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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>eveltonight in . s killed t duringnn race happenedg qualifyiat at pilot and pam of theces. h alen fighterchlt eastyiexperimental l thep 5. witness say t
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appearedo beastrophic .at the of the 19 pilot died dthe history.nt e mo >>'m dan . oving open to aconticers ying to ou re attacks again veriafte bitte attacked whingth vi the stoingtrail offmontebell >>-y d him throughush. thorities s ho the s roy by shcaringaw. ses seenk
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thathe wasith the dogs ywas attacked.n ght.>> feels vefo in down thed thenuph we have also track that are fres the sers bring f dog and wi traps wouldarden to the w test demonstrate this e a that attac thechild ul beed if which are tr to sniff the tracks. as herheeo b turning themthey canat their ocy one andased it up domeantime gsut g hiking he>> i'm n tried
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feel like's pretty safe as as h. an our pl hike in tth runnck tparkingen foll theboy ae lot. ee a. >> from mo lio snake. authortr figure out h fng python un a car outside elem school ayewill humane socis the snake incustody and se aggressi. want know who ooks agg >> nf c ended pndel from the back rice knocking his 7 news s e. claims itneverhe e
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s stuneryoe ete wordrybody is wondering what theew anden did d commissiog wake u this morning and se the e very fime you did. e claim from t nfn baltimorns isy h not seeniorev videred o tmz is y beg es how coulddellvee 2 gamesion di they take histhe . how could multi-billll year businessete it own security team ngpoliticalnd lawt nnot a that on tmz. ravenscoac john harbaugh addressed the situation thi >>ng we firsll o ans ofnged things of cours
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sea biter. when does wrong youandced s of doingwrong and rightful sos toug is ful. a pain ih ofm a a leing pe they can m it hadalreadymaterialiceillion dor been p million o thats. rice hn ly. remains to ben wouneed to do to re nf he career oto f a. before we jump te lue to r backdog fighting thefl and i don't w have seelarion a football clark in south bay juute legalsa
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ifornia. 5 years i t assaultd te prosecutors in this ca .levelml level the systke erialachlt mainly area nearars ieves thisyou ar se 66-year-old rodnwer ain a monthsnn from the ooking into why hallbower is no of a was cou nevada grritray. ti woods se tha years for thh renogeentourtumen suspect. na on the cigarebutt 1f
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the calf rape mur cases idence fus confwer lled the g hillrch announctarcee between the timeel ofmurder andn th has been uncovered that leus b murder e-wretim and 5 en die betweenry vend at the 1-year-old pacifi4-year-old mis wps hillsrea pa 17-ye paula baxt f s millbrachurch. 2-old l booth ilo grave so san francisco ar nice s to dn is da city. >>es onrette in th ofhelltchelle
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en h that halr loin 1976 at the timfe scnt he has been twic you can with the new cas theworkshinks. >> mor here on news. ng up. evacuate t. untr massiveity ch. of shoppersat risk. w to .encerriere oveba area td we have a ful i have therhey are we st it a a swirld ouge announce from apple. wh cect thevent.hey pala
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: ah... here! i'm here(cop) too late i!
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ugve it. you're kill. lass.oducing the all-new ay be quite a whilefo busubaru e ad? i'm wafoongest-lastingze 's nt a sedan. sub ore we move on we a bi ca reone'll getsolvh in
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ldfiregrowingdeional park. ing majeine.keect >>erg air- to safetyre daly there.itepols. nearly00 p h flow back valley from topf hae and areas so remotelying reble b foot for those getting theicopter rides it witeence that won't be foren. t's brillian. honestly yon't ge that kind of experienceopter the of themountain. o helicopter ride i yosemite so you either have to be injureda re thavl was really intereg. am. half dome see the smoke from the defr incident one camper accountafrop
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countryhen the fire spread e had to ad hens. last year my plans ranged ro. maket work. withnslow. falling near andn yosemite today theread that fair different conditionsexpected is building for tomorrow of theain.e are certainly >>ews. >> fire t th aften on rollster interlos collapsed at 6 flag magic mountaink wascl
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and wa recently swn the dates t3 d stee coasterhento the fir d. ave you been to home d recently to the company have had the data compromised. i affectcardactions sincil. the d ys to evie debi can adoesn't appehat affected. the home imprent stories the latest chain toebre chang good compromised with the last ye kid after the sudden ure of preschl in novato. it wassing effectiveimmediatelyn nciaifficulties and for nts who paid the monthw initial nce,double
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scho says just as much of a the in the boatith t.adn't sunk in m hers up a paycheck t schoolwner dot g on camera today to 7 nea an e-mail that pwrem s pending sale for monthhat led parents to pull e kither financial haip latino in sannciscogry by the o can hhad rantcall banditt'sor or o law. for many mexican americanat word an old et slur. about lee ann has more no from the where someple wantthe owners t. banditostrnt openedon septembe secust a the r ma to are e in san francis settingi thin that we movede
