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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 9, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> sky 7 hd was over the streets of hayward today where teams were searching for missing east bay teen missing since saturday. good evening. >> they searched again all day today. but not listening ago the search was called off for the night. >> 16-year-old lee last seen walking that the woods near csu east bay in hayward following an argument with his father. >> police were using dogs to
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search the area as you can is he and more search rescue team members are coming in now to help. they are on the job at day break. lee is a student at monroe catholic high school in hayward. >> sister says her brother is on the swim team and make straight a and never run away before. got no an argument with his dad and not seen since. >> alameda couldn't sheriff's department says it lunch add search party after monitoring the facebook account. >> a lot of the students at the ask started to friend him on facebook. one of those request was answered and we thought okay he's fine. come to find out that that answer was not him. so now we are in difficult 4 an that's why you see the response you do. >> i'm scared he hurt himself. >> there is some concern about. that lets show you a picture of what lee looks like. 5 feet three inches tall. weighs 130 pounds. he has brown eye brown hair an was last seen wearing a bright teal collar shirt with khaki and slippers.
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investigators are now checking out people who have visited his face book page. more on the story at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> now to the nfl taking a defensive stand tonight in the ray rice domestic advise case following the release of video rice hitting his then fiance and wife also speaking out defending her husband and her family. commissioner goodell tells cbs quote we had not seen any video taken the of what occurred in the el have itor. continues we assumed that there was video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent but we were never granted that opportunity. there is more fall out tonight for irs. nick ae ended endorsement deal with him video game company electronic art will remove rice from the madden football game. irs and his wife spoke out today. rice texted cnn quote i am just holding strong for my waive and kid that's all i can do right now. gentleman 98 rice said to
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make us relieve a moment in our lives we regret every day is a horrible thing. >> the ray rice story drawing new attention to the domestic veils alleges facing frainers defensive line man mcdonald. tonight the team owner york is expecting publicly about the scandal first time and his decision to let mcdonald play. at least for now. lee ann has more from levi stadium in santa clara. >> because the video former ravens running back raze punching his then fiance is so disturbing 7 news decided to show you just a portion of it. so many have seen it and so many have venting. >> no fun wants to be associated with him. he wouldn't be on my tee. i wouldn't want him around in any capacity. >>reporter: group against domestic violence never seen so many posting or tweet about the issue on social media site. >> at least they are talking about it. i think it was also the public. >>reporter: even a few hash-tag on twitter. for example hash-tag why i stayed i
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thought i could change him. hash-tag why i left he was the one changing me. frainers owner jed york quick to point out the case against rice is different from that of 49ers defensive line man ray mcdonald. >> i think every incident is very different and need to be looked at differently. i think everybody deserves the right to due process and that's what we have stood by. >> fraipers allowed mcdonald to play last sunday. >> bench ago player cussed of a crime should be standard operating procedure. it's what would happen if a police officer was involved in a violent altercation. washington would happen if an executive if company was there paid administrative leave. >> group for battered women said the league should take a tougher stand against domestic vichlts it shouldn't take a video. neighbor percent of the women can't show video of what happens to them. does that mean it didn't occur. >>reporter: in mcdonald case
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the district attorney has yet to file charges against him. in santa clara, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> san jose police tonight searching for suspect in sta stabbing of 16-year-old boy at hammond park. sky 7 hd show you officers on scene just before 3 this afternoon. the boy suffered critical stab wounds. >> san jose city police now have registry of security camera in the city to fight crime faster and more effectively. fremont was one of the first to start such a program. police were able to see this burglary suspect in home surveillance video. that program was patted by the city council this afternoon in san jose but as vic lee explains, not everyone likes it. >> it was hard finding opponent among merchant we spoke with in the willow glen business district. michelle mat has 8 camera mounted in her boutique. she's been rob of jewelry before. matt thinks the rental industry is a great idea for police. >> would help the shop owner
