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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 7, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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a mountain lion attacked a child in the south bay today. tonight, the 6-year-old boy is being treated for serious injuries. the boy was hacking in cupertino when he came face to face with the big cat. epg good evening. the 6-year-old has been upgraded to fair condition. rangers are searching for the mountain line in the picchetti
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ranch preserve. if they catch the big cat, they say they will euthanize it. the attack happened earlier this afternoon. the boy was hiking with his parents. he was about 15 feet ahead when the cat grabbed him. the cat dragged the boy into the pushes. the boy's father and another man ran at the mountain lion shouting saving the boy's life. >> i think he had injuries to his neck and back. >> the boy's family was with another family. basically the mountain lion attacked with ten people around. wildlife officials say the circumstances are extremely unusual. a missing autistic boy who walked away from his san jose home yesterday morning is now safe. abc 7 news reporter cornell
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bernard has the story. >> reporter: this is one neighbor who helped look for 6-year-old sergio zepeda on saturday. she can't believe his overnight adventure took him 2 miles from home. >> he was naked. i was in shock. >> reporter: jose solomon was the first to spot little sergio. >> they said he was okay, he was doing fine. he was just scared that's all. i made sure he got a blanket. >> reporter: they took sergio to the hospital as a precaution then home to his worried parents. today, they requested privacy, but through friends thanked everyone who looked for the boy. his mother said sergio wandered away from the family's home about 9:00 a.m. saturday wearing only a diaper and got out through the garage. >> he figured out how to open
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it. >> reporter: it was a frantic search, on the ground and in the air. neighbors fanned out too. >> we were all around searching over there and down there. >> reporter: police believe sergio setoff down the street then climbed up and over communication hill and down over into the homeless camp. >> i'm relieved he's home safe. >> reporter: police say no charges will be filed in his disappearance. hurricane norbert pounded pishing villages and damaged more than a thousand homes in baja, california peninsula today. still, the winds caused high tides and made for great waves in san diego. norbert is expected to bring more heavy rain and it could have an affect on the bay area. drew is tracking the storm. >> and norbert, like you said,
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is a tropical storm. it is continueing to weaken. we're still going to see effects on our weather locally. live doppler 7 hd will show you all is clear across the bay area. norbert' rain is already reaching parts of the united states. you see parts of arizona. there is cause for concern that we could have flash flooding. we do notice a couple showers developing. unfortunately, we're not going to get any rain from norbert. we'll talk about what he'll bring to our weather forecast when i see you with the seven-day. tuesday marks four years since the pg&e pud line explosi explosion. officials plan to update the public. they'll also discuss steps to improve pipeline safety statewide. it killed eight people and
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injured 66 others. they now face a $1.4 billion fine and criminal indictment in connection with the explosion. the white house says it now has a plan to defeat isis, the group terrorizing iran and syria. >> reporter: having just returned from a summit of the nato military alliance, president obama will lay out a strategy this week to defeat islamic extremists in syria and iraq. >> key nato allies stand ready to confront this threat. >> reporter: they have already killed two american hostages and inflicted mass killings in iraq. sunday, the u.s. expanded its fight with air strikes to protect the dam in western iraq. the president will give a speech on wednesday on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the nempb
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attacks. >> there's great conviction that we have to act as part of the international community to destroy isil. >> reporter: the military is already flying surveillance admissions over syria looking for targets to cripple isis. >> americans should be very concerned. this respects the most significant that this country has seen since september 11th. >> reporter: others see danger elsewhere. >> the real tleet is the foreign fighters from the united states and other western countries that have gone to syria and fight with them and then may come back. >> reporter: the u.s. already conducted over 130 air strikes against isis in iraq. it now seems certain there will be many more to come, perhaps even in syria. a true hero's weome for 30 world war ii veterans. they returned to the bay area
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today after a trip to the war memorial in washington d.c. honor flight northern california helped raised $30,000 to make the trip possible. it was to thank the vets for the sacrifices they made more than 70 years ago. >> this was a marvelous trip. everybody met us and it was glorio glorious. >> honor flight says it wanted to give the vets a proper welcome home. still ahead, a look at the inexpensive invention that could mean the difference between life and death for disaster rescue. and the space station
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nasa scientists have
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developed a device that could save lives during disasters by tracking people's heartbeats. they came up with the finder that uses radar to detect people beneath 30 feet of debris, 20 feet of solid concrete, or 100 feet of open space. it only costs $10,000, so finder will be affordable for most city budgets. in space, scientists are trying to figure out a mystery on board the international space station. on thursday, it launched to satellites without direction from any humans. scientists are not sure why and no crew members saw it happen. they were developed by a san francisco based planet labs. they are supposed to be deployed in a specific order and may now
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have to be launched ahead of schedule. up next, how land conversation iss took advantage of the recession here in california skpnchts warmer weather could be coming. drew is up next with the forecast. the raiders pull add no-show against the jets. against the jets. the 49ers defense showed up big
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available at your local safeway store. amateurs believe they've uncovered the identity of jack the ripper. the nor tore yous cereal killer. this photo -- there is a photo that shows one of the victims with a shawl.
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they took that to a forensic specialist. it matched dna from his defendant. he was a hair dresser admitted to an insane asylum and never arrested for the murders. it has not been independently verified. a new report found c conservation groups made huge strides during the recession. they purchased roughly 30,000 acres in the sierra. that includes a cross-country ski resort. other large pieces of land will be preserved in their natural states as well. they were able to make the purchases because the real estate market sank. it will make future efforts more difficult when it recovers. beautiful views there.
