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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 10, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> good evening, we'll take you to abc news coverage of president obama's address to the nation on isis in just a few moments but first, headlines >> state fish and wildlife officials have shot and killed a mountain lion they believe is the one that attacked a 6-year-old boy sunday they say the cat was a 65-pound male in a tree but exhibited aggressive behavior. dna tests will be conducted to confirm if it was the cat responsible. the boy is okay now and recovering at home. >> a car plowed into a group of people, sending five people to the hospital the victims include three
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special-needs stents and their teacher. police are interviewing the driver, the 50-year-old man is also in the hospital. >> we have had our first fatality associated with last month's napa earthquake. 65-year-old laurie thompson died from injuries when a tv fell on her during the earthquake. >> governor brown is signing a bill for three sick days per year p officials say most don't receive paid sick leave. >> that is all for now. the president's address on isis is next. we'll be watching the speech and tweeting throughout. you can follow us on twitter.
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thank you, george. thanks for joining us tonight we begin with the mountain lion attacking a 6-year-old boy in cupertino sunday state fish and wildlife released this picture, you can just make out the cat's paw print. now, we can report it's been captureed and killed. tiffany wilson is live with the story. tiffany? >> it was around 9:00 this morning the dog picked up fresh tracks of the mountain lion. if you take a look, you can see the dogs as they began tracking several days ago. and they followed those tracks for about 90 minutes throughout the dense forest. now, the dogs did tree the cats 130 yards from where the 6-year-old boy was mauled. wildlife officers say the cat became very aggressive, looking into the eyes of a warden,
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preparing to pounce at that warden. and then, at this point, they made the decision to euthanize the cat. initially they set out traps hoping to catch the cat alive but that did not work. they say they're as certain as they can be that the 65 pound male mountain lion was the one that mauled the 6-year-old but they're going to have to wait until they get tests to confirm. >> it's been harrowing. cats don't move in a linear motion they go back and forth. so it has felt like a wild goose chase we weren't sure we're going to get it. these dogs are very good at what they do. and we had a wonderful team here of many agencies working together all of us cared about getting this cat. >> now, the carcass was taken to sacramento where there is a wildlife center and will be tested for rain ease
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the tests should come back as early as friday. then, here back at the ranch, trails are still closed but they expect them to reopen in the next couple of days. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you. to developing news now. five people are recovering tonight after a car plowed into a group of people on the sidewalk in san ma dayo all, we're glad to tell you are expected to survive. it happened just before 11:00. the group of hillsdale high school students was walking and taking a walk. residents were quite shaken. >> kids are not safe on the streets the woman was happy, laughing with kids. showing the nature, or whatever. then, this happened. i hope she's fine and the kids, too. >> they'll be glad to know they
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should be fine. police investigated. they're interviewing the 50-year-old man who is also in the hospital. >> the family of a driver killed when a big rig lost control on highway 17 in july is asking for a change in the trucking industry. the 23-year-old daniel mcgwire killed and seven people hurt when the big rig slammed into a line of cars his family believe the combination of a driver only three months on the job and poor truck maintenance contributed to the death. >> i am terrified. i am traumatized. and about inexperience truckers hauling dangerous loads >> he had a bright future, about to be engaged to marry the love of his life. >> the mcgwires want the trucking industry to establish a trucking system. if the industry doesn't cooperate, the family plans to pursue legislative action.
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>> officials in napa are reporting the first fatality from the august 24th earthquake. a 65-year-old woman hit in the head by a toppling television set. >> she was free spirited, an artist. >> shannon johnson is trying to remember the good times in her home she is surrounded by her mother's foet scombroez art projects. >> she didn't get a chance to live her life to the fullest, unfortunately, but made the best of it she loved her family very much. >> the 65-year-old is the first death associated with napa's earthquake. laurie told her daughter when the earthquake hit she was awake watching tv. the tv came flying off the stand and hit her in the face. it was an older, smaller model. not unlike this one in this pile of debris. in the hours that followed she told her family felt fine and refused to see a doctor. but the day after, she
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collapseed and had a seizure. >> ten days of little victory s, ups, downs. she had a mid line shift of the brain. all of which are really bad. >> there was a brain surge sxri with a second operation looming she died an emergency room physician said head injuries can be unpredictable. >> the bleed builds up to where they get too big of a hemorrhage, they can't overcome it. and they just decline suddenly. >> shannon says her mother spent her life taking care of others and in death, she would want to help others by sharing this story. shannon says this poster that used to hang in her mother's house says it all. >> this is her noto she had a lot of lemons. she constantly made lemonade.