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feel a little safer knowing that they could help us a little quicker. >>reporter: this shop had camera outside which was identified the person who kept stealing newspaper stand. owner joe says that camera helped police catch the thief. >> they saw his plate. saw the description of the guy and corner him basically. >>reporter: city council members sam l a mayor candidate introduced the measure. program seems simple enough. property and business owners voluntarily register the security camera on new san jose police database. >> when a burglary or robbery occurs in the neighborhood then the police will know by simply looking at google map who they can call in the neighborhood to ask for permission to look at video taken. >> supporters of the rental industry point to the string of arrest so that attack that terrorize downtown san jose in january. it was this security camera video that identified and led to the arrest of suspected arsonist. jeff is the resident who owns the security system. >> there were many video
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systems in use. this investigation could have been sped up had the location of these systems been known ahead of tame. >> police officers association asks with 400 fewer cops ncaa and exodus of officers where are the rae sources to make the arrest quickly once the camera identify the criminal? >> this policy does nothing to address response time that have doubled. arrest that have gone in half. solve rate for our crimes much less than the national average. >> san jose joins nearby los gatos which launch similar programs not long ago. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> president obama gathered with congressional leaders for more than an hour today to discuss his plan to deal with the islamic terrorist group isis. white house said in a statement that the president told leaders that he has the authority he needs to take action against islamic militant without their consent. aide to boehner said the speak wore support the president. >> president will address the nation tomorrow night at 6:00
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o'clock on isis. see it live on channel 7. >> small earthquake hit just south of holster this morning. 3.9 quake struck just after 11:00 a.m. today. it was centered in ridge mark south of holster according to the usgs. there are no significant reports of any kind of damage or injuries you wouldn't expect with a quake that size. experts say that napa wine industry suffered more than 80 million dollars in damage from the magnitude 6 earthquake last month. the estimate is conservative figure too and expected to increase. earthquake on august 24th caused an estimated 400 million dollars in damage across the county. yesterday city county officials launched an assistant center and within hours the parking lot was filled and almost 90 people stood in line looking for some help. one of those homeowners looking for help was man would just learned today the fate of his red tagged house. >> laura has the store you will see only on abc 7 news.
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>> we will be rebuilding flood damage homes. >> commitment napa gary pierce made months ago long before big quake knocked his home literally off the block. that is to travel to colorado with his church group this weekend. to rebuild homes for those there who lost theirs to last year devastating floods. >> i committed to that before this happened. not much to do around here except wait. >> same kind of trip pierce and church group made before. to places like new jersey. after hurricane sandy. but now pierce and his brother brian have their own rebuilding to do. as the house they own sits in shambles. red taking displayed prominently next to the front door. >> we had some people here today that told us anything is possible depending upon how much money you want to spend. >> we'll just play it 1 day at a time. salvageable and not cost 1 million $to raise the
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phoenix from the ashes, ill consider it e-until final decision made about the fate of his house here in nap a-gary pierce feels like he might as well good to colonel republican and democrat o. at least there he feels like he can get something done. >> he believes his time in colorado might give him perspective object what he lost and all he still has at home. in napa abc 7 news. >> we have much more ahead for you on the 7 news at 9. up next exploratorium really needs 7000 vehicle in the fleet. tonight new idea for getting city work wlers they need to good. >> burning in yosemite. fire slowing down but the smoke spreading for miles. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> yes. cool late summer evening rate now but some hot weather coming our wait a minute i'll show you just how hot in a moment in my
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accu-weather forecast. >> thanks spencer. ceo of apple is wearing and why it may be most personal device the company has ever created. >> 7 news at 9:00 will be
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>> san francisco build itself as transit first city. now one supervisor wants to make that more of a reality. by fizzing out the government car fleet and having employee use car sharing. here's carolyn tyler. >> for some employee one of the perk of working for the city of san francisco might be the use of a city owned car. but that bonus could become a thing of the past. today supervisor mark farrell introduced legislation requiring the city fleet to be cut by 25 percent every three years. >> it will make our government more efficient. which i know every san francisco resident wants. >> san francisco has more than 7100 vehicles in its fleet. the supervisor says about 1400 are non-essential. those are the ones his measure would