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sterand i think weould be expecd did thee.r communities t >>rter received posts from members gomezbasicaco bad you are sayi mexican are thieves. atin are older it's a ce of pain. it's there >> has been eanerequivalentf th the r of the restau. earlierhad poste o facentention was never iscrime tonight or nce racial stereo restaurant re comm it to turn offpostg ab on k t and it halogelen offend m evehe lati communi cop with b n muchr s it's not
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anythingfortab me. reporter: one person wrot sometimes i think the p police inis tes too far. we he out to ownersey said they busy workingn of bandito removed thfrom tglas no word openther they will aften rape sent cars floating off interstate 15 and forced evacuation of indian reservation. 4 inches of rain fell in a two hour period in an area about 50 males northeast of las vegas. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. >> boy get a little of that rain here and a little less in nevada. we are in good shap shapeism not coming our way. this is the remnant of what was tropical storm nor berth and arizona and southern nevada. south east california. doesn't
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take much rain in those dry par much area for flood to go occu occur. >> water won't svrping in the ground. >> exactly right. here's view we have calm dry conspiracy right here few low cloud forming offshore right now. and mainly clear sky overhead. as a matter of fact here's view from our emeryville camera loo looking west war. few clouds off in the distance there not much cloud formation yet. 58 agrees that the hour exploratorium 60 right now in oakland san carlos. upper 50's san jose gilroy half man basement lovely view from sutro tower over san francisco. no includes here obscuring our view at the moment. temperatures in the mid 50's at santa rosa, napa, upper 50's at concord livermore check out the full moon. it was officially full about 3 hours ago but still looks full from the camera. harvest moon shining over the bay. nearest full moon to the equinox so forecast you cap see the harvest moon.
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warming tomorrow and hot hot conditions inland mid late wee week. show you a little bit of the heavy rains down near lake havasu city and other parts of the south east corner of california and into southern nevada from las vegas south where heavy rains continue this afternoon natural early evening hours and throughout the day into the evening over in the phoenix area just drenching several drevrming downpour. highest single rape point ever. the rain tapering off we still have rain fall total building now in tempe. 5.8 inches of rainfall today. that is a lot of rain anywhere. mane while this is the culprit. remnant low of what was tropical storm norberg beginning to lose the influence now but harm already done so over the next 36 hours we see the system falling apart and won't be triggering any more significant weather conditions. certainly not for the bay area. little change
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here locally for us as a result of anything associated with that system overnight look for cloudy conditionsen ceasing at the coast and a little bit beyond. low pressure mainly mid upper 50's and of course see the harvest moon shining brightly overhead until the cloud begin to obscure the vie view. tomorrow sunny warm south bay with high mainly in the low 80's around 81 at sap oh, say. a little bit higher morgan hill and gilroy. upper 70's to about 80 on the peninsula. mid 60's open the coast. 68 degrees high downtown san francisco tomorro tomorrow. low to mid 80's across north bay valley. low 70's to upper 70's over in the east bay. 72 at oakland. inland east bay mid upper why is to inter90 here's accu-weather 7 day forecast speaking of 90 how about mid 90's coming our way on thursday friday saturday mid 80's around the bay and 70 on the coast. that's nice little wave of summer heat come our way and next toless week of summer. >> thank you spencer gentleman still to come on abc 7 news at fen. not one but 2 meteorite
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streak across the sky. one fen. not one but 2 meteorite streak across the sky. one levs a crater
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>> 2 meteorite fell to earth over the weekend. first spotted flying over spain. the second came down near the nicaragua capitol leaving a crater 39 feet across and about 16 feet deep. at first scientist thought the meteorite had come from the sam as troy. late are decided they were not related. nasa statements the asteroid was the cease of a house. it passed about 25,000 miles away from earth and posed no danger. >> down here on earth and out of this world. get ready to
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>> new concern tonight growing by the hour of miss stare us virus. >> now the cdc warning this could be just the beginning. it's affecting more than 1,000 children in 11 states. >> lindsay has more on the outbreak. >> with emergency room filling up the cdc tonight saying this dangerous situation is evolv evolving quickly. 13-year-old will was so scared he says he thought he was going to die. >> my heart started hurting. after my lungs started sort of closing up. >> will now finally back at home after spending 4 nights in intensive care at denver hospital. in that city alone