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>> you're going to hear from a napa teenager when a fireplace fell on him. >> a 27 yoerltd-year-old kevin lopez is a coach at california high school in san ramone and a volunteer youth group leader at new life church. investigators would not say whether the victim was a student or member of the church group but did say they were notified of an inappropriate relationship. >> a mechanic filed suit against united airlines claiming racial harassment. last year the mechanic found this noose near his work mrais space. he says united failed to investigate. the response tonight, it does not tolerate discrimination and will defend allegations >> a $5,000 reward being offered
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in the shooting death of a pony. the 16-year-old horse was found bleeding over the weekend. the reward is being offered by the animal legal tee fence fund which gave us the picture. >> terrible. >> gorgeous outside. >> yes. felt warmer. >> heat up is going to get hotter. low clouds pushing through the coast and beyond check out today's high temperatures. 101 degrees and numerous upper 50s to fairfield, concord and antioch. 95 in morgan hill. 80 in san francisco. low clouds and fog throughout
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the golden gate right now. hot inland, no surprise there. spare the air tomorrow, and several days of temperatures if not above. notice smoke curling back into the bay area, adding haze to the sky here. you can see from our camera, so combine that with a smoke and particulate matter. and means poor air quality so spare the air day tomorrow. and on we go to showing a huge ridge of high pressure that is the dominant feature now. and a hot pattern overnight, low temperatures into upper 50s to around 60s.
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tomorrow, highs from upper 80s to upper 90s and 100 in gilroy. 70s on the coast in pacifica. downtown, 82 degrees tomorrow, up in the north bay, 97 in santa rosa. 90s in castro valley. tomorrow, upper 90s all the way around. it won't be surprising if one location happens to hit 100. tomorrow, friday, upper 90s saturday. the heat begins to recede. next few days, going to be scorching >> interesting to see 100 degree temperatures. >> yes. it does happen. >> thank you. >> still ahead tonight paid sick
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leave for millions it's been a pipe dream until now. will a new law prove to be a job killer? >> children telling about their border cross crossing ordeals >> tonight, bay area officials take complaints to washington. >> still to come, a teenager with a positive attitude tells abc7 news about the injuries suffered in napa.
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and they have plans to increase counter terrorism efforts to prevent isis attacks and provide humanitarian assistance the campaign will not involve u.s. combat troops on the ground. >> this campaign will be waged through a steady effort to take isil where they exist. the president also said the u.s. will lead a broad coalition to degrade and destroy that group >> a new poll suggests there will be support for some of what the president outlined tonight the survey taken before tonight's address shows 71% support air strikes in iraq.
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65% support extending to syria. and 52% say the president has been too cautious in dealing with isis. secretary of state john kerry delivered to baghdad today to deliver the message in person to the new leaders of iraq. he predicted a coalition of 40 nations rallying behind the cause. today saying his country is willing to participate. >> governor brown today signed a bill giving more than 6 million california workers paid sick leave. the governor says this bill frees of you having to choose between family health and your job. >> governor brown says it's the right thing to do. some worry a new law gives some
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paid sick time could be especially bad for businesses. >> i would say laws should discriminate on amount of workers. >> they just opened the cross burgers. the law requires it also to be extended to work just 30 days in a year. >> that is a tough one. you know? i didn't get the po day part. you know? >> the cafe just opened in oakland with just three employees and an owner that is hands on. >> i think it's fair to me. you know? and people should have a sick day.
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>> it would be accrued for one hour for every 30 hours worked. >> some is common sense >> employers face prospect of paying a higher minimum wage. if the wage passes it would go up from $9 to 12.25 per hour. >> a coalition representing water companies around the country is in washington, d.c. calling attention to nation's aging water infrastructure. remember this? a leak caused by a pipe. water organizers are warning more events of this scale are bound to happen unless they invest hundreds of billions of
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dollars. along those is arlen kelly. what would you do if we cannot provide water? can you imagine the bay area without water? and economic impact in the bay area? >> kelly says many pipes date back to gold rush and are overdue for replacing. >> san francisco may set aside money for children who have crossed the border. proposing $1.2 million a year fund. san francisco supervisor became emotional after hearing about some of the children. >> walter traveled to san francisco's city hall he and others told supervisors they had no choice but to run from the violence and poverty.
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this to fund their legal representation after leaving the center, the children come here to san francisco immigration court. they're told to come back with legal rep sen tags. >> we in san francisco are going to set an example for how we should be dealing with this issue. >> listening were natalie and sally. they left after seven years of being apart. their grandmother helped them along the way. she says it took two months to get to their mom. some don't like the idea.
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>> take lawyers out of it. the money you put them in here, you make this a sustainable situation. >> now, families are relying on nonprofits to help them. but the groups have too many cases. private law firms announced they will donate money and time to represent a few of them. >> my message to firms would be look where we can. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> well, just ahead here tonight a napa teenager recovering from a serious earthquake injury. >> how long before he can play soccer again. stay with us.
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6.0 quake gave the new eastern span a first real shake test. experts say transportation officials say it exceeded
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expectations to replace earlier one that's snapped did what they're supposed to do. >> everything is as suspected and if maintained properly to prevent moisture from having access to steel, i think everybody will be fine. >> saying demolition is on schedule and both the bike ramp and are expected to open next summer. >> he's on a wheelchair, but he says he's doing fine. vic lee visited nicholas today, who is back home. the 13-year-old remembers everything that happens on august 24th he and his friend were sleeping when rumbling woke him up.