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affect. the others including fire truck and police cars that are critical to government would be exempt. those passenger cars and truck deemed non-essential would have gps tracking devices installed. to determine if they are spending wasted time in the parking lot. >> if not youth listed we are in the going to buy new ones or remace them when the time is due. to compensate for that for the visibility of the vehicle we are going to mandate that when at all possible city employee will use car shearing. >> there will likely be push back. several department heads asked for waivers from 2010 city environmental measure designed to thin the fleet. city administrator kelly supports this latest effort but believes the devil is in the details. >> that's where we need to set down with all of those departments with the big flight and sea how realistic that goal is. but not to say that we
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shouldn't push towards it. >> supervisor farrell says chicago implemented a similar plan and has saved millions of dollars and reduced the carbon footprint. if san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 thus. >> another mountain lions sigh sighted in park on the peninsula. mother and 3 cubs were spotted in couldn't park in woodside. it did not attack but authorities issued reminder don't approach a big cat and avoid hiking or jogging when most active at dusk and dawn.en counter happened just before 8:00 a.m. now they were spotted less than 20 medicals away from where a child was attacked by a mountain lions on sunday. today crew 10 the search for the mountain lyons near cupertino. extra life trap and 7 tracking dogs trying to ping its accident. if caught it will be tested for rabies and put done. the boy was treated and released from the hospital. >> air quality officials in the bay area have issued a smoke
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advisory next two days because of the wildfire burning near half dome in yosemite has now burned 4400 acres. additional fire crew have been brought in to fight it. this photo from nasa shows the smoke spreading north. smoke is expected to blow north and east into nevada. >> all right. spencer is tracking the forecast of course and we are watching what will happen with the wind and the smoke coming this way. >> that's right. >> now that smoke from those fires will be blowing north and east. smoke from the happy camp fire up north moving into our area in the east bay and sacramento valley prompting smoke advisory for parts of the bay area. show you that in a moment. here's radar mostly clear sky across the bay area. low clouds fog at the coast. live view from our east bay hills camera looking out over the bay. you can see few clouds off in the distance. haven't rild moved very far over the bay yet. 69 in san francisco. low to mid 60's at oakland san carlos san jose and gilroy and 57 at half machine
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bay. here's another view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco under currently mainly clear conditions and we have temperature readings receipt now 58 at santa rosa. 62 at nap a.67 novato fairfield and scene at livermore. check out this view of the moon formerly known as full from our are top camera looking out over the bay. these are the forecast feature. well see warming trend tomorrow thursday that will continue right on in the weekend with string of hot days inland and light seabreeze near the coast in case you want to cool off. talk about the wildfires up in northwestern corner of the state. this is a nassau satellite image. fierce still burning the smoke is being carried did you know through the sacramento valley and into parts of the bay area prompting smoke advisory for us tomorrow and thursday but with particular emphasis on the east bay where there will be more smoke and more particulate matter in the atmosphere. out door and you smell smoke
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probably good idea to element out door activity especially strenuous activity. so satellite im am shows big warming pattern here. settling in with this big dome of high pressure. also responsible for bringing the spoke down from the happy camp fire into the bay year. but again the big deal in the next few days the increase in temperatures. high pressure in the mid upper 90's of the next self days in the inland location. nice and pleasantly cool tonight with low pressure mainly in the mid upper 50's and just a little bit of fog at the coast. thin tomorrow. mainly sunny skies. high from mid 80's at santa clara a-cupertino, san jose 90's and mountain view on the coast 66 at pacifica. 69 at half machine bay. downtown san francisco see high of 71 tomorrow. 67 in the sun set direct. mainly mid 80's up in north bay but up to 88 in calistoga and 87 napa. east bay high 77 at oakland. 79 san
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leandro. 82 at free mont and inland east bay high in the low to mid 90's all across the board. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. you will get even hotter than land thursday friday saturday mid upper 90's mid 80's around the bay. low 70's on the coast. great beach weather then temperatures moderate just a few degrees on monday tuesday. nice warm to hot week ahead. >> i like it thank you spencer. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. man who could we will be sz about.est driver i
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>> good evening gechlt one of the 2 british explorer ship that vanishes in the ark particular more than 160 years ago has been found.