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at least 900 children believed infected by the potentially fatal virus 68. >> we were hysterical. because we thought that they were going to come in and tell us that he was dead. >> it felt so tight like were you sort of gasping for air. >> this mysterious respiratory illness so intense kansas city, missouri at one point sending at least 30 children a day to the hospital. about 15 percent of them were winding up in intensive care. >> have you ever seen anything like this. >> i don't think so. what is different about this is the unusual number of cases and the unusual severity of infection over a very short period of time. >>reporter: this bug is highly contagious. sneeze or cough can spread and live on surfaces that has parents worried with kids heading back 0to school. starts out like common cold. runny nose coughing sneezing fever but can turn much more dire with children losing condition shoes necessary and
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difficulty breathing. if lindsay davis abc news new yor york. >> federal air marshall is in quarantine tonight in houston after being attacked with a ving at the airport in nigeria. attack happened aten secure area of the airport terminal. air marshall boarded the flight to houston and said he was scheduled to work on. he was then met this morning by fbi agent and health workers from the center for disease control. because of the concern that the substance cocaine some form of the ebola virus the air marshall was immediately put that quarantine. victim has shown no scenes of illness however. >> secretary of state kerry will travel to the middle east tomorrow in new effort to gain international support in the fight against isis. iraq cleared a mainly milestone in defeating islamic militant group by form ago government that has pledged to ease sex taryn tension in the country. iraq parliament swore in the
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new government day. tonight iraq has unity government. tomorrow i will travel to the middle east to continue to build the broadest possible globe to confront degradend and ultimately defeat isil. >>reporter: president obama says he will make announcement wednesday on the u.s. plan going forward in the fight against the terrorist group. >> twitter account link to isis is calling for the assassination of twitter employee specifically those located in san francisco. twitter has suspended the account and spokesperson says the security team is checking the veracity of the press with law enforcement. >> it was like a hollywood premier today at the state capitol in sacramento unveiling of the official porrait of former governor schwarzenegger. we were there. the. >>reporter: former governor armed schwarzenegger returned to sacramento with two of his sons to unveil the official
9:33 pm
portrait. one that will hang in the capitol in perpetuity. >> my 7 years as governor were the most fulfilling years that i have had ever in my life. >>reporter: before the unveiling schwarzenegger reflected on his legacy as governor. >> i'm very proud of the things we did get done. from investing in our infrastructure to reforming our political system to protecting the environment. >>reporter: current governor jerry brown joked about his own important trachlt abstract piece that dmivrs style from the others leaned up on the third floor of the capitol. >> when my father saw my portrait he was angry. he said you will never be elected to another office again. >>reporter: earlier both schwarzenegger and brown attend add climate at change conference. issue that both democrat and republicans were able to come together on during schwarzenegger tenure. >> california is a world lead interclimate change because of governor schwarzenegger.
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>>reporter: at nor schwarzenegger new portrait stored for a week before hung next to the man he succeed entered recall election. gray davis, in sacramento the abc 7 news. >> former president bush shared grand father advice with former political opponent bill clinton today. their wanter had heart felt comment from the 43rd president on arrival of former president clinton first grand child. >> be prepared to fall completely in love again. you are not going to believe it. you are just not going to believe the joy and the fun i'm looking forward to talking to you after after that child is born and we all hope the very best for chelsea and that the child's health be strong electric i'm confident it will be. any way it will be awesome period for you and get ready also to be like the lowest
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person in the pecking order in your family. >> 2 forker president's got together to launch a program to help business leaders and academic learn about leadership. >> we are just hours away from apple big day people expecting to see it tomorrow new product unveiling. to see it tomorrow new product unveiling. >> 7 news at 9
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about. >> rumor mill abuzz over announcement that is now just hours away. apple expected to unveil new i-phone and maybe something else tomorrow in cupertino. jonathan bloom goes into the anticipation to see what the excitement is about.
