my journal. like star trek? captain's log. stardate: 1978. god, i'm so hot. my beautiful red hair and giant jugs seem to drive


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