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>> robotic submersible located the ship wreck in 36 feet of water in the north west pass annual in the arctic circle. sonar image show the ship and the mast that was sheared off by ice when the ship sank. >> canada prime minister is calling it a historic moment. country wants to use the discovery to claim sovreignty over the valuable north west pass annual. >> russia isen familiar us for its driver dash cam you never know what they conspire take your on individual coychlt check this out this driver who pulled out of his garage to escape tornado he backed up in the street and was ready to pull away when the impact of the storm reached him. >> debris came crashing past so he tried to pull back that the garage one problem though it wasn't there any more. it blew awhich in the storm. >> lucky for him the heart of the tornado just missed him. close shaveth his car was a little banged up but he was not hurt. that's incredible. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. >> we have one more thing.
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>> apple talk and the world listens. company new product will tell you what you need to know. >> also the glitches that sour the presentation for some local techie. >> red hot lava inching ever closer to small hawaiian village. latest on the for over0,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> once again all eyes are on a el tonight. the company unveiled the newest i-phone and more. >> 7 news reporter jonathan bloom more from cupertino with what apple hope take permanent technology to new level. >> it is great. to be back in
9:29 pm
the center. >> same stage where young steve jobs unveiled the macintosh 30 years ago. >> today. we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of i-phone. >> ceo cook took the wrap off i-phone 6 and much bigger 6 plus. it could appeal to samsung galaxy note users. >> it's very big but most people use bigger screen find it to go back to something smaller. >> new i-phone support something else. >> our vision is to replace this. >> apple pay use security fetch like the finger print sensor. >> 2378. >> daring fair ball blogger calls it a home run. >> if you have aneurysm phone 6 and you start drug to make the payment you can't believe you live without it before. >> and then we have one more thing. >> to standing 0vaiingts cook
9:30 pm
unveiled apple watch from light weight aluminum to 18 carat gold. sapphire touch screen and tap you on the wrist. while you are walking apple watch give you a feed back on each turn sow know whether time to turn left or to turn right. >> apple let us tray on the watch and big white cube they built outside the theater. phone will ship in 10 indicate the watch comes out some time next year. >> it will be the original i-phone and people lined up around apple stores in every country where it's available on day one. >> almost like they would license up to sea a rock band. >> that band is you tube. -- 2. >> yes you two took the stage and launched the new album for free onism tunes to been 0friendship with apple first ceo steve jobs. this is tim cook show now. >> this was tim cook way to show that apple still an innovator. that he and his team could come one new product now that steve jobs is not
9:31 pm
around. the. >> now in the race against samsung definitely keeps apple in the game. latest i-phone a little bit smaller than the galaxy note. watch at 350 dollars more money for fewer feature than samsung but apple make awareable more wearable with dozens of fashion choices an even 2 situations. in cupertino, abc 7 nuts. >> apple ceo tim cook gave world news tonight anchor an exclusive behind the scenes access to the company new product launch today. david was in the crowd as cook introduced the new apple watch. that's his cell phone video here from inside the flint center and then he got a close-up look at the apple sende first tweet ever from an apple watch using a voice activated twitter account. >> are you close to your goal. >> very close. we did 50 second of running. >> you have burned 5 calorie.
9:32 pm
>> in 5 second. >> great start. >> hit the make phone her. how if you please it is to send the first tweet ever from an apple watch, period. see you tonigh tonight, period. >> 1 last question. david calls the offer to come back stage extraordinary. he says world news tonight jumped at the chance. >> "nightline"david measure has a rare interview with apple design guru jonathan the the eye 12:30 tonight on channel 7. >> for those rae lying on the internet to watch today big apple event. there were a few problems. tiffany has this part of the story. >> creamery coffee patron know tech. >> i'm one of the original mack fanatic. >>reporter: so it should come as no surprise steve phillips trying to watch the apple key note live. tried being the key phrase. the stream started late then he heard a foreign translator dubbed over tim coo cook. others simply saw a black screen.