9:39 pm
>> endless row of entrepreneur talk about the start up beautiful also talking about something else. >> second sometimes for a second everyone i talk to. tim cook will take the stage at the center in coupe teen oychlt have you flown this over the center yet. >> no. no. not yet. >>reporter: but someone else has. apple insider posted this dren video of what looks like a giant white box outside the venue. speculation it could be a huge demo area for whatever apple unveiled at the very least a newism phone. also on apple insider this leaked video shows someone in china may already have one. most obvious change the size. >> big deal is we have now had an i-phone with 4 inch screen for couple years while all other device have gone higher and continue to good higher. >>reporter: samsung just unveiled the 5.3 inch galaxy note 4. we could see a phone only a bit smaller. and see something much smaller. >> recently we'll see wearable. people excited about that
9:40 pm
because we haven't seen any leak we haven't seen design. so it's a total surprise. >>reporter: while samsung is death penalty in smart watches tech crunch writer think apple might not call its device a watch at all. >> they want to emphasize not jaws smart watch. that is something that hadn't really resonated with consumers yet. haven't seen them go and buy smart watch. >>reporter: open new door for countless app developer. >> we are in remote control space. wearable is interesting for us. >>reporter: not just techie care what apple announces. washington you can in a coffee shop and 60. yes i'm really excited. really excited. >>reporter: why. >> i think i'm just eager to see something new from apple. >>reporter: it turns out is so wall street. >> this is going to be our first real evidence of what apple is under tim cook. without the guiding input of steve. >>reporter: just maybe one could be sitting inside that
9:41 pm
mysterious white box. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> be sure to join us tomorrow for world news tonight. david muir in cupertino with apple exclusive that is at 5:30 right after abc news at 5 over on channel situation. tune in if you can. berkeley professor put together an early warning earthquake device for the home. not much bigger than fire alarm and professor joshua bloom built it for dollars built out of oh, i computer and connected it to the shake alert system. before the quake he got a 5 sec wrping not much time to do anything but it could slow trains control el have itors and give doctors precious time to stop a delicate procedure and for pwhoom it was just enough time to drop cover and hold on. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. make over for family shelter in rough bay area neighborhood. thanks to some students with an eye for design.
9:42 pm
>> here's daytime line up that started this week. today in fact. actor terri cruz hosting new season of who wants to be a millionaire at 1:00 p.m. thi thisen jeopardy at 1:30. >> and general hospital is now on at its new time 2:00 o'clock then we welcome rachel ray to on at its new time 2:00 o'clock then we welcome rachel ray to abc 7 we can
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♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's blasted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah! how do you helper? make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. now make restaurant inspired dishes with ultimate helper. >> some students at trendy design school at san francisco yawn square just block from the city grity tenderloin district not far from the crow flying. in many way they also worlds apart. they decided however to bridge that gap in a way that is making a real difference. caroline has the story. >> there are many things the students at the fashion institute of design and merchandising learn in the
9:46 pm
classroom. but there are also lessons in the real world. >> definitely change my perspective a lot. >> she's one of 17 students who transformed at the time family shelter in san francisco tenderloin. where 22 family with 32 children live. >> we thought the first was the paint color. wanted to scene the space differently again make it warm and welcoming. the before picture warm drab comment space then the young design askers wept to work. they revamp the kid room. learn how to tile a kitchen by watching you tawb video and painted the sitting room. fell lives here with his 17-year-old son and says the make over has lifted his spirits. >> now that they have redesigned the kitchen just means more home. >> family stay for up to 6 month. case man year says a classy setting makes a difference. >> of people isolate during homelessness. people come down
9:47 pm
here they talk small talk. they share resources. and it extends our community. >> from the paint on the wall to the toys for the children everything was donated. >> i think it was awesome to come and help people sort of as way to restart their jurp too which is great. >> it took 2 difficult over two week to make changes that should last for years. in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. pa pretty cool. >> it nice also cool after 2 super moon already this summer we are getting the big finale tonight. >> we are this one is call the harvest moon because it falls closest to the autumn equinox september 22. >> early half vest moons qualifies as super moon because it turns full lets than 1 day after the moon reaches its closest point to earth for mother. >> haunting looking. spectacular. >> great. >> let's focus on the weathere- that's right. spencer is here last check on our accu-weather
9:48 pm
forecast. >> harvest moon looks like a super moon too. here's clay sky over most of the bay area. few cloud at the coast. local out over the bay right now. state wide sunny conditions. warm conditions high pressure in the low mid 90's. cheek o. sacramento. fresno. 86 in los angeles which is pretty warm by l.a. standard. here in the bay area nasty warm seasonally warm day. temperatures ranging from mid 60's at the coast to upper 70's around motor bay side location to upper 80's inland hears accu-weather 7 day forecast we have a lot more coming our way later in the week. we see inland high in the mid 90's, 80's arespect the bay up to 70 agrees in the coast. temperatures moderate gradually over the next couple days. not excessively hot week. >> thanks spencer. >> talk a little bit football and what's going on but also baseball to talk about. >> larry has that. >> spencer mentioned not excessive hot. that would be