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>> have you looked outside tonight, though? >> yes. >> it's gorgeous. we have the full moon almost happening tomorrow. first off, sweeps around the region are coming up dry. first take you and show you the current temperatures across the region right now. the high today in san francisco was 65 degrees. that's 5 degrees below normal. we're in the 50s right now. 64 in hayward. san jose coming in at 61 degrees. here's the shot we'll show you outside. the moon was just off to the right-hand corner of the screen shining down on the bay waters with the bay bridge in the background. we do expect a couple changes different. forecast features will show you isolated coastal drizzle is possible to want. we're going to get high clouds from norbert. but still nonetheless, drizzle
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possible. so the forecast animation will show you early on in the morning on monday some pops of green. some clouds happening also on the bay. norbert will keep high clouds. filtered sunshine for the monday afternoon. pretty nice day when we talk about early september here in the bay area. norbert is just falling apart. look at that. barely on the screen as a tropical storm right now. winds still diminishing. slowly moving to the northwest. he still tries to bring rain to portions of california, nevada, arizona as early as monday morning just off the coast of the lower 48. because of that rain, we do have flash flood warnings in effect in portions of five states. anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of rain is possible. so widespread thunderstorm activity with the torrential
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downpours kals for flash flood. overnight lows we'll see upper 50s along the coast. 59 palo alto. forecast tomorrow feature temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. the coast will see the clouds and the fog developing with low to mid-50s. the bay in the mid to upper 50s. so highs tomorrow, 78 degrees. redwood city area, 74. 63 pa sif ka. downtown san francisco high of 65. 77 santa rosa. 77 sonoma. east bay in the 70s. 74 union city and inland spots not in the 90s for your monday. 85 for liver moore. the forecast will show you the high clouds with us monday into tuesday. then we get into full sunshine
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later in the week. and the highs going to the 90s. 70s likely next weekend along the coast. >> all right. time now for shoe. such a great transition. >> it was. need to work on the segways. >> 49ers couldn't have asked for a better start to the season. story though was the defense. four turnovers on the day. third play of the game. chris cull ver kick starts it. he scoops and scores. 35 yards. 7-0 niners. just 94 seconds in the first quarter. kaepernick lose the sack. 16-23. 201 yards. return to the 2-yard line. vernon again. cowboys stunned. a fumble return for six. any time the cowboys offense got
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going, defense showed up. romo, three in the game. passed the 10,000 yard mark for his career. all with the 49ers. his rookie counterpart, 50 yards. nfl debut, made it 28-3 at the half. season opener for san francisco. they win 28-17. meanwhile rough start for derek carr and the raiders. smith takes off by woodson. 17-year vet. has one pick every season he has played. 12 yards for streeter. 151 yards. 7-3 raiders. shovel pass to chris johnson. 10-7 new york. 402 to 158 yards. 212 on the ground. chris ivory breaks lose.
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71 yards, touchdown. a late touchdown to former san jose state star james jones. what a catch. raiders lose their third straight opener. 19-14 your final. >> we weren't consistent enough. >> this isn't my first loss. this isn't my first time losing a game. it's not my first time dealing with it. every time, you know, you can put it all on me. i'm going to go ahead and work my tail off and fix these things. >> rest of the nfl, dolphins, patriots. mike wallace, said he went up for that grab. game tied at 20. dolphins running back, 134 yards and this touchdown. dolphins upset the patriots 33-20. yaz and eagles, two td catches in the first quarter.
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110 yards receive lg. jags up 17-0. but the eagles, 34 unanswered points in the second half. eagles win. falcons and saints into overtime. marcus coalson had 110 yards receiving. matt brian kicked a 51 yarder to send it to overtime. 37-34 your final. to the diamond. the tigers in detroit just like they did in 2012 world series. 1-0 detroit in the third. cabrera gets the best of tim hudson. 22nd of the year. hud gave up three runs in six innings. you add another in the 7th, they said pass to brandon. dodgers won.
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a's hosting the astros. houston up 2-1 until a two-run shot. but they lost the lead in the ninth. ryan cook walks the bases loaded. five walks, top nine, unbelievable. a's lose two out of three to the astros. women's finals at the u.s. open. williams just dominated. the 32-year-old was on a mission. she now has to be considered one of the all-time greats. she will win her 18th major title in singles. joining those two. get this. $4 million first place check which is a record. all right. tune in at 11:00 on abc 7. we hope to see you then. >> boy, i wish i had learned to play tennis. >> yeah, really. this weekend, guardians of
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the galaxy became the top selling movie of the year.
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coming up tonight, a young boy attacked we a mountain lion, the dangers in the bay area and what you need to know to keep your family safe. and dozens of hikers airlifted off half dome tonight. and a bizarre theft caught on tape. what these two are accused of stealing and it's not the first time. that's tonight p on abc 7 news at 11:00. for the fourth time, guardians of the galaxy has topped the box office. it has earned nearly $300 million to become the top earning movie in the u.s. this
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year. teenage mutant ninja turtles was second. the november man rounded off the top five. this was, though, the weakest box office weekend of 2014. glard januarys was distributed by our parent company. have a great night.
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>> you are watching "bloopers!" let's go. i'm dean cain. welcome to "bloopers!" did you know the first vehicle with willes was invented by a man named charles chuck wagon? fact.


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