9:33 pm
>> a little ironic that the tech non-logical giant was having issues with the live stream. >> on twitter the reaction not as kind. we live in a world where swift can deliver a more live stream than apple tweeted. jeff wrote quite possibly the worst stream i have ever seen apple produce. this is an absolute train wreck. and from this person in 1969 the man landing was leif streamed. maybe they should have pre-recorded. apple eventually got the stream working using a satellite. >> i think people forget it pretty quickly. >> brian yager followed a live blog for information on the i-phone sex and yes he is planning to upgrade. >> i need a new phoneed about. i need a need the next version. >> that's coming soon. 6 hits store shelves september 19. danny thinks digital the apple pay is more important
9:34 pm
innovation way to pay more securely. that's something that will change everything overnight. >> one more thing. his friend eyeing the apple watch. >> we think we have it all then come out with new product like this. i'm sure it will did awesome things. >> consider him sold n.san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> moving on now. vice president biden today called violence against women a stain on america national character. vice president takened ceremony today marking the 20th anniversary of the violence against women act which he wrote into law. he calls domestic violence the ugliest form of violence that exists. >> under no circumstances does a man ever have the right to raise the hand to a woman other than in self-defense. under no circumstances. that is no means no. >> earlier in the day mr. biden commended the baltimore ravens for terminating the contract of
9:35 pm
running back ray rice after video surface of him punch his then fiance. >> general mills buying berkeley base annie homegrown. company announced the deal today saying it will pay 8 20 million dollars for annie and best known for mack and cheese meals in a box. annie says it will stray true to the value of healthy food and virtually conscious business. it will continue to be based in berkeley. >> new report says that single americans make up more than half the adult population for the first time. since the government began compiling these types of statistics in 1976. economist called the data remarkable with important implication for our economy, society and politic. tell single particularly younger wunts are more likely to rent than to own their homes less likely to have children. he claims this influence is the amount of money they spend and what they buy and says single person household exaggerate income equality in the united
9:36 pm
states. >> next at 9:00. south pacific adventure of bay area explorer. >> fawnd out what drove him to adventure of bay area explorer. >> fawnd out what drove him to climb in a danger
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>> lava from the active volcano now creeping in a northward direction moving a full 400 yards in one day. 4 football field. face of the flow is rung parallel to sparsely populated subdivision on hawaii big island. is civil defense spokesman says it's still about a million from any of the home. officials say residents don't have to leave at this upon the but they shall prepare to evacuate. they fear it could reach the area where people live in about a week's time.
9:40 pm
>> san francisco man reaping fame but not necessarily fortune did after returning unscathed from a very chosen count we are a volcano o. it's welcome back of the most dangerous volcano in the world in the south pacific. as wayne reports, he works in a san francisco start up and cracked the public consciousness with a video. >> we all love adventure at least we say we did but rarely does it did he typhoon us. sam mayor bloomberg one of those few. >> i like to live a little bit outside the box. >>reporter: not just out of the box of this trendy san francisco start up where he works. no his latest out of the box the has gone rarely on you tube. >> just reached two million so 4 days. >>reporter: two million as in maybe you are among them. video from the south pacific island for sam and 2 friend it was more than a helicopter ride last week. having flown to the em of the crater they descended 1200 feet into the fury of an active volcano.
9:41 pm
>> this was an opportunity to kind of get a glimpse that the center of the earth and really see what created this all and it was, it was you know kind of an awe inspiring moment. >>reporter: why not from a 3 33-year-old who has dived with sail fish. explored antarctic antarctica, plunged over water cliff and goodness knows what else. >> it's the way i am wired. dream was to advertise cover the world most unique experiences and try to do as many as i can before my time here is up. >>reporter: as the video shows sam and partner are within 20 meters of the half a.close enough for glob of molton earth to burn through sections of the suits. all of us live on this planet. now here's 5 foot then 140 pound man who confronted it at the end of a life lean. >> did you tell your mother were you doing this. >> yes she theys i'm crazy. and was fearful i might become uh-hum app s'more.