9:49 pm
the a's rate now. they are really not excessively hot. they have 19 games left in the regular season and they are playing themselves out in the play off spot. question now is whether they can hang on to wild card position at this upon whether they can hang on to wild card position at this upon the. extra
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. we follow developing news deadly crash at the air race and what we learn about the local pilot. >> fountain youth of right here in the bay area. local competition make age ago thing of the past this story only on abc 7 news. >> i hope you join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> we turn to sports. >> about we get a post. >> stop here. >> okay. the a's right now. we plunge right ahead into thi this. seems everything has gone wrong for the a's. best record in baseball for so much of the summer now in a fight to hang on to wild card spot and
9:53 pm
tonight in chicago it didn't help at all. a's starting a 4 game set with white sox. down 2 nothing. top of the fifth. josh reddick. going deep. 2 run bomb off hector. next batter. same spot become to back jack. a's take a 3-2 lea lead. ramirez. going high and deep to left off sunny gray. sam at the wall. what a spectacular catch for rob a home run. 3-2. the a's desperately need shawn to come back from the dl cling to go a lead in the i hope. down to to theless strike white sox. 4-4 off eric and flowers again. mrours is blooming. that was bad. this ad libb was awful. chavez walk off a's have lost
9:54 pm
11 of the last 15 up by only a game and a half in the wild card chase. giants had tonight off. as we mention earlier the ravens cut rice after new video of him punching his wife came out on tmz. he was to rejoan the team open friday after 2 game suspension. raven owner steve said he first saw this new video this morning and decided almost immediately that the team was going to cut ties with rice. ravens are playing the steelers on thursday night. reaction now from pittsburgh corner back william gay whose own mother was killed in a domestic violence incident when gay was only seven years old. >> my mom passed away from domestic violence. so that was wrong of him but at the end of the day don't need to run away from ray rice. he needs help and that just lets you know that domestic violence is real. it's real in the nfl like i said we are not immune to it. and best of luck to ray rice.
9:55 pm
>> 49ers head coach harbaugh today was asked if this rice situation would in any way impact how the niners deal with ray mcdonald at this point it appears the 49ers are sticking to their plan of waiting for the legal process to play out with mcdonald before they dole out disflip. they cut running back james today. he asked to be released. he was second round draft pick in 2012. never really fit in with the 49ers plagued by injuries bury on the depth khavrment not much return man. now with carlos running like the boast as back up. james realized he had no future as niners. speaking of high. he ran like he was shot out of a cannon yesterday against the cow boys. ridiculous frae high state 2 35 pounds of raw speed and power. 7 carries for 50 yvrdz and this touch down and impressed his coach. >> dip your toe in and you understand that there is
9:56 pm
improvement to make. similar situation did very good things and has some things that tell things to learn from in practice and work on and be better for it. did a nice job. >> raiders open with 19-friend road loss to the jets yesterda yesterday. derek car running for his life for most of the game. constantly. jones made spectacular touch down lit in the fourth quarter. nose the rest of the offense will step up and hook the dash help the rookie qb. >> you have to stay balance and be able to run it and petitions and guy on quarterback. that's a special guy. so you want to keep it balanced. we just got to make play to help him out. >> mopped night football. ma manning and giants facing about the lions. matthew stofford and johnson stars of the show. first quarter stafford to mega tron. you might want to guard the best receiver in the leagu
9:57 pm
league. 67 yards. later in the quarter stafford escape the pressure. throwing across the body here nice touch. to diving johnson who had 7 catches for 164 yards and pair of touch downs. that is fantasy gold right there. detroit rolls 35-14 and the giants are terrible. instead of the federer djokovic final many hoped for we have these two in today u.s. open femur in new york. michael chang one of the coaches. he was scrapy as a player. so is the pupil. down the line here for the winner. in the first set. but he's had too many weapons using the big forehand in the near court up the line up 2 sets to none. match point coming up. with the serve. at the puts it away. the 14 seed. we understand the first career mainly. both guys in the first major final 3 million buck for
9:58 pm
a victory. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. 1 final note on ray rice. just few minutes ago i got off the phone with a prominent attorney who has dealt extensively with nfl situations and player misconduct and personally with roger goodell and he said in his have you in all of the situations the commissioner has insistsed all evidence than turned over to him. everythin everything. there is no i'll give you the exterior but you don't get -- everything in his view he said i'm 90 percent certain that goodell saw the video and for whatever reason chose not to make it public that. will blow up. >> it could. we'll see what happens total e.all right thanks larry very much. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley for spencer and all of us here we appreciate your time. on abc 7 news at 9:00. 7 news continues on lean twitter facebook and mobile device with our news ap app. mobile device with our news ap app. >> see you at 11:00 on 7
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