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>> the chimney came down on me. i couldn't feel my legs. was something cut open? is there something wrong that i'm not seeing? or feeling? it's scary. >> after a surgery and spending weeks in three hospitals this 9th grader is back home. >> i've had a lot of friends come and talk. it's been helpful. awesome. >> nicholas was enjoying his first weeks as a freshman when the quake hit. he is now home, where he's mending. what he miss s is soccer. >> i love soccer, it's my passion. not going to be able to play for a while. it sucks but i can still watch
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the game. iet seems glass is half full. this positive attitude, he says, keeps it going. >> i see this as a set back. >> he's known tomorrow as earthquake boy. what does he think of the fame? >> nurses told me there are other ways of getting famous >> vic lee, abc7 news >> nice guy. >> yes. yes. >> how you can help save a life. >> at an event happening now. we'll be back. alex
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one of the oldest magazines devoted to apple products stopped presses. mac world seen here with apple founders on its cover in 1984 shut down print operations and editors say the magazine will continue with a reduced staff. >> a landmark moment today for san francisco's museum of modern art. a huge crowd watched through binoculars. the $305 million project will expand the size by more than 200,000 square feet the museum set to reopen in
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2016. >> if it seems barlt trains are crowded many passengers have been struggling to find a seat these days officials say there are two reasons, first, more riders. there are days last week when 430,000 climbed on board. bart pulled out 19 cars per day. >> the tearing up of carpets we're giving you new seats and air conditioning units. >> this project won't be done until next year. bart has tips. take off backpack to free up space. >> a bone marrow drive is happening now in the south bay. organized by a business owner who wants to give her brother a fighting chance againstleukemia. the 31-year-old was diagnosed
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with the disease three months ago, undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy. no one in the family is a match. his sister reached out, asking us to get the word out about her efforts to save her brother's life, she's organized several drives this week in santa clara, including one happening tonight. he's in need of a transplant. you know? and we need to do this, you know, in the short timing they have. >> tonight's drive is happening in gainy's bakery. address is on the screen and posted online at abc7 we wish them the best. >> sky 7 7 is live over breakin news. this is where a bus caught fire
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and burned. chp tells us everyone got off the bus safely. there is 40 people on board when the fire broke out. traffic is backing up more during the bus eye commute. >> good news >> yes. >> one last time, want to update the forecast. >> spencer? >> okay. we'll start with live doppler 7, showing sunny skies here in the bay area. hot weather today. taking you over to areas of snowfall now. into northern wyoming sizzling heat now. it's 96 degrees in concord. 91 san ramone.
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you can see afternoon heat is slow to retreat. highs 100 in chico. 95 yosemite. 105 in spaum springs her in the bay area, another hot day inland, highs into upper 90s, parts of the south bay, north bay, probably see 100 in clear lake. not surprised if we happen to see 1 or 2 locations getting close to 100 degrees tomorrow, going to b triple digits throughout saturday. and sizzling heat is still here >> reminder to drivers in the south bay. off ramps from northbound 280 and 880 will be closed to 5:00 a.m tomorrow. and this to improve the 280, 880
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interchange. >> looks like things are getting worse for nfl. >> oh, brother. larry beil is here. this continues to snow ball. >> new revelation looks very bad. the commissioner claims the league never got the video. or did they? sports is coming up next. hey pal? you ready?
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good evening, one day after commissioner roger goodell tried but could not get the video of ray rice punching his fiancee, the bomb shell came today arc apparently they had it all along a law enforcement official sent the video to the nfl in april. we're told there is a 12 second voice mail in which a female voice expresses thanks for the video and says you're right, it's terrible the nfl which bungleed and back pedalled then bungled more says they'll look into this case of the missing or maybe not so
7:56 pm
missing video. my suggestion? start in the mailroom, guys. 49ers lost both starting corner backs to injury. a concern now given bears have two great receivers in brandon marshal and starting defending backs got hurt. culliver, a concussion. safety eric reid says the rookie daunte johnson filling in do have talent to deal with the injuries. >> there is a concern when a guy goes down you know? i think we have the depth if we can't get the guys back in time. we'll make the moves and i think we'll be able to make it work. >> raiders hosting texans on sunday. david carr looked at the tape of the debut of the loss to jets
7:57 pm
and was asked what he learned from that game. >> i can do this. you know? i feel there is a lot to get better at. you know, i feel confident in what coaches are telling me, what teammates we have here, that as long as we continue to grow, we'll be able to do good things. >> surprise, everybody has spain. reporter rudy gilbert there down low. thomas verdo as france beats spain. baseball now a's and white sox got an a's jersey. he's ready just samarge played and strikes out adam eaton in the third and fourth, adam dunn beats it with
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a chopper to left. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> join ama and me on abc7 news at 11:00. we'll have reaction from the president's plan to stop isis >> and a concept vehicle from the pentagon. >> and at 11:00 little girl, big act of bravery. local 9-year-old being called a hero. >> that is this edition of abc7 news . i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> have a great evening. >> we appreciate your time see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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[cheers] >> whoo! >> whoo! >> okay, guys, i just want to say congratulations on our 50th show! [cheers] that's 50 hours of comedy, over 300 sketches, one unsolved crew death, and an emmy magazine cover story. >> hey, and someone got us booze gifts.


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