9:42 pm
>> he didn't for sam scratch one mr. off the bucket list at two million hit an counting. in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> glad he was not if hurt. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. evolution of the watch. >> remember the calculator watch and the one from the jet is.s
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>>. >> from pocket watch to wrist watch. made to near perfectio perfection. >> tweak by the tech over the
9:46 pm
generation. >> we imagine what they would look like in the future and the future is here. >> david muir has the story. >> from this almost 60 years ago. we have come a long way from a built in flashlight. dick tracy. david hasselhoff in knight rider. helping the team in inspector gaenlt and transporting the power rangers. it was this watch so innovate knife 1983 i remember wanting it badly. >> replaces all of this. >> what time is it. >> 8:29. >> the watch in the jet sons that convinced us all the future would one day come. >> we have one more thing. >> tonight apple watch finally revealed. watch that gets to know you. >> i'm wondering if it measure the heart right after being
9:47 pm
done with that out there. >> well i didn't want to show you that. >> back done to normal. >> few secret things still on there. >> for years tim cook hinting the wrist would come next. tonight a reality. some things struck me that you said on the other side of this wall here which you can do a lot with the wrichlingt you can. >> a lot more now. >> yes. a lot more now. i think it's huge. >> pretty cool. david muir reporting. one last time check the weather. >> the okay we start with a look at the smoke layer this afternoon from our east bay hills camera. smoke is filtering down into the bay area from the fire up in the happy camp area north west california so we notice a haze in the sky today. hoping it will go away soon. meanwhile here's a look at live doppler 7hd few low clouds at the coas coast. clear skies inland right now. across the state hot conditions from chico to fresno to palm spreption. 90 to one hutz. in the by area
9:48 pm
mild to warm day. mild on the coast with high in the mid upper 60's. upper 70's to mid 80's around the bay and low to mid 90's in out of inland locations up to about 94 at antioch and livermore. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we see high pressure reach hair open thursday friday and saturday inland high in the mid upper 80's. -- 90's. low 70's on the coast. by wait wave smoke advisory in effect for the bay year particularly for the east bay. next 2 day the smoke continues to mav down through the sacramento cell and into parts of the east bay. >> sensitive stay indoors next two days as much as you can. >> yes. >> map fishing for sam open off the san francisco coast made an unusual catch. >> he hooked endangered sea turtle grow to be 3 maybe four feet in length. >> captain of the charter fishing boat knew what to do. he netted the turtle unhacked it and returned it to the sea unharmed. >> good man. pacific green turtle mostly found in mexico
9:49 pm
can farther south. biologist finding one in the cold water off san francisco is extremely require. >> something else that's rare to see. sometimes presidential meeting at the white house can be really hard check out the little boy who is either bored silly or needs attention when he does a face plant in an oval office sov avenue. down he goes. white house photographer snapped the picture as the president shook happened without going secret service agent and his wife. >> that will be a picture laughing about for years. being embarrassed about. >> great shot. larry you would never do something like fall asleep in front of the president. >> my sportscast often provoke same response. the down goes frazier. >> there he was. >> a's offense. just the opposite. they financially show up. what this we know hurt. 11 runs. 18 hits
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(vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival.
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. new development in the search for missing
9:53 pm
16-year-old boy. tonight a glimmer of hope. where search crew are focusing right now. >> and if you think internet is slow now. just wait. information super highway may seem like its moving at snail pace tomorrow. >> those stories and more at 1 pace tomorrow. >> those stories and more at 1 11:00 over on channel >> time to get sports with larry. >> baseball. i'm happy. >> really. >> i can't -- the september 9 but i have reason to be happy. >> okay. >> not a personal thing but i can't remember -- when is the last time the a's and giants both had big nights. >> that's true. >> the the a's have been tanking? dodgers are lasting. >> wow! yes. >> even better. >> yes. >> all come together. any way. after playing 6 straight 1 run game and losing 5 of them the a's finally had a chance to exhale tonight in chicago
9:54 pm
thanks in part to 5 white sox errors. sporting the shower cap long time announcer accepting the ice bucket challenge. double dose and then is doing the hawk. he will flap his wing and all. that flapping everything. john lester goes 8 innings struck out 8 2 runs allowed. to the fourth. nate should be out no. 3 but former cal bear marcus simeon one of the 3 error in the game. vl safe. scores 2 nothing. scary in the fifth. craig gentry with a bunt. goes face first into carlos sanchez his face hits sanchez shoulder. never even really saw him. gentry walks off with a concussion. moments after he left the a's would open it up. josh driving in a pair for a 4 nothing lead. then fast forward to the "newsnight"th. drives in two more. 5 for 6 night all star first 5 hit comes to life. 11-2 if of the
9:55 pm
sox. at&t park. jennifer and joe. if montana family. if seats in the front row for sure. giants and d backs. mile qu with control issues to put it mildly. walked with bases loaded. in comes angel. 2nd inning 2 nothing game. walk sandoval with bases leded. in comes angel again. 3 nothing in the fourth. fast ball over the plate and ender goes splash down. just 5 foot 10 165. panic enough plate appearance he would be leading the national league in hitting at 3 23. had 4 hits. that was had had third of the season finishing with 5 hits in the game. 5-1 gentleman's. jane janesless so the giants could be 2 and a half back of night end. >> criticism and explanation
9:56 pm
filled with hole nfl commissioner goodell went on the air claiming nobody in the nfl had seen the second ray rice video. goodell said the league did ask authorities if new jersey for video. but they were never granted the opportunity. if keep in mind the nfl works very closely with local state federal law enforcements agency on everything from providing security for teams to ensuring public safety at stadium. less year superbowl was played in new jersey. if roger goodell really wanted to see the video, one phone call l and he gets i it. okay. how tmz gets the tape and nfl somehow is unable to leaves many, many unanswered questions. but this we do know. goodell did say today that he would not rule ought out the possibility of some day ray rice returning to my in the nfl. some point don't know when. riff instant lost one of the best players. trying to get past the controversy.
9:57 pm
>> obviously doesn't paint a good picture of who ray is as a person but i play with ray. this would have been the seventh year and sometimes good people make bad decisions and put themselves in a bad light. really my heart goes out to him and his family and i hope they get through this as best as they cap. >> back on the field. college football. cal off to nice start at 2 and o. bears have a bithis week. begin pack 12 play in arizona against the wildcat after. that last year the bears start add true freshman at quarterback goth. this year head coach experimenting a little bit with two headed qub. sharing time with true freshman. mike asked the coach today if that was planned from the get go or luke eventually fought his which into the line up. >> you never know what you get completely so we thought he had a chance to be a good player different difficult pension but he's a better runner than we anticipated him being. he went through the same thing. felt like he was the second best
9:58 pm
quarterback and as a result we needed to get him ready to play. so we started getting him more republic. live couple scrimmage we realize this guy might give us a little something different so we started to tweak our game plan a little bit. >> nice sense of optimism after last year with one win. >> fema world cup slow start. pour it on in the second half. now on to the semi finals. warrior curry early foul trouble missed all 4 of the first half shot but in the third quarter the lefty scoop to the hoop. irving great steal. hype the back pass to ken evident reid and ahead to curry and up 11. then davis with authority. off the inbound and the hunt. rose in in the pasting lane. to cuss i hope. thompson led team usa with 20. hooping. just yelling. and team usa wins by 43. 119-76. the financial.
9:59 pm
they meat lithuania thursday in the semi-finals. this is 7 sports brought to you by toyot toyota. >> we like the indiscriminating yelling. add as certain character. >> trademark. >> trademark thanks larry. >> thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time let's see you over in 1 hour on the big appreciate your time let's see you over in 1 hour on the big 7. pierce! hi!
10:00 pm
hi! hi, pierce. oh... hi. hey. happy new year, you guys. do anything fun over break? baby ben got to be baby jesus in our church's nativity play. andre was joseph, jordan, one of the wise men, and i was in charge of casting. i digitized my entire movie collection. goodbye, vhs.


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